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Amazon Technologies Inc
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Amazon Technologies Inc patents

Recent patent applications related to Amazon Technologies Inc. Amazon Technologies Inc is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Amazon Technologies Inc may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Amazon Technologies Inc, we're just tracking patents.

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05/18/17 new patent  Tilting platform for stability control
05/18/17 new patent  Adjustable landing gear assembly for unmanned aerial vehicles
05/18/17 new patent  Electrowetting display device including a strengthened hydrophobic layer
05/18/17 new patent  Datacenter power management optimizations
05/18/17 new patent  Expanded icon navigation
05/18/17 new patent  Versioning of database partition maps
05/18/17 new patent  Idempotency of application state data
05/18/17 new patent  Automatic speaker identification using speech recognition features
05/18/17 new patent  Dedicated endpoints for network-accessible services
05/18/17 new patent  Network resource identification
05/18/17 new patent  Service-to-service digital path tracing
05/18/17 new patent  Client-side predictive caching for content
05/11/17Polymer encapsulations for item shipping
05/11/17Computer systems monitoring using beat frequency analysis
05/11/17Log-structured distributed storage using a single log sequence number space
05/11/17Pre-fetching of network page content in a browser application
05/11/17Dynamic application security verification
05/11/17Visual task feedback for workstations in materials handling facilities
05/11/17Identification of item attributes using artificial intelligence
05/11/17Application-specific virtualized graphics processing
05/11/17Local-to-remote migration for virtualized graphics processing
05/11/17Placement optimization for virtualized graphics processing
05/11/17Scaling for virtualized graphics processing
05/11/17Equitable distribution of excess shared-resource throughput capacity
05/11/17Data security service
05/11/17Adaptive timeouts for security credentials
05/11/17Role-based access control assignment
05/11/17Multiple stream content presentation
05/11/17Streaming media optimization
05/11/17Managing page-level usage data
05/11/17Bandwidth monitoring for data plans
05/04/17Electronic publishing mechanisms
05/04/17Amortized snapshots
05/04/17Request routing based on class
05/04/17Virtual communication endpoint services
05/04/17Content distribution network
04/27/17Virtual machine image conversion tool
04/27/17Processing event messages for user requests to execute program code
04/27/17Refining user search for items related to other items
04/27/17Architecture for multi-domain natural language processing
04/27/17Substitution of requests or results in access control systems
04/27/17Providing fine-grained access remote command execution for virtual machine instances in a distributed computing environment
04/27/17Account management services for load balancers
04/27/17Distribution network providing customized content at delivery
04/20/17Robotic grasping of items in inventory system
04/20/17Managing contingency capacity of pooled resources in multiple availability zones
04/20/17Aerial vehicle delivery of items available through an e-commerce shopping site
04/20/17Hard disk drive assembly with field-separable mechanical module and drive control
04/20/17Storage of mass data for monitoring
04/20/17Generating network pages using customer-generated network page portions
04/20/17Load balancing utilizing adaptive thresholding
04/13/17Vehicle configuration with motors that rotate between a lifting position and a thrusting position
04/13/17Context-aware notifications
04/13/17Systems and methods for low interference logging and diagnostics
04/13/17Method and system for identifying keywords for use in placing keyword-targeted advertisements
04/13/17Network testing device for automated topology validation
04/13/17Method and system for reliable distribution of messages
04/13/17Proxy server-based malware detection
04/13/17Performance optimization for streaming video
04/13/17Configurable parser and a parsing information units
04/06/17Electrowetting device with multi layer support plate
04/06/17Integrating applications in a portal
04/06/17Resolving conflicts within saved state data
04/06/17Automatic image-based recommendations using a color palette
04/06/17Low latency and memory efficient keywork spotting
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04/06/17Providing location-specific network access to remote services
04/06/17Permissions for hybrid distributed network resources
03/30/17Rack-mounted fire suppression system
03/30/17Floating motor mount for unmanned aerial vehicles
03/30/17Robotic tossing of items in inventory system
03/30/17Unmanned aerial vehicle descent
03/30/17Inscriptions for electronic books
03/30/17Mediation of wakeword response for multiple devices
03/30/17Management of periodic requests for compute capacity
03/30/17Managing virtual machine instances utilizing an offload device
