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Apple Inc patents (2011 archive)

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12/29/11Providing an alternative human interface
12/29/11Modifying a value based on a user's directional motions independent of location of input relative to a display
12/29/11Laser peak energy point calibration method and apparatus
12/29/11Selective nitriding on a 3d surface
12/29/11System and method of performing authentication
12/29/11Low threshold face recognition
12/29/11Skin-tone filtering
12/29/11Flash control for electronic rolling shutter
12/29/11Expanded cell search and selection in a mobile wireless device
12/29/11Fast cell selection in a mobile wireless device
12/29/11Data-driven media management within an electronic device
12/29/11Adapter for physically interfacing between an accessory and a device
12/29/11Page fault prediction for processing vector instructions
12/29/11Using addresses to detect overlapping memory regions
12/29/11System and method for modulus obfuscation
12/29/11System and method for incorporating an originating site into a security protocol for a downloaded program object
12/29/11System and method of authentication
12/29/11Method and apparatus for selective reading of system information in a mobile wireless device
12/29/11Memory-hazard detection and avoidance instructions for vector processing
12/29/11Dynamic text adjustment in a user interface element
12/22/11Device calibration for battery type identification
12/22/11Portable multi-touch input device
12/22/11Testing a touch-input program
12/22/11Device foot
12/22/11Accelerating data routing
12/22/11Fuel cell system to power a portable computing device
12/22/11Connector assemblies with overmolds
12/22/11Fuel cell system coupled to a portable computing device
12/22/11Method and apparatus for monitoring battery life
12/22/11Media file synchronization
12/22/11Media processing method and device
12/22/11Capturing and displaying state of automated user-level testing of a graphical user interface application
12/22/11Select drag and drop operations on video thumbnails across clip boundaries
12/15/11Manufacturing fixtures for small form factor desktop computer
12/15/11Narrow key switch
12/15/11Method and system for locating an accessory and an application for use with a user device
12/15/11Legend highlighting
12/15/11Low power backlight for display
12/15/11Ambient light sensor
12/15/11Internal electronics of a small form factor desk top computer
12/15/11Small form factor desk top computer
12/15/11Silicone barrier for drive window
12/15/11Removable hard drive in a small form factor desk top computer
12/15/11Cooling arrangement for small form factor desktop computer
12/15/11Battery assembly for battery powered portable devices
12/15/11Electronic device assembly
12/15/11Detecting if an audio stream is monophonic or polyphonic
12/15/11Content conversion tracking
12/15/11System and method for entropy pool verification
12/15/11Assigning tasks in a distributed system
12/08/11Active barrier to foreign particle deposition on a device surface via vibrations
12/08/11Multiple-pole single-throw dome switch assemblies
12/08/11Switching power supply inductor arrangement
12/08/11Remote user status indicators
12/08/11Three-dimensional imaging and display system
12/08/11In-plane keyboard illumination
12/08/11Light sensing device having a color sensor and a clear sensor for infrared rejection
12/08/11Gate shielding for liquid crystal displays
12/08/11Three-dimensional imaging and display system
12/08/11Flexible printed circuit to glass assembly system and method
12/08/11Switching video streams for a display without a visible interruption
12/08/11High contrast liquid crystal display
12/08/11Dual processing of raw image data
12/08/11Adaptive lens shading correction
12/08/11Compensation for black level changes
12/08/11Systems, methods, and devices for flash exposure control using preflash statistics
12/08/11Scene-aware automatic-exposure control
12/08/11Rate control in video communication via virtual transmission buffer
12/08/11Rate control in video communication via virtual transmission buffer
12/08/11Method and apparatus for adaptive video sharpening
12/08/11Method and apparatus for video resolution adaptation
12/08/11Active noise cancellation decisions in a portable audio device
12/08/11Power connector having protective interior cover
12/08/11Adaptive cellular power control
12/08/11User-specific noise suppression for voice quality improvements
12/08/11System and method for removing tdma audio noise
12/08/11Apparatus, method, and system for sensing suppression for location-based applications
12/08/11User interface tone echo cancellation
12/08/11Adjusting the thermal behavior of a computing system using indirect information about ambient temperature
12/08/11Thermal zone monitoring in an electronic device
12/08/11Vibrator motor speed determination in a mobile communications device
12/08/11System and method for testing a light sensor of a portable electronic device
12/08/11Gyro zero turn rate offset correction over temperature in a personal mobile device
12/08/11Calibration for three dimensional motion sensor
12/08/11Inertial measurement unit calibration system
12/08/11Echo-related decisions on automatic gain control of uplink speech signal in a communications device
12/08/11Authentication service for sales of goods and services
12/08/11Class-based compatibility testing and notification
