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Academia Sinica
Academia Sinica A Government Research Institute Of Taiwan R o c
Academia Sinica Office Of Public Affairs technology Licensing
Academia Sinica_20100114
Academia Sinica_20131212

Academia Sinica patents

Recent patent applications related to Academia Sinica. Academia Sinica is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Academia Sinica may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Academia Sinica, we're just tracking patents.

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11/30/17Use of an antimicrobial peptide tp4 in treating a cancer
11/23/17Plant defense signaling peptides and applications thereof
11/16/17Teicoplanin analogs and uses thereof
10/19/17Antibodies against pathological forms of tdp-43 and uses thereof
10/19/17Compounds and methods for analysis and synthesis of saccharide compounds, and quantitating saccharide
10/19/17Curved diffraction grating, spectrometer and manufacturing curved diffraction grating
10/12/17Methods and compositions for treating beta-thalassemia and sickle cell disease
10/12/17Treatment of neurodevelopmental disorders
10/05/17Animal model of longevity and related methods for increasing longevity and inhibiting tumorigenesis
10/05/17Methods for enhancing permeability to blood-brain barrier, and uses thereof
10/05/17Dna sequence and a mutator insertion sequence for increasing mutation rate
10/05/17Modulation of globoseries glycosphingolipid synthesis and cancer biomarkers
09/28/17Novel glycan conjugates and use thereof
09/21/17Detector for measuring scanning ion beams in radiation therapy
08/24/17Bidens pilosa and polyacetylenic compounds for prevention and treatment of coccidiosis
08/17/17Batch-process supertorrefaction system and method
08/10/17Methods and compositions for treating pain
08/10/17Bipartite molecules and uses thereof in treating diseases associated with abnormal protein aggregates
08/10/17Organic electroluminescent material containing alkaline earth metal based metal-organic frameworks and organic electroluminescent device using the same
08/10/17Method of preparation a battery electrode by spray coating, an electrode and a battery made by method thereof
08/03/17An antagonistic pd-1 aptamer and its applications in cancer therapy related applications
08/03/17Methods and systems for cancer diagnosis and prognosis
07/27/17Antagonistic ctla-4 aptamers and applications thereof in enhancing immune activity
07/27/17Building design information based indoor positioning system
07/13/17Capture, purification, and release of biological substances using a surface coating
06/29/17Novel sesquiterpene derivatives and their use in inflammation or cancer treatment
06/29/17Aptamer targeting mage-a3 peptide and uses thereof
06/22/17Multi-drug delivery system and use thereof
06/08/17Small interfering rna and pharmaceutical composition and inhibiting galectin-12 expression and/or enhancing lipolysis containing the same
06/01/17Method and device for detecting charged particles
06/01/17Diagnosis and treatment of kawasaki disease
05/18/17Recombinant polynucleotide sequence for producing astaxanthin and uses thereof
05/04/17Humanized anti-ige antibodies that crosslink cd23 on b lymphocytes but do not sensitize mast cells
04/13/17Zanamivir phosphonate congeners with anti-influenza activity and determining oseltamivir susceptibility of influenza viruses
03/23/17Composition and controlling insects and microorganims using pseudomonas taiwanensis
03/23/17Supercontinuum generation apparatus and method
03/09/17Plasmonic multicolor meta-hologram
03/02/17Bi-specific antibodies and uses thereof
02/23/17Pdia4 protein as a target for diagnosis, monitoring and treatment of diabetes
02/23/17Hdac8 inhibitors for treating cancer
02/23/17Recombinant decoy receptor 3 for treating spinal cord injury
02/16/17Phage-displayed antibody libraries and uses thereof
02/09/17Glycan arrays on ptfe-like aluminum coated glass slides and related methods
01/19/17Method for high efficiency protein delivery into plastids
12/01/16Use of peptide for alleviating pain
12/01/16Teicoplanin analogs and uses thereof
12/01/16Methods for producing virus particles with simplified glycosylation of surface proteins
11/03/16Method for selecting candidate ligand that binds to cancer cell-surface protein
10/27/16Tilapia piscidins for use in enhancement of wound healing
10/27/16Biosensor for detecting intracellular cyclic adenosine monophosphate (camp) and uses thereof
10/20/16Method for treatment of gastric ulcers
10/20/16Introducing or inactivating female fertility in filamentous fungal cells
10/13/16Method for producing avenaciolides and uses thereof
10/13/16Methods for full-length amplification of double-stranded linear nucleic acids of unknown sequences
10/06/16Compositions and methods for treatment and detection of cancers
09/29/16Compositions and methods relating to universal glycoforms for enhanced antibody efficacy
09/22/16Expression system for producing protein having a n-terminal pyroglutamate residue
09/22/16Cancer markers and methods of use thereof
09/15/16Compounds for use in prevention and treatment of neurodegenerative diseases and pain
09/01/16Treating hepatitis virus infection by modulating micrornas mir-130a, mir-130b, mir-204, or mir-1236
09/01/16Engineered yeast for production of enzymes
08/25/16Treating diseases associated with pgc1-alpha by modulating micrornas mir-130a and mir-130b
08/18/16Hdac8 inhibitors for treating cancer