03/30/17Flexible redundant array of independent disks (raid) computation device
03/30/17Mining of user event data to identify users with common interests
03/30/17Index structure navigation using page versions for read-only nodes
03/30/17Stateless datastore-independent transactions
03/30/17Managing notifications of a delivery method based on an active device
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03/30/17Managing notifications of a delivery method based on a passive device
03/30/17Luminance and reducing power consumption in electrowetting displays
03/30/17Dynamic reset voltage for an electrowetting display device
03/30/17Supporting a fixed transaction rate with a variably-backed logical cryptographic key
03/30/17Federated key management
03/30/17Network-based resource configuration discovery service
03/30/17Transmission of tags and policies with data objects
03/30/17Distributed stream-based database triggers
03/30/17Policy management for data migration
03/30/17Workflow service using state transfer
03/30/17Selective colorization using monochromic imagery
03/30/17Cooling system with desiccant dehumidification
03/23/17Networked robotic manipulators
03/23/17Actively balanced mobile drive unit
03/23/17Device selection for providing a response
03/23/17Visual content development
03/23/17Connection-based resource management for virtual desktop instances
03/23/17Database system with database engine and separate distributed storage service
03/23/17Detecting generation of virtual machine authentication
03/23/17Video segmentation techniques
03/23/17Color name generation from images and color palettes
03/23/17Managing content delivery network service providers
03/23/17Generating message envelopes for heterogeneous events
03/16/17Electrowetting element with non-switchable color filter
03/16/17Managing access of multiple executing programs to non-local block data storage
03/16/17Log record management
03/16/17Hybrid remote direct memory access
03/16/17Content search using visual styles
03/16/17System and conditionally updating an item with attribute granularity
03/16/17Dynamic file concatenation
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03/16/17Arbitration between voice-enabled devices
03/16/17Freshness-sensitive message delivery
03/16/17Congestion sensitive path-balancing
03/16/17Congestion sensitive path-balancing
03/16/17Automated desktop placement
03/16/17Controlling dynamic media transcoding
03/16/17Customized browser images
03/16/17Customizable event-triggered computation at edge locations
03/16/17Read-only data store replication to edge locations
03/16/17Techniques for dynamic geographic fencing
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03/09/17Event-stream searching using compiled rule patterns
03/09/17Deletion of elements from a probabilistic data structure
03/09/17Control of an electrowetting element
03/09/17Signature verification for data set components using probabilistic data structures
03/09/17Managing resource consolidation configurations
03/09/17Clustered dispersion of resource use in shared computing environments
03/09/17Verification of data set components using digitally signed probabilistic data structures
03/09/17Providing access to remote networks via external endpoints
03/09/17Virtual desktop migration
03/02/17Dynamic reconstruction of application state upon application re-launch
03/02/17Precomputed redundancy code matrices for high-availability data storage
03/02/17Methods and internet-scale routing using small-scale border routers
03/02/17Secure transfer and use of secret material in a shared environment
03/02/17Dynamic unlock mechanisms for mobile devices
02/23/17Skin-dependent device components
02/23/17Managing virtual machine instances utilizing a virtual offload device
02/23/17Processing service requests for non-transactional databases
02/23/17Monitoring domain allocation performance
02/23/17Securing service control on third party hardware
02/23/17Latency-based detection of covert routing
02/16/17Utilizing excess resource capacity for transcoding media
02/16/17Automated materials handling facility
02/16/17Gestures for sharing data between devices in close physical proximity
02/16/17Planning of transportation requests
02/16/17Virtual area generation and manipulation
02/16/17Virtualizing graphics processing in a provider network
02/16/17Confidence-based authentication
02/16/17Application usage monitoring and presentation
02/09/17Singulators with ports for diverting items
02/09/17Method and system for transporting inventory items
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02/09/17Credit card reader authenticator
02/09/17Method and/or frame accurate hot failover
02/02/17Computer system with side plenum cooling
02/02/17Inline message alert
02/02/17Computing resource provisioning
02/02/17Self-describing data blocks stored with atomic write
02/02/17Approaches for providing multi-factor authentication credentials
02/02/17Virtualization mapping
02/02/17Interactivity analyses of web resources based on reload events
02/02/17Computing device with integrated authentication token
