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Amazon Technologies, Inc. patents

Recent patent applications which may be related to Amazon Technologies, Inc.. They are listed under Amazon Technologies, Inc. because the company is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Amazon Technologies, Inc. may have other listings under a different name/spelling, and it's possible similarly-named companies could have patents on this list. Also, we're not affiliated with Amazon Technologies, Inc., we're just tracking patents.

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Count Application # Date Amazon Technologies, Inc. patents (updated weekly))
12014010443804/17/14 new patent  Systems and methods for lens characterization
22014010842704/17/14 new patent  Mining of user event data to identify users with common interests
32014010911804/17/14 new patent  Offering items identified in a media stream
42014010069004/10/14Kiva transporting inventory items #3
52014010071504/10/14Filling an order at an inventory pier
62014010076904/10/14Replenishing a retail facility
72014010093004/10/14Redemption recordation and verification
82014010099804/10/14Filling an order at an inventory pier
92014010099904/10/14Filling an order at an inventory pier
102014010174504/10/14Customizable sign-on service
112014010069004/10/14Kiva transporting inventory items #3
122014010071504/10/14Filling an order at an inventory pier
132014010076904/10/14Replenishing a retail facility
142014010093004/10/14Redemption recordation and verification
152014010099804/10/14Filling an order at an inventory pier
162014010099904/10/14Filling an order at an inventory pier
172014010174504/10/14Customizable sign-on service
182014009539104/03/14System and method for receiving requests for tasks from unregistered devices
192014009572704/03/14Cloud-based device interaction
202014008977803/27/14Progressive image rendering utilizing data uri enhancements
212014008524503/27/14Display integrated camera array
222014009003303/27/14Context aware content distribution
232014007574203/20/14Apparatus of coupling substrates for electrowetting display panel and method of coupling substrates for electrowetting display using the same
242014008144703/20/14Systems and methods for receiving shipment parcels
252014008191603/20/14Failover and recovery for replicated data instances
262014008201903/20/14Historical browsing session management
272014008202803/20/14System and method for implementing a scalable data storage service
282014008205003/20/14Fulfillment of applications to devices
292014008216403/20/14Dynamically allocating network addresses
302014008240303/20/14Adaptive service timeouts
312014007452903/13/14Systems and methods for customer contact
322014007510903/13/14Cache optimization
332014006293903/06/14Electronic device component stack
342014006373003/06/14Multi-mode cooling system and method with evaporative cooling
352014006726003/06/14Interpolating geolocation
362014006770903/06/14Transport using geolocation
372014006792303/06/14Remote browsing session management
382014006804303/06/14Risk aware domain name service
392014006867003/06/14Enhancing video content with extrinsic data
402014005855602/27/14Controlling mobile drive units with active markers
412014005887102/27/14Scaling a virtual machine instance
422014005912002/27/14Network resource identification
432014005915602/27/14Predictive caching for content
442014005919802/27/14Request routing management based on network components
452014005256802/20/14Methods and systems for searching for and identifying data repository deficits
462014005286502/20/14Managing content delivery network service providers
472014004367102/13/14Electrowetting display device and manufacturing method thereof
482014004690902/13/14Data storage integrity validation
492014004708202/13/14Providing access to configurable private computer networks
502014004711502/13/14Immediately launching applications
512014004711802/13/14Optimizing resource configurations
522014004750302/13/14Network data transmission analysis
532014002584301/23/14Transpose box based network scaling
542014001270201/09/14System and method for message-based purchasing
552014001295901/09/14Regulating server load by varying sizes of data sets used to generate content
562014001296901/09/14Techniques for network replication
572014001330501/09/14Digital item ingestion process
582014000242801/02/14Dynamic display adjustment
592014000621401/02/14Service for adding functionality to applications
602014000705701/02/14Evaluating application compatibility
612013034245912/26/13Fingertip location for gesture input
622013034267212/26/13Using gaze determination with device input
632013034648012/26/13Techniques for capturing data sets
642013034653912/26/13Client side cache management
652013034656712/26/13Dynamically translating resource identifiers for request routing using popularity information
662013034662112/26/13Managing content delivery network service providers
672013034701812/26/13Providing supplemental content with active media
682013033942912/19/13Dns query processing using resource identifiers specifying an application broker
692013032902312/12/13Text recognition driven functionality
702013033000312/12/13Adaptive thresholding for image recognition
712013033256912/12/13Service provider registration by a content broker
722013032902312/12/13Text recognition driven functionality
732013033000312/12/13Adaptive thresholding for image recognition
742013033256912/12/13Service provider registration by a content broker
752013031815311/28/13Locality based content distribution
762013031160411/21/13Monitoring performance and operation of data exchanges
772013031160511/21/13Managing cdn registration by a storage provider
782013031165011/21/13Managing allocation of computing capacity
792013026527610/10/13Multiple touch sensing modes
802013025811710/03/13User-guided object identification
