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Airbus Defence And Space Gmbh patents

Recent patent applications related to Airbus Defence And Space Gmbh. Airbus Defence And Space Gmbh is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Airbus Defence And Space Gmbh may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Airbus Defence And Space Gmbh, we're just tracking patents.

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06/22/17 new patent  Fluidic oscillator device
06/22/17 new patent  Coated composite component
06/22/17 new patent  Method for determining a surface profile change in a filling compound in a recess
06/22/17 new patent  Component device and detecting a damage in a bonding of a component device
06/22/17 new patent  Component device and detecting a damage in a bonding of a component device
06/22/17 new patent  Circuit board for hf applications including an integrated broadband antenna
06/15/17Scandium-containing aluminium alloy for powder metallurgical technologies
06/15/17Extrusion device and filling a groove with a filling compound
06/15/17Device and testing function or use of a head worn see through augmented reality device
06/15/17Modular device for high-speed video vibration analysis
06/08/17Connection element, connection arrangement, producing a connection element and producing a connection arrangement
06/08/17Landing device for landing a span-wise loaded aircraft
06/08/17Electrical energy storage device
06/01/17Tensile specimen, producing a tensile specimen, device for carrying out a tensile test, and carrying out a tensile test
05/25/17Microelectronic module for cleaning a surface, module array, and cleaning a surface
05/25/17Thermal heating device using light for binder activation and its integration in preforming device
05/25/17Laying unit, device and producing a fiber composite component
05/25/17Laying unit and producing a fibre composite component
05/25/17Apparatus and producing a fiber composite component
05/25/17Interface device and exchanging user data
05/11/17Method for sealing a double-walled glass tube in a vacuum-tight manner
05/04/17Al-mg-si alloy with scandium for the integral construction of alm structures
05/04/17Method for detecting surface residues on components using uv radiation
05/04/17Method for detecting surface impurities by x-ray fluorescence analysis
05/04/17Forward-secure crash-resilient logging device
04/27/17Structural arrangement, aircraft or spacecraft, and producing a structural arrangement
04/20/17Display assembly, use of a display assembly, and aircraft assembly having such a display assembly
04/20/17Aircraft fleet configuration
04/06/17Layered construction of a fibrous body
04/06/17Binder activation by means of light-emitting diodes in the production of fibre-reinforced plastic laminate
03/30/17Unmanned aerial vehicle and safely landing an unmanned aerial vehicle
03/23/17Automating robot operations
03/23/17Manufacture of objects having a fiber-reinforced region
03/23/17Cooperative actuator system for active flow control
03/23/17Electrical de-icing for aircraft
03/23/17Hmd apparatus with adjustable eye tracking device
03/23/17Aircraft comprising a plurality of antenna units
03/02/17Autonomous l1-adaptive controller with exact pole placement
03/02/17Network module for sending and/or receiving of data packages from a network arrangement and method
03/02/17Method for generating a digital key for secure wireless communication
02/16/17Microelectronic module, module array, and influencing a flow
02/02/17Hybrid electric drive train for vtol drones
02/02/17Probabilistic defect detection in laid fiber ribbons
02/02/17Device and generating light of a predetermined spectrum with a plurality of differently colored light sources
01/26/17Coupling device, wing assembly for an aircraft comprising such coupling device and aircraft comprising such wing assembly
01/26/17Method and testing a device for use in an aircraft
01/19/17Testing arrangement for controlling the manufacturing of a component
01/05/17Devices and methods for depositing reinforcing fiber tapes and detecting laying errors
01/05/17Method and device for repairing components
01/05/17Cyanate ester/aryl ethynyl polyimide resins for composite materials
01/05/17Flame-retardant, high temperature resistant thermosets on the basis of naphthalene-based epoxy resins and cyanate esters
01/05/17Film and coatings from nanoscale graphene platelets
01/05/17Method for manufacturing as well as use of a polished nanostructured metallic surface having water- and ice- repellent characteristics
01/05/17Heat-resistant turbine blade made from oxide ceramic
12/29/16Electrolyte and process for the electrolytic polishing of a metallic substrate
12/29/16Method for manufacturing an electrode particularly for electrochemical energy storage devices, as well as an electrode and an electrochemical energy storage device
12/22/16Production producing a load-bearing fuselage panel and fuselage panel producible therewith
12/22/16Stealth aerial vehicle
12/15/16Network interface, network and data transmission within the network
12/01/16Vertical take-off aircraft
