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Apple Inc patents (2012 archive)

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12/27/12On-demand generation of electricity from stored wind energy
12/27/12Methods and apparatus for processing combinations of kinematical inputs
12/27/12Devices, methods, and graphical user interfaces for accessibility using a touch-sensitive surface
12/27/12Facilitating image capture and image review by visually impaired users
12/27/12Coated chassis for liquid crystal display
12/27/12Optimized search for reference frames in predictive video coding system
12/27/12Microphone headset failure detecting and reporting
12/27/12Simplified connector receptacles
12/27/12Translating a symbolic representation of a lingual phrase into a representation in a different medium
12/27/12Translating phrases from one language into another using an order-based set of declarative rules
12/27/12Integrated media jukebox and physiologic data handling application
12/27/12Interface extender for portable electronic devices
12/27/12Scalar readxf instruction for porocessing vectors
12/27/12Cross process accessibility
12/20/12Hold switch
12/20/12Low noise external enable switcher control signal using on-chip switcher
12/20/12Haptic feedback device
12/20/12Duplex audio for mobile communication device and accessory
12/20/12Selecting a digital stream based on an audio sample
12/20/12Video acquisition with processing based on ancillary data
12/20/12Centrifugal blower with asymmetric blade spacing
12/20/12Centrifugal blower with asymmetric blade spacing
12/20/12Centrifugal blower with asymmetric blade spacing
12/20/12Location-based network detection
12/20/12Integrated coupon storage, discovery, and redemption system
12/20/12System for back tracing a component used in manufacture
12/20/12Shared access to a local device
12/13/12Free form cutting machine
12/13/12Automatic identification and storage of frequently visited locations
12/13/12Display screen shield line system
12/13/12Ambient light calibration for energy efficiency in display systems
12/13/12Camera test and calibration based on spectral monitoring of light
12/13/12Image sensor having hdr capture capability
12/13/12Auto-recognition for noteworthy objects
12/13/12Wireless adapter for media player system
12/13/12Dynamic context-based auto-response generation
12/13/12Interactive gaming with co-located, networked direction and location aware devices
12/13/12Caching responses for scoped and non-scoped domain name system queries
12/13/12Distributing and synchronizing objects
12/13/12Systems, methods, and devices for cache block coherence
12/13/12Non-faulting and first faulting instructions for processing vectors
12/13/12High-performance ecc decoder
12/06/12Adaptive use of wireless display
12/06/12Hint based adaptive encoding
12/06/12Multi-resolution spatial feature extraction for automatic handwriting recognition
12/06/12Activation solution
12/06/12Ticket-based personalization
12/06/12Combining power from multiple resonance magnetic receivers in resonance magnetic power system
12/06/12Resonant-recovery power-reduction technique for boost converters
12/06/12Audio conversion to vibration patterns
12/06/12Custom vibration patterns
12/06/12Adaptive low-battery warnings for battery-powered electronic devices
12/06/12Gesture-based prioritization of graphical output on remote displays
12/06/12Touch panel display with improved pattern visibility
12/06/12Method and apparatus for implementing multiple push buttons in a user input device
12/06/12Audio sensors
12/06/12Run-time optimized shader program
12/06/12Color-space selective darkness and lightness adjustment
12/06/12Systems, methods, and computer-readable media for manipulating and mapping tiles of graphical object data
12/06/12Inline scaling unit for mirror mode
12/06/12Techniques for zooming in and out with dynamic content
12/06/12Motion-based image stitching
12/06/12Image registration using sliding registration windows
12/06/12Estimating optical characteristics of a camera component using sharpness sweep data
12/06/12Metadata-assisted image filters
12/06/12Automatic exposure control based on multiple regions
12/06/12Image noise reduction
12/06/12Frame retiming for mirror mode
12/06/12Capability-based configuration of print jobs
12/06/12Automatic generation of print data for print jobs based on available media attributes
12/06/12Information security for printing systems
12/06/12Printer identification using custom sounds
12/06/12Configuration of print jobs based on printer state
12/06/12Reducing optical effects in a display
12/06/12Systems and methods for ejecting removable modules from electronic devices
12/06/12Selecting wireless access points for geofence monitoring
12/06/12Partial frame utilization in video codecs
12/06/12Method of estimating the symbols of a digital signal and receiver for implementing said method
12/06/12Audio quality and double talk preservation in echo control for voice communications
12/06/12Image content-based color balancing
12/06/12Automatic red-eye repair using multiple recognition channels
12/06/12Integrating feature extraction via local sequential embedding for automatic handwriting recognition
12/06/12Previewing effects applicable to digital media content
12/06/12Techniques for facilitating interoperation between an accessory and multiple devices
12/06/12Triggering notifications associated with tasks items that represent tasks to perform
12/06/12Baseband on-board location monitoring
12/06/12Neighbor cell location averaging
12/06/12Wireless system selection based on data connectivity
12/06/12Altitude estimation using a probability density function
12/06/12Monitoring geofence exit
12/06/12Mobile device location estimation
12/06/12State estimation using motion context and multiple input observation types
12/06/12Determining motion states
12/06/12Location estimation using a probability density function
12/06/12Controlling operation of a media device based upon whether a presentation device is currently being worn by a user
12/06/12Audio configuration based on selectable audio modes
12/06/12Automatically creating a mapping between text data and audio data
12/06/12Switching between text data and audio data based on a mapping
12/06/12Context sensitive entry points
12/06/12Cloud storage
12/06/12Key value data storage
12/06/12Methods and apparatus for multi-phase multi-source backup
12/06/12Methods and apparatus for interface in multi-phase restore
12/06/12Methods and apparatus for multi-phase restore
12/06/12Pre-organization of data
12/06/12Sending files from one device to another device over a network
12/06/12Method and apparatus for detecting incorrect responses to network queries
12/06/12Dual-phase content synchronization
12/06/12Method for optimizing transport channels of devices
12/06/12Methods and apparatus for multi-source restore
12/06/12Mount-time unmapping of unused logical addresses in non-volatile memory systems
