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Airbus Operations Sas patents

Recent patent applications related to Airbus Operations Sas. Airbus Operations Sas is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Airbus Operations Sas may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Airbus Operations Sas, we're just tracking patents.

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05/25/17 new patent  System for applying a fluid to a surface
05/11/17Forming tool of a preform in composite material and manufacturing a part in composite material using said tool
05/11/17Method and device for generating an optimum vertical path intended to be followed by an aircraft
04/27/17Method for repairing an aircraft structure using deformable sheets
04/20/17System for moving loads and cargo hold
04/20/17Support for a conduit
04/20/17Method and device for detecting oscillatory failures in an automatic position control chain of an aircraft control surface
04/13/17Method for predicting temperatures which are tolerable by a component, a piece of equipment or an airplane structure
04/06/17Compartmentalized structure for the acoustic treatment and the de-icing of an aircraft nacelle and aircraft nacelle incorporating said structure
04/06/17Aircraft propulsion system having at least one anti-fire tank
03/30/17Method for mounting a sheath on a wire harness and a set comprising a sheath and a wire harness
03/09/17Aircraft rear portion comprising a vertical stabilizer having a box-section structure including a lower portion accommodated in the fuselage
03/09/17High assurance segregated gateway interconnecting different domains
03/02/17Aircraft engine unit comprising an improved front engine attachment
03/02/17Aircraft attitude indicator device
02/09/17Interface device for the connection and the passage of an electric route through an airtight wall of an aircraft
02/02/17Method for repairing a composite-material panel of an aircraft and tool for implementing said method
01/26/17Rear door of a landing gear box comprising an air passage orifice and a closure member of the latter
01/19/17Methods and control systems for controlling a drive system of an aircraft
01/12/17Braking control system for an aircraft
01/12/17Aircraft steering system controller
01/12/17Data processing unit for aircraft undercarriage performance monitoring
01/05/17System for electrically connecting cabin equipment of an aircraft to a control system and to at least one electrical power supply source of the aircraft
01/05/17Systems and methods for providing optimized taxiing path operation for an aircraft
12/29/16Method for eddy current testing
12/29/16System and locating impacts on an external surface
12/22/16Device and moving cargo
12/08/16Aircraft landing gear longitudinal force control
11/03/16Aircraft steering system
09/22/16Method and device for assisting the piloting of an aircraft during a parabolic flight
09/08/16Tool-holder fixed to a workpiece
08/11/16Method and control of a steerable landing gear
08/04/16Propulsion assembly incorporating a turbojet and a mounting pylon enabling a new distribution of the forces between the turbojet and the wing
06/23/16Removable auxiliary power device for aircraft and aircraft adapted to use at least one such device
06/16/16Control an aircraft when taxiing
06/16/16Systems and methods for providing optimized taxiing path operation for an aircraft
06/09/16Device for checking a pressurized testing tool for a fluid circuit of an aircraft
06/02/16Aircraft fuselage frame
06/02/16Avionics networks
05/26/16An aircraft including an engine attachment with a control surface
05/05/16Safety device for an extension socket
04/07/16Device for managing the storage of data
02/18/16Methods, device and evaluating electrical current threat effects at joints
01/28/16Method and device for determining an operational distance of an unspecified termination segment of an aircraft flight plan
01/21/16Differential braking of aircraft landing gear wheels
12/31/15Aeroplane equipped with an internal escape hatch having a double opening controller
12/31/15Aeroplane equipped with an internal escape hatch incorporating a pressure regulating system
12/24/15Aircraft propulsion assembly comprising at least one brush seal resistant to high-temperature
10/29/15Assembly for an aircraft comprising a moveable access panel
10/22/15Latching system for securing two components
10/22/15Landing gear force and moment distributor
09/10/15Device for determining navigation parameters of an aircraft during a landing phase
07/23/15Method and system for automatically modifying a lateral flight plan of an aircraft
07/09/15Method and device for guiding an aircraft during a low level flight
06/25/15Method for producing a central wing box
05/14/15Connection device for means of airplane
05/14/15Electrical energy distribution network in a transport vehicle, such as an aircraft, and an electrical installation in an aircraft
04/30/15Method and device for automatically detecting an incorrect measurement of a total temperature on an aircraft
04/23/15Method and device for revising a low-altitude flight phase of a flight path of an aircraft
03/19/15Electric flight control an aircraft
08/14/14Method for machining a through-hole in a component and machining device for implementing the said method
