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Apple Inc patents (2009 archive)

Recent patent applications related to Apple Inc. Apple Inc is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Apple Inc may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Apple Inc, we're just tracking patents.

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12/31/09Gui applications for use with 3d remote controller
12/31/09Parallel battery architecture with shared bidirectional converter
12/31/09Location sharing
12/31/09Position fix indicator
12/31/09Semantic reconstruction
12/24/09Brick layout and stackup for a touch screen
12/24/09Momentarily enabled electronic device
12/24/09Heat-transfer mechanism including a liquid-metal thermal coupling
12/24/09In-the-ear porting structures for earbug
12/24/09System and method of data management using a structure to propagate changes to referenced objects
12/24/09Discrete key generation method and apparatus
12/24/09Technique for extracting modifications to a web page
12/17/09Power source switchover apparatus and method
12/17/09System and method for accessing diagnostic information
12/17/09High-yield multi-threading method and apparatus for video encoders/transcoders/decoders with dynamic video reordering and multi-level video coding dependency management
12/17/09Low profile plugs
12/17/09Method and apparatus for prolonging battery life of a media player
12/17/09System and methods for adjusting graphical representations of media files based on previous usage
12/17/09Systems and methods for adjusting playback of media files based on previous usage
12/17/09Systems and methods for adjusting a display based on the user's position
12/10/09Tamper resistant label for detecting device openings
12/10/09Cantilevered push button having multiple contacts and fulcrums
12/10/09Display-pointer visibility
12/10/09Aesthetically pleasing universal dock
12/10/09Outbound transmission of packet based on routing search key constructed from packet destination address and outbound interface
12/10/09Source address based routing process
12/10/09Routing table lookup algorithm employing search key having destination address and interface component
12/10/09Routing table build algorithm for a routing table that uses a search key constructed from packet destination address and outbound interface
12/10/09Adaptive application of entropy coding methods
12/10/09Refresh method and apparatus
12/10/09Method and system for video coder and decoder joint optimization
12/10/09Hybrid playlist
12/10/09User interface for application management for a mobile device
12/10/09Categorization of digital media based on media characteristics
12/10/09Processing a page
12/10/09Device memory management
12/10/09Media content and chat integration
12/10/09Acceleration navigation of media device displays
12/10/09System and method for array obfuscation
12/03/09Power-regulator circuit having two operating modes
12/03/09Context-based error indication methods and apparatus
12/03/09System and method of generating a media package for ingesting into an on-line downloading application
12/03/09Method and system for transferring status information between a media player and an accessory
12/03/09Thermal management techniques in an electronic device
12/03/09Data serialization in a user switching environment
12/03/09Distributing and synchronizing objects
12/03/09Data serialization in a user switching environment
11/26/09Graphical user interface having sound effects for operating control elements and dragging objects
11/26/09Dual purpose ambient light sensor
11/26/09Active enclosure for computing device
11/26/09Method and apparatus for maintaining a battery in a partially charged state
11/26/09Event recorder for portable media device
11/26/09Viscoelastic material for shock protection in an electronic device
11/26/09Small lanyard connector for low profile device
11/26/09Electromagnetic shielding in small-form-factor device
11/26/09Active enclosure for computing device
11/26/09Automatic equalizer adjustment setting for playback of media assets
11/26/09Per thread garbage collection
11/26/09Hot unpluggable media storage device
11/26/09Techniques for transferring status information between an accessory and a multi-communication device
11/19/09Flex circuit with single sided routing and double sided attach
11/19/09Pushing a user interface to a remote device
11/19/09Cursor motion blurring
11/19/09Thermal management of graphics processing units
11/19/09Interleaving charge pumps for programmable memories
11/19/09Interleaving charge pumps for programmable memories
