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Abb Research Ltd patents

Recent patent applications related to Abb Research Ltd. Abb Research Ltd is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Abb Research Ltd may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Abb Research Ltd, we're just tracking patents.

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09/21/17Method and an attenuating pressure pulses
11/03/16Current measurement device and method using a rogowski type current transducer
09/22/16System for transmitting and receiving a power line communication signal over the power bus of a power electronic converter
09/15/16Secure clock synchronization
08/25/16Weight based visual communication of items representing process control objects in a process control system
08/25/16Composite high voltage insultation materials and methods for preparing the same
06/30/16Adaptive protection for distribution grid based on area concept
06/30/16Transformer arrangement for mitigating transient voltage oscillations
06/16/16Transmitting data packets in an industrial wireless network
02/04/16Fiber-optic current sensor with spun fiber and temperature compensation
12/31/15Overcurrent protection device and method
11/26/15Method and system for fluid flow control in a fluid network system
11/19/15Determining thenetwork topology of a communication network
11/05/15A providing reliable wireless communication in a wireless sensor network
11/05/15Permanent magnet machine with hybrid cage and methods for operating same
10/15/15Load restoration for feeder automation in electric power distribution systems
10/01/15Method for detecting a fault condition in an electrical machine
10/01/15Rotors for rotating machines
10/01/15Electrical machine rotors
09/24/15Self supplied protection relay with a module to boost performance
09/03/15Radial water barrier and a dynamic high voltage submarine cable for deep water applications
08/27/15Packet prioritizing in an industrial wireless network
08/06/15Latency determination in substation networks
07/16/15Visualization of three-dimensional power distribution data
07/09/15Operating a programmable logic controller
06/25/15Presenting process data of a process control object on a mobile terminal
06/25/15Method and sensor node network interface system for wireless control of an industrial process
06/25/15Method and ear protection system for monitoring an industrial process
06/18/15Link selection in lossy communication networks
06/04/15Determination of communication routes in a wireless communication network
06/04/15Determining the network topology of a communication network
06/04/15Methods and devices for security key renewal in a communication system
05/14/15Thermoelectric energy storage system with an intermediate storage tank and storing thermoelectric energy
05/14/15Multi terminal hvdc control
05/07/15Ship having a window as computer user interface
04/30/15Power system and operating a power system
04/30/15Object inspection in an industrial plant
04/30/15Presenting process data of a process control object on a mobile terminal
04/30/15Secure message transmission
04/16/15Guiding a user to safety from the premises of an industrial plant
03/26/15Passive circuit for improved failure mode handling in power electronics modules
02/05/15Apparatus and cooling electric components
02/05/15Apparatus and cooling electric components
01/01/15Electric apparatus
12/25/14Active gate drive circuit
12/25/14Converter station power set point analysis system and method
12/18/14Adaptive rcd snubber and switching converter
12/18/14Adaptive rcd snubber and switching converter
11/20/14Monitoring of primary devices in a power system
11/20/14Dynamic configuration of an industrial control system
11/13/14Controlling an electrical converter
11/06/14Method of producing high voltage electrical insulation
10/23/14Active snubber topology
10/23/14Converter valve
10/23/14Method and managing demand response resources in a power distribution network
10/23/14Tabular data parsing in document(s)
10/16/14Relay interface module for a distributed control system
10/09/14Handling resonances in a power transmission system
10/09/14Validation of a communication network of an industrial automation and control system
09/25/14Systems and methods for restoring service within electrical power systems
09/18/14Sensor assembly and sensing status condition of electrical equipment
09/18/14Sensor determining paper sheet quality parameters
09/18/14Industrial asset event chronology
08/28/14Method and producing three-phase current
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08/21/14Cooling apparatus
08/21/14Cooling apparatus
08/21/14Method and a system for tuning multivariable pid controller
07/17/14Bidirectional power conversion with fault-handling capability
06/26/14Insulator for high-voltage gas insulated switch gear
06/26/14Sensor assembly and determining the hydrogen and moisture content of transformer oil
06/19/14Magnetic thrust bearings
06/19/14Method and component for voltage instability protection in an electric power system
06/19/14Gate control circuit, power module and associated method
06/05/14Systems and methods for utilizing an active compensator to augment a diode rectifier
05/29/14Curable epoxy resin composition
05/22/14Power transmission network state visualization
05/15/14Method for distributed waveform recording in a power distribution system
05/08/14Method for controlling harmonics and resonances in an inverter
05/01/14Gas-insulated delta transformer
