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Recent patent applications related to Airbus Operations s a s. Airbus Operations s a s is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Airbus Operations s a s may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Airbus Operations s a s, we're just tracking patents.

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06/15/17Aircraft control comprising a pedal coupled to a cylinder and associated control device
06/15/17Method and device for controlling coupled forward and aft doors of an aircraft landing gear bay
06/15/17Onboard communication network of a vehicle and subscriber of such a communication network
06/08/17System for assisting in managing the flight of an aircraft, in particular of a transport airplane, in a landing phase on a runway
06/08/17Method and device for estimating a lateral speed and a lateral position of an aircraft, during a phase where the aircraft is traveling on the ground
06/01/17Device forming a trailing edge of an aerodynamic profile and comprising a blowing system
06/01/17Method of controlling the thrust of the jets of an aircraft during the takeoff phase, control device and aircraft corresponding thereto
05/18/17Structural assembly for an aircraft fuselage with double curvature including frames with an optimized orientation
05/11/17Method and device for monitoring the clamping of an assembly by a threaded fastener
04/20/17Friction adjustment interface between two parts made of nickel or nickel or cobalt-chromium alloy that are in relative motion against one another at high temperature
04/13/17Tool and applying an anti-corrosion substance to an aircraft passenger seat rail
04/06/17Aircraft engine assembly comprising at least two rear engine attachments axially shifted from each other
03/16/17Measuring air flows along a wall
03/09/17Process for friction stir welding including a mobile counter-bearing
03/09/17Integrated ribs for central wing box
03/02/17Method and device for automatically determining a runway state
02/16/17Methods, systems, and computer readable media for managing aircraft radiofrequency communications
02/02/17Tool-support system
02/02/17Method and system for assisting the guidance of an aircraft along a runway approach axis
01/26/17Method and device for displaying at least one position indicator for an aircraft
01/19/17Weld protecting device by gas diffusion
01/19/17System, device and recording data in an aircraft
01/12/17Flight management assembly for an aircraft and monitoring such an assembly
01/12/17Monitoring scheduled turnaround activities and alerting on time deviation of scheduled turnaround activities
12/22/16Aircraft structure with solar energy capture capacity
12/08/16Display an aircraft
12/08/16Damage detection and repair system and method using enhanced geolocation
11/24/16Method and system for managing data from an aircraft radio altimeter
11/03/16Simplified measurement device and method and tool for manufacturing such a device
10/27/16Method for assembling an aircraft aft portion
10/27/16Measurement device comprising sensors arranged in recesses covered by a single film
09/29/16Communication network and communication node of a communication network
09/29/16Communication network on board a vehicle and a switch of such a communication network
09/22/16Methods and systems for forecasting time-dependent phenomena by combining experimental and digital data
09/15/16Nacelle for an aircraft engine assembly comprising at least one jointed nacelle cowling at its front end
09/15/16Audio system for an aircraft
08/25/16Assembly for an aircraft including a fitting secured to the upper surface of a wing box, for mounting an engine strut to said wing box
08/18/16Airplane flight deck equipped with an emergency escape
08/11/16Aircraft assembly comprising a mounting pylon primary structure integrated to the structure of the wing element
08/11/16Device for operating at least one aircraft door comprising a control handle
07/21/16Tapped insert for cylindrical bore and installation equipment for such insert
07/21/16Downloading data into distant equipment
07/14/16Methods and devices for assisting the piloting of an aircraft during at least one flight phase having a plurality of steering steps
06/30/16Joint assembly and method connecting an aircraft belly fairing to the fuselage provided with a particularly positioned stringer
06/30/16Aircraft comprising a hatch and a fall-protection device
06/30/16Control an aircraft
06/30/16Landing gear well roof
06/30/16Process for checking that full threads are engaged in tightening and assembly
06/30/16Devices and methods for conducting accelerated aging tests of a coating with several types of stresses
06/30/16Cold plate, forming in particular a structural part of an item of equipment having heat-generating components
06/23/16Device and measuring displacement between two substantially coaxial parts, preferably for aircraft
06/23/16Method and system for measuring the thickness of ice on a surface, notably of an aircraft, using a luminous pattern generated by diffusion in the ice
06/23/16Aircraft communication systems and methods
06/09/16Method and device for estimating the airspeed of an aircraft
06/02/16Airframe-engine aerodynamic simulation using a mixing plane subdivided into angular sectors
06/02/16Systems and methods allowing saving, on a storage device, under control of a personal electronic device of a passenger of a vehicle, of image data of a video stream arising from a camera of the vehicle
05/26/16Support rack for at least one item of aircraft electronics, corresponding support device and aircraft
