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Automatic positioning of a video frame in a collage cell

A computer-implemented method of positioning a video frame within a collage cell includes, for a given one of a plurality of video frames, generating a polygon encompassing a portion of the respective video frame containing at least one visual element. The polygon has a center position corresponding to a first... Adobe Systems Incorporated

Using labels to track high-frequency offsets for patch-matching algorithms

Certain embodiments involve using labels to track high-frequency offsets for patch-matching. For example, a processor identifies an offset between a first source image patch and a first target image patch. If the first source image patch and the first target image patch are sufficiently similar, the processor updates a data... Adobe Systems Incorporated

Interactive generation of procedural ornaments

A procedural model enables a user to configure a global space organization function for the generation of decorative ornaments. The user provides data to seed the generation of the ornaments, as well as localized interactive edits to the generated ornaments. The procedural model iteratively places decorative elements at a subset... Adobe Systems Incorporated

Object interaction preservation from design to digital publication

Object interaction preservation from design to digital publication is described. In example embodiments, a design includes overlapping objects with object interaction effects. The design has a document object model (DOM). A digital publishing module constructs a DOM tree with each node having an object of the design. The DOM tree... Adobe Systems Incorporated

Document replication based on distributional semantics

Embodiments of the present invention are directed toward systems, methods, and computer storage media for using a neural network language model to identify semantic relationships between file storage specifications for replication requests. By treating file storage specifications (or at least a portion thereof) as “words” in the language model, replication... Adobe Systems Incorporated

Content aware sampling during patch synthesis

Embodiments of the present invention provide systems, methods, and computer storage media directed at image synthesis utilizing sampling of patch correspondence information between iterations at different scales. A patch synthesis technique can be performed to synthesize a target region at a first image scale based on portions of a source... Adobe Systems Incorporated

Managing content upload and content retrieval

A method for managing content upload and content retrieval is provided. The method includes receiving a first content for upload to a first address in a first domain. A first identifier for the first content is then generated. A second address in a second domain is determined using the first... Adobe Systems Incorporated

Providing location-based font recommendations

Methods and systems for location-based digital font recommendations determine locations of the images and assign mappings between the identified digital fonts in the images and the locations of the images. Additionally, one or more embodiments detect a location related to content being viewed by a user. In response, one or... Adobe Systems Incorporated

Recognizing unseen fonts based on visual similarity

Font recognition and similarity determination techniques and systems are described. For example, a computing device receives an image including a font and extracts font features corresponding to the font. The computing device computes font feature distances between the font and fonts from a set of training fonts. The computing device... Adobe Systems Incorporated

Providing relevant video scenes in response to a video search query

The present disclosure is directed towards methods and systems for providing relevant video scenes in response to a video search query. The systems and methods identify a plurality of key frames of a media object and detect one or more content features represented in the plurality of key frames. Based... Adobe Systems Incorporated

Determination of paywall metrics

Techniques and systems for determining paywall metrics are described. In an implementation, a candidate paywall metric is created that corresponds to an increased propensity of users to engage in a paid transaction when exposed to a paywall. In this way, providers of digital content may increase the proportion of users... Adobe Systems Incorporated

Rendering digital virtual environments utilizing full path space learning

The present disclosure includes methods and systems for rendering digital images of a virtual environment utilizing full path space learning. In particular, one or more embodiments of the disclosed systems and methods estimate a global light transport function based on sampled paths within a virtual environment. Moreover, in one or... Adobe Systems Incorporated

Undo, redo, and state switching using content-addressable data structures

Systems and methods for switching to different states of electronic content being developed in a content creation application. This involves storing different states of the electronic content using a content-addressable data store, where individual states are represented by identifiers that identify items of respective states stored in the content-addressable data... Adobe Systems Incorporated

Methods and systems for identifying multiple devices belonging to a single user by merging deterministic and probabilistic data to generate a cross device data structure

Systems and methods are disclosed for clustering multiple devices that are associated with particular users by utilizing both probabilistic and deterministic data derived from analytics information on the users. An analytics computing system generates at least one deterministic device cluster that groups a first set of devices associated with a... Adobe Systems Incorporated

