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Recent patent applications related to Alpine Electronics Inc. Alpine Electronics Inc is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Alpine Electronics Inc may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Alpine Electronics Inc, we're just tracking patents.

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Display device and method of assembling it

A display device includes a display module, a rear cover that covers the rear surface of the display module, a main circuit board placed in an internal space formed between the rear cover and the rear surface of the display module, flexible wiring members that mutually connects the display module and the main circuit board, and a male screw having a head exposed to the outside of the rear cover, the male screw passing through the rear cover and engaging a female screw formed in the main circuit board. The main circuit board is fixed to the rear cover with the male screw in a state in which the main circuit board is not fixed to the display module.. ... Alpine Electronics Inc


A speaker in the present disclosure includes a magnetic circuit having a magnetic gap, a frame fixed to the magnetic circuit, a voice coil disposed in the magnetic gap, a cylindrical bobbin around which the voice coil is formed, and a diaphragm configured so that the inner circumferential side of the diaphragm is fixed to the bobbin and the outer edge of the diaphragm is supported by the frame with an edge member intervening therebetween. The diaphragm has an elliptical shape that is non-axisymmetric with respect to a center axis passing through the center of the bobbin. ... Alpine Electronics Inc

Speaker device and microphone device

A speaker device according to an embodiment of the present disclosure includes a magnetic circuit having a magnetic gap, a ribbon-like diaphragm disposed in a magnetic field in the magnetic gap, a plurality of parallel conductors provided on the diaphragm and extending in a direction orthogonal to a direction of the magnetic field, and a driving unit that supplies driving currents in the same direction to the plurality of parallel conductors. Both end portions of the diaphragm are continuous via a pivoting board disposed so as to bypass the magnetic gap, and connection conductors for spirally connecting the plurality of parallel conductors are provided on the pivoting board.. ... Alpine Electronics Inc

Audio control device

A first fixed filter extracts high-frequency and low-frequency sound signals outside the audible band, and a level integrator integrates levels of the sound signals to obtain a first integrated value. With a second fixed filter, the level integrator integrates levels of sound signals in a low frequency band within the audible band to obtain a second integrated value. ... Alpine Electronics Inc

Vehicle-mounted speaker system

A vehicle-mounted speaker system achieves improvement in the weather resistance against a vehicle exterior environment and enables degradation in sound quality to be prevented. In the vehicle-mounted speaker system, a supporting member separating a vehicle interior space from a vehicle exterior space is provided with an opening. ... Alpine Electronics Inc

Neural network applications in resource constrained environments

Systems and methods are disclosed for applying neural networks in resource-constrained environments. A system may include a sensor located in a resource-constrained environment configured to generate sensor data of the resource-constrained environment. ... Alpine Electronics Inc

Reflective display apparatus

A reflective display apparatus includes an image display panel including a liquid crystal panel and a backlight unit, a half mirror, and an electrochromic panel arranged in a layered manner. When the image display panel stops operating and power supply to the electrochromic panel is stopped, the half mirror reflects light coming from the rear of a vehicle and the reflected light is directed rearward. ... Alpine Electronics Inc

Movement route generating apparatus and movement route generating method

A movement route generating apparatus includes an angle calculating unit calculating an angle formed by a vehicle travel direction at a target position compared with that at the current position, a graph generating unit generating a graph that has most gentle inclinations by plotting the curvature of a travel trajectory matching the steering angle of the vehicle and a distance traveled on two axes, under the condition that the area of a graph generated in correspondence to a travel trajectory from the current position to the target position is equal to the angle and other conditions, and a route setting unit setting a travel trajectory represented by the graph as the movement route of the vehicle. Accordingly, a travel trajectory with the smallest degree of change in curvature per unit distance traveled, that is, a low horizontal angular velocity caused by vehicle steering, can be set as a movement route.. ... Alpine Electronics Inc

Electronic device, system, notification method, and notification program

An in-vehicle device is capable of coupling to a portable terminal, receives content data played by the portable terminal that has been coupled, and outputs the content data that has been received. While music is being played back by the portable terminal, the in-vehicle device estimates a remaining battery level of the portable terminal after playback of the music to be next played back finishes, and provides, when the estimated value is a threshold value or less, notification of the remaining battery level before the playback of music starts and/or after the playback finishes.. ... Alpine Electronics Inc

Audio processing apparatus and audio processing method

An upper limit of a frequency range of audio indicated by input audio data is detected. A representative point extraction unit downsamples the input audio data to a sampling rate set to be less than or equal to twice the detected upper limit to obtain representative-point audio data. ... Alpine Electronics Inc

Multilayer image display device

A two-layer image display device includes a back side lcd, a transparent screen, and a lower side lcd. The back side lcd displays an image on a display screen. ... Alpine Electronics Inc

