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Analog Devices Inc patents

Recent patent applications related to Analog Devices Inc. Analog Devices Inc is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Analog Devices Inc may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Analog Devices Inc, we're just tracking patents.

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Count Application # Date Analog Devices Inc patents (updated weekly) - BOOKMARK this page
12015033679011/26/15  new patent  Fabrication of tungsten mems structures
22015033886511/26/15  new patent  High-speed multiphase precision clamping circuit
32015034100311/26/15  new patent  Differential current amplifier
42015033283611/19/15 Magnetic devices and methods for manufacture using flex circuits
52015033371211/19/15 Four-stage circuit architecture for detecting pulsed signals
62015033378611/19/15 Offset compensation in a receiver
72015031819011/05/15 Baw gyroscope with bottom electrode
82015030952610/29/15 Reference buffer with wide trim range
92015031187210/29/15 Apparatus and methods for amplifier input protection
102015031189510/29/15 High performance reconfigurable voltage buffers
112015031266310/29/15 Source separation using a circular model
122015030196810/22/15 Methods for discovery, configuration, and coordinating data communications between master and slave devices in a communication system
132015028829210/08/15 High bandwidth, high efficiency dc-dc multilevel converter topology
142015028833610/08/15 Apparatus and methods for multi-channel autozero and chopper amplifiers
152015028837810/08/15 High resolution analog to digital converter
162015028837910/08/15 Cancellation of feedback digital-to-analog converter errors in multi-stage delta-sigma analog-to-digital converters
172015028854510/08/15 Apparatus and methods for continuous-time equalization
182015028854910/08/15 Systems and methods for narrowband signal quadrature error correction
192015026939609/24/15 System and security-aware master
202015027081809/24/15 Gain calibration
212015025766309/17/15 Low frequency noise improvement in plethysmography measurement systems
222015025407809/10/15 Pre-fetch unit for microprocessors using wide, slow memory
232015025613309/10/15 Low noise amplifier for multiple channels
242015025616909/10/15 Apparatus and methods for input bias current reduction
252015025617009/10/15 Circuits with floating bias
262015023665008/20/15 Output stage for near rail operation
272015023673908/20/15 Apparatus and methods for wide bandwidth analog-to-digital conversion of quadrature receive signals
282015023718308/20/15 Grip detection and capacitive gesture system for mobile devices
292015022716208/13/15 Redundant clock switchover
302015022010008/06/15 Current source calibration tracking temperature and bias current
312015021497307/30/15 Multi-input analog-to-digital converter
322015018045506/25/15 Apparatus and methods for multiphase oscillators
332015018050106/25/15 Complementary switches in current switching digital to analog converters
342015018169706/25/15 Integrated device die and package with stress reduction features
352015017187806/18/15 High output power digital-to-analog converter system
362015016289406/11/15 Synchronous charge sharing filter
372015015402706/04/15 Thread offset counter
382015015587806/04/15 Stochastic encoding in analog to digital conversion
392015014553705/28/15 Capacitive sensor with differential shield
402015014558805/28/15 Bi-directional current sensor
412015013788205/21/15 Analog active low-pass filters
422015013793205/21/15 Small size and fully integrated power converter with magnetics on chip
432015013867805/21/15 Apparatus and protecting rf and microwave integrated circuits
442015012870105/14/15 Method and detecting linear and rotational movement
452015012199505/07/15 Vertically integrated systems
462015012202405/07/15 Accelerometer with offset compensation
472015012364905/07/15 Sampling control for maximum power point tracking
482015012729705/07/15 Multiuse optical sensor
492015011531704/30/15 Protection devices for precision mixed-signal electronic circuits and methods of forming the same
502015011537604/30/15 Mems device with outgassing shield
512015011688204/30/15 Apparatus and time-delayed thermal overload protection
522015011707404/30/15 Auto-tuning current loop compensation for power factor correction controller
532015010185404/16/15 Miniature planar transformer
542015009725304/09/15 Sealed mems devices with multiple chamber pressures
552015009763704/09/15 Programmable filter
562015009154904/02/15 Microwave voltmeter using fully-linearized diode detector
572015009174404/02/15 Accuracy enhancement techniques for adcs
582015008492403/26/15 Position determination techniques in resistive touch screen applications
