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Alcatel lucent Usa Inc
Alcatel lucent
Alcatel lucent Canada Inc
Alcatel lucent Usa Incorporated
Alcatel lucent Via The Electronic Patent Assignment System epas
Alcatel lucent Shanghai Bell Co Ltd
Alcatel lucent Bell N v
Alcatel lucent Technologies Inc
Alcatel lucent U s a Inc
Alcatel lucent India Limited
Alcatel lucent Telecom Ltd
Alcatel lucent Israel Ltd
Alcatel lucent Ireland Ltd
Alcatel lucent Canada
Alcatel lucent Deutschland Ag
Alcatel lucent Via The Electronic Patent Assignment Systems epas
Alcatel lucent Usa
Alcatel lucent Canda Inc
Alcatel lucent Usa Inc Via The Electronic Patent Assignment System epas
Alcatel lucent Bell Labs France
Alcatel lucent Canada Inc_20100121
Alcatel lucent Canada Inc_20131212
Alcatel lucent Canada Incorporated
Alcatel lucent Usa Inc And Alcatel lucent
Alcatel lucent Via The Electronic Patent Assignment System epas_20100107

Alcatel lucent patents (2011 archive)

Recent patent applications related to Alcatel lucent. Alcatel lucent is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Alcatel lucent may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Alcatel lucent, we're just tracking patents.

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12/15/11Dirty paper precoding method and transmitter implemented by using phase reshaping
12/08/11Open platform architecture for integrating multiple heterogeneous network functions
12/08/11System and method for providing independent polarization control
10/27/11Optimized mirror for p2p identification
09/15/11Method and apparatus for securely establishing l3-svc connections
08/11/11System, method, and computer-readable medium for synchronizing multicast customized content to facilitate dslam complexity reduction
07/28/11Methods for reducing interference in a communication system
07/07/11System, method and computer readable medium for providing redundancy in a media delivery system
06/16/11Connectivity fault management timeout period control
05/26/11Femtocell base station, and a method of controlling a femtocell base station
03/31/11Method and system for monitoring incoming connection requests in a peer-to-peer network
03/17/11Method for delivering dynamic policy rules to an end user, according on his/her account balance and service subscription level, in a telecommunication network
01/06/11Facilitating heterogeneous authentication for allowing network access
01/06/11All-optical methods and systems
10/20/11Immersive viewer, a method of providing scenes on a display and an immersive viewing system
10/13/11Electronic system cooler
10/13/11Optical grating coupler
10/06/11System and method for dynamically policing network traffic based on egress queue status
10/06/11System and method for dynamically adjusting quality of service configuration based on real-time traffic
06/23/11Videoconferencing terminal with a persistence of vision display and a method of operation thereof to maintain eye contact
06/23/11Photonic match filter
06/16/11User-interface apparatus and method for user control
05/05/11Optical device for wavelength locking
02/10/11Fabricating electronic-photonic devices having an active layer with spherical quantum dots
01/13/11Optical coupler
12/29/11Method and system for providing podcast information using geolocation (lbs) information
12/29/11Technique for effectively reducing latency of locating a resource on a network
12/29/11Quality of service control for mpls user access
12/22/11Method and system for handling traffic in a data communication network
12/22/11Treatment of malicious devices in a mobile-communications network
12/15/11Mimo system having a plurality of service antennas for data transmission and reception and method thereof
12/15/11Admission control for shared lte network
12/15/11Call admission and preemption for multiple bit-rate applications
12/15/11Network based peer-to-peer traffic optimization
12/08/11Quality of service aware rate throttling of delay tolerant traffic for energy efficient routing
12/08/11Communication available transport network bandwidth to l2 ethernet nodes
12/01/11Dynamic delay budget allocation using single-point estimation of end-to-end delay
12/01/11Method and system of delivering a mobile-terminated sms message
12/01/11Technique for multi-dimensionally determining strength of an item in a weighted list based on tagging
12/01/11Technique for determining and indicating strength of an item in a weighted list based on tagging
12/01/11Dynamic route cost adjustment of vrrp enabled subnets for routing protocols
11/17/11Multiple antenna method and apparatus for reducing inter-cell interference in multi-user wireless systems
11/10/11Decreasing latency in anonymity networks
11/03/11Individualized baggage tracking and notification system
11/03/11Method and apparatus for two-way multimedia communications
10/20/11System and method for scheduling timeslots for transmission by optical nodes in an optical network
10/06/11Technique for effective communications with mobile sensors in a sensor system
10/06/11System and method for distributing digital video streams from remote video surveillance cameras to display devices
10/06/11Method and apparatus for providing picture privacy in video
10/06/11Waveguide coupler for optical transverse-mode multiplexing
