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Adobe Systems Incorporated
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Adobe Systems Incorporation
Adobe Systems Incorporatec
Adobe Systems Incoporated
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Adobe Systems Incorported
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Adobe Systems Incorrporated
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Adobe Systems Inc patents (2015 archive)

Recent patent applications related to Adobe Systems Inc. Adobe Systems Inc is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Adobe Systems Inc may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Adobe Systems Inc, we're just tracking patents.

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Date Adobe Systems Inc patents (2015 archive) (updated weekly) - BOOKMARK this page
05/21/15Method and apparatus for saving search query as metadata with an image
06/04/15Automated connection to a preferred wireless device
12/31/15Providing context-specific software updates to client applications
12/31/15Embedded document within an application
12/31/15Robust method to find layout similarity between two documents
12/31/15Tracking and linking mobile device activity
12/31/15Recommending shared electronic content via online service
12/31/15User enforceable contract jurisdiction selection
12/31/15Anomaly detection in network-site metrics using predictive modeling
12/31/15Multiprotocol multicast streaming proxy
12/24/15System and method for creating custom composite images from layered images in a client-server environment
12/24/15Performing predictive analysis on usage analytics
12/24/15In-application file conversion using cloud services
12/24/15Nominal feature transformation using likelihood of outcome
12/24/15Targeted social campaigning based on user sentiment on competitors' webpages
12/24/15Managing social feed assignment
12/24/15Network-based service content protection
12/24/15Data flow node validation
12/24/15Data flow node provisioning
12/24/15Method and apparatus for verifying an application to authorize content repository access using ssl certificates
12/24/15Method and apparatus for timeline-synchronized note taking during a web conference
12/24/15Video synchronization based on an audio cue
12/17/15Methods and apparatus for redacting content in a document
12/17/15Method and apparatus for generating ordered user expert lists for a shared digital document
12/17/15Remotely defining security data for authorization of local application activity
12/17/15Image resampling with geometric transformation
12/17/15Method and apparatus for sharing server resources using a local group
12/10/15Mirroring touch gestures
12/10/15Adaptation of a vector drawing based on a modified perspective
12/10/15Method and apparatus for identifying a desired object of an image using a suggestive marking
12/10/15Trending topics tracking
12/10/15Application integrated advertising display control
12/10/15Targeted marketing using dynamically varied recommendations
12/03/15Contextual commenting on the web
12/03/15Method and apparatus for performing sentiment analysis based on user reactions to displayable content
12/03/15Plane detection and tracking for structure from motion
12/03/15Automating authentication with multi-channel media distributors
11/26/15Cloud-based image processing web service
11/26/15Visualizing font similarities for browsing and navigation
11/26/15Displaying document modifications using a timeline
11/26/15Dynamic splitting of content
11/19/15Propagating object selection across multiple images
11/19/15System and method for parts-based digital rights management
11/19/15Patch partitions and image processing
11/19/15Method and apparatus for enabling text editing in a scanned document while maintaining fidelity of the appearance of the text
11/12/153d printing of colored models on multi-head printers
11/12/15Obtaining profile information for future visitors
11/12/15Camera calibration and automatic adjustment of images
11/12/15Blending techniques for curve fitting
11/12/15Method and apparatus for context-aware automatic zooming of a video sequence
11/05/15Editing on a touchscreen
11/05/15Method and apparatus for notifying an enterprise administrator of new products and updates
11/05/15Method and apparatus for generating thumbnails
11/05/15Automating data entry for fields in electronic documents
11/05/15Method and apparatus for detecting, validating, and correlating form-fields in a scanned document
11/05/15Method and apparatus for mitigating face aging errors when performing facial recognition
11/05/15Automatic moderation of online content
11/05/15Dynamic marketing resource arbitrage
11/05/15Opt-keyframe reconstruction for robust video-based structure from motion
11/05/15Method and apparatus for editing video scenes based on learned user preferences
11/05/15Real-time content sharing between browsers