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05/01/14Ultra-flexible production manufacturing
04/24/14Method and system for minimizing energy consumption during reverse osmosis unit operation
04/17/14Cooled electrical assembly
04/17/14Redundant winding connections for multiphase electric machines
04/17/14Online protection coordination for distribution management system
04/10/14Method and a system for online and dynamic distribution and configuration of applications in a distributed control system
03/13/14Method of observing a change of mass inside a grinding unit
03/06/14Thermoelectric energy storage system
03/06/14Power distribution system loss reduction with distributed energy resource control
02/27/14Power module and operating a power module
02/20/14Communication system for power electronic converters
02/20/14Compliant end of arm tooling for a robot
02/06/14Clock synchronization for line differential protection
01/30/14Cane preparation unit and operation
01/30/14Modular multilevel converter with cell-connected battery storages
12/19/13Parallel computation of dynamic state estimation for power system
12/19/13Outage scope analysis for electrical distribution systems
12/12/13Magnetic bearing assembly and arrangement of position sensors for a magnetic bearing assembly
12/12/13Gate driver unit for electrical switching device
11/21/13Froth flotation control
11/21/13Investigating timing reliability in relation to control of a power transmission system
11/07/13Cooling assembly
10/24/13Centralized control center for electrical network computational services
10/24/13Distributed electrical power network model maintenance
10/03/13Heat exchanger for traction converters
09/26/13Method and a system for scaling control in membrane system operation
09/19/13Electrical machines and electrical machine rotors
09/12/13Heat exchanger
09/12/13Validating reachability of nodes of a network of an industrial automation and control system
09/05/13Method and controlling a grid-connected converter
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08/29/13Semiconductor module and manufacturing a semiconductor module
08/29/13Fault direction parameter indicator device and related methods
08/29/13Detecting state estimation network model data errors
08/15/13Method and system for generating a control system user interface
08/08/13Medium voltage dc collection system
08/08/13Converter assembly and a power plant including the converter assembly
08/08/13Electrical insulation system
08/01/13Dc connection scheme for windfarm with internal mvdc collection grid
07/25/13Detecting islanding conditions in power networks
07/25/13Method for energy benchmarking and diagnosis through optimization and a system thereof
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07/18/13Active gate drive circuit
07/18/13Method and a system for energy benchmarking for gap analysis for a plant in a paper industry
07/18/13Synchronization current differential protection
07/11/13System and monitoring in real time the operating state of an igbt device
07/04/13Method and a system for localization in industrial wireless sensor network
07/04/13Dispatching mobile energy resources to respond to electric power grid conditions
06/27/13Dc-dc converter systems
06/20/13Dual pinion drive system
06/20/13Cable fatigue monitor and method thereof
06/13/13Vision-guided alignment system and method
06/06/13Fault parameter indicator device and related methods
05/30/13Apparatus, mold and producing shaped articles from a uv-curable composition
05/23/13Method and control device for controlling power flow within a dc power transmission network
05/23/13Frame transmission and communication network
05/23/13Communication method and apparatus of network management system
05/16/13Fiber optic birefringent thermometer and manufacturing the same
05/16/13Method and calibration of a robot positioned on a movable platform
05/09/13Method and detecting islanding conditions of a distributed grid
05/02/13Method and arrangement for detecting frequency and fundamental wave component of three-phase signal
04/25/13High-voltage sensor with axially overlapping electrodes
04/18/13High-voltage sensor with axially overlapping electrodes and local field sensors
04/11/13Thermoelectric energy storage storing thermoelectric energy
04/11/13Fault protection of hvdc transmission lines
04/04/13Systems and methods for integrating demand response with service restoration in an electric distribution system
03/28/13Breaker failure protection of hvdc circuit breakers
03/28/13Cooling module for cooling electronic components
03/21/13Ac/dc converter
03/14/13Reconfigurable power converters, systems and plants
03/14/13Permanent magnet electrical machine rotors and construction methods therefor
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03/07/13Method and system for optimizing membrane cleaning process
03/07/13High-voltage switching device
02/28/13Unit commitment for wind power generation
02/14/13Method and system for updating a model in a model predictive controller
01/31/13Computer-based for automatically providing control parameters for a plurality of coal mills supplying coal powder to a plant
01/31/13Method for transfer of control between devices in a substation system and a device thereof
01/31/13Modular multi-level power converter with second and third order harmonics reduction filter
01/17/13Ac/dc converter station and a operating an ac/dc converter station
01/17/13Method for controlling an electrical converter
01/10/13Cooling cooling a power electronic device
01/03/13System and associated monitoring and controlling a power plant
