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Alliance For Sustainable Energy Llc
Alliance For Sustainable Energy Llc_20131212

Alliance For Sustainable Energy Llc patents

Recent patent applications related to Alliance For Sustainable Energy Llc. Alliance For Sustainable Energy Llc is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Alliance For Sustainable Energy Llc may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Alliance For Sustainable Energy Llc, we're just tracking patents.

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09/28/17Enzyme scaffolds and methods of use
09/28/17Conversion of biomass to useful intermediates
09/21/17Electrochromic nickel oxide simultaneously doped with lithium and a metal dopant
09/14/17Desiccant-based cooling of photovoltaic modules
08/31/17Enhanced processive cellulases
08/31/17Shield devices, systems, and methods for improved measurements and detection
08/31/17Mitigating latency errors in distributed systems
08/31/17Materials for flow battery energy storage and methods of using
08/24/17Methods for producing perovskite halide films
07/27/17Real time voltage regulation through gather and broadcast techniques
07/13/17Metal phosphide catalysts and methods for making the same and uses thereof
06/29/17Group iv nanocrystals with ion-exchangeable surface ligands and methods of making the same
06/29/17Receivers for concentrating solar power generation
06/29/17Methods for producing and using perovskite materials and devices therefrom
06/01/17Selective area growth of semiconductors using patterned sol-gel materials
05/18/17Passivated contact formation using ion implantation
05/11/17Valve security device
05/11/17Systems and methods for advanced ultra-high-performance inp solar cells
04/13/17Thermal barriers for compartments
04/13/17Solar thermoelectricity via advanced latent heat storage
03/30/17Xylose utilizing oleaginous yeast
03/30/17Energy-harvesting chromogenic devices
03/16/17Indirect evaporative cooler using membrane-contained, liquid desiccant for dehumidification
03/16/17Methods and devices for electrochemical system analysis
03/02/17Organic acid synthesis from c1 substrates
02/16/17L-arabinose fermenting yeast
02/16/17Hydrogenation of passivated contacts
12/15/16Methods of forming cigs films
10/06/16Wave energy conversion incorporating actuated geometry
09/29/16Devices and methods for photoelectrochemical water splitting
09/15/16Enzymes and methods for dealkylation of substrates
09/08/16Methods for cellobiosan utilization
09/01/16Methods for producing single crystal mixed halide perovskites
07/28/16Methods and systems for wind plant power optimization
07/28/16Luminescence imaging evaluating photovoltaic devices
06/23/16Biological production of organic compounds
05/12/16Metal halide solid-state surface treatment for nanocrystal materials
05/05/16Two-phase heat exchanger for cooling electrical components
05/05/16Platinum nickel nanowires as oxygen reducing electrocatalysts and methods of making the same
02/25/16Hydroxide catalysts for lignin depolymerization
02/25/16Low-bandgap, monolithic, multi-bandgap, optoelectronic devices
01/21/16Biomass conversion to fuels and chemicals
12/31/15Electrochromic devices and related products and methods
12/10/15Catalysts and methods for converting carbonaceous materials to fuels
12/03/15Evaporative cooling cycling using water condensate formed in a vapor-compression a/c system evaporator
11/26/15Monolithic tandem voltage-matched multijuntion solar cells
11/19/15Systems and methods for direct thermal receivers using near blackbody configurations
11/12/15High throughput semiconductor deposition system
10/15/15Systems and methods for conditioning an environment
10/15/15Magnesium-based methods, systems, and devices
10/01/15Systems and methods for advanced ultra-high-performance inp solar cells
09/24/15Devices and methods featuring the addition of refractory metals to contact interface layers
09/17/15Boron, bismuth co-doping of gallium arsenide and other compounds for photonic and heterojunction bipolar transistor devices
09/10/15Model predictive control for heat transfer to fluids
09/03/15Biological production of organic compounds
08/27/15Calibrated permeation standards
08/06/15Controlling the stoichiometry and doping of semiconductor materials
08/06/15Surface passivation for cdte devices
05/28/15Methods and materials for the improvement of photovoltaic device performance
05/21/15Methodology for improved adhesion for deposited fluorinated transparent conducting oxide films on a substrate
04/23/15Microbial conversion of methane
03/19/15Systems and methods for forming solar cells with cuinse2 and cu(in,ga)se2 films
02/19/15Thin film photovoltaic devices with a minimally conductive buffer layer
01/22/15High performance, high bandgap, lattice-mismatched, gainp solar cells
12/25/14Hybrid radical energy storage device and making
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11/27/14Photovoltaic sub-cell interconnects
11/20/14Biocatalysts with enhanced inhibitor tolerance
11/13/14Stable photoelectrode surfaces and methods
11/13/14Low-bandgap, monolithic, multi-bandgap, optoelectronic devices