11/19/09Location determination
11/19/09Integrated sensors for tracking performance metrics
11/19/09User interfaces for editing video clips
11/12/09Method and system for discovering a power source on a peripheral bus
11/12/09Audio status information for a portable electronic device
11/12/09Playing data from an optical media drive
11/12/09System and method of authentication
11/12/09System and method of performing authentication
11/12/09Method and apparatus for acquiring and organizing ink information in pen-aware computer systems
11/12/09Map service with network-based query for search
11/12/09Calendar scheduling systems
11/12/09Automated digital media presentations
11/12/09System and method for management and presentation of audiovisual content
11/05/09Controlling battery charging based on current, voltage and temperature
11/05/09Display having a transistor-degradation circuit
11/05/09Multi-touch sensor patterns and stack-ups
11/05/09Mutual capacitance touch sensing device
11/05/09Moire-free touch screen with tilted or curved ito pattern
11/05/09Apparatus and method for calibrating image capture devices
11/05/09Interlocking emi shield
11/05/09Battery assembly for use in an electronic device
11/05/09Mechanism for constraining the movement of an audio jack
11/05/09Echo avoidance in audio time stretching
11/05/09System and method for simplified data transfer
11/05/09System and method for simplified data transfer
11/05/09Copyback optimization for memory system
11/05/09User interface method and apparatus for online interactive gift registry
11/05/09Automatic image cropping
10/29/09Reliability metal traces
10/29/09Switch structures for use on printed circuit boards
10/29/09Systems and methods for determining the configuration of electronic connections
10/29/09Compact ejectable component assemblies in electronic devices
10/29/09Shoe wear-out sensor, body-bar sensing system, unitless activity assessment and associated methods
10/29/09Ground guard for capacitive sensing
10/29/09Technique for visually compositing a group of graphical objects
10/29/09Camera latch
10/29/09Wireless headset with integrated media player
10/29/09Creating a text-editable web page using a word processor
10/22/09Dynamic variation of output media signal in response to input media signal
10/22/09Advertisement in operating system
10/22/09Modifying time associated with digital media items
10/22/09Techniques and systems for supporting podcasting
10/15/09Diffusion-limited adaptive battery charging
10/15/09Display housing for computing device
10/15/09System and method for masking visual compression artifacts in decoded video streams
10/15/09Location determination using formula
10/15/09Adaptive surface concentration battery charging
10/15/09Synchronization of media state across multiple devices
10/15/09Code image personalization for a computing device
10/15/09Widget authoring and editing environment
10/08/09Filter adaptation based on volume setting for certification enhancement in a handheld wireless communications device
10/08/09Audio signal processing for certification enhancement in a handheld wireless communications device
10/08/09Multi band audio compressor dynamic level adjust in a communications device
10/08/09Manipulating electronic backups
10/08/09System and method of authorizing execution of software code based on accessible entitlements
10/01/09Sar adc with dynamic input scaling and offset adjustment
10/01/09Conforming, electro-magnetic interference reducing cover for circuit components
10/01/09Microphone packaging in a mobile communications device
10/01/09Small lanyard connector for low profile device
10/01/09Provisioning mobile devices based on a carrier profile
10/01/09Receiver acoustic system
10/01/09Central dma with arbitrary processing functions
10/01/09Clock control for dma busses
10/01/09System and method of authorizing execution of software code based on a trusted cache
10/01/09System and method of authorizing execution of software code based on at least one installed profile
10/01/09Managing code entitlements for software developers in secure operating environments
10/01/09System and method of authorizing execution of software code in a device based on entitlements granted to a carrier
10/01/09Method and system for controlling power provided to an accessory
09/24/09Anti-phase pulse width modulator
09/24/09Display window securing system
09/24/09System and method for selectively storing and updating primary storage
09/24/09Block based power management
09/17/09Actuator assembly
09/17/09Switchable sensor configurations
09/17/09Packaging for an article
