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Agere Systems Inc patents

Recent patent applications related to Agere Systems Inc. Agere Systems Inc is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Agere Systems Inc may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Agere Systems Inc, we're just tracking patents.

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06/14/12Portable cell phone and a proimity regulation system for use with a portable cell phone
03/29/12Semiconductor device and process for reducing damaging breakdown in gate dielectrics
11/24/11Wireless device, discriminating radar transmissions from wireless network transmissions and wireless network having radar-avoidance capability
11/17/11Retractable rotatable camera module for mobile communication device and operation thereof
06/04/09Portable cell phone and a proximity regulation system for use with a portable cell phone
09/11/14Cordless telephone active-call enabled intercom
03/06/14Allotropic or morphologic change in silicon induced by electromagnetic radiation for resistance turning of integrated circuits
09/26/13Systems and methods for improved servo data operation
08/08/13Systems and methods for low latency media defect detection
02/07/13Speakerphone using adaptive phase rotation
01/24/13Method and adaptive cache frame locking and unlocking
12/13/12Method and n+1 packet level mesh protection
11/01/12Characterizing performance of an electronic system
10/04/12Technique for searching for a preamble signal in a spread spectrum signal using a fast hadamard transform
10/04/12Systems and methods for enhanced media defect detection
09/20/12System and conserving battery power in a mobile station
09/20/12Floating-point addition acceleration
09/06/12Cordless telephone with digital audio player capability
08/30/12Line-timing in packet-based networks
08/02/12Serial protocol for agile sample rate switching
08/02/12Method and storing survivor paths in a viterbi detector using systematic pointer exchange
06/07/12Circuits and methods for improved fet matching
05/31/12Retrieval of deleted voice messages in voice messaging system
05/31/12Cordless telephone active-call enabled intercom
05/24/12Carrier frequency acquisition method and apparatus having improved reliability for detecting carrier acquisition or loss thereof
05/24/12Method and joint equalization and decoding of multidimensional codes transmitted over multiple symbol durations
05/10/12Method and blind transport format detection using discontinuous transmission (dtx) detection
05/03/12Method and cross-talk cancellation in frequency division multiplexed transmission systems
03/29/12Receiver employing non-pilot reference channels for equalizing a received signal
03/22/12Method and regulating a power supply of an integrated circuit
03/22/12Virtual gateway node for dual-mode wireless phones
03/01/12Demodulation of 16-qam, dcm data symbols using two hybrid-qpsk constellations
03/01/12Location-based search-result ranking for blog documents and the like
02/02/12Error-floor mitigation of codes using write verification
01/05/12Methods and systems for transmitting an information signal in a multiple antenna communication system
12/15/11Systematic benchmarking standardized data creation, analysis and comparison of semiconductor technology node characteristics
12/08/11Multiple-branch wireless receiver
11/10/11Method and non-disruptive telecommunication loop condition determination
11/03/11Critical-path circuit for performance monitoring
10/13/11Controlling warping in integrated circuit devices
10/06/11Pipelined decision-feedback unit in a reduced-state viterbi detector with local feedback
09/15/11Continuous power transfer scheme for two-wire serial link
08/25/11Qos wireless networking for home entertainment
08/18/11Cordless telephone with digital audio player capability
08/04/11Multi-channel receiver with improved agc
07/07/11Allotropic or morphologic change in silicon induced by electromagnetic radiation for resistance turning of integrated circuits
07/07/11Pb-free solder bumps with improved mechanical properties
07/07/11Cue-based audio coding/decoding
06/30/11Mitigation of whiskers in sn-films
05/26/11Method and prolonging battery charge life in a mobile communication device using a text messaging type protocol for calls
05/19/11Methods of fabricating a membrane with improved mechanical integrity
05/19/11Method and preamble training with shortened long training field in a multiple antenna communication system
05/19/11Method and evaluating performance of a read channel
04/21/11Short range fm modulator/transmitter and system incorporating same
03/03/11Receiver for error-protected packet-based frame
02/24/11Fft numerology for an ofdm transmission system
02/17/11Preventing or mitigating growth formations on metal films
