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Apple Inc. patents

Recent patent applications related to Apple Inc., listed under Apple Inc. as Agent/Assignee. Apple Inc. (AAPL) may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Apple Inc.. Updates: Apple Inc. RSS RSS

Methods and apparatus for machine-to-machine based communication service classes


Methods and apparatus for machine-to-machine based communication service classes

Methods and apparatus for machine-to-machine based communication service classes


Solid state deposition for cosmetic enhancement of anodized friction stir processed parts

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Application # Date Apple Inc. patents - extended list - ARCHIVE: New2014201320122011
20140344924 11/20/14  new patent  Preventing unauthorized calls to a protected function
20140340332 11/20/14  new patent  Device, method, and graphical user interface with interactive popup views
20140340327 11/20/14  new patent  Portable multifunction device, method, and graphical user interface for interpreting a finger gesture
20140340318 11/20/14  new patent  Dynamic visual indications for input devices
20140340265 11/20/14  new patent  Electronic device with multiband antenna
20140340216 11/20/14  new patent  Wireless device networks with smoke detection capabilities
20140340130 11/20/14  new patent  Clock generation using fixed dividers and multiplex circuits
20140339736 11/20/14  new patent  Tooling concepts for reducing sink and improving as-molded cosmetics and drawings
20140339093 11/20/14  new patent  Solid state deposition for cosmetic enhancement of anodized friction stir processed parts
20140340379 11/20/14  new patent  Organic light-emitting diode display with dynamic power supply control
20140341177 11/20/14  new patent  Methods and systems for scheduling ofdm frames
20140344820 11/20/14  new patent  System and method for selective timer rate limiting
20140344819 11/20/14  new patent  System and method for selective timer coalescing
20140344746 11/20/14  new patent  Smart progress indicator
20140344737 11/20/14  new patent  Graduated visual and manipulative translucency for windows
20140344558 11/20/14  new patent  Next fetch predictor return address stack
20140344519 11/20/14  new patent  Distortion cancellation in 3-d non-volatile memory
20140344451 11/20/14  new patent  Methods and apparatus for machine-to-machine based communication service classes
20140344055 11/20/14  new patent  Interaction-aware advertising for minimizing banner blindness
20140334077 11/13/14 Ceramic cover for electronic device housing
20140333683 11/13/14 Adaptive color gamut management for rgbw display systems
20140333643 11/13/14 Inverse request aggregation
20140333636 11/13/14 Asynchronous notifications for concurrent graphics operations
20140333496 11/13/14 Antenna with tunable high band parasitic element
20140333495 11/13/14 Electronic device antenna with multiple feeds for covering three communications bands
20140331741 11/13/14 Electronic device with printed circuit board stress monitoring
20140334107 11/13/14 System and methods for thermal control using sensors on die
20140337424 11/13/14 Authorizing push notifications for websites
20140338003 11/13/14 Distributed secure content delivery
20140337931 11/13/14 Indirect authentication
20140337902 11/13/14 System and method for delivering companion content
20140337716 11/13/14 Displaying content on a mobile device
20140337649 11/13/14 Memory power savings in idle display case
20140337605 11/13/14 Mechanism for reducing cache power consumption using cache way prediction
20140337581 11/13/14 Pointer chasing prediction
20140327861 11/06/14 Liquid crystal displays with reduced light leakage
20140327851 11/06/14 Display pixels with improved storage capacitance
20140327681 11/06/14 Animation control methods and systems
20140327632 11/06/14 Displays with integrated touch and improved image pixel aperture
20140327629 11/06/14 Touch screen device, method, and graphical user interface for customizing display of content category icons
20140327410 11/06/14 Battery charger integrated circuit chip
20140325858 11/06/14 Magnetometer accuracy and use
20140328391 11/06/14 Method and system for video rate control
20140328488 11/06/14 Electronic device with wireless power control system