01/03/13Method and control system for scheduling load of a power plant
01/03/13Process optimization a power plant
12/06/12Optical flame sensor
11/29/12System and data integration of engineering tools
11/29/12Electrical transformer with diaphragm and cooling same
11/08/12Fiber-optic current sensing using a sensor with exchangeable sub-modules
10/18/12Reconfigurable power systems and converters
10/04/12Energy storage systems
10/04/12Method and determining the wear on a contact element
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10/04/12Method and improving the operation of an auxiliary power system of a thermal power plant
09/27/12Method for searching global maximum power point
09/20/12Method and detecting islanding conditions of distributed generator
09/20/12Reliability calculation for substation automation systems
09/20/12Restoration switching analysis with genetic algorithm
09/13/12Restoration switching analysis with modified genetic algorithm
09/06/12Conductor handling tool and a applying an electrically insulating material
09/06/12Thermoelectric energy storage system having an internal heat exchanger and storing thermoelectric energy
09/06/12Redundant control for a process control system
08/23/12Power semiconductor module and manufacturing a power semiconductor module
08/16/12Epoxy resin composition
08/16/12Method and ground distance protection
08/09/12Semiconductor device
08/09/12Curable epoxy resin composition
08/09/12Fault current limitation in dc power transmission systems
08/02/12Bus condition monitoring system
07/26/12Configuring an intelligent electronic device and a substation automation system
06/28/12Method for controlling a converter
06/28/12Secure clock synchronization
06/28/12Robotic picking of parts from a parts holding bin
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06/21/12Device with overvoltage protection and its testing
06/14/12Drive system for operating an electric device
06/14/12Estimating initial states of a system model for controlling an industrial process
06/14/12Method and detecting communication channel delay asymmetry
06/07/12Composite capacitance and use thereof
05/17/12Substation automation system with protection functions
05/10/12Process control overview on a supervisory control system display unit
05/10/12Curable sol-gel composition
05/10/12Fault interrupting devices and control methods therefor
04/26/12Heat exchanger
04/26/12Gate driver unit for electrical switching device
04/19/12Coordinated control of multi-terminal hvdc systems
04/19/12Method for identifying type of fault on power line
04/12/12Intelligent process interface and substation automation system
04/05/12Thermoelectric energy storage system with an intermediate storage tank and storing thermoelectric energy
03/22/12Method and arrangement for tracking the maximum power point of a photovoltaic module
03/15/12Thermoelectric energy storage system having two thermal baths and storing thermoelectric energy
03/15/12Method for determining operator condition, device therefrom and their use in alarm response system in a facility
03/08/12Damage-preventing system for manipulator
03/01/12System and a optimization of continuous digestion process
03/01/12Method and a system for optimization of parameters for a recovery boiler
02/23/12Current balancing of parallel connected semiconductor components
02/16/12Circuit breaker
02/16/12Operator terminal in a process control system
02/09/12Controlling a high-voltage direct-current (hvdc) link
02/02/12Curable epoxy resin composition
02/02/12Photovoltaic system
01/26/12Systems and methods for monitoring automation systems
01/12/12Systems and methods for classifying power line events
01/05/12Power semiconductor device
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01/05/12Systems and methods for characterizing fault clearing devices
01/05/12Systems and methods for power line event zone identification
12/29/11Method for testing a power distribution system and a power distribution system analyzer device
12/15/11Substation automation device and system
12/15/11Network analysis
12/08/11Converter device and controlling a converter device
12/08/11Magnetic shunt, magnetic shunt arrangement and power device
11/24/11Method for detecting network asymmetrical status and asymmetrical communication channels for power system
11/17/11Photovoltaic system
11/17/11Method and adapting at least one set of parameters of an intelligent electronic device
10/27/11Robot safety system and a method
10/20/11Ied for, and engineering, and sa system
10/20/11System and a control and automation service
10/13/11Method and system for powerline length measurement
10/13/11Oxygen concentration measuring device
10/06/11Method and arrangement for estimating angular frequency
09/29/11Connection arrangement for semiconductor power modules
09/29/11Identifying degraded fans in datacenters
09/22/11Non-isolated dc-dc converter for solar power plant
09/15/11Converter circuit and unit and system comprising such converter circuit
09/15/11Control single-phase grid-connected lcl inverter
09/15/11Robotic picking of parts from a bin
09/15/11Robotic picking of parts from a bin
09/01/11Compliant end of arm tooling for a robot
09/01/11Method and analyzing waveform signals of a power system
08/25/11Method and system for controlling an industrial process
08/25/11Tool for an industrial robot
08/18/11Method for operating remotely controlled cameras in an industrial process
08/18/11Energy generating system and control thereof

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