Communication apparatus, communication control method, and communication system

A communication apparatus includes a communication unit for making communication with a smartphone by use of one communication channel via wi-fi communication, a communication state determination unit for determining whether a communication state of wi-fi communication is good, a communication channel search unit for searching a communication channel to be switched via communication with a base station in lte-laa communication when it is determined that the communication state is not good, and a communications switching unit for switching the communication channel used for wi-fi communication to the searched communication channel, thereby searching a communication channel to be switched by use of other lte-laa communication while the wi-fi communication with the smartphone is being kept.. . ... Alpine Electronics Inc

Reproducing audio signals with a haptic apparatus on acoustic headphones and their calibration and measurement

Method and devices for testing a headphone with increased sensation are provided. The headphone can filter and amplify low frequency audio signals, which are then sent to a haptic device in the headphone. ... Alpine Electronics Inc

Electronic device and database constructing method

A method of constructing a database in an on-vehicle device includes the steps of connecting a mobile terminal storing a plurality of pieces of music and music information associated with each of the plurality of pieces of music, acquiring the music information of each piece of music from the mobile terminal, when the acquired music information is stored in a storage space, determining whether free capacity of the storage space is insufficient, and when it is determined that the free capacity of the storage space is insufficient, removing at least one piece of music information of each piece of music from the storage space, and constructing a database for searching music on the basis of the music information stored in the storage space.. . ... Alpine Electronics Inc

11/09/17 / #20170323566

Electronic apparatus, guide method, and guide system

Lane travel limit zones (between a lane route deviation point and a first lane change limit point and between the lane route deviation point and a second lane change limit point), in which a lane change to a route is prohibited, are set according to the lane. If a vehicle may enter a set lane travel limit zone, a guide is provided to prompt the vehicle to make a lane change or maintain the traveling lane, according to the vehicle position and the lane on which the vehicle is traveling. ... Alpine Electronics Inc

10/26/17 / #20170308268

Map presentation system and navigation system

A navigation screen generator displays only icons of objects of an object category set as “display” in an icon presentation control table on a map image. If a touch occurs at a position on the map image of the navigation screen where no icon is displayed, a controller sets the object category of the object corresponding to the touch position as “display” in an icon presentation control table. ... Alpine Electronics Inc

10/26/17 / #20170308167

Operating apparatus having feedback mechanism

Provided is an operating apparatus having a feedback mechanism. An apparatus main body is supported on a base using a plurality of plurality of supporting metal plates. ... Alpine Electronics Inc

10/05/17 / #20170286924

Event information presenting device and event information presenting method

A portable terminal device includes an event information acquiring unit configured to analyze text information which is present over the internet and to acquire event information; an event specifying information extracting unit configured to extract event specifying information for specifying an event which is held on the basis of the acquired event information; an additional information acquiring unit configured to acquire additional information including an image corresponding to the event from a specific web site via the internet by designating the extracted event specifying information; and a proposal information providing unit configured to create proposal information using the event information and the additional information and to provide the created proposal information to a user.. . ... Alpine Electronics Inc

09/14/17 / #20170264384

Audio system

A digital tuner in a broadcasting receiving unit outputs audio data at a sample rate of fs+dr (hz), and an asrc rate-converts audio data to audio data at a sample rate of fs+ds (hz) and transmits the resulting audio data to an audio processing unit. A dac in the audio processing unit analog-converts the received audio data at an output rate of fs+da (hz) and outputs the resulting audio data to a speaker. ... Alpine Electronics Inc

09/07/17 / #20170257302

Communication device, communication control method, and communication system

There are provided a first communication time ascertaining unit that ascertains with a ping command communication delay time in communication with a smartphone, a communication state determining unit that determines whether a communication state is satisfactory in the communication with the smartphone based on the ascertained communication delay time, and a communication switching unit that switches a communication channel used for the communication with the smartphone, from one communication channel to another communication channel when the communication state in the communication with the smartphone is determined to be unsatisfactory. Therefore, the switching of the communication channel is performed only when it is ascertained that the communication state with the smartphone is unsatisfactory.. ... Alpine Electronics Inc

08/24/17 / #20170242257

Head-up display apparatus

An hud apparatus is structured such that a first cover moves forward to open a first opening, which is disposed on a path along which a combiner moves, and a second cover also moves forward to open a second opening, which is disposed on an optical path from a light-projecting portion of a light-emitting unit (second minor) to the combiner. When the combiner moves from an accommodated position to a projecting position, a front end portion of the second cover moves into a space that is occupied by the combiner when the combiner is at the accommodated position.. ... Alpine Electronics Inc