20140328575 11/06/14 Teleprompter tool for voice-over tool
20140331139 11/06/14 Media clip management
20140331130 11/06/14 Dynamic moveable interface elements on a touch screen device
20140331106 11/06/14 Calculation of analog memory cell readout parameters using code words stored over multiple memory dies
20140330962 11/06/14 Unified tracking data management
20140329558 11/06/14 Electronic device with multiple antenna feeds and adjustable filter and matching circuitry
20140329468 11/06/14 Un-tethered wireless audio system
20140329416 11/06/14 Connectors for electronic devices
20140321439 10/30/14 Apparatus and methods for transmission and reception of data in multi-antenna systems
20140321098 10/30/14 Invisible, light-transmissive display system
20140321075 10/30/14 Electrical and mechanical interconnection for electronic components
20140321046 10/30/14 Wireless electronic device with component cooling structures
20140321045 10/30/14 Electronic device with component shielding structures and input-output connectors
20140319468 10/30/14 Display having a backplane with interlaced laser crystallized regions
20140321534 10/30/14 Video processors for preserving detail in low-light scenes
20140322575 10/30/14 Multiple conductive tabs for facilitating current flow in batteries
20140324965 10/30/14 Recommending media items based on purchase history
20140324969 10/30/14 Method and apparatus for listening for incoming calls on multiple port/socket combinations
20140324884 10/30/14 Recommending media items
20140324435 10/30/14 Combined statistical and rule-based part-of-speech tagging for text-to-speech synthesis
20140323063 10/30/14 Methods for manufacturing an antenna tuning element in an electronic device
20140322590 10/30/14 Reducing pouch thicknesses in battery cells for portable electronic devices
20140315163 10/23/14 Device, method, and graphical user interface for a group reading environment
20140314223 10/23/14 Mixed media conferencing
20140314044 10/23/14 Device and method for discovery channel hopping scheme
20140313993 10/23/14 Secondary component carrier future scheduling in lte carrier aggregation
20140313832 10/23/14 Enhanced data storage in 3-d memory using string-specific source-side biasing
20140313688 10/23/14 Switch modules with electromagnetic interference shielding structures
20140313525 10/23/14 Systems and methods for printing maps and directions
20140313214 10/23/14 Subbuffer objects
20140313087 10/23/14 Tunable multiband antenna with passive and active circuitry
20140310943 10/23/14 Rotational assembly method and apparatus
20140315486 10/23/14 Transmitter for near-field chip-to-chip multichannel transmission
20140315495 10/23/14 Systems and methods for predictive radio-frequency testing of electronic devices
20140317578 10/23/14 Multifunction device with integrated search and application selection
20140317478 10/23/14 Configurable and low power encoder for cyclic error correction codes
20140317425 10/23/14 Multi-core processor instruction throttling
20140317365 10/23/14 Techniques for reducing power-down time in non-volatile memory devices
20140317358 10/23/14 Global maintenance command protocol in a cache coherent system
20140317355 10/23/14 Cache allocation scheme optimized for browsing applications
20140317323 10/23/14 Method and apparatus for arbitration with multiple source paths
20140317303 10/23/14 Application launching in conjunction with an accessory
20140316731 10/23/14 Continuous voltage product binning
20140315511 10/23/14 Cellular broadcast message forwarding
20140309924 10/16/14 Seamless transition from outdoor to indoor mapping
20140308465 10/16/14 Liquid-based pressure sensitive adhesive for grounding applications
20140307889 10/16/14 Adaptive vibration damping mechanism to eliminate acoustic noise in electronic systems
20140307645 10/16/14 Adaptive link adaptation for wireless communications
20140307383 10/16/14 Dock with compliant connector mount
20140306938 10/16/14 Device, method, and graphical user interface for orientation-based parallax display
20140306911 10/16/14 Movable touch pad with added functionality
20140306857 10/16/14 Antenna system with return path tuning and loop element
20140306845 10/16/14 Electronic device with foam antenna carrier
20140310091 10/16/14 Accidental selection of invitational content
