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Apple Inc. patents

Recent patent applications related to Apple Inc., listed under Apple Inc. as Agent/Assignee. Apple Inc. (AAPL) may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Apple Inc.. Updates: Apple Inc. RSS RSS

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Application # Date Apple Inc. patents - extended list - ARCHIVE: New2014201320122011
20150113472 04/23/15 Grain generation and blending
20150111603 04/23/15 Mobile device with applications that use a common place card to display data relating to a location
20150110396 04/23/15 Method for color balancing underwater photography
20150110294 04/23/15 Content aware audio ducking
20150109323 04/23/15 Interactive black and white image editing
20150109299 04/23/15 Contact shadows in visual representations
20150109215 04/23/15 Touch surface for simulating materials
20150109213 04/23/15 Touch receiving channel re-use scheme with receiver signal coding
20150109212 04/23/15 Orthogonal frequency scan scheme in touch system
20150109167 04/23/15 Electronic device with balanced-fed satellite communications antennas
20150112593 04/23/15 Humanized navigation instructions for mapping applications
20150112796 04/23/15 Determining user engagement
20150113368 04/23/15 Object matching and animation in a presentation application
20150113453 04/23/15 Methods and devices for simplified graphical object editing
20150113411 04/23/15 Automatic configuration of displays for slide presentation
20150113412 04/23/15 Interactive build order interface
20150113408 04/23/15 Automatic custom sound effects for graphical elements
20150113404 04/23/15 Publishing media content to virtual movie theatres
20150113396 04/23/15 Curved shadows in visual representations
20150113372 04/23/15 Text and shape morphing in a presentation application
20150113370 04/23/15 Object matching in a presentation application
20150113371 04/23/15 Presentation system motion blur
20150103093 04/16/15 System and method for displaying image data on a vectorscope
20150103090 04/16/15 Keyer tool
20150102965 04/16/15 Electronic device with array of antennas in housing cavity
20150102833 04/16/15 Instantaneous ir drop measurement circuit
20150102212 04/16/15 Electronic device having light sensor with molded diffuser
20150104101 04/16/15 Method and ui for z depth image segmentation
20150105944 04/16/15 Accessory control with geo-fencing
20150106012 04/16/15 Simplified audio navigation instructions
20150106085 04/16/15 Speech recognition wake-up of a handheld portable electronic device
20150106180 04/16/15 Content downloads and rights management using adaptive pricing with costs offset by viewing advertisements
20150106410 04/16/15 Memory system with shared file system
20150106700 04/16/15 Display and selection of bidirectional text
20150106764 04/16/15 Enhanced input selection
20150099474 04/09/15 Electronic device with antennas isolated using phase shifter
20150100434 04/09/15 Bartering content for application developers
20150100847 04/09/15 Recovery from programming failure in non-volatile memory
20150100920 04/09/15 Companion content presented along with invitational content item
20150092102 04/02/15 System and method for capturing images
20150092345 04/02/15 Button retention, assembly, and water sealing
20150092351 04/02/15 Heat transfer structure
20150092365 04/02/15 Insert molded parts and methods for forming the same
20150092382 04/02/15 Electronic device having housing with embedded interconnects
20150092575 04/02/15 Device-initiated codec rate change during a voice call
20150092652 04/02/15 Wireless multicast communication
20150091927 04/02/15 Wavefront order to scan order synchronization
20150091921 04/02/15 Wavefront encoding with parallel bit stream encoding
20150091920 04/02/15 Memory latency tolerance in block processing pipelines
20150091914 04/02/15 Processing order in block processing pipelines
20150091708 04/02/15 Remote control configuration using a remote control profile
20150091680 04/02/15 Multi-pole magnetization of a magnet
20150090598 04/02/15 Methods for forming white anodized films by metal complex infusion
20150090597 04/02/15 Methods for forming white anodized films by forming branched pore structures
20150089791 04/02/15 Adjustable fixture
20150092673 04/02/15 Customized coexistence management based on user behavior
20150092833 04/02/15 Parallel encoding of bypass binary symbols in cabac encoder
20150095955 04/02/15 Seamless display of video during connection switching
20150095630 04/02/15 Global configuration broadcast
20150095535 04/02/15 Multi-cycle delay for communication buses
20150095268 04/02/15 Intelligent multi-user task planning
20150095178 04/02/15 Group discount media pricing
20150095140 04/02/15 Optimization of promotional content campaigns
20150093987 04/02/15 Test systems with multiple nfc antennas
20150093924 04/02/15 Power adapter components, housing and methods of assembly
20150093919 04/02/15 Connectors
20150092834 04/02/15 Context re-mapping in cabac encoder
20150092843 04/02/15 Data storage and access in block processing pipelines
20150092854 04/02/15 Parallel hardware and software block processing pipelines
20150092855 04/02/15 Skip thresholding in pipelined video encoders
20150093527 04/02/15 Insert molded splits in housings
20150093563 04/02/15 Methods for incorporating ultraviolet light absorbing compounds into anodic oxides
20150093590 04/02/15 Method of manufacturing a part with a high quality surface finish and complex internal geometry
20150085429 03/26/15 Electronic component embedded in ceramic material
20150085180 03/26/15 Driver circuit for electro-active polymer devices
20150085150 03/26/15 In-stream rolling shutter compensation
20150084973 03/26/15 Devices and methods for indicating active frame starts
20150084970 03/26/15 Reference frame data prefetching in block processing pipelines
20150084969 03/26/15 Neighbor context processing in block processing pipelines
20150084968 03/26/15 Neighbor context caching in block processing pipelines