592015008603803/26/15 Time-frequency directional processing of audio signals
602015007655703/19/15 Signal io protection devices referenced to single power supply and methods of forming the same
612015007662803/19/15 Multi-port device package
622015007718303/19/15 Current-feedback operational amplifier
632015007721403/19/15 Composite resistors
642015007850103/19/15 Lock detector for phase-locked loop
652015007080603/12/15 High voltage tolerant supply clamp
662015006104303/05/15 Compact sensor module
672015006176803/05/15 High speed amplifier
682015006177603/05/15 High speed amplifier
692015005449102/26/15 System and detecting a fundamental frequency of an electric power system
702015005455902/26/15 Dc restoration for synchronization signals
712015005457602/26/15 Apparatus and methods for chopper amplifiers
722015004889202/19/15 Low-noise current source
732015004896102/19/15 High output power digital-to-analog converter system
742015004966602/19/15 Multi-carrier base station receiver
752015004228302/12/15 Battery stack with distributed control of cells driving events
762015004451502/12/15 Battery pack with locally controlled disconnect safeguards
772015004452102/12/15 Battery cell with discretion to drive loads within battery stack
782015004452202/12/15 Battery stack with leapfrogging protocol
792015003556402/05/15 Power supply monitor
802015002821301/29/15 System and lidar signal conditioning
812015002849901/29/15 Apparatus and forming alignment features for back side processing of a wafer
822015002883501/29/15 Area-efficient frequency compensation
832015002892401/29/15 Oscillator circuit with output slope proportional to supply voltage
842015003010201/29/15 Wideband quadrature error correction
852015003010301/29/15 Wideband quadrature error detection and correction
862015003016401/29/15 Microphone calibration
872015003016601/29/15 Apparatus, systems, and methods for calibration of microphones
882015002226701/22/15 Apparatus and methods for electronic amplification
892015001523901/15/15 Apparatus and real time harmonic spectral analyzer
902015001533701/15/15 Modular approach for reducing flicker noise of mosfets
912015001627201/15/15 Jesd test sequencer generator
922015001647101/15/15 Configurable quad byte framer
932015000896001/08/15 Digital phase detector
942015000905001/08/15 Differential decoder
952015001218401/08/15 Method for power management of wireless automotive modules
962015000220001/01/15 Digital slew rate limiter
972015000232201/01/15 Switching scheme for isi mitigation in data converters
982015000677501/01/15 Bridge circuit to arbitrate bus commands
992014037457012/25/14 Gain-ranging charge amplifier
1002014037485012/25/14 Apparatus and shielding and biasing in mems devices encapsulated by active circuitry
1012014037485212/25/14 Electrical shielding in a mems leadframe package
1022014037485412/25/14 Vertical mount package and wafer level packaging therefor
1032014037485612/25/14 Apparatus and preventing stiction of mems devices encapsulated by active circuitry
1042014037597812/25/14 Optical time-of-flight system
1052014037598512/25/14 Optical angle measurement
1062014035698912/04/14 Method of manufacturing mems devices with reliable hermetic seal
1072014034014011/20/14 Phased-array charge pump supply
1082014034014911/20/14 Method for low power low noise input bias current compensation
1092014034030211/20/14 Integrated gesture sensor module
1102014034125711/20/14 Temperature sensor system and method
1112014034454511/20/14 Parallel atomic increment
1122014033294711/13/14 Packages and methods for packaging
1132014033346311/13/14 Split-path data acquisition signal chain
1142014032384410/30/14 Circuit architecture for photodiodes
1152014031306510/23/14 Clock signal error correction in a digital-to-analog converter
1162014029224910/02/14 Control techniques for motor driven systems
1172014028516709/25/14 Auto-tuning switching regulator
1182014026051509/18/14 System and run-time hermeticity detection of a capped mems device
1192014026061109/18/14 Xy-axis gyroscopes with electrode configuration for detecting quadrature errors and out-of-plane sense modes
1202014026246409/18/14 Laterally coupled isolator devices
1212014026452009/18/14 Integrated circuit structure and protection from damage to gate dielectric
1222014026488109/18/14 Methods and structures to facilitate through-silicon vias
1232014026557809/18/14 Fine timing adjustment method
1242014026633209/18/14 Isolator-based transmission system with side isolator channel for refresh signals
1252014026635809/18/14 Low-distortion programmable capacitor array
1262014026637309/18/14 Integrated delayed clock for high speed isolated spi communication
1272014026637609/18/14 Active clock tree for data converters
