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Apple Inc. patents

Recent patent applications likely related to Apple Inc.. These are listed under Apple Inc. because it's listed as Agent/Assignee. Note: Apple Inc. (AAPL) may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Apple Inc., we're just tracking patents. Full list of Stock Symbols and Company RSS Feeds. SUBSCRIBE to updates on this page: Apple Inc. patents RSS Feed (FREE) RSS

Application # Date Apple Inc. patents - extended list - ARCHIVE: New2014201320122011
20140102162 04/17/14  new patent  Manufacturing of computing devices
20140106178 04/17/14  new patent  Method and apparatus for bonding metals and composites
20140106096 04/17/14  new patent  Packaging
20140105492 04/17/14  new patent  Detecting recurring events in consumer image collections
20140105440 04/17/14  new patent  Acoustic systems for electronic devices
20140105195 04/17/14  new patent  Detecting neighboring access points in a network
20140105176 04/17/14  new patent  Circuit bearer control
20140105086 04/17/14  new patent  Motion-based adaptive scanning
20140105084 04/17/14  new patent  Application-aware radio power saving
20140104807 04/17/14  new patent  Esd protection in a very small form factor consumer electronic product
20140104792 04/17/14  new patent  Devices having flexible printed circuits with bent stiffeners
20140104527 04/17/14  new patent  Process architecture for color filter array in active matrix liquid crystal display
20140104283 04/17/14  new patent  Page flipping with backend scaling at high resolutions
20140104241 04/17/14  new patent  Automated response to and sensing of user activity in portable devices
20140103831 04/17/14  new patent  Brightness control of a status indicator light
20140103718 04/17/14  new patent  Increasing the light-load efficiency of voltage regulators using nonlinear inductors with cores of different materials
20140103590 04/17/14  new patent  Systems and methods for using a portion of a housing in a button assembly
20140103349 04/17/14  new patent  Different lightly doped drain length control for self-align light drain doping process
20140106190 04/17/14  new patent  Pressure-relief mechanism to improve safety in lithium-polymer battery cells
20140106194 04/17/14  new patent  Battery with multiple jelly rolls in a single pouch
20140106608 04/17/14  new patent  Methods and systems for displaying a product
20140108416 04/17/14  new patent  Indexing using a lockless burst trie
20140108688 04/17/14  new patent  Fabric delivered interrupts
20140108997 04/17/14  new patent  System and method for interacting with a displayed work space
20140108998 04/17/14  new patent  Multimedia control center
20140109001 04/17/14  new patent  User interface for multiple display regions
20140109010 04/17/14  new patent  Gesture entry techniques
20140109018 04/17/14  new patent  Gesture entry techniques
20140109138 04/17/14  new patent  Updating properties of remote a/v performance nodes
20140108391 04/17/14  new patent  Search assistant for digital media assets
20140108303 04/17/14  new patent  Method and apparatus for building an intelligent automated assistant
20140106730 04/17/14  new patent  Location-based profile
20140106767 04/17/14  new patent  Methods and apparatus for optimizing paging mechanisms using device context information
20140106791 04/17/14  new patent  Methods and apparatus for optimizing paging mechanisms using device context information
20140106792 04/17/14  new patent  Methods and apparatus for optimizing paging mechanisms using device context information
20140106810 04/17/14  new patent  Method and apparatus to improve the robustness of a wireless communication link
20140106819 04/17/14  new patent  Compact form factor integrated circuit card and methods
20140106888 04/17/14  new patent  Turn-based exchanges
20140108017 04/17/14  new patent  Multi-tiered voice feedback in an electronic device
20140098505 04/10/14 Heterogeneous encapsulation
20140098694 04/10/14 Dynamic receive diversity selection for lte
20140098693 04/10/14 Triggering cell transition in an uplink power limited condition
20140098727 04/10/14 Methods and apparatus for network signaling during low-power operation
20140098729 04/10/14 Buffered indication of individually addressed traffic with reduced power consumption
