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Recent patent applications related to Apple Inc. Apple Inc is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Apple Inc may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Apple Inc, we're just tracking patents.

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01/09/14Pcb manufacturing process and structure
10/12/17Process for enhanced corrosion protection of anodized aluminum
10/12/17Routing based on detected stops
10/12/17Display with hybrid column spacer structures
10/12/17Mitigating active stylus/touch cross-coupling
10/12/17Floating-point multiply-add with down-conversion
10/12/17Data recovery in memory having multiple failure modes
10/12/17Intelligent blood pressure monitoring
10/12/17Self adapting alert device
10/12/17Display having vertical gate line extensions and minimized borders
10/12/17Electronic device with obstruction-sensing color ambient light sensor
10/12/17Electronic devices with displays
10/12/17Electrical components having metal traces with protected sidewalls
10/12/17Method and system for 360 degree head-mounted display monitoring between software program modules using video or image texture sharing
10/12/17Balanced armature based valve
10/12/17Apparatus, adaptive downlink scheduling and link adaptation
10/12/17Point-to-point ad hoc voice communication
10/05/17Physical activity and workout monitor
10/05/17Electronic device with sensor ports having enhanced airflow
10/05/17Electronic device with resistive sensor array
10/05/17Hybrid mems scanning module
10/05/17Cover glass arrangement for an electronic device
10/05/17Force sensor in an input device
10/05/17Dampening mechanical modes of a haptic actuator using a delay
10/05/17Movable track pad with smudge-resistant input surface
10/05/17Ungrounded user signal compensation for pixelated self-capacitance touch sensor panel
10/05/17Electronic device with an integrated touch sensing and force sensing device
10/05/17Electronic device having direction-dependent strain elements
10/05/17Intelligent automated assistant in a media environment
10/05/17Gesture recognizers with delegates for controlling and modifying gesture recognition
10/05/17Efficient buffering for a system having non-volatile memory
10/05/17Memory access protection apparatus and methods
10/05/17Memory access protection apparatus and methods
10/05/17Reference representation and transformation in collaborative documents
10/05/17User device enabling access to payment information in response to mechanical input detection
10/05/17Link aggregator for an electronic display
10/05/17Electronic device including sound level based driving of haptic actuator and related methods
10/05/17Organic light emitting diode display having photodiodes
10/05/17Method and system for object reconstruction
10/05/17Connector system impedance matching
10/05/17Power supply with current limit on individual conductors
10/05/17Electronic device with reverse voltage protection circuitry for multiple control lines
10/05/17Battery charger with gauge-based closed-loop control
10/05/17In-band signaling within wireless power transfer systems
10/05/17Co-channel wireless detection
10/05/17Peer to peer component distribution
10/05/17Communicating messages with intermittently available encryption credentials
10/05/17Methods and establishing a secure communication channel
10/05/17Clock synchronization techniques including modification of sample rate conversion
10/05/17Cloud tabs
10/05/17Answering a call with client through a host
10/05/17Device locator disable authentication
10/05/17Synchronization of media rendering in heterogeneous networking environments
10/05/17Lens shading modulation
10/05/17Packed i-frames
10/05/17Automatic video stream selection
10/05/17Integrated cosmetic audio driver
10/05/17Loudspeaker with reduced audio coloration caused by reflections from a surface
10/05/17Visual recognition of target devices
10/05/17Frame structure for allocating radio resources in a cellular wireless network
10/05/17Emergency services handover between untrusted wlan access and cellular access
10/05/17Apparatus, system selection and reselection
10/05/17Component shielding structures with magnetic shielding
10/05/17Wrist worn accelerometer for pulse transit time (ptt) measurements of blood pressure
09/28/17Techniques for jointly calibrating load and aerobic capacity
Patent Packs
09/28/17Sharing updatable graphical user interface elements
09/28/17Glass breakage detection
09/28/17Power detection circuit
09/28/17Folded lens system with four refractive lenses
09/28/17Folded lens system with five refractive lenses
09/28/17Folded lens system with three refractive lenses
09/28/17Coupling schemes for gimbaled scanning mirror arrays
09/28/17Systems and methods for handling sudden power failures in solid state drives
09/28/17Keyboard input to an electronic device
09/28/17Interface emulator using fifos
09/28/17Systems and methods for controlling output of content based on human recognition data detection
09/28/17System and authorizing execution of software code based on at least one installed profile
09/28/17Finger biometric sensor including drive signal level updating and related methods
09/28/17Apparatus and detecting a feature in an image
09/28/17Apparatus and methods for secure element transactions and management of assets
Patent Packs
09/28/17Method of detecting and describing features from an intensity image
09/28/17Battery structure and integration