07/31/14Aircraft cockpit, in particular the front portion of an aircraft cockpit
07/17/14Mounting device for aircraft supply systems
06/26/14Flight data recorder
06/19/14Fibre laying machine comprising a roller with pivoting rings
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06/19/14Electronics structure comprising at least one barrier impermeable to fine particles
05/29/14Aircraft nacelle comprising a reinforced connection between an air intake and a means of propulsion
05/22/14Passive device for generating a film of cold air in contact with an outer surface of an aircraft
05/01/14Connector for securing double skin pipework and assembly obtained
03/13/14Method for producing a profile that has a re-entrant angle in a composite material from a stack of layers of fibres
03/06/14Assembly of two parts made of composite material
02/06/14Assembly comprising a device for locking a fastening
01/30/14Method for monitoring the coordinated execution of sequenced tasks by an electronic card comprising at least two processors synchronized to one and the same clock
01/30/14Method for monitoring the coordinated execution of sequenced tasks by an electronic card comprising at least two processors synchronized to two different clocks
01/02/14Panel for the acoustic treatment comprising hot air ducts and at least one stabilization chamber
12/19/13Heat exchanger incorporated into a wall of an aircraft
11/07/13Overpressure door for an aircraft
09/26/13Machining tool for an aircraft fuselage frame
09/19/13Sealing device and method
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09/19/13Method and device for optimizing data updates in operationally approved software applications of aircraft
09/12/13Method for obtaining a composite material part incorporating a tensioning step of the filaments and tool for its implementation
09/12/13Method of manufacturing a curved profile made of composite material from a rectilinear preform of fiber plies
09/12/13Method of manufacturing a part made of composite material and tool for the implementation thereof
09/12/13System and end-of-life processing of an airframe
08/29/13Aircraft engine pylon aft aerodynamic fairing
08/22/13Method and device for stiffener protection, and corresponding composite panel
08/01/13Device for carrying out tests on at least one fluid circuit of an aircraft
08/01/13Method for disassembly of two elements welded by ultrasound and element able to be welded by ultrasound to another element to the implementation of said method
07/25/13Method of calculating dynamic pressure at the level of an aircraft surface
07/18/13Wall made from a composite material reinforced so as to limit the spread of a crack in a direction
07/11/13Bleeding system
07/11/13Method and device for driving at least one landing gear wheel of an aircraft by means of a wheel motor
06/27/13Method, apparatus and computer program product for determining the strain induced at a selected point in a stiffened panel structure in response to a load, taking into account one or more out of plane (oop) effects
06/13/13Substitution device for aircraft engine
06/13/13Method for producing an acoustic treatment panel
06/13/13Headrest for an aircraft pilot's seat and seat comprising a such headrest
06/13/13Method and device for automatically monitoring on an aircraft an identification code of a ground station of a navigation system
06/06/13Device and assembling two shell elements made from a composite material
05/30/13Cabling of an aircraft circuit breaker panel
05/30/13Interactive dialog device between an operator of an aircraft and a guidance system of said aircraft
05/02/13Electrical harness equipped with a device to space its electrical conductors at the level of a partition passage
05/02/13Energy protection device for an aircraft
05/02/13Method and device for controlling engine speed of an aircraft during a take-off
04/25/13Aircraft nacelle comprising a hot air supply device for a panel combining acoustic and frost treatments
04/25/13Method for adjusting the doors of a landing gear bay, and associated door
04/18/13Nacelle for a power plant with a variable-area fan nozzle
04/04/13Process for the destruction of a blind fastener and device for its implementation
04/04/13Ventilation system, air blowing and extraction circuits of such a system, as well as an aircraft avionics bay
03/28/13Conversion method and system
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03/07/13Connection system and simulator using such a connection system
02/07/13Fastening device particularly suitable for the fastening between an air intake and an engine of an aircraft nacelle
02/07/13Fastening device particularly suitable for the fastening between an air intake and an engine of an aircraft nacelle
01/17/13Pressurised hot air duct of an aircraft equipped with a device for detecting air leakage
01/17/13Process for the production of a double-curved panel
01/03/13Spacer adjustable in length
12/20/12Process for the production of a panel for the acoustic treatment incorporating the frost treatment function with hot air
12/20/12Process for the production of an acoustic treatment panel that integrates channels juxtaposed with an alveolar structure
12/20/12Air intake of an aircraft nacelle that incorporates a reinforced lip with a defrost system by joule-effect
