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Amazon Technologies Inc
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Amazon Technologies Inc patents

Recent patent applications related to Amazon Technologies Inc. Amazon Technologies Inc is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Amazon Technologies Inc may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Amazon Technologies Inc, we're just tracking patents.

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Count Application # Date Amazon Technologies Inc patents (updated weekly) - BOOKMARK this page
12016003952902/11/16  new patent  Propeller safety for automated aerial vehicles
22016004184602/11/16  new patent  Providing configurable workflow capabilities
32016004191002/11/16  new patent  Cache optimization
42016004204502/11/16  new patent  Resolving conflicts within saved state data
52016004218902/11/16  new patent  Establishing trust using side channels
62016004231402/11/16  new patent  Method and system for storing inventory holders
72016004397102/11/16  new patent  Incremental high radix network scaling
82016004410802/11/16  new patent  Distributed storage system with web services client interface
92016004411502/11/16  new patent  Remote browsing session management
102016003411802/04/16 Determining appropriate browsing applications for selected network resources
112016003429802/04/16 Authentication of virtual machine images using digital certificates
122016003457302/04/16 Analyzing user searches of verbal media content
132016003483702/04/16 Managing workflows
142016003680902/04/16 Passwordless strong authentication using trusted devices
152016003768502/04/16 Adaptable container mounted cooling solution
162016002626101/28/16 Machine-learning based tap detection
172016002655501/28/16 Automated mobile application verification
182016002656801/28/16 Managing resources using resource expiration data
192016002708301/28/16 Surfacing local inventory
202016002864401/28/16 Request routing in a networked environment
212016002951301/28/16 Mobile soft duct system
222016001863401/21/16 Display device
232016001905001/21/16 Secured firmware updates
242016001939501/21/16 Adapting decoy data present in a network
252016001939801/21/16 Hosting architecture
262016001961201/21/16 Quality aware discovery suppression
272016001963001/21/16 Integrating social networking systems with electronic commerce systems for gift campaigns
282016002097201/21/16 Monitoring domain allocation performance
292016002106101/21/16 Detecting adverse network conditions for a third-party network site
302016002111801/21/16 Parameter based key derivation
312016001176101/14/16 Navigating media playback using scrollable text
322016001250701/14/16 System and associating keywords with a web page
332016001469101/14/16 Method for discontinuous reception (drx) in dual connectivity
342016001493601/14/16 Compute node cooling with air fed through backplane
352016000473101/07/16 Self-service configuration for data environment
362016000486001/07/16 Hypervisor enforcement of cryptographic policy
372016000497401/07/16 Detecting unexpected behavior
382016000518801/07/16 Color name generation from images and color palettes
392016000661001/07/16 Providing local secure network access to remote services
402016000669701/07/16 Remote browsing session management
412015037510112/31/15 Character simulation and playback notification in game session replay
422015037510212/31/15 Spawning new timelines during game session replay
432015037510312/31/15 Game session sharing
442015037545512/31/15 Three-dimensional scanning watermark
452015037814512/31/15 Methods and apparatuses for fabricating electrowetting displays
462015037814612/31/15 Pixel wall configuration for directing fluid flow for fabricating electrowetting displays
472015037814712/31/15 Method of manufacturing an electrowetting device
482015037814812/31/15 Method of manufacturing an electrowetting device
492015037835312/31/15 Three-dimensional watermark generation
502015037840812/31/15 Redundant secondary power support system
512015037843312/31/15 Detecting a primary user of a device
522015037875312/31/15 Rolling resource credits for scheduling of virtual computer resources
532015037877412/31/15 Log-based concurrency control using signatures
542015037877512/31/15 Log-based transaction constraint management
552015037879612/31/15 Client control in a distributed strict queue
562015037897512/31/15 Attribute fill using text extraction
572015037899112/31/15 Determining delay for language translation in video communication
582015037899912/31/15 Determining affiliated colors from keyword searches of color palettes
