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Apple Inc patents (2010 archive)

Recent patent applications related to Apple Inc. Apple Inc is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Apple Inc may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Apple Inc, we're just tracking patents.

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12/30/10Portable power source to provide power to an electronic device via an interface
12/30/10Ready 2 go
12/30/10Playback control using a touch interface
12/30/10Virtual graphics device driver
12/30/10Multicolor lighting system
12/30/10Multicolor light emitting diodes
12/30/10Analyzing and consolidating track file data
12/30/10Social networking in shopping environments
12/30/10Systems, methods, and computer-readable media for community review of items in an electronic store
12/30/10Interleaving policies for flash memory
12/23/10Personal media device docking station having an accessory device detector
12/23/10Display simulation system and method
12/23/10Edge-lit backlight unit with thin profile
12/23/10Arbitrary-resolution, extreme-quality video codec
12/23/10Search algorithms for using related decode and display timelines
12/23/10Push-based location update
12/23/10Running-min and running-max instructions for processing vectors
12/23/10Vector test instruction for processing vectors
12/23/10Non-faulting and first-faulting instructions for processing vectors
12/16/10Hybrid button
12/16/10Fiber-based electronic device structures
12/16/10Method and apparatus for surface contour mapping
12/16/10Design driven scanning alignment for complex shapes
12/16/10User interface for media playback
12/16/10Morphing between views of data
12/16/10User interface for media playback
12/16/10Devices with profile-based operating mode controls
12/09/10Accuracy indications for an electronic compass in a portable device
12/09/10Magnetometer accuracy and use
12/09/10Pulse width modulation (pwm) closed loop led current driver in an embedded system
12/09/10Method and system for charging a series battery
12/09/10Efficiently embedding information onto a keyboard membrane
12/09/10Camera image selection based on detected device movement
12/09/10Skin tone aware color boost for cameras
12/09/10Chroma noise reduction for cameras
12/09/10Radially-based chroma noise reduction for cameras
12/09/10Automatic tone mapping for cameras
12/09/10Image acquisition and transcoding system
12/09/10Video processing for masking coding artifacts using dynamic noise maps
12/09/10Image acquisition and encoding system
12/09/10Battery pack and connector
12/09/10Audio plug with core structural member
12/09/10Calibration techniques for an electronic compass in a portable device
12/09/10Dynamic compass calibration in a portable device
12/09/10Restoring and storing magnetometer calibration data
12/09/10Automatically identifying geographic direction
12/09/10Contextual voice commands
12/09/10File creation api
12/09/10Installing applications based on a seed application from a separate device
12/09/10Consumer abuse detection system and method
12/09/10Low power peer detection circuit
12/09/10Io latency reduction
12/09/10Accessory communication with a media player using a display remote lingo
12/09/10Media player communication with an accessory using a display remote lingo
12/09/10Secure software installation
12/09/10Progress indicator for loading dynamically-sized contents
12/09/10Managing securely installed applications
12/09/10Method and apparatus for implementing atomic fifo
12/02/10White point adjustment for multicolor keyboard backlight
12/02/10Dome array for use with a switch
12/02/10Light source with light sensor
12/02/10Keyboard with increased control of backlit keys
12/02/10Enhancing images using known characteristics of image subjects
12/02/10Rotation smoothing of a user interface
12/02/10Systems and methods for previewing newly captured image content and reviewing previously stored image content
12/02/10Image sensor with photosensitive thin film transistors and dark current compensation
12/02/10On-hold call monitoring systems and methods
12/02/10Radio receiver
12/02/10Space & time based device customization
12/02/10Hash function using a cue sports game process
12/02/10Hash function using a cue sports game process
12/02/10Hash function using a roulette game process
12/02/10Search filtering based on expected future time and location
12/02/10Systems and methods for accessing cruise services using a portable electronic device
12/02/10Computer implemented masked representation of data tables
12/02/10Hash function using a card shuffling process
12/02/10Method for creating, exporting, sharing, and installing graphics functional blocks
12/02/10User interface behaviors for input device with individually controlled illuminated input elements
12/02/10Graphical representation of out-of-bound image selection