08/18/16Method for producing segmental aneuploidy (san) strains of trichoderma reesei via sexual crossing and san strains produced therefrom
08/11/16Large scale enzymatic synthesis of oligosaccharides
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07/28/16Novel glycan conjugates and methods of use thereof
07/07/16Rm2 antigens and use thereof
06/23/16Glycan conjugates and use thereof
06/23/16Phage displaying system expressing single chain antibody
06/23/16Method of inhibiting sprouting in plant tissues
06/16/16Antibody-mediated anti-tumor activity induced by reishi mushroom polysaccharides
06/09/16Use of polypeptides and nucleic acids for improving plant growth, stress tolerance and productivity
06/09/16Frequency scan linear ion trap mass spectrometry
05/26/16Heat stable keratinase and use thereof
05/26/16Dnazyme for silencing the expression of egfr
05/26/16Statistical pattern generation for information extraction
05/12/16Method and composition of inducing hair follicle neogenesis
05/05/16Increase of protein synthesis ameliorates synaptopathy-related neurological disorders
05/05/16Pharmaceutical composition containing clioquinol for treating autism spectrum disorders
04/28/16Tilapia (oreochromis niloticus) myosin light chain 3 promoter
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04/21/16Methods and compositions for treating beta-thalassemia and sickle cell disease
04/21/16Lung cancer biomarker
04/14/16Human inkt cell activation using glycolipids
04/14/16Compositions and methods for treatment and detection of cancers
04/07/16Microfluidic device for cell spheroid culture and analysis
03/31/16Drought-tolerant transgenic plant
03/24/16Composition for use in wound healing in burns
03/24/16Crystal structure of bifunctional transglycosylase pbp1b from e. coli and inhibitors thereof
03/17/16Pharmaceutical composition for treating liver diseases
03/03/16Collector architecture layout design
03/03/16Mutant cyanobacteria and method to enhance photosynthetic growth and biomass production of cyanobacteria
02/25/16Suppression of cancer metastasis
02/18/16Mutant gibberellin 2-oxidase genes and uses thereof
02/04/16Antibodies specific to a novel epitope on cemx of human membrane-bound ige and uses thereof in treating ige-mediated diseases
02/04/16Compositions and methods for detection of protein s-nitrosylation and oxidation
01/21/16Fucosidase from bacteroides and methods using the same
01/07/16Antimicrobial peptides derived from hepatitis b virus core protein arginine-rich domain
12/31/15Dual-action compounds targeting adenosine a2a receptor and adenosine transporter for prevention and treatment of neurodegenerative diseases
12/31/15In situ affinity maturation of antibodies
12/24/15Detection of viral diseases using a biochip that contains gold nanoparticles
12/24/15Fluorine-modification process and applications thereof
12/17/15Genetic variants associated with lithium response in bipolar disorder
12/10/15Isolated polypeptides, kits comprising the same and uses thereof
12/03/15Antibiotic compositions and related screening methods
12/03/15Methods and intermediates for the preparation of fondaparinux
12/03/15Compositions and methods relating to universal glycoforms for enhanced antibody efficacy
12/03/15Compositions and methods for treatment and detection of cancers
12/03/15Anti-tnf-alpha glycoantibodies and uses thereof
12/03/15Anti-cd20 glycoantibodies and uses thereof
12/03/15Anti-her2 glycoantibodies and uses thereof
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12/03/15Methods for enhancing root growth of plants
12/03/15Sensing device, and sensing system and sensing method using the same
11/26/15Methods and compositions for immunization against virus
11/19/15Nanoparticle-assisted ultrasound for breast cancer therapy
11/05/15Transgenic plants with increased trace element contents and methods for producing the same
11/05/15Mutated nucleotide molecule, and transformed plant cells and plants comprising the same
11/05/15Dna 5-methyl cytosine demethylation activity of vertebrate dna methyltransferases
11/05/15Ultrasensitive detection of a biological target by aptamer-conjugated gold nanoparticles
10/29/15Reactive labelling compounds and uses thereof
10/22/15Resource allocation method
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10/08/15Skin gene silencing plasmid, and transformed plant cell and transgenic plant comprising the same
10/01/15Bidens pilosa and polyacetylenic compounds for prevention and treatment of coccidiosis
10/01/15Globo h and related anti-cancer vaccines with novel glycolipid adjuvants
09/24/15High-yield transgenic mammalian expression system for generating virus-like particles
09/10/15Use of atx inhibitors for treatment or prevention of influenza virus a infections
08/27/15Benzocyclooctyne compounds and uses thereof
08/20/15Crystal structure of bifunctional transglycosylase pbp1b from e. coli and inhibitors thereof
08/13/15Pharmaceutical composition for treating liver diseases
08/13/15Cell-permeable probes for identification and imaging of sialidases
08/13/15Method, system, and light source for penetrating radiation imaging
07/23/15Cancer targeting peptides for enhancing anti-cancer drug delivery and therapeutic efficencies
07/23/15Lung cancer specific peptides for targeted drug delivery and molecular imaging
07/16/15Glucagon-like peptide 1 (glp-1) receptor modulators and uses thereof in regulating blood glucose levels
07/09/15Extract of asplenium nidus l.