08/17/17 / #20170238324

Location based wireless network optimization in embedded systems

Method and devices for optimizing wireless network connections in transportation vehicles are provided. An onboard computing device in a transportation vehicle identifies blackout area with severe wireless signal interference caused by nearby wireless access points in the blackout area. ... Alpine Electronics Inc

08/17/17 / #20170235354

Reset signal generation circuit

A power system includes a voltage detection ic which outputs a reset signal to a microcomputer when an input voltage is equal to or lower than a reset release voltage, releases outputting of the reset signal when the input voltage exceeds the reset release voltage, and outputs the reset signal to the microcomputer again after the input voltage exceeds the reset release voltage when the input voltage is equal to or lower than a reset detection voltage which is lower than the reset release voltage and a voltage conversion circuit which sets a first voltage associated with a change of a power voltage as the input voltage before start of operation of the microcomputer and sets a second voltage which is associated with a change of the power voltage and is lower than the first voltage as the input voltage after the start of operation the microcomputer.. . ... Alpine Electronics Inc

08/10/17 / #20170227769

Head-up display apparatus

A hud apparatus is structured such that a first cover opens and closes a first opening, which is disposed on a path along which a combiner moves, and a second cover opens and closes a second opening, which is disposed in an optical path from a light-projecting portion of a light-emitting unit (second mirror) to the combiner. When the combiner is being moved from an accommodated position to a projecting position, the second cover retracts into a space between the combiner and the light-projecting portion while rotating forward, similarly to the first cover.. ... Alpine Electronics Inc

07/27/17 / #20170215275

Wiring structure and printed wiring substrate of wiring structure

A wiring structure includes a plurality of wiring patterns. An interval between the adjacent wiring patterns is shortened in the parallel wiring portions. ... Alpine Electronics Inc

07/20/17 / #20170205245

Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and program causing computer to execute processing in information processing apparatus

An information processing apparatus has a storage unit that stores road map information about road maps and a display control means for displaying a road map including road names on a display unit according to the road map information. The information processing apparatus includes a road name deciding means for deciding whether a road included in the road map has a road name, a facility deciding means for deciding, if the road name deciding means has decided that the road has no road name, whether a facility is related to the road, and a road name assigning means for assigning, if the facility deciding means has decided that a facility is related to the road, a name to the road on the basis of facility information about the facility.. ... Alpine Electronics Inc

07/20/17 / #20170203789

Parking assist apparatus and parking assist method

A parking assist apparatus includes a parking range identification unit that identifies a current parking range using vehicle speed information and steering angle information acquired from a vehicle along with movement of the vehicle, a display control unit that causes an image indicating the identified current parking range to be displayed in such a manner as to be superimposed on a vehicle-surroundings image, an estimated movement range calculation unit that, when no vehicle speed information can be acquired in a process of a gradual reduction in vehicle speed, calculates an estimated movement range of the vehicle using deceleration of the vehicle based on vehicle speed information acquired before a time when no vehicle speed information can be acquired, and the steering angle information, and an estimated movement range display unit that displays, around the image indicating the current parking range, an image indicating the calculated estimated movement range.. . ... Alpine Electronics Inc

07/13/17 / #20170201929

System, information terminal, and information notification method

When a portable information terminal receives a mail, a comment, a message, or update information, notification about the reception is performed also on a smartwatch, and a user may check reception of various types of information on the smartwatch. In the present invention, for example, when acc is turned on to supply power to a car-mounted device, the car-mounted device transmits a request signal for establishing a wireless connection to the portable information terminal that is present near the car-mounted device. ... Alpine Electronics Inc

07/13/17 / #20170200443

Electronic apparatus and noise reduction method

An electronic apparatus with a noise reduction function includes a microphone for inputting an external sound signal inside a vehicle, a dsp for generating a noise reduction signal in order to reduce noise of the external sound signal, a determination unit for determining a driving state of the vehicle, a correction unit for relatively increasing a degree of noise reduction when it is determined that the vehicle is in automatic driving and relatively decreasing a degree of noise reduction when it is determined that the vehicle is in manual driving, and a speaker for outputting the corrected noise reduction signal.. . ... Alpine Electronics Inc

07/13/17 / #20170199243

Supply-voltage-fluctuation detecting apparatus and processing system

A supply-voltage-fluctuation detecting apparatus includes a first detecting unit, a second detecting unit, a capacitor, and a fluctuation detecting unit. The first detecting unit and the second detecting unit detect fluctuations in voltage at a detected voltage input with respect to a detected ground input. ... Alpine Electronics Inc

