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Alibaba Group Holding Limited patents

Recent patent applications related to Alibaba Group Holding Limited. Alibaba Group Holding Limited is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Alibaba Group Holding Limited may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Alibaba Group Holding Limited, we're just tracking patents.

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06/22/17 new patent  Method, system, and device for processing data in connection with an application
06/22/17 new patent  Constructing fingerprint database and positioning based on fingerprint database
06/22/17 new patent  Log fragmentation method and apparatus
06/22/17 new patent  Method and unlocking user interface
06/22/17 new patent  Method and system for communication in instant messaging application
06/22/17 new patent  Method, system, and device for providing item information
06/22/17 new patent  Grading for digital image quality
06/22/17 new patent  Method, public account server, and mobile terminal for sending and generating cards
06/22/17 new patent  Identity authentication method and apparatus, terminal and server
06/22/17 new patent  Sensitive information processing method, device and server, and security determination system
06/22/17 new patent  Method, device and system for invoking local service assembly by browser
06/15/17Method and system for setting interface element colors
06/15/17Method and device for authentication via user behavior in mobile scenarios
06/08/17Method and system for inputting information
06/08/17Implementing application jumps
06/08/17Running applications using pre-generated components
06/08/17System, for optimizing database operations
06/08/17Querying for business service processing status information
06/08/17Methods, apparatuses, and systems for acquiring local information
06/08/17Performing autocomplete of content
06/01/17Methods and devices for acquiring data using virtual machine and host machine
06/01/17Method and transmitting video data
05/25/17Identity authentication method, system, business server and authentication server
05/25/17Data transmission
05/18/17Identifying social business characteristic user
05/18/17Recommendation method and apparatus
05/18/17Matching users in a location-based service
05/11/17System and exploiting hard disk drive capacity reserve and extending operating life thereof
05/11/17Method, system, and device for item search
05/11/17Managing confidential information
05/11/17Method and device for data push
05/04/17Method and apparatus of processing expression information in instant communication
05/04/17Accessing cache
05/04/17Method and system for statistics-based machine translation
05/04/17Method and data processing
05/04/17System, method, and device for measuring optical fiber channel loss in photonic communication
05/04/17Method and system for dynamic password authentication based on quantum states
05/04/17Managing online shop using instant messaging system
05/04/17Cloud file processing method and apparatus
05/04/17Method, system, and device for process triggering
05/04/17Method, apparatus, and system for determining a location of a terminal
04/20/17Method and initiating an operation using voice data
04/20/17Method, device, and system for displaying information associated with a web page
04/13/17Mobile application processing
04/13/17Efficient navigation category management
04/13/17Method and processing authentication request message in a social network
04/13/17Modular data center
03/30/17Methods and systems for uploading a program based on a target network platform
03/30/17Method and transferring data between databases
03/30/17Image search apparatus and methods thereof
03/30/17Method, apparatus and system of intelligent navigation
03/23/17Data deduplication using a solid state drive controller
03/23/17Method and displaying digital object identifier
03/23/17System and processing task resources
03/23/17System, method, and webpage processing
03/23/17Method and system of performing a translation
03/23/17Distributed data processing method and system
03/23/17Method and processing transmission information
03/23/17System and preprocessing user applications
03/23/17Method and system for identifying network loops
03/23/17Authentication for application
03/23/17Data processing based on two-dimensional code
03/23/17System and processing task resources
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03/23/17Identity authentication by using human biological characteristic
03/16/17Method and apparatus of accessing data of virtual machine
03/16/17Generating and decoding two-dimensional code
03/16/17Method and facilitating electronic payments using a wearable device
03/16/17Method and system of distinguishing between human and machine
03/09/17System and determining whether a product image includes a logo pattern
03/09/17System, method, and computer system resource allocation
03/02/17Statistics-based machine translation method, apparatus and electronic device
03/02/17Method and system for generation of candidate translations
03/02/17System, method, and a color search
03/02/17Method and information presentation based on service object
03/02/17System, method, and data access in a cloud computing environment
03/02/17Method and processing logistics path information