11/05/15Crowdsourcing for documents and forms
11/05/15Real-time priority-based media communication
11/05/15Cross-device information exchange via web browser
10/29/15Method and apparatus for controlling display of digital content using eye movement
10/29/15Method and apparatus for preserving fidelity of bounded rich text appearance by maintaining reflow when converting between interactive and flat documents across different environments
10/29/15Discriminative indexing for patch-based image enhancement
10/29/15Method and apparatus for identifying a representative area of an image
10/29/15Using genetic algorithm to design 2-dimensional procedural patterns
10/29/15Privacy preserving electronic document signature service
10/29/15Facilitating user-centric identity management
10/29/15Method and apparatus for providing fault tolerance during live streaming
10/22/15Tag-based content exclusion
10/15/15Guided edits for images and/or video
10/15/15Scoped access to user content
10/15/15Media stream fragment request
10/15/15Augmenting web conferences via text extracted from audio content
10/08/15Asset-based animation timelines
10/08/15Printing digital images using an image printing system
10/08/15Analytics report segments and controls
10/08/15Contextual sentiment text analysis
10/08/15Contextualized sentiment text analysis vocabulary generation
10/08/15Using document templates to assemble a collection of documents
10/08/15Causal modeling and attribution
10/01/15Automatic measure of visual similarity between fonts
10/01/15Single page application authoring in a content management system
10/01/15Method and apparatus for storing notes while maintaining document context
10/01/15Method and apparatus for ordering images in an image set based on social interactions and viewer preferences
10/01/15Rule-based extraction, transformation, and loading of data between disparate data sources
10/01/15One-click segmentation definition
10/01/15Normalizing user responses to an event by removing behavioral bias
10/01/15Content aware cropping
10/01/15Analytics data validation
10/01/15Buffering in http streaming client
09/24/15Method and apparatus for digital rights management that is file type and viewer application agnostic
09/24/15Use of near field communication devices as proof of identity during electronic signature process
09/24/15Deforming a surface via a control point
09/17/15Image rotation based on touch gestures
09/17/15System identification framework
09/17/15Techniques for topic extraction using targeted message characteristics
09/17/15Marketing strategy lifecycle management
09/17/15Video denoising using optical flow
09/17/15Low latency live video streaming
09/17/15Automatic uniform resource locator construction
09/10/15Method and apparatus for synchronizing application configuration data over a network
09/10/15Managing a distributed database across a plurality of clusters
09/10/15Authentication for online content using an access token
09/10/15Media content streaming using stream message fragments
09/03/15Keyframe selection for robust video-based structure from motion
08/27/15Input tools for touchscreen devices
08/27/15Non-negative matrix factorization regularized by recurrent neural networks for audio processing
08/27/15Detection and restoration of erroneous data
08/27/15Dynamic preview of electronic signature appearance
08/27/15Contextualization and enhancement of textual content
08/27/15Social listening and filter rule modification
08/20/15Font resource management
08/20/15Single user interface for selecting, modifying, and querying images
08/20/15Drm protected video streaming on game console with secret-less application
08/20/15Method and apparatus for storing and retrieving data embedded into the surface of a 3d printed object
08/20/15Variable patch shape synthesis
08/20/15Image session identifier techniques
08/13/15Method and apparatus for controlling printability of a 3-dimensional model
08/13/15Method and apparatus for embedding a 2-dimensional image in a 3-dimensional model
08/13/15Category histogram image representation
08/13/15Revenue estimation through ensemble modeling
08/13/15Method and apparatus for displaying in-product messages based on an individual's past message interaction
08/13/15Associating social data with user profiles
08/06/15Visual annotations for objects
08/06/15System and method for ranking and selecting data features
08/06/15Providing drawing assistance using feature detection and semantic labeling
08/06/15Geometrically and parametrically modifying user input to assist drawing
07/30/15Spread-to-duplicate and pinch-to-delete gestures
07/30/15Code path directives for controlling in-app experiences
07/30/15Content remixing
07/30/15Determining and analyzing key performance indicators
07/30/15Automatically identifying authorized signatories from an organization for executing an electronic document
07/30/15Location aware selection of electronic signatures