20140310222 10/16/14 Cloud-based diagnostics and remediation
20140310317 10/16/14 Locking and traversal methods for ordered tree data structures
20140310821 10/16/14 Electronic single action software distribution
20140310781 10/16/14 Methods for managing authority designation of graphical user interfaces
20140310649 10/16/14 Pop-up menu interface
20140310549 10/16/14 Fifo clock and power management
20140310540 10/16/14 Interrupt based power state management
20140310534 10/16/14 Data scrambling in memory devices using combined sequences
20140310469 10/16/14 Coherence processing with pre-kill mechanism to avoid duplicated transaction identifiers
20140310443 10/16/14 Shims for processor interface
20140310437 10/16/14 Round robin arbiter handling slow transaction sources and preventing block
20140301614 10/09/14 Enrollment using synthetic fingerprint image and fingerprint sensing systems
20140301546 10/09/14 Precomputing internal aes states in counter mode to protect keys used in aes computations
20140301373 10/09/14 Method and system for scheduling application-generated data requests in discontinuous reception (drx) mode
20140301214 10/09/14 Inter-radio access technology transition based on quality of service evaluation
20140300832 10/09/14 Electronic device signal routing structures with conductive adhesive
20140300753 10/09/14 Imaging pipeline for spectro-colorimeters
20140300436 10/09/14 Unibody magnet
20140299884 10/09/14 Flexible display with bent edge regions
20140301643 10/09/14 Blemish removal
20140301720 10/09/14 Video format for digital video recorder
20140304643 10/09/14 Multiple displays for displaying workspaces
20140304441 10/09/14 Protocol conversion involving multiple virtual channels
20140304094 10/09/14 Methods for adjusting near field communications circuitry during mobile payment transactions
20140302883 10/09/14 Co-scheduling based on steering vector orthogonality
20140302860 10/09/14 Wireless communications system and method
20140302797 10/09/14 Methods and apparatus for testing electronic devices under specified radio-frequency voltage and current stress
20140302692 10/09/14 Board-to-board connectors
20140301828 10/09/14 Fan performance by increasing effective blade height in a tolerance neutral manner
20140293960 10/02/14 Circuit-switched fallback (csfb) call setup utilizing multiple rf receive chains
20140293959 10/02/14 Seamless session mobility on a wireless communication device having multiple radio interfaces
20140293910 10/02/14 Providing acknowledgement information by a wireless device
20140293545 10/02/14 Electronic device enclosures and heatsink structures with thermal management features
20140293144 10/02/14 Electronic device display with shielding layer
20140292800 10/02/14 Automatically keying an image
20140292788 10/02/14 Mechanism to detect idle screen on
20140292787 10/02/14 Compressed frame writeback and read for display in idle screen on case
20140292598 10/02/14 Antenna system with tuning from coupled antenna
20140292599 10/02/14 Packaged capacitor component with multiple self-resonance frequencies
20140292587 10/02/14 Electronic device with reduced emitted radiation during loaded antenna operating conditions
20140293961 10/02/14 Facilitating return to a first wireless network from a second wireless network after performance of a circuit switched fallback procedure
20140294656 10/02/14 Connectors and methods for manufacturing connectors
20140295808 10/02/14 Method and apparatus for automatically prioritizing contact list information using data correlation
20140298414 10/02/14 Browsing remote content using a native user interface
20140298407 10/02/14 Federated role provisioning
20140298376 10/02/14 Method and apparatus for on demand video and other content rental
20140298295 10/02/14 Dynamic program evaluation for system adaptation
20140298176 10/02/14 Scrolling techniques for user interfaces
20140298058 10/02/14 Advanced fine-grained cache power management
20140298018 10/02/14 Apparatus and methods for distributing and storing electronic access clients
20140297959 10/02/14 Advanced coarse-grained cache power management
20140297407 10/02/14 Context-switching taxonomy for mobile advertisement
20140297291 10/02/14 Metadata driven dynamic range control

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