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Abb Technology Ag patents

Recent patent applications related to Abb Technology Ag. Abb Technology Ag is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Abb Technology Ag may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Abb Technology Ag, we're just tracking patents.

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07/06/17Control mechanism for transformer in-situ inspection device
06/22/17A switchgear apparatus of the withdrawable type
06/15/17Solid state resettable fuses
05/25/17Drive inverter shared by different motors in a vehicle
05/25/17Switchgear enclosure with improved venting
05/25/17Digital ground-fault circuit interrupter
05/18/17Facilitating robot positioning
05/18/17Automatically scanning and representing an environment with collision avoidance
05/18/17Three-dimensional visual servoing for robot positioning
05/18/17Active ac-link power converter
05/18/17Automatically scanning and representing an environment having a plurality of features
05/04/17Static transfer switch system with real time flux control
04/13/17Electrical component for a high-voltage installation
04/06/17System, method and tooling for flexible assembly of cylinder-head valve trains
04/06/17Profiled adjustment nut
03/02/17Electrical machines and fabrication methods therefor
02/16/17Electric power substation reliability analysis
01/26/17Monitor system and monitor power generation plants
01/12/17Particle resistant enclosure for dead tank circuit breaker
01/05/17Fault location series-compensated double-circuit transmission lines
01/05/17Wind power generator
12/29/16Fiber-optic sensor and method
12/15/16Robotic turntable assembly
12/15/16Electrical assembly
12/08/16Systems and methods for assesing vulnerability of non-line of sight targerts
12/08/16Method to demodulate a signal component from a sampled input signal and field bus device
12/08/16Arrangement for cooling a cabinet
12/01/16Method and system for robotic adaptive production
12/01/16Active neutral-point-clamped (anpc) converters and operating methods thereof
11/24/16Robotically controlled gas tungsten arc welder and operating the same
11/24/16Uninterruptable power supply system with fault clear capability
11/17/16Method and detecting vector shift
11/10/16Circuit breaker
11/10/16Power semiconductor device
11/03/16Small volume high emissivity infrared calibration source systems and methods
11/03/16Ac network power flow control
11/03/16Ups operation with high converter efficiency
10/27/16Method and determining an actual junction temperature of an igbt device
10/27/16Electrical transformer barrier structure
10/27/16Auxiliary compartment for a switchgear system
10/27/16Method for acquiring values indicative of an ac current of an inverter and related circuit and inverter
10/20/16Optical sensor
10/20/16Method and electrical distribution grid control
10/13/16Magneto-mechanical sensor for paramagnetic oxygen measurement
10/13/16Licensing of a hardware component
10/13/16Edge termination for semiconductor devices and corresponding fabrication method
10/13/16Switchgear manual control plug racking interlock structure
10/13/16Method for detecting islanding in grid connected power generation systems and related dc/ac converter apparatus
10/13/16Location estimation within a wireless mesh network utilizing wireless signal signatures
10/13/16Cooled power conversion assembly
10/06/16Method and system for coherent aggregation and synchronization of gathered data from spread devices
09/29/16Method and device providing secure vendor service access
09/29/16Reverse conducting power semiconductor device
09/29/16Bipolar non-punch-through power semiconductor device
09/29/16System and energy harvesting in a data center
09/29/16Security framework for transmitting communication messages between a substation lan and packet-switched wan
09/22/16Method and operating a converter in a converter-based power distribution system, and power distribution system having a plurality of converter-based power transmission units
09/22/16Fast model predictive pulse pattern control
09/22/16Rail-mounted control system
09/15/16A single-ended fault location in hvdc transmission lines
09/15/16Power semiconductor rectifier with controllable on-state voltage
09/15/16Dc/ac converter apparatus configurable as grid-connected or stand-alone and power conversion and generation system comprising such dc/ac converter apparatus
09/08/16Water and contamination absorber for c02 insulated electrical the generation, transmission, distribution and/or usage of electrical energy
09/08/16Double-stage inverter energy conversion systems and control method thereof
09/01/16Method and using vibration to release parts held by a robotic gripper
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09/01/16Insulated gate bipolar transistor
09/01/16Coordinated control of multi-terminal hvdc systems
08/18/16Intelligent electronic device for outdoor environment with powering options for the display when not in use
08/18/16Vacuum circuit breaker under high pressure
08/18/16Heat exchange device based on a pulsating heat pipe
08/11/16Contact force limiting with haptic feedback for a tele-operated robot
08/11/16Circuit breaker contact arm
08/04/16Thermometer and measuring device for fluids
08/04/16Apparatus for the generation, the distribution and/or the usage of electrical energy and component for such an apparatus
08/04/16Control electrical converter with lc filter
08/04/16Transient current protection device for electrical energy conversion systems connected to the power grid
07/28/16Low voltage switch pole
07/28/16Method for testing electric system and electric system
07/28/16Semiconductor stack for converter with snubber capacitors
07/28/16Support structure for power electronics
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07/21/16Testing of a substation automation system
07/21/16Systems and methods concerning exciterless synchronous machines
07/14/16Power and control device for medium voltage applications
07/14/16Method and control system for controlling a switching device
07/14/16Power semiconductor device
07/07/16Method for ultrasonic welding with particles trapping
