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Adobe Systems Incorporated
Adobe Systems Inc
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Adobe Systems Incorporation
Adobe Systems Incorporatec
Adobe Systems Incoporated
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Adobe Systems Incorported
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Adobe Systems Incorrporated
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Adobe Systems Inc patents (2016 archive)

Recent patent applications related to Adobe Systems Inc. Adobe Systems Inc is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Adobe Systems Inc may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Adobe Systems Inc, we're just tracking patents.

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Date Adobe Systems Inc patents (2016 archive) (updated weekly) - BOOKMARK this page
12/29/16Systems and methods for efficient storage of content and animation
12/29/16Training a classifier algorithm used for automatically generating tags to be applied to images
12/29/16Collaborative feature learning from social media
12/29/16Rules-based workflow messaging
12/22/16Techniques for evaluating applications through use of an auxiliary application
12/22/16Unified digital rights management for heterogenous computing platforms
12/22/16Accelerating object detection
12/22/16Generating a shoppable video
12/22/16Hybrid surfaces for mesh repair
12/15/16Methods and systems for using field characteristics to index, search for, and retrieve forms
12/15/16Automatically selecting example stylized images for image stylization operations based on semantic content
12/15/16Font recognition and font similarity learning using a deep neural network
12/15/16Controlling smoothness of a transition between images
12/15/16Drm protected video streaming on game console with secret-less application
12/08/16Generation of salient contours using live video
12/08/16Using user segments for targeted content
12/08/16Systems and methods of automatic image sizing
12/08/16Audio capture on mobile client devices
12/01/16Multiple brush strokes preview
12/01/16Digital asset and design component tracking in a collaborative environment
12/01/16Joint depth estimation and semantic segmentation from a single image
12/01/16Example-based edge-aware directional texture painting
12/01/16Automated decomposition of graphic designs
12/01/16Freeform drawing beautification
12/01/16Thumbnail video player for video scrubbing
12/01/16Decrypting content samples including distinct encryption chains
12/01/16Contextualizing interactions in web meeting sessions
11/24/16Intuitive control of pressure-sensitive stroke attributes
11/24/16Facilitating object set replication
11/24/16Facilitating object set replication
11/24/16Object boundary detection in an image
11/24/16Automatic generation of time-lapse videos
11/24/16Dynamic personalized content presentation to re-engage users during online sessions
11/17/16Design analysis for framework assessment
11/17/16Scale adaptive blind deblurring
11/17/16Incremental global non-rigid alignment of three-dimensional scans
11/17/16Controlling user access to content
11/10/16Methods and devices for detecting and responding to changes in eye conditions during presentation of video on electronic devices
11/10/16Method and apparatus for recommending hashtags
11/10/16Systems and methods for availability based computer marketing campaign optimization
11/10/16Color rendering on a hue plane
11/10/16Modifying rich media components for an interactive email
11/03/16Capturing electronic signatures using an expanded interface area
11/03/16Natural language processing utilizing grammar templates
11/03/16Single-image specular reflection separation
11/03/16Customizable reproduction of electronic meetings
10/27/16Non-modal toolbar control
10/27/16Recommending form fragments
10/27/16Interaction-based content configuration
10/27/16Limited user contract content sharing
10/27/163-dimensional portrait reconstruction from a single photo
10/27/16Automatically preventing unauthorized signatories from executing electronic documents for organizations
10/20/16Selective synchronizing of display layouts
10/20/16Integrated display of data metrics from different data sources
10/20/16Controlling pagination of dynamic-length presentations
10/20/16Object detection using cascaded convolutional neural networks
10/20/16Retrieving data embedded into the surface of a 3d printed object
10/20/16Context sensitive influence marketing
10/13/16Capping campaign frequency or spend per user across multiple devices or publishers
10/13/16Content-conforming stamp tool
10/13/16Scalable massive parallelization of overlapping patch aggregation
10/06/16User feedback provided from within an application
10/06/16Trending topic extraction from social media
10/06/16Methods and systems for collaborated change point detection in time series
10/06/16Feature interpolation
09/29/16Document layer extraction for mobile devices
09/29/16Selecting digital advertising recommendation policies in light of risk and expected return
09/29/16Copy and paste for web conference content
09/29/16Method and system for processing measurement data for website statistics
09/22/16Companion input device
09/22/16Optimizing layout of interactive electronic content based on content type and subject matter
09/22/16Image selection control