Font replacement based on visual similarity

Font replacement based on visual similarity is described. In one or more embodiments, a font descriptor includes multiple font features derived from a visual appearance of a font by a font visual similarity model. The font visual similarity model can be trained using a machine learning system that recognizes similarity... Adobe Systems Incorporated

Testing an effect of user interaction with digital content in a digital medium environment

Paired testing techniques in a digital medium environment are described. A testing system receives data that describes user interactions, e.g., with digital content or other items. The data is organized by the testing system as pairs of user exposures to the different item. Filtering is then performed based on these... Adobe Systems Incorporated

Warping panoramic images to fit a boundary

The present disclosure is directed toward systems and method for warping a panoramic image to fit a predetermined shape using content-unaware warping techniques. For example, systems and methods described herein involve generating a mesh grid for a panoramic image with skewed edges by sampling boundary points around edges of the... Adobe Systems Incorporated

Computer animation of artwork using adaptive meshing

Systems and methods disclosed herein improve the quality and speed of computing deformations used to animate artwork. One aspect provides adaptive meshing that creates a mesh adapted to handle locations and weights associating the handles with the mesh vertices. Portions of the mesh requiring smaller triangles with more densely positioned... Adobe Systems Incorporated

Computer animation of artwork using fast 2-dimensional deformation solving

Systems and methods disclosed improve the speed of animating artwork by determining the handle affine transformations used to animate 2 Dimensional (2D) artwork in a computationally simpler manner than prior techniques. The improved technique represents vertex coordinates (e.g., x1, y1) in 2D artwork as the real and complex portions of... Adobe Systems Incorporated

Identifying significant anomalous segments of a metrics dataset

In some embodiments, a processor accesses a metrics dataset, which includes metrics whose values indicate data network activity. The metrics dataset has segments. Each segment is a respective subset of the data items having a common feature. The processor identifies anomalous segments in the metrics dataset. Each anomalous segment has... Adobe Systems Incorporated

Decomposing media content accounts for persona-based experience individualization

Various embodiments disambiguate users who share media content accounts to provide persona-based experience individualization. Personas correspond to commonly observed channel watching patterns among media content customers. Decomposition of the media content account into personas is achieved by analyzing many accounts, e.g., millions of accounts, on media content platforms. By analyzing... Adobe Systems Incorporated

Digital audiovisual content campaigns using merged television viewer information and online activity information

The present disclosure relates to a content campaign system that improves the design and implementation of content campaigns. In particular, the content campaign system can receive television viewer information corresponding to television client devices and online activity information corresponding to client computing devices. Further, the content campaign system can identify... Adobe Systems Incorporated

Authoring and deploying television apps and pages in a content management system

A content management system (CMS) for graphically authoring and deploying a television app and pages for access and display by end user devices. The CMS displays a canvas in a GUI and receives input graphically specifying page appearance using a component on the canvas. The component is compatible for rendering... Adobe Systems Incorporated

Labelling of aggregated geolocation tags in a digital mapping system

Geotag data embedded in a photograph is converted to a multilevel hierarchical place name tag, which is a new data structure. Higher hierarchy levels correspond to larger geographical regions. Lower hierarchy levels correspond to smaller geographical regions. The geotag data is used to locate the photograph on a map. A... Adobe Systems Incorporated

Identifying key terms related to an entity

Identifying key terms related to an entity is described. An indication is received of the entity for which the key terms are to be identified. Content posted online about the entity and content about trending topics is collected. Since the trending topic content is collected for being trending, it is... Adobe Systems Incorporated

Distributing online ads by targeting online ad requests

Techniques for distributing online ads by targeting online ad requests using test data to predict performance. The techniques can target ad requests in automated online advertising systems in which ad requests are generated by an ad exchange server and bids are placed by marketer devices in real time. The techniques... Adobe Systems Incorporated

Item recommendation techniques

Techniques disclosed herein provide more efficient and more relevant item recommendations to users in large-scale environments in which only positive interest information is known. The techniques use a rank-constrained formulation that generalizes relationships based on known user interests in items and/or use a randomized singular value decomposition (SVD) approximation technique... Adobe Systems Incorporated