07/07/16Medium voltage switchgear with front accessibility of current transformers mounted external to a rear of a circuit breaker compartment
06/30/16Method of manufacture of a ceramic metallization for ceramic metal transition, and ceramic metal transition itself
06/30/16Method for condition monitoring of a distributed drive-train
06/30/16Junction barrier schottky rectifier
06/30/16Connecting device for a switchgear apparatus
06/23/16Printing system for three-dimensional objects
06/23/16Device for measuring the temperature of a medium through a wall
06/23/16Device for managing and configuring field devices in an automation installation
06/23/16Multiphase fractional slot concentrated winding machine with end mounted detachable or integrated multiphase series converter circuit
06/23/16Electric unit for a pump-storage power plant
06/23/16Method for damping resonant component of common-mode current of multi-phase power converter
06/23/16Integration method and system
06/16/16Circuit breaker
06/16/16Power supply for critical railroad equipment
06/16/16Converter arrangement
06/09/16Mv switching device of the electromagnetic type having an improved power drive circuit
06/09/16Systems and methods for applying metallic laminates to cables
06/09/16Method to determine the pressure inside of a vacuum interrupter, and vacuum interrupter itself
06/09/16System and automated splicing and terminating low, medium, high, and extra high voltage cables
06/09/16Apparatus for the conversion and optimized consumption management of power from renewable sources
06/02/16Conveyor inspection with unmanned vehicle carying sensor structure
06/02/16Enhanced track resistant dome structure for dry-type cast coil transformer
05/26/16Converter system for electrically driving a vehicle
05/26/16Methods, systems, and computer readable media for monitoring and management of a power distribution system
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05/26/16Multi-terminal surge arrester
05/26/16Tap configurations for a transformer
05/26/16Gas insulated switching device and camera system for optical check of switching position in the switching device
05/26/16Method for intrusion detection in industrial automation and control system
05/19/16Method for operating a flow meter
05/19/16Method and device for managing and configuring field devices in an automation installation
05/12/16Transformer in-situ inspection vehicle with a cage hull
05/12/16Fuse link
05/12/16Method and means for complex, universal earth fault protection in power high and medium voltage system
05/12/16An air-to-air heat exchanger
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05/05/16Method and system for the external exchange or update of a device
05/05/16Method and device for managing and configuring field devices in an automation installation
04/28/16Hardened inductive device and protecting the inductive device from catastrophic events
04/28/16A coil actuator a for low and medium voltage switching apparatus and an arc fault coil suppression device comprising said coil actuator
04/21/16Tank for electrical equipment
04/07/16System analyzer and analyzing an impact of a change in a component of a distributed control system
03/31/16Flange attachment
03/24/16Device for managing and configuring field devices in an automation installation
03/24/16Device for managing and configuring field devices in an automation installation
03/24/16Device for managing and configuring field devices in an automation installation
03/24/16Fault tolerant industrial automation control system
03/24/16Method of providing cartograic information of an eletrical component in a power network
03/24/16Single piece frame for transformer core/coil assembly
03/24/16Part of a conducting bar for an electrical apparatus
03/24/16Device for managing and configuring field devices in an automation installation
03/17/16Voltage control system
03/17/16High frequency power diode and manufacturing the same
03/17/16Insulating body for pluggable connector
03/17/16Method for controlling of a modular converter
03/17/16Controlling a modular converter in two stages
03/17/16Doubly-fed, variable-speed, dual-voltage ac generation and distribution systems
03/10/16Drive unit for driving a motor
03/10/16Electrical drive system with model predictive control of a mechanical variable
03/10/16Method and device for managing and configuring field devices in an automation installation
03/10/16Coil assembly for a dry transformer, manufacturing a coil assembly and dry transformer
03/10/16Spacer system for a semiconductor switching device
03/10/16Device for managing and configuring field devices in an automation installation
03/03/16Electric fluidic rotary joint actuator with pump
03/03/16Electric hydraulic actuator
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02/25/16Color changer
02/25/16Color changer
02/25/16Hydrogen sensor, hydrogen detection system employing the same, and electrical device with a hydrogen detection system
02/25/16Hybrid conductor
02/25/16Hybrid conductor with circumferential conducting layers
02/25/16Redundant content bridging between substation communication networks
02/18/16Application temperature pickup device for autonomously measuring the temperature of a container
02/18/16Module arrangement for power semiconductor devices
02/11/16Protective tube device for protecting a temperature sensor against contact with a fluid
02/11/16Switching device and related switchgear
02/11/16Power semiconductor module
02/11/16Process for providing a contamination-reducing component to an electrical apparatus
02/11/16Device for intrinsically safe redundant current supply of field devices
02/11/16Device for intrinsically safe redundant current supply of field devices
02/11/16Control controlling a rectifier
02/04/16System and testing a distributed control system of an industrial plant
02/04/16On-load tap-changer for dry transformers and dry transformer
02/04/16Cast split low voltage coil with integrated cooling duct placement after winding process
02/04/16Door mounted vent flap structure for arc-resistant compartment
02/04/16Dc connection system for renewable power generators