12/02/10Red-eye reduction using facial detection
12/02/10Framework for designing physics-based graphical user interface
11/25/10Streaming server administration protocol
11/25/10Wide area peer-to-peer synching in a decentralized environment
11/25/10Systems and methods for adjusting signaling properties based on cable attributes
11/25/10Server computer issued credential authentication
11/18/10Reinforced device housing
11/18/10Input device with optimized capacitive sensing
11/18/10Memory management based on automatic full-screen detection
11/18/10Pushing a user interface to a remote device
11/11/10Media player with machined window undercut and transparent wall disposed therein
11/11/10Light sensing device having a color sensor and a clear sensor for infrared rejection
11/11/10Remote control signal learning and processing by a host device and accessory
11/11/10Automatic synthesis of font tables for character layout
11/11/10Transfer of multiple microphone signals to an audio host device
11/11/10Communicating radio presets between a portable media player and an accessory
11/11/10Partial page operations for non-volatile memory systems
11/11/10Multipage preparation commands for non-volatile memory systems
11/11/10Low latency read operation for managed non-volatile memory
11/11/10User interface presentation of information in reconfigured or overlapping containers
11/11/10Mirrored file system
11/04/10Portable electronic device having automatic low temperature battery charging capability
11/04/10Directional touch remote
11/04/10Led selection for white point control in backlights
11/04/10Image capture device to minimize the effect of device movement
11/04/10Folded flex assembly for personal media device
11/04/10Embedded access information for digital versatile disc (dvd) independent of dvd player software
11/04/10Remotely locating and commanding a mobile device
11/04/10Remotely locating and commanding a mobile device
11/04/10Remotely locating and commanding a mobile device
11/04/10Interactive gaming with co-located, networked direction and location aware devices
11/04/10Systems, methods, and computer-readable media for fertilizing machine-executable code
11/04/10Three state icon for operations
10/28/10Method and apparatus for providing high speed, low emi switching circuits
10/28/10System and method for raw image processing
10/28/10Microperforated and backlit displays having alternative display capabilities
10/28/10Multi-connector assembly
10/28/10Apparatus and methods for connecting two electrical devices together
10/28/10Nitriding stainless steel for consumer electronic products
10/21/10Staggered line inversion and power reduction system and method for lcd panels
10/21/10Support tabs for protecting a circuit board from applied forces
10/21/10Systems and methods for providing a trimless electronic device port
10/21/10Identifying radio stations of interest based on preference information
10/21/10Seamless switching between radio and local media
10/21/10Systems and methods for operating a disk drive
10/21/10Method for dynamically generating a "table of contents" view of the html-based information system
10/21/10Accessing radio content from a non-radio source
10/14/10Display color correcting system
10/07/10Brightness control of a status indicator light
10/07/10Brightness control of a status indicator light
10/07/10System for coupling interfacing parts
10/07/10Configurable offline data store
10/07/10Time synchronization of multiple time-based data streams with independent clocks
09/30/10Temperature based white point control in backlights
09/30/10Lcd electrode arrangement
09/30/10White point control in backlights
09/30/10Aging based white point control in backlights
09/30/10Virtual input tools
09/30/10Lcd panel having improved response
09/30/10Method and apparatus for distributing a thermal interface material
09/30/10Blind noise analysis for video compression
09/30/10Restore filter for restoring preprocessed video image
09/30/10Dynamic audio parameter adjustment using touch sensing
09/30/10Configurable offline data store
09/30/10Interface navigation tools
09/30/10List item layouts system and method
09/23/10Systems, methods, and devices for flash exposure control using preflash statistics
09/23/10Electronic device having a camera flash redirector
09/23/10Audio jack with pogo pins for conductive contacts
09/23/10Method and apparatus for mediating among media applications
09/23/10System and method for passive detection and context sensitive notification of upgrade availability for computer information
09/23/10Widget security
09/16/10Accessory identification for mobile computing devices
09/16/10Zhuyin input interface on a device
09/16/10Detecting and processing button press events for performing electronic device operations
09/16/10Intelligent clip mixing