09/28/17Facilitating switching between transmitting antennas in portable electronic devices
09/28/17Device-assisted verification
09/28/17Handling voice and non-voice data under uplink limited conditions
09/28/17Housing features of an electronic device
09/28/17Portable multifunction device, method, and graphical user interface for conference calling
09/28/17Apparatus and automatically activating a camera application based on detecting an intent to capture a photograph or a video
09/28/17Combined optical and electronic image stabilization
09/28/17Liquid ingress-redirecting acoustic device reservoir
09/28/17Remotely controlling a hearing device
09/28/17Loudspeaker with reduced audio coloration caused by reflections from a surface
09/28/17Method to determine loudspeaker change of placement
09/28/17Positioning techniques for narrowband wireless signals under dense multipath conditions
09/28/17Electronic subscriber identity module provisioning
09/28/17Wireless multicast communication
09/28/17Mechanisms for optimizing communications band selection depending on ongoing quality of service
09/21/17Attachment system for an electronic device
09/21/17Bond layer between a coating and a substrate
09/21/17System and acquiring map portions based on expected signal strength of route segments
09/21/17Force sensor with strain relief
09/21/17Magnetic pairing for lateral restoring force
09/21/17Computer internal architecture
09/21/17Smart dynamic voltage and frequency scaling of electronic components
09/21/17Power-gating media decoders to reduce power consumption
09/21/17Virtual deflection determination for force-sensing
09/21/17Integrated touch screens
09/21/17Display with touch sensor circuitry
09/21/17Temperature compensating transparent force sensor
09/21/17Detecting backside force in a touch-screen device
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09/21/17Portable electronic device, method, and graphical user interface for displaying-structured electronic documents
09/21/17Managing backup of logical-to-physical translation information to control boot-time and write amplification
09/21/17Efficient readout from memory cells using data compression
09/21/17Quality of service classes
09/21/17Highlighting items for search results
09/21/17Finger biometric sensor including capacitance change sensing pressure sensing circuit and related methods
09/21/17Electronic device including sub-array based deblurring of a blurred finger image and related methods
09/21/17Depth of field for a camera in a media-editing application field of the invention
09/21/17Durable 3d geometry conformal anti-reflection coating
09/21/17Compliant bipolar micro device transfer head with silicon electrodes
Patent Packs
09/21/17Color-insensitive window coatings for ambient light sensors
09/21/17Quantum dot spacing for high efficiency quantum dot led displays
09/21/17Smt connection of rigid and flexible printed circuit boards
09/21/17Precious-metal-alloy contacts
09/21/17Charge pump-based split-rail supply generation
09/21/17Using pulsed biases to represent dc bias for charging
09/21/17Managing program credentials on electronic devices
09/21/17Extended ycc format for backward-compatible p3 camera video
09/21/17Corrosion resistant magnet assembly
09/21/17Optimizing the performance of an audio playback system with a linked audio/video feed
09/21/17Location service management
09/21/17Techniques for managing wireless transmission energy budget
09/21/17Determination of device body location
09/21/17Radio link monitoring for link-budget-limited devices
09/21/17Synchronized playback and control of media
09/21/17Coordinated control of media playback
09/21/17Overmolded plastic components formed on metallic plates
09/14/17Table display system
09/14/17Magnetic interference avoidance in resistive sensors
09/14/17Dynamic control of power consumption based on memory device activity
09/14/17Dynamic voltage and frequency management based on active processors
09/14/17Dynamic user interface adaptable to multiple input tools
09/14/17Glove touch detection
09/14/17Touch screen device, method, and graphical user interface for moving on-screen objects without using a cursor
09/14/17Enrollment using synthetic fingerprint image and fingerprint sensing systems
09/14/17Hierarchical techniques for storing graphics primitives
09/14/17Driving scheme for high brightness and fast response panel flash
09/14/17Electronic device with ambient-adaptive display
09/14/17Light-emitting diode display with threshold voltage compensation
09/14/17Dictation that allows editing
Patent Packs
09/14/17Identification of voice inputs providing credentials
09/14/17System and performing automatic gain control using an accelerometer in a headset
09/14/17Techniques for observing an entire communication bus in operation
09/14/17System-in-package devices with magnetic shielding
09/14/17Flexible display panel with bent substrate
09/14/17Cathode active materials for lithium-ion batteries
09/14/17Cathode active materials for lithium-ion batteries
09/14/17Cathode active materials for lithium-ion batteries
09/14/17Tuning circuits for hybrid electronic device antennas
09/14/17Portable electronic device connector
09/14/17Light source driving circuitry for electronic devices
09/14/17Systems and methods for simultaneously charging a battery with multiple power sources
09/14/17Flip flop using dual inverter feedback
09/14/17Detecting and transmitting a redeemable document
09/14/17User plane for fifth generation cellular architecture