01/26/17Generating robotic grasping instructions for inventory items
01/26/17Method and system for transporting inventory items
01/26/17Latency-managed task processing
01/26/17Failure-decoupled volume-level redundancy coding techniques
01/26/17Efficient garbage collection for a log-structured data store
01/26/17Data storage integrity validation
01/26/17Automated reconfiguration of shared network resources
01/26/17Adjusting network operations based on user feedback
01/19/17Water content of a fluid of an electrowetting element
01/19/17Contention and selection of controlling work coordinator in a distributed computing environment
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01/19/17Immersive multimedia views for items
01/12/17Content browser system using multiple layers of graphics commands
01/12/17System and configuring workstations
01/12/17Techniques for credential generation
01/12/17Access control for a document management and collaboration system
01/12/17Techniques for reliable network authentication
01/12/17Random next iteration for data update management
01/05/17Joining games from a spectating system
01/05/17Game content interface in a spectating system
01/05/17Integrating games systems with a spectating system
01/05/17Electrowetting element with white filter
01/05/17Electrowetting pixel with two electrowetting elements
01/05/17Electrowetting element
01/05/17Spectator interactions with games in a specatating system
01/05/17Game effects from spectating community inputs
01/05/17Automatic repair of corrupted blocks in a database
01/05/17Data replication framework
01/05/17Tag-based product monitoring and evaluation
01/05/17Shippable network-attached data storage device with updateable electronic display
01/05/17Reset drive voltage to enhance grey scale resolution for an electrowetting display device
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01/05/17Method of controlling subpixels in an array of electrowetting elements
01/05/17Dark display effect control in a display apparatus
01/05/17Corrective feedback loop for automated speech recognition
01/05/17Device communication environment
01/05/17Key export techniques
01/05/17Device communication environment
01/05/17Spectating data service for a spectating system
01/05/17Providing enhanced access to remote services
01/05/17Device gateway
01/05/17Participant rewards in a spectating system
01/05/17Managing airflow supplied through soft ducts
12/29/16Omnidirectional pinion wheel
12/29/16Tilting platform for stability control
12/29/16Omnidirectional vehicle transport
12/29/16Unmanned aerial vehicle with a tri-wing configuration
12/29/16Collective unmanned aerial vehicle configurations
12/29/16Remotely emulating computing devices
12/29/16Managing virtual machine migration
12/29/16Virtual machine instance migration using a triangle approach
12/29/16Preserving state during virtual machine instance migration
12/29/16Automatic scaling of computing resources using aggregated metrics
12/29/16Retrieval of authoritative measurement data from in-memory datastores
12/29/16Dynamic adjustment of rendering parameters to optimize reading speed
12/29/16Datastore for aggregated measurements for metrics
12/29/16Aggregation of metrics data with fine granularity
12/29/16System and implementing a scalable data storage service
12/29/16Policy enforcement delays
12/29/16Dynamic resource allocation and scheduling
12/29/16Detection and interpretation of visual indicators
12/29/16Presenting opportunities for instant transactions
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12/29/16System and driving electrowetting display device
12/29/16System and driving electrowetting display device
12/29/16Language model speech endpointing
12/29/16Input speech quality matching
12/29/16Relay architecture for transferring from redundant power sources
12/29/16Robot mitigation
12/29/16Architecture for metrics aggregation without service partitioning
12/29/16Controlling user access to command execution
12/29/16Multiple instance types serving a single workload or application
12/29/16Predictive caching for content
12/29/16Content-based zooming and panning for video curation
12/29/16Broadcaster tools for interactive shopping interfaces
12/22/16Navigation approaches for multi-dimensional input
12/22/16Managing sensory information of a user device
12/22/16Anomaly detection service
12/22/16Content testing during image production
12/22/16Configuration of voice controlled assistant
12/22/16Low capacity, low area-specific resistance battery cell for electronic devices
12/22/16Connection redistribution in load-balanced systems
12/22/16Managing dynamic ip address assignments
12/22/16Load balancing with handshake offload
12/22/16Handshake offload
12/22/16Threat detection and mitigation through run-time introspection and instrumentation
12/22/16Steganographic depth images
12/22/16Inflatable data center
12/15/16Variable notification alerts
12/15/16Data locker synchronization
12/15/16Sending application input commands over a network
12/08/16Palletizing mobile drive units

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