12/08/11Hash function using a repeated function with shifts
12/08/11Selective retirement of blocks
12/08/11Error correction coding
12/08/11User interface for electronic backup
12/08/11Automatically displaying a related file in an editor
12/08/11Assigning priorities to threads of execution
12/08/11Auto exposure techniques for variable lighting conditions
12/01/11Electronic device enclosure using sandwich construction
12/01/11Systems and methods for using a portion of a housing in a button assembly
12/01/11Providing non-visual feedback for non-physical controls
12/01/11Automatic avatar creation
12/01/11Automatic tone mapping curve generation based on dynamically stretched image histogram distribution
12/01/11Integrated embedded battery
12/01/11Digital handshake between devices
12/01/11Scene adaptive auto exposure
12/01/11Using a processing device as a dock for a media player
12/01/11Audience targeting based on performance history of invitational content
12/01/11Presenting content packages based on audience exclusion
12/01/11User information and distribution system
12/01/11Advertisement inventory management
12/01/11Dynamic generation of contextually aware playlists
12/01/11Predicting content and context performance based on performance history of users
12/01/11Digital content bundle
12/01/11Presenting content packages based on audience retargeting
12/01/11Combining memory operations
12/01/11Storing a driver for controlling a memory
12/01/11System and method for mitigating repeated crashes of an application resulting from supplemental code
12/01/11Avatars reflecting user states
12/01/11Digital handshake for authentication of devices
12/01/11Method for managing computer resources accessed by a program operating in a restricted environment
11/24/11Method to control multiple radio access bearers in a wireless device
11/24/11Systems and methods for providing a trimless electronic device port
11/24/11Synchronization server process
11/24/11Managing notification messages
11/24/11Fast creation of video segments
11/24/11Method and apparatus for managing visual information
11/24/11Software update management
11/17/11Housing of an electronic device formed by doubleshot injection molding
11/17/11Multi-output power supply
11/17/11Microperforation illumination
11/17/11Method to control configuration change times in a wireless device
11/17/11Systems and methods for providing audio and visual cues via a portable electronic device
11/17/11Weld check stations
11/17/11Getfirst and assignlast instructions for processing vectors
11/10/11Backlight for a display
11/10/11System and method for displaying text
11/10/11Framework for graphics animation and compositing operations
11/10/11Systems and methods for displaying visual information on a device
11/10/11Interleaving charge pumps for programmable memories
11/10/11Video coding system using sub-channels and constrained prediction references to protect against data transmission errors
11/10/11Speaker clip
11/10/11Media playback settings for playlists
11/10/11Content delivery based on user terminal events
11/10/11Server load balancing using geodata
11/10/11Running subtract and running divide instructions for processing vectors
11/03/11Power efficient organic light emitting diode display
11/03/11Systems and methods for hot plug gpu power control
11/03/11Highly portable media devices
11/03/11Methods and apparatus for preserving battery resources in a mobile communication device
11/03/11Associating an object with a relevant data source
10/27/11Musical instruction and assessment systems
10/27/11Stiffening plate for circuit board and switch assembly
10/27/11Automatic adjustment of a user interface composition
10/27/11Real time video process control using gestures
10/27/11Component retention mechanism
10/27/11Off-die charge pump that supplies multiple flash devices
10/27/11Architecture for exporting digital images
10/27/11Aggregation of tagged media item information
10/27/11Method and system for using global equivalency sets to identify data during peer-to-peer synchronization
10/27/11Network media device
10/27/11Pushing a user interface to a remote device
10/27/11One step security system in a network storage system
10/20/11Pulse width modulation (pwm) closed loop led current driver in an embedded system
10/20/11Portable electronic device power manager with current limit feedback control loop modification for stabilizing an external power supply
10/20/11Systems and methods for cover assembly retention of a portable electronic device
10/20/11Compact ejectable component assemblies in electronic devices
10/20/11Illuminable latch
10/20/11Data transformation system using cyclic groups
10/20/11Detecting musical structures
10/20/11Connectors and cables with an optical transmitter
10/20/11Parallel fuel cell stack architecture
10/20/11Reduced-weight fuel cell plate
10/20/11Plug assembly with core structural member
10/20/11Method and apparatus for wireless radio frequency test signal generation
10/20/11Method and apparatus for updating and synchronizing information between a client and a server
10/20/11Booting and configuring a subsystem securely from non-local storage
10/20/11Collapsible stack trace
10/20/11Mounting objects on a turntable
10/20/11Disc mounting in optical disc drives
10/13/11Chord training and assessment systems
10/13/11Polyphonic note detection
10/13/11Internal venting dome switch
10/13/11Intelligent media decoding
10/13/11Avatar editing environment
10/13/11Compression-quality driven image acquisition and processing system