10/06/11Method and apparatus for electronic mail management
10/06/11Method and apparatus for enhanced security in a data communications network
09/29/11Despeckling laser-image-projection system
09/29/11Method and apparatus for home network access using a remote mobile device
09/29/11Method and apparatus for performing high-quality speech communication across voice over internet protocol (voip) communications networks
09/29/11Method and apparatus for home network access
09/29/11System and domain name server for ad-hoc networks
09/29/11Adaptive distinct counting for network-traffic monitoring and other applications
09/15/11Video packet multiplexer with intelligent packet discard
09/15/11Concurrent transmission of multiple signals in a wireless network
09/08/11Electroless plating production of nickel and cobalt structures
09/08/11Iterative carrier-phase estimation and data recovery for coherent optical receivers
09/01/11Method and apparatus for screening request to establish sip session
08/25/11Low-energy optical network architecture
08/25/11Accounting request processing in a communication network
08/25/11Countermeasure against keystroke logger devices
08/18/11Implementation of switches in a communication network
07/21/11Link aggregation flood control
07/14/11Nested mach-zehnder modulator
07/14/11Method for providing on-path content distribution
07/07/11Application-enablement data switch for enhancing legacy nfc systems with web services
07/07/11Method to improve voice over ip capacity for user equipment employing variable rate vocoders
07/07/11Method for selecting base sation for handover from plurality of target base stations and device thereof
07/07/11Ball lens holder for a planar lightwave circuit device
07/07/11Interactive id system using mobile devices
07/07/11Method and apparatus for providing geo-location enablement for wireless device
07/07/11Authenticating and off-loading iptv operations from mobile devices to fixed rendering viewing devices
07/07/11Computer security process monitor
06/30/11Smart rfid reader/router
06/30/11Efficient protection scheme for mpls multicast
06/30/11Advanced modulation format using two-state modulators
06/23/11Automatic tuning for wireless power transfer
06/23/11Photonic technique for generating arbitrary waveforms
06/23/11Heat-transfer arrangement for enclosed circuit boards
06/23/11Method of improving quality of service for voice calls handled by a network element
06/23/11Energy efficiency with rate adaptation
06/23/11Coordination independent rate adaptation deployment methods and systems
06/23/11Photonic integrated circuit having a waveguide-grating coupler
06/23/11Method and apparatus for selective message service blocking
06/23/11Method and apparatus for the detection of impulsive noise in transmitted speech signals for use in speech quality assessment
06/23/11Method and system for managing power consumption using geolocation information
06/23/11Cloud-based application for low-provisioned high-functionality mobile station
06/16/11Technique for effectively realizing a network of sensors and services thereby
06/16/11Differentiated qos for wi-fi clients connected to a cable/dsl network
06/16/11Method and apparatus for notifying emergency response organization of emergency message cluster
06/16/11Interactive answering system and method
06/16/11Method and system for remote call forwarding set-up and modification
06/16/11Method and apparatus for polarization-division-multiplexed optical coherent receivers
06/16/11Running an interactive multi-user application at a mobile terminal
06/16/11Server platform to support interactive multi-user applications for mobile clients
06/09/11Method for joining sip communication devices into an existing call
06/09/11Method for handling hand off of a mobile device using reverse link quality measurements as trigger
06/09/11Geospatial telephony system
06/09/11Appartus for communication privacy and fidelity
06/02/11Surface-plasmon-assisted optical frequency conversion
06/02/11Hosted iptv system incorporating a gateway adapter for processing in a shared iptv environment
06/02/11Method of opportunity-based transmission of wireless video
06/02/11Outage recovery in wireless networks
06/02/11Coverage gap detection in wireless networks
06/02/11System and method of wireless uplink video transmission
06/02/11Tiered service resell mechanism for iptv
05/26/11Dual transmission for communication networks
05/26/11System and method for load balancing among multiple base stations using network initiated handovers
05/19/11Methods for capacity limitation mitigation in a radio frequency device
05/12/11Multicasting personalized high definition video content to consumer storage
05/05/11Infrared energy powered cooling apparatus and computer chassis comprising same
05/05/11Overload detection on multi-cpu system
05/05/11Method and system for providing wireless services
04/28/11Method and system of optimal cache allocation in iptv networks
04/21/11Method and apparatus for retransmitting information
04/14/11Thermal interface device
04/14/11Method and apparatus for utilizing mobility state information
03/31/11Micromachined radio frequency circuit structures
03/31/11Method and system for traffic flow and link management using domain notifications