592015037900012/31/15 Generating visualizations from keyword searches of color palettes
602015037900112/31/15 Automatic color validation of image metadata
612015037900212/31/15 Determining color names from keyword searches of color palettes
622015037900312/31/15 Identifying data from keyword searches of color palettes and color palette trends
632015037900412/31/15 Identifying data from keyword searches of color palettes and keyword trends
642015037900512/31/15 Identifying data from keyword searches of color palettes
652015037900612/31/15 Automatic image-based recommendations using a color palette
662015037905012/31/15 Configurable-capacity time-series tables
672015037906212/31/15 Multi-database log with multi-item transaction support
682015037907112/31/15 Fast color searching
692015037907212/31/15 Input processing for machine learning
702015037909912/31/15 Distributed state management using dynamic replication graphs
712015037910012/31/15 Coordinated suspension of replication groups
722015037911712/31/15 Method and system for determining sets of variant items
732015037916812/31/15 Techniques for simulating kinesthetic interactions
742015037931712/31/15 Tracking transactions by confluences of rfid signals
752015037934712/31/15 Performing automated tasks based on visual cues
762015037942312/31/15 Feature processing recipes for machine learning
772015037942412/31/15 Machine learning service
782015037942512/31/15 Consistent filtering of machine learning data
792015037942612/31/15 Optimized decision tree based models
802015037942712/31/15 Feature processing tradeoff management
812015037942812/31/15 Concurrent binning of machine learning data
822015037942912/31/15 Interactive interfaces for machine learning model evaluations
832015037943012/31/15 Efficient duplicate detection for machine learning data sets
842015037945912/31/15 Tracking transactions by confluences and sequences of rfid signals
852015037959912/31/15 Fabrication of products on demand
862015037960812/31/15 Color based social networking recommendations
872015037964812/31/15 Mining of user event data to identify users with common interests
882015037973112/31/15 Color name generation from images and color palettes
892015037973212/31/15 Automatic image-based recommendations using a color palette
902015037973312/31/15 Automatic image-based recommendations using a color palette
912015037973812/31/15 Automatic color palette based recommendations
922015037973912/31/15 Automatic color palette based recommendations
932015037974312/31/15 Image-based color palette generation
942015037979112/31/15 Wearable rfid devices with manually activated rfid tags
952015037987612/31/15 Object avoidance for automated aerial vehicles
962015037995912/31/15 Automatic image-based recommendations using a color palette
972015038088512/31/15 Busbar connection assembly
982015038091712/31/15 Power busway interposer
992015038141312/31/15 Geographic awareness in a distributed strict queue
1002015038150612/31/15 Adding latency to improve perceived performance
1012015038151112/31/15 Client selection in a distributed strict queue
1022015038151412/31/15 Multi-tiered processing using a distributed strict queue
1032015038154912/31/15 Message batching in a distributed strict queue
1042015038170812/31/15 Failure management in a distributed strict queue
1052015038170912/31/15 Input/output management in a distributed strict queue
1062015038197612/31/15 Systems and methods for lens characterization
1072015036807812/24/15 Palletizing mobile drive units
1082015036950012/24/15 Inverted exhaust plenum module
1092015037006212/24/15 Carrier fluid compounds and dye compounds for electrowetting apparatus
1102015037040712/24/15 Straight line gesture recognition and rendering
1112015037079512/24/15 Method and stress management in a searchable data service
1122015037087212/24/15 Embeddable cloud analytics
1132015037088112/24/15 Dynamic n-dimensional cubes for hosted analytics
1142015037088212/24/15 Use of dependency graphs to dynamically update n-dimensional cubes
1152015037088312/24/15 Data interest estimation for n-dimensional cube computations
1162015037114212/24/15 Predicting next web pages
1172015037118112/24/15 Fiducial markers with a small set of values
1182015037253512/24/15 Power system reconfiguration with automatic transfer switch
1192015037388112/24/15 System with rack-mounted ac fans
1202015036298912/17/15 Dynamic template selection for object detection and tracking
1212015036299812/17/15 Motion control for managing content
1222015036301212/17/15 Configurable active stylus devices