10/13/11Face detection using orientation sensor data
10/13/11Tagging images in a mobile communications device using a contacts list
10/13/11Method and apparatus for achieving zero ac-draw mode for a device
10/13/11Opportunistic multitasking
10/13/11Error resilient hierarchical long term reference frames
10/13/11Coupled video pre-processor and codec including reference picture filter that minimizes coding expense during pre-processing mode transitions
10/13/11Skin tone and feature detection for video conferencing compression
10/13/11Tracking workflow in manipulating media items
10/13/11Dynamic exposure metering based on face detection
10/13/11Side cured light-transmissive display system
10/13/11High-speed memory connector
10/13/11Auto-switching audio signal connector
10/13/11Extensible memory card-compatible receptacle and port expansion device
10/13/11Automatic power-off of bluetooth device from linked device
10/13/11Selective location determination
10/13/11Journaling on mobile devices
10/13/11Memory controller mapping on-the-fly
10/13/11Coherent memory scheme for heterogeneous processors
10/13/11System and method for wiping encrypted data on a device having file-level content protection
10/13/11System and method for backing up and restoring files encrypted with file-level content protection
10/13/11System and method for file-level data protection
10/13/11System and method for synchronizing encrypted data on a device having file-level content protection
10/13/11System and method for content protection based on a combination of a user pin and a device specific identifier
10/13/11Context sensitive remote device
10/13/11Personalizing colors of user interfaces
10/13/11Opportunistic multitasking
10/13/11Opportunistic multitasking
10/13/11Opportunistic multitasking
10/13/11Opportunistic multitasking
10/06/11Capacitive dome switch
10/06/11Determining heading using magnetometer data and angular rate data
10/06/11Reduced-power communications within an electronic display
10/06/11Integrated button assembly
10/06/11Computer hinge having a hollow clutch
10/06/11Printed circuit board sensor mounting and alignment
10/06/11Wireless connection control
10/06/11Cable structures and systems including super-elastic rods and methods for making the same
10/06/11Thin plug assembly and methods for making the same
10/06/11Coordinated group musical experience
10/06/11Calibrating sensor measurements on mobile devices
10/06/11In application purchasing
10/06/11Background process for providing targeted content within a third-party application
10/06/11Caching multiple views corresponding to multiple aspect ratios
10/06/11Obfuscating transformations on data array content and addresses
10/06/11Block based power management
10/06/11Pushing a graphical user interface to a remote device with display rules provided by the remote device
10/06/11Archiving a build product
10/06/11Dynamic priority queuing
09/29/11Complexity-aware encoding
09/29/11Audio preview of music
09/29/11Generating digital media presentation layouts dynamically based on image features
09/29/11Creating presentations using digital media content
09/29/11Accelerometer / gyro-facilitated video stabilization
09/29/11Systems and methods for refreshing non-volatile memory
09/29/11Frame dropping algorithm for fast adaptation of buffered compressed video to network condition changes
09/29/11Grouping digital media items based on shared features
09/29/11Simplified connector receptacle housings
09/29/11Wireless interference mitigation
09/29/11Wireless interference mitigation
09/29/11Uncorrectable error handling schemes for non-volatile memories
09/29/11Head-to-head comparisons
09/29/11Per thread garbage collection
09/29/11Garbage collection schemes for index block
09/29/11Hybrid-device storage based on environmental state
09/29/11Management of a non-volatile memory based on test quality
09/29/11Run-time testing of memory locations in a non-volatile memory
09/29/11Non-regular parity distribution detection via metadata tag
09/29/11Custom user interface presentation
09/29/11Audio connector having additional detection switch
09/22/11Power adapters for powering and/or charging peripheral devices
09/22/11Printed circuit board
09/22/11Acceleration-based theft detection system for portable electronic devices
09/22/11Video chapter access and license renewal
09/22/11Clock feedthrough and crosstalk reduction method
09/22/11Gamma resistor sharing for vcom generation
09/22/11Variable-bias power supply
09/22/11Kickback compensation techniques
09/22/11Method and apparatus for distributing a thermal interface material
09/22/11Using a property of a received signal to determine a device for forming a network connection
09/22/11Automatic notification system and process
09/22/11Self-configuring media devices and methods
09/22/11Systems and methods for handling hibernation data
09/22/11Multiple dashboards
09/22/11Automatic notification system and process
09/15/11Rfid circuitry and methods of using the same to provide information of events pertaining to an electronic device
09/15/11External power source voltage drop compensation for portable devices
09/15/11Print orientation of documents based on device sensor output
09/15/11Audio plug with core structural member
09/15/11Automatic discovery of metadata
09/15/11Threaded presentation of electronic mail
09/15/11Observing properties associated with an object in an object-oriented programming platform
09/08/11Snorkel for venting a dome switch
