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Electronic devices with wrist straps

A portable electronic device may have an electronic device strap. The strap may include inner and outer fabric layers and optional intermediate fabric layers. The inner fabric layer may have strands of material that are characterized by a larger denier per filament value than the outer fabric layer to help... Apple Inc

Adjusting alarms based on sleep onset latency

In some implementations, a mobile device can adjust an alarm setting based on the sleep onset latency duration detected for a user of the mobile device. For example, sleep onset latency can be the amount of time it takes for the user to fall asleep after the user attempts to... Apple Inc

Vital signs monitoring system

This relates to a monitoring system capable of measuring a plurality of vital signs. The monitoring system can include a plurality of sensors including, but not limited to, electrodes, piezoelectric sensors, temperature sensors, and accelerometers. The monitoring system can be capable of operating in one or more operation modes such... Apple Inc

Earphone packaging

A package for an electronic device is disclosed. The package includes a first layer of compressed natural fibers defining an aperture and a second layer of compressed natural fibers disposed adjacent to the first layer of compressed natural fibers. The aperture is configured to receive a portion of the electronic... Apple Inc

Closed loop position control for camera actuator

In some embodiments, a camera unit of a multifunction device may include an optical package and an actuator for moving the optical package. In some embodiments, the actuator may include an asymmetric magnet arrangement. The asymmetric magnet arrangement may include a lateral position control magnet situated at a first side... Apple Inc

Reducing touch sensor panel power consumption

Reducing power consumption in a touch screen. In some examples, a first level of touch accuracy can be determined, and a first portion of the touch screen can be operated in a first mode corresponding to the first level of touch accuracy. In some examples, a second level of touch... Apple Inc

Multi-force input device

A force-sensitive input device for receiving user input. The input device can include a contact (e.g., touch) sensor and a plurality of force sensors. By combining the information from a multi-touch event with information from each of the plurality of force sensors, a contact centroid and a force centroid can... Apple Inc

Compressed freezer files

In one embodiment, when a secondary application on an electronic device is selected for deactivation, the memory associated with the application can be gathered, compacted and compressed into a memory freezer file. The memory freezer file can be stored in non-volatile memory with a reduced storage footprint compared to a... Apple Inc

Systems and methods for managing non-volatile memory based on temperature

Systems and methods for managing data in non-volatile memory devices across a large range of operating temperatures are provided. Embodiments discussed herein selectively reprogram previously programmed data at a temperature that better enables the data to be read regardless of where within the range of operating temperatures the data is... Apple Inc

Electronic device including pin hole array mask above optical image sensor and related methods

An electronic device may include an optical image sensor and a pin hole array mask layer above the optical image sensor. The electronic device may also include a display layer above the pin hole array mask layer that includes spaced apart display pixels, and a transparent cover layer above the... Apple Inc

Command processing using multimodal signal analysis

A first set of signals corresponding to a first signal modality (such as the direction of a gaze) during a time interval is collected from an individual. A second set of signals corresponding to a different signal modality (such as hand-pointing gestures made by the individual) is also collected. In... Apple Inc

Transparent electronic device

A method and system for displaying images on a transparent display of an electronic device. The display may include one or more display screens as well as a flexible circuit for connecting the display screens with internal circuitry of the electronic device. Furthermore, the display screens may allow for overlaying... Apple Inc

Display with vias for concealed printed circuit and component attachment

An electronic device may include a display. The display may be an organic light-emitting diode display. The organic light-emitting diode display may have a substrate layer, a layer of organic light-emitting diode structures, and a layer of sealant. Vias may be formed in the substrate layer by laser drilling. The... Apple Inc

Concurrently refreshing multiple areas of a display device using multiple different refresh rates

This application relates to methods and apparatus for refreshing a display device at various frequencies. Specifically, multiple areas of the display device can be refreshed concurrently at different frequencies. In this way, when static content is being displayed in certain areas of the display device, those certain areas can be... Apple Inc

