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Agilent Technologies Inc patents

Recent patent applications related to Agilent Technologies Inc. Agilent Technologies Inc is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Agilent Technologies Inc may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Agilent Technologies Inc, we're just tracking patents.

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11/16/17Systems and methods for transferring liquids
11/16/17Method for enhancing electrospray
11/09/17Metering device with defined enabled flow direction
10/19/17Wideband isolation directed by ion mobility separation for analyzing compounds
10/19/17Augmented reality slide sorter
10/05/17Superficially porous particles with dual pore structure and methods for making the same
10/05/17Use of transposase and y adapters to fragment and tag dna
10/05/17Apparatus and methods for transferring a tissue section
10/05/17Sample injector with metering device balancing pressure differences in an intermediate valve state
10/05/17Immunohistochemistry scoring methods and compositions
10/05/17Scoring methods for anti-pd therapy eligibility and compositions for performing same
09/14/17Filament assembly for generating electrons, and related devices, systems and methods
08/31/17Methods and compositions for blocking off-target nucleic acids from cleavage by crispr proteins
08/03/17One-pot multiplex gene synthesis
08/03/17Temporary storage of sample portions for artefact-preventing fluid processing
08/03/17Method for supplying gas for plasma based analytical instrument
06/22/17Transposase-mediated barcoding of fragmented dna
05/18/17Sealing moving with piston in a high-pressure pump
05/11/17Multiplex on-array droplet pcr and quantitative pcr
05/11/17Secondary stage fluid separation device detachably connectable with primary stage fluid separation device
05/11/17Secondary stage fluid separation device connectable with primary stage fluid separation device
04/20/17Nucleic acid enrichment using cas9
04/20/17Fluidic valve with contactless force transmission for pressing together stator and rotor
04/13/17Apparatus and introducing a sample into a separation unit of a chromatography system
04/13/17Conical heater assembly for a gas chromatography column
04/06/17High pressure seal for a pump system for pumping liquid under high pressure
03/30/17Methods of analyte derivatization and enhanced soft ionization
03/30/17Interlock system
03/23/17High dynamic range infrared imaging spectroscopy
03/23/17Infrared spectrometer and scanner utilizing attenuated total reflection
03/23/17Apparatus and three-dimensional infrared imaging of surfaces
03/09/17Polymerase idling single molecule dna sequencing
03/02/17Compounds and methods for crispr/cas-based genome editing by homologous recombination
03/02/17Immobilized transposase complexes for dna fragmentation and tagging
02/16/17Method for fragmenting genomic dna using cas9
02/16/17Fitting element with bio-compatible sealing
02/02/17Quantum cascade laser with serially configured gain sections
01/12/17Rigid piston-actuator-assembly supported for performing a pendulum-type tolerance compensation motion
01/05/17Infrared imaging system with automatic referencing
01/05/17Light source with controllable linear polarization
01/05/17Esd protected tubing for removing charge from lumen
12/29/16Device and a supercritical fluid system for detecting analytes using a low pressure detector
12/29/16Ferrule with features for softening ferrule crush and related methods
12/29/16Alternating current (ac) coupler for wideband ac signals and related methods
12/22/16Fitting for elastically-biasing a capillary for a fluidtight connection to a fluidic conduit
12/22/16Methods for on-array fragmentation and barcoding of dna samples
12/22/16Compositions and methods for analytical sample preparation
12/22/16Full field visual-mid-infrared imaging system
12/15/16Multi-wavelength light source
12/08/16Vacuum pump system with light gas pumping and leak detection apparatus comprising the same
12/01/16Vacuum pump system including scroll pump and secondary pumping mechanism
11/24/16Mutant reverse transcriptase and methods of use
11/17/16Uninterrupted fluid flow while modulating fluid
11/10/16Correcting sample metering inaccuracy due to thermally induced volume change in sample separation apparatus
11/10/16Method transfer between fluidic devices considering deviations from ideal behavior
10/20/16Microfluidic hplc-chip for glycopeptide analysis with integrated hilic enrichment
10/13/16Method for simultaneous detection of genome-wide copy number changes, cnloh, indels, and gene mutations
10/06/16High throughput screening of enzyme libraries
10/06/16Guide rna with chemical modifications
10/06/16Plurality of transposase adapters for dna manipulations