09/08/11Anodization and polish surface treatment
09/08/11Multi-barcode scan process
09/08/11Power supply with zero power consumption capability
09/08/11Partial display updates in a windowing system using a programmable graphics processing unit
09/08/11Method and apparatus for managing resources for displays
09/08/11Cover glass to housing interface system
09/08/11Electrical connection interfaces and methods for adjacently positioned circuit components
09/08/11Method and apparatus to generate wireless test signals
09/08/11Communication method for a roaming point-of-sale system
09/08/11Relevancy ranking for map-related search
09/08/11Persistent state database for operating system services
09/08/11Disposition instructions for extended access commands
09/08/11Context sensitive delimiter insertion when adding references
09/08/11Parameter setting superimposed upon an image
09/01/11Composite laminate having an improved cosmetic surface and method of making same
09/01/11Integrated frame battery cell
09/01/11Controlling a display device to display portions of an entire image in a display area
09/01/11Methods and apparatus for solicited activation for protected wireless networking
09/01/11Interlocking emi shield
09/01/11Electro-mechanical shutter control
09/01/11Foam/adhesive composite and methods of use thereof
09/01/11Using a service discovery request to find available devices
09/01/11Enhancements to data-driven media management within an electronic device
09/01/11Data partitioning scheme for non-volatile memories
09/01/11Accessory protocol for touch screen device accessibility
08/25/11Stacked metal and elastomeric dome for key switch
08/25/11Display device control based on integrated ambient light detection and lighting source characteristics
08/25/11Systems and methods for efficiently coding and processing image data
08/25/11Obfuscating the display of information and removing the obfuscation using a filter
08/25/11Method and apparatus for cell reselection
08/25/11User profiling for voice input processing
08/25/11Systems and methods for organizing data items
08/25/11Dynamically allocating number of bits per cell for memory locations of a non-volatile memory
08/25/11Systems and methods for diagnosing and fixing electronic devices
08/25/11Codeword remapping schemes for non-volatile memories
08/25/11Mode activated scrolling
08/25/11Proximity based networked media file sharing
08/18/11Multi-position magnetic detents
08/18/11Augmented reality maps
08/18/11Low profile connector system
08/18/11Pasting a set of cells
08/11/11Portable devices having multiple power interfaces
08/11/11Antenna clip
08/11/11Graphical objects that respond to touch or motion input
08/11/11Synchronous bus driving method
08/11/11Printer that supports driverless printing
08/11/11Data formats to support driverless printing
08/11/11Walk-up printing without drivers
08/11/11Framework that supports driverless printing
08/11/11Method and system for video encoding using a variable number of b frames
08/11/11Migration for old image database
08/11/11Direct liquid vaporization for oleophobic coatings
08/11/11Cast metal parts with cosmetic surfaces and methods of making same
08/11/11Low profile plugs
08/11/11Method and apparatus for using a wireless communication device with multiple service providers
08/11/11System and method for performing audio processing operations by storing information within multiple memories
08/11/11Schematic maps
08/11/11Correlating digital media with complementary content
08/11/11Projected display shared workspaces
08/11/11Touch inputs interacting with user interface items
08/04/11Flushness shims
08/04/11Cosmetic co-removal of material for electronic device surfaces
08/04/11Systems and methods for securing handheld electronic devices
08/04/11System and method for processing graphics operations with graphics processing unit
08/04/11Disk drive with state-information data buffer
08/04/11High tolerance connection between elements
08/04/11Handheld device enclosure
08/04/11Momentary burst protocol for wireless communication
08/04/11Using an audio cable as an inductive charging coil
08/04/11Fan inlet and method
08/04/11Allowing media and gaming environments to effectively interact and/or affect each other
07/28/11Music synchronization arrangement
07/28/11Compression molded cable structures and methods for making the same
07/28/11Compression molded cable structures and methods for making the same
07/28/11Extruded cable structures and systems and methods for making the same
07/28/11Method for manufacturing an electronic device enclosure
07/28/11Molded cable structures and systems and methods for making the same
07/28/11Video out interface for electronic device
07/28/11Techniques for controlling z-ordering in a user interface
07/28/11User interface for an application
07/28/11Image preprocessing
07/28/11Interaction of sound, silent and mute modes in an electronic device
07/28/11Molded splitter structures and methods for making the same
07/28/11Multi-segment cable structures
07/28/11Image preprocessing
07/28/11Image preprocessing
07/28/11Image preprocessing
07/28/11Light source detection from synthesized objects
07/28/11Battery with multiple jelly rolls in a single pouch
07/28/11Apparatus and method for intricate cuts
07/28/11Gating accessory connection
07/28/11Control of accessory components by portable computing device
07/28/11Memory power reduction in a sleep state
07/28/11Image mask interface
07/21/11Spacer for use in a flat cable