1232015036312412/17/15 System and data replication using a single master failover protocol
1242015036322412/17/15 Mobile and remote runtime integration
1252015036330312/17/15 Mobile and remote runtime integration
1262015036342812/17/15 Location-based ranking
1272015036386612/17/15 Electronic device for re-ordering items
1282015036410912/17/15 Architectures for input tracking
1292015036534512/17/15 Reduced bandwidth data uploading in data systems
1302015036539412/17/15 Stateless and secure authentication
1312015036546212/17/15 Browsing session metric creation
1322015036580212/17/15 Automatically selecting alert modes based on location
1332015035328012/10/15 Robotic communication with fiber-optics
1342015035328212/10/15 Item-detecting overhead sensor for inventory system
1352015035494912/10/15 Arm-detecting overhead sensor for inventory system
1362015035579312/10/15 Rule builder for data processing
1372015035592112/10/15 Avoiding or deferring data copies
1382015035601312/10/15 System and managing transactions
1392015035611312/10/15 Automated data synchronization
1402015035646312/10/15 Extracting structured knowledge from unstructured text
1412015035665312/10/15 Systems and methods for source identification in item sourcing
1422015035700112/10/15 Timeline interface for video content
1432015035820812/10/15 Component dependency mapping service
1442015035825012/10/15 Managing network data display
1452015035837912/10/15 System and assignment and switching of content sources for a streaming content session
1462015034718312/03/15 Identifying candidate workloads for migration
1472015034776312/03/15 Implementation of secure communications in a support system
1482015035001112/03/15 Providing logical networking functionality for managed computer networks
1492015035001212/03/15 Using virtual networking devices to manage routing communications between connected computer networks
1502015035022612/03/15 Multi-user secret decay
1512015035028612/03/15 Reducing input processing latency for remotely executed applications
1522015035031412/03/15 Interfaces to manage last-mile connectivity for direct network peerings
1532015035128712/03/15 Rack slide system
1542015033828111/26/15 Virtual data center environmental monitoring system
1552015033899911/26/15 Managing sensory information of a user device
1562015033913611/26/15 Low latency connections to workspaces in a cloud computing environment
1572015033915611/26/15 Managing virtual machine migration
1582015033916911/26/15 Reactive auto-scaling of capacity
1592015033940311/26/15 Pre-fetching of network page content in a browser application
1602015033975911/26/15 Detecting product attributes associated with product upgrades based on behaviors of users
1612015034003311/26/15 Context interpretation in natural language processing using previous dialog acts
1622015034133411/26/15 Synchronizing authentication sessions between applications
1632015034135511/26/15 Identifying protected media files
1642015034136811/26/15 Authorized delegation of permissions
1652015034146111/26/15 Prefetching of video resources for a network page
1662015034209411/26/15 Modular data center row infrastructure
1672015034209611/26/15 Modular system for data center
1682015033145911/19/15 Partial-width rack-mounted computing devices
1692015033146711/19/15 Flexible power support redundancy busway system
1702015033210811/19/15 Selection of popular highlights
1712015033221611/19/15 Optimization of packaging sizes
1722015033405411/19/15 Using virtual networking devices to connect managed computer networks
1732015033408211/19/15 Request routing management based on network components
1742015033423911/19/15 Call routing to subject matter specialist for network page topic
1752015032421511/12/15 Migration of applications between an enterprise-based network and a multi-tenant network
1762015032437711/12/15 Narration of network content
1772015032441511/12/15 Gathering transaction data associated with locally stored data files
1782015032459511/12/15 Providing access to application data
1792015032480611/12/15 Systems and methods for customer contact
1802015032488811/12/15 Ranked navigation element
1812015032649111/12/15 Managing resource consolidation configurations
1822015032650111/12/15 Container contract for data dependencies
1832015031717211/05/15 Generating a replacement binary for emulation of an application
1842015031718811/05/15 Service resource allocation
1852015031918911/05/15 Protecting websites from cross-site scripting
1862015031919411/05/15 Managing secure content in a content delivery network
1872015031926011/05/15 Processing dns queries to identify pre-processing information
