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Apple Inc. patents

Recent patent applications related to Apple Inc., listed under Apple Inc. as Agent/Assignee. Apple Inc. (AAPL) may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Apple Inc.. Updates: Apple Inc. RSS RSS

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Application # Date Apple Inc. patents - extended list - ARCHIVE: New2014201320122011
20150020021 01/15/15 Device, method, and graphical user interface for scrolling a multi-section document
20150019994 01/15/15 Contextual reference information on a remote device
20150016697 01/15/15 Finger biometric sensor data synchronization via a cloud computing device and related methods
20150013533 01/15/15 System and method for determining an accent pattern for a musical performance
20150013531 01/15/15 Selecting audio samples of varying velocity level
20150001192 01/01/15 Electron beam conditioning
20150004825 01/01/15 Multi-connector assembly
20150006633 01/01/15 Operating a cluster of peer-to-peer devices
20150006907 01/01/15 System and method for content protection based on a combination of a user pin and a device specific identifier
20140380249 12/25/14 Visual recognition of gestures
20140376619 12/25/14 Sample adaptive offset control
20140376608 12/25/14 Sample adaptive offset control
20140375704 12/25/14 Organic light-emitting diode display with burn-in reduction capabilities
20140368516 12/18/14 Multi-processor graphics rendering
20140369375 12/18/14 Boat and coil designs
20140369518 12/18/14 Using an audio cable as an inductive charging coil
20140372103 12/18/14 Data detection
20140372889 12/18/14 Device, method, and graphical user interface with content display modes and display rotation heuristics
20140363074 12/11/14 Multi-script handwriting recognition using a universal recognizer
20140363082 12/11/14 Integrating stroke-distribution information into spatial feature extraction for automatic handwriting recognition
20140363083 12/11/14 Managing real-time handwriting recognition
20140364038 12/11/14 Cylindrical lapping
20140364043 12/11/14 Consumable abrasive tool for creating shiny chamfer
20140364056 12/11/14 Controlling a media device using a mobile device
20140364099 12/11/14 Device locator disable authentication
20140364104 12/11/14 Push notification initiated background updates
20140364149 12/11/14 Modeling significant locations
20140364150 12/11/14 Predictive user assistance
20140364174 12/11/14 On-device energy estimation for portable electronic devices
20140365107 12/11/14 Specifying travel times for calendared events
20140365113 12/11/14 Navigation application with several navigation modes
20140365114 12/11/14 Providing maneuver indicators on a map
20140365118 12/11/14 Direction list
20140362927 12/11/14 Video codec flashing effect reduction
20140362918 12/11/14 Tuning video compression for high frame rate and variable frame rate capture
20140362830 12/11/14 Enhancing jitter buffer performance through radio level feedback
20140361669 12/11/14 Modular structural stiffeners
20140361934 12/11/14 Antenna window and antenna pattern for electronic devices and methods of manufacturing the same
20140361935 12/11/14 Modular structural and functional subassemblies
20140361982 12/11/14 Proxy gesture recognizer
20140361983 12/11/14 Real-time stroke-order and stroke-direction independent handwriting recognition
20140362001 12/11/14 Touch detection at bezel edge
20140362056 12/11/14 Device, method, and graphical user interface for moving user interface objects
20140362090 12/11/14 Movement of position indicator on touchscreen
20140362105 12/11/14 Content adjustment in graphical user interface based on background content
20140362159 12/11/14 Adaptive post-processing for mobile video calling system
20140362240 12/11/14 Robust image feature based video stabilization and smoothing
20140362274 12/11/14 Device, method, and graphical user interface for switching between camera interfaces
20140362728 12/11/14 Discovery of nearby devices for file transfer and other communications
20140362768 12/11/14 Non-waking push notifications
20140361395 12/11/14 Biometric sensor chip having distributed sensor and control circuitry
20140365120 12/11/14 Mapping application with several user interfaces
20140366120 12/11/14 Systems and methods for application-specific access to virtual private networks
20140365919 12/11/14 Device, method, and graphical user interface for sharing content from a respective application
20140365934 12/11/14 Mapping application with interactive dynamic scale and smart zoom
20140365935 12/11/14 Mapping application with interactive compass
20140365945 12/11/14 Device, method, and graphical user interface for providing navigation and search functionalities
20140365944 12/11/14 Location-based application recommendations
20140365949 12/11/14 Managing real-time handwriting recognition
20140365953 12/11/14 Device, method, and graphical user interface for displaying application status information
20140365956 12/11/14 Device, method, and graphical user interface for navigating between user interfaces
20140365957 12/11/14 User interfaces for multiple displays
20140365965 12/11/14 Night mode
20140366041 12/11/14 Dynamic adjustment of mobile device based on user activity
20140366040 12/11/14 Throttling of application access to resources
20140366042 12/11/14 Initiating background updates based on user activity
20140366105 12/11/14 Configuring wireless accessory devices
20140365912 12/11/14 Device, method, and graphical user interface for sharing content from a respective application
20140365913 12/11/14 Device, method, and graphical user interface for synchronizing two or more displays
20140365901 12/11/14 Pushing map information from a device to other devices
20140365122 12/11/14 Navigation peek ahead and behind in a navigation application