07/21/11Motion controllable dual display portable media device
07/21/11Piezo-based acoustic and capacitive detection
07/21/11Virtual drafting tools
07/21/11Multilayer display device
07/21/11Visually-assisted mixing of audio using a spectral analyzer
07/21/11Dichroic glass for cosmetic appeal in an electronic device
07/21/11Point of interest based directions in a mapping application
07/21/11On-device offline purchases using credits
07/21/11Method and apparatus for idling a network connection
07/21/11Method and apparatus for idling a network connection
07/21/11Distributing and synchronizing objects
07/21/11Methods for handling removal of media storage devices
07/21/11Hash function using a quasi-group operation
07/21/11Automatically wrapping text in a document
07/21/11Automatically placing an anchor for an object in a document
07/21/11Automatically configuring white space around an object in a document
07/21/11Techniques and systems for enhancing touch screen device accessibility through virtual containers and virtually enlarged boundaries
07/21/11System and method for annotation-driven function inlining
07/21/11Methods for handling a file associated with a program in a restricted program environment
07/14/11Light guide for led source
07/14/11Hinge mechanism
07/14/11Compact input device
07/14/11System for optimizing graphics operations
07/14/11Display system
07/14/11Analog interface for a flash memory die
07/14/11Cable structure for preventing tangling
07/14/11Processing of voice inputs
07/14/11Database message builder
07/14/11Invitation to bind to a device
07/14/11Controlling and staggering operations to limit current spikes
07/14/11Adaptive audio feedback system and method
07/14/11User interface for controlling three-dimensional animation of an object
07/07/11Stylus for touch sensing devices
07/07/11Foldable case for use with an electronic device
07/07/11Intuitive, gesture-based communications with physics metaphors
07/07/11Communicating stylus
07/07/11Working with 3d objects
07/07/11Facilitating efficient switching between graphics-processing units
07/07/11Policy-based switching between graphics-processing units
07/07/11Transparent electronic device
07/07/11Color correction to facilitate switching between graphics-processing units
07/07/11Led backlight system
07/07/11Automatic video stream selection
07/07/11Synchronized, interactive augmented reality displays for multifunction devices
07/07/11Display driving architectures
07/07/11Component assembly
07/07/11Assembly of display module
07/07/11Printed circuit board
07/07/11Display module
07/07/11Dock with moveable connector for display device
07/07/11Processing a multi-channel signal for output to a mono speaker
07/07/11Handheld computing device
07/07/11Noise profile determination for voice-related feature
07/07/11File system management techniques for computing environments and systems
07/07/11Remotely configured media device
07/07/11Connecting multiple accessories to a portable computing device
07/07/11Accessory for a portable computing device
07/07/11Connectors in a portable device
07/07/11Accessory power management
07/07/11Providing power to an accessory during portable computing device hibernation
07/07/11Battery disconnection for secure assembly of computer systems
07/07/11Controlling power received through multiple bus interfaces in a portable computing device
07/07/11Assist features for content display device
07/07/11System and method for software data reference obfuscation
07/07/11System and method for obfuscation by common function and common function prototype
06/30/11Remote conferencing center
06/30/11Location-based dock for a computing device
06/30/11Local device awareness
06/23/11Display color correcting system
06/23/11Associating media content items with geographical data
06/23/11Joint bandwidth detection algorithm for real-time communication
06/23/11Image capture device having tilt and/or perspective correction
06/23/11Portable hard drive and mounting structure for same
06/23/11Female receptacle connector
06/23/11Male plug connector
06/23/11Directional audio interface for portable media device
06/23/11Auto-population of a table
06/23/11Efficient service advertisement and discovery in a peer-to-peer networking environment with cooperative advertisement
06/23/11Efficient service advertisement and discovery in a peer-to-peer networking environment with dynamic advertisement and discovery periods based on operating conditions
06/23/11Efficient service advertisement and discovery in multiple wireless networks
06/23/11Efficient service advertisement and discovery in a peer-to-peer networking environment
06/23/11Accessing metadata with an external host
06/23/11Mixed source media playback
06/23/11Enhancing media content with content-aware resources
06/23/11Compiler with energy consumption profiling
06/23/11User interface with menu abstractions and content abstractions
06/16/11Shoe wear-out sensor, body-bar sensing system, unitless activity assessment and associated methods
06/16/11Detecting docking status of a portable device using motion sensor data
06/16/11Face detection as a metric to stabilize video during video chat session
06/16/11Proactive security for mobile devices
06/16/11Photochromatic coating for controlling lens flare
06/16/11Ad hoc networking based on content and location
06/16/11Method and apparatus to improve the robustness of a wireless communication link
06/16/11Halogen-free flame retardant material
06/16/11Bitrate constrained variable bitrate audio encoding