03/02/17Method and device for multi-user cluster identity authentication
03/02/17Verifying source addresses associated with a terminal
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03/02/17Method and system for network access request control
03/02/17Method, client, server and system of login verification
03/02/17Method, device, and system for access control of a cloud hosting service
03/02/17System and authentication
03/02/17Method, apparatus and system for detecting fraudulant software promotion
02/23/17Method, apparatus, terminal device and system for generating shared key
02/23/17Authentication method, apparatus and system used in quantum key distribution process
02/23/17Device and establishing connection in load-balancing system
02/23/17Method and system for efficient encryption, transmission, and decryption of video data
02/23/17Positioning mobile terminal based on electromagnetic signals
02/23/17Method, client terminal and server for establishing communication
02/16/17Management and storage of distributed bookmarks
02/16/17Method and device for managing resources with an external account
02/16/17Method and system for resource scheduling
02/16/17Method, apparatus, and system for secure authentication
02/16/17Method, device, and system for switching at a mobile terminal of a smart television and acquiring information at a television terminal
02/09/17Method and facilitating a software update process over a network
02/09/17Data analysis using multiple systems
02/09/17Method and service authentication cross-reference to related applications
02/09/17Image processing method and apparatus
02/09/17Transaction processing method and client based on trusted execution environment
02/02/17Method and device for machine translation
02/02/17Searching and determining active area
02/02/17Information query
02/02/17Methods for displaying a webpage fragment on a desktop and systems for taking a snapshot of webpage fragment for displaying on a desktop
02/02/17Authentication method, device and system for quantum key distribution process
02/02/17User identity verification method and system, and verification server
02/02/17Validation associated with a form
02/02/17Video channel display method and apparatus
01/19/17Device and processing data
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01/19/17Efficient cache warm up based on user requests
01/19/17Method and device for service processing
01/19/17Method and information verification
01/12/17Apparatuses and methods for flexible scheduling in a database system
01/12/17Flexible scheduling in a database system
01/12/17Method and device for computing resource scheduling
01/12/17Method and device for authentication using dynamic passwords
01/12/17Authentication method, apparatus, and system
01/12/17External link processing
01/12/17Computerized pushing information between devices
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01/05/17Method and system for session disaster recovery
01/05/17Information display
01/05/17Method and system for preprocessing images
01/05/17Data processing method and system
12/29/16Virtual machine snapshot backup based on multilayer de-duplication
12/29/16System, method, and electronic prescription
12/29/16Method, terminal and server for automatically pushing delivery information and providing collection information
12/29/16System, device, and making automatic calls
12/29/16Management of data of user groups and maintenance of communication thereof
12/22/16System, method, and color selection
12/22/16Managing interactive subtitle data
12/15/16Method and activating application function
12/15/16Search method and system
12/15/16E-mail processing
12/15/16Method and client terminal for prompting instant communication message
12/15/16Liveness detection , and identity authentication
12/15/16Session processing in instant messaging
12/15/16System, method, and device for remotely operating a server
12/15/16Method and system for determining a positioning interval of a mobile terminal
12/08/16High density high throughput low power consumption data storage system with dynamic provisioning
12/08/16Information searching method and system based on geographic location
12/08/16Protecting data files
12/08/16Method and system for monitoring advertisement displays
12/08/16Establishing social network service relationships
12/08/16System, method, and data processing and display
12/08/16System, method, and quantum key output, storage, and consistency verification
12/08/16Device and monitoring server health
12/08/16Method and apparatus of positioning mobile terminal based on geomagnetism
12/01/16Page jumps based on text hiding
12/01/16Method and real-time data migration
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12/01/16Account processing method and apparatus
12/01/16Method and system for allocating resources for virtual hosts
12/01/16Enhancing data consistency in cloud storage system by entrance data buffering
12/01/16Voice processing smart tvs
12/01/16Method and acquiring network status data
11/24/16Detecting malicious files
11/24/16Wireless mobile payment device
11/17/16Shrinking virtual hard disk image
11/17/16Application page quick access
11/17/16Stream computing system and method
11/17/16Method and multithreading extraction of data from a database
11/17/16Audiot information retrieval
