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Abb Technology Ltd patents

Recent patent applications related to Abb Technology Ltd. Abb Technology Ltd is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Abb Technology Ltd may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Abb Technology Ltd, we're just tracking patents.

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08/17/17Pressure plate with phase change material
08/10/17System and advising wireless computer networks on inter-network interferences
08/10/17Participation factor based resynchronization of microgrids
08/10/17System and advising wireless computer networks on inter-network interferences
07/06/17System and determining dynamic motion data in robot trajectory
07/06/17High impedance fault location in dc distribution systems
06/22/17Method and arrangement for improving heat transfer for tundish plasma heating
05/25/17Electromagnetic machine system having current injection for inductive excitation of windings
03/23/17Electrical system with arc fault detection
03/23/17Fast utility disconnect switch for single conversion ups
03/16/17Power distribution system for off-shore natural resource platforms
03/16/17Pv system having distributed dc-dc converters
03/02/17System, for racking circuit breakers
03/02/17Distributed utility resource planning and forecast
03/02/17Zero net energy dc datacenter power distribution architecture
03/02/17Fluid-cooled stator assemblies having multilayer and multifunctional tubing
03/02/17Control of electrically excited synchronous machines drives for ride through and controlled braking operations
03/02/17Ultracap-based solutions for ride-through of synchronous machine drives
02/23/17System for converting ac electrical power to dc electrical power and methods
02/23/17Reducing peak fault output current in a dc power generation system
02/16/17Dc output wind turbine with power dissipation
02/16/17Electrically powered computer system and power supply system for same
02/09/17Gasket arrangement for withstanding internal arc in a switchgear enclosure
02/02/17Direct current socket with direct current arc protection
01/05/17Technologies for pan tilt unit calibration
12/29/16Power cable filler device and power cable comprising the same
12/29/16Signal handling for inaccessibly located power equipment
12/22/16Electromagnetic induction device
12/22/16Technologies for optimally individualized building automation
12/22/16Technologies for zonal fault protection of dc distribution systems
12/15/16System for charging battery of electric vehicle
12/08/16Active damping of oscillations in a control process
12/08/16Method and controller for determining an undesired condition in an electrical drive system
12/08/16Cooling of electronic equipment
12/08/16Multi-phase electric drive and method therefor
12/01/16Contact unit for a tap changer and a tap selector comprising the contact unit
12/01/16Fault location of dc distribution systems
11/17/16Compact robot installation
11/17/16Circuit breaking arrangement
11/10/16Web browser access to robot cell devices
11/10/16Condenser core
11/10/16Semiconductor assembly
11/03/16Power cable assembly device and a power cable provided with such a device
11/03/16Electrical hv transmission power cable
11/03/16A device comprising a high voltage apparatus including a fluid and equipment for detecting one or more physical properties of the fluid
11/03/16Multi-phase electric drive and power unit thereof
10/27/16System and defining motions of a purality of robots cooperatively performing a show
10/27/16Method and power converter for determining cell capacitor degradation in a converter cell
10/20/16Method and robot path teaching
10/13/16Use of a live video stream in a process control system
10/13/16Method and device for monitoring circuit breaker
10/06/16Method for controlling a contactor device, and control unit
10/06/16A method and a system for replacing and commissioning of a field device
10/06/16Method to optimize operation of a transformer cooling system, the corresponding system and a method to determine the vfd capacity
09/29/16Surge arrester with moulded sheds and moulding
09/29/16Redundant point of common coupling (pcc) to reduce risk of microgrid's islanding
09/29/16Method for controlling electrical power in a microgrid and arrangement comprising distributed generators
09/29/16Method and optimizing performance of robotic cell
09/22/16Method for controlling a contactor device, and control unit
09/22/16Ground system for high voltage semiconductor valve
09/22/16Rotary joint of a robot and the robot including the same
09/22/16Multi-layered dielectric polymer material, capacitor, use of the material and formation method thereof
09/15/16Photometer with led light source
09/08/16Monitoring device and surge arrester system
09/01/16Bundle of cables, a laying cables and use of a securing means
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09/01/16Rotation apparatus
08/25/16Dc/dc converter
08/18/16Cutout for use in electrial distribution network
08/18/16Electrical switchgear system
08/11/16Method and system for estimating differential inductances in an electric machine
08/11/16Outdoor enclosure for power distribution equipment
08/04/16Method of manufacturing a polymer-insulated conductor
08/04/16Method of manufacturing a polymer-insulated conductor
08/04/16Electrical switchgear system
07/28/16Arrangement for a dynamic high voltage subsea cable and a dynamic high voltage subsea cable
07/28/16Method and damping oscillations in a power system
07/21/16Method and device for verifying one or more safety volumes for a movable mechanical unit
07/21/16Hvdc series current source converter
07/14/16Tool and extracting wires from a cable
07/07/16Thermoplastic blend formulations for cable insulations
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07/07/16Controlling power in a micro-grid
07/07/16Main bus-bar, a branch bus-bar, a transfer connector and a bus-bar assembly
06/30/16System and separating sound and condition monitoring system and mobile phone using the same
