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05/25/17 new patent  Flight management system of an aircraft
04/27/17Aircraft rudder bar suspended over flight deck floor
04/06/17Avionics system of an aircraft comprising line replaceable units that can exchange messages between them and device for monitoring such an avionics system
02/16/17Engine assembly for an aircraft comprising a primary structure of a mounting pylon equipped with a box extension comprising two parts in the overall shape of an arch
01/26/17Horizontal axis propeller engine assembly for an aircraft
12/22/16Process for the manufacture of a fuselage panel by overmolding and fuselage panel so obtained
12/22/16Aircraft wing comprising a controllable-attack wing tip
12/15/16Method and device for automatically monitoring a self-contained approach of an aircraft
12/08/16Engine assembly of an aircraft including a display unit
12/08/16Method, device and system for displaying a vertical flight profile of an aircraft
12/01/16Method and device for activating the display of at least one stall margin indicator of an aircraft
12/01/16Electronic equipment item comprising a housing and at least one electronic board protected against lightning
11/24/16Assembly inspection method and associated device
11/24/16Method for measuring the position of a mobile structure
11/24/16Aircraft nacelle comprising at least one fan cowl door which is mounted so as to be able to rotate about the longitudinal axis of the nacelle
11/24/16Method for displaying an image of a scene outside of an aircraft in an augmented reality context
11/24/16Method and system to control emergency descent of aircraft
11/03/16Aircraft equipped with a device for monitoring the electronic management of the engines
11/03/16Device, intended to be fixed on a wall, for absorbing electromagnetic waves
10/20/16Aircraft having improved under-cabin space architecture
10/20/16Aircraft having a simplified general section
10/20/16Method and system for controlling the flight of an aircraft with respect to the pitch axis
10/20/16Tooling assembly for integrating a central part of an aircraft, associated method and aircraft thus integrated
10/20/16Electronic circuit card and corresponding signal acquisition and generation system, including one or more programmable digital matrix switches
10/13/16Aircraft rear structure
09/15/16Universal joint with simplified structure
09/08/16Information system comprising a screen and corresponding computers, cockpit and aeroplane
09/01/16Onboard avionic system for communication between an aircraft and the ground and managing a radio channel of such a system
08/25/16Bracket for tubular element, in particular for aircraft
08/11/16Aircraft tail cone
08/11/16System and piloting an aircraft
07/28/16Method and device for assisting in the landing of an aircraft in a flare phase
07/28/16Double clamping collar fixing system
06/23/16Device for protecting the front spar structure of a central casing of an aircraft wing and at least one piece of equipment located in said wing
06/23/16Aircraft nose provided with a connecting frame between the landing gear housing and the outer skin of the fuselage
06/23/16Propeller for an aircraft turbomachine, including a blade retaining structure through which the aerodynamic part of each blade passes
06/23/16Foolproofing system for pipes by means of an obstacle inside a connector in an aircraft duct
06/23/16Connection device of two pipes, comprising a seal which is configured to limit the risks of damaging the seal
06/23/16Pipe assembly comprising a draining system
06/23/16Lug with pocket and/or relief
06/16/16Flight management monitoring flight guidance instructions
06/09/16Machine tool comprising a longitudinal rail, a transverse arm, and a motorized unit
06/09/16Rudder bar for an aircraft
06/09/16Antifreeze system for a pipework
06/09/16Thrust reverser for an aircraft engine, pod assembly and corresponding powerplant
06/09/16Managing data exchange between an avionic core and an open world device
06/02/16Aircraft turbomachine having an air inlet of variable section
05/26/16Device and determining a rough component of a latitude or longitude position of a moving craft
05/19/16Device for controlling a thrust of at least one aircraft engine
05/12/16Energy protection for an aircraft
05/12/16Aircraft provided with an improved air conditioning system
05/12/16Method for manufacturing a panel made of composite material incorporating a lightning protection means, and panel made of composite material manufactured by way of said method
05/12/16Method and system of detection and passivation of an electric arc
05/05/16Aircraft engine attachment device, and corresponding aircraft
04/07/16Method and device for determining at least one date with the aid of satellite-based positioning and date-stamping systems
03/10/16Method and device for automatic protection of an aircraft against a risk of collision with the ground
02/04/16Aircraft turbomachine comprising a deflector
02/04/16Real-time management of data relative to an aircraft's flight test
01/28/16Method of reinforcing a stratified composite material part comprising at least one through-hole, reinforced stratified composite material part
01/28/16Method and device for estimating the mach number of an aircraft
01/28/16Method and device for automatically engaging an automated emergency descent of an aircraft
01/21/16Maintenance assistance for an aircraft by augmented reality
12/31/15Aircraft flight deck audio system and a controlling such an audio system
12/31/15Data collection apparatus, data collection data collection in vehicles