1882015031987811/05/15 Flexible data center infrastructure distribution
1892015031000210/29/15 Selective display of comprehension guides
1902015031079610/29/15 Method of driving an electro-wetting display panel and electro-wetting display performing the same
1912015031235610/29/15 Account state simulation service for cloud computing environments
1922015031237910/29/15 High efficiency binary encoding
1932015031261310/29/15 Personalized smart-list video channels
1942015030190110/22/15 System and adjusting membership of a data replication group
1952015030200210/22/15 Architecture for multi-domain natural language processing
1962015030201210/22/15 Generating suggested search queries
1972015030210510/22/15 Adaptive learning methods for selecting page components to include on dynamically generated pages
1982015030244610/22/15 Implementing contests in social networks
1992015030429410/22/15 Entity to authorize delegation of permissions
2002015030431010/22/15 Revocable shredding of security credentials
2012015030440710/22/15 System and distributed load balancing with load balancer clients for hosts
2022015029135610/15/15 Bin-module based automated storage and retrieval system and method
2032015029432710/15/15 Identification of product categories
2042015029438610/15/15 Assisted shopping
2052015029579910/15/15 User device providing electronic publications with reading timer
2062015029598910/15/15 Data locker synchronization
2072015028857210/08/15 Programmatically simulating system conditions
2082015028861810/08/15 Custom resources in a resource stack
2092015028875010/08/15 Interaction with a virtual network
2102015027433810/01/15 Functional trays for handling products in a materials handling facility
2112015027710010/01/15 Electrowetting display pixel architecture
2122015027710110/01/15 Electrode of an electrowetting device
2132015027744010/01/15 Sense and avoid for automated mobile vehicles
2142015027780210/01/15 File storage using variable stripe sizes
2152015027789210/01/15 Multi-phase software delivery
2162015027796910/01/15 Atomic writes for multiple-extent operations
2172015027824310/01/15 Scalable file storage service
2182015027839710/01/15 Namespace management in distributed storage systems
2192015027850810/01/15 Transmission of an application download via an encoded image
2202015027853410/01/15 Electronic communication with secure screen sharing of sensitive information
2212015027880410/01/15 Secure validation using hardware security modules
2222015028095910/01/15 Session management in distributed storage systems
2232015028111110/01/15 Implementation of a service that coordinates the placement and execution of containers
2242015026882209/24/15 Object tracking in zoomed video
2252015026882409/24/15 Adaptive information regions displaying content associated with an electronic commerce system
2262015026889009/24/15 System and performing live partitioning in a data store
2272015026897609/24/15 Sharing applications in a java virtual machine
2282015026904809/24/15 Automatic testing and remediation based on confidence indicators
2292015026919909/24/15 System and fetching the latest versions of stored data objects
2302015026923909/24/15 Storage device selection for database partition replicas
2312015026949609/24/15 Automated tuning of a service configuration
2322015026952009/24/15 Establishment of a transient warehouse
2332015026952109/24/15 Route scheduling of multi-class transport vehicles
2342015027101809/24/15 Dynamically allocating network addresses
2352015027109209/24/15 Flexible-location reservations and pricing for network-accessible resource capacity
2362015027194409/24/15 Shelf-mounted modular computing unit
2372015026098309/17/15 Mechanical stress mitigation in electrowetting display structures
2382015026144309/17/15 Reducing data volume durability state for block-based storage
2392015026161009/17/15 Self-describing data blocks of a minimum atomic write size for a data store
2402015026167309/17/15 Dynamically modifying durability properties for individual data volumes
2412015026167409/17/15 Page cache write logging at block-based storage
2422015026174909/17/15 System and deletion of extraneous delete marker objects
2432015026178909/17/15 Cloud-based photo management
2442015026194509/17/15 Behavior-based identity system
2452015026227109/17/15 Message shopping over an electronic marketplace
2462015026240209/17/15 Object customization and accessorization in video content
2472015026242309/17/15 Real-time exploration of video content
2482015026384009/17/15 Device-to-device communication mode
2492015026391309/17/15 Monitoring of services

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