11/29/12Method for pointing a plurality of predetermined locations inside a structure and corresponding pointing system
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11/15/12Method for manufacturing a part of a composite material and part thus obtained
11/15/12Method and device for aiding the piloting of an aircraft during an intermediate approach phase of a descent
11/08/12Connecting device particularly adapted for the connection between an air intake and an engine of an aircraft nacelle
10/18/12Nacelle incorporating an element for connecting a lip and an acoustic attenuation panel together
10/04/12Device for connecting an air leak detection system to a sleeve that envelops a pressurized air hose of an aircraft
10/04/12Air inlet of an aircraft nacelle including optimized frost treatment
10/04/12Aircraft nacelle air intake incorporating optimized ice-treatment hot air injection means
09/27/12Panel for the acoustic treatment with a progressive thickness
09/20/12Process for manufacturing a part made of composite material that comprises at least one radius of curvature
09/20/12Process for the production of a profile made of composite material fibers that has a half-nail-head or nail-head cross-section
08/23/12Frame for an opening provided in an aircraft fuselage
08/16/12Panel for acoustic treatment comprising a junction between two parts and process for the reparation of a panel for acoustic treatment
08/02/12Stiffened structure integrating an opening
06/21/12Method for making a network of drainage pipes and acoustic processing panel including such a network of drainage pipes
04/19/12Acoustic processing panel, more particularly adapted for an air intake in an aircraft nacelle
04/05/12Cable securing device
03/15/12Aircraft nacelle comprising a reinforced outer wall
03/01/12Aircraft nacelle including an optimised acoustic processing system
01/12/12Method for realization of an aircraft structure and resulting structure
01/12/12Aircraft including a fuel valve and a control actuator fastened to the valve
01/05/12Expansion tool and cold expansion of holes
12/01/11Aircraft including an undercarriage motor
11/10/11Method for producing a concave-shaped in particular u-shaped piece in a composite material and device for carrying out the same
10/27/11Process for manufacturing a piece that is made of composite material and device for its implementation
09/22/11Method of making a core comprising an envelope containing granular and/or powdery products, device and core obtained
09/22/11De-icing device comprising means for detection of a leakage in a hot air supply system
07/21/11Fuse link device between a mobile part and a fixed part of an aircraft nacelle
07/14/11Device for connecting an air inlet with an aircraft nacelle actuator assembly
06/23/11Measurement instrument support interposed between a drive unit and an air intake of an aircraft nacelle
06/16/11Panel for an air intake of an aircraft nacelle that ensures optimized acoustic treatment and frost treatment
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06/16/11Wave attenuation panel inserted between the motor and air inlet of an aircraft nacelle
06/09/11Aircraft nacelle incorporating a device for protecting an access flap for a locking system
06/09/11Aircraft nacelle incorporating a hood closure device that is independent of the locking mechanism
06/02/11Aircraft nacelle that incorporates a thrust reversal device
05/19/11Acoustic treatment panel with integral connecting reinforcement
05/19/11Device for shrouding an aircraft nacelle
05/19/11Device for shrouding an aircraft nacelle
04/28/11Method for producing a stiffener on a surface of an element to be stiffened
03/10/11Method of preparing the connection between two fuselage sections of an aircraft
03/10/11Rest module with a first partial module with direct access to a possible second partial module
01/27/11Device for the production of a composite material piece that comprises smoothing panels with sliding junctions and process for the production of smoothing panels with sliding junctions
12/30/10Air outlet system for aircraft leading edge
12/16/10Aircraft nacelle including hot air discharge means
11/25/10Method of producing a structural part made from a thermosetting resin by drawing
11/11/10Aircraft propulsion assembly comprising hot air bleed systems
10/14/10Wing mounting
10/14/10Device for the production of a composite material part integrating a drainage system
10/07/10Aircraft nacelle including an optimised ice treatment system
08/19/10Method and device for concentrating messages for the integration simulation of components
07/22/10Coating for acoustic treatment that integrates the function of hot-air treatment of frost
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07/22/10Method and device for communication by address virtualization for the integration simulation of components
06/10/10Method and device for detecting non-regression of an input/output system in a simulation environment
05/06/10Sail wing aircraft which includes an engine mounted on a pylon
04/01/10Device for the manufacturing of a piece of composite materiel with complex shape
03/25/10System for managing the heat fluxes of an aircraft
02/25/10System for attaching an engine to the structure of an aircraft, such as a sail wing aircraft

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