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Recent patent applications related to Apple Inc. Apple Inc is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Apple Inc may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Apple Inc, we're just tracking patents.

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01/09/14Pcb manufacturing process and structure
08/17/17 new patent  Systems and methods for providing audio and visual cues via a portable electronic device
08/17/17 new patent  Dark surface finishes on titanium alloys
08/17/17 new patent  Simplified audio navigation instructions
08/17/17 new patent  Case for electronic device having magnetic elements for connection with external magnetic elements
08/17/17 new patent  Near zero force grounding feature
08/17/17 new patent  Input member with capacitive sensor
08/17/17 new patent  Touch input cursor manipulation
08/17/17 new patent  Method of providing image feature descriptors
08/17/17 new patent  Self adapting haptic device
08/17/17 new patent  Wireless vehicle system for enhancing situational awareness
08/17/17 new patent  Bit-cell voltage distribution system
08/17/17 new patent  Integrated circuit with separate supply voltage for memory that is different from logic circuit supply voltage
08/17/17 new patent  Connector receptacle having a shield
08/17/17 new patent  Simplified connector receptacle housings
08/17/17 new patent  Asymmetric ofdma tone mapping and dynamic channel access using non-primary channels
08/17/17 new patent  Realtime capture exposure adjust gestures
08/17/17 new patent  Scene motion correction in fused image systems
08/17/17 new patent  Earbuds with acoustic insert
08/17/17 new patent  A rotationally symmetric speaker array
08/17/17 new patent  Rotationally symmetric speaker array
08/17/17 new patent  Device-type specific preferred plmn list
08/17/17 new patent  Virtual wlan interface for cellular data offloading in a wireless device
08/17/17 new patent  Method and system for soft handoff in mobile broadband systems
08/10/17Woven material including bonding fibers
08/10/17Process for producing white anodic oxide finish
08/10/17Calibration of a primary pedometer device using a secondary pedometer device
08/10/17Interrogating doe integrity by reverse illumination
08/10/17Mirror tilt actuation
08/10/17Variable device graphical user interface
08/10/17Electronic device with automatic mode switching
08/10/17Mixed source media playback
08/10/17System and metadata transfer among search entities
08/10/17Texture sampling techniques
08/10/17Augmented reality based on wireless ranging
08/10/17Controlling electronic devices based on wireless ranging
08/10/17Electronic device with ambient light sensor system
08/10/17Metadata driven dynamic range control
08/10/17Electrical component with moving mass and flexible cables
08/10/17Electronic device with over-the-air wireless self-testing capabilities
08/10/17Radio telecommunications system and operating the same with polling
08/10/17Systems and methods for use with orthogonal frequency division multiplexing
08/10/17Return to sender
08/10/17Techniques to overcome communication lag between terminals performing video mirroring and annotation operations
08/10/17Sample adaptive offset systems and methods
08/10/17Intelligent automated assistant for tv user interactions
08/10/17Electronic device accessories formed from intertwined fibers
08/10/17Detecting an installation position of a wearable electronic device
08/10/17Method for creating a virtual acoustic stereo system with an undistorted acoustic center
08/10/17Optimizing the performance of an audio playback system with a linked audio/video feed
08/10/17Location service authorization and indication
08/10/17Buffer status report for high priority transmission
08/10/17Carrier network access for multi-sim devices
08/10/17Calibration techniques for envelope tracking power amplifiers
08/10/17Methods and optimizing paging mechanisms using device context information
08/03/17Charging systems with direct charging port support and extended capabilities
08/03/17Polarizing beamsplitter that passes s-polarization and reflects p-polarization
08/03/17Displays with adjustable angles-of-view
08/03/17Power management architecture
08/03/17Device, method, and user interface for processing intensity of touch contacts
08/03/17Selective input signal rejection and modification
08/03/17Multiple controllers for a capacitive sensing device
08/03/17Automated response to and sensing of user activity in portable devices
08/03/17Message user interfaces for capture and transmittal of media and location content
08/03/17Management of peak power consumed by multiple memory devices
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08/03/17System and methods for sending digital images
08/03/17Validating online access to secure device functionality
08/03/17Interaction-aware advertising for minimizing banner blindness
08/03/17Generating synthetic video frames using optical flow
08/03/17Storage element with multiple clock circuits
08/03/17Ground bar for micro-coaxial wires in hdmi cables
08/03/17Quantum dot led and oled integration for high efficiency displays
08/03/17Electronic devices having millimeter wave wireless data transfer capabilities
08/03/17Dual antenna feed clip
08/03/17Noise cancellation
08/03/17Closed loop mimo systems and methods
08/03/17Methods and systems for harq protocols
08/03/17Methods and systems for harq protocols
08/03/17Restrictions on transmissions of control plane data with carrier aggregation