09/29/16Energy resolved time-of-flight mass spectrometry
09/15/16Efficient chiller for a supercritical fluid chromatography pump
09/08/16Synthesis of pools of probes by primer extension
09/08/16Methods and compositions for multiplex tissue section analyses using visible and non-visible labels
09/01/16Ambient desorption, ionization, and excitation for spectrometry
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08/25/16Preparation of long synthetic oligonucleotides by squarate conjugation chemistry
08/11/16Methods and compositions for rapid seamless dna assembly
08/11/16Liquid chromatography columns with structured walls
08/11/16Liquid chromatography analysis unit
08/11/16Base station for liquid chromatography analysis unit
08/04/16Pulsed ion guides for mass spectrometers and related methods
07/28/16Molecular fabrication
07/21/16Traveling-well ion guides and related systems and methods
07/14/16Angular synchronization of stationary and orbiting plate scroll blades in a scroll pump using a metallic bellows
07/14/16Scroll vacuum pump and maintenance including replacing a tip seal of a scroll vacuum pump
06/30/16Apparatus and introducing sample into a separation unit of a chromatography system without disrupting a mobile phase
06/23/16Multipole ion guides utilizing segmented and helical electrodes, and related systems and methods
06/16/16Pressure determination for hplc applications
06/16/16Ion source for soft electron ionization and related systems and methods
06/16/16Automatic determination of demultiplexing matrix for ion mobility spectrometry and mass spectrometry
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06/16/16Sample droplet generation from segmented fluid flow and related devices and methods
05/19/16Superficially porous particles with precisely controlled particle density, and methods of preparation and use thereof
05/19/16Pumping apparatus with outlet coupled to different spatial positions within the pumping chamber
05/19/16Hplc sample introduction with coupling sample reservoirs in parallel between mobile phase drive and separation unit
05/12/16Dual field multipole converging ion guides, hyperbolic ion guides, and related methods
05/12/16Reduction of ambient gas entrainment and ion current noise in plasma based spectrometry
05/05/16Signal amplification of fluorescence in situ hybridization
05/05/16Method for assigning target-enriched sequence reads to a genomic location
04/28/16Gas chromatography (gc) column heater
04/07/16System and facilitating manual sorting of objects
03/31/16Full-band power amplifier with a switched partial-band booster stage devices and related systems and methods
03/31/16Generating perspective views in microscopy
03/31/16Mid-infrared scanning system
03/31/16Synthesizing light fields in microscopy
03/24/16Apparatus and dynamically balancing rotors
03/24/16Micro-machined frit and flow distribution devices for liquid chromatography
03/24/16Isolation of charged particle optics from vacuum chamber deformations
03/17/16Gas chromatography (gc) column heater
03/17/16Gas chromatography (gc) column heater
03/03/16Sealing configuration with metal-coated structure
02/11/16Cis-blocked guide rna
02/04/16In vitro assay buffer for cas9
02/04/16Gallium arsenide (gaas) based amplifier and transmit/ receive switch for cryogenic devices and related systems and methods
02/04/16Plasma cleaning for mass spectrometers
01/28/16Methods of in vivo engineering of large sequences using multiple crispr/cas selections of recombineering events
01/28/16Sample injector with metering device balancing pressure differences in an intermediate valve state
01/21/16Fast hybridization for next generation sequencing target enrichment
01/21/16Detection of genomic rearrangements by sequence capture
01/07/16Protected monomer and final deprotection for rna synthesis
01/07/16Integrated fluidic connection of planar structures for sample separation devices
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12/31/15Connector assembly for an inductively coupled plasma source
12/24/15Continuous flow centrifugal microfluidic particle concentrator, and related methods
12/24/15Fluidic coupling devices, assemblies, and related methods
12/24/15Fluorous affinity extraction for ionic liquid-based sample preparation
12/24/15Magnifying assembly for an infrared microscope
12/24/15Digital triggering using finite state machines
12/17/15High throughput gene assembly in droplets
12/17/15High throughput gene assembly in droplets
12/17/15Data processing for multiplexed spectrometry
12/10/15Protecting groups for "z nucleotide" and methods thereof
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12/03/15Pairing code directed assembly
12/03/15Method and manipulating samples using optoelectronic forces