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12/24/15Process and device for direct fabrication of a part on a structure
12/17/15Aircraft nacelle comprising an improved air intake
12/03/15Sliding connection between the floor structure and the hull structure of an aircraft
12/03/15Fuselage equipment forming an access door and comprising a discharge control valve for pressurization air
12/03/15Aerodynamic fairing
11/26/15Engine fastener for an aircraft
11/19/15Aircraft equipped with a device for accessing a compartment from the ground
11/12/15Stiffener for an aircraft fuselage, manufacturing same, and aircraft fuselage equipped with such a stiffener
11/12/15Aircraft propelling assembly including a duct forming a thermal barrier integrated in the caisson of the rigid structure of the engine mounting system
11/05/15Method and device for automatically comparing flight trajectories of aircraft
11/05/15Forewarning of risks when working on an aircraft
10/29/15Aircraft comprising two landing gear doors and a maneuvering system intended to maneuver said doors
10/29/15Method and system for adjusting the descent trajectory of an aircraft
10/15/15Method and system for controlling the machining of a part by a portable automatic machining apparatus
10/08/15Aircraft including a support deployable outside the fuselage
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10/08/15Support element for supporting at least one conduit in an aircraft, and corresponding support device
10/01/15Method and system for assisting the piloting of an aircraft
09/24/15Diffraction device intended to be fixed onto the outer face of a wall
09/17/15Artificial intelligence processing multilevel bills of materials
09/10/15Device positioning two aircraft pieces relative to one another, such as a crossbeam and a fuselage frame
09/10/15Testing integrated independent levels of security components hosted on a virtualization platform
09/10/15High assurance security gateway interconnecting different domains
08/20/15Cover plate for aircraft door
08/20/15Turbojet comprising a bleeding system for bleeding air in said turbojet
08/20/15Turbojet comprising a bleeding system for bleeding air in said turbojet
08/13/15Aircraft comprising a landing gear having one wheel provided with an electric motor and control system for said electric motor
08/06/15Aircraft turbomachine assembly with reduced jet noise
07/23/15Pivot linking device and linking mechanical parts
07/23/15Method and device for optimizing the landing of an aircraft on a runway
07/09/15Aircraft turbojet engine nacelle comprise an increased-rigidity air intake
07/09/15Energy protection device for an aircraft
07/09/15Aircraft nacelle comprising a device providing a visual warning of a locking fault of the cowls
07/02/15Fan cowl locking system
07/02/15Fan cowl locking system
06/25/15Landing gear for an aircraft
06/25/15Assembly including two pipe lengths assembled with an interface joint
06/18/15Manufacturing partially cured composite components
06/18/15Assembly comprising an articulation spindle supported by a clevis and immobilized in translation by a blocking device integrating a double anti-rotation system
06/18/15Assembly comprising an articulation spindle supported by a clevis and immobilized in translation by a blocking device integrating a double anti-rotation system
06/18/15Assembly comprising an articulation spindle supported by a clevis and immobilized in translation by a blocking device integrating a double anti-rotation system
06/18/15Method for treatment of two surfaces of two metal parts
06/18/15Device for the attachment of an object by injection of liquid
06/18/15Assembly comprising an articulation spindle supported by a clevis and immobilized in translation by a blocking device integrating a double anti-rotation system
06/11/15Non-destructive ultrasound testing of structures made of composite material
06/11/15Communication system in an aircraft comprising a redundant network
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06/04/15Method and device for automatically determining a speed profile with speed levels for an aircraft
05/28/15Aerodynamic fairing divided into sub-portions
05/28/15Aircraft fuselage portion in composite material including ply drop-off with gentle slope
05/28/15Flight management system of an aircraft
05/28/15Flight management system of an aircraft
05/28/15Mission management system of an aircraft
05/28/15Data management system of an aircraft
05/21/15Method and device for automatically guiding an aircraft taxiing on the ground
05/14/15Distress beacon integrated in the vertical tailplane of an aircraft
05/14/15System for activating the distress beacon of an aircraft
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04/30/15Mechanical connection device
04/23/15Aircraft fuselage comprising an outer insulation
04/23/15Aircraft propulsion unit comprising a nacelle provided with a fan cowl locking and closing mechanism
04/09/15Aircraft part and subassembly damage reporting method, system and mobile computer software application
03/26/15Method of mounting pressure ports in the skin of an aircraft
03/26/15Structural element for an aircraft fuselage that prevents lateral-torsional buckling
03/26/15Control system for an aircraft
03/19/15Method and device for aiding the control of an aircraft during a parabolic flight in order to generate weightlessness in the aircraft
03/12/15Method and device for automatically monitoring a flight path of an aircraft during an operation with required navigation performance.