12/06/12Secure authentication of identification for computing devices
12/06/12Automatically tuning a transmitter to a resonance frequency of a receiver
12/06/12Multi-level thermal management in an electronic device
12/06/12Methods and apparatus for power state based backup
12/06/12Techniques for use of snapshots with browsing transitions
12/06/12Electronic text manipulation and display
12/06/12Displaying menu options for media items
12/06/12Portable multifunction device, method, and graphical user interface for controlling media playback using gestures
12/06/12Methods for launching applications with efficient user impression
12/06/12Method for presenting documents using a reading list panel
12/06/12Persistently displaying transient content
12/06/12Graphical user interfaces for displaying media items
12/06/12Notification barrier
12/06/12Generating and processing task items that represent tasks to perform
12/06/12Performing actions associated with task items that represent tasks to perform
12/06/12Organizing task items that represent tasks to perform
12/06/12Method for executing an application in a restricted operating environment
12/06/12System and method for preserving references in sandboxes
11/29/12Handheld computing device
11/29/12Battery cell with an integrated pouch metal foil terminal
11/29/12Pixel-to-pixel coupling in displays
11/29/12Changing display artifacts across frames
11/29/12Pre-charging of sub-pixels
11/29/12Scanning orders in inversion schemes of displays
11/29/12Displayport control and data registers
11/29/12Interactive image thumbnails
11/29/12Application of voltage to data lines during vcom toggling
11/29/12Additional application of voltage during a write sequence
11/29/12Writing data to sub-pixels using different write sequences
11/29/12Methods and apparatus for configuring a magnetic attachment system
11/29/12Image preprocessing
11/29/12Interposer connectors
11/29/12Remote control of electronic devices
11/29/12Identifying and locating users on a mobile network
11/29/12Setting a reminder that is triggered by a target user device
11/29/12Haptic alert device having a linear vibrator
11/29/12Carbon composite mold design
11/29/12Wireless power utilization in a local computing environment
11/29/12Menu overlay including context dependent menu icon
11/29/12Private and public applications
11/29/12Methods and apparatus for blocking usage tracking
11/22/12Unlocking tool for male connector
11/22/12Active enclosure for computing device
11/22/12Panorama processing
11/22/12Positional sensor-assisted perspective correction for panoramic photography
11/22/12Positional sensor-assisted motion filtering for panoramic photography
11/22/12Intelligent image blending for panoramic photography
11/22/12docking station for providing digital signage
11/22/12Region-based processing of predicted pixels
11/22/12Pixel analysis and frame alignment for background frames
11/22/12Positional sensor-assisted image registration for panoramic photography
11/22/12Connector with locking mechanisms
11/22/12Low profile male connector
11/22/12Systems and methods for providing context-based movie information
11/22/12Disabling access point notifications
11/22/12Proximity and ambient light sensor with improved smudge rejection
11/22/12Customer service application for a portable electronic device
11/22/12Custom stores
11/22/12On-the-go shopping list
11/22/12Dynamic location-based signage
11/22/12Updating multiple computing devices
11/22/12Unified dma
11/22/12Motion sensor data processing using various power management modes
11/22/12Adaptive operating system
11/22/12Interactive image thumbnails
11/22/12Three-dimensional animation for providing access to applications
11/15/12Vibration in portable devices
11/15/12Presence sensing
11/15/12Presence sensing
11/15/12System and method for processing graphics operations with graphics processing unit
11/15/12Scaling of visual content based upon user proximity
11/15/12Controlling reflection in lcd devices
11/15/12Display with color control
11/15/12System and method for device dependent and rate limited key generation
11/15/12Control of video decoder for reverse playback operation
11/15/12Cold headed electric plug arm
11/15/12Remote messaging for mobile communication device and accessory
11/15/12Seamless switching between radio and local media
11/15/12System and method for providing event-related incentives
11/15/12Media device with intelligent cache utilization
11/15/12Asynchronous management of access requests to control power consumption
11/15/12Song flow methodology in random playback
11/15/12Sticky functionality
11/08/12Power cable having security feature
11/08/12Packaging with multiple functions after opening
11/08/12Time-domain multiplexing of power and data
11/08/12Simulating single and multi-touch events for testing a touch panel
11/08/12Display edge seal improvement
11/08/12System and method for controlling the slew rate of a signal
11/08/12Method and device for hard drive shock event detection
11/08/12Media player with machined window undercut and transparent wall disposed therein
11/08/12Assembly of a handheld electronic device
11/08/12Cooling system for mobile electronic devices
11/08/12Adaptive fast dormancy in a mobile device
11/08/12Protection of audio or video data in a playback device
11/08/12Dual mode headphones and methods for constructing the same
11/08/12Architecture for exporting digital images
11/08/12Wire-free, unibody jumper
11/08/12Dynamic compass calibration in a portable device
11/08/12Invitation to bind to a device
11/08/12Techniques and systems for supporting podcasting
11/08/12Read xf instruction for processing vectors
11/08/12System and method for blurring instructions and data via binary obfuscation
11/08/12Remote slide presentation
11/08/12Electronic devices having adaptive security profiles and methods for selecting the same
11/01/12Power adapters for powering and/or charging peripheral devices
11/01/12Gimballed scroll wheel
11/01/12Framework for graphics animation and compositing operations
11/01/12Differential image enhancement
11/01/12Peripheral treatment for head-mounted displays
11/01/12Battery gas gauge reset mechanism
11/01/12Power adapters for powering and/or charging peripheral devices
11/01/12Decoupling rights in a digital content unit from download
11/01/12Low rise camera module
11/01/12Cell phone projector
11/01/12Clock synchronization across an interface with an intermittent clock signal
11/01/12Context-based error indication methods and apparatus
11/01/12Collaborative media production
11/01/12Object transitions
11/01/12Accessory device authentication
11/01/12Acceleration-based theft detection system for portable electronic devices
10/25/12Gimbal press
10/25/12Working with 3d objects
10/25/12Portable computer display housing
10/25/12Display module
10/25/12Composite audio waveforms
10/25/12Universal connector
10/25/12Edge connector for shielded adapter
10/25/12Usb connector having vertical to horizontal conversion contacts