09/14/17Low power cellular modem system architecture
09/14/17Low power lte (lp-lte) paging monitoring
09/14/17Location-aware mobile device
09/14/17Communication of control information using alert flag and version number
09/14/17Synchronization and interprocessor communication in a low power lte system architecture
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09/14/17Techniques for observing an entire communication bus in operation
09/07/17Software verification systems with multiple verification paths
09/07/17Packaging with a retractable handle and methods of making the same
09/07/17Metal surface and process for treating a metal surface
09/07/17Textile product having reduced density
09/07/17Navigation peek ahead and behind
09/07/17Navigation peek ahead and behind in a navigation application
09/07/17Liquid contact indicator
09/07/17Mobile electronic device with an adaptively responsive flexible display
09/07/17Input with haptic feedback
09/07/17Handheld devices as visual indicators
09/07/17Portable electronic device for instant messaging
09/07/17Parallel scheduling of write commands to multiple memory devices
09/07/17Associating a url or link between two applications
09/07/17Data-driven media management within an electronic device
09/07/17Dynamic location search suggestions based on travel itineraries
09/07/17Methods and systems for securely executing untrusted software
09/07/17Electronic device operation using remote user biometrics
09/07/17System and data sensing for compensation in an electronic display
09/07/17Memory array power reduction through reduced supply voltage
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09/07/17Soc with integrated voltage regulator using preformed mim capacitor wafer
09/07/17Binders for wet and dry lamination of battery cells
09/07/17Systems, methods, and computer readable media for sharing awareness information
09/07/17Determining a significant user location for providing location-based services
09/07/17Method of establishing communications
09/07/17Situationally-aware alerts
09/07/17Wireless channel reservation
08/31/17Utilizing a social network account to provide additional functionality to a gaming network account
08/31/17Three-dimensional fabric with embedded input-output devices
08/31/17Dynamic adjustment of a sampling rate for an optical encoder
08/31/17Display having a flexured element
08/31/17Rotatable input mechanism having adjustable output
08/31/17Haptic mouse
08/31/17Disabling stylus to prevent worn tip performance degradation and screen damage
08/31/17Fabric sensing device
08/31/17Electronic device with dynamic thresholding for force detection
08/31/17Sharing media content
08/31/17Methods and locking at least a portion of a shared memory resource
08/31/17Graphics engine and environment for efficient real time rendering of graphics that are not pre-known
08/31/17Devices with enhanced audio
08/31/17Methods and loading firmware on demand
08/31/17Methods and loading firmware on demand
08/31/17Collaborative location-based search results
08/31/17Application suggestion features
08/31/17Unitary shadows
08/31/17Battery pack with cells of different capacities electrically coupled in parallel
08/31/17Lithium-metal batteries having improved dimensional stability and methods of manufacture
08/31/17Inductive charging ports for portable computing devices
08/31/17Device case with balanced hinge
Social Network Patent Pack
08/31/17Obtaining and using time information on a secure element (se)
08/31/17Sending smart alerts on a device at opportune moments using sensors
08/31/17Motion-based configuration of a multi-user device
08/31/17Techniques for presenting sound effects on a portable media player
08/31/17Mechanisms for laa/lte-u detection to mitigate impact on wi-fi performance
08/31/17Method and performing handover in a wireless communication system
08/31/17Fabric with embedded electrical components
08/24/17Adjusting alarms based on sleep onset latency
08/24/17Dual frequency angle of arrival estimation
08/24/17Display having column spacer structures with minimized plastic deformation
08/24/17Noise correction for a stylus touch device
08/24/17Adaptive make/break detection for a stylus touch device
08/24/17Force sensing architectures
08/24/17Reducing the border area of a device
08/24/17Systems and methods for activating a multi-tasking mode using an application selector that is displayed in response to a swipe gesture on an electronic device with a touch-sensitive display
08/24/17Scan sequence generator
08/24/17Methods for performing a memory resource retry
08/24/17Step-down pixel response correction systems and methods
08/24/17Systems and methods of operation for power converters having series-parallel mode active clamps
08/24/17Power saving with dynamic pulse insertion
08/24/17System and supporting antenna beamforming in a cellular network
08/24/17Scanning projectors and image capture modules for 3d mapping
08/24/17Systems and methods for presenting and interacting with a picture-in-picture representation of video content on an electronic device with a touch-sensitive display
08/24/17Magnetic retention of earbud within cavity
08/24/17Headset connector
08/24/17Managing connections of a user device
08/24/17Speaker with flex circuit acoustic radiator
08/24/17Wi-fi low energy preamble
08/17/17Systems and methods for providing audio and visual cues via a portable electronic device

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