Electronic device with peripheral hybrid antenna

An electronic device may have wireless circuitry with antennas. An antenna resonating element arm for an antenna may be formed from peripheral conductive structures running along the edges of a device housing. Elongated conductive members may longitudinally divide openings between the peripheral conductive housing structures and the ground. The elongated... Apple Inc

Electronic device with component trim antenna

An optical component such as a camera, an acoustic component such as a speaker, or other electrical component may be mounted on the surface of an electronic device housing. A window structure may overlap the component. The window structure may be formed form an optically transparent material to allow light... Apple Inc

Electronic device antennas

An electronic device such as a wristwatch may have a housing with metal portions such as metal sidewalls. The housing may form an antenna ground for an antenna. An antenna resonating element for the antenna may be formed from a stack of capacitively coupled component layers such as a display... Apple Inc

Broadband antenna

An electronic device such as a wristwatch may have a housing with metal portions such as metal sidewalls. The housing may form an antenna ground for an antenna. An antenna resonating element for the antenna may be formed from a stack of capacitively coupled component layers such as a display... Apple Inc

Connector system impedance matching

Connector inserts and receptacles that provide signal paths having desired impedance characteristics. One example may provide a connector system having a connector insert and a connector receptacle. Contacts in the connector insert may form signal paths with corresponding contacts in the connector receptacle. Additional traces in the connector insert and... Apple Inc

Vcsel structure with embedded heat sink

An optoelectronic device includes a semiconductor substrate, having front and back sides and having at least one cavity extending from the back side through the semiconductor substrate into proximity with the front side. At least one optoelectronic emitter is formed on the front side of the semiconductor substrate in proximity... Apple Inc

Multiband bluetooth

An electronic device that communicates with a second electronic device using adaptive frequency hopping across different spectral bands is described. An integrated circuit in the electronic device includes processing logic that determines an adaptive spectral map that specifies channels across multiple spectral bands. During communication with a second electronic device... Apple Inc

Beamforming for non-collaborative, space division multiple access systems

A wireless communication system non-collaborative, multiple input, multiple output (MIMO) space division multiple access (SDMA) system determines subscriber station combining and weighting vectors that yield a high average signal-to-interference plus noise ratio (SINR). Each subscriber station independently transmits information to a base station that allows the base station to determine... Apple Inc

Millimeter wave test systems

An electronic device may be provided with wireless circuitry that handles millimeter wave communications. The wireless circuitry may be tested using a test system that includes a fixture, computing equipment, and a substrate placed in the fixture. The fixture may hold an array of antennas on the substrate at a... Apple Inc

Dynamic rule-based notifications

Systems, methods, and computer-readable medium are provided for providing dynamic rule-based messages. For example, a user device may identify physical activity information. Based at least in part on the activity information, the device may determine whether a physical activity goal has been reached. The device may determine whether to present... Apple Inc

Adapting camera systems to accessory lenses

A small format factor camera system for mobile devices that provides improved image quality when using accessory lenses. The system may detect an accessory lens attached to the camera, either via sensing technology or by analyzing captured images. The system may analyze image data to determine current alignment (e.g., optical... Apple Inc

Camera module with embedded components

A camera module includes a lens barrel holder and a substrate. The substrate may include a circuit board embedded in the substrate. The circuit board may include multiple electrical components mounted to a first side of the circuit board, where the electrical components are not exposed outside. The circuit board... Apple Inc

Location support for emergency calls

System and method for submitting a location of a mobile device to a public service for providing emergency assistance are described. A mobile device can determine that a user is making an emergency call from the mobile device. The mobile device can then enable a location determination function of the... Apple Inc

Secure connection release and network redirection

This disclosure relates to techniques for securely performing connection release and network redirection in a wireless communication system. A wireless device may establish a radio resource control (RRC) connection with a first cell. The wireless device may receive a RRC connection release message from the first cell. The RRC connection... Apple Inc