Planar region guided 3d geometry estimation from a single image

Techniques for planar region-guided estimates of 3D geometry of objects depicted in a single 2D image. The techniques estimate regions of an image that are part of planar regions (i.e., flat surfaces) and use those planar region estimates to estimate the 3D geometry of the objects in the image. The... Adobe Systems Incorporated

Enhanced texture packing

Embodiments of the present invention are directed towards compactly incorporating texture charts into a texture atlas. Texture charts represent three-dimensional mesh segments flattened into two-dimensional shapes. In one embodiment, a texture atlas generating engine is used to generate and evaluate compactness scores of candidate placements for a texture chart. Candidate... Adobe Systems Incorporated

Digital content interaction and navigation in virtual and augmented reality

Digital content interaction and navigation techniques and systems in virtual and augmented reality are described. In one example, techniques are employed to aid user interaction within a physical environment in which the user is disposed while viewing a virtual or augmented reality environment. In another example, techniques are described to... Adobe Systems Incorporated

Mirror snapping during vector drawing

Embodiments of the present invention are directed at providing a mirror snapping system for selecting candidate snap points as endpoints for path segments with symmetry in a created image. In one embodiment, generating candidate snap locations from a newly created path segment can be accomplished by automatically constructing an axis... Adobe Systems Incorporated

Creating meta-descriptors of marketing messages to facilitate in delivery performance analysis, delivery performance prediction and offer selection

Various embodiments are directed to assigning offers to marketing deliveries utilizing new features to describe offers in the marketing deliveries. Marketing deliveries can be described at a finer level to thus enhance the effectiveness of building and conducting marketing campaigns. The approaches facilitate matching content to recipients, predicting content performance,... Adobe Systems Incorporated

Learning vector-space representations of items for recommendations using word embedding models

Learning vector-space representations of items for recommendations using word embedding models is described. In one or more embodiments, a word embedding model is used to produce item vector representations of items based on considering items interacted with as words and items interacted with during sessions as sentences. The item vectors... Adobe Systems Incorporated

Automatic integrity checking of content delivery network files

Techniques for automatically generating an integrity check hash value for a content asset served by a third-party server when the content asset is added to a template in a user interface. The techniques include displaying, by the user interface, a visual layout of web content, the UI configured to receive... Adobe Systems Incorporated

Platform to create and disseminate virtual user experiences

Techniques and systems are described to implement a platform to create and disseminate virtual user experiences. In one example, a service provider exposes a platform usable for creation of virtual user experiences. In another example, a service provider exposes functionality to enable specification of physical environment conditions to be met... Adobe Systems Incorporated

03/01/18 / #20180059919

Responsive design controls

Techniques for responsive design controls are described. A user interface is provided having a breakpoint bar configured to display multiple selectable breakpoints. When the breakpoints are selected, digital content displayed on a design surface located adjacent to the breakpoint bar is resized according to a relative size of the breakpoint.... Adobe Systems Incorporated

03/01/18 / #20180060287

Expanding input content utilizing previously-generated content

Systems and methods provide for expanding user-provided content. User-provided input content is received via a user interface. Content that is relevant to the user-provided input content is identified from a repository of previously-generated content. The identified relevant content is divided into content sub-segments. From the content sub-segments, one or more... Adobe Systems Incorporated

03/01/18 / #20180060294

Combining aspects of a template into multiple web pages

Techniques for combining aspects of a template into multiple pages are described. In implementations, a request is received to generate a web page having digital content (e.g., text, images, videos, and so on) for display. In response to receiving the request, a template to which the web page is bound... Adobe Systems Incorporated

03/01/18 / #20180060444

Declarative page tracking

Techniques for tracking pages accessed by an app executed to display multiple pages on a display. A computing device loads the app and present content from the app on a display. The computing device is configured to display individual pages of the app using declarative code specifying appearances of the... Adobe Systems Incorporated