09/17/09Flat panel display including a hinge assembly
09/17/09User interface controls for managing content attributes
09/17/09Systems and methods for testing a peripheral interfacing with a processor according to a mipi protocol
09/17/09Managing user interface control panels
09/17/09Smart task list/life event annotator
09/10/09Acceleration-based theft detection system for portable electronic devices
09/10/09Touch event model for web pages
09/10/09Touch event processing for web pages
09/10/09Touch event model programming interface
09/10/09Language input interface on a device
09/10/09Dynamic viewing of a three dimensional space
09/10/09Handwriting recognition interface on a device
09/10/09Access management
09/10/09Processing invitations and accepting configuration information on a device
09/10/09Automatic configuration of computers in a network
09/10/09Synchronization server process
09/10/09Automatic notification system and process
09/10/09Data synchronization protocol
09/10/09Providing developer access in secure operating environments
09/10/09Multiple dashboards
09/10/09Selecting of text using gestures
09/10/09Touch event model
09/03/09Location determination
09/03/09Interfacing portable media devices and sports equipment
09/03/09Controlling access to a database using database internal and external authorization information
09/03/09System and method of producing user interface information messages
08/27/09Charge recycling for multi-touch controllers
08/27/09Personal items network, and associated methods
08/27/09Simulation of multi-point gestures with a single pointing device
08/27/09Transitional data sets
08/27/09Providing text input using speech data and non-speech data
08/27/09Image scaling arrangement
08/27/09Event-based contact list methods
08/20/09Technique for reducing wasted material on a printed circuit board panel
08/20/09Mounted shock sensor
08/20/09Multi-button mouse
08/20/09Animation using animation effect and trigger element
08/20/09Backward compatible connector system
08/20/09Auto messaging to currently connected caller
08/20/09Method and apparatus for configuring a wireless device through reverse advertising
08/20/09Speakerphone control for mobile device
08/20/09Communication between a media player and an accessory using a protocol with multiple lingoes
08/20/09Power source having a parallel cell topology
08/13/09Embedded die system and method
08/13/09Reducing errors in data by dynamically calibrating trigger point thresholds
08/13/09Motion compensation for screens
08/13/09Method for reducing framebuffer memory accesses
08/13/09Adjusting color attribute of an image in a non-uniform way
08/13/09Reducing errors in data by synchronizing operations with noiseless periods of data transmission
08/13/09Earphone having an articulated acoustic tube
08/13/09Optimization of image processing using multiple processing units
08/13/09Method for using bluetooth module to process non-bluetooth signals
08/13/09Momentary burst protocol for wireless communication
08/13/09Communication between an accessory and a media player with multiple protocol versions
08/13/09Communication between an accessory and a media player with multiple protocol versions
08/13/09Data signal handling circuitry and methods with error analysis capabilities
08/13/09User interfaces for managing image colors
08/13/09Transforming data structures between different programming languages
08/06/09Memory mapping architecture
08/06/09Co-extruded materials and methods
08/06/09Communication between an accessory and a media player with multiple lingoes
08/06/09Memory mapping techniques
08/06/09Memory mapping restore and garbage collection operations
08/06/09Consumer abuse detection system and method
07/30/09Portable power source to provide power to an electronic device via an interface
07/30/09Female receptacle data pin connector
07/30/09Automated portable media device testing system
07/30/09Auto scanning for multiple frequency stimulation multi-touch sensor panels
07/23/09Portable device capable of initiating disengagement from host system
07/23/09Scale-adaptive fonts and graphics
07/23/09Dual-purpose hardware aperture
07/23/09Handheld computing device
07/23/09Microdvi connector
07/23/09Multimedia data transfer for a personal communication device
07/16/09Portable devices having multiple power interfaces
07/16/09Electronic device control based on user gestures applied to a media headset
07/16/09Dynamic input graphic display
07/16/09Connector assembly
07/16/09Mobile network device battery conservation system and methods
07/16/09control of video decoder for reverse playback operation
