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Amazon Technologies Inc patents

Recent patent applications related to Amazon Technologies Inc. Amazon Technologies Inc is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Amazon Technologies Inc may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Amazon Technologies Inc, we're just tracking patents.

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11/16/17 new patent  Efficient data volume replication for block-based storage
11/16/17 new patent  Data replication framework
11/16/17 new patent  Credential synchronization management
11/16/17 new patent  Mobile pickup units
11/16/17 new patent  Computer processes for predicting media item popularity
11/16/17 new patent  Session idle optimization for streaming server
11/16/17 new patent  System and driving electrowetting display device
11/16/17 new patent  User interface for video content
11/16/17 new patent  Token-based secure data management
11/16/17 new patent  Network topology assisted device provisioning
11/16/17 new patent  Resource allocation to reduce correlated failures
11/16/17 new patent  Determining impact of network failures
11/16/17 new patent  Protection from data security threats
11/16/17 new patent  Enhanced authentication for secure communications
11/16/17 new patent  Hybrid quorum policies for durable consensus in distributed systems
11/16/17 new patent  Maintaining privacy in location-based operations
11/09/17Electrowetting display element with radiation filter
11/09/17Performing configuration and operating system identification for virtual machine images
11/09/17Script manager for distributed systems
11/09/17Keyword determinations from conversational data
11/09/17Cryptographic key escrow
11/09/17Access control using impersonization
11/02/17Item retrieval using a robotic drive unit
11/02/17Input control assignment
11/02/17Context sensitive framework for providing data from relevant applications
11/02/17Locality based quorum eligibility
11/02/17Identifying characteristics of problematic developers of software
11/02/17Delivery management method
11/02/17Predicting and classifying network activity events
11/02/17Method and system for dynamic pricing of web services utilization
11/02/17Managing security groups for data instances
10/26/17Center feed roll dispensing apparatus
10/26/17Stateless instance backed mobile devices
10/26/17Burst throttling for multi-tenant storage services
10/26/17Parameter delegation for encapsulated services
10/26/17Segmented hashing for secure data modification
10/26/17Local key-value database synchronization
10/26/17Local key-value database synchronization
10/26/17Allocation of shared system resources
10/26/17Network link monitoring and testing
10/26/17Key exchange through partially trusted third party
10/19/17Networked robotic manipulators
10/19/17Failure-decoupled volume-level redundancy coding techniques
10/19/17Allocating data based on hardware faults
10/19/17Bulk data distribution system
10/19/17Versioned hierarchical data structures in a distributed data store
10/19/17Environment aware color visualization
10/19/17Assessing performance of networked computing environments
10/19/17Using credentials stored in different directories to access a common endpoint
10/12/17Borderless display with curved edges
10/12/17Fingerprint-based literary works recommendation system
10/12/17Real-time updates to item recommendation models based on matrix factorization
10/12/17Tag-based product monitoring and evaluation
10/12/17System and managing power feeds through waveform monitoring
10/12/17Providing extendible network capabilities for managed computer networks
10/12/17Network connection automation
10/05/17Collapsible, lightweight container for sorting and delivery of packaged items
10/05/17Convertable lifting propeller for unmanned aerial vehicle
10/05/17Multiple speed conveyor storage system
10/05/17Processing pre-existing data sets at an on demand code execution environment
10/05/17Generating data streams from pre-existing data sets
10/05/17Extensible workflows for processing content
10/05/17State-tracked testing across network boundaries
10/05/17System and providing high availability data
10/05/17Database system recovery using non-volatile system memory
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10/05/17Consumption based subscription frequency recommendations
10/05/17Multi-channel order management
10/05/17Abstraction layer for streaming data sources
10/05/17Sharing account information among multiple users
10/05/17Bootstrapping authentication of second application via confirmation by first application
10/05/17Broadcast-based trust establishment
10/05/17Streaming content adjustment based on camera feedback
10/05/17Managed function execution for processing data streams in real time
10/05/17Distributed caching cluster client configuration
10/05/17System interaction monitoring and component scaling
10/05/17Server system
09/28/17Aerial vehicle adaptable propeller blades
09/28/17Aerial vehicle propulsion mechanism with coaxially aligned propellers
09/28/17Selectively thrusting propulsion units for aerial vehicles
09/28/17Telescoping propeller blades for aerial vehicles
