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Airbus Operations Gmbh
Airbus Operations Gmbh_20100107
Airbus Operations Gmbh Airbus S a s
Airbus Operations Gmbh_20100114
Airbus Operations Gmbh_20100121
Airbus Operations Gmbh_20131212
Airbus Operations Gmbh_20100128

Airbus Operations Gmbh patents

Recent patent applications related to Airbus Operations Gmbh. Airbus Operations Gmbh is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Airbus Operations Gmbh may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Airbus Operations Gmbh, we're just tracking patents.

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08/10/17Overlay material for laser shock peening
08/10/17Insulation component
08/10/17Arrangement with a partitioning device in a cabin of a vehicle and aircraft with a cabin and such an arrangement
08/03/17Flow body for an aircraft for passive boundary layer suction
07/06/17Aircraft wing with an adaptive shock control bump
07/06/17Aircraft wing with spoiler
06/22/17Welding system
06/22/17Device and building a three-dimensional structure in layers
06/22/17Cover for a window in an aircraft
06/22/17Lighting unit for an aircraft interior
06/22/17Process for the production of press compounds (bmc) from unhardened prepreg wastes
06/22/17Component device and detecting a damage in a bonding of a component device
06/22/17Component device and detecting a damage in a bonding of a component device
06/22/17Technique for secure data loading to a system component
06/22/17Insert for an aircraft galley for storing and charging personal electronic devices (peds)
06/22/17Camera capture posting
06/22/17Method and system for wireless network access control in an aircraft
06/22/17Wireless data transmitting device and wireless data transmission
06/15/17Method and welding together a first object and a second object
06/15/17Technique for updating software on board an aircraft
06/08/17Vehicle door unit and vehicle with door unit
06/08/17Modular rail system for fastening of furnishing items to a floor of a vehicle cabin
06/08/17System and detecting mechanical failure in the high lift system of an aircraft
06/08/17Length-adjustable samer rod
06/08/17Cabin air control system for an aircraft
06/01/17Dual mode toilet assembly
06/01/17Method for manufacturing an aircraft structure component
06/01/17Method and treating an object
06/01/17Method and needle for reinforcing cellular materials
06/01/17Resin barrier device for an infusion tool
06/01/17Vortex generator arrangement for an aircraft
06/01/17Cover panel for a structural component
06/01/17Cable guide arrangement for a luggage bin
06/01/17Aircraft air conditioning system with ambient air supply and operating such an aircraft air conditioning system
06/01/17Process for manufacturing a vehicle cabin part
06/01/17Rod connection system, structural aircraft component and connector stud
06/01/17Computer-implemented space frame design, space frame construction kit and space frame
05/25/17Microelectronic module for cleaning a surface, module array, and cleaning a surface
05/25/17Manufacturing thermoforming a fiber-reinforced composite laminate
05/25/17Aircraft interior fitting component manufacturing an aircraft interior fitting component system
05/25/17Decompression assembly with two decompression openings
05/25/17Decompression assembly with an air channel
05/25/17Device for providing a signal indicating whether a deployed evacuation slide of an aircraft is ready for use
05/18/17Aircraft interior lining component, producing an aircraft interior lining component, and aircraft assembly
05/18/17Pressure bulkhead for an aircraft fuselage
05/18/17Aircraft for the transport of passengers having lower deck facilities
05/18/17Foldable wing for an aircraft and aircraft having a foldable wing
05/18/17Furnishing item for a vehicle as well as a vehicle with such a furnishing item
05/18/17Braiding bobbin and braiding device
05/18/17Method for transmitting prioritized data and a transmitter
05/11/17Aircraft door assembly
05/11/17Aircraft fuselage structure
05/11/17Cooling of a motor for driving an aircraft wheel
05/11/17Seating arrangement in an aircraft cabin
05/11/17Aircraft air conditioning system with a cabin exhaust air turbine
05/11/17Joint connector, rotary joint, framework construction kit and framework
05/11/17Inspection apparatus and inspection system for inspecting access-restricted spaces and areas
05/11/17Holding apparatus, mounting system, and holding components during mounting
05/11/17Network for an aircraft or spacecraft, an aircraft or spacecraft, and a configuring a network
05/11/17Network for an aircraft or spacecraft, and an aircraft or spacecraft including such network
04/27/17System and interconnecting composite structures
04/27/17Indicating device for indicating an activation status of an escape slide in an aircraft
04/27/17Rotary joint with actuator, framework construction kit and framework with rotary joints
04/20/17System for moving loads and cargo hold