02/10/11Credit and debit card transaction approval using location verification
01/13/11System and using pixels of a display device to communicate optical information over a communications link
01/06/11Analog multiplexer circuits and methods
12/23/10Inhibition of copper dissolution for lead-free soldering
12/16/10Scanning available wireless-device services in multiple wireless-radio technology communication systems
12/02/10User interface an electronic device touchscreen
11/18/10Method and regulating a power supply of an integrated circuit
11/18/10Waveguide device having delta doped active region
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11/18/10Method and integral state initialization and quality of lock monitoring in a clock and data recovery system
11/18/10Protecting secret information in a programmed electronic device
10/28/10Chip identification using top metal layer
10/28/10Thermally stable bicmos fabrication method and bipolar junction trnasistors formed according to the method
10/28/10Low-latency decoder
10/21/10Method to reduce trench capacitor leakage for random access memory device
10/21/10Systems and methods for image data transfer
10/21/10Recessible integrated pocket clip for mobile devices and the like
10/21/10Systems and methods for multilevel media defect detection
10/07/10Phase-locked loop (pll) having extended tracking range
09/30/10End user control of music on hold
09/30/10Signal-powered integrated circuit with esd protection
09/23/10Method and digital vcdl startup
09/23/10Method and increasing yield in a memory device
09/16/10Methods and systems for estimating time corresponding to peak signal amplitude
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09/09/10Systems and methods for defective media region identification
09/09/10Systems and methods for enhanced media defect detection
09/09/10Systems and methods for branch prediction override during process execution
09/09/10Systems and methods for recovering information from a defective medium
09/09/10Systematic error correction for multi-level flash memory
09/02/10Memory device with reduced buffer current during power-down mode
09/02/10Mac-hs processing in an hsdpa-compatible receiver in a 3g wireless network
09/02/10Method for separating a semiconductor wafer into individual semiconductor dies using an implanted impurity
08/26/10Transformerless power over ethernet system
08/26/10Systems and methods for operational power management
08/19/10Systems and methods for reduced latency loop recovery
08/19/10Method for selecting constellation rotation angles for quasi-orthogonal space-time and space-frequency block coding
08/12/10Bond pad support structure for semiconductor device
08/12/10Compensating transmission line to reduce sensitivity of performance due to channel length variation
08/12/10Systems and methods for enabling consumption of copy-protected content across multiple devices
08/12/10Systems and methods for implementing hands free operational environments
08/12/10Software based thermal charging regulation loop
08/12/10Systems and methods for modular power management
08/05/10Method and improving linearity in clock and data recovery systems
08/05/10Uplink channel estimation
07/29/10Method and applying clock phase and frequency offset
07/29/10Reconfiguration of embedded memory having a multi-level cache
07/29/10Coordination between a branch-target-buffer circuit and an instruction cache
07/29/10Power learning security in wireless routers
07/22/10Method and evaluating performance of a read channel
07/15/10Dynamically selecting methods to reduce distortion in multi-carrier modulated signals resulting from high peak-to-average power ratios
07/15/10Method and detecting and adjusting characteristics of a signal
07/08/10Multiple doping level bipolar junctions transistors and forming
07/08/10Extraction of values from partially-corrupted data packets
06/24/10Fill patterning for symmetrical circuits
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06/24/10Hot-electron injection testing of transistors on a wafer
06/17/10Quad flat no lead (qfn) integrated circuit (ic) package having a modified paddle and designing the package
06/10/10Framer/mapper/multiplexor device with 1+1 and equipment protection
06/10/10Cordless telephone with mp3 player capability
06/03/10Application switching in a single threaded architecture for devices
05/27/10Ldpc decoder variable node units having fewer adder stages
05/20/10Single-pass defect detection for hard-disk drive systems
05/20/10Personal broadcast and content delivery engine
05/13/10Systems and methods for sector address mark detection
05/13/10Transistor fabrication method
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05/13/10Integrated circuit package and a dissipating heat in an integrated circuit package