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09/28/17Aerial vehicle propulsion mechanism with coaxially aligned and independently rotatable propellers
09/28/17Coaxially aligned propellers of an aerial vehicle
09/28/17Selectively thrusting propulsion units for aerial vehicles
09/28/17Aerial vehicle with different propeller blade configurations
09/28/17Combining depth and thermal information for object detection and avoidance
09/28/17Integrated black matrix including color filter materials
09/28/17Content optimizations for a lock screen
09/28/17User interface with dynamic refinement of filtered results
09/28/17Dynamic rate adjustment for interaction monitoring
09/28/17Foreign language translation using product information
09/28/17Search navigation element
09/28/17Block allocation for low latency file systems
09/28/17Low latency distributed storage service
09/28/17Local networked storage linked to remote networked storage system
09/28/17File system mode switching in a distributed storage service
09/28/17Ultrasonic bracelet and receiver for detecting position in 2d plane
09/28/17Wrist band haptic feedback system
09/28/17Customizing item search and navigation based on user preferences
09/28/17Unified payment interface preference monitoring service capable of integration into merchant sites
09/28/17Fine-grained natural language understanding
09/28/17Identifying data usage via active data
09/28/17Trusted-code generated requests
09/28/17Dynamically adjusting media content cache size
09/28/17Compression dictionary systems and methods
09/28/17Compression dictionary generation service system and method
09/28/17Compression dictionary snapshot system and method
09/28/17Dynamic summaries for media content
09/21/17Managing virtual machine migration
09/21/17Transmission time refinement in a storage system
09/21/17Low latency interrupt with existence of interrupt moderation
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09/21/17System-wide checkpoint avoidance for distributed database systems
09/21/17Search result enhancement component for item documents
09/21/17Search result enhancement component for interest queues
09/21/17User interface element for surfacing related results
09/21/17Color-related social networking recommendations using affiliated colors
09/21/17Anchored speech detection and speech recognition
09/21/17Power source redundancy in a power supply
09/21/17Centralized resource usage visualization service for large-scale network topologies
09/21/17Updating virtual machine images
09/21/17Preventing persistent storage of cryptographic information using signaling
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09/21/17Entity to authorize delegation of permissions
09/21/17Privilege distribution through signed permissions grants
09/14/17Organized assembly instruction printing and referencing
09/14/17Automated fabric picking
09/14/17Maintaining deployment pipelines for a production computing service using live pipeline templates
09/14/17Network traffic data in virtualized environments
09/14/17Directed placement for request instances
09/14/17Application experiment system
09/14/17Audio scripts for various content
09/14/17Caching of a site model in a hierarchical modeling system for network sites
09/14/17Physics-based captcha
09/14/17Interactive mobile pick-up unit notification
09/14/17Browsing interface for item counterparts having different scales and lengths
09/14/17Image-based spoilage sensing refrigerator
09/14/17Browsing interface for item counterparts having different scales and lengths
09/14/17Scent-based spoilage sensing refrigerator
09/14/17Ground effect based surface sensing using multiple propellers in automated aerial vehicles
09/14/17Service image notifications
09/14/17Automated secret renegotiation
09/14/17Application streaming using access and execution environments
09/07/17Six degree of freedom aerial vehicle
09/07/17Six degree of freedom aerial vehicle with offset propulsion mechanisms
09/07/17Dynamic configuration of data volumes
09/07/17Analyzing deployment pipelines used to update production computing services using a live pipeline template process
09/07/17Remote attestation of host devices
09/07/17Processing file modifications in a networked storage system
09/07/17Lifecycle support for storage objects
09/07/17Managing request routing information utilizing client identifiers
09/07/17Live stream manifests for on demand content
09/07/17Incident light sensor on autonomous vehicle
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09/07/17Server system
09/07/17Deployable barrier for data center
08/31/17Stabilized airborne drop delivery
08/31/17Fault tolerant distributed tasks using distributed file systems
08/31/17Intelligent file system with transparent storage tiering
08/31/17Managing secure content in a content delivery network
08/31/17Management and authentication in hosted directory service
08/31/17Mitigation of distributed denial-of-service attacks
08/31/17Video stream processing
08/31/17Content display controls based on environmental factors
08/24/17Collapsible fabric pods
08/24/17Efficient suspend and resume of instances
08/24/17In-band de-duplication
08/24/17Assigning slots to user interface elements