04/20/17Aircraft fleet configuration
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04/13/17Method and production of composite preform
04/13/17Fiber composite component assembly having at least two plate-shaped composite structures and processes for preparing same
04/13/17Aircraft cabin assembly
04/13/17Galley cooling system and operating a galley cooling system
04/13/17Passenger seat arrangement for a transport vehicle
04/13/17Heated floor panel system for an aircraft
04/06/17Vortex generator arrangement, flow control controlling a flow on a rudder surface
04/06/17Device for determining at least one of a degree of opening of an air opening and a cross section of an air duct connected to the opening
03/30/17Profile for connecting a floor structure and sealing system for a floor structure
03/30/17Virtual windows for airborne vehicles
03/30/17Virtual windows for airborne vehicles
03/23/17Connection system, connection arrangement and method
03/23/17Ram air channel arrangement and operating a ram air channel arrangement
03/16/17Wearable manufacturing assistance device
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03/09/17Aircraft air conditioning system with a reduced process air demand
03/02/17Robot system and operating a robot system
03/02/17Modular robot assembly kit, swarm of modularized robots and fulfilling tasks by a swarm of modularized robot
03/02/17Clamping system for positioning a first component and a second component relative to each other as well as a producing a dimensional compensation between two components
03/02/17Aircraft air conditioning system for connection to an aircraft-external air production unit
03/02/17Position sensing
03/02/17Rotary joint, framework construction kit, framework with rotary joints and manufacturing a rotary joint
03/02/17Power and data distribution module and power and data distribution in an airborne vehicle
02/23/17Additive manufacturing of a component made from a metal matrix composite
02/23/17Laying device and laying producing a fiber composite scrim for forming a fiber composite component
02/23/17Method for manufacturing of a component
02/23/17Flight deck door assembly
02/23/17Indication device as well as door arrangement and aircraft with such an indication device
02/23/17Sensor system for determining air velocities
02/16/17Retaining system for a movable component
02/16/17Fillable stowage container for placement in a cargo area of an aircraft
02/16/17Modular lavatory assembly for a vehicle cabin, cabin of a vehicle and aircraft having a cabin and at least one modular lavatory arrangement
02/16/17System and determining weight of freight units and baggage
02/16/17System and transmitting power over data lines
02/09/17Device and applying a liquid coating material to a portion of a fastening element
02/09/17Aircraft insulation system and aircraft air conditioning and insulation arrangement
02/02/17Tie rod and manufacturing a tie rod
01/26/17Device and processing a fibre compound structure
01/26/17Pressure bulkhead for an aircraft fuselage
01/26/17Sandwich structure
01/26/17System and taking a measurement at a connection element
01/26/17System and taking a measurement at a connection element
01/19/17Method for connecting metal fittings to pipes made of fiber-reinforced composite material, and lines obtained with this method
01/19/17Additive manufacturing performing additive manufacturing on thermoplastic sheets
01/19/17Screw for an electrically contacting connection
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01/12/17Method and system for vacuum bagging
01/12/17Fuselage structure and manufacturing a fuselage structure
01/05/17Oxygen supply providing an adequate oxygen supply mode in an aircraft
01/05/17Fore flap disposed on the wing of an aircraft
12/29/16Drilling structural parts, and collecting element for a drilling this kind
12/29/16Compression mold, compression molding tool and compression molding method
12/29/16Method and device for series production of components made of a fiber-reinforced composite material
12/29/16Device and shaping a semi-finished fiber product
12/29/16Method for welding together two components made of a thermoplastic layer composite material
12/29/16Method and producing a component by use of a vacuum film
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12/29/16Stiffened fuselage component as well as manufacturing a stiffened fuselage component
12/29/16Fuselage skin window unit for an aircraft
12/29/16Sanitary module comprising a folding alcove for an aircraft and aircraft door region
12/29/16Electrolyte and process for the electrolytic polishing of a metallic substrate
12/29/16Method for masking communication signals, enodeb with masking functionality and aircraft
12/29/16Mobile monitoring device and collecting sensor measured data
12/22/16Device and painting curved outer surfaces of an aircraft
12/22/16Method for producing connecting elements of a snap connection system
