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Alcatel lucent Canada Inc
Alcatel lucent Canada
Alcatel lucent Canada Inc_20100121
Alcatel lucent Canada Inc_20131212
Alcatel lucent Canada Incorporated

Alcatel lucent Canada patents

Recent patent applications related to Alcatel lucent Canada. Alcatel lucent Canada is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Alcatel lucent Canada may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Alcatel lucent Canada, we're just tracking patents.

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12/29/11One-way information transfer for performing secure information updates
11/17/11Multi-band high-efficiency doherty amplifer
10/13/11Differentiated experience for user generated content (ugc) based on popularity
08/18/11Method and system for common group action filtering in telecom network environments
04/28/11Self-steering directional loudspeakers and a operation thereof
11/09/17Infrastructure resource states
10/12/17Virtual infrastructure
09/28/17Extended pads to ease rework for btc and bga type technology
09/28/17Extended pads to ease rework for btc and bga type technology
08/17/17Multi-master power controller with multiple feedback loops
07/27/17Hybrid semiconductor lasers
07/20/17Bidirectional constrained path search
06/22/17Microstrip line directional coupler
06/08/17Full configuration management of multi-domain multi-vendor network equipments using golden configurations and snapshots
05/25/17External software fault detection system for distributed multi-cpu architecture
05/25/17External software fault detection system for distributed multi-cpu architecture
05/18/17Relieved component pad for 0201 use between vias
05/18/17Relieved component pad for 0201 use between vias
05/11/17Extensions to standard diameter routing
05/11/17Extensions to standard diameter routing
12/22/16Service provider certified device policy management
11/24/16Policy based cryptographic key distribution for network group encryption
10/06/16Faster synchronization time and better master selection based on dynamic accuracy information in a network of ieee 1588 clocks
10/06/16Quota control policy
10/06/16Tracking usage window for quota control policy
10/06/16Systems and methods for enhancing real-time quality of experience in universal mobile telecommunications systems and long term evolution communications networks
09/22/16Rules-based sequential multi-routing of diameter requests
09/01/16Self-healing cam datapath in a distributed communication system
08/11/16Method and system for identifying an outgoing interface using openflow protocol
08/11/16Method and system for identifying an incoming interface using openflow protocol
08/11/16Method and system for inserting an openflow flow entry into a flow table using openflow protocol
08/11/16Method and system for inserting an openflow flow entry into a flow table using openflow protocol
08/04/16Hiding diameter network topology
07/14/16Cache-optimized hash table data structure
07/14/16Diameter routing agent application plug-in framework
06/23/16System and prioritizing alarms within a network or data center
06/23/16Using global variables to data-drive rule engine evaluation
06/23/16Conditional and unconditional rule table actions
06/23/16System and visualizing most unhealthy network elements within a network or data center
06/23/16Diameter routing agent testing
06/16/16Adaptive noise loading in optical communication networks
05/19/16Routing to multiple diameter peers with the same identity via stack manipulation
05/19/16Diameter message throttling
05/19/16Routing to multiple diameter peers with the same identity
05/19/16Gx-rx binding with an alternate to apn
05/12/16Backdrill reliability anchors
04/28/16Load balancing based on aggregate quality of service
04/07/16Device identification in a piconet
03/31/16Distribution of dynamic accuracy information in a network of ieee 1588 clocks
03/31/16Minimizing network bandwidth for tdm ces
03/31/16Minimizing network bandwidth for voice services over tdm ces
03/31/16Polling based synchronization in managed networks
03/31/16Event-driven synchronization in snmp managed networks
03/17/16Self-learning resynchronization of network elements
03/17/16Low profile approximative rate limiter
03/10/16Efficient nat without reassemling ipv4 fragments
02/11/16Controlled switching of multicast traffic between selective and inclusive routes based on number of multicast receivers
02/11/16Dual electrical compact small form-factor pluggable module
01/07/16Priority based radius authentication
12/31/15Retaining service configuration during test connection
12/31/15Angled card cage for improved cooling airflow in front to back airflow products
11/26/15Enhanced multi-level authentication for network service delivery
11/05/15Automating network build-out in self building networks
10/29/15Enhanced authentication for provision of mobile services
10/22/15Method and selecting a next hop
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10/22/15Topology-aware packet forwarding in a communication network
10/22/15Operations administration and management service for an optical layer of a communication network
10/22/15Efficient internet protocol security and network address translation
10/15/15Method of pacing bulk operations based on available system resources