09/22/16Systems and methods for load balancing of time-based tasks in a distributed computing system
09/22/16Temporal control of visual characteristics in content
09/22/16Facial expression capture for character animation
09/22/16Methods and systems for managing custodian operations for an electronic contract retained for an organization
09/22/16Segment membership determination for content provisioning
09/22/16Control of shape interaction in a user interface
09/22/16Waveform display control of visual characteristics
09/15/16Selection refinement tool
09/15/16Object resizing with content reflow
09/15/16Generation of salient contours using live video
09/15/16Allocating online advertising budget based on return on investment (roi)
09/15/16Linking contracts to deliverable items
09/15/16Methods and systems for managing and tracking electronic contract obligations
09/15/16Secure content distribution system
09/15/16Automatically suggesting regions for blur kernel estimation
09/15/16Flexible video object boundary tracking
09/08/16Measuring promotion performance over online social media
09/08/16Camera-based brush creation
09/08/16Audio loudness adjustment
09/08/16Techniques for correlating engagement of attendees of an online conference to content of the online conference
09/08/16Determining relevant content for keyword extraction
09/08/16Converting live streaming content to video-on-demand streaming content
09/01/16Learning user preferences for photo adjustments
08/25/16Database migration of schemas enforced by applications without downtime
08/25/16Generating multi-image content for online services using a single image
08/25/16Providing visualizations of characteristics of an image
08/25/16Providing visualizations of event sequence data
08/25/16Document distribution and interaction
08/18/16Method for intelligent web reference preloading based on user behavior prediction
08/18/16Tracking changes in user-generated textual content on social media computing platforms
08/18/16Selective access to portions of digital content
08/18/16Method and apparatus for associating user engagement data received from a user with portions of a webpage visited by the user
08/18/16Online shopping cart analysis
08/18/16Image haze removal using fast constrained transmission estimation
08/18/16Source separation using nonnegative matrix factorization with an automatically determined number of bases
08/11/16Dynamic text control for mobile devices
08/11/16Authorizing access by a third party to a service from a service provider
08/11/16Sound enhancement through deverberation
08/11/16Sharing digital content using an interactive send service system
08/04/16Data replication from a cloud-based storage resource
08/04/16Efficient computation of variable predictiveness
08/04/16Tracking visual gaze information for controlling content display
08/04/16Predicting unsubscription of potential customers
08/04/16Social data collection and automated social replies
08/04/16Document modification detection and prevention
08/04/16Insertion of supplementary content into a segmented content stream
07/28/16Online content management system with undo and redo operations
07/28/16Using form fields as dimensions to define consumer segments for which form interactivity metrics can be analyzed
07/28/16Recognition and population of form fields in an electronic document
07/28/16Automatic creation and refining of lead scoring rules
07/28/16Method and apparatus for enabling dynamic analytics configuration on a mobile device
07/21/16Navigation in a hierarchical node structure
07/21/16Segmented scroll bar
07/21/16Systems and techniques for configuring an electronic communication based on identified preferred channels of sharing
07/21/16Audio data sampling and user profile generation for advertisement control
07/14/16Providing in-line previews of a source image for aid in correcting ocr errors
07/14/16Private electronic signature service for electronic documents
07/07/16Method to modify existing query based on relevance feedback from social posts
07/07/16Organizing and classifying social media conversations to improve customer service
07/07/16Method to expand seed keywords into a relevant social query
07/07/16Acoustic matching and splicing of sound tracks
07/07/16Method to modify existing query based on relevance feedback from social posts
07/07/16Organizing and classifying social media conversations to improve customer service
07/07/16Method to expand seed keywords into a relevant social query
07/07/16Acoustic matching and splicing of sound tracks
06/30/16Dynamic simulation of a responsive web page
06/30/16Automatically determining the size of a blur kernel
06/30/16Video review workflow process
06/30/16Dynamically adjusting color characteristics of electronic content
06/30/16Method and system to determine a work distribution model for an application deployed on a cloud
06/30/16Video denoising using optical flow
06/30/16Cross-device information exchange via web browser
06/30/16Camera tracker target user interface for plane detection and object creation
06/23/16Neural network image curation control
06/23/16Reducing requests for media segments in streaming of multimedia content
06/23/16Image defocus blur estimation
06/23/16Settings of a digital camera for depth map refinement
06/16/16Replicating the appearance of typographical attributes and text adornments in digital publications
