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Amazon Technologies Inc
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Amazon Technologies Inc patents

Recent patent applications related to Amazon Technologies Inc. Amazon Technologies Inc is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Amazon Technologies Inc may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Amazon Technologies Inc, we're just tracking patents.

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08/18/16 new patent  Modular, multi-function smart storage containers
08/18/16 new patent  Context sensitive framework for providing data from relevant applications
08/18/16 new patent  Programmatic event detection and message generation for requests to execute program code
08/18/16 new patent  Context sensitive framework for providing data from relevant applications
08/18/16 new patent  System on a chip comprising an i/o steering engine
08/18/16 new patent  Multi-mode system on a chip
08/18/16 new patent  Context sensitive framework for providing data from relevant applications
08/18/16 new patent  Context sensitive framework for providing data from relevant applications
08/18/16 new patent  Dynamic security policy generation
08/18/16 new patent  Modular air delivery
08/18/16 new patent  Configuration service for configuring instances
08/18/16 new patent  Automated profiling of resource usage
08/18/16 new patent  Locality based content distribution
08/11/16Unmanned aerial vehicle protective frame configuration
08/11/16Data visualization through use of linked charts
08/11/16Remote access to mobile communication devices
08/11/16System and filling an order
08/11/16Delegation of authority for users of sign-on service
08/11/16Sign-on service and client service information exchange interactions
08/11/16Dynamically modifying a cluster of computing nodes used for distributed execution of a program
08/04/16Monitoring and real-time adjustment of power consumption settings
08/04/16Security protocols for low latency execution of program code
08/04/16Mapping stored client data to requested data using metadata
08/04/16Security protocols for low latency execution of program code
08/04/16Universal business procurement
07/28/16Resin-encapsulated portable media device
07/28/16Using gestures to deliver content to predefined destinations
07/28/16System and providing flexible storage and retrieval of snapshot archives
07/28/16Managing update deployment
07/28/16Data security using request-supplied keys
07/28/16Hosted voice recognition system for wireless devices
07/28/16Policy approval layer
07/21/16Approaches for displaying alternate views of information
07/21/16Failover and recovery for replicated data instances
07/21/16Data set capture management with forecasting
07/21/16Visual task feedback for workstations in materials handling facilities
07/21/16Provisioning digital certificates in a network environment
07/21/16Network service request throttling system
07/21/16Interacting with cloud-based applications using unrelated devices
07/14/16Adaptive service timeouts
07/14/16Managing network computing components utilizing request routing
07/14/16Techniques for data security in a multi-tenant environment
07/14/16Shadowing storage gateway
07/07/16Energy reclamation from fluid-moving systems
07/07/16Virtual service provider zones
07/07/16Determining a size of an item based on comparisons of dimensional and stretch data
07/07/16Ground effect based surface sensing in automated aerial vehicles
07/07/16Hardware secret usage limits
06/30/16System and managing shipment release from a storage area of a material handling facility
06/30/16Request processing techniques
06/30/16Archiving and querying data updates associated with an electronic catalog system
06/30/16Deal based communications via multiple channel options
06/30/16User interface and methods for recommending items to users
06/30/16Reducing visual artifacts and reducing power consumption in electrowetting displays
06/30/16Probabilistic key rotation
06/30/16Distributed public key revocation
06/30/16Managing use of alternative intermediate destination computing nodes for provided computer networks
06/30/16Automated desktop placement
06/30/16Source identification for unauthorized copies of content
06/23/16Consolidated pick and pack for outbound fulfillment
06/23/16Electrowetting display device with stable display states
06/23/16Electrowetting display device with stable display states
06/23/16Electrowetting display device with stable display states
06/23/16Electrowetting display device with shaped colour filter
06/23/16Electrowetting display device with shaped colour filter
06/23/16Distribution of applications with a saved state
06/23/16Congestion control in storage systems
06/23/16System on a chip comprising reconfigurable resources for multiple compute sub-systems
06/23/16Volume-level redundancy coding techniques for sequential transfer optimized storage devices
06/23/16Methods and controlling snapshot exports
06/23/16System and providing high availability data
06/23/16Efficient determination of join paths via cardinality estimation
06/23/16Identifying join relationships based on transactional access patterns