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01/28/16Connecting connecting an electrically powered vehicle to a charging station
01/28/16Method and controlling a physical unit in an automation system
01/28/16Power semiconductor module
01/21/16System and determining component-related delay times for the robot-based spray application of viscous fluids
01/21/16System and self-optimizing a user interface to support the execution of a business process
01/21/16Method for manufacturing an insulated gate bipolar transistor
01/14/16Method for checking a robot path
01/14/16System and controlling at least two automated non-passing rail mounted gantry granes
01/14/16Magnetic actuating device for a current switching device
01/14/16Reverse-conducting power semiconductor device
01/14/16Gas cooler for a medium voltage switchgear assembly
01/07/16Method for manufacturing a stacked triangular core transformer
01/07/16Mounting of a start system on a plurality of securing rails
01/07/16Intelligent electrical power network device
01/07/16Method for processing data streams including time-critical messages of a power network
01/07/16Semiconductor module with ultrasonically welded terminals
12/31/15System and determining process parameters for the robot-based spray application of viscous fluids
12/31/15Hydraulic connecting bush, hydraulic connection, and hydraulic plug
12/31/15Power semiconductor device and corresponding module
12/31/15Slip ring arrangement
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12/24/15Device and transformer in-situ inspection
12/24/15Radial drop winding for open-wound medium voltage dry type transformers with improved support structure
12/24/15Programming connector for electrically connecting an external electronic device to circuit board containing a programmable component
12/24/15Circuit and detection of failure of the driver signal for parallel electronic switches
12/24/15Housing for electronic power components and a power converting device
12/17/15Method for inspection of electrical equipment
12/17/15Dead tank circuit breaker with surge arrester connected across the bushing tops of each pole
12/10/15Method and system for improving route assignment performance
12/10/15Workforce optimization by improved provision of job performance plan
12/03/15Liquid injection panel for a field-mountable gas chromatograph
12/03/15Voltage sensor for high and medium voltage use and a making the same
12/03/15Fan assembly for cooling electric machine and electric machine incorporating same
12/03/15Electric power generation and distribution for islanded or weakly-connected systems
11/26/15Method and device for managing and configuring field devices in an automation installation
11/26/15Integral safety display for a test switch
11/26/15Device for managing and configuring field devices in an automation installation
11/19/15Robot program generation for robotic processes
11/19/15Protection device for dc collection systems
11/19/15Impedance matching element for voltage and/or current sensing devices
11/05/15Bare hand robot path teaching
11/05/15Teleoperation of machines having at least one actuated mechanism and a fault detection and recovery system
11/05/15Teleoperation of machines having at least one actuated mechanism and one machine controller comprising a program code including instructions for transferring control of the machine from said controller to a remote control station
10/29/15Support assembly for a micro-switch of a switching device
10/29/15Integrated particle trap in a tank of a dead tank circuit breaker
10/29/15Tank mounting structure for dead tank circuit breaker
10/29/15Detachable connector
10/29/15Inter-zone communication in industrial control systems
10/29/15Detection of islanding state in electricity network
10/22/15Teleoperation of machines having at least one actuated mechanism
10/22/15Hydraulic valve for preventing leakage in an actuator for activating a high- or medium-voltage circuit breaker
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10/22/15Rotor for an electric machine and electric machine including the same
10/15/15Electric unit for a pump-storage power plant
10/15/15Method for the diagnostics of electromechanical system based on impedance analysis
10/15/15Controller system with peer-to-peer redundancy, and method to operate the system
10/15/15Contact-finger-element and tulip-contact-assembly for switching device
10/15/15Medium voltage switchgear with interlocking device corresponding with the switching drive
10/08/15Chemical injection to increase production from gas wells
10/08/15Control an energy distribution controlling an energy distribution system
10/01/15Detection of islanding condition in electricity network
10/01/15Method and device for managing and configuring field devices in an automation installation
10/01/15System and monitoring and/or diagnosing operation of a production line of an industrial plant
10/01/15Method and device for managing and configuring field devices in an automation installation (ii)
10/01/15Method for monitoring system variables of a distribution or transmission grid
10/01/15Oil-oil bushing and oil transformer
10/01/15Transformer having an interlocking core frame
10/01/15Electrical switching device with a triple motion contact arrangement
10/01/15Quenching chamber of a medium-voltage switch disconnector
10/01/15System and controlling current-limiters in ring systems
10/01/15Inductive power transfer operating an inductive power transfer system
10/01/15Rotor for an electric machine, an electric machine and manufacturing an electric machine
10/01/15Method for automatically deploying a network device configuration
10/01/15Method and device for managing and configuring field devices in an automation installation (i)
09/24/15Transformer protection system
09/24/15Method and the protection of dc distribution systems
09/17/15Method and obtaining electricity from offshore wind turbines
09/17/15Method and obtaining electricity from offshore wind turbines
09/17/15Subsea pressure compensation arrangement
09/17/15Distribution transformer
09/10/15Tamper-resistant locking fastener cover

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