Assisted management of radio resources across dual networks

A user equipment (UE) operating in a communication system comprising a base station and one or more UEs. The UE may be configured to operate on or “camp” on two different networks with one radio. In this exemplary system, the radio may be normally connected to the first network (NW1)... Apple Inc

Concurrent connectivity techniques

Techniques are disclosed relating to concurrent wireless connectivity. In some embodiments, a base station apparatus includes one or more processing elements and one or more memories having program instructions stored thereon that are executable by the one or more processing elements to perform the following operations. In some embodiments, the... Apple Inc

Robust downlink control information with flexible resource assignments

This disclosure relates to techniques for providing robust downlink control information with flexible resource assignments for wireless devices that operate in a restricted bandwidth compared to the system bandwidth. A base station may determine a resource assignment for a wireless device. The base station may transmit downlink control information to... Apple Inc

Quality of service control and usage monitoring mechanisms for unlicensed access

This disclosure relates to techniques for managing and monitoring access to a cellular network using unlicensed spectrum. According to some embodiments, policy information indicating permissible and/or non-permissible uses of unlicensed spectrum to access a radio access network of the cellular network may be distributed to elements of the radio access... Apple Inc

Vertical shielding and interconnect for sip modules

Vertical shielding and interconnect structures for system-in-a-package modules, where the vertical shielding and interconnect structures are readily manufactured and are space efficient.... Apple Inc

Colored multilayer oxide coatings

Colored oxide coatings having multiple oxide layers are described. Processes for forming the multilayer oxide coating can include converting a portion of a metal substrate to a primary oxide layer, coloring the primary oxide layer, and depositing a secondary oxide layer on the primary oxide layer. The primary oxide layer... Apple Inc

Interference-insensitive capacitive displacement sensing

An excitation signal is produced on a plate of an unknown capacitor and on a plate of a known capacitor. The excitation signal is amplified over time to produce a first output signal, with gain that is proportional to capacitance of the unknown capacitor. The excitation signal is also amplified... Apple Inc

02/08/18 / #20180038903

Electronic device having coupler for tapping antenna signals

An electronic device may be provided with wireless circuitry. Control circuitry may be used to adjust transmit power levels for wireless signals, may be used to tune antennas, and may be used to adjust other settings for the wireless circuitry. The electronic device may have a coupler interposed between an... Apple Inc

02/08/18 / #20180038962

Fast gps recovery using map vector data

Methods and apparatuses to assist a global positioning system (GPS) module to determine GPS position estimates for a wireless communication device is disclosed. Processing circuitry in the wireless communication device determines a potential or an actual inaccuracy in a GPS position estimate obtained from a GPS module. The processing circuitry... Apple Inc

02/08/18 / #20180039052

Optical system for head-mounted display

A head-mounted display may include a display system and an optical system in a housing. The display system may have a pixel array that produces light associated with images. The display system may also have a linear polarizer through which light from the pixel array passes and a quarter wave... Apple Inc

02/08/18 / #20180039055

Confocal inspection system having averaged illumination and averaged collection paths

A confocal inspection system can optically characterize a sample. An objective lens, or separate incident and return lenses, can deliver incident light from a light source to the sample, and can collect light from the sample. Confocal optics can direct the collected light onto a detector. The system can average... Apple Inc

02/08/18 / #20180039306

Handheld computing device

A handheld computing device is disclosed. The handheld computing device includes a seamless enclosure formed from an extruded tube. The extruded tube includes open ends and internal rails which serve as a guide for slidably assembling an operational assembly through the open ends of the extruded tube, a reference surface... Apple Inc

02/08/18 / #20180039315

Motion fencing

In some implementations, a mobile device can be configured with virtual motion fences that delineate domains of motion detectable by the mobile device. In some implementations, the mobile device can be configured to invoke an application or function when the mobile device enters or exits a motion domain (by crossing... Apple Inc

02/08/18 / #20180039331

Haptic output system for user input surface

A haptic output system configured to generate haptic effects, through a user input surface, by varying one or more haptic output characteristics of one or more haptic elements (e.g., vibrating elements, electrostatic elements, thermal elements, and so on) based on substantially real-time touch input and/or force input information. In this... Apple Inc