07/30/15Image prior as a shared basis mixture model
07/30/15Image cropping suggestion
07/30/15Cropping boundary simplicity
07/30/15Automatic adjustment of images using a homography
07/23/15Summarization and communication of large data sets
07/23/15Manipulating visual representations of data
07/23/15Configuring the navigation model in a mobile device
07/23/15Automatically correcting audio data
07/23/15Image edited audio data
07/23/15Leveling audio signals
07/23/15Delivery and updating of extensions to software products
07/23/15Embedding content in java archives
07/23/15System and method for multipronged authentication
07/23/15Joint video deblurring and stabilization
07/23/15Labeling objects in image scenes
07/23/153d model enhancement
07/23/15Pitch shifting frequencies
07/23/15Genre dependent audio level control
07/23/15Media system with local or remote rendering
07/23/15Fill with camera ink
07/23/15Consumption likelihood of linear content streams
07/16/153d printing with small geometric offsets to affect surface characteristics
07/16/15Method and apparatus for correctly binding form objects to encrypted xml data
07/16/15Knowledge discovery from belief networks
07/16/15Method and apparatus for converting an animated sequence of images into a document page
07/16/15Method and apparatus for indexing a video stream
07/16/15Method and apparatus for managing activities in a web conference
07/16/15Systems and methods for detecting spam in outbound transactional emails
07/09/153d cleaning object for multi-print-head 3d printing
07/09/15Push-pull type gestures
07/09/15Optimal time to post for maximum social engagement
07/09/15Digital content publishing guidance based on trending emotions
07/09/15Single image photometric stereo for colored objects
07/09/15Methods and apparatus for key delivery in http live streaming
07/09/15Audio and video synchronizing perceptual model
07/02/15Local rendering of an object as an image
07/02/15Non-destructive collaborative editing
07/02/15Search-powered language usage checks
07/02/15Query formation and modification
06/25/15Automatic environment restoration for a particular artwork
06/25/15Inserting server-side breakpoints requested by remote development clients
06/25/15Method and apparatus for managing calendar entries in a document
06/25/15Filter selection in search environments
06/25/15Interactive communication augmented with contextual information
06/25/15Hint based spot healing techniques
06/25/15Multichannel sound source identification and location
06/18/15Context editing without interfering with target page
06/18/15Generation of visual pattern classes for visual pattern recognition
06/18/15Semantic object selection
06/18/15Semantic object proposal generation and validation
06/18/15Method and apparatus for scheduling multiple social media posts to maximize engagement and on-site activity
06/18/15Image compensation value computation
06/18/15Adverbial expression based color image operations
06/18/15Automatic e-signatures in response to conditions and/or events
06/18/15Image deblurring based on light streaks
06/11/15Predicting outcomes of a modeled system using dynamic features adjustment
06/11/15Visitor session classification based on clickstreams
06/11/15Simulating sub-surface scattering of illumination for simulated three-dimensional objects
06/11/15Location-specific digital artwork using augmented reality
06/04/15Simulation of an erodible tip in a natural media drawing and/or painting simulation
06/04/15Methods and apparatus for generating curved extrusions
06/04/15Dynamically mapping users to groups
05/28/15Behind-display user interface
05/28/15Drawing on a touchscreen
05/28/15Texture modeling of image data
05/28/15Distributed similarity learning for high-dimensional image features
05/28/15Simulating tracking shots from image sequences
05/28/15Method and apparatus for preserving structural integrity of 3-dimensional models when printing at varying scales
05/28/15Brand scoring for social media users
05/28/15Hierarchy similarity measure
05/28/15Redirecting access requests to an authorized server system for a cloud service
05/28/15Trending data demographics
05/28/15Content adaptation based on selected reviewer comment
05/28/15Filtering fonts based on a selection of glyphs
05/28/15Reducing network bandwidth usage in a distributed video editing system
05/28/15Authenticated access to a protected resource using an encoded and signed token
05/28/15Behind-display user interface
05/28/15Drawing on a touchscreen
05/28/15Texture modeling of image data
05/28/15Distributed similarity learning for high-dimensional image features
05/28/15Simulating tracking shots from image sequences
05/28/15Method and apparatus for preserving structural integrity of 3-dimensional models when printing at varying scales
05/28/15Brand scoring for social media users
05/28/15Hierarchy similarity measure
05/28/15Redirecting access requests to an authorized server system for a cloud service