05/12/16Assembly for an aircraft comprising an attachment pylon primary structure formed with three independent elements
05/12/16Systems and methods for controlling fuel path availability for an aircraft
04/21/16Method and system aboard an aircraft for generating an anomaly report
04/21/16Method and device for automatically estimating at least one speed of an aircraft
04/21/16Method and system to verify the calibration of a system for non-destructive testing
04/14/16Automatic integration of data relating to a maintenance operation
03/31/16System and automatic reloading of software into embarked equipment
03/10/16Aircraft having landing gear doors and a system for maneuvering the doors
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02/18/16Tooling for creating a component made of composite, creating a component made of composite using the tooling, and composite component thus obtained
02/18/16Landing aid for an aircraft
01/28/16Method and device for automatically managing air operations requiring a guarantee of navigation and guidance performance of an aircraft
01/28/16Method and system for automatic autonomous landing of an aircraft
01/07/16Case including a vessel and pivoting cover
01/07/16Device for controlling a nozzle of variable cross-section of an aircraft
01/07/16Device for controlling a nozzle of variable cross-section of an aircraft
12/31/15Air filter for collecting debris in an aircraft ventilation duct
12/24/15Process for manufacturing a textile preform with continuous fibres by circulation of hot gas flow through a fibrous array
12/24/15Aircraft fuselage stiffener formed from a sheet folded over onto itself
12/24/15Computer-assisted methods of quality control and corresponding quality control systems
12/24/15System for following the handling of an aircraft engine
12/24/15Method and device to estimate costs of deviation in a flight trajectory
12/03/15Flexible connection between the floor structure and the hull structure of an aircraft
12/03/15Releasable conduit connection device and pipeline provided with such a device
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11/19/15Aerodynamic fairing
11/19/15Measurement system for measuring the velocity of an aircraft
11/12/15Method for manufacturing a part made of composite material for an aircraft structure by pultrusion and cocuring
11/12/15System for connecting a mobile device to a wireless network of an aircraft
11/05/15Method and device for determining a linear terrain profile along a lateral approach trajectory of an airport
10/29/15Assembly for an aircraft comprising an attachment pylon primary structure formed with three independent elements
10/29/15Method and assembly for guidance of an aircraft during a low-altitude flight
10/15/15Method and device for fitting out an aircraft nose compartment in an avionics bay
10/15/15Aircraft propulsion assembly comprising an air flow valve with a variable flow rate
10/15/15Thermoelectric converter
10/08/15Aircraft nacelle comprising a spacing system which is intended to maintain the two cowls spaced apart
09/24/15Supporting set for a wing flap system of an aircraft
09/24/15Aircraft comprising a control device for a jet pipe nozzle with variable cross-section powered by two independent electrical power supplies
09/24/15Fairing device for aircraft propulsion assembly comprising an internal compartment fitted with a fan
09/24/15Mounting system of at least two pipes
09/17/15Aircraft assembly comprising a mounting strut built into the nacelle and arranged at the rear section of the fuselage
09/10/15Method and device for automatically managing a flight path change on an aircraft, in particular for a low-level flight
08/27/15Acoustic measurement device in an air flow
08/20/15Method of sensor data fusion
08/13/15Part of a fuselage of an aircraft and aircraft comprising a keel beam and an aft lower shell
08/06/15Management interfaces for aircraft systems
08/06/15Methods, systems and computer readable media for managing aircraft systems
08/06/15Method, systems, and computer readable media for troubleshooting an aircraft system during system failure
07/30/15Detection-cord attachment device, in particular for an overheating and leak detection system on a gas pipe in an aircraft
07/23/15Method for producing part of an aircraft fuselage and tool for implementing said method
07/23/15Aircraft engine fastener
07/23/15Method and device for vertically guiding an aircraft during an approach of a runway along a lateral approach trajectory
07/16/15Manual drilling apparatus equipped with a device for control of advance
07/16/15Assembly for an aircraft, comprising an engine attachment body equipped with at least one shackle support fitting that passes into the box section of the attachment pylon
07/02/15Aerofoil portion of an aircraft comprising an attachment support of a connecting device mounted in translation
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06/25/15Reinforced primary structure for an attachment pylon
06/18/15Self-stiffened composite panel and producing same
06/18/15Aircraft hinge arranged between a movable panel and a load-bearing structure
06/18/15Assembly for an aircraft, comprising an engine attachment body partially produced in one piece with an internal stiffening rib of an attachment pylon box section
06/11/15Aircraft throttle control system with an emitter unit and a receiver unit
06/11/15Tool comprising at least one sealing device for an opening
06/04/15Device and fitting two connections at the end of two conduits, in particular in an aircraft
05/28/15Method for fusing data from sensors using a consistency criterion
05/21/15Thermal protection device for equipment in a turbomachine engine compartment