06/23/16Rights and capability-inclusive content selection and delivery
06/23/16Updating processor microcode
06/23/16Image-based complementary item selection
06/23/16Personalized landing pages
06/23/16Item preview image generation
06/23/16Application focus in speech-based systems
06/23/16System on a chip comprising multiple compute sub-systems
06/23/16Data security operations with expectations
06/23/16Multi-faceted compute instance identity
06/16/16Robotic grasping of items in inventory system
06/16/16Generating robotic grasping instructions for inventory items
06/16/16Mobile configurable conveyor component
06/16/16Electrowetting display device
06/16/16Electronic device stack assembly
06/16/16Systems and methods for loading a virtual machine monitor during a boot process
06/16/16Network policy implementation with multiple interfaces
06/16/16Managing virtual machine instances utilizing a virtual offload device
06/16/16Managing virtual machine instances utilizing an offload device
06/16/16Cached volumes at storage gateways
06/16/16Storage device authentication
06/16/16Efficient query processing using histograms in a columnar database
06/16/16Commercial and general aircraft avoidance using light pattern detection
06/16/16Secured communication in network environments
06/16/16Short-duration digital certificate issuance based on long-duration digital certificate validation
06/16/16Fault tolerant folded clos networks
06/16/16System and controlling access to web services resources
06/16/16System and recognizing malicious credential guessing attacks
06/16/16Adaptive client-aware session security
06/16/16Predictive rendering of current content versions
06/16/16Prioritized content transmission
06/09/16System for managing and scheduling containers
06/09/16Disaster recovery service
06/09/16Promotion determination based on aggregated code coverage metrics
06/09/16Application development via a multi-unit device
06/09/16Intelligent browser-based display tiling
06/09/16Automatic application dependent anonymization
06/09/16Application recommendations based on application and lifestyle fingerprinting
06/09/16Vertical scaling of computing instances
06/09/16Automatic management of resource sizing
06/09/16Automatic determination of resource sizing
06/09/16Two factor authentication with authentication objects
06/09/16Proxy server-based network site account management
06/09/16Detection of and responses to network attacks
06/09/16Quality-based phone routing
06/09/16Automated aerial vehicle wireless communication and networks
06/02/16Backup of volatile memory to persistent storage
06/02/16Redundant key management
06/02/16Mutual authentication with symmetric secrets and signatures
06/02/16Proxy captive portal traffic for input-limited devices
06/02/16Managing interaction with hosted services
06/02/16Collaborative image capturing
05/26/16Inventory system with efficient operator handling of inventory items
05/26/16Inventory system with efficient operator handling of inventory items
05/26/16Hypervisor assisted virtual memory obfuscation
05/26/16Providing virtual networking functionality for managed computer networks
05/26/16Trusted peripheral device for a host in a shared electronic environment
05/26/16Efficiently caching data at a client device
05/19/16Determining device locations using movement, signal strength
05/19/16Authenticity label for items
05/19/16Tracking and verifying authenticity of items
05/19/16Managing communications between computing nodes
05/19/16Managing content delivery network service providers
05/12/16Unmanned aerial vehicle configuration for extended flight
05/12/16Palletizing mobile drive units
05/12/16Application delivery agents on virtual desktop instances
05/12/16Dynamic reconstruction of application state upon application re-launch
05/12/16Cancel and rollback update stack requests
05/12/16Remote configuration management of applications
05/12/16Deploying updates to an application during periods of off-peak demand
05/12/16Managing virtual computing nodes using isolation and migration techniques
05/12/16Constraints and constraint sharing in a catalog service platform
05/12/16Catalog service platform for deploying applications and services
05/12/16Portfolios and portfolio sharing in a catalog service platform
05/12/16Forward-based resource delivery network management techniques
05/12/16Desktop application fulfillment platform with multiple authentication mechanisms
05/12/16Secure execution environment services
05/12/16Techniques for network replication
05/05/16Multi-scale fiducials
05/05/16Facilitating device driver interactions
05/05/16Virtual machine based content processing
05/05/16System and logical deletion of stored data objects
05/05/16Rule-based action triggering in a provider network
05/05/16Optimization of packaging sizes
05/05/16Providing feedback-based rate adjustment for electronic communication services
05/05/16Configuring an electronic device for wireless communications
05/05/16Dynamic scaling of storage volumes for storage client file systems
05/05/16Routing handler for rule-based action triggering
