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3m Innovative Properties Company
3m Innovative Properties Company And A Completed
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3m Innovative Properties Company patents

Recent patent applications related to 3m Innovative Properties Company. 3m Innovative Properties Company is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: 3m Innovative Properties Company may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with 3m Innovative Properties Company, we're just tracking patents.

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10/19/17 new patent  Skin adhesive member
10/19/17 new patent  Composition for the transdermal delivery of fentanyl
10/19/17 new patent  Abrasive article and related methods
10/19/17 new patent  Compositions comprising cleavable crosslinker and methods
10/19/17 new patent  Oligomeric quinoline compounds for tackifying pressure sensitive adhesives
10/19/17 new patent  Sampling devices and methods for concentrating microorganisms
10/19/17 new patent  Method of detecting an analyte using chromatographic enrichment
10/19/17 new patent  Microtiled prismatic cube corner articles
10/19/17 new patent  Identification of codable sections in medical documents
10/19/17 new patent  Transparent oled light extraction
10/19/17 new patent  Electrical connector contact terminal
10/19/17 new patent  Patterned substrates with darkened conductor traces
10/12/17Method of making a mechanical fastener using a crowned surface
10/12/17Separation modules, systems, and methods
10/12/17Additive manufacturing methods for adhesives and adhesive articles
10/12/17Reactive polyoxazolines having a perfluorinated group
10/12/17Method for manufacturing metal staple fibers and manufacturing metal staple fibers
10/12/17Internal combustion engine components with anti-fouling properties and methods of making same
10/12/17Retroreflective colored articles
10/12/17Membrane electrode assembly
10/05/17Reclosable fastener with inactive regions
10/05/17Chlorhexidine gluconate compositions, resin systems and article
10/05/17Biomedical electrode comprising discontinuous primer layer
10/05/17Fluid filter with optical key and manifold with optical lock
10/05/17Electrostatic filter
10/05/17Textured abrasive article and related methods
10/05/17Repellent coatings comprising sintered particles and lubricant, articles & method
10/05/17Lightweight wall repair compounds
10/05/17Methods of making halogenated partially fluorinated compounds
10/05/17Nitrogen containing hydrofluoroethers and methods of using same
10/05/17Sterically hindered amine and oxyalkyl amine light stabilizers
10/05/17Curable benzoxazine compositions with improved thermal stability
10/05/17Profiled protective tape for rotor blades of wind turbine generators
10/05/17Pressure-sensitive adhesive containing nanocrystalline cellulose
10/05/17Adhesive compositions and articles, and methods of making and using the same
10/05/17Fluorinated surfactant containing compositions
10/05/17Articles and detecting listeria monocytogenes
10/05/17Chemical indicating composition, autoclave process indicator and preparing autoclave process indicator
10/05/17Laser ablation tooling via sparse patterned masks
10/05/17Electrolyte solutions for rechargeable batteries
10/05/17Flexible light emitting semiconductor device
09/28/17Compositions comprising biguanide compound and diol surfactant
09/28/17Compression device
09/28/17Respirator including polymeric netting and forming same
09/28/17Adhesives to replace ink step bezels in electronic devices
09/28/17Method for conveying adhesive-sided articles and doing so
09/28/17Curable polymers comprising silsesquioxane polymer core silsesquioxane polymer outer layer, and reactive groups
09/28/17Acrylic block copolymer adhesives
09/28/17Aqueous compositions for coating metallic surfaces, methods, and articles
09/28/17Pressure sensitive adhesives comprising a polymodal asymmetric multiarm elastomeric block copolymer
09/28/17Magneto-mechanical resonator sensor with mass distribution channel
09/28/17Exposed lens retroreflective articles comprising a self-assembled dielectric mirror
09/28/17Patterned overcoated nanowire transparent conducting coatings
09/21/17Dispensing device for a dental material and a filling the device
09/21/17System for removal of pro-inflammatory mediators as well as granulocytes and monocytes from blood
09/21/17Microneedle cartridge assembly and applying
09/21/17Respiratory assembly including latching mechanism
09/21/17Multiwell plate
09/21/17Processing tapes for preparing laminate articles
09/21/17Method and composition including thermoplastic particles and hollow microspheres and articles made from them
09/21/17Borosilicate nanoparticles and making the same
09/21/17One part, fast-setting, aqueous adhesive emulsions
09/21/17Lightguide as luminaire
09/21/17Optical stack and optical system
09/21/17Polymer composites with electromagnetic interference mitigation properties
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09/21/17Anode materials for sodium-ion batteries and methods of making same
09/21/17Anode materials for magnesium batteries and making same
09/21/17Upgradeable distribution framework, cable connector, and cabling management system
09/14/17Flat-fold respirator
09/14/17Method of making a dental restoration
09/14/17Collapsible patch and application
09/14/17Abrasive material with different sets of plurality of abrasive elements
09/14/17Methods of making halogenated fluorinated ether-containing compounds
09/14/17Pressure sensitive adhesive foam
09/14/17Telecommunication enclosure having integrated termination tools
