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Analog Devices Inc patents

Recent patent applications related to Analog Devices Inc. Analog Devices Inc is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Analog Devices Inc may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Analog Devices Inc, we're just tracking patents.

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04/20/17 new patent  Multiple-axis resonant accelerometers
04/06/17Scaling fixed-point fast fourier transforms in radar and sonar applications
03/30/17Differential amplifiers with improved slew performance
03/30/17Apparatus and methods for fractional-n phase-locked loops with multi-phase oscillators
03/23/17Wafer-capped rechargeable power source
03/23/17Pulsed laser diode driver
03/16/17Capacitive airfoil-based fluid flow sensor
03/16/17Mechanically isolated mems device
03/09/17Apparatus and methods for reducing supply noise conversion to phase noise
02/16/17Multi-channel amplifier with chopping
02/09/17Bond pads with differently sized openings
02/02/17Apparatus and distributing power-up power dissipation
02/02/17Apparatus and methods for a variable gain passive attenuator with multiple layer attenuation devices
01/26/17Stress isolation features for stacked dies
01/26/17Gyroscope that compensates for fluctuations in sensitivity
01/26/17Compact sensor module
01/19/17Sampling variables from probabilistic models
01/19/17Charge pump circuit with enhanced output impedance
01/12/17Background estimation of comparator offset of an analog-to-digital converter
12/29/16Z axis accelerometer design with offset compensation
12/22/16Apparatus, systems, and methods for providing intelligent vehicular systems and services
12/08/16Removing motion-related artifacts in heart rate measurement systems using iterative mask estimation in frequency-domain
12/08/16Resonant circuit including bump pads
12/08/16Suppressing signal transfer function peaking in a feedforward delta sigma converter
12/01/16Micromachined resonating beam gyroscopes
12/01/16Micromachined cross-hatch vibratory gyroscopes
12/01/16Gallium nitride apparatus with a trap rich region
12/01/16Calibration of analog-to-digital converter devices
11/24/16Apparatus and methods for compensating an operational amplifier
11/24/16Interline charge-coupled devices
11/24/16Optical and capacitive sensing of electroacoustic transducers
11/17/16Integrated device die and package with stress reduction features
11/17/16Apparatus and methods for electrostatic discharge protection of radio frequency interfaces
11/17/16Electrostatic discharge protection circuits for radio frequency communication systems
11/17/16Apparatus and methods for enhancing bandwidth in trench isolated integrated circuits
11/03/16Time-domain interference removal for heart rate measurements
11/03/16Tracking mechanism for heart rate measurements
10/27/16Computationally efficient filtering noise
10/20/16Extended use of logarithm and exponent instructions
10/20/16Two-input amplifier
10/13/16Quality factor estimation for resonators
10/13/16System, apparatus, and resonator and coriolis axis control in vibratory gyroscopes
10/13/16Cavity package with composite substrate
10/13/16High speed interface protection apparatus
10/13/16Multipath feedforward band pass amplifier
10/06/16Apparatus and methods for chopping ripple reduction in amplifiers
10/06/16Apparatus and methods for paralleling amplifiers
10/06/16Synchronous charge sharing filter
10/06/16Circuits and systems for transmitter calibration
09/22/16Frequency synthesizer with dynamic phase and pulse-width control
09/15/16Mbist device for use with ecc-protected memories
09/15/16Limiting aging effects in analog differential circuits
09/15/16System and efficient fronthaul communication for wireless communication
09/15/16Limiting aging effects in analog differential circuits
09/08/16Apparatus and methods for overvoltage switches with active leakage current compensation
09/01/16Apparatus and forming a mems device with etch channels
08/25/16Compact wearable biological sensor modules
08/25/16Downsampling by averaging with reduced memory requirements
08/25/16Apparatus and methods for multi-mode low noise amplifiers
08/25/16Apparatus and methods for radio frequency switching
08/11/16Packaged microchip with patterned interposer
08/11/16Optical user interface
07/21/16Level shifter
07/14/16Low leakage bidirectional clamps and methods of forming the same
07/14/16Integrated circuit with shared electrode energy storage devices
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07/07/16Systems and methods for noise canceling
06/30/16High frequency integrated circuit and packaging for same
06/23/16Multiuse optical sensor
06/23/16Silicon-based mems devices including wells embedded with high density metal
06/23/16Efficient calibration of errors in multi-stage analog-to-digital converter
06/23/16Microprocessor-assisted calibration for analog-to-digital converter
06/23/16Randomly sampling reference adc for calibration
06/23/16Calibration techniques for sar adcs with on-chip reservoir capacitors
06/23/16Sar adcs with dedicated reference capacitor for each bit capacitor
06/16/16Low stress compact device packages
06/16/16Space vector pulse modulation based motor driver