10/25/12Dual network mobile device radio resource management
10/25/12System and method for anonymous location based services
10/25/12Situational playback
10/25/12Application-specific group listing
10/25/12Power saving application update in a portable electronic device
10/25/12Cross-transport authentication
10/25/12Unified tracking data management
10/18/12Thin profile rotational switch assemblies
10/18/12Gesture visualization and sharing between electronic devices and remote displays
10/18/12Switch for graphics processing units
10/18/12Method and apparatus to increase bit-depth on gray-scale and multi-channel images (inverse dithering)
10/18/12Pulse-width modulation control for backlighting of a video display
10/18/12Dynamic exposure metering based on face detection
10/18/12Passive proximity detection
10/18/12Dock with moveable connector for display device
10/18/12Location determination using formula
10/18/12Using context information to facilitate processing of commands in a virtual assistant
10/18/12Voice assignment for text-to-speech output
10/18/12System and method for random number generation using asynchronous boundaries and phase locked loops
10/18/12Boot data storage schemes for electronic devices
10/18/12Stochastic block allocation for improved wear leveling
10/18/12Procedurally expressing graphic objects for web pages
10/11/12Region activation for touch sensitive surface
10/11/12Handwriting capture techniques
10/11/12Systems, methods, and computer-readable media for manipulating images using metadata
10/11/12Driver circuit for a camera voice coil motor
10/11/12Multiple network mobile device connection management
10/11/12Devices and methods for providing access to internal component
10/11/12Device bootup from a nand-type non-volatile memory
10/11/12System and method for executing an encrypted binary from a memory pool
10/11/12System and method for binary layout randomization
10/11/12Inter-processor communication channel including power-down functionality
10/04/12Tactile feedback in an electronic device
10/04/12Image capture using display device as light source
10/04/12Systems and methods for defining print settings using device movements
10/04/12Systems and methods for defining print settings using an input interface
10/04/12Detachable wireless listening device
10/04/12Audio transducer
10/04/12Adaptive mobile device navigation
10/04/12Protecting states of a cryptographic process using group automorphisms
10/04/12Caching multiple views corresponding to multiple aspect ratios
10/04/12Interactive menu elements in a virtual three-dimensional space
09/27/12Metal retaining features for handheld electronic device casing
09/27/12Fast queries in a multithreaded queue of a graphics system
09/27/12Red-eye removal using multiple recognition channels
09/27/12Red-eye removal using multiple recognition channels
09/27/12Accessory dependent display orientation
09/27/12Assisted image capture
09/27/12Gesture-based configuration of image processing techniques
09/27/12Red-eye removal using multiple recognition channels
09/27/12Methods and apparatus for concealing sensors and other components of electronic devices
09/27/12Device foot
09/27/12Image capture and manipulation
09/27/12Red-eye removal using multiple recognition channels
09/27/12Red-eye removal using multiple recognition channels
09/27/12Intelligent automated assistant
09/27/12Providing context information relating to media content that is being presented
09/27/12Device orientation based docking functions
09/27/12Sliding stacks
09/20/12Method and apparatus for producing magnetic attachment system
09/20/12Method and apparatus for checking an acoustic test fixture
09/20/12Testing an infrared proximity sensor
09/20/12Harnessing power through electromagnetic induction utilizing printed coils
09/20/12Locking and unlocking a mobile device using facial recognition
09/20/12Mounting structure for component of electronic device
09/20/12Systems and methods for refreshing non-volatile memory
09/20/12System and method for automated audio mix equalization and mix visualization
09/20/12Seamless earbud structures and methods for making the same
09/20/12Text message transmissions indicating failure of recipient mobile device to connect with a call
09/20/12Messaging system and service
09/20/12Analyzing and consolidating track file data
09/20/12Selection of text prediction results by an accessory
09/20/12Dynamic management of multiple persistent data stores
09/20/12Conditional extract instruction for processing vectors
09/20/12Value check instruction for processing vectors
09/20/12E-book reading location indicator
09/13/12Cable structure with metal doped fibers and methods for making the same
09/13/12Packaging assembly
09/13/12Systems, methods, and computer-readable media for thermally managing electronic devices using dynamic optical components
09/13/12Position-locking method for insert and over molding of delicate components
09/13/12Cursor transitions
09/13/12Pillarboxing correction
09/13/12Devices and methods for dynamic dithering
09/13/12Zoom indication for stabilizing unstable video clips
09/13/12Managing the effect of tdma noise on audio circuits
09/13/12Molded rigid casings for non-active components of lithium-polymer batteries
09/13/12Strain-relief members for cables and methods for making the same
09/13/12Pairing an accessory with a host device using accessory output device
09/13/12Microphone proximity detection
09/13/12Providing media for synchronized presentation by multiple devices
09/13/12Media item clustering based on similarity data
09/13/12System for browsing through a music catalog using correlation metrics of a knowledge base of mediasets
09/13/12Host device suspending communication link to client device based on client device notification
09/13/12Copyback optimization for memory system
09/13/12Circuitry for active cable
09/13/12Confirm instruction for processing vectors
09/13/12System and method for displaying content
09/13/12Managing user interface control panels
09/06/12Composite enclosure
09/06/12Linear vibrator providing localized haptic feedback
09/06/12Electronic percussion gestures for touchscreens
09/06/12System and method for a touchscreen slider with toggle control
09/06/12Integrated light pipe and perimeter chassis
09/06/12Using temperature sensors with a memory device
09/06/12Headset electronics
09/06/12Compact fan assembly with thrust bearing
09/06/12Sound synthesis with decoupled formant and inharmonicity
09/06/12Method and apparatus for updating and synchronizing information between a client and a server
09/06/12Method and apparatus for updating and synchronizing information between a client and a server
09/06/12Display snooping
09/06/12Object placeholders in electronic documents
09/06/12System and method for touchscreen knob control
09/06/12Configurable input device
08/30/12Backlight control of electronic device
08/30/12Smart automation of robotic surface finishing
08/30/12Performance logging framework