11/17/16Instant communication
11/17/16Instant communication method and server
11/17/16Electronic mail processing
11/17/16System, method, and replying to comments
11/17/16System, method, and publishing social network posts
11/17/16Electronic mail prompting method and server
11/17/16Method and processing authentication request message in a social network
11/17/16Method and sending authentication request message in a social network
Social Network Patent Pack
11/17/16Method and device for defending against network attacks
11/10/16Method, device, and system for displaying user interface
11/10/16Device and targeted display of information
11/10/16Virtual host isolation
11/10/16Method, device and server for managing user login sessions
11/10/16System, terminal, server, and data transmission
11/03/16Information search navigation method and apparatus
11/03/16System, method, and updating data in a distributed storage system
11/03/16System, managing resources for virtual machines and device thereof
11/03/16Method and system for recommending target object information
11/03/16Method and system for collecting information based on a specific topic
11/03/16Computerized implementing digital rights management
11/03/16Computerized offline identity authentication of a user cross-reference to related applications
11/03/16Information processing method and system
11/03/16Method and system of monitoring a service object
11/03/16System, method, and secure identity authentication
10/27/16Method and system for scheduling input/output resources of a virtual machine
10/27/16Method, apparatus, and system for cloud-based encryption machine key injection
10/27/16Method and system for authenticating service
10/27/16Method and system for identifying a human or machine
Social Network Patent Pack
10/20/16System, resource provisioning
10/20/16System and training a machine translation system
10/20/16Computerized performing a location-based search
10/20/16System, method, and synchronization among heterogeneous data sources
10/20/16Exchanging information via a designated application
10/13/16Method and processing and releasing the information of the business object
10/13/16Apparatus, fast leader election by coordination service
10/13/16Communication method and server
10/13/16Method and server for securing communication number
10/13/16Method and server for securing communication number
10/06/16Code coverage rate determination method and system
10/06/16Multi-cluster management
10/06/16Interactive communication method and apparatus
10/06/16Methods and devices for interface display
10/06/16Method and voice control
10/06/16Promulgating information on websites using servers
10/06/16In-server redirection of http requests
09/29/16Setting an alarm clock on a smart device
09/29/16Positioning feature points of human face edge
09/29/16Method and generating text line classifier
09/29/16Method and system for data communication over network
09/22/16Method and verifying images based on image verification codes
09/22/16Method and system for providing private chat within a group chat
09/22/16Methods, apparatus, and systems for sending information
09/22/16Method, apparatus and coder for selecting optimal reference frame in hevc coding
09/22/16Providing service based on user operation behavior
09/15/16Chilled water cooling system
09/15/16Video content play
09/15/16System and determination and reallocation of pending sectors caused by media fatigue
09/15/16Method and voice information augmentation and displaying, picture categorization and retrieving
Social Network Patent Pack
09/08/16Method and interacting with content through overlays
09/08/16Navigation user interface for compact mobile devices
09/08/16Method and acquiring and processing an operation instruction
09/08/16Video communication method and system in instant communication
09/08/16Method and user identity authentication
09/01/16Method and predicting gpu malfunctions
09/01/16Obtaining search results
08/25/16Quantum key distribution system, method and apparatus based on trusted relay
08/25/16Methods, apparatus, and systems for identity authentication
08/18/16Novel communication and messaging system
08/18/16Method and apparatus of accessing data of virtual machine
08/18/16System and user identity verification, and client and server by use thereof
08/18/16Method and detecting shared risk link groups
08/18/16Method, apparatus, and system for identity authentication
08/18/16Method and changing configurations
08/18/16Invoking an application to perform a service based on message content
08/11/16Method and device for identifying computer virus variants
08/11/16Method and providing security information of user device
08/11/16Resource management
08/11/16Fatigue control-based message float-out method, system and instant messaging client
08/11/16Protecting sensitive data security
08/11/16Service implementation
08/11/16Service implementation method, payment method and apparatus
08/11/16Method and assigning device fingerprints to internet devices
08/11/16Method and system for processing information
08/04/16Method and system for freezing and unfreezing applications
08/04/16Apparatus, device and allocating cpu resources
08/04/16Method and target acquisition
08/04/16Method and system for wireless payment of public transport fare

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