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Adobe Systems Incorporated
Adobe Systems Inc
Adobe Systems Incorporated A Delaware Corporation
Adobe Systems Incorporation
Adobe Systems Incorporatec
Adobe Systems Incoporated
Adobe Systems Inc_20131212
Adobe Systems Incorporated_20100114
Adobe Systems Incorported
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Adobe Systems Incorrporated
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Adobe Systems Inc patents

Recent patent applications related to Adobe Systems Inc. Adobe Systems Inc is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Adobe Systems Inc may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Adobe Systems Inc, we're just tracking patents.

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02/06/14Browser-based text fitting
05/21/15Method and saving search query as metadata with an image
06/04/15Automated connection to a preferred wireless device
10/09/14Computer-implemented methods and systems for dynamically compiling and serving electronic content
08/13/09Assigning region attributes in a drawing
10/19/17 new patent  Customized and automated dynamic infographics
10/19/17 new patent  Image classification for adjustment
10/19/17 new patent  Image compensation for an occluding direct-view augmented reality system
10/19/17 new patent  Resource feature transfer
10/12/17Applying geo-tags to digital media captured without location information
10/12/17Document consumption and value add services
10/12/17Sky editing based on image composition
10/12/17Utilizing deep learning for rating aesthetics of digital images
10/12/17Animation using keyframing and projected dynamics simulation
10/12/17Personalized website theme
10/05/17Editing nested video sequences
10/05/17Representative image selection for image management using face recognition
10/05/17Search result visualization for preserving score distribution information
10/05/17User profile stitching
10/05/17Digital rights management progressive control and background processing
10/05/17Editing watermarked assets
10/05/17Content aware fill based on similar images
10/05/17Method and real-time matting using local color estimation and propagation
10/05/17Utilizing deep learning for boundary-aware image segmentation
10/05/17Fast high-fidelity flood-filling on vector artwork
10/05/17Scaling and masking of image content during digital image editing
10/05/17Systems and techniques for determining associations between multiple types of data in large data sets
10/05/17Content aware improvement of captured document images
10/05/17Kinetic object removal from camera preview image
09/28/17Optimizing layout of interactive electronic content based on content type and subject matter
09/28/17Recommending a transition from use of a limited-functionality application to a full-functionality application in a digital medium environment
09/28/17Method and converting spherical harmonics representations of functions into multi-resolution representations
09/28/17Digital rights management leveraging motion or environmental traits
09/28/17Digital rights management using organizational associations
09/28/17Digital rights management and updates
09/21/17Dynamic report building using a heterogeneous combination of filtering criteria
09/21/17Generating recommendations for media assets to be displayed with related text content
09/21/17Techniques for generating a psychographic profile
09/21/17Gauging consumer interest of in-person visitors
09/21/17Systems and techniques for targeting electronic communication based on frequency of product exposure
09/21/17Enhancing curves using non-uniformly scaled cubic variation of curvature curves
09/21/17Fast, coverage-optimized, resolution-independent and anti-aliased graphics processing
09/21/17Mobile signature embedded in desktop workflow
09/21/17Levels of competency in an online community
09/21/17Digital content streaming to loss intolerant streaming clients
09/21/17Automatically determining restored availability of multi-channel media distributors for authentication or authorization
09/14/17Automatically classifying and presenting digital fonts
09/14/17Dynamic font similarity
09/14/17Topical analytics for online articles
09/14/17Topic and term search analytics
09/14/17Portion-level digital rights management in digital content
09/14/17Streaming digital content synchronization
09/07/17Automatically identifying complementary digital fonts based on digital text in electronic documents
09/07/17Concurrent preparation of multiple versions of a website
09/07/17Determining structure and functionality of scanned objects
09/07/17Efficient feature selection for predictive models using semantic classification and generative filtering
09/07/17Three dimensional facial expression generation
09/07/17Audio capture on mobile client devices
08/31/17Acquisition of a font portion using a compression mechanism
08/31/17Reduction of search ambiguity with multiple media references
08/31/17Dynamic path modification and extension
08/31/17Image distractor detection and processing
08/31/17Content presentation based on a multi-task neural network
08/31/17Codebook generation for cloud-based video applications
08/31/17Techniques for context aware video recommendation
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08/24/17Systems and methods for load balancing of time-based tasks in a distributed computing system
08/24/17Organizing electronically stored files using an automatically generated storage hierarchy
08/24/17Analyzing search queries to provide potential search query modifications via interactive user-interfaces
08/24/173d digital content interaction and control
08/24/17Methods and systems for tag expansion by handling website object variations and automatic tag suggestions in dynamic tag management
08/24/17Automatically suggesting regions for blur kernel estimation
08/24/17Optimizing image cropping
08/24/17Clickstream visual analytics based on maximal sequential patterns
08/24/17Selecting a view of a multi-view video
08/24/17Creating audience segments for campaigns
08/17/17Image effect extraction
08/17/17Undo, redo, and state switching using content-addressable data structures