20150084911 03/26/15 Devices and methods for reduction of display to touch crosstalk
20150083490 03/26/15 Cable structures with localized foam strain reliefs and systems and methods for making the same
20150083340 03/26/15 Display module reworkability
20150085921 03/26/15 Reducing quantization artifacts using neighbor-based weighted dithering
20150085931 03/26/15 Delayed chroma processing in block processing pipelines
20150089387 03/26/15 Notifications with input-based completion
20150089259 03/26/15 System power management using communication bus protocols
20150089250 03/26/15 Contention prevention for sequenced power up of electronic systems
20150089192 03/26/15 Dynamic attribute inference
20150089190 03/26/15 Predicate attribute tracker
20150089191 03/26/15 Early issue of null-predicated operations
20150089189 03/26/15 Predicate vector pack and unpack instructions
20150089188 03/26/15 Vector hazard check instruction with reduced source operands
20150089187 03/26/15 Hazard check instructions for enhanced predicate vector operations
20150088634 03/26/15 Active time spent optimization and reporting
20150077646 03/19/15 Touch sensitive display with graded index layer
20150077624 03/19/15 Electronic device having a flexible printed circuit biasing structure
20150077383 03/19/15 Multiple bridges single sided touch sensor
20150075695 03/19/15 Cable for electrical and optical transmission
20150077909 03/19/15 Electronic device with reworkable midplate attachment structures
20150078611 03/19/15 Joint speaker surround and gasket, and methods of manufacture thereof
20150079848 03/19/15 Simplified connector receptacle housings
20150081347 03/19/15 Personal media devices with wireless communication
20150082250 03/19/15 Device, method, and graphical user interface for navigating and displaying content in context
20150082252 03/19/15 Unlocking a device by performing gestures on an unlock image
20150070622 03/12/15 Electrostatic discharge protection in consumer electronic products
20150070826 03/12/15 Component assembly in pre bent state
20150070832 03/12/15 Docking station with audio output
20150070838 03/12/15 Bumper for a computing device and related assembly and method
20150070840 03/12/15 Flexible printed circuit cables with service loops and overbending prevention
20150070864 03/12/15 Electronic device with printed circuit board noise reduction using elastomeric damming and damping structures
20150070570 03/12/15 Adaptive auto exposure and dynamic range compensation
20150070537 03/12/15 Lens shading modulation
20150070367 03/12/15 Shader program profiler
20150070365 03/12/15 Arbitration method for multi-request display pipeline
20150070364 03/12/15 Link aggregator for an electronic display
20150070236 03/12/15 Electronic device with electromagnetic shielding structures
20150070219 03/12/15 Hybrid antenna for a personal electronic device
20150070137 03/12/15 Finger biometric sensor including circuitry for acquiring finger biometric data based upon finger stability and related methods
20150070079 03/12/15 Capacitive sensing array having electrical isolation
20150071142 03/12/15 Power savings with preamble in wlan systems
20150071502 03/12/15 Noise reduction in biometric images
20150074796 03/12/15 User verification for changing a setting of an electronic device
20150074668 03/12/15 Use of multi-thread hardware for efficient sampling
20150074585 03/12/15 Device, method, and graphical user interface for performing character entry
20150074435 03/12/15 Processor power and performance manager
20150074165 03/12/15 Mediated data exchange for sandboxed applications
20150073998 03/12/15 Use of a biometric image in online commerce
20150072727 03/12/15 Light source window paint
20150072594 03/12/15 Method for detecting a polishing compound and related system and computer program product
20150072565 03/12/15 Plug connector having low profile and flexible interconnect
20150071506 03/12/15 Finger biometric sensor for flagging as sufficient enrollment finger biometric data sets and related methods
20150071508 03/12/15 Background enrollment and authentication of a user
20150071507 03/12/15 Reconstructing a biometric image
20150071509 03/12/15 Biometric sensor stack structure
20150071537 03/12/15 Image tone adjustment using local tone curve computation
20150071547 03/12/15 Automated selection of keeper images from a burst photo captured set
20150062839 03/05/15 Method and system for attaching flexible circuits to a mounting surface
20150062709 03/05/15 Opaque white coating with non-conductive mirror
20150062419 03/05/15 Camera related features of a mobile phone or computing device
20150062382 03/05/15 Operating a device to capture high dynamic range images
20150062134 03/05/15 Parameter fifo for configuring video related settings
20150061941 03/05/15 Antenna related features of a mobile phone or computing device
20150061142 03/05/15 Ultra fine pitch pop coreless package
20150060126 03/05/15 Modules for increasing useable space on circuit boards
20150060110 03/05/15 Methods for shielding electronic components from moisture
20150063660 03/05/15 Finger biometric sensor including sliding motion and static positioning based biometric data generation and related methods
20150064386 03/05/15 Pull tab design for stretch release adhesive
20150064422 03/05/15 Protective film and related assembly and method
20150067658 03/05/15 Size dependent type in accessing dynamically typed array objects
20150067639 03/05/15 Concurrent accesses of dynamically typed object data

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This listing is an abstract for educational and research purposes is only meant as a recent sample of applications filed, not a comprehensive history. is not affiliated or associated with Apple Inc. in any way and there may be associated servicemarks. This data is also published to the public by the USPTO and available for free on their website. Note that there may be alternative spellings for Apple Inc. with additional patents listed. Browse our Agent directory for other possible listings. Page by