10/01/15Qos control in pcrf based on usage and time of day
10/01/15Non-resonant zero current multiple-output power converter
10/01/15Qos control in pcrf based on usage and time of day
08/20/15Control of congestion window size of an information transmission connection
07/23/15Prioritization of access points by an andsf server
07/16/15Dual-band doherty combiner/impedance transformer circuit and doherty power amplifier including the same
07/02/15System and amplifier design
07/02/15Distributed multi-level stateless load balancing
07/02/15Communication network with load balancing functionality
06/25/15Communication network with low latency call signaling functionality
06/25/15Flexible and generalized authentication
Patent Packs
06/18/15Minimizing symmetrical latency impact by jitter buffer for tdm ces
06/18/15Method for dynamically developing a programming schedule
04/23/15Doherty amplifier with peak branch rf conditioning
04/02/15Mounting solution for components on a very fine pitch array
03/26/15Residential gateway based policy
03/05/15Customized diameter performance metrics
03/05/15Communication network with distributed network address translation functionality
02/26/15Session binding using subscriber identification
02/26/15Diameter interoperability facilitation
02/19/15Apn-ambr authorization in gprs mobile network
02/19/15Rules-based overload protection of a diameter device
02/19/15Method and providing default services to prospective subscribers in a communication network
02/05/15Methods and apparatuses for establishing rrc connection through drift rnc
02/05/15Detecting traffic anomalies based on application-aware rolling baseline aggregates
02/05/15Dra destination mapping based on diameter answer message
01/29/15Method and providing redundant data access
01/29/15Universal adapter with context-bound translation for application adaptation layer
01/22/15Dual-band high efficiency doherty amplifiers with hybrid packaged power devices
01/08/15Secure service management in a communication network
01/01/15Digital serializer based pulsewidth modulator controller
01/01/15Traffic detection function based on usage based thresholds
01/01/15De-pop on-device decoupling for bga
12/25/14Event-driven application systems and methods
12/25/14Radius session limit per service type
11/27/14Using multiple oscillators across a sub-network for improved holdover
11/20/14Binding of sd messages with radius messages
11/20/14Sd peer selection and routing
11/13/14Pcc qos authorization based on rule split and flow direction
11/13/14Symmetrical latency with tdm circuit emulated service
11/13/14Customizable task execution flow
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11/13/14System and inline http notification
09/18/14Scalable load balancing
09/18/14Method and processing gprs tunneling protocol user plane traffic in a cloud-based mobile network
09/18/14Methods and systems for transmitting data frames from a cloud-based system
08/28/14Transit services in ethernet rings with protection
07/24/14Control plane encryption in ip/mpls networks
07/24/14Service plane encryption in ip/mpls networks
07/10/14Control circuit for switching power converters with synchronous rectifiers
06/26/14Handling of nrs and bcm in pcrf and gw
06/19/14Hierarchical profiled scheduling and shaping
Patent Packs
06/12/14Design and analysis of doherty amplifiers
04/03/14Flow filter mapping scheme with pcc flow-direction avp
04/03/14Power saving traffic management policies
03/13/14Diameter protocol version spans
03/13/14Power saving network controller
03/06/14Doherty amplifier having compact output matching and combining networks
03/06/14Sy session creation and recovering from inconsistent session state between pcrf and ocs
03/06/14Handling of ocs counter information
03/06/14Multiple form enumerated attributes
03/06/14Inverse message context objects
03/06/14Received message context objects
03/06/14Rule engine evaluation of context objects
02/27/14Message handling extension using context artifacts
02/27/14Subscriber record context objects
02/27/14Per flow dynamic metering selection
02/20/14Handling session linking status in gxx update
02/06/14Network map for location-based mobility decisions
02/06/14Metered services
02/06/14Strategy based event notification chain
01/02/14Dynamic reaction to diameter routing failures
01/02/14Subnet prioritization for ip address allocation from a dhcp server
01/02/14Per-peer request delivery timeouts
01/02/14Increased connector port density via extending faceplate
01/02/14Prioritization based on ip pool and subnet by dhcp
01/02/14User-selectable ieee 1588 clock class and quality level mapping
01/02/14Sticky ip prioritization based on ip pool and subnet by dhcp
12/12/13Oam power packet
12/05/13Temporarily disable out-of-credit pcc rule
12/05/13Pcrf rule rollback due to insufficient resources on a downstream node
12/05/13Per flow and per session metering limit application
Patent Packs
12/05/13Custom diameter attribute implementers
12/05/13Automatic connection recovery
12/05/13Routing decision context objects
12/05/13Routing decision context objects
12/05/13Generic persistence in a diameter routing agent
11/14/13Pcrf triggered rules clean-up
11/14/13Dynamic allocation of records to clusters in a ternary content addressable memory