07/09/15Cloud-based font service system
07/02/15Fabricating device of three-dimensional scaffold and fabricating method thereof
06/18/15Compounds and methods for analysis and synthesis of saccharide compounds
06/11/15Glycan arrays for high throughput screening of viruses
06/11/15Automatic amino acid sequencing of glycopeptide by y1 ions
05/28/15High performance liquid chromatography with uv-visible detection
05/28/153,5,n-trihydroxy-alkanamide and derivatives: making same and use thereof
05/28/15Usp37 inactivation as a treatment for plzf/rara-associated acute promyelocytic leukemia
05/21/15Pulsed ion beam source for electrospray mass spectrometry
05/07/15Reducing galectin-12 activity to influence the cell function of human sebocytes
05/07/15Methods and intermediates for the preparation of fondaparinux
04/30/15Method for the preparation of low-dimensional materials
04/16/15Iron-sulfur complex and producing hydrogen using the same as catalyst
04/16/15Trans-aconitic acid compounds and uses thereof for inhibiting phosphodiesterase 7
04/09/15Molecular catalysts capable of catalyzing oxidation of hydrocarbons and oxidizing hydrocarbons
04/02/15Quantitative analysis of carbohydrate-protein interactions using glycan microarrays: determination of surface and solution dissociation constants
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03/26/15Anti-mige antibodies that bind to the junction between ch4 and cemx domains
03/19/15Label-free sensing chip and application thereof
03/12/15Human inkt cell activation using glycolipids with altered glycosyl groups
02/12/15Social activity planning system and method
02/05/15Methods and compositions for treating pain
01/15/15Anti-epithelial cell adhesion molecule (epcam) antibodies and methods of use thereof
01/08/15Tumor vessel embolizing agent and embolizing tumor vessel
12/18/14Cancer-targeting peptides and uses thereof in cancer treatment and diagnonsis
12/11/14Methods for suppressing cancer by inhibition of tmcc3
12/04/14Galactolipids-enriched plant extracts and the uses thereof
11/27/14Direct measurements of nanoparticles and virus by virus mass spectrometry
11/27/14Glucagon-like peptide 1 (glp-1) receptor modulators and uses thereof in regulating blood glucose levels
11/13/14Nanoparticle-assisted ultrasound for cancer therapy
10/30/14Microfluidic systems and devices for molecular capture, manipulation, and analysis
10/02/14Copper resistant plant and use for phytoremediation
09/18/14Dual-functional hybrid glucanases
09/18/14Method for manufacturing graphene film and graphene channel of transistor
09/18/14Computational predicting functional sites of biological molecules
09/04/14Method for ordering and introducing multiple genes into a genome
08/28/14Use of deoxyelephantopin (det) and analogues thereof for treatment of melanoma
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08/14/14Height measurement by correlating intensity with position of scanning object along optical axis of a structured illumination microscope
08/07/14Anti-c (epsilon)mx antibodies capable of binding to human mige on b lymphocytes
07/31/14Compositions containing diverse natural antigens and uses thereof in balancing immune responses
07/24/14Dynamic adaption of transmission rate for multiuser mimo networks
07/24/14Dual action inhibitors against histone deacetylases and 3-hydroxy-3-methylglutaryl coenzyme a reductase
07/17/14Method for changing nitrogen utilization efficiency in plants
06/26/14Method of producing virus-like particles of picornavirus using a small-ubiquitin-related modifier fusion protein expression system
06/19/14On-chip thin film zernike phase plate and applications thereof
05/22/14Transcription modulator compositions
05/22/14Microfluidic array platform for simultaneous cell culture under oxygen tensions
05/15/14Molecular entrapment and enrichment
05/08/14Hexacene derivative, forming hexacene, forming hexacene crystal, process for making organic semiconductor device, and organic semiconductor device
05/01/14Nanofluidic devices for single-molecule analysis of protein-dna complex
05/01/14Methods of diagnosing, predicting and treating cardiovascular disease
04/24/14Methods of identifying risk of preeclampsia and pregnancy-related disorders
04/10/14Bacteriorhodopsin fusion membrane protein expression system
03/27/14Methods and compositions for treating beta-thalassemia and sickle cell disease
03/20/14Piezoelectric actuating device
03/06/14Method of tracking growth and metastasis of specific cells in vivo
03/06/14Dopamine receptor d2 antagonist for prevention and treatment of flavivirus infection