02/08/18 / #20180039376

Input device having a dimensionally configurable input area

Embodiments are directed to a user input device and methods for expanding an input area in response to an estimation of the accuracy of touch input or the likelihood that a series of touches will hit an intended touch target area. In one aspect, an embodiment includes a first capacitive... Apple Inc

02/08/18 / #20180039381

User interface for application interface manipulation

Selection of visualization objects, such as applications windows, is performed by determining a position of a system object. A graphical representation of a system object can be positioned over a display area of an application interface. The application interface is preeminently displayed in response to a graphical representation of system... Apple Inc

02/08/18 / #20180039388

Devices and methods for processing touch inputs with instructions in a web page

An electronic device displays a content region including first content that contains an image; and, while displaying the first content, detects an input at a location that corresponds to the location of the image. In response, the electronic device, in accordance with a determination that the input includes an intensity... Apple Inc

02/08/18 / #20180039393

Touch event model for web pages

One or more touch input signals can be obtained from a touch sensitive device. A touch event model can be used to determine touch and/or gesture events based on the touch input signals. The touch and gesture events can be associated with touch input signals generated from different regions of... Apple Inc

02/08/18 / #20180039395

Interface scanning for disabled users

Systems and processes for scanning a user interface are disclosed. One process can include scanning multiple elements within a user interface by highlighting the elements. The process can further include receiving a selection while one of the elements is highlighted and performing an action on the element that was highlighted... Apple Inc

02/08/18 / #20180039619

Learning new words

Systems and methods are disclosed for a server learning new words generated by user client devices in a crowdsourced manner while maintaining local differential privacy of client devices. A client device can determine that a word typed on the client device is a new word that is not contained in... Apple Inc

02/08/18 / #20180040333

System and performing speech enhancement using a deep neural network-based signal

Method for performing speech enhancement using a Deep Neural Network (DNN)-based signal starts with training DNN offline by exciting a microphone using target training signal that includes signal approximation of clean speech. Loudspeaker is driven with a reference signal and outputs loudspeaker signal. Microphone then generates microphone signal based on... Apple Inc

02/08/18 / #20180040350
02/08/18 / #20180040441

Singulated keyboard assemblies and methods for assembling a keyboard

Methods for assembling low-profile, singulated keyboards by prefabricating key assemblies onto a chassis strip that is divided into individual key assemblies only after the substrate is affixed to a feature plate of keyboard. For example, a row of key assemblies is fabricated onto a chassis strip. The row corresponds to... Apple Inc

02/08/18 / #20180040569

Substrate designed to provide emi shielding

Packages and packaging techniques for providing EMI shielding are described. In an embodiment, a package includes an electrically conductive ground structure on a ground pad at a periphery of a package substrate. The electrically conductive ground structure is encapsulated in a molding compound, and a surface of the electrically conductive... Apple Inc

02/08/18 / #20180040943

Wireless handheld electronic device

A handheld electronic device may be provided that contains a conductive housing and other conductive elements. The conductive elements may form an antenna ground plane. One or more antennas for the handheld electronic device may be formed from the ground plane and one or more associated antenna resonating elements. Transceiver... Apple Inc

02/08/18 / #20180041073

Power converter with output voltage control

A variable-output power converter includes a switch-mode voltage conversion stage operating in a peak-current control mode. For example, the timing of the turn-off of a MOSFET associated with a buck converter can be adjusted based on a measurement of current conducted through the by MOSFET. When the current through the... Apple Inc

02/08/18 / #20180041116

Quasi-resonant power converter with reduced dynamic switching losses

A power converter includes a current-monitoring on-state controller that is configured to adjust the timing of a switch-mode voltage conversion stage of the power converter. For example, the timing of the turn-on of a MOSFET associated with a buck converter operated in a discontinuous conduction mode (e.g., quasi-resonant) can be... Apple Inc