06/30/16Method of manufacturing an electromagnetic induction device and an electromagnetic induction device
06/30/16Electric converter with compact module arrangement for subsea applications
06/30/16System and separating sound and condition monitoring system and mobile phone using the same
06/30/16Power cabinet for medium-high voltage converter
06/23/16Method and device of determining a reference output power for an energy storage system in a wind power generation system
06/16/16Method and system for automatically landing containers on a landing target using a container crane
06/16/16Control system for electric vehicle charging station and method thereof
06/02/16Discrete pilot stage valve arrangement with fail freeze mode
05/26/16Electrical power component containing an insulating fluid and a condenser core
05/26/16Methods and devices for power compensation
05/26/16Subsea unit with cooling of electronic devices
05/26/16Power module for medium and high-voltage frequency converter and frequency converter comprising same
05/19/16Methods and devices for controlling active power flow in a three-phase modular multilevel converter
05/19/16Method for controlling a chain-link converter
05/19/16Mushroom-shaped high voltage electrode
05/12/16Material comprising reduced graphene oxide, a device comprising the material and a producing the material
05/12/16Power converter with oil filled reactors
05/05/16A converter arrangement for power compensation and a controlling a power converter
05/05/16Method and video communication device for transmitting video to a remote user
05/05/16A standalone automation device and a machine
04/28/16Multicore processor fault detection for safety critical software applications
04/28/16Arrangement, method and computer program product concerned with tapping of power from a dc power line to an ac power line
04/21/16A power cable assembly device and a power cable provided with such a device
04/14/16Method and data presenting device for assisting a remote user to provide instructions
03/31/16Compact parallel kinematics robot
03/31/16Electrical insulation system
03/31/16Terminal bushing sealing element
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03/31/16Non-contact proximity switch for machine safety
03/31/16A rotary joint of a robot and the robot including the same
03/24/16Energy accumulation and distribution
03/24/16Tool for opening an extruded profiled body of a power cord assembly device
03/24/16Electrical housing having cooling and sound-absorbing means
03/24/16Subsea unit with conduction and convection cooling
03/10/16A power cable assembly device and a power cable provided with such a device
03/03/16Switch assembly, a switching device comprising a switch assembly, a switchgear comprising a switching device and a cooling
02/25/16Method and control system for tuning flatness control in a mill
02/25/16Capacitor short-circuiting in a high voltage converter
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02/25/16Mechanical bypass switch device, converter arm and power converter
02/18/16Mixed solid insulation material for a transmission system
02/18/16Knife switch, a switching device comprising a knife switch and a switchgear
02/11/16Robot calibration
02/11/16Power system equipment design flaw identification
02/04/16Circuit breaking arrangement
01/28/16Process control object search
01/28/16Circuit breaking arrangement
01/28/16Black start of a multilevel voltage source converter
01/21/16Rc-igbt switching pulse control
01/07/16A detecting fault and current differential protection system thereof
01/07/16Hybrid electrification system of pump station and optimal operation method thereof
12/24/15Method of controlling a solar power plant, a power conversion system, a dc/ac inverter and a solar power plant
12/24/15Converter cell with reduced power losses, high voltage multilevel converter and associated method
12/24/15Converter cell with reduced power losses, high voltage multilevel converter and associated method
12/17/15Renewable hydrocarbon based insulating fluid
12/10/15Method, controller and tundish control system for a continuous casting process
12/10/15Method and device for monitoring and controlling an industrial process
12/10/15A tubular insulation device, a high voltage power arrangement and a providing an insulated high voltage power cable
12/10/15A multilevel converter with hybrid full-bridge cells
12/10/15An electrically insulating composite material and an electrical device comprising the same
12/10/15Presenting field users on process graphics
12/10/15A system for localizing sound source and the method therefor
11/26/15Method and device for detection of a fault in a protected unit
11/26/15Circuit structure and reducing power consumption of device including active module and passive module
11/26/15Cells control in a multilevel converter
11/26/15Automatic cleaning a pump system comprising a softstarter arrangement
11/19/15A method and an heat treatment of an electric power cable
11/19/15Transformer insulation
11/19/15Apparatus for filtering harmonics in railway contact lines and method
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11/12/15High voltage device and a manufacturing a high voltage device
11/12/15High voltage electromagnetic induction device
11/12/15Chain-link converter system with different dc-sources and operation
11/05/15A metallized film capacitor element comprising thermally conductive films and a thermally conducting film for an electrical power component
11/05/15Method in the manufacturing of an insulated electric high voltage dc termination or joint
11/05/15A recirculating cooling unit
11/05/15A coordinated control a distribution network with der and ev and control system thereof
10/29/15Robot control with improved safety
10/22/15Module supporting hot plug, backplane, determining connection thereof
10/15/15Resolver positioning system, robot and method therefor
10/15/15Thyristor based voltage source converter
10/15/15Method and associated transmission system
10/15/15Thyristor based voltage source converter
10/01/15Multilevel converter with cells being selected based on phase arm current
