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Adobe Systems Incorporated
Adobe Systems Inc
Adobe Systems Incorporated A Delaware Corporation
Adobe Systems Incorporation
Adobe Systems Incorporatec
Adobe Systems Incoporated
Adobe Systems Inc_20131212
Adobe Systems Incorporated_20100114
Adobe Systems Incorported
Adobe Systems Incorporated_20131212
Adobe Systems Incorporated_20100128
Adobe Systems Incorrporated
Adobe Systems Incorporated Kokka x26 Hsu Pc

Adobe Systems Inc patents

Recent patent applications related to Adobe Systems Inc. Adobe Systems Inc is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Adobe Systems Inc may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Adobe Systems Inc, we're just tracking patents.

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02/06/14Browser-based text fitting
05/21/15Method and saving search query as metadata with an image
06/04/15Automated connection to a preferred wireless device
10/09/14Computer-implemented methods and systems for dynamically compiling and serving electronic content
08/13/09Assigning region attributes in a drawing
04/20/17 new patent  Personalized recommendations using localized regularization
04/20/17 new patent  Particle thompson sampling for online matrix factorization recommendation
04/20/17 new patent  Content targeting and recommendations based on object usage
04/20/17 new patent  Image enhancement using self-examples and external examples
04/20/17 new patent  Example-based edge-aware directional texture painting
04/20/17 new patent  Contour gradients using three-dimensional models
04/20/17 new patent  Detecting application state using a dns-controlled proxy
04/20/17 new patent  Identifying sources of anomalies in multi-variable metrics using linearization
04/13/17Inter-context coordination to facilitate synchronized presentation of image content
04/13/17Color selector for desktop publishing
04/13/17Automated testing of shell scripts
04/13/17Cardinality estimation of audience segments
04/13/17Digital image blemish removal
04/13/17Localized brush stroke preview
04/13/17Compositing display
04/13/17Techniques for associating and sharing data from multiple local devices
04/13/17Intelligent notifications to devices with multiple applications
04/06/17Method and saving search query as metadata with an image
04/06/17Searching using specific attributes found in images
04/06/17Font attributes for font recognition and similarity
04/06/17Font recognition using text localization
04/06/17Determination of font similarity
04/06/17Modifying at least one attribute of an image with at least one attribute extracted from another image
04/06/17Content aware contract importation
04/06/17Data protection system for online data
04/06/17Prediction of content performance in content delivery based on presentation context
04/06/17Generating persistent profile identifiers
04/06/17Computer animation of artwork using adaptive meshing
04/06/17Computer animation of artwork using fast 2-dimensional deformation solving
03/30/17Selection editing using a localized level set algorithm
03/30/17Image manipulation based on touch gestures
03/30/17Virtual reality headset device with front touch screen
03/30/17Generating grid layouts with mutable columns
03/30/17Embedded document within an application
03/30/17Providing content related to sentiment of product feature
03/30/17Methods and systems for identifying visitors to real-world shopping venues as belonging to a group
03/30/17Identifying shapes in an image by comparing bezier curves
03/30/17Generating a curated digital analytics workspace
03/23/17Expandable drawing surface
03/23/17Document distribution and interaction with delegation of signature authority
03/23/17Reinforcement machine learning for personalized intelligent alerting
03/23/17Method and editing video scenes based on learned user preferences
03/23/17Power efficient multimedia content streaming based on a server push
03/23/17Power efficient multimedia content streaming based on media segment duration
03/16/17Physics-based cell layout redesign
03/16/17Probabilistic determination of selected image portions
03/16/17Deterministic rendering of active content
03/16/17Categorization of forms to aid in form completion
03/16/17Incorporating social-network connections information into estimated user-ratings of videos for video recommendations
03/16/17Categorization of forms to aid in form search
03/16/17Method and clustering product media files
03/16/17Assigning of topical icons to documents to improve file navigation
03/16/17Identifying audiences that contribute to metric anomalies
03/16/17Unique user detection for non-computer products
03/16/17Marketing data communication control
03/16/17Extracting relevant features from electronic marketing data for training analytical models
03/16/17Matching devices with entities using real-time data and batch-processed data
03/16/17Content aware pattern stamp tool
03/16/17Physical object training feedback based on object-collected usage data
03/16/17Automatic e-signatures in response to conditions and/or events
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03/16/17Enforcing usage policies on combinations of collected data to be disseminated to destination systems
03/09/17Focal length warping
03/09/17Camera calibration and automatic adjustment of images
03/09/17Trusted storage
03/02/17Sourcing and work product techniques
03/02/17Semantic visual hash injection into user activity streams
03/02/17Generation of visual pattern classes for visual pattern regonition
03/02/17Identifying factors that contribute to a metric anomaly
03/02/17Dynamic marketing asset generation based on user attributes and asset features
03/02/17Color-based depth smoothing of scanned 3d model to enhance geometry in 3d printing