08/30/12Efficient buffering for a system having non-volatile memory
08/30/12Running multiply-accumulate instructions for processing vectors
08/30/12Method and apparatus for computer code obfuscation and deobfuscation using boot installation
08/30/12Accessory power management
08/30/12Addressee based message prioritization
08/23/12Side-mounted controller and methods for making the same
08/23/12Wireless headset having adaptive powering
08/23/12Video acquisition with integrated gpu processing
08/23/12Low z linear vibrator
08/23/12Providing notification sounds in a customizable manner
08/23/12Hearing assistance system for providing consistent human speech
08/23/12Cross-over and bypass configurations for high-speed data transmission
08/23/12Variable impedance control for memory devices
08/23/12Obtaining debug information from a flash memory device
08/23/12Adaptive synchronization techniques
08/23/12Enhancements to data driven media management within an electronic device
08/16/12Illuminated touchpad
08/16/12Devices and methods for obtaining high-local-contrast image data
08/16/12Systems, methods, and computer-readable media for managing layers of graphical object data
08/16/12Cross reference to related applications
08/16/12Thermal spray coating for seamless and radio-transparent electronic device housing
08/16/12Circular interposers
08/16/12Visually masked metric for pixel block similarity
08/16/12Weighted prediction parameter estimation
08/16/12Vented in-the-ear headphone
08/16/12Transport controls for a media device
08/16/12Disk drive with state-information data buffer
08/16/12Running unary operation instructions for processing vectors
08/16/12Systems, methods, and computer-readable media for changing graphical object input tools
08/16/12Sticky functionality
08/16/12User-aided image segmentation
08/16/12System and method for revising boolean and arithmetic operations
08/16/12Systems and methods for verifying the authenticity of a remote device
08/09/12Keyboard design
08/09/12Audio accessory type detection and connector pin signal assignment
08/09/12Motion tracking user interface
08/09/12Method and system for video encoding using a variable number of b frames
08/09/12Systems and methods for implementing block cipher algorithms on attacker-controlled systems
08/09/12Faceted search results
08/09/12Sharing a data buffer
08/09/12Performing boolean logic operations using arithmetic operations by code obfuscation
08/09/12Counteracting memory tracing on computing systems by code obfuscation
08/09/12Modifying time associated with digital media items
08/02/12Foldable accessory device
08/02/12Antenna, shielding and grounding
08/02/12Cover attachment with flexible display
08/02/12Enhanced chemical strengthening glass for portable electronic devices
08/02/12Component assembly
08/02/12Handheld portable device
08/02/12Method of manufacturing a printed circuit board
08/02/12Flat object ejector assembly
08/02/12Led backlight for display systems
08/02/12High-voltage regulated power supply
08/02/12Resource usage control for real time video encoding
08/02/12Dynamic mode search order control for a video encoder
08/02/12Joint frame rate and resolution adaptation
08/02/12Display quality in a variable resolution video coder/decoder system
08/02/12Video defect replacement
08/02/12Flat object ejector assembly
08/02/12Machining process and tools
08/02/12Systems and methods for redundantly storing metadata for non-volatile memory
08/02/12Methods and systems for optimizing read operations in a non-volatile memory
08/02/12Methods and systems for performing efficient page reads in a non-volatile memory
08/02/12Methods and systems for performing selective block switching to perform read operations in a non-volatile memory
08/02/12Smart scaling and cropping
08/02/12Smart transitions
08/02/12User interface for backup management
07/26/12Framework for graphics animation and compositing operations
07/26/12System and method for simplified control of electronic devices
07/26/12Display resolution increase with mechanical actuation
07/26/12Display color correcting system
07/26/12Stabilizing directional audio input from a moving microphone array
07/26/12Apparatus and method for compensating for variations in digital cameras
07/26/12Reduced power consumption filter
07/26/12Audio-sharing network
07/26/12Integrated noise reduction connector
07/26/12Coordinating sync points between a non-volatile memory and a file system
07/26/12Generation of topic-based language models for an app search engine
07/26/12Predicting a pattern in addresses for a memory-accessing instruction when processing vector instructions
07/26/12Predicting a result of a dependency-checking instruction when processing vector instructions
07/26/12Predicting a result for a predicate-generating instruction when processing vector instructions
07/26/12Predicting a result for an actual instruction when processing vector instructions
07/26/12Sharing a fault-status register when processing vector instructions
07/19/12Mode switching noise cancellation for microphone-speaker combinations used in two way audio communications
07/19/12Time compression/expansion of selected audio segments in an audio file
07/19/12Wired headset with integrated switch
07/19/12Social network for sharing a hearing aid setting
07/19/12Remotely updating a hearing aid profile
07/19/12Data synchronization
07/19/12Organizing versioning according to permissions
07/19/12Local backup
07/19/12Information management with non-hierarchical views
07/19/12File system management
07/19/12Local backup
07/19/12System and method for tamper-resistant booting
07/19/12System and method for supporting jit in a secure system with randomly allocated memory ranges
07/19/12Method and apparatus for facilitating device hibernation
07/19/12Conserving power by reducing voltage supplied to an instruction-processing portion of a processor
07/19/12Saveless documents
07/19/12Modifying application behavior
07/19/12Target region for removing icons from dock
07/19/12Information management with non-hierarchical views
07/19/12Presenting visual indicators of hidden objects
07/19/12Methods for restricting resources used by a program based on entitlements
07/19/12Methods for managing authority designation of graphical user interfaces
07/19/12Dynamic service discovery
07/12/12Intelligent keyboard interface for virtual musical instrument
07/12/12Systems and methods for coupling sections of an electronic device
07/12/12Structurally enhanced switch assemblies
07/12/12Portable user device with a clip having electrical terminals
07/12/12Electronic devices having multi-purpose cowling structures and a compass mounted on a flex circuit
07/12/12Gesture mapping for image filter input parameters
07/12/12Systems and methods for providing timestamping management for electronic photographs
07/12/12Ejectable component assemblies in electronic devices
07/12/12Electronic devices having multi-purpose cowlings and co-axial cable grounding and fixture brackets