05/06/10Audio mixing using magnitude equalization
04/29/10Bipolar device having improved capacitance
04/29/10Two-step sub-ranging analog-to-digital converter and performing two-step sub-ranging in an analog-to-digital converter
04/29/10Ldpc decoders using fixed and adjustable permutators
04/15/10Method and adjusting the cadence of music on a personal audio device
04/15/10Output compensated voltage regulator, an ic including the same and a providing a regulated voltage
04/15/10Pipelined decision-feedback unit in a reduced-state viterbi detector with local feedback
04/08/10Cache memory architecture having reduced tag memory size and operation thereof
03/25/10Techniques for curvature control in power transistor devices
03/25/10Systems and methods for compensating baseline wandering in perpendicular magnetic recording
03/25/10Systems and methods for low latency media defect detection
03/11/10Wireless communications using multiple radio access technologies simultaneously
03/04/10Copper pad for copper wire bonding
03/04/10Reduced-power programming of multi-level cell (mlc) memory
02/25/10Structure and fabrication capacitors integratible with vertical replacement gate transistors
02/25/10Thermal monitoring and management of integrated circuits
02/25/10Peer-to-peer network communications using sata/sas technology
02/25/10Path comparison unit for determining paths in a trellis that compete with a survivor path
02/25/10Process and temperature tolerant non-volatile memory
02/11/10Method and adjusting the cadence of music on a personal audio device
02/11/10Bipolar junction transistor with a reduced collector-substrate capacitance
02/11/10Digitally controlled current-mode switched power supply
02/11/10Systematic, normalized metric for analyzing and comparing optimization techniques for integrated circuits employing voltage scaling and integrated circuits designed thereby
02/04/10Technique for searching for a preamble signal in a spread spectrum signal using a fast hadamard transform
02/04/10Methods for designing integrated circuits employing voltage scaling and integrated circuits designed thereby
02/04/10Adaptive equalization employing pattern recognition
02/04/10Adaptive equalization employing pattern recognition
01/28/10Versatile and intelligent power controller
01/28/10Floating-point addition acceleration
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01/21/10Speed binning for dynamic and adaptive power control
01/21/10Pcb including multiple chips sharing an off-chip memory, a accessing off-chip memory and a mcm utilizing fewer off-chip memories than chips
01/21/10Method and n+1 packet level mesh protection
12/31/09Modulated disk lock clock and methods for using such
12/31/09Method of manufacturing a laterally diffused metal oxide semiconductor device
12/24/09Cue-based audio coding/decoding
12/24/09Diffuse sound shaping for bcc schemes and the like
12/24/09Reliability unit for determining a reliability value for at least one bit decision
12/24/09Path metric difference computation unit for computing path differences through a multiple-step trellis
12/17/09Noise reduction by mobile communication devices in non-call situations
12/17/09Controlling warping in integrated circuit devices
12/17/09Methods and processing a received signal using a multiple-step trellis and selection signals for multiple trellis paths
12/10/09Method and a transceiver for transmitting data
12/10/09Reduced-complexity multiple-input, multiple-output detection
12/03/09Hsdpa co-processor for mobile terminals
12/03/09Differential flash memory programming technique
11/26/09Method and iterative error-erasure decoding
11/26/09Method and iterative error-erasure decoding
11/19/09Characterizing performance of an electronic system
11/12/09Detection of double talk in telecommunications networks
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11/12/09Echo path change detection in telecommunications networks
11/12/09High-density field emission elements and a forming said emission elements
11/12/09Systematic benchmarking standardized data creation, analysis and comparison of semiconductor technology node characteristics
11/05/09Retrieval of deleted voice messages in voice messaging system
10/29/09Systems and methods for reducing the effects of adc mismatch
10/29/09Systems and methods for acquiring modified rate burst demodulation in servo systems
10/29/09Systems and methods for reducing attenuation of information derived from a defective medium
10/29/09Systems and methods for filter based media defect detection
10/29/09Systems and methods for media defect detection utilizing correlated dfir and llr data
10/15/09Method and simulating packet delay variation of a multi-switch network