12/01/16Hollow optical waveguide with openings, particularly for supplying a photobioreactor with light and nutrients
11/24/16Method for connection of parts composed of materials that are difficult to solder
11/17/16Device and examining layer material for contamination
11/17/16Surface examination of components
11/17/16Testing of components for contaminations
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11/17/16Electronic component
11/03/16Friction stir welding of thermoplastics
11/03/16Metal or ceramic component comprising at least one multi-dimensionally structured connection portion and the production thereof
11/03/16External load for an aircraft with universal control interface
10/27/16Acoustic cabin panel
10/20/16Hybrid metal-composite drive shaft unit and manufacturing same
10/13/16Method and device for testing the surface quality of a component in particular of a cfrp component
10/06/16Multifunctional pod for an aircraft
10/06/16Method and device for an aircraft for handling potential collisions in air traffic
10/06/16Method to increase data rate/robustness by using ternary precoded signals for transmission
09/22/16Structure or component for high temperature applications, as well as methods and producing same
09/15/16Repeating unit, multi-needle machine and producing reinforced materials
09/15/16Airplane with a fuel cell device
09/15/16Method for the common representation of safety-critical and non-safety-critical information, and display device
09/08/16Aircraft supplementary cooling system by evaporating liquid nitrogen
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09/01/16Battery arrangement
08/25/16Friction stir processing tool and friction stir processing a workpiece having surface coating
08/18/16Aircraft capable of vertical takeoff
08/18/16Ultralight aircraft
08/18/16Method for autonomous controlling of an aerial vehicle and corresponding system
08/18/16Switching device for an electrochemical energy store and energy storage system
08/11/16Method for autonomous controlling of a remote controlled aerial vehicle and corresponding system
08/04/16Energy generating apparatus and energy generating method and control as-sembly and reaction vessel therefore
07/21/16Aircraft capable of vertical take-off
07/14/16Endoprosthesis having a nanostructured and coated surface
07/14/16Photobioreactor with laterally light-emitting light conductor mats
07/07/16Polygonal simulator layout for collective training
06/23/16Method and distortion control on additively manufactured parts using wire feed and magnetic pulses
06/23/16Device for consolidating a preform
06/23/16Component having an integral bond and a joining method
06/23/16Carrier system for carrying out interception maneuvers of a loadbearing paraglider and adjusting the trailing edge of a loadbearing paraglider
06/23/16Component having an integral bond and joining method
06/23/16Method and system for measuring the thickness of ice on a surface, notably of an aircraft, using a luminous pattern generated by diffusion in the ice
06/23/16Composite electrolyte for a solid oxide fuel cell, exhaust gas probe or high-temperature gas sensor
06/23/16Device for heating a composite material with temperature-dependent processing characteristics, and associated methods
06/16/16Device for machining edges
06/16/16Method of quality assurance of an additive manufacturing build process
06/09/16Changeable wing profile
06/09/16Changeable wing profile
06/02/16Laying die, laying device and manufacturing a laying die
06/02/16Rotor of an aircraft comprising a helical actuator
05/26/16High-lift system
05/26/16Structural element
05/26/16Positioning system and method
05/19/16Flow aid for infusion structure, infusion structure comprising a flow aid and infiltrating fibre material with resin
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05/19/16Shape-variable gap covering between control surfaces and adjacent structural components on aircrafts
05/19/16Construction a lever kinematics and uses thereof
05/19/16Automatic take-off and landing control device
05/12/16Multi-functional radar assembly
05/12/16Selection unit to select or control different states or functions of an aircraft system
05/05/16Deposition device
05/05/16Device for fixing and electrical contacting a facing element of an aircraft on a support structure
04/28/16Laying head, fibre placement device and method
04/21/16Seat fastening system, seat or seat group, aircraft cabin, and fastening a seat or a seat group
04/14/16In-process fault inspection using augmented reality
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04/14/16Redundant determination of positional data for an automatic landing system
03/31/16Emergency power supply system, aircraft having such an emergency power supply system and a providing at least electric power and hydraulic power in case of an emergency in an aircraft
03/10/16Airfoil portion with a chamber
03/10/16Aircraft with c-shaped carrier surfaces and movable top surfaces
03/10/16Air generation unit for an aircraft
03/10/16Fiber composite component, adhesive arrangement for fiber composite components, and manufacturing a fiber composite component and an adhesive arrangement