08/03/17Management of profiles in an embedded universal integrated circuit card (euicc)
Patent Packs
08/03/17Method for securing user data with drm keys
08/03/17Cosmetically self-centering removable module tray
08/03/17Portable multifunction device with animated user interface transitions
08/03/17Display of video subtitles
08/03/17Multi-driver acoustic horn for horizontal beam control
08/03/17Mechanically actuated panel acoustic system
08/03/17Voice coil having epoxy-bound winding layers
08/03/17Remotely updating a hearing aid profile
08/03/17Methods and access control client assisted roaming
08/03/17Systems and methods for ofdm channelization
07/27/17Always on compass calibration system and methods
07/27/17Light sensor windows for electronic devices
07/27/17Electronic devices having ventilation systems with antennas
07/27/17Contoured interlock for thin wall sections in ceramic
07/27/17Playlist-only media items
07/27/17Device, method, and graphical user interface for transitioning between display states in response to a gesture
07/27/17List scrolling and document translation, scaling, and rotation on a touch-screen display
07/27/17Sharing extension points to allow an application to share content via a sharing extension
07/27/17Categorization of digital media based on media characteristics
07/27/17Conducting transactions using electronic devices with geographically restricted non-native credentials
07/27/17Document importation into secure element
07/27/17Conducting transactions using electronic devices with non-native credentials
07/27/17Rendering semi-transparent user interface elements
07/27/17Method for representing points of interest in a view of a real environment on a mobile device and mobile device therefor
07/27/17Clock switching in always-on component
07/27/17Button structures for electronic devices
07/27/17Electronic devices with light sensors and displays
07/27/17High-energy cathode active materials for lithium-ion batteries
07/27/17Electronic device having multiband antenna with embedded filter
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07/27/17Clamp circuit for electrical overstress and electrostatic discharge
07/27/17Method and digital undervoltage detection and control
07/27/17Intra-frame prediction systems and methods
07/27/17Method and detecting and connecting to wi-fi networks
07/27/17Electronic devices for receiving pushed data
07/27/17Apparatus and methods for wake-limiting with an inter-device communication link
07/27/17Uplink control channel allocation in a communication system and communicating the allocation
07/20/17Map application with improved search tools
07/20/17Electronic device with contacts flush with housing
07/20/17Scanning depth engine
Patent Packs
07/20/17Realtime audio effects control
07/20/17Continual authorization for secured functions
07/20/17Smart pixel lighting and display microcontroller
07/20/17Dynamic music authoring
07/20/17Multi-layer ceramic capacitors with bottom or side terminations
07/20/17Self shielding coaxial capacitor structures
07/20/17Packaged devices with antennas
07/20/17Active silicon optical bench
07/20/17Correction of unknown audio content
07/20/17Methods and systems for resource allocation
07/20/17Learning device interaction rules
07/20/17In-ear speaker hybrid audio transparency system
07/20/17Quality of service control in multiple hop wireless communication environments
07/20/17Tti bundling for downlink communication
07/20/17Devices and methods for controlling brightness of a display backlight
07/20/17Reduced electrical terminations in surface-mount technology components
07/20/17Electrical component with electrical terminal in wall of shield frame
07/13/17Laser processing of electronic device structures
07/13/17Reference circuit for metrology system
07/13/17Capacitive doe integrity monitor
07/13/17Electronic device displays with laser-welded edges
07/13/17Narrow border touch screen
07/13/17Ground detection for touch sensitive device
07/13/17Devices, methods, and graphical user interfaces for enabling display management of participant devices
07/13/17Workflow widgets
07/13/17Graphical user interface for providing video in a document reader application
07/13/17Dynamic graphical user interface previews
07/13/17Detecting document viewing preferences
07/13/17Containers shared by multiple users of a device
07/13/17Document selection and display based on detected viewer preferences
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07/13/17Embedded authentication systems in an electronic device
07/13/17Shared password protection within applications
07/13/17Log in/log out process for edu mode
07/13/17Switching users and sync bubble for edu mode
07/13/17Systems and methods for managing authority designation and event handling for hierarchical graphical user interfaces
07/13/17Zero fingerprint enrollment system for an electronic device
07/13/17Print orientation of documents based on device sensor output
07/13/17Utilizing a secondary application to render invitational content
07/13/17Battery charging system and mobile and accessory devices
07/13/17Metadata for loudness and dynamic range control
07/13/17Mimo precoding enabling spatial multiplexing, power allocation and adaptive modulation and coding
07/13/17Secure device pairing
07/13/17Methods and apparatus to estimate application data traffic characteristics to condition data communication channels
07/13/17Secure wireless communication between controllers and accessories
07/13/17Credential storage across multiple devices