03/01/18 / #20180060598

Digital rights management using geographic and temporal traits

Digital rights management using geographic and temporal traits is described. In one or more implementations, a digital medium environment is configured to control access to at least on item of content by digital rights management functionality embedded as part of the content. Data is collected describing geographical traits of a... Adobe Systems Incorporated

03/01/18 / #20180060688

Locating features in warped images

Techniques for locating features of interest in warped images are described. For example, a destination image is generated from a source image based on warping a portion of the source image according to a backward map. Each of the two images is associated with a mesh having a tile-based geometry.... Adobe Systems Incorporated

03/01/18 / #20180060701

Deep-learning network architecture for object detection

Systems and methods are disclosed herein for automatically identifying a query object within a visual medium. The technique generally involves receiving as input to a neural network a query object and a visual medium including the query object. The technique also involves generating, by the neural network, representations of the... Adobe Systems Incorporated

03/01/18 / #20180061011

Automatic orientation adjustment of spherical panorama digital images

The present disclosure includes methods and systems for correcting distortions in spherical panorama digital images. In particular, one or more embodiments of the disclosed systems and methods correct for tilt and/or roll in a digital camera utilized to capture a spherical panorama digital images by determining a corrected orientation and... Adobe Systems Incorporated

03/01/18 / #20180061028

Image lighting transfer via multi-dimensional histogram matching

Embodiments of the present invention provide systems, methods, and computer storage media directed at relighting a target image based on a lighting effect from a reference image. In one embodiment, a target image and a reference image are received, the reference image includes a lighting effect desired to be applied... Adobe Systems Incorporated

03/01/18 / #20180061052

Techniques for selecting objects in images

Disclosed are various embodiments for automatically selecting and modifying objects within an image that are similar to an object previously selected by a user. A user first selects an object in a displayed image. Object feature descriptors are generated describing a shape formed by edges of the object, and image... Adobe Systems Incorporated

03/01/18 / #20180061092

Tool for creating and editing arcs

Techniques for a tool are described herein. In implementations, the tool is provided via a user interface for a digital media application that supports digital illustrations. The tool combines operations to create different types of segments for a drawing shape and covert between types of segments. The tool is configured... Adobe Systems Incorporated

03/01/18 / #20180061101

Simplified mechanism for displaying multiple documents on a mobile device

A simplified mechanism for displaying multiple documents on a mobile device is described. In embodiments, a tilt angle of a housing of the mobile device is detected to determine whether the mobile device is tilted. Based on the tilt angle, a transparency setting is automatically modified for a first document... Adobe Systems Incorporated

03/01/18 / #20180061128

Digital content rendering coordination in augmented reality

Digital content rendering coordination techniques in augmented reality are described. In one example, a user is provided with a first display device via which an augmented reality environment is to be viewed that includes at least a partial view of a physical environment. As part of this physical environment, a... Adobe Systems Incorporated

03/01/18 / #20180063564

Subscription service for authorizing access to media content

Embodiments are provided for automatically providing subscriber authentication and authorization services. For example, a subscription service communicates with an identity service provider to authenticate subscribers requesting video content from programmers and a payment service provider to confirm that authenticated subscribers are authorized to receive the content. The subscription service receives... Adobe Systems Incorporated

02/22/18 / #20180052646

Electronic content simulation for digital signage

Provided are methods and systems for simulating context-dependent electronic content on a separate digital sign. A user creates context-dependent electronic content for a separate digital sign, and associates the electronic content with context rules for displaying the content. The context-dependent electronic content is then displayed on a digital sign, such... Adobe Systems Incorporated

02/22/18 / #20180052808

Creation and display of a webpage with alternative layouts for different webpage widths

Methods and systems for creating a webpage having different element orders for different webpage widths are disclosed. A computing device receives inputs specifying different layouts of elements in different orders for different webpage widths. The computing device creates markup code for the webpage that specifies separate subtrees of nodes for... Adobe Systems Incorporated

02/22/18 / #20180052839

Geotagging a landscape photograph

Techniques are disclosed for assigning a geographical location to a photograph of a landscape. A geographic location tag is calculated from raw sensor data and a three-dimensional terrain map that corresponds to the landscape in the photograph. One technique includes calculating a two-dimensional ideal view projection of a camera used... Adobe Systems Incorporated