08/17/17Associating user logs using geo-point density
08/17/17Adjusting sentiment scoring for online content using baseline attitude of content author
08/17/17Accurate tag relevance prediction for image search
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08/17/17Accurate tag relevance prediction for image search
08/17/17Knowledge discovery from belief networks
08/17/17Facial feature liquifying using face mesh
08/17/17Object segmentation, including sky segmentation
08/17/17Utilizing a customized digital font to identify a computing device
08/17/17Systems and methods for dynamic creative optimization for video advertisements
08/10/17Method and embedding a 2-dimensional image in a 3-dimensional model
08/10/17Selective editing of images using editing tools with persistent tool settings
08/10/17Rule-based dialog state tracking
08/10/17Photograph organization based on facial recognition
08/10/17Random sample consensus for groups of data
08/10/17Regularized iterative collaborative feature learning from web and user behavior data
08/10/17Techniques for targeting a user based on a psychographic profile
08/10/17Personalizing experiences for visitors to real-world venues
08/10/17Providing content based on abandonment of an item in a physical shopping cart
08/10/17Generating graphical depictions of data sets based on mapping paths of graphical objects to data properties
08/10/17Secure cloud-based clipboard for touch devices
08/10/17Monitoring social media for breach of organizational privacy
08/03/17User input-based object selection using multiple visual cues
08/03/17Content to layout template mapping and transformation
08/03/17Training data to increase pixel labeling accuracy
08/03/17Techniques for document management workflows
08/03/17Content creation and licensing control
08/03/17Homography-assisted perspective drawing
08/03/17Generating content aware image fill with geometrical constraints
08/03/17Creating reusable and configurable digital whiteboard animations
08/03/17Automatic generation 3d drawing objects based on a 2d design input
08/03/17Cross-site request forgery defense
08/03/17Determining relevant content for keyword extraction
07/27/173d model generation from 2d images
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07/27/17Input techniques for virtual reality headset devices with front touch screens
07/27/17Auditing and augmenting user-generated tags for digital content
07/27/17Utilizing deep learning for automatic digital image segmentation and stylization
07/27/17Estimation of causal impact of digital marketing content
07/27/17Simulation-based evaluation of a marketing channel attribution model
07/27/17Auto-generation of previews of web conferences
07/27/17Dynamic rule allocation for visitor identification
07/27/17Determining textual content that is responsible for causing a viewing spike within a video in a digital medium environment
07/27/17Systems and techniques for determining user engagement with video advertisements to determine optimized cost per impressions
07/27/17Temporary viewer access to videos from programmers while multichannel video programming distributors are unavailable for authentication and authorization
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07/20/17Generating document review workflows
07/20/17Embedding space for images with multiple text labels
07/20/17Digital content interaction prediction and training that addresses imbalanced classes
07/20/17Modeling semantic concepts in an embedding space as distributions
07/20/17Recommending advertisements using ranking functions
07/20/17Personalized recommendation computation in real time using incremental matrix factorization and user factor clustering
07/20/17Generating leads using internet of things devices at brick-and-mortar stores
07/20/17Streaming media with a server identified at runtime
07/13/17Setting multiple properties of an art tool in artwork application based on a user interaction
07/13/17Populating visual designs with web content
07/13/17Populating visual designs with web content
07/13/17Neural network image curation control
07/13/17Image captioning with weak supervision
07/13/17Semantic natural language vector space
07/13/17Adaptive components providing vendor-specific and context-specific information to customers
07/13/17Systems and techniques for integrating electronic signature platforms with social messaging applications for authenticated electronic documents
07/06/17Form filling engine to populate fields of an electronic form
07/06/17Proactive form guidance for interacting with electronic forms
07/06/17Interactive electronic form workflow assistant that guides interactions with electronic forms in a conversational manner
07/06/17Converting a text sentence to a series of images
07/06/17Systems and methods for determining real-time visitor segments
07/06/17Robust computing device identification framework
07/06/17Skipping advertisements based on advertisement-watching score
07/06/17Controlling start times at which skippable video advertisements begin playback in a digital medium environment
06/29/17Paintbrush and liquid simulation
06/29/17Real-time tracking collection for video experiences
06/22/17Providing selection areas for selectable objects in graphical interface
06/22/17Natural language embellishment generation and summarization for question-answering systems
06/22/17Natural language system question classifier, semantic representations, and logical form templates
06/22/17Digital rights management using geographic and temporal traits
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06/22/17Control of which sources are used to answer questions in a digital medium environment
06/22/17Methods and processing use of a computer system
06/22/17Image cropping suggestion using multiple saliency maps
06/22/17Rendering an infinite plane
06/22/17Advisor roles in the electronic signing of documents
06/22/17Lighting and material editing using flash photography
06/22/17Local white balance under mixed illumination using flash photography
06/15/17Recommending pattern designs for objects using a sequence-based machine-learning model
06/15/17Consumer influence analytics with consumer profile enhancement