09/14/17Cable assembly with a removable installation device
09/07/17Wetness sensors
09/07/17Biological indicator for monitoring a low-temperature sterilization process
09/07/17Microneedle injection apparatus comprising an inverted actuator
09/07/17Breathing tube retainer and using same
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09/07/17Respirator having corrugated filtering structure
09/07/17Filter cartridge
09/07/17Spray application system components comprising a repellent surface and methods
09/07/17Methods of making abrasive articles and bonded abrasive wheel preparable thereby
09/07/17Amide-linked perfluoropolyether thiol compounds and processes for their preparation and use
09/07/17Curable acrylic composition, acrylic tape, acrylic rubber roll and preparing the acrylic rubber roll
09/07/17Composition including epoxy adhesive and aluminum flakes and using the same
09/07/17Separating device for removing solid particles from liquid and gas flows for high differential pressures
09/07/17Color shift sign
09/07/17Films including triazine-based ultraviolet absorbers
09/07/17High density shielded electrical cable and other shielded cables, systems, and methods
09/07/17Shielded electrical cable
09/07/17Electrical characteristics of shielded electrical cables
09/07/17Electrical connector contact terminal
09/07/17Carrier tape and carrier tape assembly
08/31/17Hydrophilic open cell foam
08/31/17Impairment detection with environmental considerations
08/31/17Impairment detection with biological considerations
08/31/17Impairment detection
08/31/17Acoustically probed over-the-ear hearing assessment devices and methods
08/31/17Methods for managing the scattering of incident light and articles created therefrom
08/31/17Hearing device containing hidden fm-receiver antenna
08/31/17Air filter configured in a roll
08/31/17Free-radical polymerization methods and articles thereby
08/31/17Laterally-coalesced foam slab
08/31/17Foaming die and use
08/31/17Shim-stack foaming die
08/31/17Hydrophilic open cell foams with particulate fillers
08/31/17Free-radical polymerization methods and articles thereby
08/31/17Protection of new electro-conductors based on nano-sized metals using direct bonding with optically clear adhesives
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08/31/17Polyurethane laminating adhesive composition
08/31/17Heat conformable curable adhesive films
08/31/17Method of detecting a salmonella microorganism
08/31/17Wireless sensing system using sensing device with excitation element
08/31/17Methods, kits and systems for processing samples
08/31/17Room-facing light redirecting films with reduced glare
08/31/17Light redirecting film constructions and methods of making them
08/31/17Sun-facing light redirecting films with reduced glare
08/31/17Method of detecting gas-producing microbial colonies
08/31/17Tag assembly with multiple antennas, ics, and/or sensing elements
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08/31/17Method and controlling information display areas in a mirror display
08/31/17Dielectric material with enhanced breakdown strength
08/31/17Systems and methods for identifying and adhering to normative operational constraints in utility grids
08/31/17Wireless connectors
08/31/17Electronic circuit board assembly including emi shielding structure and thermal pad
08/24/17Damped abrasive cutter
08/24/17Laminates including a reticulated thermoplastic film and making the same
08/24/17Electrical multilayer lamination transfer films
08/24/17Ligand functionalized polymers
08/24/17Moisture-curable, semi-crystalline (meth) acrylic oligomers, and construction materials including the same
08/24/17Improved cure masking area for uv curable adhesives in display applications
08/24/17Wet and dry surface adhesives
08/24/17Optically clear adhesive and optical laminate
08/24/17Oriented thermally conductive dielectric film
08/24/17Method of differentiating microbial colonies in an image
08/24/17Devices and methods for sample partitioning and analysis
08/24/17Spunbonded web comprising polylactic acid fibers
08/24/17Adjustable air filter
08/24/17Window air filter
08/24/17Acoustic device
08/24/17Lighting component including switchable diffuser
08/24/17Powered window air filter
08/24/17Durable solar mirror film with asymmetric construction
08/24/17Retroreflective elements including particles
08/24/17Backlight systems containing downconversion film elements
08/24/17Adhesives inhibiting formation of artifacts in polymer based optical elements
08/24/17Rfid tag on flexible substrate
08/17/17Stuffing and manufacturing method thereof
08/17/17A making a dental restoration
08/17/17A dental light device
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08/17/17Respirator made from in-situ air-laid web(s)
08/17/17Photocatalyic coating
08/17/17Multipurpose dispenser for spreadable wall repair compound
08/17/17Hardcoat and making the same
08/17/17Allyl acrylate crosslinkers for psas
08/17/17Self-contained anaerobic culture device for sulfate-reducing microorganisms
08/17/17Magneto-mechanical resonator sensor with pre-disposed mass
08/17/17Magneto-mechanical resonator sensor with absorption material
08/17/17Wireless sensing devices and detecting hydration
08/17/17Voltage sensing device
08/17/17Automated examination and processing of biometric data
08/17/17Optically active articles and systems in which they may be used
08/17/17Synchronization and animation of views showing digital 3d models of teeth
08/10/17Dental articles and methods of using same
08/10/17Personal protective system tool communication adapter
08/10/17Abrasive preforms, making an abrasive article, and bonded abrasive article
