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3m Innovative Properties Company
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3m Innovative Properties Company And A Completed
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3m Innovative Properties Company patents

Recent patent applications related to 3m Innovative Properties Company. 3m Innovative Properties Company is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: 3m Innovative Properties Company may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with 3m Innovative Properties Company, we're just tracking patents.

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04/27/17 new patent  A device for powder based additive material manufacturing of dental appliances
04/27/17 new patent  Compression systems
04/27/17 new patent  Absorbent articles and methods of making
04/27/17 new patent  Wound-healing compositions and use
04/27/17 new patent  Absorbent articles and methods of making
04/27/17 new patent  Method and release coating composition for providing cleaning assistance
04/27/17 new patent  Structural hybrid adhesives
04/27/17 new patent  Surfactants and methods of making and using same
04/27/17 new patent  Hybrid light redirecting and light diffusing constructions
04/27/17 new patent  Optical stacks for sparkle reduction
04/27/17 new patent  Conducting film or electrode with improved optical and electrical performance for display and lighting devices and solar cells
04/27/17 new patent  Printing of multiple inks to achieve precision registration during subsequent processing
04/27/17 new patent  Temporally multiplexing backlight with asymmertic turning film
04/27/17 new patent  Variable viewing angle optical systems
04/27/17 new patent  Electrical characteristics of shielded electrical cables
04/27/17 new patent  Enclosure for a cable connection
04/20/17Process for selectively treating the surface of dental ceramic
04/20/17Positive pressure medical dressings with valve and kits containing same
04/20/17Sealing composition and producing the same
04/20/17Polyurethane compositions, films, and methods thereof
04/20/17Abrasive particles, abrasive articles, and methods of making and using the same
04/20/17Sheet and system for curing concrete, concrete curing method, and producing a concrete structure
04/20/17Hole repair device, kit and method
04/20/17Applicator, applicator set, degree of cleanliness determination method, and degree of cleanliness determination system
04/20/17360 degree privacy film
04/20/17Predicting risk for preventable patient healthcare events
04/20/17Transparent oled light extraction
04/20/17Durable solar mirror films
04/13/17Lingual orthodontic appliance with removable section
04/13/17Fastening tab
04/13/17Coated dental articles and related methods of manufacture
04/13/17Skin treatment composition
04/13/17Finishing method and polishing material for painted surface
04/13/17Methods of bonding polyester substrates
04/13/17Curable polymers comprising silsesquioxane polymer core and silsesquioxane polymer outer layer and methods
04/13/17Low temperature vibration damping pressure sensitive adhesives and constructions
04/13/17Cable sealing device
04/13/17Light redirecting film useful with solar modules
04/13/17Flexible led assembly with uv protection
04/06/17Assemblies, methods, and kits including a compressible material
04/06/17Self-venting nozzle
04/06/17Method of forming deep-drawn paint film laminated sheet metal and articles made therefrom
04/06/17Retaining material for pollution control element, manufacturing the same, and pollution control device
04/06/17Broadband reflectors, concentrated solar power systems, and methods of using the same
04/06/17Head-mounted display
04/06/17Method of making optical films and stacks
04/06/17Optical system
04/06/17Optical stack and optical system
04/06/17Anode compositions for rechargeable batteries and methods of making same
03/30/17Method of making breathable, elastic film laminates and articles derived therefrom
03/30/17Alkyloxy substituted thiazoloquinolines and thiazolonaphthyridines
03/30/17Rapid curing epoxy adhesive compositions
03/30/17Adhesive compositions comprising a silsesquioxane polymer crosslinker, articles and methods
03/30/17Article support using peel release adhesives
03/30/17Wire management article
03/30/17Predicting personalized risk of preventable healthcare events
03/30/17Tracking compliance of personal protection articles
03/23/17Rolls for manufacture of fastening tabs
03/23/17Tether for personal protective device, such as a hearing protection device
03/23/17Remote fluorination of fibrous filter webs
03/23/17Polyurethane nanocomposites
03/23/17Treated article and making the same
03/23/17Gentle to skin (meth)acrylate pressure-sensitive adhesive
03/23/17Ultraviolet cured (meth)acrylate pressure-sensitive adhesive composition and process for producing thereof
03/23/17Acrylic adhesive composition with controlled molecular weight
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03/23/17A discontinuous silicone adhesive article
03/23/17Cable gripping device and optical fiber connector
03/23/17Nanostructures for color-by-white oled devices
03/23/17Led with remote phosphor and shell reflector
03/23/17Near field communication module
03/23/17Electrical connector
03/16/17Melt blown fine fibers and methods of manufacture
03/16/17Graphic for medical article securement systems and methods of using same
03/16/17Sleeve-fit respirator cartridge
03/16/17Filter cartridge for translational insertion and rotational engagement of a manifold