05/28/15Trending data demographics
05/28/15Content adaptation based on selected reviewer comment
05/28/15Filtering fonts based on a selection of glyphs
05/28/15Reducing network bandwidth usage in a distributed video editing system
05/28/15Authenticated access to a protected resource using an encoded and signed token
05/21/15Image classification using images with separate grayscale and color channels
05/21/15Object detection with boosted exemplars
05/21/15Cascaded object detection
05/21/15Fast dense patch search and quantization
05/21/15Irregular pattern identification using landmark based convolution
05/21/15Sound processing using a product-of-filters model
05/21/15Method and apparatus for identifying elements of a webpage
05/21/15Provisioning rules to manage user entitlements
05/21/15Method and apparatus for avoiding license storming during an unplanned regional blackout
05/14/15Method and apparatus for providing interoperability between flat and interactive digital forms using machine-readable codes
05/14/15Exemplar-based feature weighting
05/14/15Adaptive denoising with internal and external patches
05/14/15Dynamic digital image compositing using image templates
05/14/15Method and apparatus for automatically adding utility holes to printable 3-dimensional models
05/14/15Testing a marketing strategy offline using an approximate simulator
05/14/15Concurrent preparation of multiple versions of a website
05/14/15Pattern matching of sound data using hashing
05/14/15Method and apparatus for improving viewer engagement in video advertising
05/14/15Deferred delivery of electronic signature agreements
05/14/15Method and apparatus for managing software entitlements
05/07/15Document distribution and interaction
05/07/15Identifying suggestive intent in social posts
05/07/15Real-time tracking collection for video experiences
04/30/15Combined composition and change-based models for image cropping
04/30/15Iterative saliency map estimation
04/30/15Image foreground detection
04/30/15Image tagging
04/30/15Method and apparatus for automatically improving legibility based on preferred font characteristics
04/30/15Forecasting-based management of advertisement delivery and inventory
04/23/15Tree-based linear regression for denoising
04/23/15Automatically determining the size of a blur kernel
04/23/15Automatically suggesting regions for blur kernel estimation
04/23/15Method and apparatus for automatically identifying a representative image for an image group
04/23/15Deblurring images having spatially varying blur
04/23/15Social content filter to enhance sentiment analysis
04/23/15Identifying target customers to stem the flow of negative campaign
04/23/15Distributing keys for decrypting client data
04/23/15Decrypting content samples including distinct encryption chains
04/23/15User interface for managing blur kernels
04/16/15Contextual analysis engine
04/16/15Input/output interface for contextual analysis engine
04/16/15Text extraction module for contextual analysis engine
04/16/15Social parameter-based application audiences
04/16/15Identifying purchase intent in social posts
04/16/15Self healing cluster of a content management system
04/16/15Action records associated with editable content objects
04/16/15Aggregation of data from disparate sources into an efficiently accessible format
04/16/15Temporary content versioning on a client in a rest-based system
04/16/15Visual path resolution in a context separated authoring environment of a rest- and component- based content management system
04/09/15Target region fill utilizing transformations
04/09/15Learning user preferences for photo adjustments
04/09/15Integrated testing, targeting and measuring of web site components
04/09/15Method and apparatus for determining brand awareness before dismissing a video advertisement
04/09/15User collision detection and handling
04/02/15Smooth 3d printing using multi-stage filaments
04/02/15Image layers navigation
04/02/15Method and apparatus for providing subscriber eligibility verification using community validation
04/02/15Method and apparatus for automatically aggregating metadata and e-mail attachments from various e-mail providers in a cloud repository
04/02/15Method and apparatus for enabling dynamic analytics configuration on a mobile device
04/02/15Method and apparatus for remotely delivering software
03/26/15Using machine learning to define user controls for photo adjustments
03/26/15Visual example-based user interface for adjusting photos along two dimensions
03/19/15Predicting spread of content across social networks
03/19/15Method and apparatus for classifying and comparing similar documents using base templates
03/19/15Hierarchical image management for web content
03/19/15Providing context menu based on predicted commands
03/19/15Data collection privacy
03/12/15Image enhancement using self-examples and external examples