12/22/16Shaping tool, shaping apparatus and forming a semi-finished product containing reinforcing fibers
12/22/16Method of manufacturing components, in particular elongated profile sections from band-shaped pre-impregnated fibers (prepreg)
12/22/16Device and moving cargo
12/22/16Announcement signaling on board an aircraft
12/22/16Speech recognition on board of an aircraft
12/15/16Impregnating tool and continuously impregnating a reinforcing fiber material with a plastics material
12/15/16Apparatus and continuously manufacturing components from fiber-reinforced composites, and mold set
12/15/16Method and system for the ventilation of an aircraft area
12/15/16Supply system for providing at least oxygen depleted air and water in a vehicle and aircraft having such a supply system
12/15/16Connection system, clamping screw, connecting two components and tool for producing the connection system
12/08/16Module for an aircraft cabin with a seat fastened to a door
12/08/16Controlling an electrical consumer of an aircraft
12/01/16Load bearing element and a manufacturing a load bearing element
12/01/16Rotary joint, framework construction kit and manufacturing a rotary joint
11/24/16Pressure bulkhead for an aircraft fuselage, and an aircraft comprising such a pressure bulkhead
11/24/16Pressure bulkhead for an aircraft fuselage, and an aircraft comprising such a pressure bulkhead
11/24/16System and detaching an extraction unit from an extractable unit
11/24/16Aircraft interior door assembly
11/10/16Door arrangement for the interior of an aircraft and aircraft comprising such a door arrangement
11/10/16Thermal analysis of electronics racks
11/03/16Tool for the removal and installation of polar end caps of freshwater tanks on board airplanes in the built-in state
11/03/16Fuselage section and transverse butt joint connecting two fuselage sections of an aircraft or spacecraft
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11/03/16Assembling of structural elements in aviation
11/03/16Flexibly adjustable passenger seat device for a vehicle cabin
11/03/16Method for connectiong fiber-reinforced structural components
10/27/16Acoustic cabin panel
10/27/16Lightweight structural panel
10/27/16Tool and unlocking guide clamps for cable harnesses
10/27/16Double-walled pipe with integrated heating capability for an aircraft or spacecraft
10/20/16Monument for a cabin of a vehicle, and fastening arrangement
10/20/16Construction kit and a housing structure of a monument for a vehicle cabin
10/13/16Sandwich panel for an aircraft
10/13/16System for non-destructive inspection of structural components
10/06/16A laying device and a the laying down of fibre tapes
10/06/16Pressure bulkhead and producing a pressure bulkhead
10/06/16Aircraft luggage system having a luggage compartment and an additional luggage compartment
09/29/16Additive layer manufacturing the manufacture of a three-dimensional fiber-reinforced object
09/29/16Door stop element for an aircraft door
09/29/16Arrangement for passing a line in a load-free manner through a pressure frame of a fuselage of an aircraft or spacecraft
09/29/16Protective device for a pressure line, pressure line section and hydraulic system
09/22/16Connection system, connection arrangement and method
09/22/16Methods and systems for forecasting time-dependent phenomena by combining experimental and digital data
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09/08/163d printing method and powder mixture for 3d printing
09/08/16Extended rear pressure bulkhead
09/08/16Pressure bulkhead adapted to non-cirular fuselage section
09/08/16Tolerance compensation component for tolerance compensation when joining together structural elements
09/08/16Phase balancing in three-phase system
08/25/16Device for cutting to size and handling a substantially extensive blank from a cfk semi-finished product and method
08/25/16Arrangement and producing a composite material component
08/25/16On-board removable container for cooling cargo materials and equipment in aircraft
08/18/16Switching device for an electrochemical energy store and energy storage system
08/11/16Electronics installation system, aircraft or spacecraft, and method
08/11/16Aircraft tail cone
08/11/16Vertical stabilizer for an aircraft
08/11/16Vortex generator arrangement
08/11/16Inerting an aircraft using exhaust air
08/04/16Support device for stabilizing a body part of a person
08/04/16Devices for bonding parts to be joined
08/04/16System and repairing a component made out of a plastic
08/04/16Method for adjusting the play in a high-lift system of an aircraft
08/04/16Energy generating apparatus and energy generating method and control as-sembly and reaction vessel therefore
07/28/16Fastening device for releasably fastening a mechanism in the region of a floor of an aircraft or space craft and arrangement for a cargo loading system
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07/28/16Cabin air extraction system, operating a cabin air extraction system and aircraft air-conditioning system