07/12/12Systems and methods for grounding a movable component
07/12/12Multicolor lighting system
07/12/12Voice and data connection control in a mobile device
07/12/12Dynamic audio parameter adjustment using touch sensing
07/12/12Wind noise protection
07/12/12Systems and methods for coupling a cover to an enclosure
07/12/12Batteries with variable terrace positions
07/12/12Magnetic connector for electronic device
07/12/12Connector receptacle housings having reduced-wear finger contacts and reduced seam visibility
07/12/12Audio plug with cosmetic hard shell
07/12/12Control of measurement messaging in a mobile device
07/12/12Radio resource management in a mobile device
07/12/12Power control in a mobile device
07/12/12Automatic audio configuration based on an audio output device
07/12/12System and method for enforcing software security through cpu statistics gathered using hardware features
07/12/12System and method for full disk encryption authentication
07/12/12Securing implementation of a cryptographic process having fixed or dynamic keys
07/12/12Securing cryptographic process keys using internal structures
07/12/12Sheet and block for enhancing proximity sensor performance
07/12/12Power source having a parallel cell topology
07/05/12Digital signal filter
07/05/12Electrical components coupled to circuit boards
07/05/12Adaptive timers for polling in a mobile wireless device
07/05/12Video coding system using implied reference frames
07/05/12Multi-channel sound panner
07/05/12Bend switch for wired headset
07/05/12Wireless communication headset with wired and wireless modes
07/05/12Handling dynamic and static data for a system having non-volatile memory
07/05/12System and method for in-place encryption
07/05/12Media content flocking
06/28/12Musical systems and methods
06/28/12Internal optical coating for electronic device display
06/28/12System and method to improve image edge discoloration
06/28/12Electronic device with two image sensors
06/28/12Optical coating for electronic device display
06/28/12Providing text input using speech data and non-speech data
06/28/12Using statistical language models for contextual lookup
06/28/12Universal interface for retrieval of information in a computer system
06/28/12Predicting branches for vector partitioning loops when processing vector instructions
06/28/12Using parts-of-speech tagging and named entity recognition for spelling correction
06/28/12Concurrently displaying a drop zone editor with a menu editor during the creation of a multimedia device
06/28/12Combining timing and geometry information for typing correction
06/21/12High-speed connector inserts and cables
06/21/12Balancing voltages between battery banks
06/21/12Method and system for charging a series battery
06/21/12Remote control systems that can distinguish stray light sources
06/21/12Framework for graphics animation and compositing operations
06/21/12Luminance-based dithering technique
06/21/12Spatio-temporal color luminance dithering techniques
06/21/12Use of alternative value in cell detection
06/21/12Mobile hardware and network environment simulation
06/21/12Securing keys of a cipher using properties of the cipher process
06/21/12Magnetometer accuracy and use
06/21/12Systems and methods for streaming compressed files via a non-volatile memory
06/21/12Automatic discovery of metadata
06/21/12Enhancements to data-driven media management within an electronic device
06/21/12Securing the implementation of a cryptographic process using key expansion
06/14/12Back panel for a portable electronic device with different camera lens options
06/14/12Flat panel display including a hinge assembly
06/14/12System for optimizing graphics operations
06/14/12Light isolating protective cover for small form factor electronic device
06/14/12Network status
06/14/12Systems and methods for handling non-volatile memory operating at a substantially full capacity
06/14/12Remote content updates for portable media devices
06/07/12Using a battery pack to facilitate thermal transfer in a portable electronic device
06/07/12Active noise cancellation decisions using a degraded reference
06/07/12Slide show navigation
06/07/12Morphing a user-interface control object
06/07/12Pairing of wireless devices using a wired medium
05/31/12Active enclosure for computing device
05/31/12Fault detection and monitoring in batteries
05/31/12Data format conversion for electronic devices
05/31/12Jack assemblies with cylindrical contacts
05/31/12Method and system for transferring status information between a media player and an accessory
05/24/12Display apparatus
05/24/12Haptic input device
05/24/12Optical stylus
05/24/12Presenting and browsing items in a tilted 3d space
05/24/12Integrated speaker assembly for personal media device
05/24/12Gas filled speaker volume
05/24/12Representing high-resolution media content in a lower resolution system
05/24/12Optimized system selection using location estimation
05/24/12Geo tagging using location estimation
05/24/12Location estimation
05/24/12Proximity sensor arrangement in a mobile device
05/24/12Proximity sensor arrangement having a cold mirror in a mobile device
05/24/12Location based tracking
05/24/12Hybrid fast fourier transform
05/24/12Incremental and bulk storage system
05/24/12Resolution independent user interface design
05/24/12System and method for tagging data
05/24/12Browsing and interacting with open windows
05/24/12Grouping and browsing open windows
05/24/12Location based tracking
05/17/12Combined business/gift card with redemption notification
05/17/12User-interface design
05/17/12Multi-point touch focus
05/17/12Unitary housing for electronic device
05/17/12Display system with distributed led backlight
05/17/12Cell reselection using access point information
05/17/12Intelligibility control using ambient noise detection
05/17/12Speaker having a horizontal former
05/17/12Image representation method and apparatus
05/17/12Separating attachments received from a mobile device
05/17/12Remotely configured media device
05/17/12Mobile computing device with adaptive response based on accessory firmware
05/17/12System and method for a derivation function for key per page
05/17/12System and method for stream/block cipher with internal random states
05/17/12Electronic backup of applications
05/10/12Detecting the repositioning of an earphone using a microphone and associated action
05/10/12Column inversion techniques for improved transmittance
05/10/12Opponent color detail enhancement for saturated colors
05/10/12Gamma adjustment for maximizing information in images
05/10/123d object recognition
05/10/12Wireless tramsmission of media from a media player
05/10/12Beacon-based geofencing
05/10/12Supporting the monitoring of a physical activity
05/10/12Assisted media presentation
05/10/12Collaborative database operations
05/10/12Extended database search
05/10/12Integrated repository of structured and unstructured data
05/10/12Browser-based database manipulation