1282014026643709/18/14 Active cascode circuit using backgate control
1292014026644109/18/14 Three stage amplifier
1302014026647609/18/14 Extended range ring oscillator using scalable feedback
1312014026648109/18/14 Oscillator with primary and secondary lc circuits
1322014026656609/18/14 Composite resistors
1332014026684409/18/14 Method and device for improving convergence time in correlation-based algorithms
1342014026684709/18/14 Background calibration of adc reference voltage due to input signal dependency
1352014026986309/18/14 Transmitter lo leakage calibration scheme using loopback circuitry
1362014026986609/18/14 Apparatus and methods for loss of signal detection
1372014026997909/18/14 All digital zero-voltage switching
1382014026998809/18/14 Radio frequency domain digital pre-distortion
1392014027000109/18/14 Quadrature error detection and correction
1402014027000209/18/14 System and method quadrature error detection and correction
1412014027390209/18/14 Quadrature error correction using polynominal models in tone calibration
1422014028042109/18/14 Fft accelerator
1432014028165409/18/14 Synchronizing data transfer from a core to a physical interface
1442014025101109/11/14 Tilt mode accelerometer with improved offset and noise performance
1452014025335309/11/14 Apparatus and reducing sampling circuit timing mismatch
1462014025483509/11/14 Packaged microphone system with a permanent magnet
1472014024709509/04/14 Frequency temperature offset compensation
1482014025004109/04/14 Distributed factor graph system
1492014023243508/21/14 Analog minimum or maximum voltage selector circuit
1502014023246008/21/14 Differential charge reduction
1512014023377308/21/14 Charge sharing analog computation circuitry and applications
1522014022520308/14/14 Packages and methods for packaging mems microphone devices
1532014022522808/14/14 Apparatus for transceiver signal isolation and voltage clamp and methods of forming the same
1542014022567308/14/14 Variable gain amplifier
1552014021752108/07/14 Mems device with stress relief structures
1562014021756608/07/14 Double-sided package
1572014021815308/07/14 Step up or step down micro-transformer with tight magnetic coupling
1582014022072308/07/14 Methods and structures for using diamond in the production of mems
1592014022343908/07/14 Superscalar control for a probability computer
1602014020884907/31/14 Teeter totter accelerometer with unbalanced mass
1612014021053807/31/14 Multiple ramp variable attenuator
1622014021054607/31/14 Tuning circuitry and active filters
1632014020342207/24/14 Microchip with blocking apparatus and fabricating microchip
1642014019753107/17/14 Compact device package
1652014019054307/10/14 Wafer scale thermoelectric energy harvester
1662014019178307/10/14 Pin driver circuit with improved swing fidelity
1672014019180007/10/14 Multiple winding transformer coupled amplifier
1682014019309007/10/14 Apparatus and methods for reducing common-mode noise in an imaging system
1692014019558107/10/14 Fixed point division circuit utilizing floating point architecture
1702014017635606/26/14 Apparatus and methods for voltage comparison
1712014017552406/26/14 Vertically integrated systems
1722014017560006/26/14 Vertically integrated systems
1732014017623206/26/14 Cartesian feedback loop transmitter with improved loop filter
1742014017657106/26/14 Block-based signal processing
1752014016710406/19/14 Interface protection device with integrated supply clamp and forming the same
1762014016710506/19/14 Devices for monolithic data conversion interface protection and methods of forming the same
1772014016710606/19/14 Interface protection device with integrated supply clamp and forming the same
1782014015922606/12/14 Compact sensor module
1792014015980506/12/14 Sub-gate delay adjustment using digital locked-loop
1802014015981306/12/14 Enhanced transconductance circuit
1812014015383406/05/14 Hough transform for circles
1822014015155706/05/14 Photonic sensor and a manufacturing such a sensor
1832014015228006/05/14 Apparatus and distributing power-up power dissipation
1842014015248006/05/14 Enhanced second order noise shaped segmentation and dynamic element matching technique
1852014015268006/05/14 System and efficient resource management of a signal flow programmed digital signal processor code
1862014014424005/29/14 Apparatus and methods for ultrasound probes
1872014014578105/29/14 Apparatus and methods for ultrasound transmit switching
1882014014578505/29/14 Apparatus and methods for equalization
1892014014586705/29/14 Switching scheme for isi mitigation in data converters
1902014013873505/22/14 Junction-isolated blocking voltage devices with integrated protection structures and methods of forming the same
1912014013185005/15/14 Microchip with blocking apparatus and fabricating microchip