07/16/09Hypothetical reference decoder
07/16/09Magnetic connector for electronic device
07/16/09Techniques for improved playlist processing on media devices
07/16/09Adaptive navigation system for estimating travel times
07/16/09Remote diagnostic service
07/16/09Accessory validation system
07/16/09Method and apparatus for on demand video and other content rental
07/16/09Remote install assistant
07/16/09Data store and enhanced features for headset of portable media device
07/16/09Memory subsystem hibernation
07/16/09Creating and viewing preview objects
07/16/09User interface for providing consolidation and access
07/16/09Filtering and tailoring multimedia content based on observed user behavior
07/09/09Flexible data cable
07/09/09I/o connectors with extendable faraday cage
07/09/09System and methods for electronic device keyboard illumination
07/09/09Method and system for operating a portable electronic device in a power-limited manner
07/09/09Circuit board arrangements for electronic device input components
07/09/09Motion component dominance factors for motion locking of touch sensor data
07/09/09Touchpad and pick button assembly
07/09/09Image jaggedness filter for determining whether to perform baseline calculations
07/09/09System for coupling interfacing parts
07/09/09Display window securing system
07/09/09Enclosure foot assembly and manufacture
07/09/09Systems and methods for cooling electronic devices using airflow dividers
07/09/09Metal retaining features for handheld electronic device casing
07/09/09Outgoing voice mail recording and playback
07/09/09Detecting stereo and mono headset devices
07/09/09Systems and methods for identifying objects and providing information related to identified objects
07/09/09Personal computing device control using face detection and recognition
07/09/09Illumination systems and methods for computer imagers
07/09/09Input/output connector and housing
07/09/09Data port connector and housing
07/09/09Multiple recipient messaging service for mobile device
07/09/09Methods and apparatus for altering audio output signals
07/09/09Graphical user interface for presenting location information
07/09/09Custom stores
07/09/09Systems, methods and apparatus for providing unread message alerts
07/09/09Abstraction for representing an object irrespective of characteristics of the object
07/09/09Systems and methods for providing pre-populated media devices
07/09/09Method and apparatus for updating and synchronizing information between a client and a server
07/09/09Text-based communication control for personal communication device
07/09/09Content sheet for media player
07/09/09Icon creation on mobile device
07/09/09Specifying language and other preferences for mobile device applications
07/09/09Framework and methods for providing communication services to client applications
07/02/09Methods and systems for providing real-time feedback for karaoke
07/02/09Non-visual control of multi-touch device
07/02/09Tactile feedback in an electronic device
07/02/09Tactile feedback in an electronic device
07/02/09Touch screen rfid tag reader
07/02/09Insertion marker placement on touch sensitive display
07/02/09Multi-touch display screen with localized tactile feedback
07/02/09Selective frame rate display of a 3d object
07/02/09Active electronic media device packaging
07/02/09Transparently routing a telephone call between mobile and voip services
07/02/09Control of electronic device by using a person's fingerprints
07/02/09Systems and methods for monitoring and responding to forces influencing a battery
07/02/09Data format conversion for bluetooth-enabled devices
07/02/09Systems and methods for intelligent and customizable communications between devices
07/02/09User-programmed automated communications
07/02/09Event-based modes for electronic devices
07/02/09Systems and methods for altering speech during cellular phone use
07/02/09Media streams and media store
07/02/09Partial voltage read of memory
07/02/09Techniques for improved playlist processing on media devices
06/25/09Cable termination methods and apparatus
06/25/09Touch pad electrode design
06/25/09Active impact protection mechanism
06/25/09Method and apparatus for providing high speed, low emi switching circuits
06/25/09User input device with expanded functionality
06/25/09Negative pixel compensation
06/25/09Management techniques for video playback
06/25/09Microcontroller clock calibration using data transmission from an accurate third party
06/25/09Handheld computing device
06/25/09Method and apparatus for quickly reanimating devices from hibernation