10/08/09Method and device for providing a communication session
10/08/09Techniques for managing priority queues and escalation considerations in usb wireless communication systems
10/01/09Terrain overlay for route planner
09/24/09Filter switching system and method
09/17/09Systems and methods for regenerating data from a defective medium
09/17/09Systems and methods for using intrinsic data for regenerating data from a defective medium
09/10/09Detection of frequency correction bursts and the like
09/10/09Method and protecting a device connected to a network
09/03/09Systems and methods for determining an out of band signal
09/03/09Systems and methods for multiplexing multiphase clocks
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08/27/09Analog amplifier having dc offset cancellation circuit and offset cancellation for analog amplifiers
08/20/09Location-based search-result ranking for blog documents and the like
08/20/09Orthogonal frequency division multiplexing using subsymbol processing
08/06/09Area and power efficient analog to digital converter and methods for using such
08/06/09Systems and methods for analog to digital conversion
08/06/09Communications system with symmetrical interfaces and associated methods
08/06/09Systems and methods for low cost ldpc decoding
08/06/09Acknowledgement message modification in communication networks
07/30/09Decoding techniques for multi-antenna systems
07/16/09Rake receiver with time-shared fingers
07/16/09Dithering scheme using multiple antennas for ofdm systems
07/16/09Location service assisted transition between wireless networks
07/09/09Adaptive algorithm for reducing channel zapping time in multicast media
07/09/09On-chip variation, speed and power regulator
07/09/09Duty cycle distortion (dcd) jitter modeling, calibration and generation methods
07/09/09Data alignment arbitrary input with programmable content deskewing info
07/02/09Method to improve unfolding in petri nets
07/02/09Method and integer division
07/02/09Method and repairing uncorrectable drive errors in an integrated network attached storage device
07/02/09Low power mode for sdars receiver
06/25/09Duty cycle correction circuit for high-speed clock signals
06/25/09Dynamic random access memory with low-power refresh
06/25/09Noise prediction-based signal detection and cross-talk mitigation
06/25/09Speakerphone using adaptive phase rotation
06/18/09Integrated circuit package for high-speed signals
06/18/09Timing-frequency offset and carrier-frequency offset estimations for multi-carrier modulated signals using pilot tones
06/11/09Integrated circuit feature definition using one-time-programmable (otp) memory
06/11/09Clock calibration in sleep mode
06/11/09Synchronizing parametric coding of spatial audio with externally provided downmix
06/04/09Frame aggregation
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06/04/09Line-timing in packet-based networks
06/04/09Methods and interface buffer management and clock compensation in data transfers
05/28/09Method and rfid device coexistance
05/21/09Multi-bit per stage pipelined analog to digital converters
05/21/09Systems and methods for pipelined analog to digital conversion
05/21/09Data transmission rate adaptation in a wireless communication system
05/21/09Method and joint equalization and decoding of multilevel codes
05/21/09Fabrication method
05/07/09Programmable linear trimming phase locked loop circuit calibration
05/07/09Methods and controlling write driver current
05/07/09Method for seamless noise suppression on wideband to narrowband cell switching
05/07/09Backplane emulation technique for automated testing
04/30/09A semiconductor device and manufacture therefor
04/30/09Systems, circuits and methods for extended range input comparison
04/30/09Latch-based sense amplifier
04/30/09Internal supply voltage controlled pll and methods for using such
04/30/09Methods and improved phase switching and linearity in an analog phase interpolator
04/30/09Demodulator with configurable adaptive equalizer
04/30/09Providing a virtual local channel in a satellite broadcast system
04/30/09Interface for cellular and local non-cellular communications
04/30/09Control of a non-active channel in a multi-channel receiver
04/30/09Memory protection system and method
04/30/09Hashing nand flash memory
04/30/09Method and generating a graphical interface to enable local or remote access to an application having a command line interface
04/23/09Inductor formed in an integrated circuit
04/16/09Method and scheduling a reading list
04/16/09Method and an controlling a simulated moving object
04/09/09Timing-offset estimation in modulated signals using weighted correlation values
04/09/09Wireless lan with channel swapping between dfs access points

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