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Abb Schweiz Ag
Abb Schweiz Ag_20131212

Abb Schweiz Ag patents

Recent patent applications related to Abb Schweiz Ag. Abb Schweiz Ag is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Abb Schweiz Ag may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Abb Schweiz Ag, we're just tracking patents.

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12/14/17 new patent  Method and system for maximizing production of a well with a gas assisted plunger lift
12/14/17 new patent  Method and system for maximizing production of a well with a gas assisted plunger lift
12/14/17 new patent  A method and a control system for optimizing production of a hydrocarbon well
12/14/17 new patent  Robot automated mining
12/14/17 new patent  Robot automated mining
12/14/17 new patent  Cooling arrangement
12/14/17 new patent  A estimating an electrical operating time of a circuit breaker using current feedback
12/14/17 new patent  A estimating an electrical operating time of a circuit breaker
12/14/17 new patent  Medium voltage contactor
12/07/17Inspecting a solar panel using an unmanned aerial vehicle
12/07/17Robotic additive manufacturing apparatuses, systems and methods
12/07/17Shielding for an inductive device with central first winding connection
12/07/17Power system comprising a central energy storage system and a controlling power transfer in a power system
11/30/17Sampled measurement data stream control
11/30/17Modular field device connection unit
11/23/17Teleoperation of machines having at least one actuated mechanism and a fault detection and recovery system
11/23/17Industrial asset management systems and methods thereof
11/23/17Power module with low stray inductance
11/23/17Method and device for supplying energy to a low-voltage load
11/23/17Modular multi-level converter with thyristor valves
11/23/17Electric power generating system
11/16/17Strain sensing cable tie
11/16/17Mechanical interlock assembly for disconnector and earthing switch
11/09/17Ship emergency stoping
11/09/17Electrical installation switching device having a switching position display
11/09/17Method of generating a power semiconductor module
11/09/17Insulated gate power semiconductor device and manufacturing such a device
11/09/17A power supply unit for a self-powered intelligent electronic device
11/02/17Spun highly-birefringent fiber for current sensing with inherent insensitivity to temperature
11/02/17Method for determining a property of a fluid component of a fluid present in a compartment of an electrical apparatus
10/19/17Method and system for reproducing an instrument's calibration certificate
10/19/17Controlling real world objects in an industrial installation
10/19/17Electrical transformer systems and methods
10/19/17Cooling of wide bandgap semiconductor devices
10/12/17Test block with input and output sockets of the rj45 type
10/12/17Test block with faraday cage
10/12/17Bidirectional power semiconductor
10/12/17Reverse-conducting semiconductor device
10/05/17Device, setting an operation of a robot unit, and use of a device
10/05/17Optimal wind farm operation
10/05/17Method and controller for coordinating control of wind farm during disconnection to utility grid
10/05/17Nonintrusive temperature measuring apparatus
10/05/17Apparatus for the generation, distribution and/or usage of electrical energy and component for such an apparatus
09/28/17Material coating system and method
09/28/17Monitoring torsional oscillations in a turbine-generator
09/28/17Gas-insulated electrical apparatus, in particular gas-insulated transformer or reactor
09/28/17Controlling a load commutated converter during undervoltage
09/28/17Pressure compensated subsea electrical system
09/21/17Protection apparatus, end effector and robot
09/21/17Method for assessing the condition of rotating machinery connected to an electric motor
09/21/17Tap changer with an improved monitoring system
09/21/17Method for manufacturing a wide bandgap junction barrier schottky diode
09/21/17Electrical connection for medium and high voltage switchgears
09/21/17Electrical assembly comprising filter device for improving quality of electricity
09/21/17Standby and charging of modular multilevel converters
09/14/17Hydrogen sensor having a protection layer
09/14/17Semiconductor module
09/14/17Modular high voltage supply system
09/07/17Cable-management system, a rotary joint and a robot
09/07/17Switching device for an electrical circuit and a controlling such switching device
08/31/17A managing subsystems of a process plant using a distributed control system