06/25/09Multi-source web clips
06/18/09Display device control based on integrated ambient light detection and lighting source characteristics
06/18/09Scroll bar with video region in a media system
06/18/09Motion tracking user interface
06/18/09Use of a remote controller z-direction input mechanism in a media system
06/18/09Centering a 3d remote controller in a media system
06/18/09Three-dimensional movie browser or editor
06/18/09Navigation systems and services
06/18/09Scrolling displayed objects using a 3d remote controller in a media system
06/18/09Interactive and dynamic screen saver for use in a media system
06/11/09Storage system for components incorporating a liquid-metal thermal interface
06/11/09Gasket system for liquid-metal thermal interface
06/11/09Use of 8-bit or higher a/d for nand cell value
06/11/09Spray dispensing method for applying liquid metal
06/11/09Method and system for prolonging emergency calls
06/11/09Activity monitoring systems and methods
06/04/09Music synchronization arrangement
06/04/09Communication using light-emitting device
06/04/09Cursor transitions
06/04/09Multi-dimensional scroll wheel
06/04/09Apparatus for air cooling of an electronic device
06/04/09Methods and apparatus for providing holes through portions of a housing of an electronic device
06/04/09Methods and systems for mixing media with communications
06/04/09Ad hoc data storage network
06/04/09Peer-to-peer n-way syncing in decentralized environment
06/04/09Charging of mobile devices
06/04/09Interactive frames for images and videos displayed in a presentation application
05/28/09Display system with distributed led backlight
05/28/09Internal memory mapped external memory interface
05/21/09Method and system for allowing a media player to determine if it supports the capabilities of an accessory
05/14/09In cable micro input devices
05/14/09Method and system for controlling an accessory having a tuner
05/14/09Autonomous thermal management
05/14/09Automatic creation of data relationships
05/14/09Compound fields
05/07/09Mini displayport
05/07/09Media distribution kiosk with virtual connector for interfacing with a personal media device
05/07/09Action representation during slide generation
04/30/09Switched capacitor projection scan multi-touch sensor array
04/30/09Composite laminate having an improved cosmetic surface and method of making same
04/30/09Search control combining classification and text-based searching techniques
04/23/09Invertible ear tips for an ear piece
04/23/09Method and system for entropy coding
04/23/09Rate control for video coder employing adaptive linear regression bits modeling
04/23/09Dynamic management of multiple persistent data stores
04/23/09Grouping tables
04/23/09Method and apparatus for relocating an active file system journal
04/23/09Acoustic noise reduction in power supply inductors
04/23/09Web browser audio controls
04/16/09Activation of cryptographically paired device
04/16/09Entropy codec with variable divisor
04/16/09Hard disk drive with vibration isolators located at mounting points
04/16/09Led backlight for display systems
04/16/09Representing high-resolution media content in a lower resolution system
04/16/09Systems and methods for managing memory core surface
04/16/09Cache management
04/16/09Framework for dynamic configuration of hardware resources
04/16/09Variable device graphical user interface
04/09/09Shaping a cover glass
04/09/09Device identification via serial communication link
04/09/09Single-layer touch-sensitive display
04/09/09Methods and apparatus for providing holes through portions of a housing
04/09/09Method and apparatus for providing link-local ipv4 addressing across multiple interfaces of a network node
04/09/09Power saving decoder architecture
04/09/09Answering video chat requests
04/09/09Reducing annoyance by managing the acoustic noise produced by a device
04/09/09Managing acoustic noise produced by a device
04/02/09Security using electronic devices
04/02/09Movement-based interfaces for personal media device
04/02/09Varying user interface element based on movement
04/02/09Accelerated cached object retrieval
03/26/09Method of manufacturing an electronic device with a unitary outer body
03/26/09Cosmetic dome switch
03/26/09Bottom actuated switch
03/26/09Switching between graphics sources to facilitate power management and/or security
03/26/09Deep pixel display and data format
03/26/09Media player with acceleration protection
03/26/09Systems and methods for providing a trimless electronic device port
03/26/09Intelligent restriction of device operations
03/26/09Zero-gap playback using predictive mixing