09/16/10Accessory and mobile computing device communication using an application communication protocol
09/16/10Accessory transceiver for mobile devices
09/16/10Accessory identification for mobile computing devices
09/16/10Automatic identification of compatible applications and accessories
09/16/10Accessory and mobile computing device communication using an application communication protocol
09/16/10Application communication with external accessories
09/16/10Connection to multiple accessories with multiple accessory-specific protocols
09/16/10Efficient service discovery for peer-to-peer networking devices
09/16/10Mobile computing device capabilities for accessories
09/16/10Accessory interface to portable media device using sessions
09/16/10Multi-core processor snoop filtering
09/16/10Motion sensor data processing using various power management modes
09/16/10Method and apparatus for implementing a sleep proxy for services on a network
09/16/10Remote access to advanced playlist features of a media player
09/16/10Content abstraction presentation along a multidimensional path
09/09/10Systems and methods for determining the language to use for speech generated by a text to speech engine
09/09/10Methods and apparatus for shielding circuitry from interference
09/09/10Systems and methods for providing protection circuitry to selectively handle multiple cable-types through the same port
09/09/10Magnet array for coupling and aligning an accessory to an electronic device
09/09/10Systems and methods for centering a photograph without viewing a preview of the photograph
09/09/10Robust single-pass variable bit rate encoding
09/09/10Remote messaging for mobile communication device and accessory
09/09/10Push notification service
09/09/10Duplex audio for mobile communication device and accessory
09/09/10Community playlist management
09/09/10Caching performance optimization
09/09/10Data whitening for writing and reading data to and from a non-volatile memory
09/09/10Graphical representations of music using varying levels of detail
09/09/10Audio preview of music
09/09/10Workflow widgets
09/09/10Graphical representation of elements based on multiple attributes
09/02/10Track for improved video compression
09/02/10Data synchronization protocol
09/02/10Object-aware transitions
09/02/10Remotely defining a user interface for a handheld device
09/02/10Method and user interface for accessing groups of media assets
08/26/10Systems and methods for providing a system-on-a-substrate
08/26/10System and method for processing graphics operations with graphics processing unit
08/26/10Audio jack with included microphone
08/26/10Minimization of false trigger in a mobile electronic system
08/26/10Using a calculation expression to define and control access rights for records in a database
08/19/10Systems and methods for identifying unauthorized users of an electronic device
08/19/10System and method for situational location relevant invocable speed reference
08/19/10Electrodes for use in displays
08/19/10Placement and shape of electrodes for use in displays
08/19/10Undulating electrodes for improved viewing angle and color shift
08/19/10Lcd pixel design varying by color
08/19/10Via design for use in displays
08/19/10Advanced pixel design for optimized driving
08/19/10Pseudo multi-domain design for improved viewing angle and color shift
08/19/10Lcd temporal and spatial dithering
08/19/10Auto focus speed enhancement using object recognition and resolution
08/19/10Lcd panel with index-matching passivation layers
08/19/10Pixel black mask design and formation technique
08/19/10Dynamic audio ducking
08/19/10Management of user interface elements in a display environment
08/19/10Sticky functionality
08/12/10Active enclosure for computing device
08/12/10Communicating location information between a portable device and an accessory
08/12/10User interface for controlling animation of an object
08/12/10Method and system for approximating graphic equalizers using dynamic filter order reduction
08/12/10Automatically generating a book describing a user's videogame performance
08/12/10Self-test power management unit
08/12/10Method and system for operating a portable electronic device in a power-limited manner
08/12/10Wireless home and office appliance management and integration
08/12/10Portable media playback device including user interface event passthrough to non-media-playback processing
08/05/10Handheld computing device
08/05/10User interface for controlling animation of an object
08/05/10Subject illumination for image capture on a mobile device
08/05/10Systems and methods for providing automated workout reminders
08/05/10Audio user interface for displayless electronic device
08/05/10Systems and methods for integrating a portable electronic device with a bicycle
08/05/10Systems and methods for accessing shopping center services using a portable electronic device