07/21/16Stiffening component and manufacturing a stiffening component
07/14/16Forming tool and forming a semi-finished product comprising reinforcement fibers and forming apparatus
07/14/16Floor arrangement with curved floor panels for an aircraft
07/14/16Cooling system having a water separator, and operating a cooling system
07/14/16Fuel cell system for an aircraft and providing an inert gas in an aircraft
07/14/16System and damage tracking and monitoring during ground handling of aircraft
07/14/16Conveying device and aircraft system with a conveying device of such a type
07/07/16Panel for mounting a passenger supply unit and a passenger supply unit
07/07/16Joint seal
07/07/16Manufacturing metallic components having integrated crack stoppers
07/07/16Method for joining two fuselage sections and mounting device
07/07/16Offset residual current protective device
06/23/16Method and system for producing composite structures
06/23/16Lavatory arrangement for a vehicle cabin and vehicle having a vehicle body, and a cabin having a lavatory arrangement installed therein
06/23/16Self sufficient galley system, operating electrical galley devices, and aircraft having such a galley system
06/23/16Foolproofing system for pipes by means of an obstacle inside a connector in an aircraft duct
06/23/16Method for determining a state of a component in a high lift system of an aircraft
06/23/16Method for testing a component in a high lift system of an aircraft
06/23/16Auxiliary power system for an airplane and an airplane with such an auxiliary power system
06/16/16Cargo unit for an aircraft and a lower deck catering system
06/16/16Lift an aircraft and an aircraft including the lift apparatus
06/16/16Partition wall for a vehicle cabin, a monument arrangement in a cabin of a transportation means, and a transportation means with a cabin along with at least one such partition wall arranged therein
06/16/16Service box for storing in a storage rack arrangement of a cargo container
06/16/16Draining device for draining a fluid line
06/16/16Evacuation slide with a guidance marking
06/16/16Evacuation slide comprising a lighting system
06/16/16Evacuation slide with a lighting system for illuminating an escape route
06/09/16Method and arrangement for manufacturing a composite material component
06/09/16Line connection arrangement for units in an aircraft cabin
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06/02/16Assembly supporting device for supporting a technician during the assembly of an airplane fuselage
06/02/16Fixture for electronic devices, vehicle seat with integrated fixture and mounting an electronic device in a fixture
06/02/16Lining/fairing panel and measuring the electrical bonding resistance of a lining/fairing panel
06/02/16Data communications network for an aircraft
05/26/16Method and system for manufacturing a three-dimensional object by additive manufacturing
05/26/16Method and system for adapting a 3d printing model
05/26/16Modular cabin segment, cabin for a vehicle and vehicle with a cabin
05/26/16An aircraft including an engine attachment with a control surface
05/26/16System and the metered dispensing of a fragrance in a closed room, in particular in a lavatory of a vehicle
05/26/16Toilet system for a lavatory of a vehicle, lavatory of a vehicle, and aircraft with such a lavatory
05/26/16Access system for a vehicle and managing access to a vehicle
05/26/16Support rack for at least one item of aircraft electronics, corresponding support device and aircraft
05/19/16Device for use in drilling, drilling, and preparing a workpiece or an arrangement of workpieces for drilling
05/19/16Manufacturing of components of a vehicle using additive layer manufacturing
05/19/16Method for manufacturing an aircraft or spacecraft component comprising a crack stopper using additive layer manufacturing
05/19/16Aerodynamic component and producing an aerodynamic component
05/19/16Multipart fastening device for fastening a device to a reinforcing element and to the outer skin of a vehicle
05/19/16Support trolley for supporting a door of an aircraft
05/19/16Freight container storage system
05/12/16Method and device for the production of tubular structural components
05/12/16Method for producing composite workpieces
05/12/16Structural component and producing a structural component
05/12/16Injection molding the manufacture of a primary-structure connection element
05/12/16Seat rail for supporting seats in an aircraft and a manufacturing a seat rail
05/12/16Method and device for attaching an aircraft or spacecraft component to a fuselage section
05/05/16Floor panel for an aircraft, and an aircraft comprising such a floor panel
05/05/16Modular monument for transporting an item in a vehicle
04/28/16Galley system, operating electrical galley devices, and use of a fuel cell in a galley system

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