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Alcatel lucent Usa Inc
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Alcatel lucent Usa
Alcatel lucent Usa Inc Via The Electronic Patent Assignment System epas
Alcatel lucent Usa Inc And Alcatel lucent
Alcatel lucent Usa inc
Alcatel lucent Usa Incorportaed
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Alcatel lucent Usa patents

Recent patent applications related to Alcatel lucent Usa. Alcatel lucent Usa is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Alcatel lucent Usa may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Alcatel lucent Usa, we're just tracking patents.

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08/07/14Systems and methods for dynamic scan scheduling
07/04/13Method and transmitting high-level qam optical signals with binary drive signals
01/06/11All-optical methods and systems
04/16/15Method and providing allocating resources
12/02/10One-way voice detection voicemail
03/06/14Gold bonding in semiconductor devices using porous gold
05/23/13Light modulator for optical image projection
05/23/13Communication network operator traffic regulation manager and data collection manager and operation thereof
03/28/13Spatial division multiplexing optical mode converter
09/06/12Radial optical coupler
08/02/12All-optical phase shifter in silicon
04/19/12Liquid cooling of remote or off-grid electronic enclosures
04/12/12Thermally controlled semiconductor optical waveguide
04/05/12Audio source locator and tracker, a directing a camera to view an audio source and a video conferencing terminal
02/16/12Gaze correcting apparatus, a videoconferencing and a videoconferencing system
02/16/12Apparatus for correcting gaze, a videoconferencing and a system therefor
02/09/12Airflow control in an electronic chassis
10/20/11Immersive viewer, a providing scenes on a display and an immersive viewing system
10/13/11Electronic system cooler
10/13/11Optical grating coupler
10/06/11System and dynamically policing network traffic based on egress queue status
10/06/11System and dynamically adjusting quality of service configuration based on real-time traffic
06/23/11Videoconferencing terminal with a persistence of vision display and a operation thereof to maintain eye contact
06/23/11Photonic match filter
06/16/11User-interface user control
05/05/11Optical device for wavelength locking
02/10/11Fabricating electronic-photonic devices having an active layer with spherical quantum dots
01/13/11Optical coupler
12/02/10Videoconferencing terminal and operation thereof to maintain eye contact
11/18/10Electronic package and manufacture
09/09/10Fabricating electronic-photonic devices having an active layer with spherical quantum dots
08/26/10Multilayer planar tunable filter
08/26/10Photonic integration scheme
08/19/10A/v premises decoder, a content manager, a video insertion system including both the decoder and manager, and a inserting local content into a video stream at a customers premises
07/15/10System and batch resource allocation
07/23/09Light modulator for optical image projection
07/23/09Oscillating mirror for image projection
04/30/09System and reducing switching overhead in a communication network
11/16/17 new patent  Systems and methods for dynamic uplink and downlink rate assignment in a wireless communication network
11/09/17Internet security
11/09/17Streaming unicast services to multiple user equipment
10/26/17Frequency division duplex (fdd) mimo backhaul for communication terminals
10/26/17Policy control for transmissions on the unlicensed spectrum
10/26/17Interface for configuring communication in unlicensed frequency bands
10/26/17Performance measurement counters for unlicensed frequency bands
10/19/17Method and a segmented on-chip digital interface block
10/19/17Mimo transceiver suitable for a massive-mimo system
10/19/17Method and time transport in a communication network
10/19/17Hybrid wireless communication system
10/12/17Methods and systems for reducing crosstalk using sequential non-linear vectoring
10/12/17Longest queue identification
10/12/17Alarm causality templates for network function virtualization
10/12/17Optimal dynamic cloud network control
10/05/17Graphical interface for an augmented intelligence system
10/05/17Channel-aware caching-aided coded multicast
10/05/17System and supporting managed call recording services
10/05/17Dynamic distribution in an offline charging system
10/05/17Reusing a mobile network operator profile in an embedded smart card
09/28/17Packet coloring in wireless communication systems
09/28/17Autonomous wireless transmissions
09/21/17Systems and methods for remotely analyzing the rf environment of a remote radio head
09/21/17Sub-wavelength granularity for transport of multicarrier optical signals
09/14/17Programmable system architecture for routing data packets in virtual base stations
08/31/17Routing paging packets in a system-on-a-chip base station architecture
08/31/17Uplink packet routing in a system-on-a-chip base station architecture
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08/31/17Addressing for customer premises lan expansion
08/31/17Extending a wireless coverage area in an unlicensed frequency band of a small cell using remote radio heads
08/31/17Downlink packet routing in a system-on-a-chip base station architecture
08/24/17Anchor mobility in wireless networks
08/17/17Optical communication with some compensation of nonlinear optical effects
08/10/17Clock recovery for an optical receiver
08/03/17Mutually compatible path search
07/13/17Multimode vertical-cavity surface-emitting laser
07/13/17Optical spatial division multiplexing usable at short reach
07/06/17Photonic integrated circuit using chip integration
07/06/17Method and over-the-air anchor-anchor synchronization
07/06/17Data plane for processing function scalability
06/29/17Optical network span sensing
06/29/17Fast coupled retransmission for multipath communications
06/15/17Method and facilitating visual presentations
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06/15/17Customer premises lan expansion
