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Agency For Science Technology And Research patents

Recent patent applications related to Agency For Science Technology And Research. Agency For Science Technology And Research is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Agency For Science Technology And Research may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Agency For Science Technology And Research, we're just tracking patents.

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11/30/17Monoclonal antibody against muramyl peptides in prevention and treatment of immune-mediated diseases
11/30/17Technique for formation and assembly of 3d cellular structures
11/30/17Organic inverter and forming the same
11/23/17Purine diones as wnt pathway modulators
11/16/17Cosmetic use of heparan sulphate
11/16/17Mutants of the bacteriophage lambda integrase
11/16/17A sensing device, system and a manufacture thereof
11/16/17Sers-based analyte detection
11/09/17Speckle reduction in optical coherence tomography images
11/09/17Heparan sulphates for use in repair and/or regeneration of skin
11/09/17Anti-pd-l1 antibodies
11/09/17Block copolymers for therapeutic drug delivery
11/09/17Glycosylation mutants for producing galactose-free and fucose-free polypeptides
11/09/17A prognosis of ovarian cancer, patient's stratification
11/09/17Method and device for traffic sign recognition
11/02/17Clinical correlates of immunotherapy efficacy
11/02/17Anti-pd-1 antibodies
11/02/17Multi-step voltage for forming resistive random access memory (rram) cell filament
11/02/17An optical device and a fabricating thereof
10/26/17Antimicrobial guanidinium and thiouronium functionalized polymers
10/26/17Methods of differentiating stem cells into liver cell lineages
10/26/17Anti-tim-3 antibodies
10/26/17Apparatus for processing a sample in a liquid droplet and using the same
10/26/17A sentiment classification and emotion classification
10/26/17Hardware based crosstalk reduction for hard disk drives
10/26/17Method of bonding a first substrate and a second substrate
10/19/17Frame based spike detection module
10/19/17Triphasic system for direct conversion of sugars to furandicarboxylic acid
10/19/17Formulation and inhibiting carbon-based deposits
10/12/17Antimicrobial imidazolium compounds
10/05/17Polycarbonates bearing aromatic n-heterocycles for drug delivery
10/05/17Phosphorus-containing catalysts
10/05/17A test strip for paper-based assay
10/05/17Test strip assembly
10/05/17Molecular tunnel junctions and their use as sources of electronic plasmons
09/28/17Core-shell particle
09/28/17Active storage devices
09/28/17Distributed active hybrid storage system
09/28/17Magnetic element and fabrication thereof
09/28/17Method of constructing flat xor codes from integer indexed tanner graphs
09/21/17Cationic polyamines for treatment of viruses
09/21/17Active storage unit and array
09/14/17Anti-cancer agent delivery vehicles capable of improved loading
09/14/17Methods of treating graft versus host disease (gvhd) or epidermolysis bullosa (eb)
09/14/17Micellar nanocomplex
09/14/17Amorphous metal oxide films
09/14/17Monoclonal antibody against muramyl peptides
09/14/17Differentiation of hepatocyte-like cells from stem cells
09/14/17Modified antimir-138 oligonucleotides
08/24/17Antibacterial and/or antifouling polymers
08/24/17Method of preparing a porous carbon material
08/24/17Anti-tim-3 antibodies
08/24/17Anti-pd-1 antibodies
08/24/17Automatic region-of-interest segmentation and registration of dynamic contrast-enhanced images of colorectal tumors
08/24/17Flip-flop circuit, controlling a flip-flop circuit and memory device
08/17/17Microrna biomarker for the diagnosis of gastric cancer
08/17/17Diagnosis of cancer
08/10/17Anti-ctla-4 antibodies
08/10/17Optical waveguide structure and optical gas sensor, and methods of fabrication thereof
08/03/17Polymer-flavonoid conjugate and uses thereof
08/03/17Electrospun conductive carbon fibers
08/03/17Method and system for producing an olefin
08/03/17Purification of biological products by constrained cohydration chromatography
08/03/17Process for depositing metal or metalloid chalcogenides
08/03/17Semiconductor device fabrication
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07/27/17Antibiotic compositions for treating bacterial infections
07/27/17Reference clock signal generators and methods for generating a reference clock signal
07/20/17Method of promoting wound healing
07/20/17Hbv epitope reactive exogenous t cell receptor (tcr) and uses thereof
07/20/17Anti-scratch coating
07/20/17Routing protocol for advanced metering infrastructure system
07/13/17Ultrashort peptides as exogenous second harmonic probes for bioimaging applications
07/13/17A diagnostic and therapeutic tool for cancer
07/13/17Magnetic element and fabrication thereof
07/06/17A method to up-regulate cancer stem cell markers for the generation of antigen specific cytotoxic effector t cells
07/06/17Process for plasmonic-based high resolution color printing
06/29/17A using haptic device and brain-computer interface for rehabilitation
06/29/17Crosslinked peptide hydrogels
06/29/17Crosslinked peptide hydrogels
06/29/17Crosslinked peptide hydrogels
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06/29/17Crosslinked peptide hydrogels
06/29/17Methods of producing tissue-mimetic constructs and uses thereof
