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Apple Inc. patents

Recent patent applications related to Apple Inc., listed under Apple Inc. as Agent/Assignee. Apple Inc. (AAPL) may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Apple Inc.. Updates: Apple Inc. RSS RSS


Adaptive streaming techniques


Multiple quality of service (qos) thresholds or clock gating thresholds based on memory stress level


Touch detection using multiple simultaneous frequencies

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Application # Date Apple Inc. patents - extended list - ARCHIVE: New2014201320122011
20140239276 08/28/14  new patent  Displays with shared flexible substrates
20140240937 08/28/14  new patent  Compact media player
20140240985 08/28/14  new patent  Electronic device with reduced-stress flexible display
20140241172 08/28/14  new patent  Methods and apparatus for reducing call drop rate
20140241175 08/28/14  new patent  Methods for determining relative locations of multiple nodes in a wireless network
20140241177 08/28/14  new patent  System and method for improved connectivity in gprs/egprs mobile environment for streaming service
20140241196 08/28/14  new patent  Adaptive generation of channel quality indicators (cqis) based on a current communication scenario
20140241232 08/28/14  new patent  Mbsfn-aware adaptive channel estimation
20140241243 08/28/14  new patent  Redundant transmission of real time data
20140241326 08/28/14  new patent  Uplink control signal design for wireless system
20140241376 08/28/14  new patent  Apparatus and method for controlling transaction flow in integrated circuits
20140240603 08/28/14  new patent  Object detection metadata
20140240587 08/28/14  new patent  Flash synchronization using image sensor interface timing signal
20140239985 08/28/14  new patent  Charging systems with direct charging port support and extended capabilities
20140240150 08/28/14  new patent  Configurable buttons for electronic devices
20140240195 08/28/14  new patent  Electronic device with diverse antenna array having soldered connections
20140240271 08/28/14  new patent  Storing baseline information in eeprom
20140240286 08/28/14  new patent  Integrated touch panel for a tft display
20140240289 08/28/14  new patent  Electronic devices with sidewall displays
20140240287 08/28/14  new patent  Touch detection using multiple simultaneous frequencies
20140240332 08/28/14  new patent  Multiple quality of service (qos) thresholds or clock gating thresholds based on memory stress level
20140240516 08/28/14  new patent  Aligned video comparison tool
20140240539 08/28/14  new patent  Gesture mapping for image filter input parameters
20140241415 08/28/14  new patent  Adaptive streaming techniques
20140245289 08/28/14  new patent  Automatic remote execution of an application
20140244801 08/28/14  new patent  Network-based distribution system supporting transfer of application products
20140244863 08/28/14  new patent  System and method for synchronizing media presentation at multiple recipients
20140244920 08/28/14  new patent  Scheme to escalate requests with address conflicts
20140244976 08/28/14  new patent  It instruction pre-decode
20140244996 08/28/14  new patent  Private discovery of electronic devices
20140245084 08/28/14  new patent  Methods and systems for monitoring write operations of non-volatile memory
20140245094 08/28/14  new patent  Method for efficient control signaling of two codeword to one codeword transmission
20140245150 08/28/14  new patent  Selective data downloading and presentation based on user interaction
20140245194 08/28/14  new patent  System and method for virtual displays
20140245221 08/28/14  new patent  Intelligent scrolling in digital publications
20140244735 08/28/14  new patent  Streaming server administration protocol
20140244600 08/28/14  new patent  Managing duplicate media items
20140241517 08/28/14  new patent  Dynamically overriding alert suppressions based on prior actions
20140241553 08/28/14  new patent  Electronic device and headset with speaker seal evaluation capabilities
20140241555 08/28/14  new patent  Wirelessly charged electronic device with shared inductor circuitry
20140241567 08/28/14  new patent  Audio speaker with sandwich-structured composite diaphragm
20140242848 08/28/14  new patent  Electrical connector having a designed breaking strength
20140242925 08/28/14  new patent  Methods for coordinated signal reception across integrated circuit boundaries
20140242961 08/28/14  new patent  Wireless location optimization
20140242984 08/28/14  new patent  Single-radio device supporting coexistence between multiple radio access technologies
20140243052 08/28/14  new patent  Handheld electronic device with cable grounding
20140244200 08/28/14  new patent  Magnetometer calibration
20140244271 08/28/14  new patent  Electronic devices with voice command and contextual data processing capabilities
20140233169 08/21/14 Handheld electronic device with cable grounding
20140233163 08/21/14 Metal structures having hardened surfaces with three-dimensional topologies
20140233016 08/21/14 Method and system for measuring patterned substrates
20140232955 08/21/14 Display circuitry with reduced pixel parasitic capacitor coupling
20140233168 08/21/14 Handheld electronic device with cable grounding
20140233170 08/21/14 Handheld electronic device with cable grounding
20140233310 08/21/14 High-resolution readout of analog memory cells
20140233406 08/21/14 Determining parameters of an access point
20140233467 08/21/14 Scheduled absence on a wireless local area network
20140233505 08/21/14 Providing a deny response that specifies a delay time
20140232815 08/21/14 Executing instructions in response to a communication
20140232731 08/21/14 Display power management
20140232445 08/21/14 Balanced level shifter with wide operation range
20140232569 08/21/14 Automatic identification of vehicle location
20140232570 08/21/14 Vehicle location in weak location signal scenarios
20140232593 08/21/14 Sensor-assisted location fix
20140232626 08/21/14 Display panel source line driving circuitry
20140232633 08/21/14 Apparatus and method for automatically activating a camera application based on detecting an intent to capture a photograph or a video