11/26/15Gas chromatographic (gc) unit, scalable gc systems using same, and related methods
11/12/15Multiple epitope detection in an ffpe tissue section
11/05/15Phosphorous protecting groups and methods of preparation and use thereof
11/05/15Sample dilution to specifiable dilution ratio
11/05/15Mixer bypass sample injection for liquid chromatography
10/29/15Superficially porous hybrid monoliths with ordered pores and methods of making and using same
10/29/15Restriction enzyme-free target enrichment
10/15/15Creating and harvesting surface-bound emulsion
10/08/15Ferrule packages, packaging devices, and related methods
10/08/15Determination of a fluid loss of a piston pump based on evacuation time variation
10/01/15Methods and increased ion throughput in tandem mass spectrometers
10/01/15Method and determining the configuration of a cellular transmission system
10/01/15Waveguide-based exciting and sustaining a plasma
08/27/15Piston assembly interlocked with piston actuator being unlockable upon disassembly of pump
08/27/15Method and apparatus to reduce noise caused by mode hopping in external cavity lasers
08/20/15Thermostable type-a dna polymerase mutant with increased resistance to inhibitors in blood
08/13/15Method and reducing pointing-error noise
08/13/15Spectrographic system utilizing a chirped, pulsed optical source
08/06/15Fast measuring collision cross section of ions utilizing ion mobility spectrometry
07/30/15Fast hybridization for next generation sequencing target enrichment
07/30/15Cas9-based isothermal detection of specific dna sequence
07/23/15Fluidic valve with selectivly switchable storage paths
07/16/15Modular mounting system for components of heating chamber
07/16/15Pre-heater assembly with moderately thermally conductive capillary surrounding
07/16/15Method and apparatus to improve signal-to-noise ratio of ft-ir spectrometers using pulsed light source
07/16/15Chromatographic system and isolating compound in sample using chromatographic system
07/16/15Microfluidic glycan analysis
07/02/15Vacuum scroll pump having pressure-balanced orbiting plate scroll
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07/02/15Electron multiplier for mass spectrometer
07/02/15Ion optical system for mass spectrometer
07/02/15Method to generate data acquisition mass spectrometry
06/18/15Ultrasonic nebulizer with controlled mist output
06/18/15Ultrasonic nebulizer with controlled mist output
06/18/15Retro diels alder reaction as a cleavable linker in dna/rna applications
06/18/15Mass flow controllers and methods for auto-zeroing flow sensor without shutting off a mass flow controller
06/11/15Scroll pump having axially compliant spring element
06/11/15Scroll pump having axially compliant spring element
06/11/15User interfaces, displaying multi-dimensional data for ion mobility spectrometry-mass spectrometry
06/04/15Scroll vacuum pump having external axial adjustment mechanism
05/28/15Single-piece ferrule with undercut tapering part
05/28/15Spatial molecular barcoding of in situ nucleic acids
05/21/15Optical absorption spectrometry system including dichroic beam combiner and splitter
05/21/15Optical emission system including dichroic beam combiner
05/14/15Polymerase idling single molecule dna sequencing
05/14/15Compositions and methods for conjugating oligonucleotides
05/07/15Components with an atomic layer deposition coating and methods of producing the same
05/07/15Two-dimensional fluid separation with controlled pressure
05/07/15Plasma-based electron capture dissociation (ecd) apparatus and related systems and methods
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05/07/15Isolation of rna-protein complexes using cross-linking reagents and oligonucleotides
04/23/15Microfluidic contaminant trap for trapping contaminants in gas chromatography
04/23/15Gc column connection with a planar connection to mating devices
04/02/15Fitting for elastically-biasing a capillary for a fluid-tight connection to a fluidic conduit
04/02/15Fitting for elastically-biasing a capillary for a fluid-tight connection to a fluidic conduit
03/26/15Interferometer having multiple scan carriages
03/19/15Multi-stage pump having reverse bypass circuit
03/12/15Method for finding variants from targeted sequencing panels
03/12/15Nanofluidic device for charge analysis of straightened molecules
03/05/15Ion deflection in time-of-flight mass spectrometry
03/05/15System for performing optical spectroscopy including interferometer
02/05/15Axially compliant orbiting plate scroll and scroll pump comprising the same
01/29/15Plasma-based photon source, ion source, and related systems and methods
01/29/15Dna assembly using an rna-programmable nickase
01/22/15Metal components with inert vapor phase coating on internal surfaces
