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Agco Corporation patents

Recent patent applications related to Agco Corporation. Agco Corporation is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Agco Corporation may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Agco Corporation, we're just tracking patents.

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05/25/17 new patent  Mobile machine plumbing system
05/11/17Track system slack adjuster for tracked vehicle
05/04/17Drawbar pin ejector
04/13/17Hitch system
03/30/17User interface for mobile machines
03/30/17User interface for mobile machines
03/30/17User interface for mobile machines
03/23/17Combine harvester residue management system
03/23/17Hydraulic conditioner roll tension in pull-type mower conditioner
03/23/17Isobus wireless networking of agricultural machines in a collaborative agricultural process
03/16/17System and automatically generating vehicle guidance waypoints and waylines
03/16/17Machine suspension and height adjustment
03/16/17Machine suspension and height adjustment
03/02/17Machine-to-machine sharing of wayline deviation information
02/02/17Method of managing additive applications in an agricultural environment
01/05/17Automatic load control for self-propelled windrower
01/05/17Single cam double bow knotter for baler
12/22/16Crop mat measurement through stereo imaging
12/15/16System and automatically changing machine control state
12/15/16Automatic header coupling
12/08/16Air deflector for return pan of harvester cleaning shoe
12/01/16Remote vehicle feature unlock using a scannable identifier
10/27/16Crop conveyor deck with adjustable discharge angle
10/27/16Method and improving user interface visibility in agricultural machines
10/20/16Combine header hook-up assist system
10/20/16Computer program and controlling a drive system of an agricultural vehicle
10/06/16Dynamic cooperative geofence
10/06/16Dynamic cooperative geofence
09/22/16Header position sensing system for an agricultural harvester
09/22/16System and automatically generating vehicle guidance waypoints and waylines
09/15/16Vane arrangement in combine harvester processor
09/08/16Path planning based on obstruction mapping
09/01/16Articulated machine proximity system
08/18/16Gnss-based obstruction mapping
08/11/16Planter with post seed tube mounted row cleaner and depth control method
08/11/16Automatic connection to gnss data sources
07/28/16Control system for controlling header speed of an agricultural vehicle
07/21/16Windrower tractor controlled by forward-neutral-reverse ground speed lever
07/14/16Automatic connection to gnss data sources
07/07/16Machine suspension and height adjustment
07/07/16Universal software platform for work vehicles
06/30/16System for management of data files for agricultural machines
06/30/16Wide cut rotary header having crop conveying slinger
06/30/16Wide cut rotary header having vertically intermeshed crop conveying discs
06/30/16System for management of data files for agricultural machines
06/30/16System for management of data files for agricultural machines
06/30/16Grain header with swathing and chopping capability
06/30/16Breakaway stalk stomper for corn header
06/30/16System for management of data files for agricultural machines
06/23/16Variable speed drive system for grain unloading
06/09/16Debris screen for combine harvester grain cleaning fan
06/09/16Debris screen for combine harvester grain cleaning fan
06/09/16Machine suspension and height adjustment
05/26/16Agricultural header row unit for harvesting stalk residue
05/26/16Automating distribution of work in a field
05/12/16Windrower with quick header attachment
05/12/16Retractable row crop tire guard
05/05/16Closing wheel equalizer
04/28/16Active header control
04/21/16Variable precharge accumulator for agricultural header
04/21/16Hydraulic header control of a combine harvester
04/21/16Combine harvester residue management system
04/14/16Dual purpose pivot row crop tire guard
03/17/16Cleaning shoe mog discharge method and system
03/17/16Progressive rate suspension for agricultural vehicle
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03/03/16System and adjusting the chassis height of a machine
02/25/16Wireless out-of-band authentication for a controller area network
02/11/16Machine turn maneuver management
02/04/16Determining field characteristics using optical recognition
02/04/16Reassigning license for gnss accuracy improvement service
01/28/16Vehicle guidance system
12/31/15Monitoring seed condition using wireless technology
12/31/15Windrow relative yield determination through stereo imaging
12/03/15Square baler with plunger providing increased impact force
12/03/15Method of assigning planned paths to multiple machines to cooperatively cover area
11/26/15Air duct shutoff
11/19/15Path planning vehicle guidance
11/12/15Integrated crop scraper
11/12/15Minimizing bearing failure due to stalk roll misalignment
11/05/15Dual cam controlled reel tines