06/29/17 / #20170187182

Overvoltage protection device

An overvoltage protection device includes a resistor that is connected in series between an internal signal line connected to a communication terminal of a processor and a communication line, a diode of which a cathode is connected to the internal signal line and an anode is connected to a ground, and a pnp transistor of which a base is connected to a power supply terminal, an emitter is connected to the internal signal line, and a collector is connected to the ground. When a base-emitter voltage (a junction saturation voltage) of the transistor in operation is defined as vbe and a power source is turned on (a voltage v1) by the operation of the transistor, a voltage of the internal signal line is limited to the source voltage v1+vbe. ... Alpine Electronics Inc

05/18/17 / #20170142852

Movable display device

An upper guide and a lower guide are provided on an escutcheon integrally attached to the chassis. An upper movable pin engageable with and disengageable from the upper guide, a lower movable pin engageable with and disengageable from the lower guide, and a fulcrum switching mechanism that reciprocates the upper movable pin and lower movable pin in the left-right direction are attached to a display body disposed in front of the escutcheon. ... Alpine Electronics Inc

05/04/17 / #20170122754

Automatic driving system

An automatic driving system mounted on a vehicle includes a navigation device that searches for a route from a current position of the vehicle to a destination, a high precision map unit that generates detail information of the route based on the searched route and map information, and an automatic driving control device that performs automatic control of acceleration and deceleration and steering of the vehicle using at least the detail information. The high precision map unit divides the route into a plurality of block regions and, out of the detail information corresponding to the block regions, outputs the detail information currently required for the automatic control to the automatic driving control device in a unit of block region.. ... Alpine Electronics Inc

04/27/17 / #20170115804

Touch sensor and information processing system

A touch sensor module is structured by laminating an organic el layer and a smoked glass layer on a substrate, which has a positive electrode pattern and a negative electrode pattern on the upper surface. When a driving voltage is applied to the positive electrode pattern, a current flows in a segment between the positive electrode pattern and the negative electrode pattern in the organic el layer and the segment emits light. ... Alpine Electronics Inc

04/06/17 / #20170098130

Vehicle detection warning device and vehicle detection warning method

A vehicle detection warning device may have a rear camera, a vehicle detecting unit that detects a rear vehicle according to high-brightness regions included in obtained images, a warning start deciding unit that causes a warning processing unit to start a warning when the rear vehicle is detected, a summarizing unit that counts the number of times the high-brightness region is included in images obtained by a plurality of imaging operations performed by the rear camera, an area calculating unit that calculates the area of the high-brightness region, and a warning termination deciding unit that causes the warning processing unit to stop the warning when the number of times counted by the summarizing unit decreases and the area calculated by the area calculating unit falls to or below a predetermined value.. . ... Alpine Electronics Inc

03/30/17 / #20170092289

Speech recognition system and gain setting system

When an instruction to start voice input is received from the user, a gain controller acquires, from a gain table which defines a correspondence between vehicle speed ranges and gains, a gain corresponding to a vehicle speed range including the vehicle speed of a vehicle detected by a vehicle speed detector, and sets the acquired gain as the gain of an input amplifier that amplifies an input audio signal output by a microphone. As a gain corresponding to each vehicle speed range, the gain table records a gain of the input amplifier corresponding, in an experimentally determined frequency distribution of peak values in the vehicle speed range, to a maximum frequency in the range of magnitude of voice output as an input audio signal by the microphone and to be input to a speech recognition engine as voice having a magnitude within the input range of the speech recognition engine.. ... Alpine Electronics Inc

03/30/17 / #20170088050

Following vehicle detection and alarm device

A following vehicle detection and alarm device comprises a tail camera for shooting an area behind a vehicle of interest at a predetermined frame rate, a frame quantity count unit for counting the number of frames after a following vehicle is shot in a shooting range of the tail camera until the following vehicle reaches a first position behind the vehicle of interest, an alarm instruction output unit for outputting an alarm instruction of notifying the driver of the vehicle of interest that the other vehicle is approaching at a timing set based on the number of frames counted by the frame quantity count unit, and an alarm processing unit for performing a predetermined alarm operation on the driver when the alarm instruction is output by the alarm instruction output unit.. . ... Alpine Electronics Inc

03/23/17 / #20170085847

Electronic apparatus and image display method

A vehicle-mounted apparatus includes a cluster display unit attached to an instrument panel and a hud. The vehicle-mounted apparatus determines a running state of the vehicle and adjusts the focal length in the hud such that the position of a virtual image of a projected image is near the cluster display unit or is a forward position on the windshield.. ... Alpine Electronics Inc

03/02/17 / #20170059351

Method and apparatus for route calculation involving freeway junction

A method and apparatus of calculating a route involving a freeway junction determines an undesired freeway junction that can pose a driving difficulty, and performs route recalculation that avoids the undesired freeway junction. A distance from a freeway entry to a freeway junction, or a number of freeway entries up to the freeway junction are used to determine the undesired freeway junction. ... Alpine Electronics Inc

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