10/01/15Module, system and switching modules
09/24/15Method and an automatically generating a collision free return program for returning a robot from a stop position to a predefined restart position
09/24/15Method and a system for a fast bus transfer in an electrical power system
09/24/15Method and a system for a fast bus transfer in an electrical power system
09/24/15Dc-dc converter, i/o module including the same, and controlling dc-dc converter
09/17/15Switching device
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09/17/15Switching device and system for operating an electric load
09/10/15Symmetric multi-processor arrangement, safety critical system, and method therefor
09/03/15Contact system
08/27/15Direct current power transmission networks operating at different voltages
08/20/15Method for sensing a fault in a power system based on travelling wave currents
08/20/15Compact triangular core transformer
08/20/15Actuator for a tap changer
08/20/15High voltage current interrupter and an actuator system for a high voltage current interrupter
08/20/15Control system with multiple terminal boards and connecting multiple terminal boards
08/13/15Converter arm and associated converter device
08/06/15Overall equipment effectiveness of a robot cell
08/06/15Apparatus arranged to break an electrical current
07/30/15Hybrid transformer cores
07/30/15Converter device and corresponding method
07/09/15Device for indicating the state of a switching apparatus
06/25/15Circuit breaker
06/25/15Method for point on wave switching and a controller therefor
06/11/15Method for identifying the fault by current differential protection and device thereof
06/11/15Method and power plant dynamic var regulation and transient stability improvement
06/04/15Extensible electrical ring main unit
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06/04/15Determining the network topology of a communication network
04/30/15Method and a system for monitoring and control of fouling and optimization thereof of two side membrane fouling process
04/30/15Method for optimization of control and fault analysis in a thermal power plant
04/23/15Bypass switch assembly
04/23/15Method and mitigating sub-synchronous resonance in power transmission system
04/02/15Filter apparatus, a filtering harmonics in an electrical power transmission or distribution system, and such a system
03/26/15Method, mold and system for manufacturing a transformer coil
02/26/15Modular voltage source converter
02/26/15Modular voltage source converter
02/19/15Pulse frequency measurement device and method and control system
01/29/15Arrangement for controlling the electric power transmission in a hvdc power transmission system
01/08/15Method for engineering a distributed control system and an engineering tool thereof
12/25/14Coordinated control generator and svc for improving power throughput and controller thereof
12/11/14Industrial asset health model update
09/11/14Standby power supply circuit for 2-wire bus intercom system and apparatus thereof
08/28/14Coordinated control power distribution system with dc bus electrification scheme and apparatus thereof
08/28/14Dual-channel analog door entry system and a method thereof
08/21/14Electronic inductance circuit for the power supply of a 2-wire bus intercom system and a device thereof
07/24/14Performance evaluation system and method therefor
05/29/14Stripping structure and removing enamel insulation from lead ends
05/01/14Socket with nut or bolt holding structure
04/24/14Modular power supply for distribution automation system
04/17/14Method and a system for online and dynamic schedule configuration of control applications in a distributed control system
01/30/14Method of engineering and diagnosing a field device and a system thereof
11/28/13Voltage based fault identification in a transmission line and apparatus thereof
09/19/13Protection relay for sensitive earth fault protection
09/12/13Human-machine interface for a self-supplied relay
08/29/13Dip switch change detection in a self powered relay
08/22/13Compact vacuum interrupter with selective encapsulation
07/18/13Wind power converter
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07/11/13Batteries testing and sorting system and the method thereof
07/11/13Multi-level voltage converter
06/20/13Device for electric field control
02/07/13Method and system for power management in substations
11/22/12System having electrical equipment integrated on a structure and a isolation of electrical equipment thereof
09/20/12Method and system for engineering a substation automation system
09/20/12Method and system for distributed power management
09/20/12Method and a system for simulation in a substation
09/13/12Method and system for retrofitting a circuit breaker
09/06/12Method and system for power management
07/05/12Method and system for publishing data from intelligent electronic devices
05/24/12Tulip contact and electrical contact system for switching device
05/03/12Load scheduling optimization in distributed system
04/26/12Method and device for auto-generating goose signal connection topology from substation level
03/15/12System and real-time feeder reconfiguration for load balancing in distribution system automation
02/17/11Oil filled transformer with spacers and spacers for separating and supporting stacked windings
02/10/11Vacuum based diverter switch for tap changer
02/03/11Standalone self-supplied numeric controlled relay
01/20/11Configurable circuit breaker
01/13/11Power capacitor
11/11/10Heat dissipating means for circuit-breaker and circuit-breaker with such a heat dissipating means
11/11/10Method and multiple control screens
11/04/10Method and device for fault location in a two-terminal transmission or distribution power line
11/04/10Monitoring a flexible power cable
11/04/10Power transformer/reactor
09/30/10Winding apparatus and a winding
09/16/10Conversion of ac lines to hvdc lines
09/16/10Land electrode
09/09/10Load compensation in distance protection of a three-phase power transmission line

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