812013026262810/03/13Incentive driven content delivery
822013026267110/03/13Monitoring domain allocation performance
832013025148009/26/13System for unloading items
842013025426909/26/13Request routing using network computing components
852013024662409/19/13Request routing processing
862013024695409/19/13Approaches for highlighting active interface elements
872013023528509/12/13Touch panel assemblies and methods of manufacture
882013023850409/12/13Performing automatically authorized programmatic transactions
892013022861609/05/13Dynamic payment card
902013023206709/05/13Charge allocation and distribution
912013022224608/29/13Navigation approaches for multi-dimensional input
922013022678808/29/13Payment account management
932013022224608/29/13Navigation approaches for multi-dimensional input
942013022678808/29/13Payment account management
952013021216508/15/13Distributed storage system with web services client interface
962013021216708/15/13Managing resource consolidation configurations
972013021216508/15/13Distributed storage system with web services client interface
982013021216708/15/13Managing resource consolidation configurations
992013019903208/08/13Modular system for data center
1002013020161808/08/13Modular system for data center
1012013020448008/08/13System and method for coordinating movement of mobile drive units
1022013020478908/08/13Utilizing phrase tokens in transactions
1032013020479008/08/13Utilizing phrase tokens in transactions
1042013020497108/08/13Providing access to configurable private computer networks
1052013020498108/08/13Url rescue by identifying information related to an item referenced in an invalid url
1062013020503008/08/13Managing resources in resource cache components
1072013020504208/08/13Authorizing communications between computing nodes
1082013020504508/08/13Updating routing information based on client location
1092013019903208/08/13Modular system for data center
1102013020161808/08/13Modular system for data center
1112013020448008/08/13System and method for coordinating movement of mobile drive units
1122013020478908/08/13Utilizing phrase tokens in transactions
1132013020479008/08/13Utilizing phrase tokens in transactions
1142013020497108/08/13Providing access to configurable private computer networks
1152013020498108/08/13Url rescue by identifying information related to an item referenced in an invalid url
1162013020503008/08/13Managing resources in resource cache components
1172013020504208/08/13Authorizing communications between computing nodes
1182013020504508/08/13Updating routing information based on client location
1192013019808408/01/13Utilizing phrase tokens in transactions
1202013019832608/01/13Personalized preloading of digital content
1212013019865008/01/13Managing items in a networked environment
1222013019881808/01/13Logout from multiple network sites
1232013019882108/01/13Account management for multiple network sites
1242013019882208/01/13Authentication management services
1252013019882308/01/13Presenting managed security credentials to network sites
1262013019882408/01/13Recovery of managed security credentials
1272013019808408/01/13Utilizing phrase tokens in transactions
1282013019832608/01/13Personalized preloading of digital content
1292013019865008/01/13Managing items in a networked environment
1302013019881808/01/13Logout from multiple network sites
1312013019882108/01/13Account management for multiple network sites
1322013019882208/01/13Authentication management services
1332013019882308/01/13Presenting managed security credentials to network sites
1342013019882408/01/13Recovery of managed security credentials
1352013018803907/25/13Systems and methods for receiving shipment parcels
1362013018830907/25/13System with rack-mounted ac fans
1372013019164507/25/13Managing secure content in a content delivery network
1382013019184707/25/13Saving program execution state
1392013018803907/25/13Systems and methods for receiving shipment parcels
1402013018830907/25/13System with rack-mounted ac fans
1412013019164507/25/13Managing secure content in a content delivery network
1422013019184707/25/13Saving program execution state
1432013017354007/04/13Gathering transaction data associated with locally stored data files
1442013017354007/04/13Gathering transaction data associated with locally stored data files
1452013016666106/27/13Social networking system capable of providing location-based notifications
1462013016666106/27/13Social networking system capable of providing location-based notifications
1472013015137006/13/13Service for accepting and selectively exposing user-generated lists
1482013015170206/13/13Request routing based on class
1492013015137006/13/13Service for accepting and selectively exposing user-generated lists
1502013015170206/13/13Request routing based on class
1512013014365706/06/13Input mapping regions
1522013014468406/06/13Identifying and exposing item purchase tendencies of users that browse particular items
1532013014468506/06/13Determining strategies for increasing loyalty of a population to an entity
1542013014365706/06/13Input mapping regions
1552013014468406/06/13Identifying and exposing item purchase tendencies of users that browse particular items
1562013014468506/06/13Determining strategies for increasing loyalty of a population to an entity
1572013013257705/23/13Authorizing communications between computing nodes
1582013013257705/23/13Authorizing communications between computing nodes
1592013010771805/02/13Prioritizing application data for transmission in a wireless user device
1602013011091605/02/13Content management
1612013010771805/02/13Prioritizing application data for transmission in a wireless user device
1622013011091605/02/13Content management
1632013009705204/18/13User interface and methods for recommending items to users
1642013009146204/11/13Multi-dimensional interface