05/21/15Method and system for displaying meteorological events along a flight plan of an aircraft
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05/14/15Data network, aircraft or spacecraft, and method
04/30/15Method and system for writing, updating and reading static and dynamic identification data for an aeronautical appliance
04/23/15Method and device for testing a composite material using laser ultrasonics
04/09/15Reconfigurable avionics equipment and reconfiguring such equipment
04/02/15Method for detecting an electrical continuity fault in a network of metallization strips and device for implementing same
03/26/15Method for identifying a piece of defective equipment in an aircraft
03/19/15Method and a device for aiding piloting of an aircraft during an approach phase for landing
03/12/15Method and device for nondestructive testing of material health especially in the fillets of a composite part
03/05/15Switched-mode power supply with modular architecture
02/12/15Tool to hold several mounting clamps simultaneously against an aircraft fuselage frame element
02/05/15Tool for simultaneously holding several attachment clips in contact with an aircraft fuselage frame element
02/05/15Aircraft fuselage frame element integrating tabs for the fastening of stiffeners
02/05/15Method and computer program for the maintenance aid of aircraft equipment
01/29/15Autonomous and automatic landing method and system
01/01/15Wireless partitioned on-board telecommunication network
12/18/14Monitoring system for an avionics platform with three-tier architecture
09/18/14Fish joint device having an improved mechanical hold
06/19/14Overhead panel for an aircraft cockpit and aircraft including such a panel
05/08/14Methods, systems and computer readable media for establishing a communication link between software simulation models
04/24/14Aircraft fuselage and constructing a floor in such a fuselage
03/13/14Process and system for friction stir welding of a stiffener on an aircraft panel
02/13/14Centre pedestal for aircraft cockpit and aircraft comprising such a pedestal
02/06/14Method and device for aiding the management of the flight of an aircraft
01/30/14Aircraft fuselage structural element with variable cross-section
01/30/14Device for manufacturing a composite part including a bell and associated method
12/19/13Device and pickling and simultaneously checking a part by acoustic means
11/21/13Aircraft fuselage frame element
11/21/13Method of measuring loadings in joins in a high-temperature environment and instrumented shaft for implementation, in particular for rear attachment of aircraft turbojet
11/14/13Keel beam of an aircraft
11/14/13Method for updating a software application hosted by an equipment item on board an aircraft
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10/24/13Method for producing a curved profile made from a composite material from a rectilinear preform of fiber webs
10/17/13Device for controlling a variable section nozzle of an aircraft
10/10/13Three-dimensional surface weaving
10/10/13Method of separably coupling a propulsion module and a carriage module of an aircraft, and modular aircraft implementing same
09/19/13Device for attaching an electrical harness in an aircraft
09/19/13Device and detecting discharges
09/05/13Method for boarding and unloading of passengers of and aircraft with reduced immobilisation time of the aircraft, aircraft and air terminal for its implementation
09/05/13Method and device for fitting out an aircraft nose compartment in an avionics bay
08/29/13Panel for the acoustic treatment comprising hot air ducts and at least one annular channel
08/08/13Method and architecture for detecting inaccessible electrical anomalies by means of reflectometry
08/01/13Device and assembling brackets in an aircraft structure
08/01/13Method and device for displaying trim information on an airplane during a take-off
08/01/13Method and device for aiding the piloting of an aircraft during a landing phase
07/18/13Self-stiffened composite panel and process for making same
07/18/13Anti-buckling coupling device for piping
06/27/13Oxygen supply system intended in particular for the flight crew of an aircraft
06/27/13Hinging cradle for fan cowls supported by said cowls in closed position
04/25/13Thrust reverser for an aircraft having semi-recessed turbofan engines
03/28/13Assembly comprising a raceway and a branching device, and associated branching device
03/07/13Method and device for protecting an autotransformer for an aircraft
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02/21/13Method for assembling window coaming on a fuselage, coaming to be used, and aircraft fuselage provided with such coaming
02/21/13Method and device for protecting an autotransformer for an aircraft
01/24/13Method for designing standardised repair kits for an aircraft fuselage
01/24/13Method for automatically reloading software and a device for automatically reloading software
01/10/13System for draining water condensation in an aircraft
01/03/13Locking/unlocking device for electronic boards located in onboard equipment
01/03/13Double-skin nozzle system, junction system between two tube portions, and aircraft provided with such a system
12/27/12Method and device for the automated production of dry fibrous preforms
12/13/12Disengageable interface mechanism between a motorization system of an aircraft landing gear assembly and a wheel
12/13/12Method for manufacturing a composite material curved part, and device for manufacturing a composite material curved part
12/06/12Method for repairing an aircraft fuselage
11/29/12Aircraft with a pivotable rear portion
11/22/12Mounting for holding elongate objects in position relative to a structure