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03/06/14Method of tracking specific cells in vivo
02/20/14Large scale enzymatic synthesis of oligosaccharides
01/30/14System for fabricating nanoscale probe and method thereof
01/23/14Graphene-containing electrodes
01/09/14Methods for producing virus particles with simplified glycosylation of surface proteins
01/09/14Application of the broccoli wound-inducible promoter of glucose inhibition of root elongation 1 gene in transgenic plants
12/26/13High speed sample transportation apparatus in a superconducting magnet and transporting method thereof
12/26/13Compounds and methods for treating tuberculosis infection
12/12/13Fluorine-modification process and applications thereof
12/12/13Risk assessment for adverse drug reactions
11/07/13Linear actuator and linear actuating module having same
10/17/13Enhanced anti-influenza agents conjugated with anti-inflammatory activity
10/10/13Process for forming carbon film or inorganic material film on substrate by physical vapor deposition
09/12/13Lmcd1 cancer markers and methods for their use
08/29/13Zanamivir phosphonate congeners with anti-influenza activity and determining oseltamivir susceptibility of influenza viruses
08/15/13Molecular ion accelerator
08/15/13Anti-c-met antibody and methods of use thereof
08/08/13Puf-a and related compounds for treatment of retinopathies and sight-threatening ophthalmologic disorders
07/25/13Periodic field differential mobility analyzer
07/25/13Optical module and microscope
07/18/13Typing candidate generating enhancing typing efficiency
07/18/13Mesoporous silica nanoparticle-mediated delivery of dna into arabidopsis root
07/11/13Phenyl n-mustard linked to dna-affinic molecules or water-soluble aryl rings, method and their use as cancer therapeutic agents
07/11/13Synthesis of 4h-benzo[d]pyrrolo[1,2-a]thiazoles and indolizino[6,7-b]indole derivatives and their use as antitumor therapeutic agents
06/27/13Production of graphene
06/20/13Compounds and methods for treating tuberculosis infection
06/06/13Supertorrefaction of biomass into biocoal
06/06/13Cancer-targeting peptides and uses thereof in cancer treatment and diagnosis
05/16/13Anti-tumor fibrillar human serum albumin methods and compositions
05/02/13Baculovirus-mediated transgene expression in both mammalian and insect cells
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04/25/13Antidotes for nitrobenzodiazepines
04/25/13Removable saccharide-benzimidazole (bim) tags and conjugates thereof via 1h-position of the benzimidazoles
04/25/13Compositions and methods for detecting amyloid-beta-degrading enzyme activity
04/04/13Novel anti-clathrin heavy chain monoclonal antibody for inhibition of tumor angiogenesis and growth and application thereof
02/21/13Novel beta-glucosidase and uses thereof
02/14/13Influenza virus inhibitors that disrupt nucleoprotein trimerization
02/07/13Step-scan ion trap mass spectrometry for high speed proteomics
01/17/13Friction-driven actuator
01/17/13Synthesis and applications of soluble pentacene precursors and related compounds
01/10/13Bqc-g, a tumor-selective anti-cancer prodrug
01/03/13Preparation of graphene sheets
01/03/13Frequency scan linear ion trap mass spectrometry
01/03/13Direct growth of graphene on substrates
01/03/13Pharmaceutical composition for treating cancer and applications thereof
12/27/12Globo h and related anti-cancer vaccines with novel glycolipid adjuvants
12/13/12Process to produce fibrillar proteins and treatment using fibrillar proteins
12/06/12Multi-axis actuating apparatus
11/22/12Cloud-based energy-saving service system and method
11/15/12Auto-stereoscopic display and three-dimensional imaging double-sided mirror array
10/04/12Cooling system for an electronic rack
09/27/12Antidotes for nitrobenzodiazepines
09/27/12Epinecidin-1 as a vaccine adjuvant for enhancing immune responses
09/13/12Novel cellulases with high activities
09/13/12Novel multiplex barcoded paired-end ditag (mbped) sequencing approach and its application in fusion gene identification
08/23/12Compostions and methods for identifying response targets and treating flavivirus infection responses
08/16/12Anti-c epsilon mx antibodies capable of binding to human mige on b lymphocytes
07/12/12Methods for treating frontotemporal lobar degeneration with ubiquitinated inclusions (ftld-u)
06/21/12Graphene-silicon carbide-graphene nanosheets
06/14/12Alkynyl sugar analogs for labeling and visualization of glycoconjugates in cells

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