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Apple Inc patents

Recent patent applications related to Apple Inc. Apple Inc is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Apple Inc may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Apple Inc, we're just tracking patents.

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01/09/14Pcb manufacturing process and structure
05/18/17 new patent  Laser-colored sapphire material
05/18/17 new patent  Methods and reducing power consumption wihtin embedded systems
05/18/17 new patent  Flexible electronic devices
05/18/17 new patent  Panel bootstraping architectures for in-cell self-capacitance
05/18/17 new patent  Presenting status data received from multiple devices
05/18/17 new patent  Displays with series-connected switching transistors
05/18/17 new patent  Three layer stack structure
05/18/17 new patent  Display module and system applications
05/18/17 new patent  Package with soc and integrated memory
05/18/17 new patent  Multi-die fine grain integrated voltage regulation
05/18/17 new patent  Connector insert assembly
05/18/17 new patent  Providing acknowledgement information by a wireless device
05/18/17 new patent  Apparatus and methods for wireless channel sounding
05/18/17 new patent  Techniques for reducing communication errors in a wireless communication system
05/18/17 new patent  Secure software updates
05/18/17 new patent  Dual mode headphones and methods for constructing the same
05/18/17 new patent  Wlan system with opportunistic transitioning to a low power state for power management
05/18/17 new patent  Radio link monitoring for link-budget-limited devices
05/11/17Light fixture
05/11/17Vibration sensing categorizing portable device context and modifying device operation
05/11/17Method and displaying a window for a user interface
05/11/17System and display mirroring
05/11/17Intelligent automated assistant in a messaging environment
05/11/17Combined transparent/non-transparent cache
05/11/17Unconventional virtual assistant interactions
05/11/17App store searching
05/11/17Enhanced face detection using depth information
05/11/17Active time spent optimization and reporting
05/11/17Surface connector with silicone spring member
05/11/17Flexible and breakaway mechnisims for connections
05/11/17Connector illumination for insertion in low-light conditions
05/11/17High-speed connector inserts and cables
05/11/17High-speed connector system
05/11/17Illuminated printed circuit boards for connectors
05/11/17Third party paywall authentication system
05/11/17Modeless video and still frame capture
05/11/17Adaptive chroma downsampling and color space conversion techniques
05/11/17Agnostic media delivery system
05/11/17Returning to a first network from a second network after premature termination of a circuit switched fallback voice call
05/11/17System access and synchronization methods for mimo ofdm communications systems and physical layer packet and preamble design
05/11/17Paging mechanisms for link-budget-limited user devices
05/11/17Radio resource aggregation with suspend/resume support
05/11/17Carrier ultra thin substrate
05/04/17Method for integrating a light emitting device
05/04/17Methods and apparatus to reuse wireless circuitry for multiple subscriber identities in a wireless communication device
05/04/17White anodic films with multiple layers
05/04/17Anodic films for high performance aluminum alloys
05/04/17Anodized films with pigment coloring
05/04/17Near-infrared imaging lens
05/04/17Target region for removing icons from dock
05/04/17Context-specific user interfaces
05/04/17Graphical representation of data in a program code editor
05/04/17Contact corrosion mitigation
05/04/17Method and designing layout for user interfaces
05/04/17Cover for an electronic device
05/04/17Method and structure for receiving a micro device
05/04/17Non-rectangular batteries for portable electronic devices
05/04/17Electronic device with fingerprint sensor and tunable hybrid antenna
05/04/17Cable assemblies, systems, and methods for making the same
05/04/17Ac-dc power converters with improved voltage output level transitions
05/04/17Wireless devices having multiple transmit chains with predistortion circuitry
05/04/17System and mapping symbols for mimo transmission
05/04/17Audio stem delivery and control
05/04/17Methods and systems for ofdm using code division multiplexing
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05/04/17Continuous retransmission in wi-fi systems
05/04/17Wireless station control of wlan receive operating mode change
05/04/17Robust image feature based video stabilization and smoothing
05/04/17Hydrophobic mesh cover
05/04/17System and improving voice quality in a wireless headset with untethered earbuds of a mobile device
05/04/17Noise estimation in a mobile device using an external acoustic microphone signal
05/04/17Methods and apparatus to reuse wireless circuitry for multiple subscriber identities in a wireless communication device
05/04/17Apparatus and methods for electronic subscriber identity module (esim) installation notification
05/04/17Operating-mode transitions based on advertising information
05/04/17Proxy assisted nan and access point concurrent operation
05/04/17Nan data beacon
05/04/17Nan further availability schedule indications
04/27/17Lens system
04/27/17Impact and contactless gesture inputs for electronic devices
04/27/17Optical sensing mechanisms for input devices
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04/27/17Three dimensional user interface effects on a display
04/27/17Disambiguation of multitouch gesture recognition for 3d interaction