08/05/10method and system using reusable state information for synchronization and maintenance of data
08/05/10Sensor derived authentication for establishing peer-to-peer networks
08/05/10Code execution visualization using software fingerprinting
07/29/10Music synchronization arrangement
07/29/10Methods and apparatuses for operating a portable device based on an accelerometer
07/29/10Three dimensional navigation using deterministic movement of an electronic device
07/29/10X-ray tool for 3d ultrasound
07/29/10Systems and methods for the graphical representation of the workout effectiveness of a playlist
07/29/10Workflows for color correcting images
07/29/10Systems and methods for navigating a scene using deterministic movement of an electronic device
07/29/10Generating a three-dimensional model using a portable electronic device recording
07/29/10Universal docking station for hand-held electronic devices
07/29/10Blurring based content recognizer
07/29/10Systems and methods for accessing travel services using a portable electronic device
07/29/10Methods and apparatuses for operating a portable device based on an accelerometer
07/29/10Systems and methods for accessing hotel services using a portable electronic device
07/29/10Systems and methods for providing enhanced access to high fashion using a portable electronic device
07/29/10Systems and methods for providing a virtual fashion closet
07/29/10Selection of an appropriate online content source based on program information
07/29/10Method and system for verifying entitlement to access content by url validation
07/22/10Power converters having varied switching frequencies
07/22/10Contactless plug detect mechanism
07/22/10Audio player with monophonic mode control
07/22/10Advertisement in operating system
07/22/10Method and apparatus for displaying information during an instant messaging session
07/22/10Rendering icons along a multidimensional path having a terminus position
07/15/10Methods and apparatuses for docking a portable electronic device that has a planar like configuration and that operates in multiple orientations
07/15/10Dynamic real-time playback
07/15/10Systems and methods for customizing radio presets
07/15/10Serial pass-through device
07/08/10Organizing digital images based on locations of capture
07/08/10Organizing images by correlating faces
07/08/10Organizing images by correlating faces
07/08/10Distinguishing between faces and non-faces
07/08/10Cross-transport authentication
07/08/10System and method for providing content associated with a product or service
07/01/10Music instruction system
07/01/10Method and system for music instruction files
07/01/10Timing controller capable of switching between graphics processing units
07/01/10Switch for graphics processing units
07/01/10Display system with improved graphics abilities while switching graphics processing units
07/01/10Timing controller for graphics system
07/01/10Opponent color detail enhancement for saturated colors
07/01/10Embedded camera with privacy filter
07/01/10Reducing optical effects in a display
07/01/10Universal serial bus plug and receptacle coupling arrangements
07/01/10System for constraining an audio plug within an electronic device
07/01/10Multimedia display based on audio and visual complexity
07/01/10Content-based audio comparisons
07/01/10Effects application based on object clustering
07/01/10Host configured for interoperation with coupled portable media player device
07/01/10Audio processing interface
07/01/10Light table for editing digital media
07/01/10Slide show effects style
07/01/10Remote control of a presentation
07/01/10Remote slide presentation
07/01/10Framework for slideshow object
06/24/10Battery charging system for mobile and accessory device
06/24/10Multi touch with multi haptics
06/24/10Two levels of voltage regulation supplied for logic and data programming voltage of a memory device
06/24/10Architecture for address mapping of managed non-volatile memory
06/24/10Reporting flash memory operating voltages
06/24/10User interface tools
06/17/10Handheld computing device
06/17/10Systems and methods for insert-molding
06/17/10Integrated contact switch and touch sensor elements
06/17/10Housing of an electronic device formed by doubleshot injection molding
06/17/10Video coding system using sub-channels and constrained prediction references to protect against data transmission errors
06/17/10Digital radio tagging using an rf tuner accessory
06/17/10Smart garment
06/17/10System and method for authentication using a shared table and sorting exponentiation
06/17/10Optimized storage of function variables
06/17/10Variable type knowledge based call specialization
06/17/10Converting javascript into a device-independent representation
06/17/10Delayed insertion of safepoint-related code
06/17/10Deferred constant pool generation
06/10/10Technique for reducing wasted material on a printed circuit board panel