11/22/12Method for controlling the deceleration on the ground of a vehicle
11/15/12Avionic bay comprising a device for filtering cooling air for electrical equipment installed in such a bay and aircraft equipped with such a bay
11/15/12Method for distribution of cooling air for electrical equipment installed in an avionic bay and aircraft equipped with such a bay
11/15/12Electrical power distribution unit and a vehicle having such a unit
11/15/12Connection device for fuel tubing of an aircraft
11/08/12Fluid ejection device
11/08/12Device for drilling a complex panel
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11/08/12Method of making a sealed junction between aircraft parts
11/08/12Fixture device for an aircraft tubing
11/01/12Streamlined profile reducing the speed deficit in its wake
11/01/12Engine pylon comprising a vortex generator, and the production thereof
10/25/12Aircraft including an internal partition
10/18/12Automated drape-forming device
09/27/12Method for the structural analysis of panels consisting of an isotropic material and stiffened by triangular pockets
09/27/12Method and device for detecting logic interface incompatibilities of equipment items of on-board systems
09/20/12Device for detecting shocks on a structure
09/20/12Electrical actuator and controlling such an actuator
09/20/12Fluid-cooling device for a turbine engine propulsive unit
09/20/12Monitoring of a flight control actuator of an aircraft
09/20/12Method and device for installing/uninstalling software modules, with centralized resolution of constraints, in aircraft apparatuses
09/06/12Method and system for detecting and locating by reflectometry electrical faults in metal structures
08/23/12Radome and device for attaching said radome to an aircraft
08/23/12System for attaching an impeller engine
08/23/12Method and device for aiding the flight management of an aircraft
08/16/12Device for ventilating a compartment
08/16/12Method and device for yaw controlling of an aircraft
08/16/12Device for simulating an alternator, controlling such a device and simulation system comprising such a device
08/02/12Connector for stiffening frames between an aircraft fuselage and a wing box
07/19/12Device for applying a protective material on the edge of an element
07/19/12Device for protecting piping from lightning
07/19/12Multiport passive device for sharing optical signals
07/12/12Aircraft engine mounting structure, assembly comprising this structure and associated aircraft
07/12/12Part for and repairing a damaged structure, in particular an airframe skin, and a repair kit for implementing it
07/05/12Aircraft assembly including an element for mounting an engine and associated aircraft
07/05/12Method and device for automatically monitoring air operations requiring navigation and guidance performance
06/28/12Installation assembly including a fixation rail for attaching devices in an aircraft
06/28/12Production or distribution of radiative forcing agents
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06/21/12Tapped insert for cylindrical bore and installation equipment for such insert
06/21/12Front part of an aircraft fuselage incorporating a bay for stowing landing gear
06/14/12Air inlet for aircraft propulsion unit having a structure resistant to excess pressure and a process for repairing an air inlet of an aircraft propulsion unit
06/14/12Aircraft comprising a reversible rotary electrical machine
06/14/12Method and device for the passivation of guidance orders of an aircraft
06/14/12Method and device for automatically monitoring the ability of an aircraft to follow a flight trajectory with at least one turn
06/14/12Method and device for automatically monitoring lateral guidance orders of an aircraft
06/14/12Method and device for aiding the approach of an aircraft during an approach phase for the purpose of landing
06/07/12Method and system for the remote inspection of a structure
06/07/12Airplane with a tailcoat tail assembly and rear engine
06/07/12Method and device for aiding the localization of an aircraft wreck submerged in a sea
06/07/12Method and device for aiding the evaluation of a flight trajectory intended to be followed by an aircraft in a constrained environment
06/07/12Method and device for determining an optimal flight trajectory followed by an aircraft
05/31/12Under-flap stiffener for aircraft
05/31/12Safety link device and aircraft equipped with such a safety link device
05/31/12Method and system for aiding the taxiing of an aircraft on an airport domain
05/24/12Method of fabricating an aircraft part by infusing resin
05/24/12Device for mechanically linking at least two parts having coaxial bores
05/17/12Aircraft including pieces of electrical equipment and parts made of composite material
05/17/12Method of electrically characterizing a composite material for manufacturing an aircraft
05/03/12Aircraft latch comprising a hook and a handle
05/03/12Attachment interface device for attaching mobile equipment to an aircraft structure
05/03/12Aerodyne including motorized undercarriages
05/03/12Fuselage element comprising a fuselage segment and junction means, fuselage portion, fuselage and aircraft
05/03/12Device for shutting a jettisoning circuit of an aircraft
05/03/12Backplane electronic circuit board of an electronic apparatus, in particular for an aircraft
04/26/12Aircraft cover including means for limiting the scoop phenomena of electromagnetic type
04/26/12Aircraft cover including means for limiting the scoop phenomena of pneumatic type
04/26/12Curved structural part made of composite material and a process for manufacturing such a part

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