08/24/17Automated determination of maximum service throughput
08/24/17Incorrect password management
08/24/17Techniques for data routing and management using risk classification and data sampling
08/24/17Load-balanced, persistent connection techniques
08/24/17Quality-based phone routing
08/17/17Virtual data center environmental monitoring system
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08/17/17Chained replication techniques for large-scale data streams
08/17/17Leveraging non-volatile memory for persisting data
08/17/17Object-backed block-based distributed storage
08/17/17Trusted computing host
08/17/17Method for using customer attributes to select a service representative
08/17/17Processing spoken commands to control distributed audio outputs
08/17/17Standby instances for auto-scaling groups
08/17/17Sweep dependency based graphics processing unit block scheduling
08/10/17Secure inter-process communications for mobile devices
08/10/17Backup of partitioned database tables
08/10/17Extracting topics from customer review search queries
08/10/17Verification of database table partitions during backup
08/10/17Querying data set tables in a non-transactional database
08/10/17Selective distribution of routing information
08/10/17Service and apis for remote volume-based block storage
08/10/17Video decoder memory optimization
08/03/17Approaches for managing virtual instance data
08/03/17Primary role reporting service for resource groups
08/03/17Method, medium, and system for associating graphical icons with destination addresses
08/03/17Antenna switching circuitry of a mesh network device
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08/03/17Cryptographic key distribution
08/03/17Methods and remapping public network addresses on a network to an external network via a private communications channel
08/03/17Dynamic scaling of storage volumes for storage client file systems
08/03/17Provisioning a device to be an authentication device
08/03/17Application programming interface for a sharing service
08/03/17Network hardware devices organized in a wireless mesh network for content distribution to client devices having no internet connectivity
08/03/17Antenna structures and reflective chambers of a multi-radio, multi-channel (mrmc) mesh network device
07/27/17Light adjustment control for cameras of an aerial vehicle
07/27/17User interface rendering performance
07/27/17Managing execution of programs by multiple computing systems
07/27/17Generating event recommendations based upon media consumption
07/27/17Locality based content distribution
07/20/17Method of manufacture of an electrowetting device
07/20/17Automatic determination of resource sizing
07/20/17Systems and methods for maintaining virtual component checkpoints on an offload device
07/20/17Replicated database startup for common database storage
07/20/17Multi-database log with multi-item transaction support
07/20/17Scalable analysis platform for semi-structured data
07/20/17Reducing data volume durability state for block-based storage
07/20/17Unified publication search and consumption interface
07/20/17Decrypting content protected with initialization vector manipulation
07/20/17Native authentication experience with failover
07/20/17Standards compliance for computing data
07/13/17Determining real-world effects from games
07/13/17Tether compensated airborne delivery
07/13/17Low latency computational capacity provisioning
07/13/17Human readable mechanism for communicating binary data
07/13/17Outlier detection for streaming data
07/13/17Secure remote application shares
07/13/17Adjusting search result user interfaces based upon query language
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07/13/17Propagating state information to network nodes
07/13/17Location of actor resources
07/06/17Dye compounds for an electrowetting element
07/06/17Providing a reliable distributed queuing service
07/06/17Threading as a service
07/06/17Executing commands within virtual machine instances
07/06/17Single phase transaction commits for distributed database transactions
07/06/17Conditional parallel processing in fully-connected neural networks
07/06/17Controller and methods for quantization and error diffusion in an electrowetting display device
07/06/17Key rotation techniques
07/06/17Fpga-enabled compute instances
07/06/17Allocating identifiers with minimal fragmentation
07/06/17Provisioning account credentials via a trusted channel
07/06/17Adaptive scene complexity based on service quality
07/06/17Overlay networks for application groups
07/06/17Overlay networks for application groups
07/06/17Service authorization handshake
06/29/17Electrowetting display pixels with fluid motion initiator
06/29/17Management of virtual desktop instance pools
06/29/17Computing resource management
06/29/17System for assisting in foreign language learning
06/29/17Reliable, out-of-order transmission of packets
06/29/17Browser security module
06/29/17Managing network data display
06/29/17Connectionless reliable transport
06/29/17Multi-path transport design
06/29/17Chaining of use case-specific entity identifiers
06/29/17Reliable, out-of-order receipt of packets
06/29/17Voice-controlled light switches

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