02/08/18 / #20180041292

Method of controlling a communications link

The present invention is directed to a method of controlling a communications link and apparatus configured to perform this method. This invention is particularly related to but in no way limited to MIMO (multiple inputs multiple outputs) wireless communications systems. The method comprises the steps of determining at the receiver... Apple Inc

02/08/18 / #20180041367

Pilot design for ofdm systems with four transmit antennas

Pilot, preamble and midamble patterns are provided that are particularly suited for four transmit antenna OFDM systems. Pilots are inserted in a scattered manner for each of the four antennas, either uncoded, space-time coded in pairs, space-time frequency coded in pairs, or space-time-frequency coded.... Apple Inc

02/08/18 / #20180041403

System and negotiating control of a shared audio or visual resource

Systems and methods for negotiating control of a shared audio or visual resource are disclosed. A request for control of a shared audio or visual resource is received at an arbiter. The arbiter maintains existing state information for ownership of the shared audio or visual resource and ownership transition conditions... Apple Inc

02/08/18 / #20180041506

Biometric capture for unauthorized user identification

A computing device may determine to capture biometric information in response to the occurrence of one or more trigger conditions. The trigger condition may be receipt of one or more instructions from one or more other computing devices, detection of potential unauthorized use by the computing device, normal operation of... Apple Inc

02/08/18 / #20180041707

Video image stabilization with enforced stabilization constraints

Techniques to improve a digital image capture device's ability to stabilize a video stream—while enforcing desired stabilization constraints on particular images in the video stream—are presented that utilize an overscan region and a look-ahead technique enabled by buffering a number of video input frames before generating a first stabilized video... Apple Inc

02/08/18 / #20180041755

Controlling lens misalignment in an imaging system

An imaging method includes imaging a scene using an imaging system, which includes an array of radiation sensing elements, including first sensing elements with symmetrical angular responses and second sensing elements with asymmetrical angular responses, interspersed among the first sensing elements, and optics configured to focus radiation from the scene... Apple Inc

02/08/18 / #20180041814

Channel bar user interface

Systems and methods for a media content user interface. A media content provider includes storage for storing and serving video content to subscribers. The media content provider records and or otherwise stores video content from around the world. Subscribers are provided a user interface to the system that includes a... Apple Inc

02/08/18 / #20180041877

Remote messaging for mobile communication device and accessory

Message notifications to an accessory from a mobile communication device are provided according to some embodiments of the invention. When a message such as a text message, email, and/or voicemail is received at a mobile communication device, the mobile communication device can notify an attached accessory that a message has... Apple Inc

02/08/18 / #20180041902

Bluetooth device as security access key

This application is directed to a system for remotely directing a host device to perform an operation using a key. The key may include a communications circuitry for transmitting data, for example a key identifier or an instruction to perform an operation, within a personal area network created by the... Apple Inc

02/01/18 / #20180027931

Dynamic fit adjustment for wearable electronic devices

Systems and methods for dynamically adjusting the fit of a wearable electronic device are disclosed. In many embodiments, a tensioner associated with a wearable electronic device can control one or more actuators that are mechanically coupled to either the housing or to a band attached to the wearable electronic device.... Apple Inc

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02/01/18 / #20180028111

Family sleep monitoring system

A distributed computer system 100 and method that will serve for recording sleep of at least one user using a mobile subscriber terminal 104 and a peripheral device 102 arranged to communicate with the mobile subscriber terminal 104. The present invention records the sleep parameters of family members by providing... Apple Inc

02/01/18 / #20180029339

Electronic device with a reduced friction surface

A surface of an electronic device includes a reduced friction surface that comprises a glass beaded film. The glass beaded film includes glass beads disposed in a polymer layer or in an adhesive layer, where a portion of the glass beads protrude from a surface of the polymer or adhesive... Apple Inc