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10/29/15Square bale ejector system
10/29/15Multi-axis reaction arm assembly for a tracked tractor
10/08/15Spring mechanism for electric shift actuator
10/01/15Real time sensing of pests
09/17/15Rotatable shroud for directional control of application area
09/17/15Reclamation system for a controlled droplet applicator
09/10/15Horizontally rotating controlled droplet application
09/10/15Machine error and failure mitigation
08/27/15Dual belt seed delivery mechanism
08/27/15Suspension systems for flexible frame vehicles
08/27/15Sensor enhanced fencerow management
08/13/15Self-propelled agricultural machine with dual driving modes
08/13/15Controlled droplet application with directional shroud for limiting application area
08/13/15Air assistance and drift reduction technology for controlled droplet applicator
08/06/15System for optimizing bale drop locations within a field
07/23/15Pivot hinge boom spray system
07/23/15Adjustable limit bar with sway control
07/09/15Machine group selection for machine data management
07/09/15Machine data management using collective machine data
06/25/15Leaf screen cleaner
06/25/15System and monitoring particulate storage
06/18/15System and communicating gnss information between mobile machines
06/11/15Helical acting snap roll flutes for corn header
06/11/15Shoe load and distribution sensing for combine harvester
05/28/15Coarse attitude determination from gnss antenna gain profiling
05/28/15Dynamic cooperative geofence
05/28/15Expandable grain tank
05/21/15Adjustable vane in combine harvester
05/21/15System and automatically generating vehicle guidance waypoints and waylines
05/14/15Grain unloader for combine harvester
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04/16/15Machine suspension and height adjustment
04/16/15System and adjusting the chassis height of a machine
04/16/15Machine suspension and height adjustment
04/16/15Machine suspension and height adjustment
04/16/15Machine suspension and height adjustment with rotary actuator
04/16/15Vehicle with chassis height adjustment
04/09/15Controller for work vehicle cooling package
04/09/15Bi-directional break-away joint
04/09/15Bi-directional break-away boom with torsion springs and rotary damper
04/09/15Bi-directional break-away boom with roller and rotary damper
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04/02/15Divider assembly for corn header
03/12/15Wire harness integrated with rotational mold
02/26/15Multi-configuration, multi-pin drawbar retention assembly
01/29/15Articulated machine proximity system
01/08/15Flexible draper header with feeder house adapter and center deck
01/08/15Closing wheel equalizer
01/01/15Skid plate for crop header having flexible cutterbar
01/01/15Closing wheel adjustment
12/25/14Transfer pan and pickup assembly
12/25/14Variable speed round bale chamber control using bale growth rate
12/18/14Low rate metering wheel for coarse granules
12/11/14Fore and aft tilt for corn header
12/04/14Geometry for controlling air velocity in a combine harvester
12/04/14Gaming producing audio-visual signals
11/27/14Variable speed round bale chamber control with accumulator sensor
11/13/14Method for even crop distribution
11/06/14Flexible draper and cutter bar having shiftable crop divider with deflector
11/06/14Crop contacting roller driven by bale forming belts
10/23/14Integral seed meter drive motor
09/18/14Infinitely variable planting or spraying device
09/18/14Harvester with suspended rear axle
09/18/14Harvester with extendable rear axle
09/18/14Chopper attachment to improve conditioning of bio-mass type crops
09/18/14Spring tine with integrated relief section
09/18/14System and operating vehicle drive wheels
09/18/14Double-walled plastic grain bin with integrated fluid storage between walls
09/18/14Roto-molded plastic grain bin
09/18/14Grain bin constructed of plastic panels
09/18/14Double-walled plastic grain bin with integrated support structure
07/03/14Apparatus for determining tank level on a slope
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06/26/14Baler unloading ramp return mechanism
06/26/14Combine cleaning system without a shaking sieve
06/19/14Automatic bale forming chamber speed based on incoming crop mass
06/19/14Square baler having flywheel planetary drive
06/19/14Speed control in agricultural vehicle guidance systems
06/19/14Speed control in agricultural vehicle guidance systems
06/19/14Speed control in agricultural vehicle guidance systems
06/19/14Zonal operator presence detection
06/12/14Adjustable crop accumulating and metering device
06/12/14Square baler having planetary plunger drive
05/29/14Round baler accumulation area of width greater than bale chamber
05/22/14Agricultural implement with power input having continuously variable transmission
05/08/14Harvester having chaffer with tiltable section
04/24/14Plumbing mount for agricultural sprayer