08/31/17Electrical insulating material and preparing insulating material element
08/31/17Method for determining the operating status of a mv switching device of the electromagnetic type
08/31/17Pivot supporting structure and circuit breaker
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08/31/17Cloud-based control for power distribution system
08/31/17Converter for an ac system
08/31/17Detecting the status of a mesh node in a wireless mesh network
08/24/17Field communication interface with improved autoconfiguration
08/24/17Arrangement for subsea cooling of semiconductor modules
08/24/17Phase control thyristor
08/17/17Loading blanks to a stamping press line
08/17/17Electric apparatus with a push-in connection terminalmounted in a casing with two portions assembled along the insertion direction of an electrical conductor in the connection terminal
08/17/17Electrical apparatus having a push-in connection terminalwith a support clip guiding and limiting the elastic deformation of the contact spring
08/17/17Control of a microgrid
08/17/17A switching cell, a switching module for a chain link, and a chain link for a multilevel converter
08/17/17Method of controlling the switching of a multilevel converter, a controller for a multilevel converter, and a computer program for controlling a converter
08/10/17System and determining temperature of a metal melt in an electric arc furnace
08/10/17Mobile device, engineering tool device, system and methods for cable configuration in a process control system
08/10/17Method and system for configuring devices of a control system based on engineering graphic objects
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08/10/17Semiconductor module and stack arrangement of semiconductor modules
08/10/17Method in, , and interface arrangement between an alternating current power system and a direct current power system
08/03/17Electromagnetic brake system and controlling molten metal flow in a metal-making process
08/03/17Method and a system for metering flow through a fluid conduit
08/03/17Premagnetizing of mmc connected transformer
08/03/17Configurable inverter apparatus, photovoltaic system comprising such an inverter apparatus
07/27/17Vehicle transformer
07/27/17Refill-container for replenishing and/or reconditioning an insulation fluid contained in an insulation space of an electrical apparatus
07/13/17Routing unit, a rotary joint and a robot
07/13/17A controlling a process plant using a redundant local supervisory controller
07/13/17Switch assembly for use in a power transmission system
07/13/17Heat exchanger for power-electronic components
07/06/17Passage determination of a portable wireless transceiver device
07/06/17Condition monitoring device and monitoring system using the same
07/06/17A switching device for a mv electric power distribution network
07/06/17Wound conductor arrangement and insulating a wound conductor
07/06/17Parallel redundancy protocol over wide area networks
06/29/17An apparatus and a processing data
06/29/17Traction transformer
06/29/17Current transformer
06/29/17Pole part for high pressure environment application
06/29/17A multi-level power converter and a controlling a multi-level power converter
06/29/17Dc/ac converter comprising control means for inrush current protection
06/22/17Pressure resistant housing for subsea applications
06/22/17Inverter and renewable energy power generation installation
06/15/17Method and solidifying a polar substance
06/15/17Flame ionization detector having special burner nozzle, and internal combustion engine, power station and burner nozzle
06/15/17Method and for software application internal re-structuring of specifically authorized multi-level sub-folders
06/15/17Method and file synchronization based on qualifying trigger actions in industrial control applications
06/15/17Rotary auxiliary switches for medium voltage switchgears
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06/15/17Medium voltage circuit breaker for the use in high pressure environments
06/15/17Energy storage system comprising a modular multi-level converter
06/08/17Method for calibrating a robot and a robot system
06/08/17Optical sensor with spun birefringent sensing fiber
06/08/17Energy storage robot
06/01/17Object creation in process control systems
06/01/17Magnet having regions of different magnetic properties and forming such a magnet
06/01/17Thomson coil based actuator
05/25/17Method for loose joint detection in medium voltage switchgears and medium voltage switchgear itself
05/25/17Method and system for updating operative parameters in electronic devices