07/13/17Switching between watches or other accessories
07/13/17Switching between watches or other accessories
07/13/17Bandpass filter with variable passband
07/13/17Illumination computer imagers
07/13/17Antennas for wireless earbuds
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07/13/17Acoustic port with an embedded membrane
07/13/17Neighbor awareness networking multicast support
07/13/17Dynamic connection path detection and selection for wireless controllers and accessories
07/13/17Channel access policy control during wireless communication
07/06/17Strain sensors in an electronic device
07/06/17Tactile switch for an electronic device
07/06/17Component assembly
07/06/17Device, method, and graphical user interface for a radial menu system
07/06/17Multifunction device with integrated search and application selection
07/06/17Presence sensing
07/06/17Variable refresh rate display synchronization
07/06/17Battery pack system
07/06/17Methods and systems for orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (ofdm) multiple zone partitioning
07/06/17Polar loop modulation techniques for wireless communication
07/06/17Dc offset cancelation for wireless communications
07/06/17Station creation
07/06/17Image enhancement and repair using sample data from other images
07/06/17Use of an earpiece acoustic opening as a microphone port for beamforming applications
07/06/17Loudspeaker equalizer
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07/06/17Microspeaker with improved high frequency extension
07/06/17System and restricting mobility in wireless networks
07/06/17Receiver front-end power consumption reduction via linearity and sensitivity adaptation
07/06/17Device category in 3gpp communications
07/06/17Offset control for assembling an electronic device housing
06/29/17Micro pick up array pivot mount
06/29/17Electronic devices having infrared-transparent window coatings
06/29/17User interface having changeable topography
06/29/17User interface having changeable topography
06/29/17Gesture based user interface
06/29/17Device, method, and graphical user interface for integrating recognition of handwriting gestures with a screen reader
06/29/17Using a plurality of buffers to provide audio for synchronized playback to multiple audio devices having separate device clocks
06/29/17Proactive assistance based on dialog communication between devices
06/29/17Method and handling security of an application and its extension
06/29/17Secure factory data generation and restoration
06/29/17Content ranking and serving on a multi-user device or interface
06/29/17Automatic animation generation
06/29/17Better resolution when referencing to concepts
06/29/17Wireless electronic device with radio-frequency sensors
06/29/17Head-mounted display retaining a portable electronic device with display
06/29/17Un-tethered wireless audio system
06/29/17Waveform design for wi-fi time-of-flight estimation
06/29/17Methods and storage and execution of access control clients
06/29/17Location monitoring feature of a mobile device for activating an application subsystem
06/29/17Location-assisted service capability monitoring
06/29/17Master device for using connection attribute of electronic accessories connections to facilitate locating an accessory
06/22/17Ambient light sensor window coatings for electronic devices
06/22/17Testing device for laser illumination systems
06/22/17Light detection and ranging sensor
06/22/17Time-of-flight detector with single-axis scan
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06/22/17Electronic device display with polarizer windows
06/22/17Electronic device optical sensing system with stray light suppression
06/22/17Battery usage tracking user interface
06/22/17System on a chip with always-on processor which reconfigures soc and supports memory-only communication mode
06/22/17Data storage in a multi-level memory device using one-pass programming
06/22/17Music synchronization arrangement
06/22/17Electronic device including movement based artifact removal and related methods
06/22/17Reminder creation for tasks associated with a user event
06/22/17Global approximation to spatially varying tone mapping operators
06/22/17System and user-specified pronunciation of words for speech synthesis and recognition
06/22/17Intelligent text-to-speech conversion
06/22/17Intelligent automated assistant
06/22/17Fabric electronic device housings
06/22/17Vertical interconnects for self shielded system in package (sip) modules
06/22/17Spad array with pixel-level bias control
06/22/17Display light sources with quantum dots
06/22/173d oled substrate and fine metal mask
06/22/17Organic light-emitting diode displays with reduced border area
06/22/17Electronic device with wireless power control system
06/22/17Transmission of symbols in a mimo environment using alamouti based codes
06/22/17Generating a dynamic user interface representing an arbitrary content provider back-end
06/22/17Earphones with ear presence sensors
06/22/17Adding location names using private frequent location data
06/22/17Energy-efficient signal processing
06/22/17Methods and opportunistic radio resource allocation in multi-carrier communication systems
06/22/17Electronic devices with clips
06/22/17Membrane for liquid-resistant devices and methods of making a membrane
06/15/17Shoe wear-out sensor, body-bar sensing system, unitless activity assessment and associated methods
06/15/17Measuring respiration rate with multi-band plethysmography

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