03/02/17Automatic high quality recordings in the cloud
03/02/17Utilizing audio digital impact to create digital media presentations
03/02/17Electronic signature framework with enhanced security
02/23/17Cloud-based inter-application interchange of style information
02/23/17Previews for contextual searches
Patent Packs
02/23/17Content search and geographical considerations
02/23/17Image searches using image frame context
02/23/17Image search persona techniques and systems
02/23/17Content creation, fingerprints, and watermarks
02/23/17Usage based content search results
02/23/17Behavioral prediction for targeted end users
02/23/17Methods and systems for assisting customers shopping at real-world shopping venues
02/23/17Content creation suggestions using keywords, similarity, and social networks
02/23/17Content creation suggestions using keywords, similarity, and social networks
02/23/17Content creation and licensing control
02/23/17Techniques for automatically correcting groups of images
02/23/17Image depth inference from semantic labels
02/23/17Browser-based texture map generation and application
02/23/17Abating padding oracle attacks
02/23/17Cloud-based storage and interchange mechanism for design elements
02/16/173d printing with small geometric offsets to affect surface characteristics
02/16/17Form value prediction utilizing synonymous field recognition
02/16/17Visitor identification based on feature selection
02/09/17Facilitating electronic signatures based on physical proximity of devices
02/09/17Adaptive environment targeting
02/09/17Image object segmentation using examples
02/09/17Fitting a parametric curve using maximum curvature
02/09/17Cross-site request forgery defense
02/09/17Facilitating the operation of a client/server application while a client is offline or online
02/02/17Area-dependent image enhancement
02/02/17Supporting webpage design and revision irrespective of webpage framework
02/02/17Digital rights management and behavioral traits
02/02/17Privacy preserving electronic document signature service
02/02/17Procedurally generating sets of probabilistically distributed styling attributes for a digital design
02/02/17Utilizing population density to facilitate providing offers
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02/02/17Rendering illustrations using a two-dimensional rendering engine
02/02/17Applying live camera colors to a digital design
02/02/17Image distractor detection and processing
02/02/17Implementing out of order access to reversal operations in images
02/02/17Positioning text in digital designs based on an underlying image
02/02/17Modifying a graphic design to match the style of an input design
02/02/17Edge preserving color smoothing of 3d models
02/02/17Providing drawing assistance using feature detection and semantic labeling
02/02/17Automated looping video creation
02/02/17Creating audience segments for campaigns
Patent Packs
01/26/17Automated generation of guides based on content zone shapes
01/26/17Enabling access to third-party digital assets for systems that market content to target audiences
01/26/17Identifying the end of an on-line cart session
01/19/17Publishing electronic documents utilizing navigation information
01/19/17Processing touch gestures in hybrid applications
01/19/17Tracking and facilitating renewal of documents using an electronic signature system
01/19/17Reducing un-subscription rates for electronic marketing communications
01/19/17Tracking digital design asset usage and performance
01/19/17Determining context and mindset of users
01/12/17Extrapolative search techniques
01/12/17Finding semantic parts in images
01/12/173d model enhancement
01/12/17Web document preview privacy and security protection
01/05/17Hardware protection for encrypted strings and protection of security parameters
01/05/17Searching untagged images with text-based queries
01/05/17Procedural modeling using autoencoder neural networks
01/05/17Project asset and preference sharing
01/05/17Identifying drivers for a metric-of-interest
01/05/17Authentication context transfer for accessing computing resources via single sign-on with single use access tokens
12/29/16Systems and methods for efficient storage of content and animation
12/29/16Training a classifier algorithm used for automatically generating tags to be applied to images
12/29/16Collaborative feature learning from social media
12/29/16Rules-based workflow messaging
12/22/16Techniques for evaluating applications through use of an auxiliary application
12/22/16Unified digital rights management for heterogenous computing platforms
12/22/16Accelerating object detection
12/22/16Generating a shoppable video
12/22/16Hybrid surfaces for mesh repair
12/15/16Methods and systems for using field characteristics to index, search for, and retrieve forms
12/15/16Automatically selecting example stylized images for image stylization operations based on semantic content
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12/15/16Font recognition and font similarity learning using a deep neural network
12/15/16Controlling smoothness of a transition between images
12/15/16Drm protected video streaming on game console with secret-less application
12/08/16Generation of salient contours using live video
12/08/16Using user segments for targeted content
12/08/16Systems and methods of automatic image sizing
12/08/16Audio capture on mobile client devices
12/01/16Multiple brush strokes preview
12/01/16Digital asset and design component tracking in a collaborative environment
12/01/16Joint depth estimation and semantic segmentation from a single image
12/01/16Example-based edge-aware directional texture painting
12/01/16Automated decomposition of graphic designs