06/15/17Image classification based on camera-to-object distance
06/15/17Hybrid audio representations for editing audio content
06/15/17Residual entropy compression for cloud-based video applications
06/08/17Processing data in a distributed database across a plurality of clusters
06/08/17Attribute weighting for media content-based recommendation
06/08/17Cross-device consumer identification and device type determination
06/08/17Smoothing images using machine learning
06/08/17Sound enhancement through reverberation matching
06/01/17Passing content securely from web browsers to computer applications
05/25/17Multimedia document summarization
05/25/17Segmenting topical discussion themes from user-generated posts
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05/25/17Techniques for enhancing content memorability of user generated video content
05/25/17Buying stage determination in a digital medium environment
05/25/17Advertising workflow to increase click-through rates
05/25/17Hybrid level set for interactive editing of matting and selection
05/25/17Creating bump and normal maps from images with multi-scale control
05/25/17Color-based dynamic sub-division to generate 3d mesh
05/25/17Intuitive music visualization using efficient structural segmentation
05/25/17Automatic emphasis of spoken words
05/25/17Irregularity detection in music
05/25/17Detecting potential legal decryption of historical data
05/25/17Real-world user profiles via the internet of things
05/18/17Image color and tone style transfer
05/18/17Converting a text sentence to a series of images
05/18/17Search using drag and drop of assets into a search bar
05/18/17Techniques for determining whether to associate new user information with an existing user
05/18/17Recognizing unknown person instances in an image gallery
05/18/17Utilizing interactive deep learning to select objects in digital visual media
05/18/17Learning image representation by distilling from multi-task networks
05/18/17Campaign effectiveness determination using dimension reduction
05/18/17Value function-based estimation of multi-channel attributions
Social Network Patent Pack
05/18/17Method and recommending product features on which inadequate time is spent by a user
05/18/17Generating authenticated instruments for oral agreements
05/18/17Color-based geometric feature enhancement for 3d models
05/18/17Image synthesis utilizing an active mask
05/18/17Enhanced precision background shading for digitally published text
05/18/17Identifying multiple devices belonging to a single user
05/18/17Internet of things datapoint engine
05/11/17Automobile usage analytics and personalization
05/11/17Providing content analytics on delivery rate and consumption rates differentials in live online conferencing
05/11/17Integration of content creation and sharing
05/11/17Integration of content creation and sharing
05/11/17Content sharing collections and navigation
05/11/17Image search using emotions
05/11/17Content sharing collections and navigation
05/11/17Facial feature liquifying using face mesh
05/11/17Enhancement of skin, including faces, in photographs
05/11/17Content update suggestions
05/11/17Structured knowledge modeling, extraction and localization from images
05/11/17Item recommendations via deep collaborative filtering
05/11/17Adaptive sampling scheme for imbalanced large scale data
05/11/17Structured knowledge modeling and extraction from images
05/11/17Dehazing photos and videos using visual artifact suppression
05/11/17Selective editing of images using editing tools with persistent tool settings
05/11/17Non-destructive automatic face-aware vignettes
05/11/17Interactive scene graph manipulation for visualization authoring
05/11/17Seamless compositing using a soft selection
05/11/17Method for displaying and animating sectioned content that retains fidelity across desktop and mobile devices
05/11/17Techniques for associating variable versions of a cluster of devices identified at different times with the same user by assigning cluster identifiers
05/11/17Generating customized video previews
05/11/17Deconstructed video units
Social Network Patent Pack
05/04/17Customized guided workflow element arrangement
05/04/17Automatically generating network applications from design mock-ups
05/04/17Facilitating text identification and editing in images
05/04/17Systems and techniques for configuring profile merge rules prior to determining segments of recipients of electronic communication
05/04/17Monitoring consumer-product view interaction to improve upsell recommendations
05/04/17Environmental detection of internet of things devices
05/04/17Object amalgamation based on categorization and protocol granularization
05/04/17Selecting video advertisements based on advertisement quality
05/04/17Determining video advertisement quality
05/04/17Channel preference scoring for users based on channel watching and browsing behavior
04/27/17Network caching of search result history and interactions
04/27/17Facial expression capture for character animation
04/27/17Generating prediction models in accordance with any specific data sets
04/27/17Object usage analytics
04/27/17Controlling spend pacing in a distributed bidding system
04/27/17Content aware image editing
04/27/17Providing visualizations of event sequence data
04/27/17Crowd-sourced settings and tools for document interaction
04/20/17Personalized recommendations using localized regularization
04/20/17Particle thompson sampling for online matrix factorization recommendation
04/20/17Content targeting and recommendations based on object usage
04/20/17Image enhancement using self-examples and external examples
04/20/17Example-based edge-aware directional texture painting
04/20/17Contour gradients using three-dimensional models
04/20/17Detecting application state using a dns-controlled proxy
04/20/17Identifying sources of anomalies in multi-variable metrics using linearization
04/13/17Inter-context coordination to facilitate synchronized presentation of image content
04/13/17Color selector for desktop publishing
04/13/17Automated testing of shell scripts

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