03/26/09Accessory authentication for electronic devices
03/26/09Embedded authentication systems in an electronic device
03/26/09Embedded authentication systems in an electronic device
03/19/09Device having cover with integrally formed sensor
03/19/09Electronic communication messaging
03/19/09Methods and apparatus for bridged data transmission and protocol translation in a high-speed serialized data system
03/19/09Input methods for device having multi-language environment
03/12/09Simulating several instruments using a single virtual instrument
03/12/09Association of virtual controls with physical controls
03/12/09Visual responses to a physical input in a media application
03/12/09Gui applications for use with 3d remote controller
03/12/09Gui applications for use with 3d remote controller
03/12/09Stiffening plate for circuit board and switch assembly
03/12/09Assembly of a handheld electronic device
03/12/09User interface for mixing sounds in a media application
03/12/09Connector system
03/12/09Patch time out for use in a media application
03/12/09Escrow service for providing licensed digital content
03/12/09Graphical representation of assets stored on a portable media device
03/12/09Advanced import/export panel notifications using a presentation application
03/05/09Armband for holding an electronic device
03/05/09Constant calibration
03/05/09Compact input device
03/05/09Fluid motion user interface control
03/05/09Editing interface
03/05/09Video chapter access and license renewal
03/05/09Virtual keyboards in multi-language environment
03/05/09Devices and methods for controlling a display to conserve power
03/05/09Image animation with transitional images
03/05/09Dynamically reconfigurable graphics layer system and method
03/05/09Anti-aliasing of a graphical object
03/05/09Assembly of a handheld electronic device
03/05/09Assembly of an electronic device
03/05/09Protocol for remote user interface for portable media device with dynamic playlist management
03/05/09Devices and systems for outputting contextual information about an event for which an alarm is set on an electronic device
03/05/09Protocol for remote user interface for portable media device with database navigation history
03/05/09Image foreground extraction using a presentation application
03/05/09Synchronizing digital audio and analog video from a portable media device
03/05/09Display of video subtitles
03/05/09Method and apparatus for providing seamless resumption of video playback
03/05/09Smart cables
03/05/09Carrier configuration at activation
03/05/09Modifying media files
03/05/09Protocol for remote user interface for portable media device
03/05/09Dynamic presentation of location-specific information
03/05/09Auto-tagging of aliases
03/05/09Synchronization and transfer of digital media items
03/05/09Low power digital interface
03/05/09Smart dock for chaining accessories
03/05/09User influenced loading sequence
03/05/09Managing purgeable memory objects using purge groups
03/05/09Font preloading
03/05/09Navigation systems and methods
03/05/09Advanced playlist creation
03/05/09Generating a playlist using metadata tags
03/05/09Method and apparatus for playback of multi-part media content
03/05/09Animation of graphical objects
03/05/09Opaque views for graphical user interfaces
03/05/09User interface elements cloning and transitions
03/05/09Scrolling techniques for user interfaces
03/05/09Configuration of device settings
03/05/09List item layouts system and method
03/05/09Method and apparatus for providing a user with dynamic sync status
03/05/09Application menu user interface
03/05/09Graphical user interface with location-specific interface elements
03/05/09Configuring software stacks
03/05/09Support layer for enabling same accessory support across multiple platforms
02/26/09Laminated display window and device incorporating same
02/26/09Display heat distribution system
02/19/09Thermal contact arrangement
02/19/09Systems and methods for verifying the authenticity of a remote device
02/05/09Battery charging system and mobile and accessory devices
02/05/09Host machines for battery charging system
02/05/09Method and apparatus for adjusting pixel values
02/05/09Intelligent universal rechargeable batteries for battery charging system for mobile and accessory devices
02/05/09User configurable quick groups
02/05/09Method and apparatus to generate a media presentation
02/05/09Client-server opaque token passing apparatus and method
02/05/09Apparatus and method for handling special windows in a display

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