06/10/10Stiffening plate for circuit board and switch assembly
06/10/10Adaptive method for acquiring color measurements
06/10/10Cold worked metal housing for a portable electronic device
06/10/10Electrical components coupled to circuit boards
06/10/10Crossfading of audio signals
06/10/10Battery gas gauge reset mechanism
06/10/10Ambient noise based augmentation of media playback
06/03/10Apparatus for air cooling of an electronic device
06/03/10System and method for authentication based on particle gun emissions
06/03/10Text flow in and around irregular containers
05/27/10Detecting the repositioning of an earphone using a microphone and associated action
05/27/10Stabilizing directional audio input from a moving microphone array
05/27/10Tagging media assets, locations, and advertisements
05/27/10Recapping media content
05/20/10System and method for capturing remote control device command signals
05/20/10Techniques for manipulating panoramas
05/20/10Graphic control for directional audio input
05/20/10System and method for capturing remote control device command signals
05/20/10Ordering a playlist based on media popularity
05/20/10System and method for providing contextual advertisements according to dynamic pricing scheme
05/13/10Pulse-width modulation control for backlighting of a video display
05/13/10Water detection arrangement
05/13/10System and method for compressing a stream of integer-valued data
05/13/10Object-aware transitions
05/13/10Three-dimensional display system
05/13/10Image capture using display device as light source
05/13/10display that emits circularly-polarized light
05/13/10Docking station for hand held electronic devices
05/13/10Video spoiler alert
05/13/10Carbon composite mold design
05/13/10Location specific content
05/13/10Audio sampling and acquisition system
05/13/10Preview of next media object to play
05/13/10Secure authentication for accessing remote resources
05/06/10Look-ahead system and method for pan and zoom detection in video sequences
05/06/10Aggregate and parallelizable hash function
05/06/10Computations of power functions using polynomial approximations
05/06/10Cold headed electric plug arm
05/06/10Seamlessly embedded heart rate monitor
05/06/10Handheld computing device
05/06/10Hash functions using recurrency and arithmetic
05/06/10System and method for derivating deterministic binary values
05/06/10System and method for obfuscating constants in a computer program
05/06/10Multidimensional widgets
04/29/10Hybrid low power computer mouse
04/29/10Disappearing button or slider
04/29/10Graphics controllers with increased thermal management granularity
04/29/10System and method for rendering ambient light affected appearing imagery based on sensed ambient lighting
04/29/10Thermal spray coating for seamless and radio-transparent electronic device housing
04/29/10N-way synchronization of data
04/29/10Method and system for controlling video selection and playback in a portable media player
04/29/10Software performance analysis using data mining
04/22/10System and method for stream/block cipher with internal random states
04/22/10System and method for a derivation function for key per page
04/22/10Blur computation algorithm
04/22/10Efficient techniques for modifying audio playback rates
04/22/10Scheme for authenticating without password exchange
04/15/10Subtractive display
04/15/10Color correction of electronic displays
04/15/10Frame synchronization of pulse-width modulated backlights
04/15/10Methods and systems for reducing power consumption
04/15/10Method for estimating temperature at a critical point
04/15/10Remote control systems that can distinguish stray light sources
04/15/10Enhancing online shopping atmosphere
04/15/10Method and apparatus for performing type-aware change tracking in a document
04/15/10Media list management
04/15/10Defining spreadsheet functions
04/15/10Shared comments for online document collaboration
04/15/10Portable media device with workout support
04/08/10Methods and apparatus for charging a battery in a peripheral device
04/08/10Use of on-chip frame buffer to improve lcd response time by overdriving
04/08/10Quality metrics for coded video using just noticeable difference models
04/08/10Electromagnetic connector for electronic device
04/08/10Reduced size multi-pin male plug connector
04/08/10Reduced size multi-pin female receptacle connector
04/08/10Male plug connector
04/08/10Email notification proxy
04/08/10Component retention mechanism
04/01/10System and method for processing peer-to-peer financial transactions
04/01/10Group peer-to-peer financial transactions
04/01/10Custom content gift cards
04/01/10System and method for transportation check-in
04/01/10Hidden sensors in an electronic device
04/01/10Low noise external enable switcher control signal using on-chip switcher
04/01/10Haptic feedback system