06/15/17Dynamic physical uplink control channel (pucch)
06/15/17Optimizing restoration with segment routing
06/15/17Valiant load balanced segment routing
06/08/17Telecommunication offline charging system
06/08/17Data quota management for wireless communication systems
05/25/17Technique for filtering of clock signals
05/25/17Sparse dispersion compensation of optical data transmission paths
05/18/17Method and preserving end to end semantic and performance enhancement of split-tcp protocols
05/18/17Modifying inactivity timers for user equipment in a wireless communication system
05/04/17Distributing alert messages via unlicensed spectrum
05/04/17Preventing attacks from false base stations
05/04/17Optical modem
05/04/17Seamless mechanism to connect an active call to another device
04/27/17Method and providing broadcast or multicast service to obstructed user equipment
04/27/17Method and providing broadcast or multicast service to obstructed user equipment
04/20/17Image capture and transmission system
04/20/17Dynamic selection of band combinations for carrier aggregation
04/13/17State-efficient network function support
04/06/17Network switch employing one or more multi-endpoint optical transceivers
04/06/17Network employing multi-endpoint optical transceivers
03/30/17Beamforming for an optical switch
03/16/17Carrier priority based automatic neighboring relation optimization
03/09/17Charging for rerouted packets in a heterogeneous wireless communication system
03/02/17Virtualized application performance through disabling of unnecessary functions
02/16/17Apparatus and protection in a data center
02/16/17Methods, apparatuses and systems for enhancing measurement gap in asynchronous networks
02/09/17Acoustic noise attenuation device, assembly and metamaterial structure
02/09/17Method and bulk authentication of wireless sensors
02/02/17Electrical load prediction including sparse coding
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01/05/17Method and estimating lag in antenna feeder cable of wireless transmission system
12/29/16System and verifying provisioned virtual services
12/29/16Systems for diagnosing and tracking product vulnerabilities
12/29/16Monitoring of ip multicast delivery over an optical network
12/29/16Monitoring of ip multicast streams within an internet gateway device
12/29/16System and cooperatively controlling an application
12/22/16Charging for commercial group based messaging
12/22/16System, method and computer readable medium for bearer activation in a core network for wireless devices
12/15/16Datacenter interconnection system
12/08/16Multiple endpoint optical transmitter
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12/08/16Multi-endpoint optical receiver
12/08/16Methods and authentication and identity management using a public key infrastructure (pki) in an ip-based telephony environment
12/01/16Network device configured to track multicast receivers
12/01/16Scalable architecture for media mixing
11/24/16Method and self-tuned adaptive routing
11/24/16Network monitoring of user equipment events
11/17/16Technique for monitoring and managing output power
11/17/16Secure enterprise cdn framework
11/10/16Method and determining non-line of sight bias estimation
11/10/16Waveguide power dividers
11/10/16Systems and methods for monitoring a data center
10/27/16Anonymization of identifying portions of streaming data
10/27/16Tunable optical apparatus
10/27/16Method and circuit to reduce power consumption of optical transmitter
10/27/16System and signaling protection path bindings
10/27/16User-defined flexible traffic monitoring in an sdn switch
10/20/16Providing bonded services at a non-anchor node
10/20/16Charging interface for inter-radio access technology handover of call sessions
10/20/16Adaptive subframe puncturing for carrier sensing adaptive transmission
10/13/16Methods, apparatuses and systems for enhancing measurement gap in synchronized networks
10/13/16Method and device management
10/13/16Management of computing infrastructure under emergency peak capacity conditions
10/13/16Perfect application capacity analysis for elastic capacity management of cloud-based applications
10/13/16Base station synchronization
10/06/16Proximity-based localization of wireless tags based on wireless gateway association information
10/06/16System and video processing and presentation
10/06/16Software upgrades for offline charging systems within a network
10/06/16Multichannel receiver
10/06/16Method and improved traffic monitoring in wireless communication systems
10/06/16Method and provisioning resources using clustering
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10/06/16Method and providing signaling protocol overload control
10/06/16Method and improved load balancing
10/06/16Using mobile unit battery level and drain rate to control handover
10/06/16Minimizing overhead over-provisioning costs in machine configurations
10/06/16Traffic oblivious offline optimization for traffic engineering with segment routing
10/06/16Online route computation and traffic engineering with segment routing
10/06/16Offline optimization for traffic engineering with segment routing
09/29/16Method and making an optical fiber array
09/29/16Channel estimation techniques for lsas backhaul and the like
09/29/16Channel estimation techniques for fdd mimo systems
09/29/16Secure communication of data between devices
09/22/16Self-tuning troubleshooting scripts
09/22/16Optoelectronic equalizer circuit
09/22/16Cross-layer aware communication of a multipath data flow via a communication network
09/22/16Data stream load balancing utilizing multiple sets of servers
09/15/16Apparatus and network interconnection
09/15/16Modulator biasing for optical transmission
09/15/16Circuit and optical bit interleaving in a passive optical network using multi-level signals
09/08/16Switched optical receiver
09/08/16Offline charging for group communications using multimedia broadcast multicast service (mbms) delivery
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09/08/16Offline charging for group communications using multimedia broadcast multicast service (mbms) delivery