05/10/12Communication protocol for use with portable electronic devices
05/10/12Data filtering using central dma mechanism
05/10/12Efficient service advertisement and discovery in a peer-to-peer networking environment
05/10/12Preventing the inclusion of a reference to a host cell in a formula
05/10/12Dynamic data association
05/10/12User interface for application management for a mobile device
05/10/12Intelligent data caching
05/03/12High-speed cable configurations
05/03/12High-speed memory sockets and interposers
05/03/12Resonant oscillator with start up and shut down circuitry
05/03/12Methods and systems for providing haptic control
05/03/12Techniques for interactive input to portable electronic devices
05/03/12Auto exposure blowout prevention
05/03/12Spark gap for high-speed cable connectors
05/03/12Small form factor desk top computer
05/03/12Method and apparatus for error resilient long term referencing block refresh
05/03/12Rechargeable battery with a jelly roll having multiple thicknesses
05/03/12Media management and routing within an electronic device
05/03/12Methods for prefix indexing
05/03/12Methods for indexing and searching based on language locale
05/03/12Methods for processing private metadata
04/26/12Support structure and building including same
04/26/12Oled driving technique
04/26/12Portable computing device
04/26/12System and method for processing media gifts
04/26/12Communication between an accessory and a media player with multiple protocol versions
04/26/12Predicate count and segment count instructions for processing vectors
04/19/12Glass building panel and building made therefrom
04/19/12Method of forming flat strip stepped slab floor system of reinforced concrete
04/19/12Resolution-independent virtual display
04/19/12Systems, methods, and computer-readable media for manipulating graphical objects
04/19/12Grouping items in a folder
04/19/12Facilitating atomic switching of graphics-processing units
04/19/12Systems, methods, and computer-readable media for placing a representation of the captured signature in a document
04/19/12System and method for motion blur using velocity vectors
04/19/12Systems, methods, and computer-readable media for integrating a fit-to-size scale factor in a sequence of scale factors
04/19/12Rolling shutter distortion correction
04/19/12Diagnostic targets for evaluating printing performance
04/19/12Computer housing
04/19/12Adapting transmission to improve qos in a mobile wireless device
04/19/12Systems, methods, and computer-readable media for capturing a signature for use in a document
04/19/12Shallow depth connector having contact protection
04/19/12Connector having self-wiping contacts
04/19/12Location based operation of a wireless mobile system
04/19/12Method and system for allowing a media player to determine if it supports the capabilities of an accessory
04/19/12Systems, methods, and computer-readable media for providing a dynamic loupe for displayed information
04/19/12Visual presentation composition
04/19/12Presenting media content items using geographical data
04/19/12Application usage policy enforcement
04/12/12Single-inductor multiple-output power supply with default path
04/12/12Magnetometer calibration
04/12/12Digital camera imaging evaluation module
04/12/12Attachment mechanism
04/12/12Internal bit depth increase in deblocking filters and ordered dither
04/12/12Ultrasonically welded structures and methods for making the same
04/12/12Curved plastic object and systems and methods for deburring the same
04/12/12Method to control configuration change times in a wireless device
04/12/12Method and system for operating a portable electronic device in a power-limited manner
04/12/12Systems and methods for providing network resource address management
04/12/12Content configuration for device platforms
04/05/12Cable for electrical and optical transmission
04/05/12Contaminent resistant membrane in a dome switch and methods for making the same
04/05/12Barcode recognition using data-driven classifier
04/05/12Audio jack with ground detect
04/05/12Application launching in conjunction with an accessory
04/05/12Active electronic media device packaging
04/05/12Dynamic display adjustment based on ambient conditions
04/05/12Low power inversion scheme with minimized number of output transitions
04/05/12Image alteration techniques
04/05/12System and method for processing image data using an image signal processor having back-end processing logic
04/05/12Electronic device operation adjustment based on face detection
04/05/12Spatial filtering for image signal processing
04/05/12Flash synchronization using image sensor interface timing signal
04/05/12Techniques for synchronizing audio and video data in an image signal processing system
04/05/12Image sensor data formats and memory addressing techniques for image signal processing
04/05/12Image signal processor line buffer configuration for processing raw image data
04/05/12High dynamic range transition
04/05/12Overflow control techniques for image signal processing
04/05/12Motion compensation using decoder-defined vector quantized interpolation filters
04/05/12Optimized deblocking filters
04/05/12Electronic devices with improved audio
04/05/12Cleanable and self-cleaning fiber optic connector
04/05/12Magnetic connector for electronic device
04/05/12Mini-sim connector
04/05/12High-speed card connector
04/05/12Internal edge connector
04/05/12High-speed card connector having wide power contact
04/05/12Battery connector with lid for easy disconnect
04/05/12Wireless accessory device pairing transfer between multiple host devices
04/05/12Wireless accessory device pairing determination for multiple host devices
04/05/12Method and apparatus for transport format selection in a mobile wireless device
04/05/12Integrated image detection and contextual commands
04/05/12Communicating sensor data between electronic devices
04/05/12Stacked die with vertically-aligned conductors and methods for making the same
04/05/12Selectively combining commands for a system having non-volatile memory
04/05/12Data recovery using outer codewords stored in volatile memory
03/29/12Assembly of an electronic device
03/29/12System for learning control codes of a remote controller
03/29/12Capacitance sensing electrode with integrated i/o mechanism
03/29/12Systems, methods, and computer-readable media for changing colors of displayed assets
03/29/12Image capture using three-dimensional reconstruction
03/29/12Polarized images for security
03/29/12Mechanical camera shutter mechanism
03/29/12Support tabs for protecting a circuit board from applied forces
03/29/12Component concentricity
03/29/12Image capture and manipulation
03/29/12Formation of structural components using ceramic fibers
03/29/12Integrated noise reduction connector
03/29/12Multiple accelerometer system
03/29/12Voice control system
03/29/12Systems, methods, and computer readable media for sharing awareness information
03/29/12Rendering web page text in a non-native font
