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Alstom Technology Ltd patents

Recent patent applications related to Alstom Technology Ltd. Alstom Technology Ltd is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Alstom Technology Ltd may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Alstom Technology Ltd, we're just tracking patents.

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11/09/17Method for evaluating operational and financial performance for dispatchers using after the fact analysis
11/02/17Medium- or high-voltage circuit breaker or isolator, provided with improved fixed contacts, and use
10/05/17Solar thermal power system
09/21/17Synthetic test circuit
09/14/17A voltage source converter
07/27/17Circuit breaker comprising an insulating hollow tube
06/22/17A breaker device for interrupting current on a transmission line
06/08/17Self-blast circuit breaker using the two-phase state of a gas to improve the cut-off properties
05/11/17Sealpot and controlling a solids flow rate therethrough
02/09/17Harmonic balancer for spray dryer absorber atomizer
02/02/17Slurry control system
02/02/17C-shaped or u-shaped half-coil, rotor winding with such a half-coil and its manufactuing method
01/26/17Coal rope distributor with replaceable wear components
01/26/17Dibasic acid sensor and continuously measuring dibasic acid concentration in a substance
01/26/17A conductor bar for an electric machine
01/12/17Tube arrangement in a once-through horizontal evaporator
12/29/16Combined ignitor spark and flame rod
12/22/16Gas stripper system
12/22/16Fabric filter and cleaning a fabric filter
12/22/16Structure adaptable moving device
12/22/16Seawater plant with inclined aeration and mixed auto recovery
12/22/16Method for measuring a stator core of an electric machine and measuring device
12/22/16Balancing and/or discharge resistor arrangements
12/22/16Electrical power networks
12/15/16Omnidirectional moving device and omnidirectional treading system incorporated in such device
12/15/16Steam dump device for a nuclear power plant
12/15/16Turbine turning gear system
12/08/16Rapid impregnation tool
12/01/16Method of controlling a wet scrubber useful for removing sulphur dioxide from a process gas
12/01/16Modified journal assembly for pulverizer
12/01/16Lignite drying with a heat recovery circuit
12/01/16Lignite drying in a lignite fired power plant with a heat pump
12/01/16Lignite drying with closed loop heat pump
12/01/16Lignite drying integration with a water/steam power cycle
12/01/16Power electronic converter
11/24/16Method for monitoring the signal quality of an electrostatic precipitator and electrostatic precipitator
11/10/16Magnetic roller
11/10/16Manufactured piece for a gas-insulated high-voltage circuit breaker tank with particle traps and tank containing such a piece
11/10/16Methods for assessing reliability of a utility company's power system
11/03/16System and regulating pressure for a turbomachine
11/03/16Control concept for closed loop brayton cycle
11/03/16Nozzle for a gas turbine combustor
11/03/16High-flow valve arrangement in steam turbine safety system
10/27/16Method and system for gas initiated natural circulation vertical heat recovery steam generator
10/20/16Method for erecting a boiler
10/20/16Collar supported pressure parts for heat recovery steam generators
10/20/16Nuclear instrumentation and control system
10/20/16Observer based monitoring and control of submodules in modular multilevel converter
10/13/16Burner arrangement including an air supply with two flow passages
10/06/16Method and reagent recovery in a flue gas processing system
10/06/16System for low pressure carbon dioxide regeneration in a chilled ammonia process
10/06/16Foam intercept system
10/06/16Power transformers using optical current sensors
09/29/16Dual injection grid arrangement
09/29/16Measuring for measuring deflections at stator end windings
09/29/16Control of dc transmission lines
09/22/16Exhaust gas liner for a gas turbine and gas turbine with such an exhaust gas liner
09/22/16Combined cycle system
09/22/16Very high-voltage dc line voltage sensor
09/15/16System and reducing emissions in a chemical looping combustion system
09/08/16Pot heat exchanger
09/08/16Support structure comprising a shock absorbing pillar
09/01/16Method and wet desulfurization spray towers
09/01/16Method for controlling the operation of a gas turbine with sequential combustion
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08/25/16Apparatus and evaporating waste water and reducing acid gas emissions
08/25/16Apparatus and evaporating waste water and reducing acid gas emissions
08/25/16Method for manufacturing a part by means of an additive manufacturing technique
08/25/16Gas outlet monitoring system
08/25/16Thermostatic flow control device and use
08/18/16Flue gas treatment system and method
08/18/16Gas-insulated medium or high-voltage electrical apparatus including carbon dioxide, oxygen, and heptafluoro-isobutyronitrile
08/11/16Groove cutting tool
08/11/16Single shaft combined cycle power plant shaft arrangement
08/11/16Steam turbine diffuser configuration
08/04/16Method for manufacturing an element and element
08/04/16Method for electrochemical reduction of co2 in an electrochemical cell
08/04/16Electrical energy storage and discharge system
08/04/16Solar thermal power system
08/04/16High power electrical module and high power electrical circuit