04/27/17Web browser for spoofing supported features
04/27/17Procedurally expressing graphic objects for web pages
04/27/17Optical pattern projection
04/27/17Techniques for transforming a multi-frame asset into a single image
04/27/17Electronic devices having displays with openings
04/27/17Wireless charging and communications systems with dual-frequency patch antennas
04/27/17Inductive three-axis lens position measurement using af and ois coils
04/27/17Conditional transmission deferral for dual wireless band coexistence
04/20/17User interface tools for cropping and straightening image
04/20/17Devices, methods, and graphical user interfaces for keyboard interface functionalities
04/20/17Capacitive sensor packaging
04/20/17Cross-asset media analysis and processing
04/20/17Method and device for illustrating a virtual object in a real environment
04/20/17Display device control based on integrated ambient light detection and lighting source characteristics
04/20/17Flexible display panel with redundant bent signal lines
04/20/17Electronic devices with millimeter wave antennas and metal housings
04/20/17Battery charging system and mobile and accessory devices
04/20/17Battery charging system and mobile and accessory devices
04/20/17Methods for detecting mated coils
04/20/17Efficient coding with single-error correction and double-error detection capabilities
04/20/17Delivery of messages in a multi device configuration
04/20/17Device and antenna synchronization and selection
04/13/17A estimating temperature at a critical point
04/13/17Application programming interfaces for scrolling operations
04/13/17Data partitioning scheme for non-volatile memories
04/13/17Mediated data exchange for sandboxed applications
04/13/17Multi-path communication of electronic device secure element data for online payments
04/13/17Systems and methods for indirect light-emitting-diode voltage sensing in an electronic display
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04/13/17Systems and methods for indirect threshold voltage sensing in an electronic display
04/13/17Systems and methods for indirect threshold voltage sensing in an electronic display
04/13/17Ambient light adaptive displays with paper-like appearance
04/13/17Methods and systems for single sign-on while protecting user privacy
04/13/17Instantiation of multiple electronic subscriber identity module (esim) instances
04/13/17Electronic device with input-output component mounting structures
04/13/17Multi-image color refinement with application to disparity estimation
04/13/17Directivity optimized sound reproduction
04/13/17Carrier aggregation using unlicensed frequency bands
04/13/17Wi-fi signaling by cellular devices for coexistence in unlicensed frequency bands
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04/13/17Initial access channel for scalable wireless mobile communication networks
04/06/17Woven display
04/06/17Multi-mirror scanning depth engine
04/06/17Simultaneous sensing arrangement
04/06/17Multipoint touch surface controller
04/06/17Management of user interface elements in a display environment
04/06/17Collaboration system
04/06/17Dual-target image color rendering
04/06/17Methods and apparatus to support globalplatform usage on an embedded uicc (euicc)
04/06/17Seamless video pipeline transition between wifi and cellular connections for real-time applications on mobile devices
04/06/17Category-based fence
04/06/17Spatial and temporal alignment of video sequences
04/06/17Using the location of a near-end user in a video stream to adjust audio settings of a far-end system
04/06/17Apparatus, system, and pdcch preparation in radio frequency circuitry
03/30/17Machine and process for aligning accessory to mesh structure
03/30/17Wearable band having incremental adjustment mechanisms
03/30/17Clasp mechanisms for wrist-worn devices
03/30/17Articulating links with virtual pivot
03/30/17Frictional stabilization of band and securement mechanism
03/30/17Pressure measurement designs
03/30/17Electronic device including ambient light compensation circuit for heart rate generation and related methods
03/30/17Facilitating restful sleep using reminders
03/30/17Confirming sleep based on secondary indicia of user activity
03/30/17Band tightness sensing
03/30/17Sensing contact force related to user wearing an electronic device
03/30/17Fitness and social accountability
03/30/17Thermoplastic forming of cold rolled alloys
03/30/17Polishing a ceramic component using a formulated slurry
03/30/17Ultrasonic polishing systems and methods of polishing brittle components for electronic devices
03/30/17Methods for color and texture control of metallic glasses by the combination of blasting and oxidization
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03/30/17Three-dimensional printing plastic onto metal
03/30/17In-process polyurethane edge coating of laser cut polyurethane laminated fabric
03/30/17Packaging with double collar lid
03/30/17Cable retainers for packaging and methods of packaging a cable
03/30/17Ceramic having a residual compressive stress for use in electronic devices
03/30/17Micro-alloying to mitigate the slight discoloration resulting from entrained metal in anodized aluminum surface finishes
03/30/17Dark surface finishes on titanium alloys
03/30/17Durable cosmetic finishes for titanium surfaces
03/30/17Ion-implanted, anti-reflective layer formed within sapphire material
03/30/17Micro alloying for function modification
03/30/17Process for cleaning anodic oxide pore structures
03/30/17Anodic oxide based composite coatings of augmented thermal expansivity to eliminate thermally induced crazing
03/30/17Low profile fastening method with torque-limiting disengaging head