02/01/18 / #20180030608

Plating having increased thickness and reduced grain size

Contacts that may be highly corrosion resistant, less susceptible to wear, and may be readily manufactured with a process that controls or reduces resource usage. Corrosion resistance and wear performance may be improved by providing a thicker plating that has a reduced tendency to crack and by using materials that... Apple Inc

02/01/18 / #20180030765

Stiff fabric

An adjustable support structure including two parallel layers of flexible material separated by a coupling that maintains separation between the parallel layers such that the layers may easily displace in a parallel direction but not in a perpendicular direction. The adjustable support structure may also include a displacement brake to... Apple Inc

02/01/18 / #20180031382

Normalization of device probe data for path identification

Some embodiments provide a method for defining travel paths in a map region. The method identifies location data collected over a period of time from multiple mobile devices. The method aggregates the location data for each of multiple map areas. The aggregated data for each map area identifies an amount... Apple Inc

02/01/18 / #20180031395

Optical encoder with axially aligned sensor

Embodiments of the present disclosure provide an optical encoder for an electronic device. The optical encoder comprises an elongated shaft and a plurality of markings axially disposed around a circumference of the elongated shaft. The optical encoder also includes an optical sensor. In embodiments, the optical sensor includes an emitter... Apple Inc

02/01/18 / #20180031808

Imaging lens system

Compact lens systems are described that may be used in small form factor cameras. The lens system may include six lens elements with refractive power, and may provide low F-numbers with wide field of view while maintaining or improving imaging quality and package size when compared to other compact lens... Apple Inc

02/01/18 / #20180032105

Portable computer display structures

An electronic device housing may have upper and lower portions that are attached with a hinge. At least one portion of the housing may have a rear planar surface and peripheral sidewalls having edges. A display module may be mounted in the housing. The display module may have glass layers... Apple Inc

02/01/18 / #20180032158

Ambidextrous mouse

An ambidextrous mouse is disclosed. The ambidextrous mouse is configured for both left and right handed use. The mouse may include right handed buttons on the front side of the mouse and left handed buttons on the back side of the mouse. The user may change the handedness of the... Apple Inc

02/01/18 / #20180032171

Rc tuning of touch electrode connections on a touch sensor panel

A touch sensor panel comprising a first touch node electrode of a plurality of touch node electrodes, the first touch node electrode coupled to a first sense connection comprising a first set of traces, the first sense connection configured to have a first resistance per unit length that varies along... Apple Inc

02/01/18 / #20180032176

Touch sensor panel with multi-power domain chip configuration

A touch sensing system is disclosed. The touch sensing system includes a guard signal generation chip operating in a first power domain referenced to a first voltage, the guard signal generation chip configured to generate a guard signal. A touch sensing chip operates in a second power domain, different from... Apple Inc

02/01/18 / #20180032203

Systems, devices, and methods for dynamically providing user interface controls at a touch-sensitive secondary display

Disclosed herein are systems, devices, and methods for dynamically updating a touch-sensitive secondary display. An example method includes receiving a request to open an application and, in response, (i) displaying, on a primary display, a plurality of user interface (UI) objects associated with the application, the plurality including a first... Apple Inc

02/01/18 / #20180032211

Methodology and application of acoustic touch detection

Acoustic touch detection (touch sensing) system architectures and methods can be used to detect an object touching a surface. Position of an object touching a surface can be determined using time-of-flight (TOF) bounding box techniques, or acoustic image reconstruction techniques, for example. Acoustic touch sensing can utilize transducers, such as... Apple Inc

02/01/18 / #20180032220

Portable multifunction device, method, and graphical user interface for viewing and managing electronic calendars

In accordance with some embodiments, a computer-implemented method is performed at a portable multifunction device with a touch screen display. The computer-implemented method includes displaying a multiweek calendar on the touch screen display, detecting a contact on an individual day in the multiweek calendar, and in response to detecting the... Apple Inc

02/01/18 / #20180032228

Systems and methods for efficiently navigating between applications with linked content on an electronic device with a touch-sensitive display