06/09/16High gain load circuit for a differential pair using depletion mode transistors
06/02/16Dual use of a ring structure as gyroscope and accelerometer
05/19/16Apparatus and methods for transceiver interface overvoltage clamping
05/19/16Power supply circuits for gate drivers
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05/12/16Mems sensor cap with multiple isolated electrodes
05/12/16Time multiplexed electrodes in mems inertial sensors
05/12/16Wafer scale thermoelectric energy harvester having interleaved, opposing thermoelectric legs and manufacturing techniques therefor
05/12/16Apparatus and methods for reducing charge injection mismatch in electronic circuits
05/05/16Ring gyroscope structural features
05/05/16Signal isolator system with protection for common mode transients
05/05/16Apparatus and methods for reducing input bias current of an electronic circuit
04/28/16Active compensation for phase alignment errors in time-of-flight cameras
04/28/16Transfer printing method
04/21/16Vertically integrated systems
04/21/16Method of fabricating piezoelectric mems devices
04/14/16Integrated super-capacitor
04/14/16Packages and methods for packaging
04/07/16Mems accelerometer with z axis anchor tracking
04/07/16Systems and methods for ultrasound beamforming
04/07/16Apparatus and temperature drift compensation
04/07/16Stacked conductor structure and methods for manufacture of same
04/07/16Wide range transimpedance amplifier
04/07/16Power line carrier/communications with improved immunity for transients and electromagnetic interferences
04/07/16Multi-carrier base station receiver
03/31/16Stress isolation platform for mems devices
03/31/16Packages for stress-sensitive device dies
03/31/16Soft start circuit and dc-dc voltage regulator
03/31/16Relaxed digitization system linearization
03/24/16Led drive system for controlling an off-chip power supply
03/24/16Circuits and systems for multiplexed isolator communication
03/24/16Circuits and systems for multiplexed isolator communication
03/17/16Method and circuit for low power voltage reference and bias current generator
03/17/16Doped piezoelectric resonator
03/17/16Demodulation of on-off-key modulated signals in signal isolator systems
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03/17/16Demodulation of on-off-key modulated signals in signal isolator systems
03/10/16Self-heating trim techniques for improved ldo accuracy over load and temperature
03/10/16Acoustic source tracking and selection
03/03/16Method of producing a super-capacitor
03/03/16Super-capacitor with separator and producing the same
03/03/16Wafer scale thermoelectric energy harvester having trenches for capture of eutectic material
02/18/16Apparatus and methods for measuring current
02/11/16Two-wire communication systems and applications
02/04/16Tracking slow varying frequency in a noisy environment and applications in healthcare
02/04/16Peripheral device diagnostics and control over a two-wire communication bus
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02/04/16Distributed audio coordination over a two-wire communication bus
02/04/16Filter coating design for optical sensors
01/28/16Circuit architecture for mode switch
01/28/16Capacitive sensors for grip sensing and finger tracking
01/28/16Dynamic current source for amplifier integrator stages
01/21/16Apparatus and methods for transient overstress protection with active feedback
12/31/15Memory mechanism for providing semaphore functionality in multi-master processing environment
12/31/15Hybrid translinear amplifier
12/31/15Charge sharing time domain filter
12/24/15Apparatus and methods for switch-coupled oscillators
12/24/15Sampled analog loop filter for phase locked loops
12/24/15Adaptive gain adjustment in an imaging system
12/17/15Low profile multi-axis sensing system
12/17/15Reduced-power dissipation for circuits handling differential or pseudo-differential signals
12/10/15Mems sensor with dynamically variable reference capacitance
12/10/15Safety node in interconnect data buses
12/03/15Isolated power converter with magnetics on chip
11/26/15Fabrication of tungsten mems structures
11/26/15High-speed multiphase precision clamping circuit
11/26/15Differential current amplifier
11/19/15Magnetic devices and methods for manufacture using flex circuits
11/19/15Four-stage circuit architecture for detecting pulsed signals
11/19/15Offset compensation in a receiver
11/05/15Baw gyroscope with bottom electrode
10/29/15Reference buffer with wide trim range
10/29/15Apparatus and methods for amplifier input protection
10/29/15High performance reconfigurable voltage buffers
10/29/15Source separation using a circular model
10/22/15Methods for discovery, configuration, and coordinating data communications between master and slave devices in a communication system
10/08/15High bandwidth, high efficiency dc-dc multilevel converter topology
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10/08/15Apparatus and methods for multi-channel autozero and chopper amplifiers
10/08/15High resolution analog to digital converter
10/08/15Cancellation of feedback digital-to-analog converter errors in multi-stage delta-sigma analog-to-digital converters
10/08/15Apparatus and methods for continuous-time equalization
10/08/15Systems and methods for narrowband signal quadrature error correction