03/30/17Electronic device with haptic actuation stiction release after non-movement threshold time period and related methods
03/30/17Barometric sensor integration in a water resistant electronic device
03/30/17Drive signal control for resonating elements
03/30/17Polygonal routing
03/30/17Crown with three-dimensional input
03/30/17Integrated optical encoder module
03/30/17Compression seal for force sensing device
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03/30/17Various stress free sensor packages using wafer level supporting die and air gap technique
03/30/17Waterproof barometric sensor in an electronic device
03/30/17Proof testing brittle components of electronic devices
03/30/17Mechanical low pass filter for motion sensors
03/30/17Mechanical low pass filter for motion sensors
03/30/17On-chip parameter measurement
03/30/17Efficient testing of magnetometer sensor assemblies
03/30/17Dynamic coherent integration
03/30/17Surfaces having structured optical appearances
03/30/17Illumination structure for uniform illumination of keys
03/30/17Displays with asymmetric backlight structures
03/30/17Illumination structure for uniform illumination of keys
03/30/17Magnetic charging and optical data transfer system
03/30/17Camera lens system with three lens components
03/30/17Asymmetric mems mirror assembly
03/30/17Multi-hinge mirror assembly
03/30/17Bonding pads for displays
03/30/17High-volume replication of diffractive optical elements
03/30/17Voltage converter circuitry having permanent magnet structures
03/30/17Multi-phase current mode control loop incorporating a distributed transconductance stage
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03/30/17Overmolded force sensing gasket
03/30/17Motion and gesture input from a wearable device
03/30/17Haptic feedback for rotary inputs
03/30/17Electronic device including closed-loop controller for haptic actuator and related methods
03/30/17Electronic device including spaced apart hall effect sensor based haptic actuator driving and related methods
03/30/17Tactile user interface for electronic devices
03/30/17Multi media computing or entertainment system for responding to user presence and activity
03/30/17Proximity detection for an input mechanism of an electronic device
03/30/17Input devices incorporating biometric sensors
03/30/17Keyboard with adaptive input row
03/30/17Keyboard with adaptive input row
03/30/17Systems and object detection
03/30/17Input element with integrated functionality
03/30/17Proximity sensor with separate near-field and far-field measurement capability
03/30/17Systems and methods for pre-charging a display panel
03/30/17Touch sensor pattern for edge input detection
03/30/17Sensor layer having a patterned compliant layer
03/30/17Flexible scan plan using coarse mutual capacitance and fully-guarded measurements
03/30/17High aspect ratio capacitive sensor panel
03/30/17Devices and methods for preventing image artifacts on touch sensitive electronic displays
03/30/17Transparent force sensitive structures in an electronic device
03/30/17Integrated touch and display architectures for self-capacitive touch sensors
03/30/17Keyboard with adaptive input row
03/30/17Location-independent force sensing using differential strain measurement
03/30/17Automatic field calibration of force input sensors
03/30/17Common pixel correction for sensor panels
03/30/17Unified drawing framework
03/30/17Navigation application with novel declutter mode
03/30/17Portable device, method, and graphical user interface for scrolling to display the top of an electronic document
03/30/17Systems and methods for disambiguating intended user input at an onscreen keyboard using dual strike zones
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03/30/17Video display systems and methods
03/30/17Audio authoring and compositing
03/30/17Musical analysis platform
03/30/17Electronic equipment with ambient noise sensing input circuitry
03/30/17System and using ubershader variants without preprocessing macros
03/30/17Software updating
03/30/17Software updating
03/30/17Software updating
03/30/17Storing address of spare in failed memory location
03/30/17Intelligent cache power management
03/30/17Fast fourier transform (fft) custom address generator
03/30/17Device, method, and graphical user interface for providing handwriting support in document editing
03/30/17Grouping media content for automatically generating a media presentation
03/30/17Unified language modeling framework for word prediction, auto-completion and auto-correction
03/30/17Efficient word encoding for recurrent neural network language models
03/30/17Systems and methods for facilitating health research using a personal wearable device with multiple pairing configurations
03/30/17Medication adherence
03/30/17Systems and methods for facilitating health research using a personal wearable device with research mode
03/30/17Input devices incorporating biometric sensors
03/30/17System and person reidentification
03/30/17Finger biometric sensor including capacitance change sensing pressure sensing circuit and related methods
03/30/17Input devices incorporating biometric sensors
03/30/17Electronic device generating finger images at a progressively slower capture rate and related methods
03/30/17Systems and methods for post processing time-lapse videos
03/30/17System and text detection in an image
03/30/17Proactive assistant with memory assistance
03/30/17Long term object tracker
03/30/17User interface for adjusting an automatically generated audio/video presentation
03/30/173d lighting

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