08/10/17Coated abrasive article with multiplexed structures of abrasive particles and making
08/10/17Method of making an abrasive article and abrasive article
08/10/17Weight material dispensing and cutting system
08/10/17Apparatus for manufacturing multilayer polymeric films
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08/10/17Fluorothermoplastic polymer compositions
08/10/17Fluorothermoplastic polymer
08/10/17Anti-soiling compositions containing nanoparticles and polymers with carboxylic acid groups or salts thereof
08/10/17Amphiphilic polymers, coating compositions, and methods
08/10/17Polishing solutions and methods of using same
08/10/17Substrate with amorphous, covalently-bonded layer and making the same
08/10/17Mounting mat for a pollution control element or a chemical reactor
08/10/17Systems and methods for magneto-mechanical resonator sensors
08/10/17Lamination transfer films for forming antireflective structures
08/10/17Optical bodies including strippable boundary layers
08/10/17Viscoelastic lightguide
08/10/17Cathode compositions for lithium-ion batteries
08/03/17Kit of parts containing dental mill blank colouring solution
08/03/17Two-component self-adhesive dental composition, process of production and use thereof
08/03/17Aerogels, calcined and crystalline articles and methods of making the same
08/03/17Methods and therapeutic combinations for treating tumors
08/03/17Medical dressings comprising fluid management articles and methods of using same
08/03/17A uniformly expandable air filter
08/03/17Electrically conductive patterns with wide line-width and methods for producing same
08/03/17Method of making ligand functionalized substrates
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08/03/17Guanidine-functionalized particles and methods of making and using
08/03/17Self sealing permeable air barrier compositions
08/03/17Composition comprising cyclic secondary amine and methods of coating drinking water pipelines
08/03/17Thermoplastic polyurethane compositions, articles, and methods thereof
08/03/17Hand-tearable masking tape with silicone-containing low adhesion backsize
08/03/17Film adhesive
08/03/17Nanostructured spore carrier
08/03/17Light fixture including an oriented crosslinked semi-crystalline polymer and methods of making same
08/03/17Method of detecting a microorganism using chromatographic enrichment
08/03/17Patterned substrates with darkened multilayered conductor traces
08/03/17Head-mounted display system and components
08/03/17Nanostructured material and making the same
08/03/17Adhesive tape and solar assembly and article made thereof
08/03/17Electrical interconnection system and electrical connectors for the same
08/03/17Covering processing tool and covering processing method
07/27/17Container for storing and dispensing a liquid
07/27/17A preparing an orthodontic bracket
07/27/17A making a customized dental blank
07/27/17Methods of using hardenable dental articles
07/27/17Microneedle device having a peptide therapeutic agent and an amino acid and methods of making and using the same
07/27/17Finishing system for 3d printed components
07/27/17Glass and polymer film assemblies and methods of making
07/27/17Surfacing film for composite structures
07/27/17Addition-fragmentation agents
07/27/17Pressure sensitive adhesive assembly suitable for bonding to uneven substrates
07/27/17Acrylate adhesive with vinylsilane crosslinking agents
07/27/17A lighting system and a light collimation module
07/27/17A lighting system
07/27/17Apparatus for assessing the quality of membrane electrode assemblies
07/27/17Capacitive-based touch apparatus and method with reduced interference
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07/27/17Rfid tag on stretchable substrate
07/27/17Shielded electrical cable
07/27/17Electrical cable
07/20/17Surface fastener loop member and sanitary article
07/20/17An orthodontic ligature
07/20/17Reservoir systems for hand-held spray guns and methods of use
07/20/17Novel polyfluoroalkylated alkenes and silane compounds prepared therefrom
07/20/17Thermoformable microsphere articles
07/20/17Method for improviing dampening performance of thin films
07/20/17Lighting assembly with elongated lightguide
07/20/17Diffractive luminaires
07/20/17Systems and methods for classifying in-situ sensor response data patterns representative of grid pathology severity
07/20/17Systems and methods for maximizing expected utility of signal injection test patterns in utility grids
07/20/17Multiple row connector with zero insertion force
07/20/17Right angle exit connector assembly
07/20/17Lan connector with unlocking preventing mechanism
07/20/17Systems and methods for coordinating signal injections to understand and maintain orthogonality among signal injections patterns in utility grids
07/13/17Self-administered tamper-evident drug detection
07/13/17Fastening tabs
07/13/17Manufacture of metered dose valve components
07/13/17Composite layer
07/13/17Plunger and plunger assembly for a cartridge, system for storing a substance, and filing and sealing a substance in a delivery system
07/13/17Novel polyfluoroalkylated alkenes and silicon compounds prepared therefrom
07/13/17Novel polyfluoroalkylated alkenes and silicone compounds prepared therefrom
07/13/17Inductively curable composition
07/13/17Copolymers including a triazine group and compositions including them
07/13/17Fluoropolymer composition including at least one oligomer
07/13/17Polyurethane aerosol compositions, articles, and related methods
07/13/17Conformable, removable film-based article

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