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08/04/16Assembly of modules, module support and module
07/28/16Steam turbine and a retrofitting a multi-stage partial arc of admission steam turbine
07/28/16Exhaust diffuser for a gas-insulated high voltage circuit breaker
07/21/16Model-based controls for a furnace and controlling the furnace
07/14/16Removal of mercury emissions
07/07/16Multi stage steam turbine for power generation
07/07/16Flue gas heat recovery integration
07/07/16Sealpot and controlling a solids flow rate therethrough
07/07/16Arrangement of a carbon dioxide generation plant, a capture plant and an carbon dioxide utilization plant and its operation
07/07/16Method and device for regulating the supply of a photovoltaic converter
06/23/16Gas liquid separator
06/23/16Method for producing a metallic component
06/23/16Blading member for a fluid flow machine
06/23/16Blading member for a fluid flow machine
06/09/16Spray dryer absorber vibrator device and method
06/09/16Carriage cart with obstacle overcoming
06/09/16Coatings for turbine parts
06/09/16Method for starting a steam turbine
06/09/16Tool for making generator bars
06/02/16Method for manufacturing a component using an additive manufacturing process
06/02/16Combustion system for a boiler
06/02/16Helmholtz damper and gas turbine with such a helmholtz damper
06/02/16Tool and shaping a hollow conductor bar
06/02/16Semiconductor switching circuit
05/26/16System and reducing gas emissions from wet flue gas desulfurization waste water
05/26/16Turbine arrangement
05/26/16Plant, combustion apparatus, and reduction of nox emissions
05/19/16Rotating machine
05/19/16Alternate arm converter
05/12/16Damping inlay for turbine blades
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05/12/16Cooling for turbine blade platform-aerofoil joints
05/05/16Steam turbine rotor
05/05/16Rotor blade with edge protection
05/05/16Can combustion chamber
05/05/16Combustor arrangement for a gas turbine
05/05/16Combustor arrangement for a gas turbine
04/28/16Method of welding in deep joints
04/28/16Turbine assembly
04/28/16Combined cycle power plant
04/21/16Device and mounting or dismantling, replacement and maintenance of a can-combustor
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04/21/16Turbo machine and operating such turbo machine
04/14/16Device and a cleaning an effluent gas from an aluminium production electrolytic cell
04/14/16Diffuser for a gas turbine
04/14/16Steam turbine gland arrangement
04/14/16Diverting system
04/14/16Voltage source converter
04/14/16Method and a generator system for operating a generator
04/07/16Sealing segment
04/07/16Dust separator useful with dry scrubber system
03/31/16Cooling scheme for a turbine blade of a gas turbine
03/31/16Single and multi-pressure condensation system
03/31/16Combustor front panel
03/31/16Combustor arrangement with fastening system for comustor parts
03/31/16System for compensating rotor vibrations
03/31/16Method for producing a three-dimensional article and article produced with such a method
03/24/16Component or coupon for being used under high thermal and stress load and manufacturing such component or coupon
03/17/16Valve with small vessel penetration diameter
03/17/16Mounting and sealing arrangement for a guide vane of a gas turbine
03/17/16Sealing arrangement at the interface between a combustor and a turbine of a gas turbine and gas turbine with such a sealing arrangement
03/17/16Valve with small tank penetration diameter
03/17/16Tool for measuring geometrical parameters of a blade or vane in a turbomachine
03/17/16Apparatus for an assembly tool for mounting or dismantling, replacement and maintenance of a component of an engine
03/10/16Method for reconditioning a hot gas path part of a gas turbine
03/10/16Dilution gas or air mixer for a combustor of a gas turbine
03/10/16System and reducing emissions from a boiler
03/03/16Method for controlling a gas turbine
03/03/16Combustion system
02/25/16Ammonia capturing by co2 product liquid in water wash liquid
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02/25/16Combustion and flue gas treatment system and sox removal unit
02/25/16Apparatus and controlling at least one operational parameter of a plant
02/25/16Self-deicing lightweight conductor
02/25/16Apparatus and controlling at least one operational parameter of a plant
02/18/16Steam wetness measurement device
02/18/16Current limiter
02/18/16Tool and maching a winding
02/18/16Method and system for nox removal
02/11/16Sequential combustion with dilution gas
02/04/16Method for low load operation of a power plant with a once-through boiler
02/04/16Method and system for monitoring sub-synchronous torsional oscillations of a shaft line of a steam turbine
01/28/16Compressor assembly for gas turbine
01/21/16Method of operating a gas turbine with staged and/or sequential combustion
01/21/16Resistive element, rc module, and rc voltage divider for a high-voltage electrical substation insulated by a dielectric fluid
01/21/16Method of extracting a jacket of a gas insulated substation (gis) under a metal casing
01/14/16Protection system and an electrical variable speed doubly fed induction machine
01/14/16Axial swirler
01/14/16Sequential combustor arrangement with a mixer
01/14/16Method for measuring the mass flow of a stream of a gaseous medium and fuel supply system for conducting the method
01/14/16Connection bar architecture for high-power converter