03/29/12Systems, methods, and computer-readable media for placing an asset on a three-dimensional model
03/29/12Systems, methods, and computer-readable media for integrating a three-dimensional asset with a three-dimensional model
03/29/12Scrolling virtual music keyboard
03/29/12Displaying image thumbnails in re-used screen real estate
03/29/12System and method for authentication using a shared table and sorting exponentiation
03/22/12Foldable accessory device
03/22/12Methods and apparatus for configuring a magnetic attachment system
03/22/12Systems and methods for integrating radio-frequency identification circuitry into flexible circuits
03/22/12Magnetic attachment system
03/22/12Accessory device with magnetic attachment
03/22/12Accessory device with magnetic attachment
03/22/12Closed loop universal remote control
03/22/12Configurable remote control
03/22/12Consumer electronic product
03/22/12Touch-based user interface with haptic feedback
03/22/12Backlight system for a display
03/22/12Magnetic attachment
03/22/12Electronic device with magnetic attachment
03/22/12Glass enclosure
03/22/12Electronic device with magnetic attachment
03/22/12Method to control reconfiguration of multiple radio access bearers in a wireless device
03/22/12Media delivery system with improved interaction
03/22/12Light isolating protective cover for small form factor electronic device
03/22/12Altering sound output on a virtual music keyboard
03/22/12Sensor fusion
03/22/12Facilitating power management in a multi-core processor
03/22/12Multi-core power management
03/22/12Presenting pop-up controls in a user interface
03/15/12Graphical user interface for music sequence programming
03/15/12Momentarily enabled electronic device
03/15/12Relative positioning of devices based on captured images of tags
03/15/12Ultrasonic bonding of discrete plastic parts to metal
03/15/12Dynamic display of virtual content on several devices using reference tags
03/15/12Content configuration for device platforms
03/15/12Content configuration for device platforms
03/08/12Water inhibiting slide switch
03/08/12Ambient light sensor with reduced sensitivity to noise from infrared sources
03/08/12System and method for situational location relevant invocable speed reference
03/08/12Auto-triggered camera self-timer based on recognition of subject's presence in scene
03/08/12Camera-based orientation fix from portrait to landscape
03/08/12Scene-aware automatic-exposure control
03/08/12Heat dissipation in computing device
03/08/12Heat valve for thermal management in a mobile communications device
03/08/12Decisions on ambient noise suppression in a mobile communications handset device
03/08/12Vector index instruction for processing vectors
03/08/12Portable media device with workout support
03/01/12Inhibiting moisture intrusion in a very small form factor consumer electronic product
03/01/12Adaptive media content scrubbing on a remote device
03/01/12Variable precision location sharing
03/01/12Very small form factor consumer electronic product
03/01/12Intelligent pairing of electronic devices
03/01/12Accelerometer determined input velocity
03/01/12Systems, methods, and computer-readable media for efficiently processing graphical data
03/01/12Ambient light sensing technique
03/01/12Flexible color space selection for auto-white balance processing
03/01/12Techniques for collection of auto-focus statistics
03/01/12Techniques for acquiring and processing statistics data in an image signal processor
03/01/12Printed item selection interface
03/01/12Dynamically generated digital photo collections
03/01/12Esd protection in a very small form factor consumer electronic product
03/01/12Display assembly
03/01/12Inhibiting moisture intrusion in a very small form factor consumer electronic product
03/01/12Connector assembly
03/01/12Dynamic adjustment of master and individual volume controls
03/01/12Consolidating information relating to duplicate images
03/01/12Auto-focus control using image statistics data with coarse and fine auto-focus scores
03/01/12Heat sealed connector assembly
03/01/12Electronic device and connector
03/01/12Techniques for facilitating communication between a portable media device and an accessory using multiple communication paths
03/01/12Image selection for an incoming call
03/01/12Audio crossfading
03/01/12Porting audio using a connector in a small form factor electronic device
03/01/12Combined statistical and rule-based part-of-speech tagging for text-to-speech synthesis
03/01/12Invitational content recommendation engine
03/01/12Location-intention context for content delivery
03/01/12Selection and delivery of invitational content based on prediction of user interest
03/01/12Indexing and tag generation of content for optimal delivery of invitational content
03/01/12Location context for content delivery
03/01/12Content delivery based on temporal considerations
03/01/12Management of content delivery networks based on campaign performance
03/01/12Media playback power management devices and methods
03/01/12Systems and methods for trimming logical block addresses corresponding to a data structure residing in non-volatile memory
03/01/12Systems, methods, and computer-readable media for presenting visual content with a consistent orientation
03/01/12Secure wireless link between two devices using probes
03/01/12Accessory power management
03/01/12Efficient storage power management
03/01/12Handling errors during device bootup from a non-volatile memory
03/01/12Detecting corrupted data for a system having non-volatile memory
03/01/12Video and audio waveform user interface
03/01/12Visual presentation composition
03/01/12Selection and delivery of invitational content based on prediction of user intent
03/01/12Menuing structure for favorite media content
03/01/12Device software upgrade using a dynamically sized partition
03/01/12Video chapter access and license renewal
03/01/12Dynamically smoothing a curve
02/23/12Single support lever keyboard mechanism
02/23/12Modular material antenna assembly
02/23/12Depth management for displayed graphical elements
02/23/12Adjusting a display size of text
02/23/12Image capture using luminance and chrominance sensors
02/23/12Dual image sensor image processing system and method
02/23/12Self capturing and keyed mobile device button
02/23/12Internal frame optimized for stiffness and heat transfer
02/23/12Compact folded configuration for integrated circuit packaging
02/23/12Formed pcb
02/23/12Button assembly with drive assembly
02/23/12Apparatus and method for block cipher process for insecure environments
02/23/12Location-based profile
02/23/12Composite microphone boot to optimize sealing and mechanical properties
02/23/12Motion plane correction for mems-based input devices
02/23/12Efficient beat-matched crossfading
02/23/12Universal container for audio data
02/23/12Adaptive write behavior for a system having non-volatile memory
02/23/12Efficient allocation policies for a system having non-volatile memory