01/15/15Plasma generation device with microstrip resonator
01/08/15Method for producing a population of oligonucleotides that has reduced synthesis errors
01/01/15Fluidic chip with displacable patterned layer for detecting fluid pressure
01/01/15Two dimensional nanofluidic ccd arrays for manipulation of charged molecules in solution
01/01/15State space system simulator utilizing bi-quadratic blocks to simulate lightly damped resonances
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12/25/14Micromachined flow cell with freestanding fluidic tube
12/25/14Electron ionization (ei) utilizing different ei energies
12/25/14Quick lock connector for connecting a capillary to a fluidic conduit of a fluidic component
12/25/14Axial magnetic ion source and related ionization methods
12/18/14Hplc sample introduction with bypass channel
12/18/14System for automating laboratory experiments
12/18/14Software defined microscope
12/04/14Nucleic acid enrichment using cas9
12/04/14Method for fragmenting genomic dna using cas9
10/30/14Oscilloscope simultaneously displaying zoomed-in and zoomed-out waveforms
10/30/14Oscilloscope current probe with interchangeable range and sensitivity setting modules
10/30/14Oscilloscope probe having output clamping circuit
10/30/14Vacuum pump having expansion chamber and achieving ultimate pressure state in a vacuum pump using an expansion chamber
10/23/14Multi-band frequency multiplier
10/16/14Calibration of test instrument over extended operating range
10/09/14Angular synchronization of stationary and orbiting plate scroll blades in a scroll pump using a metallic bellows
10/09/14Integrated tool for compliance testing
10/02/14Vacuum fired and brazed ion pump element
10/02/14Thermal/noise management in a scroll pump
10/02/14Thermal/noise management in a scroll pump
09/18/14Sample inlet with multi-capillary liner for gas chromatography
09/18/14Integrated magnetron plasma torch, and related methods
09/18/14Test system for improving throughout or maintenance properties of semiconductor testing
09/18/14Adjustable directional coupler circuit
09/18/14Pump testing for predicting lifetime and wear conditions
09/18/14Modular pump platform
09/18/14Vibration/noise management in a scroll compressor
09/18/14Scroll pump having bellows providing angular synchronization and back-up system for bellows
09/18/14Method for metabolomic sample preparation based on ionic liquid dispersive liquid-liquid microextraction
09/18/14Ion mobility mass spectrometry tags for quantitative applications and methods thereof
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09/18/14Layout system for devices with variable display screen sizes and orientations
09/18/14Method for creating a user interface
09/11/14Sample tube holder providing zero force insertion of sample tube
09/11/14Robotic arm assembly with angular contact cartridge bearings
09/11/14Packet-wise proportioning followed by immediate longitudinal mixing
09/11/14Twist-tie oligonucleotide probes
09/04/14Estimation of time difference of arrival (tdoa) in multipath environments based on sub-nyquist rate sampling
08/28/14Method for selecting waveforms on electronic test equipment
08/28/14Graphical user interface editor that displays live data during editing
08/21/14Split-channel gas flow control
08/21/14Digital measurement instrument triggered by signal pattern
08/07/14Sequential low/high-resolution library search
08/07/14Transverse volume coils and related magnetic resonance systems and methods
08/07/14Apparatus and methods for pipetting with interchangeability among different pipette tips
07/31/14Nucleic acid proximity assay involving the formation of a three-way junction
07/31/14Method for automatically adjusting the magnification and offset of a display to view a selected feature
07/31/14Method for utilizing projected gesture completion to improve instrument performance
07/24/14Real-time spectrum analyzer including frequency mask gate and operating the same
07/17/14Energy dissipating device for dc power supplies
07/10/14Efficient chiller for a supercritical fluid chromatography pump
07/10/14Electronic system subject to memory overflow condition
07/03/14Drifting two-dimensional separation with adaption of second dimension gradient to actual first dimension condition
06/26/14Interferometer having multiple scan carriages
06/26/14Conveyer belt with optically visible and machine-detectable indicators
06/19/14Vacuum ultraviolet photon source, ionization apparatus, and related methods
06/05/14Multi-capillary column and high-capacity ionization interface for gc-ms
06/05/14Continuous broken sense lead detection system
05/29/14Method of controlling frequency modulated-atomic force microscope
05/22/14Time of flight mass spectrometer

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