20140098484 04/10/14 Portable computer hard drive structures
20140098332 04/10/14 Displays with logos and alignment marks
20140098106 04/10/14 Application programming interfaces for synchronization
20140098051 04/10/14 Touch sensor panel design
20140098009 04/10/14 Head mounted display
20140097835 04/10/14 Method and apparatus for detecting direction of a magnetic field
20140097765 04/10/14 Devices and methods for controlling brightness of a display backlight
20140096456 04/10/14 Building
20140099900 04/10/14 Adaptive channel estimation for coordinated multipoint cellular communication
20140099916 04/10/14 Location-based update of subscriber identity information in a wireless device
20140099925 04/10/14 Methods and apparatus for delivering electronic identification components over a wireless network
20140101613 04/10/14 Transitional data sets
20140101552 04/10/14 Condensing graphical representations of media clips in a composite display area of a media-editing application
20140101548 04/10/14 Concurrently presenting interactive invitational content and media items within a media station through the use of bumper content
20140101458 04/10/14 Code tampering protection for insecure environments
20140101392 04/10/14 Latency reduction in read operations from data storage in a host device
20140101371 04/10/14 Systems and methods for nonvolatile memory performance throttling
20140101102 04/10/14 Batch processing and data synchronization in cloud-based systems
20140100841 04/10/14 Testing a hardware emulation model of a circuit with software checker routines designed for an rtl model of the circuit
20140100004 04/10/14 Tunable multiband antenna with dielectric carrier
20140099965 04/10/14 Methods and apparatus for optimizing paging mechanisms using device context information
20140099955 04/10/14 Dynamic network cell reselection after a failed handover
20140099941 04/10/14 Accessibility in dynamic cellular networks
20140099933 04/10/14 Network access credential migration
20140092125 04/03/14 Filtering documents based on device orientation
20140092107 04/03/14 Sharing a graphics-processing-unit display port
20140092064 04/03/14 Touch pad with force sensors and actuator feedback
20140092066 04/03/14 Advanced receive channel architecture
20140092063 04/03/14 Scan sequence generator
20140092283 04/03/14 Display with electromechanical mirrors for minimizing display borders
20140092341 04/03/14 Display with liquid crystal shutters for minimizing display borders
20140092342 04/03/14 Electronic devices with displays having optical films
20140092346 04/03/14 Borderless display with light-bending structures
20140092492 04/03/14 Mems autofocus actuator
20140092493 04/03/14 Piezoelectric and mems actuator
20140092532 04/03/14 Systems and methods for securing components of an electronic device
20140092057 04/03/14 Multi-dimensional scroll wheel
20140092052 04/03/14 Frustrated total internal reflection and capacitive sensing
20140092034 04/03/14 Electronic devices with flexible circuit light shields
20140090592 04/03/14 Continuous sapphire growth
20140090769 04/03/14 Gap seals for electronic device structures
20140091336 04/03/14 Electronic devices with component mounting structures
20140091390 04/03/14 Protection layer for halftone process of third metal
20140091439 04/03/14 Silicon shaping
20140091688 04/03/14 Removable door for electronic device
20140091841 04/03/14 Apparatus and methods for clock characterization
20140091857 04/03/14 Ultra low travel keyboard
20140091999 04/03/14 Multiple hardware paths for backlight control in computer systems
20140092002 04/03/14 Movement based image transformation
20140092028 04/03/14 Multiple-element light-bending structures for minimizing display borders
20140090203 04/03/14 Coaxial hinge apparatus
20140092560 04/03/14 Force and heat spreading pcb for lcd protection and interconnection
20140096155 04/03/14 Apparatus and method for controlling advertisement
20140094124 04/03/14 Transferring data over bluetooth using intermittent bridge
20140095432 04/03/14 Schema versioning for cloud hosted databases
20140095436 04/03/14 Data management
20140095752 04/03/14 Interrupt suppression strategy
20140095765 04/03/14 Flash translation layer (ftl) database journaling schemes
20140095777 04/03/14 System cache with fine grain power management