06/29/17One-step process for making a polymer composite coating with high barrier
06/22/17Apparatus and methods for fractionation of biological products
06/22/17Silica coating on nanoparticles
06/22/17Donor-acceptor polymers
06/22/17Encrypted data deduplication in cloud storage
06/22/17A low temperature bonding of wafers
06/15/172,4,5-tri-substituted azole-based casein kinase 1 inhibitors as inducers for cardiomyogenesis
06/15/17Chalcone-urea derivatives as insulin sensors
06/15/17Testing apparatuses, hierarchical priority encoders, methods for controlling a testing apparatus, and methods for controlling a hierarchical priority encoder
06/08/17Method for preparing a sodium faujasite catalyst and its use in producing acrylic acid
06/08/17Virus reduction method
06/08/17Cyclic carbonate monomers and ring opened polycarbonates therefrom
06/08/17Porous polymer material
06/08/17Transposon for genome manipulation
06/01/17Imprinting metallic substrates at hot working temperatures
05/25/17Stem cell subpopulations with differential gstt1 expression or genotype
05/25/17Prl-3 as a biomarker for the prognosis of cancer and a target for therapy
05/18/17Protein extraction methods
05/11/17Stimulus-responsive core-shell particles
05/11/17Metal complexes
05/11/17Novel promoters for high level expression
05/11/17Reducing speckle noise in optical coherence tomography images
05/04/17Methods of cellular reprogramming
05/04/17Detection of acrylic acid
04/27/17Biodegradable polymers, complexes thereof for gene therapeutics and drug delivery, and methods related thereto
04/27/17Sensing device and sensing a force
04/27/17Pixel arrangement
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04/20/17Segmentation of cardiac magnetic resonance (cmr) images using a memory persistence approach
04/20/17Compression devices, decompression devices, compression methods, and decompression methods
04/06/17Antimicrobial polymers formed by bulk polyaddition
04/06/17Nanoparticulate encapsulation barrier stack
03/30/17A forming a porous particle
03/23/17Fusion genes in cancer
03/23/17Method for predicting toxicity of a compound based on nuclear factor-kb translocation
03/23/17A bonding a chip to a wafer
03/23/17Single pole double throw amplifier
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03/16/17Condensation polymers for antimicrobial applications
03/16/17Ellipsometry system for measuring molecular binding, adsorption and desorption
03/16/17Film sensor
03/16/17Optical coupling device, photonic integrated circuit, and forming an optical coupling device
03/16/17Method of operating a finite impulse response filter
03/02/17Fractionation method
02/23/17Vitamin functionalized gel-forming block copolymers for biomedical applications
02/16/17Heparan sulphates
02/16/17Fused pyrimidine-based hydroxamate derivatives
02/16/17An electric meter, an electric meter system and a providing branch-level readings for a power distribution network
02/16/17Method and system for generating/decrypting ciphertext, and searching ciphertexts in a database
02/09/17Method for regenerating a used sorbent having a gas adsorbate adsorbed thereto
02/09/17Antifungal compound
02/09/17Enrichment and characterization of human corneal endothelial cells (hcenc) with novel monoclonal antibody
02/09/17Markers for ovarian cancer and the uses thereof
02/02/17Microfluidic device
02/02/17Wireless piezoelectric accelerometer and system
02/02/17Perylene functionalized porphyrin dyes for dye-sensitized solar cells
01/26/17Methods for monitoring cellular states and for immortalizing mesenchymal stem cell
01/26/17Optical antenna
01/26/17Optical waveguide device and manufacturing the same
01/26/17Image processing devices and image processing methods
01/19/17Method for preparing transition metal phosphide
01/19/17Binding molecules against chikungunya virus and uses thereof
01/19/17Image processing devices and image processing methods
01/19/17Recording medium for heat assisted magnetic recording and forming the same
01/12/17Antibodies binding to an intracellular prl-1 or prl-3 polypeptide
01/12/17Buck-boost power amplifier with independently controlled power stages and compensated nonlinear pulse width modulator
01/05/17Chemical process to convert mucic acid to adipic acid
01/05/17A micellar particle
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01/05/17Novel ultrashort hydrophobic peptides that self-assemble into nanofibrous hydrogels and their uses
01/05/17Cytotoxic antibody
01/05/17Tailed mirtron effectors for rnai-mediated gene silencing
01/05/17Chemical sensor package for highly pressured environment
12/29/16Antimicrobial polymers formed by bulk polyaddition
12/29/16Thrombolysis device and operating a thrombolysis device
12/29/16Self-assembling peptides, peptidomimetics and peptidic conjugates as building blocks for biofabrication and printing
12/29/16Zeolites with mww framework formed of silicon and zinc or iron, and related methods
12/29/16Method for inducing pluripotency in a hematopoietic cell
12/29/16Nuclear receptor and mutant thereof and the use of the same in the reprogramming of cells
12/22/16Il2rbeta/common gamma chain antibodies
12/22/16Recommendation system using a transformed similarity matrix
12/15/16Antibody purification process
12/15/16Methods for reducing aggregate content of protein preparations by treatment with aryl anions
12/15/16Methods for reducing chromatin content in protein preparations by treatment with alkyl cations