1922014013232505/15/14 Control circuit for use with a four terminal sensor, and measurement system including such a control circuit
1932014013305505/15/14 Active detection and protection of sensitive circuits against transient electrical stress events
1942014013706705/15/14 Filter design tool
1952014013706805/15/14 Filter design tool
1962014013706905/15/14 Filter design tool
1972014012540705/08/14 Bandwidth limiting for amplifiers
1982014011587305/01/14 Micro-electro-mechanical switch beam construction with minimized beam distortion and constructing
1992014011747305/01/14 Packages and methods for packaging
2002014011908205/01/14 Isolated digital transmission with improved emi immunity
2012014011082504/24/14 Compound semiconductor lateral pnp bipolar transistors
2022014011119204/24/14 Magnetic field direction detector
2032014011522404/24/14 Memory interconnect network architecture for vector processor
2042014011527804/24/14 Memory architecture
2052014010219504/17/14 Electrode arrangements for quadrature suppression in inertial sensors
2062014010346404/17/14 Microphone system with integrated passive device die
2072014010400004/17/14 Feed-forward circuit to prevent phase inversion
2082014010526404/17/14 System and method to calibrate the frequency response of an electronic filter
2092014009708104/10/14 Methods of forming a thin film resistor
2102014009789604/10/14 Offset current trim circuit
2112014009791004/10/14 Monolithic band switched coupled push-push oscillator
2122014010133904/10/14 Efficient scheduling of read and write transactions in dynamic memory controllers
2132014010134504/10/14 Universal serial bus (usb) plug-in event detection system and associated method
2142014010135104/10/14 Two-wire communication protocol engine
2152014010147704/10/14 Power switching in a two-wire conductor system
2162014009177304/03/14 System and generating a regulated boosted voltage using a controlled variable number of charge pump circuits
2172014009183504/03/14 Apparatus and methods for digital configuration of integrated circuits
2182014009195404/03/14 Sub-gate delay adjustment using digital locked-loop
2192014008433103/27/14 Heterojunction compound semiconductor protection clamps and methods of forming the same
2202014008434703/27/14 Bidirectional heterojunction compound semiconductor protection devices and methods of forming the same
2212014008499903/27/14 Apparatus and wide common mode difference
2222014008500503/27/14 Circuit to prevent load-induced non-linearity in operational amplifiers
2232014008511703/27/14 Sampling circuit, a reducing distortion in a sampling circuit, and an analog to digital converter including such a sampling circuit
2242014008636403/27/14 Apparatus and methods for quadrature clock signal generation
2252014008643303/27/14 Microphone with programmable frequency response
2262014007786203/20/14 Electrical networks and methods of forming the same
2272014007879503/20/14 Charge pump supply with clock phase interpolation
2282014007038203/13/14 Pre-molded mems device package
2292014007038303/13/14 Pre-molded mems device package with conductive shell
2302014007078503/13/14 Controller for a dc to dc converter, a combination of a controller and a dc to dc converter, and a operating a dc to dc converter
2312014007088603/13/14 Amplifier with voltage and current feedback error correction
2322014007156603/13/14 Overvoltage protection for multi-chip module and system-in-package
2332014007215003/13/14 Microphone with parasitic capacitance cancelation
2342014006018603/06/14 Detection and mitigation of aerodynamic error sources for micromachined inertial sensors
2352014006185403/06/14 Small size and fully integrated power converter with magnetics on chip
2362014006598903/06/14 System and method to implement a radio transmitter with digital predistortion having reduced noise
2372014005504402/27/14 Led current control system for led drive system with multiple dimming inputs
2382014005645202/27/14 Portable device with power management controls
2392014005025102/20/14 Method and software gps receiver
2402014004309202/13/14 Input switches in sampling circuits
2412014004371502/13/14 Apparatus and methods for amplifier fault protection
2422014003410402/06/14 Vertically integrated systems
2432014003511302/06/14 Packaging and methods for packaging
2442014003554302/06/14 Phase doubling for switching power supply
2452014003563002/06/14 Vertically integrated systems
2462014003703102/06/14 Methods for digitally-controlled automatic gain amplification
2472014002664901/30/14 Vertically integrated systems
2482014002786701/30/14 Packages and methods for 3d integration
2492014002837601/30/14 Precision cmos voltage reference

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