20140232634 08/21/14 Touch-based gestures modified by gyroscope and accelerometer
20140232671 08/21/14 Device, method, and graphical user interface for managing concurrently open software applications
20140232673 08/21/14 Negative pixel compensation
20140232732 08/21/14 Parameter fifo
20140233543 08/21/14 Transmission method and related base station
20140233550 08/21/14 Location determination
20140235095 08/21/14 Reversible usb connector with compliant member to spread stress and increase contact normal force
20140237229 08/21/14 Bluetooth device as security access key
20140237276 08/21/14 Method and apparatus for determining tunable parameters to use in power and performance management
20140237322 08/21/14 Storage at m bits/cell density in n bits/cell analog memory cell devices, m>n
20140237360 08/21/14 Editing interface
20140237361 08/21/14 Dynamic interactive entertainment venue
20140237363 08/21/14 Multi-take compositing of digital media assets
20140237376 08/21/14 Intelligent home screen for mobile and desktop operating systems
20140237457 08/21/14 Application programming interfaces for data parallel computing on multiple processors
20140237476 08/21/14 Centralized task scheduling
20140237475 08/21/14 Sleep/wake with suppression and donated importance
20140237222 08/21/14 Multi-model modes of one device
20140237219 08/21/14 Microstackshots
20140235163 08/21/14 Data transport in portable electronic devices
20140235251 08/21/14 Reducing communication silence when performing inter-technology handoff
20140235348 08/21/14 Sensor-based gaming system for an avatar to represent a player in a virtual environment
20140236468 08/21/14 Customizing destination images while reaching towards a desired task
20140236945 08/21/14 Integrated media jukebox and physiologic data handling application
20140236986 08/21/14 Natural language document search
20140237015 08/21/14 Dynamic device collaboration
20140237123 08/21/14 System and method of establishing communication between electronic devices
20140237195 08/21/14 N-dimensional collapsible fifo
20140237200 08/21/14 Readout of interfering memory cells using estimated interference to other memory cells
20140225835 08/14/14 Keyboard with increased control of backlit keys
20140225838 08/14/14 In-cell touch for led
20140225840 08/14/14 Touchscreen system having on-panel touch driver circuitry
20140225980 08/14/14 Continuous illumination of backlit display and of subject for image capture
20140226110 08/14/14 Displays with organic light-emitting diode backlight structures
20140226269 08/14/14 Enhanced glass impact durability through application of thin films
20140226271 08/14/14 Electrical component for portable computing device
20140225832 08/14/14 Force sensing mouse
20140225817 08/14/14 Electronic device with variable refresh rate display driver circuitry
20140225718 08/14/14 Tactile feedback in an electronic device
20140225489 08/14/14 Radio-transparent coating for electronic device housing
20140225131 08/14/14 Displays with camera window openings
20140225117 08/14/14 Thin film transistor with increased doping regions
20140224627 08/14/14 Thin profile cam switch assemblies
20140224034 08/14/14 Deflection indication gauge
20140223731 08/14/14 Method for assembling an electronic device
20140226291 08/14/14 Electronic device assemblies
20140226539 08/14/14 System and method for controlling a wireless device
20140230051 08/14/14 Fraud detection for identity management systems
20140230049 08/14/14 Embedded authentication systems in an electronic device
20140229958 08/14/14 Dynamic service discovery
20140229932 08/14/14 Dynamic retrieval of installation packages when installing software
20140229798 08/14/14 Efficient data storage in multi-plane memory devices
20140229794 08/14/14 Read commands specifying error performance
20140229699 08/14/14 Out-of-order command execution in non-volatile memory
20140228062 08/14/14 Automatic notification upon trigger detection
20140228039 08/14/14 Facilitating multiple subscriber identity support in a wireless device
20140226744 08/14/14 Communication channel optimization systems and methods in multi-user communication systems
20140226826 08/14/14 Microphone seal
20140226849 08/14/14 Long-throw acoustic transducer
20140226879 08/14/14 Fingerprint imaging and quality characterization
20140227833 08/14/14 Sensor array package
20140227963 08/14/14 Media data transfer
20140228022 08/14/14 Performing cross-domain deregistration
20140218856 08/07/14 Electronic devices with flexible displays having fastened bent edges
20140218874 08/07/14 Electronic devices having multi-purpose cowling structures and a compass mounted on a flex circuit
20140218891 08/07/14 Active enclosure for computing device
20140219009 08/07/14 Low voltage bootstrapping method for write assist
20140219146 08/07/14 Reducing power consumption when bridging independent chipsets
20140219151 08/07/14 Reducing power consumption in connected mode discontinuous reception
20140219184 08/07/14 Radio multiplexer aware tcp layer
20140219193 08/07/14 Wifi real-time streaming and bluetooth coexistence
20140219194 08/07/14 Management of multiple radio links for wireless peer-to-peer communication
20140219240 08/07/14 Method and system for combining ofdm and transformed ofdm
20140219246 08/07/14 Srvcc handover indication for remote party to voice call
20140219387 08/07/14 Method and system for combining ofdm and transformed ofdm
20140219471 08/07/14 User voice location estimation for adjusting portable device beamforming settings
20140218853 08/07/14 Housing as an i/o device
20140218850 08/07/14 Unitary housing for electronic device
20140218841 08/07/14 Low acoustic noise capacitors
20140216903 08/07/14 Switches and switch mounting structures
20140216914 08/07/14 Capacitive sensor packaging
20140217864 08/07/14 Cladded metal structures
20140217959 08/07/14 Hybrid bootstrap capacitor refresh technique for charger/converter
20140218045 08/07/14 Using pulsed dc to detect connector mating and unmating
20140218155 08/07/14 Low profile packaging and assembly of a power conversion system in modular form

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