12/01/16Freeform drawing beautification
12/01/16Thumbnail video player for video scrubbing
12/01/16Decrypting content samples including distinct encryption chains
12/01/16Contextualizing interactions in web meeting sessions
11/24/16Intuitive control of pressure-sensitive stroke attributes
11/24/16Facilitating object set replication
11/24/16Facilitating object set replication
11/24/16Object boundary detection in an image
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11/24/16Automatic generation of time-lapse videos
11/24/16Dynamic personalized content presentation to re-engage users during online sessions
11/17/16Design analysis for framework assessment
11/17/16Scale adaptive blind deblurring
11/17/16Incremental global non-rigid alignment of three-dimensional scans
11/17/16Controlling user access to content
11/10/16Methods and devices for detecting and responding to changes in eye conditions during presentation of video on electronic devices
11/10/16Method and recommending hashtags
11/10/16Systems and methods for availability based computer marketing campaign optimization
11/10/16Color rendering on a hue plane
11/10/16Modifying rich media components for an interactive email
11/03/16Capturing electronic signatures using an expanded interface area
11/03/16Natural language processing utilizing grammar templates
11/03/16Single-image specular reflection separation
11/03/16Customizable reproduction of electronic meetings
10/27/16Non-modal toolbar control
10/27/16Recommending form fragments
10/27/16Interaction-based content configuration
10/27/16Limited user contract content sharing
10/27/163-dimensional portrait reconstruction from a single photo
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10/27/16Automatically preventing unauthorized signatories from executing electronic documents for organizations
10/20/16Selective synchronizing of display layouts
10/20/16Integrated display of data metrics from different data sources
10/20/16Controlling pagination of dynamic-length presentations
10/20/16Object detection using cascaded convolutional neural networks
10/20/16Retrieving data embedded into the surface of a 3d printed object
10/20/16Context sensitive influence marketing
10/13/16Capping campaign frequency or spend per user across multiple devices or publishers
10/13/16Content-conforming stamp tool
10/13/16Scalable massive parallelization of overlapping patch aggregation
10/06/16User feedback provided from within an application
10/06/16Trending topic extraction from social media
10/06/16Methods and systems for collaborated change point detection in time series
10/06/16Feature interpolation
09/29/16Document layer extraction for mobile devices
09/29/16Selecting digital advertising recommendation policies in light of risk and expected return
09/29/16Copy and paste for web conference content
09/29/16Method and system for processing measurement data for website statistics
09/22/16Companion input device
09/22/16Optimizing layout of interactive electronic content based on content type and subject matter
09/22/16Image selection control
09/22/16Systems and methods for load balancing of time-based tasks in a distributed computing system
09/22/16Temporal control of visual characteristics in content
09/22/16Facial expression capture for character animation
09/22/16Methods and systems for managing custodian operations for an electronic contract retained for an organization
09/22/16Segment membership determination for content provisioning
09/22/16Control of shape interaction in a user interface
09/22/16Waveform display control of visual characteristics
09/15/16Selection refinement tool
09/15/16Object resizing with content reflow
Social Network Patent Pack
09/15/16Generation of salient contours using live video
09/15/16Allocating online advertising budget based on return on investment (roi)
09/15/16Linking contracts to deliverable items
09/15/16Methods and systems for managing and tracking electronic contract obligations
09/15/16Secure content distribution system
09/15/16Automatically suggesting regions for blur kernel estimation
09/15/16Flexible video object boundary tracking
09/08/16Measuring promotion performance over online social media
09/08/16Camera-based brush creation
09/08/16Audio loudness adjustment
09/08/16Techniques for correlating engagement of attendees of an online conference to content of the online conference
09/08/16Determining relevant content for keyword extraction
09/08/16Converting live streaming content to video-on-demand streaming content
09/01/16Learning user preferences for photo adjustments
08/25/16Database migration of schemas enforced by applications without downtime
08/25/16Generating multi-image content for online services using a single image
08/25/16Providing visualizations of characteristics of an image
08/25/16Providing visualizations of event sequence data
08/25/16Document distribution and interaction
08/18/16Method for intelligent web reference preloading based on user behavior prediction
08/18/16Tracking changes in user-generated textual content on social media computing platforms
08/18/16Selective access to portions of digital content
08/18/16Method and associating user engagement data received from a user with portions of a webpage visited by the user
08/18/16Online shopping cart analysis
08/18/16Image haze removal using fast constrained transmission estimation
08/18/16Source separation using nonnegative matrix factorization with an automatically determined number of bases
08/11/16Dynamic text control for mobile devices
08/11/16Authorizing access by a third party to a service from a service provider
08/11/16Sound enhancement through deverberation

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