20140095800 04/03/14 System cache with sticky removal engine
20140095856 04/03/14 Pinning boot data for faster boot
20140095973 04/03/14 Mechanism for partial document restore
20140095990 04/03/14 Generating document content from application data
20140095998 04/03/14 Advanced playlist creation
20140094053 04/03/14 Tight bend-radius cable structures and methods for making the same
20140093640 04/03/14 Wire and cable extrusion processes
20140093303 04/03/14 Removable stand for computing device
20140092571 04/03/14 Systems and methods for ejecting removable entities from electronic devices
20140092583 04/03/14 Electronic device with display backlight alignment structures
20140092630 04/03/14 Backlight structures and assemblies for electronic device displays
20140092676 04/03/14 Integrated circuit with separate supply voltage for memory that is different from logic circuit supply voltage
20140092807 04/03/14 Reducing synchronization times during testing of wireless devices
20140092987 04/03/14 Entropy coding techniques and protocol to support parallel processing with low latency
20140092997 04/03/14 Error resilient transmission of random access frames and global coding parameters
20140093114 04/03/14 Acoustic waveguide and computing devices using same
20140093113 04/03/14 Speaker assembly
20140093103 04/03/14 Increasing ground noise rejection in audio systems
20140093093 04/03/14 System and method of detecting a user's voice activity using an accelerometer
20140093084 04/03/14 Secure escrow service
20140085576 03/27/14 Light guide plates and optical films with mating alignment features
20140085564 03/27/14 Computer led bar and thermal architecture features
20140085563 03/27/14 Computer backlight unit (blu) attachment to cover glass/cell
20140085556 03/27/14 Display with inverted thin-film-transistor layer
20140085458 03/27/14 Angular visual response of cosmetic surfaces
20140085334 03/27/14 Transparent texting
20140085320 03/27/14 Efficient processing of access requests for a shared resource
20140085287 03/27/14 Devices and methods for reducing power to drive pixels of a display
20140085796 03/27/14 Computer display or cover glass/cell attachment to frame
20140085851 03/27/14 Small form factor stacked electrical passive devices that reduce the distance to the ground plane
20140086441 03/27/14 Distributed loop speaker enclosure antenna
20140086425 03/27/14 Active noise cancellation using multiple reference microphone signals
20140086406 03/27/14 Key management using security enclave processor
20140086315 03/27/14 Error resilient management of picture order count in predictive coding systems
20140086233 03/27/14 Synchronization requests to reduce power consumption
20140086209 03/27/14 Method for simultaneously receiving lte and 1x in srlte device
20140086123 03/27/14 Disabling a low power mode to improve the reception of high priority messages
20140085859 03/27/14 Camera light source mounting structures
20140085275 03/27/14 Refresh rate matching for displays
20140085269 03/27/14 Electronic equipment with status indicators
20140083279 03/27/14 Systems and methods thereof for determining a virtual momentum based on user input
20140083280 03/27/14 Determining the characteristic of a played note on a virtual instrument
20140083353 03/27/14 Plane orientation of crystalline structures
20140083731 03/27/14 Adaptive machining for improving assembly fit of consumer electronics
20140083883 03/27/14 Cover for electronic device
20140084234 03/27/14 Post manufacturing strain manipulation in semiconductor devices
20140084292 03/27/14 Connection to first metal layer in thin film transistor process
20140084425 03/27/14 Perimeter trench sensor array package

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This listing is an abstract for educational and research purposes is only meant as a recent sample of applications filed, not a comprehensive history. is not affiliated or associated with Apple Inc. in any way and there may be associated servicemarks. This data is also published to the public by the USPTO and available for free on their website. Note that there may be alternative spellings for Apple Inc. with additional patents listed. Browse our Agent directory for other possible listings. Page by



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