Systems and methods for efficiently navigating between applications are disclosed herein. An example method includes: concurrently displaying: a first user interface (UI) associated with a first application, a status bar with status indications associated with system-wide functions; and a first affordance associated with a second application. While concurrently displaying, the... Apple Inc

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02/01/18 / #20180032229

Presenting visual indicators of hidden objects

Generating for display an indicator of hidden objects in response to user input is disclosed. An input for moving a pointer presented in a user interface toward a first virtual boundary is received. The movement of the pointer toward the first virtual boundary is generated for display. An action is... Apple Inc

02/01/18 / #20180032234

Emergency information access on portable electronic devices

Improved techniques for facilitating emergency access to one or more contacts stored on a portable electronic device are disclosed. One or more contacts on the portable electronic device are designated as emergency contacts. While the portable electronic device is password-locked, a request to display the one or more emergency contacts... Apple Inc

02/01/18 / #20180032276

Data storage in a multi-level memory device using one-pass programming

A method for data storage includes preparing first data having a first size for storage in a memory device that stores data having a nominal size larger than the first size, by programming a group of memory cells to multiple predefined levels using a one-pass program-and-verify scheme. The first data... Apple Inc

02/01/18 / #20180032281

System for managing memory devices

In some embodiments, a system includes a memory system, a real-time computing device, and a controller. The real-time computing device stores data within a local buffer having a corresponding storage threshold, where the data satisfies the storage threshold, and where the storage threshold is based on a latency of the... Apple Inc

02/01/18 / #20180032535

System and alerting a first mobile data processing system nearby a second mobile data processing system

Provided is a fully automated web service with location based services generally involved in transmission of situational location dependent information to automatically located mobile receiving data processing systems. The web service communicates with a receiving data processing system in a manner by delivering information to the device when appropriate without... Apple Inc

02/01/18 / #20180033078

Interface for enhanced continuity of browsing experience

Providing an online store interface that maintains continuity of a user browsing experience by layering a product view on top of referring product views or online-store pages such that a user can navigate back to the referring page without needing the previous page to reload, and re-navigate to the point... Apple Inc

02/01/18 / #20180033265

Electronic device including sound level based driving of haptic actuator and related methods

An electronic device may include a device housing, a haptic actuator carried by the device housing, and an audio input transducer carried by the device housing. The electronic device may also include a controller coupled to the audio input transducer and the haptic actuator. The controller may be capable of... Apple Inc

02/01/18 / #20180033431

Competing devices responding to voice triggers

At a first electronic device with a display and a microphone: sampling audio input using the first microphone; in accordance with the sampling of audio input using the first microphone, sending stop instructions to a second electronic device with a second microphone, the second electronic device external to the first... Apple Inc

02/01/18 / #20180033447

Coordination of beamformers for noise estimation and noise suppression

An audio system has a housing in which are integrated a number of microphones. A programmed processor accesses the microphone signals and produces a number of acoustic pick up beams based groups of microphones, an estimation of voice activity and an estimation of noise characteristics on each beam. Two or... Apple Inc

02/01/18 / #20180033449

System and performing speech enhancement using a neural network-based combined symbol

Method of speech enhancement using Neural Network-based combined signal starts with training neural network offline which includes: (i) exciting at least one accelerometer and at least one microphone using training accelerometer signal and training acoustic signal, respectively. The training accelerometer signal and the training acoustic signal are correlated during clean... Apple Inc

02/01/18 / #20180033805

Displays with silicon and semiconducting oxide thin-film transistors

An electronic device may include a display having an array of display pixels on a substrate. The display pixels may be organic light-emitting diode display pixels or display pixels in a liquid crystal display. In an organic light-emitting diode display, hybrid thin-film transistor structures may be formed that include semiconducting... Apple Inc

02/01/18 / #20180034030

Binders for wet and dry lamination of battery cells

Cell stacks are presented that include binders for wet and dry lamination processes. The cell stacks, when laminated, produce battery cells (or portions thereof). The cell stacks include a cathode having a cathode active material disposed on a cathode current collector. The cell stacks also include an anode having an... Apple Inc