04/01/10Method and apparatus for compressing and decompressing data
04/01/10Method and apparatus for compressing and decompressing data
04/01/10Head-mounted display apparatus for retaining a portable electronic device with display
04/01/10Touch detection for touch input devices
04/01/10Movable track pad with added functionality
04/01/10Spatial ambient light profiling
04/01/10Displayport sleep behavior
04/01/10Method for reducing graphics rendering failures
04/01/10System and method for rendering dynamic three-dimensional appearing imagery on a two-dimensional user interface
04/01/10Computer systems and methods with projected display
04/01/10Displayport control and data registers
04/01/10Power savings technique for lcd using increased frame inversion rate
04/01/10Portable computing system with a secondary image output
04/01/10Dichroic aperture for electronic imaging device
04/01/10Ultrasonic bonding of discrete plastic parts to metal
04/01/10Power supply with zero power consumption capability
04/01/10Automatic detection of channel bandwidth
04/01/10Wi-fi broadcast of links
04/01/10Synchronizing video with audio beats
04/01/10Magnetic connector with optical signal path
04/01/10Method of assembling integrated circuit components
04/01/10System and method for simplified control of electronic devices
04/01/10Peer-to-peer host station
04/01/10Multiple microphone switching and configuration
04/01/10Accessory for playing games with a portable electronic device
04/01/10System and method for placeshifting media playback
04/01/10Systems and methods for mapping phonemes for text to speech synthesis
04/01/10Systems and methods for speech preprocessing in text to speech synthesis
04/01/10Systems and methods of detecting language and natural language strings for text to speech synthesis
04/01/10Systems and methods for text to speech synthesis
04/01/10Systems and methods for concatenation of words in text to speech synthesis
04/01/10Systems and methods for text normalization for text to speech synthesis
04/01/10Systems and methods for selective text to speech synthesis
04/01/10Reward system for managing a digital workflow
04/01/10Portable point of purchase user interfaces
04/01/10Smart menu options
04/01/10On-the-go shopping list
04/01/10Media gifting devices and methods
04/01/10Real-time bargain hunting
04/01/10Peer-to-peer financial transaction devices and methods
04/01/10Portable point of purchase devices and methods
04/01/10System and method for processing media gifts
04/01/10Systems and methods for secure wireless transactions
04/01/10System and method for providing electronic event tickets
04/01/10System and method for placeshifting media playback
04/01/10System and method for categorizing digital media according to calendar events
04/01/10Multiple searching in a web browser interface
04/01/10Methods and systems for providing easy access to information and for sharing services
04/01/10Collaborative playlist management
04/01/10Trickle sync protocol
04/01/10System and method for simplified resource sharing
04/01/10Device-to-device workflows
04/01/10Data filtering using central dma mechanism
04/01/10Displayport i2c speed control
04/01/10Negotiation between multiple processing units for switch mitigation
04/01/10Inter-processor communication channel including power-down functionality
04/01/10Formula display and search
04/01/10Whole table referencing
04/01/10Multi-level naming of grouped data
04/01/10Locking spreadsheet cells
04/01/10Compressed table format
04/01/10Providing spreadsheet features
04/01/10Rendering common cell formatting for adjacent cells
04/01/10Defining custom formats
04/01/10Token representation of references and function arguments
04/01/10Context sensitive computations
04/01/10Dynamic text escaping
04/01/10Dynamic schema creation
04/01/10Visualizing content positioning within a document using layers
04/01/10Zoom indication for stabilizing unstable video clips
04/01/10System and method for scaling up an image of an article displayed on a sales promotion web page
04/01/10Natural language based filtering
04/01/10Feed for enhanced web browsing
04/01/10Visual presentation of multiple internet pages
04/01/10Selective grouping and manipulation of chart components
04/01/10Computer user interface system and methods
04/01/10Access control to content published by a host
04/01/10Phishing shield
04/01/10Systems and methods for selective rate of speech and speech preferences for text to speech synthesis
03/25/10Ambient light sensor with reduced sensitivity to noise from infrared sources
03/25/10Synchronizing timing domains based on state variables
03/25/10Using vibration to determine the motion of an input device
03/25/10Capacitive sensor having electrodes arranged on the substrate and the flex circuit
03/25/10Display having a plurality of driver integrated circuits
03/25/10Display with reduced parasitic effects