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05/25/17Method for loose joint detection in medium voltage switchgears and medium voltage switchgear itself
05/25/17Electrical device comprising a gas-insulated apparatus, in particular a gas-insulated transformer or reactor
05/25/17Method and device for intrinsically safe redundant current supply of field devices
05/18/17Industrial control system with communication bar and power bar
05/18/17Method and system for detecting a condition of an electric machine
05/18/17An electric machine
05/11/17Model predictive control of a modular multilevel converter
05/11/17Hierarchical robust model predictive voltage and var control with coordination and optimization of autonomous der voltage control
05/04/17Magnetic bearing arrangement and operating a magnetic bearing arrangement
05/04/17Power converter system for renewable energy sources
05/04/17Method for operating inverter and inverter
04/27/17Method and sensing a fault in a power system
04/27/17Electrical contact tip for switching applications and an electrical switching device
04/27/17Cable termination for connecting a switchgear assembly to a high-voltage cable
04/27/17Method and sensing a fault in a power system
04/27/17Control of energy storages in a microgrid
04/20/17Compensating robot movement deviations
04/20/17Bend stiffener with bend indication
04/20/17Knife switch assembly, an electric power distribution switchgear and a preventing electric discharges
04/20/17Method and control system for handling a reclosing operation in a power system
04/20/17Method and system for secure bidirection communication for industrial devices
04/20/17Arrangement for cooling components of a subsea electric system
04/13/17Devices and methods concerning detectable components
04/13/17Modular insulation fluid handling system
04/06/17Multi level inverter
04/06/17High efficiency commutation circuit
04/06/17Method and system for configuration of devices of a control system
03/30/17Optimal wind farm operation
03/30/17Method, sensor, and printed circuit board for sensing position or motion of a shaft
03/30/17Method for managing and configuring field devices of an automation system
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03/30/17Power cable termination device for gas-insulated switchgear
03/30/17Method for managing and configuring field devices of an automation system
03/30/17Method for managing and configuring field devices of an automation system and configuration system for this purpose
03/30/17Cooling device and cooling at least two power electronic devices
03/23/17Dynamic synchronized masking and coating
03/23/17Non-magnetic steel structure for a steel or aluminium making process
03/23/17Pod propulsion unit of a ship
03/23/17Cooling assembly and manufacturing the same
03/23/17Method and system for detecting rotor fault
03/23/17Surge arrester module and surge arrester
03/23/17High speed limiting electrical switchgear device
03/23/17High voltage puffer breaker and a circuit breaker unit comprising such a puffer breaker
03/23/17Uninterruptible power supply system with precharge converter
03/23/17Electrical converter with high machine side common mode voltage
03/16/17Method for black starting wind turbine, wind farm, and restoring wind farm and wind turbine, wind farm using the same
03/16/17Wind turbine condition monitoring method and system
03/16/17Device for high frequency current damping
03/16/17Uninterrupted power supply with switchable reference
03/16/17Heat dissipation in power electronic assemblies
03/09/17Electrical the generation, transmission, distribution and/or usage of electrical energy and recovering a substance from an insulation medium of such an apparatus
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03/02/17Alignment wheel assembly
03/02/17Technologies for remote device emulation
03/02/17Transformer system and transformer termination support
03/02/17Transformer and transformer core
02/23/17Roller mill and controlling a roller mill
02/23/17Parallel kinematics robot with rotational degrees of freedom
02/23/17Method for allowing a configuration change of an intelligent electronic device of a power system
02/23/17Grounding system
02/23/17Fault protection in converter-based dc distribution systems
02/16/17Locking device for high-voltage switchgear
02/09/17Method for monitoring dc link capacitance in power converters
02/09/17Automation control device
02/09/17Electrical device with low friction contact parts
02/09/17Control of a microgrid
02/09/17Dc/ac converter apparatus comprising means for controlling the reactive power and power conversion and generation system comprising such dc/ac converter apparatus
