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Alcatel Lucent
Alcatel Lucent Usa Inc
Alcatel Lucent Canada Inc
Alcatel Lucent Shanghai Bell Co Ltd
Alcatel Lucent A Corporation
Alcatel Lucent Bell Labs France
Alcatel Lucent Antwerp
Alcatel Lucent_20131212
Alcatel Lucent 3
Alcatel Lucent Canada inc
Alcatel Lucent_20100107
Alcatel Lucent_20100121
Alcatel Lucent_20100128
Alcatel Lucent India Ltd
Alcatel Lucent_20100114

Alcatel Lucent patents

Recent patent applications related to Alcatel Lucent. Alcatel Lucent is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Alcatel Lucent may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Alcatel Lucent, we're just tracking patents.

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12/14/17 new patent  Optoelectronic component for generating and radiating a microwave-frequency signal
12/07/17Method for assisting data transmission on a first carrier by indicating a termination point of data transmission
12/07/17Control of user equipment functionality
11/30/17Network device configured to track multicast receivers
11/30/17Physical resource sharing on wireless interface
11/30/17Negotiated schedules for coexistence in unlicensed frequency bands
11/23/17Oriented image encoding, tranmission, decoding and displaying
11/23/17Method of providing nomadic service through virtual residential gateway
11/23/17Support of mobile-terminated communication in an evolved packet system
11/16/17Weighted aggregation-based for transmitting control signals
11/16/17Control and supervision of connected objects
11/09/17Security in software defined network
11/09/17Secondary base station bearer change
11/09/17Method and implementing listen-before-talk
11/02/17Signal modulation for radiofrequency communications
11/02/17Method and device for controlling a vector processor
11/02/17Method and apparatus to handle multi-carrier operation in case of cellular service communication and proximity service communication
10/26/17Method and supporting a partial sub-frame data transmission in lte systems
10/26/17Method and system for operating a user equipment device in a private network
10/12/17Longest queue identification
10/12/17Support of retrieval and/or reporting and/or triggering the reporting of user location information in a mobile network
10/12/17Method for fast channel measurement and feedback in a lte licensed-assisted access based communication system
10/05/17Method, user equipment and charging system for charging proximity based services
10/05/17Zigbee system management employing a tr-069 enabled cpe proxy
09/28/17Non-linear precoding with a mix of nlp capable and nlp non-capable lines
09/28/17Methods and apparatuses for harq retransmission on unlicensed carrier in lte-laa system
09/28/17Packet coloring in wireless communication systems
09/28/17Method and mitigating hidden node interference
09/21/17Method and scheduling cts in a communication network
09/14/17Method and apparatuses for performing online charging to gcs-as based on ro interface
09/14/17Coverage enhancement for multicast in a cellular network
09/07/17Method and apparatus of determining policy and charging rules based on network resource utilization information
08/31/17Privacy protection for third party data sharing
08/31/17Method and system for implementing third-party authentication based on gray list
08/31/17Server, method and computer program product for adaptive streaming of media content to a client
08/31/17Handling of pdn connections for a user equipment in a mobile network at network initiated reselection of a serving core network entity
08/24/17A determining an optical transmission system description
08/24/17Method for producing a quality of transmission estimator for optical transmissions
08/24/17Optical coherent receiver with forward error correction
08/24/17Method and device for reducing blind decoding complexity for coverage enhanced-mtc device
08/24/17A multiple access transmission in a wireless communication system, and a transmitter apparatus and a base station therefor
08/24/17Configuration method, equipment, system and computer readable medium for determining a new configuration of calculation resources
08/24/17Methods for data transmission in a machine communication terminal and in a base station
08/24/17Uplink resource allocation for direct communications between user equipment within groups
08/24/17Apparatuses, methods and computer programs for a mobile communication system comprising a base station transceiver and a mobile transceiver
08/17/17User-wearable device and system for personal computing
08/17/17Method of and providing a multi-carrier modulated signal
08/17/17Method, computer program product and server for streaming media content from a server to a client
08/17/17Support of mobile-terminated application services in a mobile system
08/17/17Wireless communication network control node and method
08/17/17Device-to-device communication