1652013008588004/04/13Implementation of secure communications in a support system
1662013008666104/04/13Techniques for client contructed sessions
1672013008666204/04/13Parameter based key derivation
1682013008666304/04/13Key derivation techniques
1692013008096803/28/13User interface with media content prediction
1702013007900103/28/13Reducing service acquisition time when a user device is powered up
1712013008103603/28/13Providing an electronic marketplace to facilitate human performance of programmatically submitted tasks
1722013008110103/28/13Policy compliance-based secure data access
1732013008111103/28/13Enhanced security for electronic communications
1742013006986503/21/13Remote display
1752013007160103/21/13Cover glass for electronic devices
1762013006683403/14/13Provisioning and managing replicated data instances
1772013006692303/14/13Control service for relational data management
1782013006085703/07/13Content sharing
1792013006129103/07/13Modular device authentication framework
1802013004461302/21/13Optimizing voice calls on packet switched networks
1812013004466002/21/13Home or higher priority plmn scan in 4g connected mode
1822013004687402/21/13Dynamically migrating computer networks
1832013003122501/31/13Remotely preconfiguring a computing device
1842013001610201/17/13Simulating three-dimensional features
1852013000548701/03/13Data locker synchronization
1862013000548801/03/13Data locker management
1872013000703901/03/13Optimizing cell search in a mobile communication system supporting variable channel bandwidths
1882013000749901/03/13Transferring state information between electronic devices
1892012032404012/20/12Local networked storage linked to remote networked storage system
1902012031110812/06/12Providing access to configurable private computer networks
1912012029682711/22/12Performing automatically authorized programmatic transactions
1922012029025711/15/12Using spatial information with device interaction
1932012026590010/18/12Updating routing information based on client location
1942012025057410/04/12Incremental high radix network scaling
1952012025067910/04/12Network transpose box and switch operation based on backplane ethernet
1962012025068210/04/12Frameworks and interfaces for offload device-based packet processing
1972012025068610/04/12Offload device-based stateless packet processing
1982012025434010/04/12Local storage linked to networked storage system
1992012024346709/27/12Preferred plmn list for faster service acquisition
2002012024591809/27/12Remotely emulating computing devices
2012012024609009/27/12Courier management
2022012024664009/27/12Replication of machine instances in a computing environment
2032012023971309/20/12Variants of files in a file system
2042012023979009/20/12Establishing secure remote access to private computer networks
2052012023302809/13/12Inventory pooling for multiple merchants
2062012023332209/13/12Managing resource consolidation configurations
2072012023332909/13/12Outside live migration
2082012021819108/30/12Multi-display type device interactions
2092012021591408/23/12Request routing based on class
2102012018539107/19/12Customizable sign-on service
2112012017367707/05/12Request routing
2122012016663306/28/12Optimizing content management
2132012016663406/28/12Monitoring performance and operation of data exchanges
2142012014946406/14/12Load balancing between general purpose processors and graphics processors
2152012015147606/14/12Virtual machine morphing for heterogeneous migration environments
2162012014370906/07/12Protection of privacy in connection with shipment of products
2172012013670605/31/12Digital coupon system
2182012013670705/31/12Digital coupon system
2192012013670805/31/12Digital coupon system
2202012013671005/31/12Digital coupon system
2212012013671205/31/12Digital coupon system
2222012011015905/03/12Managing cdn registration by a storage provider
2232012010209904/26/12Locality based content distribution
2242012010220304/26/12Service provider registration by a content broker
2252012009615304/19/12Dynamic isolation of shared resources
2262012008411304/05/12Virtual resource cost tracking with dedicated implementation resources
2272012008430404/05/12High efficiency binary encoding
2282012008444304/05/12Virtual provisioning with implementation resource boundary awareness
2292012007899703/29/12Resuming content across devices and formats
2302012007909503/29/12Cloud-based device synchronization
2312012007912603/29/12Cloud-based device interaction
2322012007927603/29/12Content selection and delivery for random devices
2332012007960603/29/12Rights and capability-inclusive content selection and delivery
2342012007260003/22/12Managing content delivery network service providers
2352012007260203/22/12Transpose box based network scaling
2362012007261403/22/12Transpose boxes for network interconnection
2372012007266503/22/12Caching of a site model in a hierarchical modeling system for network sites
2382012006272903/15/12Relative position-inclusive device interfaces
2392012006640803/15/12Request routing utilizing client location information
2402012006000603/08/12Managing access of multiple executing programs to non-local block data storage
2412012004214202/16/12Providing executing programs with reliable access to non-local block data storage
2422012003623602/09/12Configuring intercommunications between computing nodes
2432012003028102/02/12System and method of managing media content
2442012001725901/19/12Validating updates to domain name system records
2452011030230412/08/11Service provider optimization of content management
2462011025214310/13/11Managing resource consolidation configurations
2472011023854609/29/11Managing committed processing rates for shared resources
2482011023885709/29/11Committed processing rates for shared resources
2492011020887608/25/11Request routing based on class

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