04/17/14Systems and methods for switching display modes in agricultural vehicles
04/10/14System and using 1d and 2d barcodes in electrical troubleshooting and service parts information
04/03/14Flexible draper header with relatively rigid center section
03/27/14Aggressive grate for combine harvester
02/20/14Spray nozzle light
02/20/14Spreader nozzle light
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02/13/14Automatic header electronic pitch control
02/13/14Agricultural implement marker foldable about compound angle
02/06/14Methods and systems for optimizing performance of vehicle guidance systems
11/28/13Knife-sharpening system for an infeed cutter of an agricultural impelment
11/14/13Front and rear ground sensing for header pitch control
11/07/13Variable length header truss for harvesting header
10/03/13Header flotation system with computer control for a self-propelled windrower
09/26/13Flexible draper and cutter bar having shiftable crop divider with deflector
09/26/13Transfer pan and pickup assembly
09/26/13Applicator boom tilt frame
08/15/13Flexible cutterbar stop structure for draper header
08/01/13Interlocking basket for strip tillage machine
08/01/13Translating grain bin extensions for agricultural harvesting machine
07/18/13Acoustic fault detection of mechanical systems with active noise cancellation
07/04/13Agricultural implement having knife load responsive infeed cutter
07/04/13Tine pickup with narrow tine spacing for a baler
07/04/13Offset tine rows of a pickup assembly
07/04/13Camless pickup wrapper
07/04/13Stuffer chute fill indicator
07/04/13Adjusting air flow without restricting a fan
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07/04/13Vented fan duct
07/04/13Multi-mode steerable 3-point hitch
07/04/13Method of detecting and improving operator situational awareness on agricultural machines
07/04/13Multiple fan blade angles in a single crossflow fan
07/04/13Automatic transition control of hitch modes
06/27/13Rotary cutter-style crop conditioning header having end-mounted rotary shear
06/27/13Flexible draper head providing reduced crop residue accumulation
06/27/13Support for reel or auger with single piece tube
06/27/13Tine adjustment for a header
06/27/13Dual outlet fan in axial flow combine
06/27/13Discharge shield
06/27/13Geographic reference detection and performance modification
06/20/13Specific location dry yield measurement for forage
06/20/13Harvesting header with a flexible cutterbar and tilt arm for cutterbar drive
06/20/13Individually steered rear axle for dual path steered vehicles
06/20/13Steerable rear axle system for dual-path steered windrower tractor
06/20/13Drawbar pin retention device
06/20/13Method for measuring air efficiency and efficacy in a combine harvester
06/20/13Systems and methods for switching display modes in agricultural vehicles
06/13/13Unloading configuration for an agricultural grain cart
05/30/13Flexible draper header having center draper
05/30/13Combine harvester draper header with pivoting structure within side draper
05/30/13Throughput control adjustable vanes on agricultural combine harvester
05/16/13Knotter mechanism for crop balers and the like
05/09/13Twin row planter
05/02/13Avoiding the misapplication of contents in one or more containers
05/02/13Drift plume display
05/02/13Variable diameter hose mounting system
05/02/13Label based machine controls
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05/02/13Agriculture combination machines for dispensing compositions
04/25/13Modular boom mounting system for agricultural sprayer
04/25/13Plumbing mount for agricultural sprayer
04/25/13Dynamic spray buffer calculation
04/25/13Methods and system for automatic user-configurable steering parameter control
04/18/13Method for making a tube joint in an agricultural implement frame
04/18/13Precision fertilizer placement
04/18/13Tube joint in implement frame
04/18/13Control a pivoting grain unloading spout for use with combine harvesters
04/04/13Docking station
02/28/13Guidance system automatic wheel angle sensor calibration
02/21/13Feeding for wide cut rotary header having helper roll
12/27/12Draper assembly with rollers for a flexible draper header
12/20/12Linkage lift mechanism for off-road vehicle
12/13/12Air diverter for combine shoe
11/22/12Seat latching and storage mechanism
11/08/12Interlocking belt guards for a draper header
11/01/12Modular agricultural boom structure
11/01/12Field efficiency gauge
11/01/12Adhesively bonded joint in agricultural boom structure
10/25/12Combine harvester draper header with floor pan rearward of central draper
10/25/12Baler density control mechanism and method
10/18/12Seed flap for seed meter
10/18/12Hydraulic walking beam
10/18/12Machete rake
10/18/12Twin straw chopper
10/11/12Remote weather sensing for harvesting conditions
10/11/12Remote machine query and control using telemetry unit and other sensors
10/11/12Moving geofence for machine tracking in agriculture

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