03/25/10Image capture using separate luminance and chrominance sensors
03/25/10External light illumination of display screens
03/25/10Frequency-agile infrared receiver
03/25/10Media device with enhanced data retrieval feature
03/25/10Accessory device authentication
03/25/10Systems, methods, and devices for associating a contact identifier with a broadcast source
03/25/10Systems, methods, and devices for retrieving local broadcast source presets
03/25/10Systems, methods, and devices for providing broadcast media from a selected source
03/25/10System and method for playlist generation based on similarity data
03/25/10System and method for playlist generation based on similarity data
03/25/10System and method for playlist generation based on similarity data
03/25/10Generating predicate values based on conditional data dependency in vector processors
03/25/10Generating stop indicators based on conditional data dependency in vector processors
03/25/10Conditional data-dependency resolution in vector processors
03/25/10Bit-error rate tester with pattern generation
03/25/10Dynamically changing appearances for user interface elements during drag-and-drop operations
03/25/10Indicating input focus by showing focus transitions
03/18/10Using measurement of lateral force for a tracking input device
03/18/10Force sensing for fine tracking control of mouse cursor
03/18/10Multimedia data transfer for a personal communication device
03/18/10Group formation using anonymous broadcast information
03/18/10Maintenance operations for multi-level data storage cells
03/18/10Dynamic cell bit resolution
03/18/10Maintenance operations for multi-level data storage cells
03/18/10Preserving the structure of a list in a document while displaying an outline view of the document
03/18/10Method and apparatus for displaying images in an outline view of a document
03/18/10Method and apparatus for providing an application canvas framework
03/18/10Selecting an item of content in a graphical user interface for a portable computing device
03/18/10Template skimming preview
03/18/10System and method for playlist generation based on similarity data
03/18/10Systems and methods for monitoring and responding to forces influencing a battery
03/11/10Bandwidth enhancement for a touch sensor panel
03/11/10Single-chip multi-stimulus sensor controller
03/11/10Curved surface input device with normalized capacitive sensing
03/11/10Methods and apparatus for incremental prediction of input device motion
03/11/10Phase compensation for multi-stimulus controller
03/11/10Correction of parasitic capacitance effect in touch sensor panels
03/11/10Arbitrary fractional pixel movement
03/11/10Angularly dependent display optimized for multiple viewing angles
03/11/10Projection systems and methods
03/11/10Methods and apparatus for color uniformity
03/11/10Electronic device assembly
03/11/10Handheld computing device
03/11/10Handheld computing device
03/11/10Method and apparatus for depth sensing keystoning
03/11/10Dock with flippable connector
03/11/10Low profile plug receptacle
03/11/10Real-time interaction with a virtual competitor while performing an exercise routine
03/11/10Method for quickstart workout generation and calibration
03/11/10Exercise device
03/11/10Multi-tiered voice feedback in an electronic device
03/11/10Systems and methods for memory management and crossfading in an electronic device
03/11/10Portable browsing interface for information retrieval
03/11/10Radio with personal dj
03/11/10Providing substantially immediate action in response to input event
03/11/10Memory management system and method
03/11/10Audio user interface
03/11/10Object-aware transitions
03/11/10Object-aware transitions
03/11/10Contextual menus in an electronic device
03/04/10Methods and apparatus for cooling electronic devices using thermoelectric cooling components
03/04/10Methods and apparatus for cooling electronic devices using flow sensors
03/04/10Systems and methods for saving and restoring scenes in a multimedia system
03/04/10Intelligent infrared remote pairing
03/04/10Methods and apparatus for cooling electronic devices through user interfaces
03/04/10Methods and apparatus for cooling electronic devices using thermally conductive hinge assemblies
03/04/10Remote control of electronic devices
03/04/10System and method for modulus obfuscation
03/04/10Systems and methods for implementing block cipher algorithms on attacker-controlled systems
03/04/10Techniques for customizing control of volume level in device playback
03/04/10Image scaling arrangement
03/04/10Remote control of electronic devices
03/04/10System and method for video insertion into media stream or file
03/04/10Type a usb receptacle with plug detection
03/04/10Running-shift instructions for processing vectors
03/04/10Dynamic control of list navigation based on list item properties