06/16/16Automatic document classification via content analysis at storage time
06/16/16Advertisement placement prioritization
06/16/16Linguistic personalization of messages for targeted campaigns
06/16/16Automatically modifying electronic agreements for execution
06/16/16Automatic geometry and lighting inference for realistic image editing
06/16/16User presence data for web-based document collaboration
06/09/16Automatically preventing unauthorized signatories from executing electronic documents for organizations
06/09/16Associating social comments with individual assets used in a campaign
06/09/16Depth map generation
06/09/16Systems and methods for creating and distributing modifiable animated video messages
06/09/16Adaptive connectivity in network-based collaboration background information
06/02/16Manipulating visual representations of data
06/02/16Common copy compression
05/26/16Concurrently supporting both document-based and object-based undo operations
05/26/16Techniques for providing a user interface incorporating sign language
05/26/16Automatic aggregation of online user profiles
05/26/16Providing alternate words to aid in drafting effective social media posts
05/26/16Synchronizing different representations of content
05/26/16Convolutional neural network using a binarized convolution layer
05/26/16Object detection using cascaded convolutional neural networks
05/26/16Content creation, deployment collaboration, activity stream, and task management
05/26/16Forecasting web metrics using statistical causality based feature selection
05/26/16Automated system for safe policy improvement
05/26/16Multi-channel marketing campaigns
05/26/16Content creation, deployment collaboration, and tracking exposure
05/26/16Searching for safe policies to deploy
05/26/16Risk quantification for policy deployment
05/26/16Temporal dynamics in display advertising prediction
05/26/16Personalized marketing based on sequence mining
05/26/16Content creation, deployment collaboration, and subsequent marketing activities
05/26/16Content creation, deployment collaboration, and subsequent marketing activities
05/26/16Content creation, deployment collaboration, and badges
05/26/16Content creation, deployment collaboration, and channel dependent content selection
05/26/16Method and apparatus for providing a response to an input post on a social page of a brand
05/26/16Area-dependent image enhancement
05/26/16Image compensation value computation
05/26/16Content aware fill based on similar images
05/26/16Paintbrush and liquid simulation
05/26/16Depth of field synthesis using ray tracing approximation
05/26/16Cutout object merge
05/26/16Tracking and notification of fulfillment events
05/26/16Mobile-first photography workflow device
05/26/16Video content metadata for enhanced video experiences
05/19/16Generating a query statement based on unstructured input
05/19/16Neural network patch aggregation and statistics
05/19/16User interest learning through hierarchical interest graphs
05/19/16Automatic discovery of high-performance features for customer lifetime value optimization via low-variance random projection
05/19/16Targeting ads engaged by a user to related users
05/19/16Monitoring and responding to social media posts with socially relevant comparisons
05/19/16Target audience content interaction quantification
05/19/16Generating high quality leads for marketing campaigns
05/19/16Automatically identifying and healing spots in images
05/19/16Facilitating text identification and editing in images
05/19/16Fast intrinsic images
05/19/16Fast high-fidelity flood-filling on vector artwork
05/19/16Constructing 3d surfaces for multi-color objects
05/19/16Non-committal visitor stitching
05/19/16Protecting documents from cross-site scripting attacks
05/12/16Scaling pressure data from a pressure-sensitive device
05/12/16Push-pull type gestures
05/12/16Collecting, organizing, and searching knowledge about a dataset
05/12/16Document distribution and interaction
05/12/16Local feature representation for image recognition
05/12/16Informative bounce rate
05/12/16Structure aware image denoising and noise variance estimation
05/12/16Color selector for desktop publishing
05/12/16Multimedia content duration manipulation
05/12/16Estimating audience segment size changes over time
05/05/16Restoration of modified document to original state
05/05/16Adaptive modification of content presented in electronic forms
05/05/16Generating segments based on intelligent sequential data
05/05/16Asset suggestions for electronic posts
05/05/16Multiple display rendering of digital content
05/05/16Distributed validation of digitally signed electronic documents
05/05/16Methods and systems for establishing, hosting and managing a screen sharing session involving a virtual environment
04/28/16Methods and apparatus for resource management cluster computing
04/28/16Automating user operations using screen shots and file names
04/28/16Automatic identification of sources of web metric changes
04/28/16Systems and techniques for intelligent a/b testing of marketing campaigns
04/28/16Preference mapping for automated attribute-selection in campaign design
04/28/16Image zooming
04/28/16Removing noise from an image via efficient patch distance computations
04/28/16Synchronized view architecture for embedded environment