11/06/14Indirect evaporative cooler using membrane-contained, liquid desiccant for dehumidification
10/30/14Photovoltaic semiconductor materials based on alloys of tin sulfide, and methods of production
10/09/14Chemical looping fluidized-bed concentrating solar power system and method
10/02/14Systems and methods for thermal imaging technique for measuring mixing of fluids
09/18/14Control methods and systems for indirect evaporative coolers
09/18/14Indirect evaporative coolers with enhanced heat transfer
09/18/14Optical control of multi-stage thin film solar cell production
09/11/14Apparatus and methods of measuring minority carrier lifetime using a liquid probe
09/11/14Semiconductor device pn junction fabrication using optical processing of amorphous semiconductor material
09/11/14Methods for producing thin film charge selective transport layers
07/31/14Superstrate sub-cell voltage-matched multijunction solar cells
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07/31/14Image-based occupancy sensor
07/24/14Hybrid air-cooled condenser for power plants and other applications
07/24/14Electrodeposition of gallium for photovoltaics
07/24/14On-line, continuous monitoring in solar cell and fuel cell manufacturing using spectral reflectance imaging
06/05/14Secondary treatment of films of colloidal quantum dots for optoelectronics and devices produced thereby
05/22/14Back contact to film silicon on metal for photovoltaic cells
05/15/14Cdte devices and manufacturing same
05/08/14Forming high-efficiency silicon solar cells using density-graded anti-reflection surfaces
04/17/14Hydroxide catalysts for lignin depolymerization
04/10/14Electrodeposition of biaxially textured layers on a substrate
04/03/14In situ optical diagnostic for monitoring or control of sodium diffusion in photovoltaics manufacturing
03/27/14Varying cadmium telluride growth temperature during deposition to increase solar cell reliability
03/27/14Liquid precursor for deposition of copper selenide and preparing the same
03/13/14Photovoltaic device
03/13/14Systems and methods for compensated barrier permeability testing
03/06/14High sensitivity, solid state neutron detector
03/06/14Thin film electronic devices with conductive and transparent gas and moisture permeation barriers
01/30/14Free enzyme and cellulosome preparations for cellulose hydrolysis
01/02/14Calorimeters for testing energy storage systems and power electronics methods of making the same and methods of use
12/26/13Indirect evaporative cooler using membrane-contained liquid desiccant for dehumidification and flocked surfaces to provide coolant flow
12/26/13Efficient black silicon photovoltaic devices with enhanced blue response
12/12/13Boron, bismuth co-doping of gallium arsenide and other compounds for photonic and heterojunction bipolar transistor devices
12/12/13Thin-film photovoltaic devices and methods of manufacture
12/12/13Wafer screening wafer screening
11/21/13High throughput semiconductor deposition system
10/03/13Methods of producing free-standing semiconductors using sacrificial buffer layers and recyclable substrates
08/29/13Systems and methods for solar cells with cis and cigs films made by reacting evaporated copper chlorides with selenium
08/29/13Optical techniques for monitoring continuous manufacturing of proton exchange membrane fuel cell components
08/15/13Passive safety device and internal short tested energy storage cells and systems
08/08/13Biological production of organic compounds
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07/25/13L-arabinose fermenting yeast
07/11/13Dopant compositions and the making to form doped regions in semiconductor materials
07/04/13Back contact to film silicon on metal for photovoltaic cells
07/04/13Fabrication of ionic liquid electrodeposited cu-sn-zn-s-se thin films and making
07/04/13Disruption of cell walls for enhanced lipid recovery
06/06/13Building energy analysis tool
05/16/13Photoluminescence-based quality control for thin film absorber layers of photovoltaic devices
05/09/13Low-bandgap, monolithic, multi-bandgap, optoelectronic devices
05/09/13Fail-safe designs for large capacity battery systems
04/04/13Integrated three-dimensional module heat exchanger for power electronics cooling
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03/14/13Method of fabricating electrodes including high-capacity, binder-free anodes for lithium-ion batteries
02/28/13Interconnections for mechanically stacked multijunction solar cells
02/28/13Back contact to film silicon on metal for photovoltaic cells
01/24/13Secondary treatment of films of colloidal quantum dots for optoelectronics and devices produced thereby
01/10/13Metal inks
12/27/12Electrochemical nitridation of metal surfaces
12/20/12Manufacturing thin films with chalcogen species with independent control over doping and bandgaps
12/13/12Hot wire chemical vapor depostion (hwcvd) with carbide filaments
11/22/12Hybrid radical energy storage device and making
11/22/12Synthesizing photovoltaic thin films of high quality copper-zinc-tin alloy with at least one chalcogen species
09/20/12Absolute cavity pyrgeometer