03/04/10Omnidirectional gesture detection
03/04/10System and method for branch extraction obfuscation
03/04/10System and method for conditional expansion obfuscation
03/04/10System and method for revising boolean and arithmetic operations
02/25/10Flexible shielded cable
02/25/10Shape detecting input device
02/25/10Method and apparatus for analyzing circuit operations
02/25/10Adjustment of acoustic properties based on proximity detection
02/25/10Multiple-use acoustic port
02/25/10Method and system for transferring stored data between a media player and an accessory
02/25/10Synching data
02/25/10Automatic configuration information generation for distributed computing environment
02/25/10Personalized streaming digital content
02/25/10Running-sum instructions for processing vectors
02/25/10Running-and, running-or, running-xor, and running-multiply instructions for processing vectors
02/18/10Rotatable input device
02/18/10Hybrid inertial and touch sensing input device
02/18/10Apparatus and method for compensating for variations in digital cameras
02/18/10Unified settings for multiple account types
02/18/10Motion plane correction for mems-based input devices
02/18/10Check-hazard instructions for processing vectors
02/18/10Increment-propagate and decrement-propagate instructions for processing vectors
02/18/10Method and apparatus for executing program code
02/18/10Break, pre-break, and remaining instructions for processing vectors
02/18/10Shift-in-right instructions for processing vectors
02/18/10Copy-propagate, propagate-post, and propagate-prior instructions for processing vectors
02/18/10Dynamic control of device state based on detected environment
02/18/10Device testing method and architecture
02/18/10Write failure handling of mlc nand
02/18/10Customizable, dynamic and on-demand database-informer for relational databases
02/18/10Theme-based slideshows
02/18/10Motion based input selection
02/11/10Armband for holding an electronic device
02/11/10Systems and methods for processing motion sensor generated data
02/11/10Magnetic connector for electronic device
02/11/10Wireless communication out of range indication
02/11/10Method and apparatus for facilitating device hibernation
02/11/10Method and apparatus for binding user interface objects to application objects
02/04/10Velocity stabilization for accelerometer based input devices
02/04/10Capacitive sensor behind black mask
02/04/10Differential image enhancement
02/04/10Previewing effects applicable to digital media content
02/04/10Media processing method and device
02/04/10Method for reducing host device to electronic device communication errors
01/28/10Hold switch
01/28/10Led backlight driver synchronization and power reduction
01/28/10Light sensitive display with switchable detection modes
01/28/10Shifting reference values to account for voltage sag
01/28/10Systems and methods for accelerometer usage in a wireless headset
01/28/10Systems and methods for noise cancellation and power management in a wireless headset
01/21/10Power management circuitry and solar cells
01/21/10Methods and apparatus for processing combinations of kinematical inputs
01/21/10Light sensitive display with pressure sensor
01/21/10Light sensitive display with multiple data set object detection
01/21/10Light sensitive display with object detection calibration
01/21/10Parking & location management processes & alerts
01/21/10Systems and methods for monitoring data and bandwidth usage
01/14/10Updating properties of remote a/v performance nodes
01/14/10Intelligent power-enabled communications port
01/14/10Microperforated and backlit displays having alternative display capabilities
01/14/10Cold-drawn housing for electronic device
01/14/10Hierarchical bi-directional p frames
01/14/10Multi-model modes of one device
01/14/10Audio plug with cosmetic hard shell
01/14/10Auto-station tuning
01/14/10Intelligent power monitoring
01/14/10System and method of regulating data traffic between a client device and a server
01/14/10Video streaming using multiple channels
01/14/10Synchronization of real-time media playback status
01/14/10Coordinating the execution of system and database scripts in a database server
01/14/10Collaborative media production
01/14/10System and method for syncing a user interface on a server device to a user interface on a client device
01/14/10Adding a contact to a home screen
01/14/10Data-driven layout engine
01/14/10Graphical user interface having contextual menus
01/14/10System and method for localizing display of applications for download
01/14/10System and method for processing an upload of a program with export compliance information
01/07/10Display with dual-function capacitive elements
01/07/10Method and device for hard drive shock event detection
08/26/10Video acquisition with processing based on ancillary data

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