02/02/17Transformer parameter estimation using terminal measurements
02/02/17Method for automatically associating a module to a corresponding inverter, and related module and power generation system
02/02/17Method for manufacturing a resin-impregnatable sheet-like spacer for a highvoltage component, a spacer manufactured according to the method, a highvoltage component comprising the spacer and an arrangement for performing the method
02/02/17Embedded pole part for medium or high voltage use, with a vacuum interrupter which is embedded into an insulating resin
02/02/17Turn-off power semiconductor device with improved centering and fixing of a gate ring, and manufacturing the same
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02/02/17Load restoration in a high or medium voltage substation
02/02/17Method for commissioning and joining of a field device to a network
01/26/17Surface temperature probe
01/26/17Circuitry on printed circuit boards in a plurality of planes, having an interface for a plug-in board
01/19/17Method and system for determining a synchronous machine fault condition
01/19/17Surface temperature probe
01/19/17Dry transformer load switch
01/19/17Control of a microgrid
01/12/17Heat exchanger
01/12/17System and measuring a signal propagation speed in a liquid or gaseous medium
01/12/17System and measuring a speed of sound in a liquid or gaseous medium
01/12/17System and non-intrusive and continuous level measurement in a cylindrical vessel
01/12/17System and non-intrusive and continuous level measurement of a liquid
01/12/17Locking a switchgear cabinet
01/05/17Common mode and differential mode filter for an inverter and inverter comprising such filter
12/22/16Compact parallel kinematics robot
12/22/16Method for calibrating tool centre point for industrial robot system
12/22/16Optimized sorting alarms
12/22/16Tunnelling time-critical messages between substations over wan
12/15/16Systems and methods for advanced optimization of continuous digester operation
12/15/16Horizontal uninterrupted power supply design
12/08/16Interferometric sensor
12/08/16Actuator override mechanism for subsea circuit breaker
12/01/16Robot controlling a robot system
12/01/16Semiconductor module with two auxiliary emitter conductor paths
12/01/16Master/slave controller system in ring topology for modular multilevel converters
12/01/16Protective circuit
11/24/16Uninterruptable power supply with balancing buck/boost converter
11/24/16Networked control of a modular multi-level converter
11/17/16Method and system for use in connection with an industrial control system
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11/10/16Control of a stabilizing energy storage in a microgrid
10/20/16System for condition monitoring of electric machine, mobile phone and method thereof
10/20/16Electrical switching device
10/20/16Reverse-conducting semiconductor device
10/20/16System and locating faults and communicating network operational status to a utlity crew using an intelligent fuse
01/29/15Insulated gate bipolar transistor with high emitter gate capacitance
06/05/14Ground fault protection
01/23/14Drive unit for a belt drive system
12/26/13Gearless drive for a driving drum of a belt conveyor plant
12/12/13Stator core for a gearless drive of a tube mill
05/09/13Magnet arrangement for a low-voltage circuit-breaker
05/02/13Installation switching device with a current sensing unit
04/18/13Grinding mill
01/03/13Method and detaching frozen charge from a tube mill
10/11/12Method for operating a converter circuit, and carrying out the method
10/04/12Method for operating a direct converter circuit and device to carry out the method
08/09/12Method for operating a converter circuit and implementing the method
06/07/12Plug-in system
05/24/12Switching unit for a circuit breaker having a rocker lever
01/19/12Method for operation of a converter circuit and carrying out the method
09/29/11Bridging unit
08/11/11Method for operation of a converter circuit, as well as an carrying out the method
03/31/11Direct converter and system including a direct converter
02/17/11Module for measuring the current flowing in a conductor of a low-voltage distribution board
10/07/10Method for operation of a converter circuit, and carrying out the method
09/02/10Method and determining a field current in brushless electrical machines
06/03/10Method for disturbance current compensation for an electrical system, and disturbance current compensation device
05/20/10Arrangement for closure of slots
12/03/09Starting at least two synchronous machines

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