08/17/17Device-to-device communication
08/10/17Network system
08/03/17Method and determining transmission time-frequency resources of traffic data
08/03/17Full-duplex communication over a shared transmission medium
08/03/17Method and device for secondary base station change in dual connectivity system
08/03/17Method of reducing impact of d2d in-band interference on cellular transmission
08/03/17Methods and apparatuses for measurement enhancement in communication system
08/03/17Method of and controlling prose service in communication system
08/03/17Special cell selection at secondary network nodes supporting dual connectivity
08/03/17Method and system for managing network traffic
07/27/17Method and packet retransmission
07/27/17Methods and apparatuses of service function chain based on pcc architecture
07/27/17Method for operating a radio communication network or a network element thereof
07/20/17Method and server for performing capability discovery
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07/20/17Seamless replacement of a first drone base station with a second drone base station
07/13/17Policy and charging control an application service chain based on an sdn network
07/13/17Method and determining a rogue onu in a pon
07/06/17Reducing costs related to use of networks based on pricing heterogeneity
06/29/17System and scheduling background synchronization of application data
06/22/17Distribution point unit, and data transmission over a wired shared medium to a plurality of users
06/22/17Methods and devices for responding to a streaming request, access node and operating the same
06/22/17Communication techniques
06/22/17Method, base station, and dual connectivity system for providing services to handover of a user equipment
06/22/17Network configuration
06/22/17Apparatuses, methods and computer programs for a base station transceiver and a mobile transceiver
06/22/17Dual connectivity network
06/15/17Method for encrypting or decrypting a 3d object
06/15/17Tunable laser device
06/15/17Method and downstream flow control in (x)gpon system
Patent Packs
06/15/17Method of refreshing a key in a user plane architecture 1a based dual connectivity situation
06/08/17Method and operating a screen of a touch screen device
06/08/17High power phase shifter
06/08/17Method, apparatus, and system for comp-based resource allocation
06/08/17Apparatuses, methods and computer programs for a base station transceiver and for a fixed machine device transceiver of a mobile communication system
06/08/17Methods for operating a first base station and a second base station in a radio communication system, first base station and second base station thereof
06/08/17Device and performing device-to-device broadcast communication in a wireless network
06/01/17Apparatus, method and computer program for a receiver of an optical signal
06/01/17Method and resource allocation between multiple cells based on coordinated multipoint
06/01/17Control of protection switching in a communication network
06/01/17Methods and apparatuses to centralize notifications addressed to a user
06/01/17Secure unified cloud storage
06/01/17Bearer release
06/01/17Methods for operating a mobile station and a base station in a radio communication system, mobile station and base station thereof
05/25/17Apparatus and matching offers and requests for sharing of resources
05/25/17Stateless load balancing of connections
05/25/17Method and enhancing phr in dual connectivity
05/11/17Method and low cost machine type communication
05/04/17Antenna with absorbent device
05/04/17Method and obtaining downlink data in a massive mimo system
05/04/17Access control with authentication
04/27/17Method of equalizing an optical transmission signal
04/20/17Call server for optimizing gateway resources
04/20/17Safe handling of text messages
04/20/17Method and processing rlc/pdcp entities at a user equipment in a dual connectivity system
04/13/17A provisioning optical connections in an optical network
04/06/17Method of measurement enhancement on turned-off small cell for dual connectivity
03/30/17Secure data transmission via spatially multiplexed optical signals
03/30/17Clock interface with propagation delay calibration function
03/30/17Method and devices for controlling signal transmission during a change of data rate
Social Network Patent Pack
03/30/17Manipulation and restoration of authentication challenge parameters in network authentication procedures
03/09/17Network entity discovery and service stitching
03/02/17Method and device for forwarding a clock synchronization message
03/02/17Process for managing the connection of users through their terminals to a multimedia conference session
02/23/17Non-linear precoder with separate tracking
02/23/17Method of receiving a wavelength division multiplexed optical upstream signal in an optical access network
02/23/17Method and virtual base station migration in bbu pool