20140365123 12/11/14 Direction list
20140365124 12/11/14 Mapping application search function
20140365125 12/11/14 User interface for displaying predicted destinations
20140365126 12/11/14 Mapping application with turn-by-turn navigation mode for output to vehicle display
20140365154 12/11/14 Compass calibration
20140365459 12/11/14 Harvesting addresses
20140365505 12/11/14 Harvesting addresses
20140365523 12/11/14 Push subscriptions
20140365895 12/11/14 Device and method for generating user interfaces from a template
20140365882 12/11/14 Device, method, and graphical user interface for transitioning between user interfaces
20140365859 12/11/14 Media interface tools and animations
20140365854 12/11/14 Stacked tab view
20140365834 12/11/14 Memory management tools
20140365793 12/11/14 Thermal management of an integrated circuit
20140354826 12/04/14 Reference and non-reference video quality evaluation
20140354759 12/04/14 Establishing a video conference during a phone call
20140354628 12/04/14 Adjusting heights for road path indicators
20140354629 12/04/14 Intelligently placing labels
20140354521 12/04/14 Color space conversion methods for electronic device displays
20140353955 12/04/14 Rollover protection structure
20140353028 12/04/14 Alternative manufacturing processes for aluminum enclosures
20140354838 12/04/14 Systems and methods for remote camera control
20140354845 12/04/14 Identifying dominant and non-dominant images in a burst mode capture
20140359253 12/04/14 Increasing macroscalar instruction level parallelism
20140359248 12/04/14 Memory allocation improvements
20140359198 12/04/14 Notification of storage device performance to host
20140358411 12/04/14 Architecture for distributing transit data
20140358409 12/04/14 Location-based features for commute assistant
20140358410 12/04/14 User interface tools for commute assistant
20140355347 12/04/14 Mitigating reliability degradation of analog memory cells during long static and erased state retention
20140346025 11/27/14 Low travel switch assembly
20140347574 11/27/14 Method of plastic touch sensor process
20140348327 11/27/14 Synchronization of multi-channel audio communicated over bluetooth low energy
20140349259 11/27/14 Device, method, and graphical user interface for a group reading environment
20140349634 11/27/14 Method and apparatus for using a wireless communication device with multiple service providers
20140349646 11/27/14 Conflict handling in a device configured to operate according to multiple cellular communication protocols
20140349705 11/27/14 Virtual access module distribution apparatus and methods
20140351621 11/27/14 Methods and apparatuses for dynamic power control
20140351605 11/27/14 System and method for wiping encrypted data on a device having file-level content protection
20140351262 11/27/14 Methods and systems for managing data
20140351244 11/27/14 Ordered index
20140350891 11/27/14 Interface for transferring time-sampled sensor data
20140340332 11/20/14 Device, method, and graphical user interface with interactive popup views
20140340327 11/20/14 Portable multifunction device, method, and graphical user interface for interpreting a finger gesture
20140340318 11/20/14 Dynamic visual indications for input devices
20140340265 11/20/14 Electronic device with multiband antenna
20140340216 11/20/14 Wireless device networks with smoke detection capabilities
20140340130 11/20/14 Clock generation using fixed dividers and multiplex circuits
20140339736 11/20/14 Tooling concepts for reducing sink and improving as-molded cosmetics and drawings
20140339093 11/20/14 Solid state deposition for cosmetic enhancement of anodized friction stir processed parts
20140340379 11/20/14 Organic light-emitting diode display with dynamic power supply control
20140341177 11/20/14 Methods and systems for scheduling ofdm frames
20140344055 11/20/14 Interaction-aware advertising for minimizing banner blindness
20140344924 11/20/14 Preventing unauthorized calls to a protected function
20140344820 11/20/14 System and method for selective timer rate limiting
20140344819 11/20/14 System and method for selective timer coalescing
20140344746 11/20/14 Smart progress indicator
20140344737 11/20/14 Graduated visual and manipulative translucency for windows
20140344558 11/20/14 Next fetch predictor return address stack
20140344519 11/20/14 Distortion cancellation in 3-d non-volatile memory
20140344451 11/20/14 Methods and apparatus for machine-to-machine based communication service classes
20140334077 11/13/14 Ceramic cover for electronic device housing
20140333683 11/13/14 Adaptive color gamut management for rgbw display systems
20140333643 11/13/14 Inverse request aggregation
20140333636 11/13/14 Asynchronous notifications for concurrent graphics operations
20140333496 11/13/14 Antenna with tunable high band parasitic element
20140333495 11/13/14 Electronic device antenna with multiple feeds for covering three communications bands
20140331741 11/13/14 Electronic device with printed circuit board stress monitoring
20140334107 11/13/14 System and methods for thermal control using sensors on die
20140337424 11/13/14 Authorizing push notifications for websites
20140338003 11/13/14 Distributed secure content delivery
20140337931 11/13/14 Indirect authentication
20140337902 11/13/14 System and method for delivering companion content
20140337716 11/13/14 Displaying content on a mobile device
20140337649 11/13/14 Memory power savings in idle display case
20140337605 11/13/14 Mechanism for reducing cache power consumption using cache way prediction
20140337581 11/13/14 Pointer chasing prediction
20140327861 11/06/14 Liquid crystal displays with reduced light leakage
20140327851 11/06/14 Display pixels with improved storage capacitance
20140327681 11/06/14 Animation control methods and systems

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