03/12/15Removing noise from an image via efficient patch distance computations
03/12/15Method and apparatus for consuming content via snippets
03/12/15Dynamic simulation of a responsive web page
03/12/15Device context-based user interface
03/12/15System and method for selecting interface elements within a scrolling frame
03/12/15Navigation in a hierarchical node structure
03/05/15Contour gradients using three-dimensional models
03/05/15Fitting a parametric curve using maximum curvature
03/05/15Tile-based caching for rendering complex artwork
03/05/15Generating a hierarchy of visual pattern classes
03/05/15De-noising image content using directional filters for image deblurring
03/05/15Adaptive supports for 3d printing
03/05/15Preserving thin components for 3d printing
03/05/15Service and location selection in the cloud
03/05/15Predicting success rates for online search terms based on offline advertising
03/05/15Method and apparatus for enabling targeted messages based on usage of a document accessed within an internet browser
03/05/15Influence scoring for social media authors
03/05/15Adaptive parallel data processing
03/05/15Smoothing paths in a graphical interface generated by drawing inputs
03/05/15Method for layout of speech bubbles associated with characters in an image
03/05/15Configurable animated scatter plots
03/05/15Video media item selections
02/26/15Systems and methods of automatic image sizing
02/26/15Text detection in natural images
02/26/15Method and apparatus for analyzing and associating behaviors to image content
02/26/15Changing depth of analytics tracking or content targeting based on user value
02/26/15Cross device visitor correlation
02/26/15Systems and methods of character dialog generation
02/26/15Location-based asset sharing
02/19/15Predicting reactions to short-text posts
02/12/15Automatic geometry and lighting inference for realistic image editing
02/12/15Joint sound model generation techniques
02/12/15Selectively porting meeting objects
02/12/15Policy-based signature authentication system and method
02/12/15Document editing synchronization
02/12/15Sharing and consuming web content across multiple devices
02/05/15Patch-based, locally content-adaptive image and video sharpening
02/05/15Interactive product improvement through the use of variants and data gathering reports in a system that can be updated on the fly
02/05/15Configurable computation modules
02/05/15Interactive visualization of trending data
02/05/15Integrated display of data metrics from different data sources
01/29/15Systems and methods for visually creating and editing scrolling actions
01/29/15Automatic tuning of images based on metadata
01/29/15Detecting and tracking point features with primary colors
01/29/15Visual pattern recognition in an image
01/29/15Method and apparatus for a memory efficient approach for decoding progressive joint photographic experts group (jpeg) images
01/29/15Simulating strobe effects with digital image content
01/29/15Evaluating the influence of offline assets using social networking resources
01/29/15Method and apparatus for version independent point of sale activation (posa) product download
01/29/15Evaluating coincident interaction indicators
01/29/15Distributed audio playback and recording
01/29/15Network-based service content protection
01/29/15Preventing playback of streaming video if ads are removed
01/29/15System and method for detecting a security compromise on a device
01/29/15Transferring component hierarchies between applications
01/29/15Dynamically mapping users to groups
01/22/15Triangle rasterization
01/22/15Method and apparatus for testing in-product marketing content
01/22/15Common interface communicating with multiple back-end services via gateway application
01/22/15Stream duration management
01/22/15State synchronization in a service environment
01/22/15Snapping of object features via dragging
01/22/15Providing selection areas for selectable objects in graphical interface
01/15/15System and method for time-based graphical simulation of a natural effect
01/15/15Distributed caching in a communication network
01/15/15Font protection management
01/08/15Method and apparatus for determining the relevancy of hyperlinks
01/08/15Method and apparatus for translating javascript across different host environments
01/08/15Method and apparatus for providing digital rights management service in the cloud
01/08/15Methods and systems for establishing and enforcing document visibility rights with an electronic signature service
01/01/15Variable sound decomposition masks
01/01/15Vector graphic conversion into fonts
01/01/15Content package generation for web content
10/15/15Performing editing actions on recent drawing marks
07/16/15Method and computer readable medium for controlling pagination of dynamic-length presentations
07/16/15Method and apparatus for combining digital signals

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