06/16/11Interactive image thumbnails
06/16/11Pushing a graphical user interface to a remote device with display rules provided by the remote device
06/09/11Magnetometer accuracy and use
06/09/11Adaptive dithering during image processing
06/09/11Magnetic connector for electronic device
06/09/11Systems and methods for providing context-based movie information
06/09/11Display of relational datasets
06/09/11Typed-data translation for platform independence
06/02/11Systems and methods for receiving infrared data with a camera designed to detect images based on visible light
06/02/11Dynamic carrier selection
06/02/11Dynamic alerts for calendar events
06/02/11Graphical representation of assets stored on a portable media device
05/26/11Invisible, light-transmissive display system
05/26/11Switch assembly constructions
05/26/11Acoustic noise reduction in power supply inductors
05/26/11Invisible, light-transmissive display system
05/26/11Decoding interdependent frames of a video display
05/26/11Electro-mechanical shutter control
05/26/11Pressure-relief mechanism to improve safety in lithium-polymer battery cells
05/26/11Display that emits circularly-polarized light
05/26/11Dynamic interpretation of user input in a portable electronic device
05/19/11Heat removal in compact computing systems
05/19/11Text rendering and display using composite bitmap images
05/19/11Dichroic aperture for electronic imaging device
05/19/11Systems and methods for electronically controlling the viewing angle of a display
05/19/11Light activated hold switch
05/19/11Location-based network detection
05/19/11System and method for data obfuscation based on discrete logarithm properties
05/19/11Local storage of a portion of streamed media items
05/19/11Semantic reconstruction
05/19/11Directing data in a web browser from a portable electronic device
05/19/11Method and apparatus for waking up a sleeping system
05/19/11Supporting platform-independent typesetting for documents
05/19/11Module-based process for importing media files
05/19/11Docking user interface elements
05/19/11Adaptive data loader
05/19/11Global view for digital assets
05/19/11Object oriented notification system
05/12/11Input devices and methods of operation
05/12/11Environment sensitive display tags
05/12/11Cursor for application of image adjustments
05/12/11Adjusting time metadata of digital media items
05/12/11Compact display flex and driver sub-assemblies
05/12/11Adjustable voice output based on device status
05/12/11Braille mirroring
05/12/11Method to teach a dyslexic student how to read, using individual word exercises based on custom text
05/12/11Multi-pin connector for advanced signaling
05/12/11Phone hold mechanism
05/12/11Synthesized audio message over communication links
05/12/11Media rendering hierarchy
05/12/11Recommending media items
05/12/11Delivering media-rich-invitational content on mobile devices
05/12/11Generate predictes instruction for processing vectors
05/12/11Adjustment presets for digital images
05/05/11Mounted shock sensor
05/05/11Brushing tools for digital image adjustments
05/05/11Picture in picture video display for low power device
05/05/11Managing raw and processed image file pairs
05/05/11Image adjustment using extended range curves
05/05/11Super-thin usb connector receptacle housings having reduced-wear finger contacts
05/05/11Adaptive sensor-based activity classification
05/05/11Adapting masking thresholds for encoding a low frequency transient signal in audio data
05/05/11Automated meeting scheduling
05/05/11Importing media content items
05/05/11Method and system for discovering a power source on a peripheral bus
05/05/11Song flow methodology in random playback
05/05/11Managing digital content in hierarchies
05/05/11Editor for program files
04/28/11Systems and methods for accessing personalized fitness services using a portable electronic device
04/28/11Menuing structure for media content
04/21/11Self fixturing assembly techniques
04/21/11Thermally activated adhesive and fixture for improving registration accuracy between assembled parts
04/21/11Portable computer housing
04/21/11In-situ battery health detector and end-of-life indicator
04/21/11Backlight unit color compensation techniques
04/21/11System and method for demosaicing image data using weighted gradients
04/21/11Electronic sighting compass
04/21/11Facial pose improvement with perspective distortion correction
04/21/11Temporal filtering techniques for image signal processing
04/21/11System and method for sharpening image data
04/21/11System and method for detecting and correcting defective pixels in an image sensor
04/21/11Image signal processor front-end image data processing system and method
04/21/11System and method for processing image data using an image processing pipeline of an image signal processor
04/21/11Cover for portable electronic device
04/21/11Computer housing
04/21/11Portable computer display housing
04/21/11Computer housing
04/21/11Highly portable media device
04/21/11Portable computer display housing
04/21/11Portable computer electrical grounding and audio system architectures
04/21/11System and method for applying lens shading correction during image processing
04/21/11Magnetic connector having a unitary housing
04/21/11Method and apparatus for triggering network device discovery
04/21/11Platform-independent thermal management of components in electronic devices
04/21/11Triggering actions based on changes in a network connection