02/01/18 / #20180034176

Low-profile ssd connector

Connectors that may be used to connect optional or daughter cards or modules to main logic boards or motherboards in electronic devices. These connectors may have a reduced effective height and may be able to support high data rates. Cards in these connectors may be secured in place in an... Apple Inc

02/01/18 / #20180034288

Systems and methods for management of asymmetrical multi-tapped battery packs

This disclosure describes a battery pack that includes a plurality of asymmetrical banks, with different capacities and/or voltages, and multiple taps, coupled to the corresponding banks, to power electrical loads. The battery pack also comprise a balancing circuit and a battery management unit. The battery pack may regulate voltages among... Apple Inc

02/01/18 / #20180034632

Secure escrow service

A method of restoring confidential information items of a first device to a second device by using a set of servers. The method generates a public and private key pair and ties the private key to the hash of executable code of the servers at the time of generating the... Apple Inc

02/01/18 / #20180035113

Efficient sao signaling

Methods and systems provide efficient sample adaptive offset (SAO) signaling by reducing a number of bits consumed for signaling SAO compared with conventional methods. In an embodiment, a single flag is used if a coding unit to a first scanning direction with respect to a given coding unit is off.... Apple Inc

02/01/18 / #20180035266

Multimedia broadcast multicast service (mbms) utilizing spatial multiplexing

Systems and methods are disclosed herein for an enhanced Multimedia Broadcast Multicast Service (MBMS) in a wireless communications network. In one embodiment, a number of base stations in a MBMS zone, or broadcast region, accommodate both Spatial Multiplexing (SM) enabled user elements and non-SM enabled user elements. In another embodiment,... Apple Inc

02/01/18 / #20180035300

Transceiver architecture for license assisted access systems

Methods and devices useful in concurrently receiving and supporting Wireless Fidelity (Wi-Fi) and Long Term Evolution Licensed Assisted Access (LTE-LAA) wireless data signals are provided. By way of example, an electronic device includes a network interface configured to allow the electronic device to communicate over one or more channels of... Apple Inc

02/01/18 / #20180035345

Handover between cells based on signal quality and interference estimation

Method and apparatus to trigger a handover of a mobile device from a serving cell to a neighbor cell based on signal quality are disclosed. The mobile device measures signal strength and signal quality for the serving cell. When the signal strength exceeds a network-defined threshold and the signal quality... Apple Inc

02/01/18 / #20180035376

Nan frame buffering indications

In embodiments, one or more wireless stations operate to configure direct communication with neighboring mobile stations, i.e., direct communication between the wireless stations without utilizing an intermediate access point. Embodiments of the disclosure relate to NAN datapath scheduling and NAN pre-datapath operation setup and scheduling. The NAN datapath embodiments described... Apple Inc

02/01/18 / #20180035379

Power savings with preamble in wlan systems

In order to reduce power consumption of an electronic device during communication with another electronic device in a wireless local area network (WLAN), the electronic device analyzes fields in a given packet prior to a payload of the given packet to look for information that specifies a destination of the... Apple Inc

02/01/18 / #20180035449

Cancelable nan schedule indication

In embodiments, one or more wireless stations operate to configure direct communication with neighboring mobile stations, i.e., direct communication between the wireless stations without utilizing an intermediate access point. Embodiments of the disclosure relate to NAN datapath scheduling and NAN pre-datapath operation setup and scheduling. The NAN datapath embodiments described... Apple Inc

02/01/18 / #20180035471

Mechanisms for enhanced transmission and reception of physical random access channel

Enhanced random access procedures for link-budget-limited user equipment (UE) devices are disclosed. A user equipment device may transmit a first message containing a Physical Random Access Channel (PRACH). The PRACH contains instances of a Zadoff-Chu sequence, and may be transmitted repeatedly as part of a single random attempt, to facilitate... Apple Inc

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