09/24/15System and security-aware master
09/24/15Gain calibration
09/17/15Low frequency noise improvement in plethysmography measurement systems
09/10/15Pre-fetch unit for microprocessors using wide, slow memory
09/10/15Low noise amplifier for multiple channels
09/10/15Apparatus and methods for input bias current reduction
09/10/15Circuits with floating bias
08/20/15Output stage for near rail operation
08/20/15Apparatus and methods for wide bandwidth analog-to-digital conversion of quadrature receive signals
08/20/15Grip detection and capacitive gesture system for mobile devices
08/13/15Redundant clock switchover
08/06/15Current source calibration tracking temperature and bias current
07/30/15Multi-input analog-to-digital converter
06/25/15Apparatus and methods for multiphase oscillators
06/25/15Complementary switches in current switching digital to analog converters
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06/25/15Integrated device die and package with stress reduction features
06/18/15High output power digital-to-analog converter system
06/11/15Synchronous charge sharing filter
06/04/15Thread offset counter
06/04/15Stochastic encoding in analog to digital conversion
05/28/15Capacitive sensor with differential shield
05/28/15Bi-directional current sensor
05/21/15Analog active low-pass filters
05/21/15Small size and fully integrated power converter with magnetics on chip
05/21/15Apparatus and protecting rf and microwave integrated circuits
05/14/15Method and detecting linear and rotational movement
05/07/15Vertically integrated systems
05/07/15Accelerometer with offset compensation
05/07/15Sampling control for maximum power point tracking
05/07/15Multiuse optical sensor
04/30/15Protection devices for precision mixed-signal electronic circuits and methods of forming the same
04/30/15Mems device with outgassing shield
04/30/15Apparatus and time-delayed thermal overload protection
04/30/15Auto-tuning current loop compensation for power factor correction controller
04/16/15Miniature planar transformer
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04/09/15Sealed mems devices with multiple chamber pressures
04/09/15Programmable filter
04/02/15Microwave voltmeter using fully-linearized diode detector
04/02/15Accuracy enhancement techniques for adcs
03/26/15Position determination techniques in resistive touch screen applications
03/26/15Time-frequency directional processing of audio signals
03/19/15Signal io protection devices referenced to single power supply and methods of forming the same
03/19/15Multi-port device package
03/19/15Current-feedback operational amplifier
03/19/15Composite resistors
03/19/15Lock detector for phase-locked loop
03/12/15High voltage tolerant supply clamp
03/05/15Compact sensor module
03/05/15High speed amplifier
03/05/15High speed amplifier
02/26/15System and detecting a fundamental frequency of an electric power system
02/26/15Dc restoration for synchronization signals
02/26/15Apparatus and methods for chopper amplifiers
02/19/15Low-noise current source
02/19/15High output power digital-to-analog converter system
02/19/15Multi-carrier base station receiver
02/12/15Battery stack with distributed control of cells driving events
02/12/15Battery pack with locally controlled disconnect safeguards
02/12/15Battery cell with discretion to drive loads within battery stack
02/12/15Battery stack with leapfrogging protocol
02/05/15Power supply monitor
01/29/15System and lidar signal conditioning
01/29/15Apparatus and forming alignment features for back side processing of a wafer
01/29/15Area-efficient frequency compensation
01/29/15Oscillator circuit with output slope proportional to supply voltage
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01/29/15Wideband quadrature error correction
01/29/15Wideband quadrature error detection and correction
01/29/15Microphone calibration
01/29/15Apparatus, systems, and methods for calibration of microphones
01/22/15Apparatus and methods for electronic amplification
01/15/15Apparatus and real time harmonic spectral analyzer
01/15/15Modular approach for reducing flicker noise of mosfets
01/15/15Jesd test sequencer generator
01/15/15Configurable quad byte framer
01/08/15Digital phase detector
01/08/15Differential decoder
01/08/15Method for power management of wireless automotive modules
01/01/15Digital slew rate limiter
01/01/15Switching scheme for isi mitigation in data converters
01/01/15Bridge circuit to arbitrate bus commands
12/25/14Gain-ranging charge amplifier
12/25/14Apparatus and shielding and biasing in mems devices encapsulated by active circuitry
12/25/14Electrical shielding in a mems leadframe package
12/25/14Vertical mount package and wafer level packaging therefor
12/25/14Apparatus and preventing stiction of mems devices encapsulated by active circuitry
12/25/14Optical time-of-flight system
12/25/14Optical angle measurement
12/04/14Method of manufacturing mems devices with reliable hermetic seal
11/20/14Phased-array charge pump supply
11/20/14Method for low power low noise input bias current compensation
11/20/14Integrated gesture sensor module
11/20/14Temperature sensor system and method
11/20/14Parallel atomic increment
11/13/14Packages and methods for packaging

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