10/24/13Synchronization topology and route analytics integration
10/24/13Synchronization management groups
10/03/13Multiple major version signaling on session initiation
10/03/13Low profile standoff with tool stop
09/12/13Handling of event trigger registrations on bberf during hand-over
07/25/13Resource threshold overload protection
07/11/13Apparatus and embedding links
07/04/13Imsi mcc-mnc best matching searching
07/04/13Method of enforcing metered data usage
07/04/13Configurable web service notification with templates
07/04/13Diameter route learning
07/04/13Indication of authorized and unauthorized pcc rules
07/04/13Subscriber assignment
Social Network Patent Pack
05/09/13Thermal warp compensation ic package
04/18/13Pcrn home network identity
04/18/13Lte subscriber identity correlation service
04/18/13Nai subscription-id hint digit handling
04/18/13Supported feature override
04/18/13Integration of roaming and non-roaming message processing
04/18/13Organization of roaming partner realms into primary and secondary
04/18/13Pcrn roaming agreement
04/18/13Roaming session termination triggered by roaming agreement/partner deletion
04/18/13Pcrn session architecture for roaming
04/18/13Visited pcrf s9 session id generation
04/18/13Processing messages with incomplete primary identification information
04/18/13Processing messages correlated to multiple potential entities
04/04/13Usage sharing across fixed line and mobile subscribers
04/04/13Sy based integrated policy and charging control
04/04/13Adaptive period network session reservation
04/04/13Rules engine evaluation for policy decisions
04/04/13Flexible rule based usage metering policies
04/04/13Hierarchical metering policy attributes
03/14/13Radio-frequency transmitter, such as for broadcasting and cellular base stations
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03/14/13Radio-frequency transmitter, such as for broadcasting and cellular base stations
03/14/13In-grid on-device decoupling for bga
03/14/13De-pop on-device decoupling for bga
03/07/13Power saving node controller
02/28/13Signaling plane delay kpi monitoring in live network
02/14/13System and power reduction in redundant components
02/14/13System and powering redundant components
02/14/13System and reducing power consumption in telecommunication systems
01/31/13Closed-loop efficiency modulation for use in network powered applications
01/24/13Distribution of data within a database
12/20/12Pcrf-ocs interaction in wireless-wireline convergence
12/20/12Framework for managing failures in outbound messages
12/13/12Intelligent presence notification service
12/13/12Intelligent network management of subscriber-related events
12/13/12Intelligent network management of network-related events
12/13/12Intelligent presence cost management based upon congestion status and subscriber profile
12/06/12Field-deployable protocol message interceptor
12/06/12Autonomous self-disrupting network element
12/06/12Field deployable message compromiser
12/06/12Message flow rerouting for autonomous self-disrupting network element
12/06/12Self-disrupting network element
12/06/12Message flow rerouting for self-disrupting network element
11/22/12Performance optimization in scheduled task performance
11/15/12Mid-session change support in usage monitoring
11/01/12Hierarchical profiled scheduling and shaping
11/01/12Usage monitoring after rollover
10/11/12Intelligent presence congestion notification service
10/11/12Mapping private and public addresses
10/04/12Ethernet-dual-ended loss measurement calculation
10/04/12Rules system versions
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10/04/12Rules system version cloning
09/06/12In-service throughput testing in distributed router/switch architectures
08/30/12Gprs default bearer tracking
08/30/12Transient subscription records
08/23/12Primary serving gateway resolution
08/23/12Efficient multicasting in a distributed system architecture
08/23/12Processing data packet traffic in a distributed router architecture
08/23/12Monitoring resource congestion in a network processor
08/16/12Simultaneously supporting muliple 3gpp standard versions
08/16/12Virtual private lan service packet processing
08/16/12Session based support of muliple 3gpp standards versions
07/12/12Radius gateway on policy charging and rules function (pcrf) for wireline/wireless converged solution
07/05/120201 land pattern for 1.0 mm and .08 mm pitch arrays
07/05/12Real-time power cost feed
07/05/12Power saving hardware
06/28/12Adaptive cooling using selectable target useful life
06/28/12Crowd mobile synchronization
06/28/12Adaptive cooling using system configuration information
05/31/12Human readable iconic display server
05/31/12Human readable iconic display
05/31/12Method for displaying cpu utilization in a multi-processing system
05/03/12Mlppp occupancy based round robin
04/12/12In-system measurement of clock recovery and oscillator drift
04/05/12Warp reactive ic package
04/05/12Thermal warp compensation ic package
04/05/12Efficient database search for unique indentifiers
02/09/12Diameter session audits
01/26/12Ipv6 generation to trigger a virtual leased line service
01/05/12Return of multiple results in rule generation

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