04/21/11Media management and routing within an electronic device
04/21/11Type a usb receptacle with plug detection
04/21/11Remaining instruction for processing vectors
04/21/11Motion sensor data processing using various power management modes
04/14/11Identifying neighbors of geo-spatially distributed radio transmitters
04/14/11Conforming emi shielding
04/14/11Data routing acceleration
04/14/11Electronic device and connector
04/14/11Associative references in a garbage collected programming environment
04/14/11Application-based backup-restore of electronic information
04/07/11Liquidproof dome switch
04/07/11Electronic devices with a primary display and a selectively illuminated secondary display
04/07/11Systems and methods for switching between an electronic paper display and a video display
04/07/11Ejectable component assemblies in electronic devices
04/07/11Pulsed control of camera flash
04/07/11Edge break details and processing
04/07/11Complex geographical edge polishing
04/07/11Method and apparatus for polishing a curved edge
04/07/11Vendor payment consolidation system
04/07/11Systems and methods for providing media pools in a communications network
04/07/11Navigation of electronic backups
04/07/11User interface for backup management
03/31/11Battery assembly for use in an electronic device
03/31/11Computer housing
03/31/11Power adapter with internal battery
03/31/11End of life detection for a battery
03/31/11Incorporating chromatic sensors in computer mice
03/31/11System for emulating graphics operations
03/31/11Map layout for print production
03/31/11System for emulating graphics operations
03/31/11Systems and methods for an imaging system using multiple image sensors
03/31/11Display system having coherent and incoherent light sources
03/31/11Cover glass to housing interface system
03/31/11Method and apparatus for looking up configuration information for a network node
03/31/11Self adapting haptic device
03/31/11Connector receptacle housings having reduced-wear finger contacts and reduced seam visibility
03/31/11Jack assemblies with cylindrical contacts
03/31/11Missed communication handling
03/31/11Self adapting alert device
03/31/11Computer systems and methods for collecting, associating, and/or retrieving data
03/31/11Conditional communication
03/31/11Smart dock for chaining accessories
03/31/11Retrieving boot instructions from nonvolatile memory
03/24/11Webbed keyboard assembly
03/24/11Integrated latch
03/24/11Generating slideshows using facial detection information
03/24/11Cantilevered push button
03/24/11Led backlight for display systems
03/24/11Segmented graphical representations for recommending elements
03/24/11Metadata redundancy schemes for non-volatile memories
03/24/11One click full-screen video system and method
03/17/11Flat cable for use with an electronic device
03/17/11Encoding a transparency (alpha) channel in a video bitstream
03/17/11Auto stacking of related images
03/17/11Method and apparatus for identifying video transitions
03/17/11Contextual voiceover
03/17/11Communication between a media player and an accessory with an extended interface mode
03/17/11Communication between a media player and an accessory with an extended interface mode
03/17/11File system derived metadata for management of non-volatile memory
03/17/11Memory array power cycling
03/17/11Rendering system log data
03/10/11Anodization and polish surface treatment
03/10/11Harnessing power through electromagnetic induction utilizing printed coils
03/10/11Oversized antenna flex
03/10/11Systems and methods for remote camera control
03/10/11Video storage
03/10/11Audio alteration techniques
03/10/11Latching mechanism
03/10/11Use of rds data to select matching network
03/10/11Handheld device assembly
03/10/11Low profile plug receptacle
03/10/11Processing data supplementary to audio received in a radio buffer
03/10/11Audio processing for improved user experience
03/10/11Media item clustering based on similarity data
03/10/11Device bootup from a nand-type non-volatile memory
03/10/11Accessory authentication for electronic devices
03/03/11Modifying graphical paths
03/03/11Handheld computing device
03/03/11Location histories for location aware devices
03/03/11Electronic device instructions provided using radio signals
03/03/11Dynamically generated ring tones
03/03/11Encryption method and apparatus using composition of ciphers
03/03/11Pixel analysis and frame alignment for background frames
03/03/11Landmark identification using metadata
03/03/11Directional noise filtering
03/03/11Centrifugal blower with non-uniform blade spacing
03/03/11Tagging of broadcast content using a portable media device controlled by an accessory
03/03/11Techniques for controlling a portable media device having a radio frequency tuner
03/03/11Audio onset detection
03/03/11Context determination to assist location determination accuracy
03/03/11Processing motion sensor data using accessible templates
03/03/11Systems and methods for transitioning between pedometer modes
03/03/11External content transformation
03/03/11Enhanced audio decoder
03/03/11Scheduling recurring calendar events
03/03/11Adaptive mapping of search results
03/03/11Reverse geo-coding for track path
03/03/11Associating digital images with waypoints
03/03/11Chunked downloads over a content delivery network
03/03/11Device-dependent selection between modes for asymmetric serial protocols
03/03/11Systems and methods for determining the status of memory locations in a non-volatile memory