02/22/18 / #20180052933

Control of document similarity determinations by respective nodes of a plurality of computing devices

Techniques and systems are described to control a determination of document similarity. In one example, dimensionality of the documents is reduced through computation of a signature, e.g., via a hashing technique such as “minhashing” which is also known as min-wise independent permutations locality sensitive hashing. From these signatures, another hashing... Adobe Systems Incorporated

02/22/18 / #20180053199


Systems and methods are disclosed herein for automatically identifying segments of customers based on customers having similar characteristics and behaviors. In one embodiment of the invention, event-level records representing customer interactions for multiple customers are received and the event-level records are summarized to combine attributes for respective customers into customer-level... Adobe Systems Incorporated

02/22/18 / #20180053207

Providing personalized alerts and anomaly summarization

Methods and systems are provided herein for summarizing a set of anomalies corresponding to a group of metrics of interest to a monitoring system user. Initially, a set of anomalies corresponding to a group of metrics is identified as having values that are outside of a predetermined range. A correlation... Adobe Systems Incorporated

02/22/18 / #20180053210

Personalization of digital content recommendations

Personalization techniques for digital content recommendations are described. In one example, a hybrid model is used to form recommendations for individual users, groups of individual users, and so on. The hybrid model may also employ a latent factor model, which is configured to employ an implicit similarity approach to recommendations.... Adobe Systems Incorporated

02/22/18 / #20180053236

Navigation and rewards involving physical goods and services

Navigation and reward techniques involving physical goods and services are described. In one example, digital content is configured to aid navigation of a user between different physical goods or services. This navigation includes user specified good or services as well as recommended goods or services that are not specified by... Adobe Systems Incorporated

02/22/18 / #20180053279

Graphics performance for complex user interfaces

Techniques for providing enhanced graphics in a user interface by efficiently using enhanced graphics resources. A computing device displays the enhanced graphics in an upper view of the user interface and the enhanced graphics resources identify a visual region in which the enhanced graphics are positioned. The computing device accesses... Adobe Systems Incorporated

02/22/18 / #20180053288

Systems and techniques for automatic image haze removal across multiple video frames

Computer-implemented systems and methods herein disclose automatic haze correction in a digital video. A video dehazing module divides a digital video into multiple scenes, each scene including a set of video frames. For each scene, the video dehazing module identifies the dark channel, brightness, and atmospheric light characteristics in the... Adobe Systems Incorporated

02/22/18 / #20180053333

Digital image animation

Digital image animation techniques are described. In one example, animations are used for a single digital image to permit movement or other effects to be exhibited as part of the digital image without requiring multiple frames as in conventional techniques. Transformation of the single digital image by the animations may... Adobe Systems Incorporated

02/22/18 / #20180054509

Touch and device orientation-based device pairing

Systems and methods are provided for pairing a mobile device with a second device based on the mobile device being placed flat against a touch screen of the second device. The mobile device determines that is has been placed in a predetermined orientation that matches the orientation of the display... Adobe Systems Incorporated

02/15/18 / #20180046168

Method and preserving structural integrity of 3-dimensional models when printing at varying scales

A computer implemented method and apparatus for preserving structural integrity of 3-D models when printing at varying scales, by use of a cueing model.... Adobe Systems Incorporated

02/15/18 / #20180046361

Fitting content to a resized frame

Fitting content to a resized frame is described. In one or more embodiments, input is received to resize a frame that defines a boundary for a content item in a layout of content. For example, a user grabs a handle of the frame and drags the handle horizontally or vertically... Adobe Systems Incorporated

02/15/18 / #20180046363

Digital content view control

Digital content view control techniques are described. In one example, a virtual control is used to supplement navigation of digital content without movement of a user's head through use of an appendage such as a hand, finger, and so forth. In another example, a digital content view control technique is... Adobe Systems Incorporated

02/15/18 / #20180046605

Completing fields in electronic documents by automatically assigning drawing input