03/10/16Follow-me system for unmanned aircraft vehicles
02/25/16Modular test environment for a plurality of test objects
02/25/16Interface device and exchanging user data
02/18/16Sensing orifice for an aircraft
02/04/16Lightning protection layer for fiber composite structures
02/04/16Power generator with an electrical component made from inertial mass and control circuit thereof
01/21/16Seat assembly, seat arrangement and passenger cabin for an aircraft
12/31/15Method for manufacturing a radome
12/24/15Method for nano-structuring polmer materials using pulsed laser radiation in a reactive atmosphere
12/17/15Device for precooling and purifying engine bleed air
12/17/15Display of aircraft altitude
12/03/15Fibre appliance tool, fibre placement device, fibre placement method, and production method
12/03/15Apparatus and infiltration of fiber material with resin for the production of a fiber composite component
11/26/15Sandwich component and producing a sandwich component
11/26/15Sandwich component and producing a sandwich component
11/12/15Fiber composite component having radiation crosslinked filler
10/29/15Indication bolt for monitoring adhesive bonds in structural elements
10/29/15Engine for propelling an aircraft and aircraft having at least one engine and at least one hydrogen tank
10/29/15Method and device for image-assisted runway localization
10/15/15Electromagnetic highly transparent radome for multi-band applications and wideband applications
10/08/15Method for providing spacers
10/08/15Effector with ejectable stealth shell
10/08/15Unmanned aircraft and operation the same
10/08/15Sensor for detecting and localising laser beam sources
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10/08/15Testing visual systems
10/08/15Noise reduction system, a method and a helicopter
10/01/15System for a vehicle with redundant computers
10/01/15Method for image processing and method that can be performed therewith for the automatic detection of objects, observation device and high-precision tracking of the course followed by launched rockets over large distances
09/24/15Verification and certification of an electronic component
09/10/15Testing integrated independent levels of security components hosted on a virtualization platform
09/10/15High assurance security gateway interconnecting different domains
08/27/15Transceiver element for an active, electronically controlled antenna system
08/06/15Module element for driving and retaining braiding bobbin carriers and a braiding device
07/30/15Armrest and seat arrangement comprising the same
07/30/15Seat arrangement, aircraft cabin as well as armrest and seat or seat group for use therein
07/23/15Method of kinematic ranging
07/16/15Auxiliary drive system for a helicopter
07/16/15Method of processing 3d sensor data to provide terrain segmentation
07/09/15Simulation of a complex system
07/02/15Magnetorheological lubricant for metal forming processes
07/02/15Aircraft configuration
07/02/15Actuator mounting method and producing an ice protection device as well as mounting device
07/02/15Laser power converter
06/25/15Energy harvester, aircraft component comprising the energy harvester and an aircraft comprising the energy harvester or the aircraft component
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06/25/15Resonant energy harvester, aircraft component comprising the resonant energy harvester and an aircraft comprising the resonant energy harvester or the aircraft component
06/18/15Forming tool and enlarging an opening by means of an enlarging device
06/18/15Drive mechanism for a deformable structure, structural component provided therewith and flow body and lift-assisting device
06/18/15Composite pistons for rotary engines
05/14/15Stabilization device, stabilization method and producing fiber composite components
05/14/15Friction stir welding tool and the production thereof
05/14/15Device and deicing and/or preventing ice formation and profile element and aircraft having such a device
04/16/15Transmission of a control force
03/19/15Reversible decoupling device for actuators
03/19/15Process for coating metallic surfaces with coating compositions containing particles of a layered double hydroxide
03/19/15Method of detecting a defect in a structure, detector device and flying object
03/12/15Contact materials for high voltage direct current systems
03/12/15Structural health monitoring system for a material and production method
03/05/15Sound absorber, sound absorber assembly and an engine with a sound absorber assembly
03/05/15Electromechanically controlled decoupling device for actuators
03/05/15Ions metering device for an energy storage device, manufacturing a metering device and ion energy storage device
02/26/15Structural component with a riblet surface
02/19/15Coating method, surface layer structure, as well as applications
02/19/15Method for the self-testing of a reactive radio interferer
02/12/15Pneumatically actuated decoupling device
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01/29/15Aluminum material having improved precipitation hardening

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