03/03/11Incremental garbage collection for non-volatile memories
03/03/11Zero-knowledge based authentication method, system, and apparatus
03/03/11Hash function using a heap modeling process
03/03/11Hash function based on painting techniques
03/03/11Hash function using a domino game process
03/03/11System and method for annotation driven integrity verification
03/03/11Previewing different types of documents
03/03/11Method and apparatus for initiating and managing chat sessions
03/03/11Tracking device movement and captured images
02/24/11Methods and apparatus for capacitive sensing
02/24/11Cache management for glyph display
02/24/11Device identity matching
02/24/11System and method for call path enforcement
02/17/11Modulated, temperature-based multi-cc-cv charging technique for li-ion/li-polymer batteries
02/17/11Increasing energy density in rechargeable lithium battery cells
02/17/11Sensing capacitance changes of a housing of an electronic device
02/17/11Electronic device housing as acoustic input device
02/17/11Crosstalk reduction in lcd panels
02/17/11System for emulating graphics operations
02/17/11Image alteration techniques
02/17/11Housing as an i/o device
02/17/11Heat dissipation in computing device
02/17/11Video coder providing improved visual quality during use of heterogeneous coding modes
02/17/11Magnetic connector with optical signal path
02/17/11Mini displayport
02/17/11Adaptive encoding and compression of audio broadcast data
02/17/11Power management techniques for buffering and playback of audio broadcast data
02/17/11Portable browsing interface for information retrieval
02/17/11Dynamic presentation framework
02/17/11Sponge and hash functions using a rubik's cube puzzle process
02/17/11File management safe deposit box
02/17/11Synchronization of buffered audio data with live broadcast
02/17/11Video/music user interface
02/17/11System and method for call replacement
02/10/11Noise cancellation for microphone-speaker combinations using combined speaker amplifier and reference sensing
02/10/11High-efficiency, switched-capacitor power conversion
02/10/11Controlling power loss in a switched-capacitor power converter
02/10/11Mechanisms for detecting tampering of an electronic device
02/10/11Resonant oscillator with oscillation-startup circuitry
02/10/11Resonant oscillator circuit with reduced startup transients
02/10/11Color correction of electronic displays utilizing gain control
02/10/11Backlight control of electronic device
02/10/11Mode switching noise cancellation for microphone-speaker combinations used in two way audio communications
02/10/11Differential mode noise cancellation with active real-time control for microphone-speaker combinations used in two way audio communications
02/10/11Automatic and dynamic noise cancellation for microphone-speaker combinations
02/10/11Media data exchange, transfer or delivery for portable electronic devices
02/10/11Selecting from a plurality of audio clips for announcing media
02/10/11Audio clips for announcing remotely accessed media items
02/10/11Actual instruction and actual-fault instructions for processing vectors
02/10/11Select first and select last instructions for processing vectors
02/10/11Microprocessor with alu integrated into load unit
02/10/11Microprocessor with alu integrated into store unit
02/10/11Window server event taps
02/03/11Handheld computing device
02/03/11Multiple position stand
02/03/11Connector assemblies
02/03/11Switching drivers between processors
02/03/11System and method for displaying interactive cluster-based media playlists
01/27/11Audio plug with cosmetic hard shell
01/27/11Personalized shopping avatar
01/27/11Power-efficient interaction between multiple processors
01/27/11Dual anodization surface treatment
01/20/11Collectively adjusting tracks using a digital audio workstation
01/20/11Adjusting a variable tempo of an audio file independent of a global tempo using a digital audio workstation
01/20/11Time compression/expansion of selected audio segments in an audio file
01/20/11System and method to generate and manipulate string-instrument chord grids in a digital audio workstation
01/20/11Method and apparatus for localization of haptic feedback
01/20/11Method and apparatus for determining the relative positions of connectors
01/20/11Computer input device including a display device
01/20/11Selective rotation of a user interface
01/20/11Systems and methods for providing vias through a modular component
01/20/11Apparatus for testing audio quality of an electronic device
01/20/11Controlling an audio and visual experience based on an environment
01/20/11Transient detection using a digital audio workstation
01/20/11Doubling or replacing a recorded sound using a digital audio workstation
01/20/11Restoring data to a mobile device
01/20/11Performance metadata for media
01/20/11Reserving memory to handle memory allocation errors
01/20/11Positioning a virtual sound capturing device in a three dimensional interface
01/20/11Displaying recently used functions in context sensitive menu
01/13/11Touch sensing device having conductive nodes
01/13/11Test partitioning for a non-volatile memory
01/13/11Providing a customized interface for an application store
01/06/11Audio channel assignment for audio output in a movable device
01/06/11System and method for reordering a user interface
01/06/11Text-based communication control for personal communication devices
12/29/113d histogram for color images

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