03/16/17Method and forming articles with non-uniform coatings
03/16/17System and making a film having a matte finish
03/16/17Cover tapes and assemblies and making
03/16/17Mems devices on flexible substrate
03/16/17Conforming securement articles and methods of use
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03/16/17Pressure sensitive adhesive tape with microstructured elastomeric core
03/16/17Paint protection films
03/16/17Article and detecting aerobic bacteria
03/16/17Polarizing beam splitters providing high resolution images and systems utilizing such beam splitters
03/16/17Shielded electrical cable
03/16/17Flexible circuit on reflective substrate
03/16/17Board mount electrical connector assembly
03/09/17Personal protective device strap connecting buckle assembly
03/09/17Container for orthodontic appliances
03/09/17Adhesive bonding composition and use thereof
03/09/17Filtration medium including polymeric netting of ribbons and strands
03/09/17Abrasive pad and glass substrate abrading method
03/09/17Polymeric netting of ribbons and strands and methods of making the same
03/09/17Compositions comprising cleavable crosslinker and methods
03/09/17Highly fluorinated elastomers
03/09/17Method of making a nanostructure and nanostructured articles
03/09/17Optical stack and optical system
03/09/17Thermoformed multilayer reflective polarizer
03/09/17Beam expander with a curved reflective polarizer
03/09/17Optical system
03/09/17Optical system
03/09/17Optical system
03/09/17Optical system
03/09/17Magnifying device
03/09/17Computer-assisted medical information analysis
03/09/17Conductive polymeric material
03/02/17Dental composition and use thereof
03/02/17Kit of parts, producing and use thereof
03/02/17Interrupted structured abrasive article and methods of polishing a workpiece
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03/02/17Method for preparing microstructured laminating adhesive articles
03/02/17Cutting tool guide structure and cutting adhesive-backed film applied to a surface of a vehicle
03/02/17Pressure-sensitive adhesive
03/02/17Dimensionally stable nonwoven fibrous webs and methods of making and using the same
03/02/17Easy to apply air and water barrier articles
03/02/17Solid state lighting device with virtual filament(s)
03/02/17Stain resistant retroreflective articles
03/02/17Optical connector
03/02/17Touch systems and methods utilizing customized sensors and genericized controllers
03/02/17Method of selectively etching a metal layer from a microstructure
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03/02/17Touch sensor electrode with patterned electrically isolated regions
03/02/17Touch screen sensor
03/02/17Analysis and rule generation of medical documents
03/02/17Determining conditions of components removably coupled to personal protection equipment
03/02/17Fuel cell electrodes with conduction networks
03/02/17Electromagnetic interference gasket
02/23/17Ear muff attachment having dual axis of rotation
02/23/17A making a customized orthodontic bracket
02/23/17Removable film forming gel compositions and methods for their application
02/23/17Device for dispensing a material
02/23/17Peroxide cured partially fluorinated elastomers
02/23/17Article with hardcoat and making the same
02/23/17Multi-layer cover tape constructions with graphite coatings
02/23/17Scouring article and methods of making and using
02/23/17Self-bonded cellulosic nonwoven web and making
02/23/17Textured coating for optical products
02/23/17Projection subsystem
02/23/17Anode compositions for sodium-ion batteries and methods of making same
02/16/17A capsule for mixing and dispensing a dental material
02/16/17Investment casting compositions, molds, and related methods
02/16/17Flexible abrasive article and using the same
02/16/17Two-part liquid shim compositions
02/16/17Copolymers of poly(ethylene-co-acrylic acid) and polydiorganosiloxanes
02/16/17Hybrid fluoroelastomer composition, curable composition, and methods of making and using the same
02/16/17Epoxy adhesive compositions comprising an adhesion promoter
02/16/17Nonwoven fabric web
02/16/17Methods for treating reinforcing fiber and treated reinforcing fibers
02/16/17Fluid control films with hydrophilic surfaces, methods of making same, and processes for cleaning structured surfaces
02/16/17Managing condensation with angled fluid control features
02/16/17System and maintenance and monitoring of filtrations systems
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02/09/17Composition for the transdermal delivery of fentanyl
02/09/17Nonwoven fibrous structures including phenolic resin and ionic reinforcement material, and methods
02/09/17Heterobifunctional linkers with polyethylene glycol segments and immune response modifier conjugates made therefrom
02/09/17Fluorinated surfactants for making fluoropolymers
02/09/17Bio-based hot melt adhesives
02/09/17Adhesion promoting and/or dust suppression coating
02/09/17Adhesives comprising (meth)allyl crosslinker and methods
02/09/17Pressure-sensitive adhesive composition and pressure-sensitive adhesive tape
02/09/17Physically crosslinkable adhesive copolymer
02/09/17Abrasive particles and abrasive articles including the same
02/09/17Biological compositions, articles and methods for monitoring sterilization processes
02/09/17Nonwoven fibrous structures including ionic reinforcement material, and methods
02/09/17Control of bollard luminaire for crosswalk
02/09/17Structural lighting element