05/05/16Distributed policy enforcement with optimizing policy transformations
05/05/16Resource locators with keys
05/05/16Preventing persistent storage of cryptographic information using signaling
05/05/16Method, system, and computer program product for providing location based services
05/05/16Reconfigurable antenna system
04/28/16Pickup location monitoring
04/28/16Dynamic rfid-based input devices
04/28/16Error troubleshooting using a correlated knowledge base
04/28/16Interactivity analyses of web resources based on reload events
04/28/16Techniques for grouping images
04/28/16Selective high-resolution video monitoring in a materials handling facility
04/28/16Altering streaming video encoding based on user attention
04/21/16Secure data destruction in a distributed environment using key protection mechanisms
04/21/16Electrowetting element
04/21/16System and providing high availability data
04/21/16Frameworks and interfaces for offload device-based packet processing
04/21/16Managing deletion of data in a data storage system
04/21/16Optimized log storage for asynchronous log updates
04/21/16Credit card reader authenticator
04/21/16Using virtual networking devices to manage routing cost information
04/21/16Token based one-time password security
04/21/16Enhanced security for electronic communications
04/21/16On-demand delivery of applications to virtual desktops
04/14/16Hierarchical modeling for network sites
04/14/16Data storage application programming interface
04/14/16Image-based color palette generation
04/14/16Followup of customer service agents
04/07/16Emulated endpoint configuration
04/07/16Landing page search results
04/07/16Using credentials stored in different directories to access a common endpoint
04/07/16Managing distributed execution of programs
04/07/16System and selection and switching of content sources for a streaming content session
03/31/16Automated loading system
03/31/16Electrowetting display device
03/31/16Electrowetting display pixels with patterned electric field
03/31/16Electrowetting element with a layer including silicon and fluorine
03/31/16Kiosk providing high speed data transfer
03/31/16Dynamic code deployment and versioning
03/31/16Programmatic event detection and message generation for requests to execute program code
03/31/16Threading as a service
03/31/16Remote access control for stored data
03/31/16Providing separate views for items
03/31/16Allocation of shared system resources
03/31/16Rfid reader integration with a light source
03/31/16Determining authenticity of information embedded in a resource identifier
03/31/16Virtual world generation engine
03/31/16Evaluating configuration changes based on aggregate activity level
03/31/16Management of application access to directories by a hosted directory service
03/31/16Scheduled virtual desktops
03/31/16User interaction analysis module
03/24/16Vehicle noise control and communication
03/24/16Hover activation based on input device pointer movement
03/24/16Asynchronous processing of mapping information
03/24/16Managing contingency capacity of pooled resources in multiple availability zones
03/24/16Computing environment selection techniques
03/24/16Synchronization of shared folders and files
03/24/16Automated configuration of log-coordinated storage groups
03/24/16Archival data identification
03/24/16Item registration services
03/24/16Local search of network content
03/24/16Lifecycle transitions in log-coordinated data stores
03/24/16Using virtual networking devices to manage network configuration
03/24/16Clustered dispersion of resource use in shared computing environments
03/24/16Private alias endpoints for isolated virtual networks
03/24/16Credential management
03/24/16Virtual desktop migration
03/24/16Brokering for application hosting computing resources of multiple vendor-specific provisioned computing environments
03/24/16Client side cache management
03/17/16Electrowetting element and manufacture method
03/17/16Variable timeslices for processing latency-dependent workloads
03/17/16Resource credit pools for replenishing instance resource credit balances of virtual compute instances
03/17/16Rotating incremental data backup
03/17/16Selectively persisting application program data from system memory to non-volatile data storage
03/17/16Optimized training of linear machine learning models
03/17/16Fulfillment of orders from multiple sources
03/17/16Simulating variances in human writing with digital typography
03/17/16Emulating virtual router device functionality in virtual computer networks
03/17/16Managing virtual computing nodes
03/17/16Adaptive timeouts for security credentials
03/17/16Predictive caching for content
03/17/16Remote browsing session management
03/17/16Instance backed mobile devices
03/17/16Dynamic virtual resource request rate control for utilizing physical resources
03/17/16Stall containment of rack in a data center
03/10/16Distracted browsing modes
03/10/16Scalable log-based transaction management
03/10/16Computing instance placement using estimated launch times
03/10/16Stateless datastore-independent transactions
03/10/16Read descriptors at heterogeneous storage systems

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