02/23/17Alternative roaming provider
02/23/17Communication resource allocation in wireless networks
02/16/17Multi-ring reliable messaging system
Patent Packs
02/09/17Tunable emitting device with a directly modulated laser coupled to a ring resonator
02/09/17Cellular wireless network and operation
02/09/17Indication of imeisv over map for inter-msc handover
02/02/17Storage efficient and unconditionally secure private information retrieval
02/02/17Capturing an environment with objects
02/02/17Life-cycle management of faults occuring on optical fibres
02/02/17Method and obtaining an image with motion blur
02/02/17Process for preserving the privacy of a user connected to a network
02/02/17A operating a base station
02/02/17Mitigating dl-ul interference
02/02/17Mitigating ul-to-dl interference
01/26/17Antenna for wireless communication fixing antenna oscillator to reflector
01/26/17A modulating light in a telecommunication network
01/26/17Encoder, decoder, system and methods for video coding
01/12/17Method and quantizing channel state information
01/12/17Method and network energy assessment
01/12/17Apparatuses, methods and computer programs for a base station transceiver and for a mobile transceiver
01/05/17Data object and networking node locators
01/05/17Optical network element and operating an optical network element
01/05/17Avoiding formation of a call loop resulting from handling of a mobile terminated call in parallel with a location update in a wireless communication network
01/05/17Wireless transmission control for improved aggregated cell throughput capacity and signaling reliability
12/29/16System and providing packetized video over an optical network
12/22/16Method of setting a plurality of parameters in a wireless telecommunication network
12/22/16Wlan access network selection by an user equipment for access to a mobile network
12/15/16Flow control menb and senb
12/08/16Apparatuses, methods and computer programs for a base station transceiver and a mobile transceiver
12/08/16Charging in a software defined network
12/08/16Efficient and scalable caching and representation of media with cross-similarities
12/08/16Process for increasing the quality of experience for users that watch on their terminals a high definition video stream
12/01/16Resonator assembly and filter
Patent Packs
12/01/16Providing information about an object in a digital video sequence
12/01/16Method for ul-dl decoupling, low power node, network and computer program product
11/24/16Multi-media broadcast/multi-media services
11/24/16Load balancing of data flows
11/24/16Bearer offload in dual connectivity operation
11/24/16Method and x2 signalling
11/17/16Mbsfn area reconfiguration in a mobile network
11/17/16Improved playback control device and streaming media content
11/17/16Method and device for establishing a dual connectivity between a user equipment and a menb and a senb, by providing the user equipment history information
11/10/16Multi-band antenna
11/10/16Method and server enabling a first user to automatically discover the social network identifiers of a second user and the respective statuses of this second user in these social networks
11/10/16Advertising storage capabilities accessible via a wireless local area network
11/03/16Dipole fixation in antenna system
11/03/16A for controlling a power grid
11/03/16Method and network element for providing core network service for third-party user
11/03/16Server providing a quieter open space work environment
11/03/16Method for annotating an object in a multimedia asset
11/03/16Beamforming apparatuses, methods and computer programs for a base station transceiver and a mobile transceiver
11/03/16Overload control for trusted wlan access to epc
10/27/16High power phase shifter
Social Network Patent Pack
10/27/16Beamforming apparatus, method and computer program for a transceiver
10/20/16Media content ordering ordering media content
10/20/16Process for generating a video tag cloud representing objects appearing in a video content
10/20/16Connector for coupling coaxial cable to strip line
10/20/16Power amplifier device with controlled envelope tracking modulator and adapted static voltage
10/20/16Providing bonded services at a non-anchor node
10/13/16Transmitter supporting a determination of a set of beamforming weights by a receiver method, receiver method, transmitter apparatus, receiver apparatus and network node thereof
10/13/16Systems and methods for localizing audio streams via acoustic large scale speaker arrays
10/06/16Proximity-based localization of wireless tags based on wireless gateway association information
10/06/16Detecting a read access to unallocated or uninitialized memory
10/06/16System and providing underwater communication data
10/06/16Method and provisioning resources using clustering
10/06/16Method for device-to-device communication and a corresponding control method