03/05/15Method for producing a reinforcement member of composite material
02/05/15Aircraft including a system for measuring pressure, and an associated method
01/22/15Power breaker strip for the fixed-pitch connection of several electrical cables lines
01/15/15Method and device for displaying in real time a pitch instruction on an aircraft during manual piloting
01/01/15Linking an aircraft fuselage member and a frame by a clip and a spacer
01/01/15Secure aircraft-based mobile device connectivity systems and methods
12/25/14System and spinning up a rotary element of a mechanical device, particularly a turbomachine
12/25/14Method and system for starting up an aircraft turbomachine by real-time regulation of air flow
12/25/14Method and system for starting up an aircraft turbomachine
12/25/14Method for manufacturing a plurality of preforms for reinforcing members
12/18/14Method and system for assisting the piloting of an aircraft in landing phase
12/18/14Method and device for detecting a failure on an aircraft
12/11/14On-board meteorological radar having a rotating antenna
11/20/14Method and device for displaying the performance of an aircraft when climbing and/or descending
11/13/14Aircraft turbojet nacelle
09/25/14Method and device for determining the risk of collision on the ground of an aircraft
09/18/14Methods, systems and computer readable media for arming aircraft runway approach guidance modes
09/18/14Method for coupling non-destructive inspection data for a material or structure to an analysis tool
09/11/14Method for producing an extruded stiffened panel, and device for implementing same
08/07/14A assisting piloting an aircraft by adapting the display of symbols
07/03/14Flexible linking device for an aircraft propulsion system
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06/19/14Toilet area for an aircraft cabin, in particular for a flying wing aircraft
06/12/14Aircraft comprising an onboard weather radar antenna provided with inclined panels
05/29/14Method and device for aiding the monitoring of a turbine engine of an aircraft
05/15/14Management system for aircraft
03/20/14Method and device for automatically managing the spacing of at least one following aircraft behind at least one target aircraft
03/20/14Method of simulation of unsteady aerodynamic loads on an external aircraft structure
03/06/14Propeller for an aircraft engine comprising means for reducing noise at middle and high frequencies and improving the acoustic perception
01/23/14Wiring support for aircraft
12/26/13Device for exciting a landing gear of an aircraft while on the ground
12/19/13Aircraft with reduced environmental impact
12/05/13Aft aerodynamic fairing with improved thermal resistance for a pylon for attaching an aircraft propelling assembly
12/05/13Support for routing conduits in an aircraft wing
12/05/13Device and forming a microstructured coating on a substrate such as an aircraft element
11/28/13Method of verifying the consistency of values given by an incidence probe of an aircraft
11/21/13Secured locking corset for shutter controlled by actuator, in particular actuator corset for aircraft door and locking method
11/14/13Method for controlling the piloting of an aircraft
10/17/13Method, devices and program for computer-aided analysis of the failure tolerance of an aircraft system, using critical event charts
10/17/13Method, devices and program for computer-aided preventive diagnostics of an aircraft system, using critical event charts
10/10/13Aircraft door installation
10/03/13Method and device for verifying the consistency of the sideslip probes of an aircraft
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10/03/13Method and system for controlling aircraft braking on a runway
09/26/13Method and device for displaying meteorological data on an aircraft screen
09/19/13Aircraft comprising fairings for correcting its dissymmetry or lateral asymmetry
09/12/13Method and improved lateral control of an aircraft on the ground during takeoff
09/12/13Method and device for displaying speed information on an aircraft
08/29/13Aircraft nose structure and corresponding aircraft
08/22/13Robust system control method with short execution deadlines
08/15/13Detection of aircraft descent anomaly
07/25/13Vehicle energy control system
07/18/13Interface device between an electrical network and consumer systems
07/18/13Method for the automatic monitoring of air operations necessitating guaranteed navigation and guidance performance
07/18/13Vehicle energy control system with a single interface
07/11/13Method and system for monitoring a graphical interface in an aircraft cockpit
06/27/13Standardised insulation device for an aircraft and processes of making and using thereof
06/20/13Afdx network with a passive optical network
06/20/13Secure beam, in particular strong frame of fuselage, and aircraft fuselage provided with such frames
05/30/13Front structure of an aircraft fuselage comprising landing gear
05/30/13Interactive dialog device between an operator of an aircraft and a guidance system of said aircraft
05/09/13Compact improved aircraft landing gear