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01/14/16Protection system and an electrical variable speed doubly fed induction machine
01/14/16Control circuit
01/14/16Device for controlling and balancing currents for dc/dc converters
01/14/16Method for the control and protection of a gas turbine and gas turbine using such method
01/14/16Power converter comprising an architecture having nonaligned arms
01/07/16Boiler and a nox emission control from a boiler
12/31/15Combustor cooling structure
12/31/15Damper for gas turbine
12/31/15Securing device for gis
12/31/15Pre-processing of data for automatic generation control
12/31/15Voltage-source converter full bridge module igbt configuration and voltage-source converter
12/24/15High rotational momentum disperser and use
12/24/15Calciner and a calcination of a carbon dioxide rich sorbent
12/24/15Method of forming urea by integration of an ammonia production process in a urea production process and a system therefor
12/24/15Method for increasing the power of a combined-cycle power plant, and combined-cycle power plant for conducting said method
12/24/15Method for recirculation of exhaust gas from a combustion chamber of a combustor of a gas turbine and gas turbine for doncuting said method
12/24/15Coal fired oxy plant with heat integration
12/24/15Processor device for processing signals in an electrical installation
12/24/15Circuit interruption device
12/24/15Control of a three-phase voltage converter in unbalanced mode
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12/24/15Method of switching a semiconductor device
12/24/15Processor device for processing signals in an electrical installation
12/17/15Rotor assembly for gas turbine
12/17/15Impingement cooled wall arrangement
12/17/15Coal rope distributor with replaceable wear components
12/17/15Gas processing unit and operating the same
12/17/15Solar receiver configuration
12/10/15Annular combustion chamber of a gas turbine and gas turbine with such a combustion chamber
12/10/15Determination of a leakage rate of an insulation gas
12/10/15Electrical apparatus with dual movement of contacts comprising a return device with two levers
12/10/15Circuit breaker provided with means that reduce the switching arc between permanent contacts
12/10/15Voltage source converter
12/10/15Voltage source converter comprising a chain-link converter
12/10/15Voltage source converter
12/03/15Carbon capture capturing carbon dioxide
12/03/15Ammonia stripper for a carbon capture system for reduction of energy consumption
12/03/15Gamma prime precipitation strengthened nickel-base superalloy for use in powder based additive manufacturing process
12/03/15Gas turbine blade
12/03/15Spring control device for a circuit breaker
12/03/15Electrical apparatus
12/03/15Control circuit
11/26/15Wet scrubber and a cleaning a process gas
11/26/15Method and device for mounting and removing of a turbine component
11/26/15Method and device for mounting and removing a turbine component
11/26/15Gas turbine with fuel composition control
11/26/15Gas turbine with fuel composition control
11/26/15Current connection and/or cut-off device comprising permanent contacts with reduced wear
11/26/15Method of fault clearance
11/26/15Chamber for conductors of electric machines
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11/19/15Oxy boiler power plant with a heat integrated air separation unit
11/12/15Antifoam device and use for seawater foam control
11/12/15Method for post-built heat treatment of additively manufactured components made of gamma-prime strengthened superalloys
11/12/15Airfoil with improved cooling
11/12/15Oxy boiler power plant oxygen feed system heat integration
11/12/15Coal fired oxy plant with heat integration
11/12/15Control device of the spring type particularly for a high-voltage or medium-voltage circuit breaker or switch
11/12/15Static exciter system for generators
11/05/15Improved circuit breaker apparatus
11/05/15Improved circuit breaker apparatus
10/22/15Apparatus and the forming of turbine vane cover plates
10/22/15Method for premixing air with a gaseous fuel and burner arrangement for conducting said method
10/22/15Method for recognizing partial discharges emitted inside or outside an electrical apparatus
10/15/15Apparatus for broaching repair of turbine rotor steeples
10/15/15Vane carrier for a compressor or a turbine section of an axial turbo machine
10/15/15Method for erecting a boiler, module and boiler comprising the module
10/15/15Apparatus and production of formate from carbon dioxide
10/15/15Electrical equipment including a conductor mounting between two casing portions
10/08/15Method for applying a high-temperature stable coating layer on the surface of a component and component with such a coating layer
10/08/15System tools for integrating individual load forecasts into a composite load forecast to present a comprehensive, synchronized and harmonized load forecast
10/01/15Oxidation control for improved flue gas desulfurization performance
10/01/15System for reversibly storing electrical energy as thermal energy
09/24/15Rotary bottom ash regeneration system
09/24/15Steam turbine with resonance chamber
09/24/15Turbomachine and disassembling such a turbomachine
09/24/15Tool for removing an inner casing from a turbomachine
09/24/15Combustion chamber with cooling sleeve
09/24/15Probe for measuring pressure oscillations in the combustor of a gas turbine
09/24/15Rotor shaft with cooling bore inlets

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