09/08/16Optimizing quality of service in a content distribution network using software defined networking
09/08/16System and providing maximum fill link via bonded services
09/08/16Method and wi-fi access optimization
09/08/16Localized service chaining in nfv clouds
09/01/16Vector signal alignment for digital vector processing using vector transforms
08/25/16Systems and methods for transmission of compressive sensing data
08/25/16Filtering emergency broadcast messages that contain commercial content
08/25/16Network support for differential charging for data usage in licensed and unlicensed frequency bands
08/18/16Dynamic reconfiguration of resources in a virtualized network
08/11/16Low power low-density parity-check decoding
08/11/16Low power low-density parity-check decoding
08/11/16Method and system for identifying an outgoing interface using openflow protocol
08/11/16Method and system for identifying an incoming interface using openflow protocol
08/11/16Method and system for inserting an openflow flow entry into a flow table using openflow protocol
08/11/16Method and system for inserting an openflow flow entry into a flow table using openflow protocol
08/04/16Otdoa in unlicensed band for enhancements of horizontal and vertical positioning
08/04/16Localization using a wireless tag supporting multiple states
08/04/16Network controlled acquisition of uplink channels in unlicensed frequency bands
08/04/16Frequency resource and/or modulation & coding scheme indicator for machine type communication device
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08/04/16Pilot assignment in cell free massive mimo wireless systems
07/28/16Method for retaining clock traceability over an asynchronous interface
07/28/16Joint signal-routing and power-control for an optical network
07/28/16Aggregated wireline backhaul for wireless modems
07/28/16User equipment assisted handover in licensed and unlicensed frequency bands
07/28/16Interface aggregation for heterogeneous wireless communication systems
07/28/16Allocation of unlicensed frequency bands for a wireless hotspot
07/28/16Differential charging for data usage in licensed and unlicensed frequency bands
07/21/16Bidirectional forwarding detection over a virtual extensible local area network
07/21/16Bidirectional forwarding detection over network virtualization using generic routing encapsulation
07/14/16Stokes-vector-based transmission and detection of optical polarization-division-multiplexed signals
07/14/16Broadcasting in communication networks
07/14/16Method for transporting ethernet and non-ethernet traffic over the same medium
07/07/16Secure function evaluation of tree circuits
07/07/16Method of manufacturing a heat-transfer structure
06/30/16Locating call measurement data
06/30/16Method and appratus for determining warning alert list contents for assignment of cells to tracking area identifiers
06/30/16System and local interconnection of optical nodes
06/30/16Controlling access to venue-related content, applications, and services
06/30/16Methods and small cell deployment in wireless network
06/30/16Leaky repeater access node
06/23/16Bit error ratio optimization method and apparatus
06/23/16Apparatus for optical signal amplification
06/23/16Frame synchronization for data transmission over an optical network
06/23/16Method and network interconnection
06/23/16Automatic allocation of remote bridges and connection to host bridge
06/23/16Public safety/security ue communication framework for prose via presence information
06/23/16Systems and methods for localization
06/23/16Lte small cell handover to carrier-grade wifi
06/23/16Radio resource allocation for d2d communications
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06/23/16Method and improved carrier aggregation access control
06/23/16System and visualizing historical event correlations in a data center
06/16/16Construction of structured ldpc convolutional codes
06/16/16Hybrid optical switch for software-defined networking
06/09/16Active optical isolators and active optical circulators
06/09/16Usage authorization control for group communications in a communication network
06/09/16Method and spectrum sharing among operators
06/09/16Overload processing for an offline charging system
06/09/16Selective activation and deactivation of carriers in unlicensed frequency bands
06/09/16Root cause analysis for service degradation in computer networks
05/26/16Method of providing fresh keys for message authentication
05/19/16Multi-electrode photonic digital to analog converting vector modulator
05/19/16Spatial-mode multiplexing optical signal streams onto a multimode optical fiber
05/12/16Communication a cluster of network hosts
05/12/16User interface encapsulation in chat-based communication systems
05/12/16Streaming unicast services to multiple user equipment
05/12/16Enhanced physical downlink control channel user equipment specific search space subband hopping for machine type communication device
05/05/16Semiconductor-based photodetector having multiple optical feeds for coupling light into an active area thereof
05/05/16Reduction of effects of signal-signal beat interference in optical transport systems
05/05/16Network configuration settings sourced by user equipment
05/05/16Security services for end users that utilize service chaining
05/05/16Handling of reduced partial cdrs in an offline charging system
05/05/16Policy decisions based on offline charging rules when service chaining is implemented
05/05/16Offload of service charging from an online charging system
05/05/16Generation of multiple shared keys by user equipment and base station using key expansion multiplier
05/05/16Connectionless wireless access
05/05/16Dynamic scheduling of non-interfering clusters in a distributed diversity communications system
05/05/16Mobility management for wireless networks
05/05/16Interference cancellation and suppression for multi-user multiple-in/multiple out (mimo) communication

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