12/08/16Methods for measuring biomarkers in gastrointestinal cancer
12/08/16Method of maintaining data consistency
12/01/16Perovskite-type strontium titanate
12/01/16Method for forming low emissivity doped zinc oxide films on a substrate
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12/01/16Micro-electromechanical resonators and methods of providing a reference frequency
11/24/16Antimicrobial guanidinium and thiouronium functionalized polymers
11/24/16Method of file system design and failure recovery with non-volatile memory
11/17/16Method for treating fibrosis and cancer with imidazolium and imidazolinium compounds
11/17/16Antimicrobial peptidomimetics
11/17/16Microparticle fractionation
11/10/16Condensation polymers for antimicrobial applications
11/10/16Mobile radio communication devices and methods for controlling a mobile radio communication device
11/03/16Maleimide derivatives as modulators of wnt pathway
11/03/16Culturing pluripotent stem cells
11/03/16Method of producing metal carbonate from an ultramafic rock material
10/27/16Method of imaging living tissue
10/27/16Antifouling compounds and use thereof
10/27/16Polypeptides, nucleic acids and uses thereof
10/27/16Optical sensing device for surface plasmon resonance (spr) and optical sensing method using surface plasmon resonance (spr)
10/27/16Surface acoustic wave sensor for influenza detection
10/27/16Entity authentication in network
10/20/16Hypermotor activity detection system and method therefrom
10/13/16Dimerizer compound
10/06/16Photoacoustic imaging contrast agent
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10/06/16Electromechanical device and fabricating the same
10/06/16Thin film encapsulation of electrodes
10/06/16Polymers for making superhydrophobic surfaces
10/06/16Method and system for processing an input image
09/22/16Nanoparticle-containing hydrogels
09/22/16Device for determining a property of a fluid and forming the same
09/22/16Micro-machined optical pressure sensors
09/22/16Bladder carcinoma biomarkers
09/22/16Base station, user terminals and wireless communication method
09/15/16Quantitative real-time and end-point colorimetric pcr device
09/15/16Exosome recovery methods with low molecular weight organic zwitterions
09/08/16Antimicrobial cationic polycarbonates
09/08/16Sense-antisense gene pairs for patient stratification, prognosis, and therapeutic biomarkers identification
09/01/16Method for predicting clinical toxicity and outcome
08/25/16Microfluidic device
08/25/16Direct synthesis of ph-responsive polymer particles and application in control release of hydrophobic therapeutic compounds
08/25/16Mutated internal ribosomal entry site (ires) for controlled gene expression
08/25/16Targeting glioma stem cells by sequence-specific functional inhibition of pro-survival oncomir-138
08/11/16Bicyclic alkyne derivatives and uses thereof
08/11/16Non-motorized optical multiplexing for the simultaneous detection of dna target amplicons in a polymerase chain reaction solution
08/11/16Method for detection of a genetic variant
08/11/16Multigene assay for prognosis of renal cancer
08/11/16Method of detecting hydrogen peroxide
08/11/16Semiconductor device fabrication
08/04/16Biodegradable organic radical-functionalized polycarbonates for medical applications
08/04/16Photoacoustic imaging contrast agent composition
08/04/16Gene expression profile breast tumour grading
08/04/16Fiber bragg grating (fbg) sensor
08/04/16Method of detecting analytes having a thiol functional group
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07/28/16Device for detecting a spike in one of a plurality of neural signals
07/28/16Cationic polyamines for treatment of viruses
07/28/16Polymer-flavonoid conjugates and hydrogels for biomedical applications
07/28/16Heparan sulphate
07/28/16Fluorescent polymer dots, methods for their preparation, and uses thereof
07/28/16Raid parity stripe reconstruction
07/21/16Phosphorus-containing catalysts
07/21/16Conversion and purification of biomass
07/21/16Method of treating a thermal barrier coating
07/14/16Optical coupling device, photonic integrated circuit, and forming an optical coupling device
07/07/16Polymer composites with uv shielding strength
07/07/16Fluorescent molecular rotors
06/30/16Method of identifying adipose stem cells
06/16/16Superhydrophilic coatings
06/09/16Tissue interface augmentation device for ligament/tendon reconstruction
06/09/16Methods, apparatuses, and systems for cell and tissue culture
06/02/16Sound-induced sleep method and a system therefor
06/02/16Methanation catalyst
06/02/16Method and chip-to-wafer integration
05/26/16Computer-aided planning of liver surgery
05/26/16Method for isolating stromal vascular fraction
05/26/16Tunable fluorescence using cleavable linkers
05/26/16Method of culturing cancer stem cells
05/26/16Method and system for human motion recognition
05/26/16Method of forming a light emitting diode structure and a light diode structure
05/19/16Humanized mouse model for study of bona fide hepatitis virus infection and use thereof
05/19/16Real-time multi-functional ecg signal processing system, dspe for the ecg signal processing system, and method thereof
05/19/16Integrated multimodal sensor device for intracranial neuromonitoring
05/19/16Event-driven coulter counter ic for high throughput particle counting

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