02/09/17Identification and analysis of copied and pasted passages in medical documents
02/09/17High density shielded electrical cable and other shielded cables, systems, and methods
02/02/17A capsule for mixing and dispensing a dental material
02/02/17Convective device with flow control device and multiple inflatable sections
02/02/17Fixing member and absorbent article
02/02/17Air filter
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02/02/17Recovery of branched fluorinated emulsifiers
02/02/17Methods of transferring pillars from pillar delivery films
02/02/17Retroreflective articles having a machine-readable code
02/02/17Graphite exfoliation method
02/02/17Curable silicone composition
02/02/17Curable silicone composition
02/02/17Adhesion promoting and/or dust suppression coating
02/02/17Enzyme cleaning and protecting compositions and methods
02/02/17Fibers and articles including them
02/02/17Luminaire for crosswalk, making, and controlling
02/02/17Voltage sensor
02/02/17Back-lit transmissive display having variable index light extraction layer
02/02/17Method for tracking procedures performed on personal protection equipment and actions of individuals
02/02/17Method for tracking procedures performed on personal protection equipment and actions of individuals
02/02/17Method for tracking procedures performed on personal protection equipment and actions of individuals
02/02/17Method for tracking procedures performed on personal protection equipment and actions of individuals
02/02/17Enclosure for a cable connection
01/26/17Dental mill blank, process for production and use thereof
01/26/17Oral compositions
01/26/17Conformable coating composition
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01/26/17Dose counter for metered dose inhaler
01/26/17Pipette device
01/26/17Segmented film and making the same
01/26/17Composite nanoparticles including a thioether ligand
01/26/17Aqueous low friction coating for telecommunication cables
01/26/17Methods of patterning a conductor on a substrate
01/26/17Electrolyte additives for lithium ion batteries
01/19/17Filtering face-piece respirator with increased friction perimeter
01/19/17Application method and film
01/19/17Translating treatment cartridge, fluid dispensing system, and using
01/19/17Translating treatment cartridge, fluid dispensing system, and using
01/19/17Optically clear adhesives for durable plastic bonding
01/19/17Translating treatment cartridge, fluid dispensing system, and using
01/19/17Sub-ambient temperature vapor sensor and use
01/19/17Optical connector
01/19/17Optical connector
01/12/17Bondable dental assemblies and methods including a compressible material
01/12/17Antimicrobial pressure-sensitive adhesive system
01/12/17Actuator and nose piece for a nasal inhaler
01/12/17Abrasive material having a structured surface
01/12/17Cube corner retroreflective sheeting having channels
01/12/17Polymeric netting of strands and first and second ribbons and methods of making the same
01/12/17Container for disposable spray gun components
01/12/17Device for dispensing a flowable material
01/12/17Aqueous surface coating composition and modified particles
01/12/17Methods of preparing surface modified pressure sensitive adhesive articles
01/12/17Optical device including remote downconverter
01/12/17Systems and methods for detecting an analyte of interest in a sample using microstructured surfaces
01/12/17Cube corner sheeting having optically variable marking
01/12/17Retroreflective sheeting including cube corner elements
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01/12/17Method for tracking procedures performed on personal protection equipment and actions of individuals
01/12/17Lamination transfer films including oriented dimensionally anisotropic inorganic nanomaterials
01/12/17Right angle exit connector assembly
01/12/17Device, reducing communications crosstalk between channels
01/05/17Assembled intermediate comprising staple fiber nonwoven web and articles
01/05/17Double-sided buffing pads with intertwined seams
01/05/17Methods of making films comprising an array of openings
01/05/17Polymeric multilayer films and methods to make the same
01/05/17Heat-shielding cover of exhaust system part and production thereof
01/05/17Curing lights with homogenous light patch
01/05/17Polarizing beam splitter and methods of making same
12/29/16Uv treated scrubbing articles and methods of making same
12/29/16Rapid prototyped transfer tray for orthodontic appliances
12/29/16Methods of using nanostructured transfer tape and articles made therefrom
12/29/16Moisture-curable composition, using, and composite article
12/29/16Borosilicate nanoparticles and making the same
12/29/16Low temperature curable amorphous fluoropolymers
12/29/16Article comprising pressure-sensitive adhesive stripes
12/29/16Composite nanoparticles including a thiol-substituted silicone
12/29/16Surfactants and methods of making and using same
12/29/16Flexible liquid desiccant heat and mass transfer panels with a hydrophilic layer
12/29/16Devices and methods for assessment of surfaces
12/29/16Optical film stack including retardation layer
12/29/16Marketing strip with viscoelastic lightguide
12/29/16Low profile image combiner for near-eye displays
12/29/16Mesh patterns for touch sensor electrodes
12/29/16Communication cabling duct having controlled elongation
12/22/16Multipurpose consumer scrubbing cloths and methods of making same
12/22/16Optical films with microstructured low refractive index nanovoided layers and methods therefor

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