08/30/12Supercritical carbon dioxide power cycle configuration for use in concentrating solar power systems
08/30/12Parallel integrated thermal management
07/19/12Simultaneous distribution of ac and dc power
07/12/12Copper-assisted, anti-reflection etching of silicon surfaces
06/28/12Sputter deposition and annealing of high conductivity transparent oxides
06/28/12Thin film buried anode devices
05/31/12Solution processed metal oxide thin film hole transport layers for high performance organic solar cells
05/03/12Anti-reflective nanoporous silicon for efficient hydrogen production
05/03/12High permittivity transparent films
05/03/12Solar thermal power plant with the integration of an aeroderivative turbine
04/26/12Transparent conducting oxide films with improved properties
04/19/12Conformal coating of highly structured surfaces
02/16/12Porous block nanofiber composite filters
02/09/12Lattice-mismatched gainp led devices and methods of fabricating same
02/02/12Solar energy systems
02/02/12Systems and methods for selective hydrogen transport and measurement
01/19/12High-efficiency, monolithic, multi-bandgap, tandem, photovoltaic energy converters
12/22/11Crystal silicon processes and products
12/22/11Lithium-ion batteries having conformal solid electrolyte layers
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12/15/11Forming high efficiency silicon solar cells using density-graded anti-reflection surfaces
11/24/11Spectral splitting for multi-bandgap photovoltaic energy conversion
11/24/11High sensitivity, solid state neutron detector
11/17/11Disorder-order homojunctions as minority-carrier barriers
10/27/11Alkali metal ion-doped electrochromic films and methods of making the same
09/22/11Renewable energy delivery systems and methods
09/15/11Multilayer heterostructures and their manufacture
09/08/11Ultra- high solar conversion efficiency for solar fuels and solar electricity via multiple exciton generation in quantum dots coupled with solar concentration
08/18/11Amorphous tin-cadmium oxide films and the production thereof
08/04/11High performance, high bandgap, lattice-mismatched, gainp solar cells
07/14/11Thin film electronic devices with conductive and transparent gas and moisture permeation barriers
06/23/11Epitaxial growth of silicon for layer transfer
06/23/11Growth of coincident site lattice matched semiconductor layers and devices on crystalline substrates
06/23/11Thin film lithium-based batteries and electrochromic devices fabricated with nanocomposite electrode materials
06/02/11Rapid thermal processing by stamping
05/26/11Extracellular secretion of recombinant proteins
05/19/11Image processing occupancy sensor
05/19/11Flexible thin film solid state lithium ion batteries
05/19/11Augmented reality building operations tool
05/12/11Methods of manipulating stressed epistructures
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03/31/11Optoelectronic devices having a direct-band-gap base and an indirect-band-gap emitter
03/24/11Method of fabricating electrodes including high-capacity, binder-free anodes for lithium-ion batteries
03/10/11In vivo evolution of hydrogenases using a hydrogen-sensing system
03/03/11Lattice matched semiconductor growth on crystalline metallic substrates
03/03/11Lattice matched crystalline substrates for cubic nitride semiconductor gr
02/24/11Base excitation testing system using spring elements to pivotally mount wind turbine blades
02/10/11Photovoltaic cell with back-surface reflectivity scattering
01/27/11Test device for measuring permeability of a barrier material
01/06/11Optical cavity furnace for semiconductor wafer processing
12/23/10Indirect evaporative cooler using membrane-contained, liquid desiccant for dehumidification
12/02/10Fabrication of contacts for silicon solar cells including printing burn through layers
11/04/10Wind turbine blade testing system using base excitation
10/21/10Low temperature junction growth using hot-wire chemical vapor deposition
10/21/10Dual- axis resonance testing of wind turbine blades
09/30/10Research-scale, cadmium telluride (cdte) device development platform
09/09/10Nanohole film electrodes
08/19/10Printing aluminum films and patterned contacts using organometallic precursor inks
08/12/10Biohybrid system for hydrogen production
07/15/10System and process for biomass treatment
07/08/10High quality doped zno thin films
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06/10/10Nanowire sensitized solar cells
06/03/10Thermal tolerant avicelase from acidothermus cellulolyticus
03/18/10Olefin compositions with enhanced adhesion and light stability
03/04/10Thin film buried anode battery
12/03/09Adaptive pitch control for variable speed wind turbines
10/22/09Oxygen-resistant hydrogenases and methods for designing and making same
08/27/09Oriented nanotube electrodes for lithium ion batteries and supercapacitors
08/20/09Attrition resistant fluidizable reforming catalyst
06/25/09Cellobiohydrolase i enzymes
03/26/09Superactive cellulase formulation using cellobiohydrolase-1 from penicillium funiculosum
12/12/13Wafer screening wafer screening

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