The present disclosure includes methods and systems for completing fields in an electronic document utilizing drawing input. In particular, upon receiving drawing input in an electronic document with a plurality of fields, one or more embodiments of the disclosed systems and methods automatically identify an appropriate field corresponding to the... Adobe Systems Incorporated

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02/15/18 / #20180046637

Uniquely identifying and tracking selectable web page objects

Embodiments are provided for uniquely identifying and tracking selectable web page objects and presenting tracked activity for the selectable objects. In some cases, an analytics tool is used to collect and present link activity based on analytics data for a given selectable object of a content page, such as a... Adobe Systems Incorporated

02/15/18 / #20180046879

Salient video frame establishment

Salient video frame establishment is described. In one or more example embodiments, salient frames of a video are established based on multiple photos. An image processing module is capable of analyzing both video frames and photos, both of which may include entities, such as faces or objects. Frames of a... Adobe Systems Incorporated

02/15/18 / #20180047049

Attributing contributions of digital marketing campaigns towards conversions

Methods and systems for attributing contributions to digital marketing campaigns in achieving an action are described. In one or more implementations, first, second, and third order probabilities of a user taking the action are computed for each of a plurality of campaigns of a campaign path. Based on the probabilities,... Adobe Systems Incorporated

02/15/18 / #20180047137

Automatic correction of facial sentiment of portrait images

Techniques are disclosed for correcting facial sentiment of digital images. Facial data captured in a target image is analyzed to obtain facial-based sentiment. A favored sentiment is determined based at least in part on the facial-based sentiment. The favored sentiment is then applied to at least one face included in... Adobe Systems Incorporated

02/15/18 / #20180047189

Local optimization for curvy brush stroke synthesis

Systems and methods provide for on the fly creation of curvy, digital brush strokes using incremental, local optimization. Samples from a user's input stroke are detected and matched with exemplar brush stroke segments as the user proceeds to provide input. For each set of samples, a temporary segment is generated... Adobe Systems Incorporated

02/08/18 / #20180039479

Digital content search and environmental context

Digital content search and environmental context techniques and systems are described. The environmental context is leveraged to provide additional information and insight into a likely goal of a textual search query input by a user. In one example, environmental conditions are leveraged to provide a search query context. In another... Adobe Systems Incorporated

02/08/18 / #20180039605

Non-resident font preview

Embodiments of the present invention are directed at providing a font similarity preview for non-resident fonts. In one embodiment, a font is selected on a computing device. In response to the selection of the font, a pre-computed font list is checked to determine what fonts are similar to the selected... Adobe Systems Incorporated

02/08/18 / #20180039898

Anomaly detection for time series data having arbitrary seasonality

In various implementations, a method includes receiving a set of time series data that corresponds to a metric. A seasonal pattern is extracted from the set of time series data and the extracted seasonal pattern is filtered from the set of time series data. A predictive model is generated from... Adobe Systems Incorporated

02/08/18 / #20180039907

Document structure extraction using machine learning

The structure of an untagged document can be derived using a predictive model that is trained in a supervised learning framework based on a corpus of tagged training documents. Analyzing the training documents results in a plurality of document part feature vectors, each of which correlates a category defining a... Adobe Systems Incorporated

02/08/18 / #20180039998

Automated integration of partner products

Automated integration of partner products in connection with a web analytics application is facilitated. A list of available partner products is displayed, and the user is provided with an opportunity to select one or more of the displayed partner products. A wizard is presented, allowing the user to configure the... Adobe Systems Incorporated

02/08/18 / #20180040003

Enhancing media partner metadata with attribution data

Systems and methods provide for delivering a marketer's attribution data to media partners on a per-content impression basis to allow the media partners to make actionable decisions based on how valuable the marketer views the media partners' content impressions. During content impressions, a pixel tag is fired that captures and... Adobe Systems Incorporated

02/08/18 / #20180041750

Field of view rendering control of digital content

Techniques and system to control rendering of digital content according as having respective fields of view are described. In one example, metadata is used to assign a first field of view to be used for rendering of a first group of frames of the plurality of frames of the digital... Adobe Systems Incorporated