09/29/16Level spacing for m-pam optical systems with coherent detection
09/29/16Method, apparatus and system for matching devices
09/29/16Delivering managed and unmanaged content across a network
09/29/16Method and system for scheduling a push data transmission
09/29/16Reducing energy consumption of small cell devices
09/22/16A communications network, macro cell, small cell, communications system and communications method
09/15/16A managing the definition of at least one action in at least a portion of an electrical power grid
Social Network Patent Pack
09/15/16Transmitter multiple antenna systems, transmitter apparatus and network node thereof
09/15/16Method and improving random access procedure in wireless network
09/15/16Method of identifying long-shining rogue onu in passive optical network
09/15/16Allocation of communication resources for device to device wireless communication
09/08/16A providing control in a communication network
09/08/16Method for controlling buffering of packets in a communication network
09/08/16System and providing maximum fill link via bonded services
09/08/16Responding to paging requests while waiting to request a connection to a wireless network
09/08/16User equipment characteristics
09/01/16Association of a social message with a related multimedia flow
09/01/16A communications system and a determining an optimal duty cycle to minimise overall energy consumption
09/01/16Apparatuses and methods for exchange of signaling information in comp
08/25/16Method and system for providing access to auxiliary information
08/25/16Orderly leaving within a vectoring group
08/25/16Wireless communication system, method, user equipment, node and computer program product
08/25/16Slotted access for wireless communication devices and control thereof
08/18/16Dynamic reconfiguration of resources in a virtualized network
08/18/16Data transmission system providing improved failure resilience
08/18/16Method and system for queue management in a packet-switched network
08/18/16Method and device for discovery detection in device-to-device communication
08/18/16Reducing signaling load to the corenetwork caused by frequent cell changes of an user equipment among small cells
08/18/16A communications system, an access network node and a optimising energy consumed in a communication network
08/18/16Methods and devices for random access
08/18/16Integration of cellular and wlan systems
08/11/16Optical ring network
08/11/16On-demand qos for data connections
08/11/16Method and determining delay between random access channel and downlink control channel
08/11/16Base station providing handover among small cells
08/11/16Wireless telecommunications network nodes and methods
08/11/16Access to local andsf server with dedicated bearer
Social Network Patent Pack
08/11/16Method for determining start time of a physical downlink control channel
08/04/16Optical device with semiconductor optical amplifier with automatic current supply control
08/04/16Method, apparatus and computer program for testing a transceiver device
08/04/16Method for providing a client device with a media asset
08/04/16Localization using a wireless tag supporting multiple states
08/04/16Network controlled acquisition of uplink channels in unlicensed frequency bands
08/04/16Scheduling virtualization for mobile cloud for low latency backhaul
07/28/16Method of caching
07/28/16Rateless decoding
07/28/16A method and platform for sending a message to a communication device associated with a moving object
07/28/16Security key generation for simultaneous multiple cell connections for mobile device
07/28/16Method and improved network optimization for providing video from a plurality of sources to a plurality of clients
07/28/16Method of switching an optical signal in an optical flex grid network
07/28/16Method for handing over a terminal during a non steady voip call, network element, device and system
07/21/16Antenna system
07/21/16Receiver and receiver a filtered multicarrier signal
07/21/16Vehicle messaging
07/21/16Method, apparatus and system for operating and for generating signaling based on subframe sets
07/14/16Fairness-enhancing frame structure
07/07/16Apparatus and exchanging signaling information in comp
07/07/16Optical line terminal for a passive optical wavelength division multiplex network
07/07/16Non-deterministic pilot symbol scheme
07/07/16Securing software defined networks via flow deflection
07/07/16Method for centralized address resolution
07/07/16Synchronising radio configuration parameters
07/07/16Switching a primary node
07/07/16Communication techniques for delivering information to users experiencing high attenuation
07/07/16Transmitter conditioning a multicarrier signal, network node, conditioning a multicarrier signal, and computer program thereof
07/07/16Methods, apparatuses, and system for determining connection state assistive parameters

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