02/23/12Authenticating a multiple interface device on an enumerated bus
02/23/12Systems and methods for generating dynamic super blocks
02/23/12Asynchronous load of source dependencies
02/16/12Mechanisms for detecting exposure to water in an electronic device
02/16/12Media/voice binding protocol and related user interfaces
02/16/12Customizable population segment assembly
02/16/12Prioritizing population segment assignments to optimize campaign goals
02/16/12Deriving user characteristics
02/16/12Nat traversal for media conferencing
02/16/12Remote container
02/16/12Clock frequency selection scheme
02/16/12Population segmentation
02/16/12Population segmentation based on behavioral patterns
02/16/12Methods and systems for managing to do items or notes or electronic messages
02/09/12Magnetic fasteners
02/09/12Raw-split mode image capture
02/09/12Method and apparatus for radio link control during network congestion in a mobile wireless device
02/09/12Packet classification and prioritization using an ip header in a mobile wireless device
02/09/12Packet classification and prioritization using a udp checksum in a mobile wireless device
02/09/12Data port connector and housing
02/09/12Seamless switching between radio and local media
02/09/12Nat traversal for media conferencing
02/09/12Nat traversal for media conferencing
02/09/12Data synchronization protocol
02/09/12Three dimensional user interface effects on a display by using properties of motion
02/02/12Methods and apparatus for shielding circuitry from interference
02/02/12Methods and apparatus for shielding circuitry from interference
02/02/12Swelling management in batteries for portable electronic devices
02/02/12Using a display abstraction to control a display
02/02/12Interrupt-based notifications for display setting changes
02/02/12Binning compensation filtering techniques for image signal processing
02/02/12Facilitating audio playback during display sleep mode
02/02/12Alignment and connection for devices
02/02/12Wireless adapter for interfacing between an accessory and a device
02/02/12Interfacing portable media devices and sports equipment
02/02/12Forecasting and booking of inventory atoms in content delivery systems
02/02/12Booking and management of inventory atoms in content delivery systems
02/02/12Vendor payment consolidation system
02/02/12Peer-to-peer syncing in a decentralized environment
02/02/12Setup and configuration of a network storage system
02/02/12Dynamic migration within a network storage system
02/02/12Initiating wear leveling for a non-volatile memory
02/02/12Read disturb scorecard
02/02/12Method and apparatus for controlling a workflow
02/02/12Hybrid knob/slider control
02/02/12Assumption-based compilation
02/02/12Constructing runtime state for inlined code
02/02/12Observation and analysis based code optimization
01/26/12Ambient light calibration for energy efficiency in display systems
01/26/12Display brightness control based on ambient light angles
01/26/12Apparatus and method to facilitate universal remote control
01/26/12Display brightness control based on ambient light levels
01/26/12Display brightness control temporal response
01/26/12Alignment factor for ambient lighting calibration
01/26/12Color correction of mirrored displays
01/26/12Playing data from an optical media drive
01/26/12Smooth composite structure
01/26/12Programmable magnetic connectors
01/26/12Location-based media presentation
01/26/12Automatically adapting user interfaces for hands-free interaction
01/26/12Application purchasing
01/26/12Mixed source media playback
01/26/12Electronic device with automatic mode switching
01/26/12Accessory attachment protocol and responsive actions
01/26/12Software development kit for iap accessories
01/26/12Methods and systems for dynamically controlling operations in a non-volatile memory to limit power consumption
01/26/12Methods and systems for dynamically controlling operations in a non-volatile memory to limit power consumption
01/26/12Methods and systems for dynamically controlling operations in a non-volatile memory to limit power consumption
01/26/12Dynamic allocation of power budget for a system having non-volatile memory
01/26/12Peak power validation methods and systems for non-volatile memory
01/26/12Cyclemaster synchronization in a distributed bridge
01/26/12Methods and systems for monitoring write operations of non-volatile memory
01/26/12User interface for providing consolidation and access
01/26/12User interface for providing consolidation and access
01/26/12Chunking data records
01/26/12Maintaining data states upon forced exit
01/26/12Magnetically-implemented security devices
01/19/12Removable fixture for manufacturing device
01/19/12Keyboard illumination
01/19/12Illumination of input device
01/19/12Enhanced image capture sharpening
01/19/12Manufacturing and testing techniques for electronic displays
01/19/12External light illumination of display screens
01/19/12Battery pack with cells of different capacities
01/19/12Design and construction of non-rectangular batteries
01/19/12Intelligent automated assistant
01/19/12Synchronous bus driving with repeaters
01/12/12Cold headed electric plug arm
01/12/12Sensor based display environment
01/12/12Mobile network device battery conservation system and methods
01/12/12Radio resource signaling during network congestion in a mobile wireless device
01/12/12Motion compensation using vector quantized interpolation filters
01/12/12Video coding using vector quantized deblocking filters
01/12/12Unsupervised document clustering using latent semantic density analysis
01/12/12Techniques and systems for supporting podcasting
01/05/12High-speed connector inserts and cables
01/05/12Circuitry for active cable
01/05/12Computations of power functions using polynomial approximations
01/05/12Immersive navigation and rendering of dynamically reassembled panoramas
01/05/12Optically projected mosaic rendering
01/05/12Dual-purpose hardware aperture
01/05/12Dynamic backlight adaptation for black bars with subtitles
01/05/12Methods and apparatus for cooling electronic devices
01/05/12Alignment of digital images and local motion detection for high dynamic range (hdr) imaging
01/05/12Communication between a host device and an accessory via an intermediate device
01/05/12Communication between a host device and an accessory via an intermediate device
01/05/12Activity monitoring systems and methods
01/05/12Data-driven media management within an electronic device
01/05/12Communication between a host device and an accessory via an intermediate device
01/05/12Power distribution inside cable
01/05/12System and method for storing a password recovery secret
10/04/12Interleaving charge pumps for programmable memories
09/06/12Interleaving charge pumps for programmable memories
09/06/12Synchronizing mobile and vehicle devices
03/22/12Accessing metadata with an external host
03/15/12Method and apparatus for enforcing software licenses

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