02/01/18 / #20180032543

Self-service system for managing shared resources

The self-service resource management system includes a resource auditor to audit version information and state information of resources contributed by users. Further, a resource broker in the resource management system is configured to facilitate a formation of a resource pool of shared resources when each of the required resources in... Adobe Systems Incorporated

02/01/18 / #20180032888

Predicting a number of links an email campaign recipient will open

Techniques for predicting a number of links an email campaign recipient will open are described. Elements in a dataset related to an email campaign are modeled using a tree structure, where nodes of the tree represent features of each element. A mean squared error is computed of an outcome for... Adobe Systems Incorporated

02/01/18 / #20180033022

Evaluating coincident interaction indicators

Disclosed are embodiments for determining the impact of one or more latent factors on user interaction metrics based at least in part on an impact model. The embodiments identify a value for a user interaction metric, the user interaction metric measuring interaction with content and identify an impact for a... Adobe Systems Incorporated

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02/01/18 / #20180033056

Competitor trend-based social content ideation

Systems and methods provide for generating publication pitches based on social trends identified on social networks. Pieces of social data associated with one or more competitor assets are obtained. The pieces of social data, particularly the engagement data associated therewith, are analyzed to identify one or more social trends. A... Adobe Systems Incorporated

02/01/18 / #20180033168

Dynamic spread anti-aliasing

Dynamic spread anti-aliasing is described. In some embodiments, a filled object is segmented into control tiles. Along the object border, multiple exterior control tiles respectively correspond to multiple curves forming the border. For each curve, one side is filled and the other is anti-aliased to smooth the appearance of the... Adobe Systems Incorporated

02/01/18 / #20180033193

Generating portable three-dimensional print-preview renderings of three-dimensional models

The present disclosure is directed toward systems and methods for providing a preview that includes a visualization of various properties of an object to be printed from a three-dimensional input model. For example, systems and methods described herein involve performing one or more of a printability analysis, appearance analysis, true-visual... Adobe Systems Incorporated

02/01/18 / #20180033194

Generating views of three-dimensional models illustrating defects

Systems and methods are disclosed for generating viewpoints and/or digital images of defects in a three-dimensional model. In particular, in one or more embodiments, the disclosed systems and methods generate exterior viewpoints by clustering intersection points between a bounding sphere and rays originating from exterior vertices corresponding to one or... Adobe Systems Incorporated

02/01/18 / #20180034435

Using averaged audio measurements to automatically set audio compressor threshold levels

Various aspects of this disclosure describe setting an audio compressor threshold using averaged audio measurements. Examples include calculating one or more average values of amplitude values of an audio file, and setting a threshold used in the audio compressor based on the calculated thresholds. Samples of the audio file with... Adobe Systems Incorporated

02/01/18 / #20180034979

Techniques for capturing an image within the context of a document

Disclosed are various embodiments for capturing an image within the context of a document. The computing device identifies an image field within the document displayed in a user interface (UI). The image field is operable to display live input received from a camera. In response to receiving a first input... Adobe Systems Incorporated

01/25/18 / #20180024817

Development environment for real-time application development

According to certain embodiments, a development environment for mobile applications includes a design environment executed by a computing system in communication with a group of viewing applications operating on a group of mobile devices. The viewing applications correspond to version(s) of an application under development. In some embodiments, the design... Adobe Systems Incorporated

01/25/18 / #20180025028

Facilitating location-aware analysis

Facilitating location-aware analysis is described. In some embodiments, a database building module is configured to build a point of interest (POI) database based on a tree data structure that includes multiple nodes respectively corresponding to multiple areas. The database building module includes a content node processing module that inserts an... Adobe Systems Incorporated

01/25/18 / #20180025378

Fatigue control in dissemination of digital marketing content

Fatigue control techniques are described as part of dissemination of digital marketing content. In one example, a model is trained on marketing data using machine learning. The marketing data describes user interactions with digital marketing content. An indication is also received of a subsequent user that is to receive the... Adobe Systems Incorporated