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05/02/13Aft pylon fairing for aircraft engine suspension system, comprising a heat shield capable of expanding freely
05/02/13Method of manufacturing a structure comprising a skin and stiffeners
04/25/13Automatic landing for an aircraft on a strong slope runway
04/18/13Process and device for welding a thermoplastic stiffener
04/04/13Method of integrating an avionics bay and floor structure for implementation
03/28/13Electrical rudder control system for an aircraft
03/28/13Electrical devices module for an avionics bay
03/21/13Cable raceway support device for an aircraft, in particular an aircraft with a structure at least partly formed from a composite material
03/14/13Device for linking a stringer and a frame of an aircraft structure
03/14/13Method and device for automatically estimating an airspeed of an aircraft
03/14/13Method of upgrading an aircraft
03/07/13Multifunctional comb to secure metallic piping and securing such piping
02/14/13Wall reinforced composite material
02/07/13Fastening device particularly suitable for the fastening between an air intake and an engine of an aircraft nacelle
02/07/13Method and system for determining flight parameters of an aircraft
01/31/13Aircraft comprising at least one net for reducing aerodynamic noise from a structural element of said aircraft
01/31/13Method and device for an optimal management of the slats, the flaps and the landing gear of an aircraft
01/31/13Nacelle for variable section nozzle propulsion unit
01/31/13Automatic estimation process and device for a flight parameter vector in an aircraft, as well as detection methods and assemblies for a failure affecting such a vector
01/31/13Method and device for an optimal management of the vertical trajectory of an aircraft
01/31/13Method and device for an optimal management of the energy of an aircraft
12/27/12Method for balancing a propulsive system having non-hull contra-rotating propellers
12/27/12Method for balancing a propulsive system having non-hull contra-rotating propellers
12/13/12Method and device for monitoring a turbine engine of an aircraft
11/29/12Method and system for aiding the piloting of an airplane during an approach
10/25/12Method of equipments integration for a complex electrical heart and module of implementation
10/11/12Method of slowing the propagation of cracks in a fail safe structure and fail safe frame, especially for fuselage
10/11/12Method for improving the aerodynamic efficiency of the vertical tail of an aircraft
10/04/12Method and device for automatically detecting erroneous air data on an aircraft
10/04/12Method and device for automatically managing the vertical profile of the flight plan of an aircraft
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10/04/12Method and device for checking that an aircraft fulfils successive time constraints
07/19/12Blind fastener equipped with a self-breaking holding system
06/14/12Automatic for aiding the piloting of an airplane
06/07/12Protecting device for an aircraft exterior probe
06/07/12Oblique panel at the rear of a central box of an aircraft fuselage
05/24/12Sealing device between a cross member and insulation blanket provided at an aircraft fuselage
05/03/12Fuselage element comprising a fuselage segment and joining means
03/29/12Method for verifying the validity of the simulation of a system and corresponding device
02/16/12Method and device for transmitting geographical data on an aircraft
02/02/12Tools for manufacturing a composite panel, in particular of an aircraft fuselage
02/02/12Method for manufacturing a stiffened panel of composite material
02/02/12Method for manufacturing a stiffened panel of composite material
12/15/11Nacelle comprising an air entrance in a cap
12/01/11Process for the realization of a stiffener made of composite material with an omega section
10/20/11Method and system for checking the formation of ice on an aircraft in flight
08/11/11Noise control chevron for a nozzle, and nozzle and turboshaft engine provided with such a chevron
06/23/11System and process for simulation or test exploiting data from monitoring ports
06/02/11Method and device for determining a takeoff trajectory allowing to maximize the takeoff weight of an aircraft
05/12/11Method and device for implementing the thrust reversers of an aircraft
05/05/11Aircraft control cabin with avionics display device
03/31/11Method and device for detecting piloting conflicts between the crew and the autopilot of an aircraft
03/24/11Method and device for detecting an erroneous speed generated by an air data inertial reference system
03/17/11Method and system for improving the performance of an aircraft upon take off
03/17/11Method and device for aiding the navigation of an aircraft flying at a low altitude
03/10/11Device for aiding the navigation and guidance of an aircraft, and system comprising such a device
03/10/11Method and device for optimizing a takeoff procedure of an aircraft
03/03/11Method for dramatically reducing the take-off run of an aircraft
02/24/11Method for reducing the takeoff run of an aircraft
02/24/11Process and device for optimising the performance of an aircraft in the presence of a lateral dissymetry

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