03/31/11Layer 2 seamless site extension of enterprises in cloud computing
03/31/11Scalable architecture for enterprise extension in a cloud topology
03/31/11Method and apparatus for controlling a conference bridge
03/31/11Interior network ground
03/31/11Method and system for passing information through a network during overload
03/31/11Apparatus and method for reducing lte-to-1xrtt border cell cross-paging in circuit switched fall back call delivery
03/31/11Method and apparatus for location-based mobile power control
03/31/11Dynamic load balancing and scaling of allocated cloud resources in an enterprise network
03/31/11Immobilization module for security on a communication system
03/24/11Tracking network-data flows
03/24/11Predictive encoding/decoding method and apparatus
03/24/11Methods for improved server redundancy in dynamic networks
03/17/11Fast upstream source failure detection
03/17/11Optical device and method for optical frequency modulation to optical amplitude modulation conversion
03/10/11Selective call forwarding based on the location of a mobile device
03/03/11System and method to enhance safety and legal compliance by location analysis
03/03/11Vertical optically emitting photonic devices with electronic steering capability
02/24/11Line-rate, real-time-traffic detector
02/24/11Server-side load balancing using parent-child link aggregation groups
02/17/11Coherent receiver having an interleave-chirped arrayed waveguide grating
02/10/11Method and appartus for regulating rogue behavior in optical network transmission devices
02/03/11System and method for controlling parameters for applications serviced in a best effort communication link
01/27/11Virtualization software with dynamic resource allocation for virtual machines
01/20/11System and method for managing user profiles
01/13/11Multiferroic materials for tunable permittivity or permeability
01/13/11Detecting collisions on multipoint shared optical media
01/06/11Gateway, base station and method for window-based content synchronization
09/08/11Secure connection initiation with hosts behind firewalls
12/08/11Method and access point for allocating whitespace spectrum
12/08/11Method and controller for allocating whitespace spectrum
12/29/11One-way information transfer for performing secure information updates
11/17/11Multi-band high-efficiency doherty amplifer
10/13/11Differentiated experience for user generated content (ugc) based on popularity
08/18/11Method and system for common group action filtering in telecom network environments
04/28/11Self-steering directional loudspeakers and a method of operation thereof
12/29/11Management of serving gateways for enhanced performance
12/29/11Pcrf-pcef-ocs interaction in wireless-wireline convergence
12/29/11Operations support system with modular architecture
12/29/11System and method for generating and updating pcc rules based on service requests
12/29/11Method and system for generating pcc rules based on service requests
12/29/11Authorizing qos per qci
12/29/11Session binding using subscriber identification
12/29/11Rule summary
12/29/11Diameter session audits
12/29/11Method for determining a pcc rule waiting for pcef action
12/29/11Method of authorizing af sessions using external subscriber database
12/29/11Managing internet protocol connectivity access network sessions
12/29/11Monitoring software thread execution
12/15/11Support of multiple 3gpp standards versions
12/15/11Extending revalidation-time of diameter sessions
12/08/11High-voltage step-charge control for use in network-powered applications
12/08/11Framework for managing failures in outbound messages
12/08/11Method of determining a unique subscriber frm an arbitrary set of subscriber attributes
12/01/11Primary serving gateway resolution
12/01/11Minimizing pcc rule instantiation latency
11/24/11Method of distributing pcc rules among ip-connectivity access network (ip-can) bearers
11/17/11Extensible data driven message validation
11/17/11Behavioral rule results
11/10/11Pcrf incomplete notification processing
11/10/11Managed object support
11/10/11Pcrf triggered rules cleanup
11/03/11Event based social networking application
09/29/11Removable ic package stiffening brace and method
09/29/11Ic package stiffener with beam
09/22/11Method and apparatus for forwarding packets
09/15/11Diverse message synchronization
08/18/11Method for pcrf to autonomously respond to cell capacity shortage
08/18/11Method of handling a change to bearer control mode
08/18/11Pcc/qos rule creation
08/18/11Policy and charging rules node expired message handling
08/18/11Policy controller application enablement api for wireline/wireless converged solution
08/18/11Diverse source message association
08/18/11Perspective view
08/18/11Menu lauching structure
06/30/11Bulk service provisioning on live network
06/23/11Distributing cells on an ima logical link having inactive ima sub-links
06/16/11Network timing topology via network manager
06/16/11Network impairment metrics for timing over packet
06/16/11Network sync planning and failure simulations
04/07/11Cpu instruction and data cache corruption prevention system
03/31/11Method and apparatus to measure current in power switchers
02/24/11Privacy-counscious advertising

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