01/25/18 / #20180027078

Image session identifier techniques

Image session identifier techniques are described. In one or more implementations, a request is received to create an image sharing session and a session identifier is generated for the image sharing session that is configured to act as a credential to join the image sharing session as a member. A... Adobe Systems Incorporated

01/25/18 / #20180027084

Network-based probabilistic device linking

Network-based probabilistic device linking techniques are described that link multiple devices associated with a common entity. In one example, log records are received from service providers including a device identifier and an IP address associated with a computing device that uses the service providers to access resources. The received log... Adobe Systems Incorporated

01/25/18 / #20180027143

Method and system for generating electronic documents from paper documents while retaining information from the paper documents

A method for adding electronic properties to an electronic document is provided. The method includes generating the electronic document from a paper document. Content is then identified from the electronic document. An electronic copy of the electronic document is searched using the content. Electronic properties of the content are extracted... Adobe Systems Incorporated

01/18/18 / #20180018523

Techniques for enhancing content memorability of user generated video content

Techniques are described for analyzing a video for memorability, identifying content features of the video that are likely to be memorable, and scoring specific content features within the video for memorability. The techniques can be optionally applied to selected features in the video, thus improving the memorability of the selected... Adobe Systems Incorporated

01/18/18 / #20180020065

Facilitating consistent a/b testing assignment

The present disclosure is directed toward systems and methods for providing consistent test versions of an A/B tested web page in an A/B test. For example, one or more embodiments described herein generate an A/B test mapping that associates ranges of identifiers with test versions of an A/B tested web... Adobe Systems Incorporated

01/11/18 / #20180011931

Master content summaries for variant content

A method for generating summaries includes selecting a first subset of text units of a text composition to incorporate into a first summary of the text composition using a weighting of the text units that indicates for each text unit a relative importance of including the text unit in summaries... Adobe Systems Incorporated

01/11/18 / #20180012381

Enhanced precision background shading for digitally published text

Various techniques more precisely and reliably (a) position top and bottom boundaries of a region of background shading, (b) position left and right boundaries of a region of background shading, (c) define a region of background shading that is applied to Chinese, Japanese, or Korean characters, and (d) apply a... Adobe Systems Incorporated

01/04/18 / #20180004363

Facilitating data science operations

The present disclosure is directed to performing data science operations. In particular, the present disclosure relates to a data science system that improves data science operations as well as enhances a user's experience in performing data science operations. For example, the data science system provides an improved framework that enables... Adobe Systems Incorporated

01/04/18 / #20180004401

Objects alignment and distribution layout

In embodiments of objects alignment and distribution layout, an object layout interface includes objects displayed for selection and manipulation. A layout algorithm receives a reposition input for a selected object in the object layout interface, and determines a distribution layout and/or an alignment layout of the objects. The layout algorithm... Adobe Systems Incorporated

01/04/18 / #20180004784

Packaging data science operations

The present disclosure relates to a data science system that packages data science operations. The data science system packages a data science operation with a component descriptor or service descriptor to allow the data science system to easily apply and execute the data science operations using data from a variety... Adobe Systems Incorporated

01/04/18 / #20180005070

Generating image features based on robust feature-learning

Techniques for increasing robustness of a convolutional neural network based on training that uses multiple datasets and multiple tasks are described. For example, a computer system trains the convolutional neural network across multiple datasets and multiple tasks. The convolutional neural network is configured for learning features from images and accordingly... Adobe Systems Incorporated

01/04/18 / #20180005354

Patch partitions and image processing

Patch partition and image processing techniques are described. In one or more implementations, a system includes one or more modules implemented at least partially in hardware. The one or more modules are configured to perform operations including grouping a plurality of patches taken from a plurality of training samples of... Adobe Systems Incorporated

01/04/18 / #20180006825

Electronic signature framework with enhanced security

Improved document processing workflows provide a secure electronic signature framework by reducing attack vectors that could be used to gain unauthorized access to digital assets. In one embodiment an electronically signed document is removed from an electronic signature server after signed copies of the document are distributed to all signatories.... Adobe Systems Incorporated

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