04/28/16On-demand metadata insertion into single-stream content
04/21/16Conversion of stereolithographic model into logical subcomponents
04/21/16Drawing support tool
04/21/16Snapping of object features via dragging
04/21/16Iterative detection of forms-usage patterns
04/21/16Rendering illustrations using a two-dimensional rendering engine
04/21/16Geographic segmentation systems and methods
04/21/16Live manifest update
04/14/16Natural language consumer segmentation
04/14/16Detecting homologies in encrypted and unencrypted documents using fuzzy hashing
04/14/16Structured information differentiation in naming
04/14/16Saliency map computation
04/14/16Image cropping suggestion using multiple saliency maps
04/14/16Automatic anomaly alerts for scheduled posts
04/14/16Plane-based self-calibration for structure from motion
04/14/16Method and apparatus for providing engaging experience in an asset
04/14/16Optimizing caches for media streaming
04/07/16Optical digital ruler
04/07/16Identifying selected dynamic content regions
04/07/16Dynamic memory estimations for memory bounded applications
04/07/16Automatic document classification via content analysis at storage time
04/07/16Marketing channel attribution
04/07/16Cropping boundary simplicity
04/07/16Digital content consumption analysis
03/31/16Method and apparatus for sharing viewable content with conference participants through automated identification of content to be shared
03/24/16Interactive notifications for mobile commerce applications
03/17/16Collaborative synchronized multi-device photography
03/17/16Distributing keys for decrypting client data
03/10/16In situ assignment of image asset attributes
03/10/16Analytics based on scalable hierarchical categorization of web content
03/10/16Providing interactive notifications for completing online transactions
03/10/16Spatial visualization of metrics
03/03/16Combined selection tool
03/03/16User interface facilitating mesh generation
03/03/16Shortlist computation for searching high-dimensional spaces
03/03/16Synchronizing dom element references
03/03/16Data driven system for responding to security vulnerability
03/03/16Dynamic motion path blur user interface
03/03/16Dynamic motion path blur kernel
03/03/16Deblurring images having spatially varying blur
03/03/16Stop-motion video creation from full-motion video
03/03/16External device screen targeting
03/03/16Lightweight pairing and connection transfer protocol via gesture-driven shared secrets
03/03/16Enabling digital signatures in mobile apps
03/03/16Common copy compression
03/03/16Common copy compression
02/25/16Touch digital ruler
02/25/16Facilitating searching for geographic place names
02/25/16Determining sentiments of social posts based on user feedback
02/25/16Framework for combining content intelligence modules
02/25/16Stylus charging case
02/25/16Policy-based signature authentication system and method
02/18/16Attestation for electronic signatures
02/18/16Offer matching for a user segment
02/11/16Bidirectional text selection
02/11/16Frame-shaped anchored elements
02/11/16Customized and automated dynamic infographics
02/11/16Delayed validation for software licensing and activation
02/11/16Extensible configuration system to allow a website to authenticate users based on an authorization protocol
02/11/163d tracked point visualization using color and perspective size
02/04/163d-consistent 2d manipulation of images
02/04/16Method and apparatus for providing a contextual timeline of an online interaction for use in assessing effectiveness
02/04/16Managing portable document-based workspaces
02/04/16Learning image categorization using related attributes
02/04/16Document performance indicators based on referral context
02/04/16Determining brand exclusiveness of users
02/04/16Systems and methods for providing real-time marketing campaigns
02/04/16Dynamic motion path blur techniques
02/04/16Image assessment using deep convolutional neural networks
02/04/16Real-time calculated and predictive events
02/04/16Image segmentation for a live camera feed
01/28/16Touch-based user interface control tiles
01/28/16Appending new content to open content
01/28/16Social capture rules
01/28/16Bridge event analytics tools and techniques
01/28/16Using machine learning to define user controls for photo adjustments
01/28/16Text line detection in images
01/28/16Techniques for automatically correcting groups of images
01/28/16Scalable massive parallelization of overlapping patch aggregation
01/28/16Low memory content aware image modification
01/28/16Accelerating object detection
01/28/16Automatically determining correspondences between three-dimensional models
01/28/16Hybrid stream delivery
01/21/16Generating synthetic data
01/21/16Efficient replication of hierarchical structures
01/21/16Feature interpolation
01/21/16Method and apparatus for providing engaging experience in an asset
01/14/16Content-based revision history timelines
01/14/16Method for visual differencing with attribution
01/14/16Document-authorized access to a shared workspace
01/07/16Multi-layer computer application with a transparent portion
01/07/16Commenting dynamic content
01/07/16Multi-feature image haze removal
01/07/16Smart eraser to erase digital strokes
01/07/16Performance metric based stopping criteria for iterative algorithms

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