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Apple Inc patents (2015 archive)

Recent patent applications related to Apple Inc. Apple Inc is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Apple Inc may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Apple Inc, we're just tracking patents.

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12/31/15Methods and systems for skull trapping
12/31/15Packaging insert
12/31/15Integrated optoelectronic modules
12/31/15Force sensor for use in an input device and methods for constructing and using the sensor
12/31/15Displays with polarizer layers for electronic devices
12/31/15Methods for maintaining accurate timing information on portable electronic devices
12/31/15Reducing floating ground effects in pixelated self-capacitance touch screens
12/31/15Device, method, and graphical user interface for displaying additional information in response to a user contact
12/31/15Device, method, and graphical user interface for entering characters
12/31/15Referring to cells using header cell values
12/31/15Fast and accurate capacitance checker
12/31/15Reduced size user interface
12/31/15Progressive rotational view
12/31/15Inversion balancing compensation
12/31/15Organic light-emitting diode display with supplemental power supply distribution paths
12/31/15Organic light-emitting diode display with reduced lateral leakage
12/31/15Refresh rate dependent dithering
12/31/15Synthesized audio message over communication links
12/31/15Dynamic cell state resolution
12/31/15Package with memory die and logic die interconnected in a face-to-face configuration
12/31/15Esd protection for advanced cmos processes
12/31/15Organic light-emitting diode display with white and blue diodes
12/31/15Providing content in a platform-specific format
12/31/15Providing content based on location
12/31/15Intelligent automated assistant for tv user interactions
12/31/15Real-time digital assistant knowledge updates
12/31/15In-ear earphone with articulating nozzle and integrated boot
12/31/15Mass loaded earbud with vent chamber
12/31/15Audio apparatus having dynamic ground break resistance
12/31/15Service flow with robust header compression (rohc) in a wimax wireless network
12/31/15Early termination of reception of wireless transmissions
12/31/15Methods and apparatus to support network-based ip flow mobility via multiple wireless accesses for a wireless device
12/31/15Thermal solutions for system-in-package assemblies in portable electronic devices
12/24/15Forming a textured pattern using a laser
12/24/15Zero draft mold
12/24/15Method of using core shell pre-alloy structure to make alloys in a controlled manner
12/24/15Aluminum alloys with anodization mirror quality
12/24/15Interference coloring of thick, porous, oxide films
12/24/15Graphical representation generation for multiple points of interest
12/24/15Estimating state of charge (soc) and uncertainty from relaxing voltage measurements in a battery
12/24/15Display with column spacer structures
12/24/15User detection by a computing device
12/24/15Input/output device with a dynamically adjustable appearance and function
12/24/15Force determination based on capacitive sensing
12/24/15Integrated touch screens
12/24/15Force sensing based on capacitance changes
12/24/15Time multiplexed touch detection and power charging
12/24/15Application menu for video system
12/24/15Music now playing user interface
12/24/15Input device and user interface interactions
12/24/15Character recognition on a computing device
12/24/15User interface for manipulating user interface objects with magnetic properties
12/24/15Character recognition on a computing device
12/24/15Predictive conversion of language input
12/24/15Effects application based on object clustering
12/24/15Column interface for navigating in a user interface
12/24/15Management of reloadable credentials on an electronic device using an online resource
12/24/15Pixel mapping and rendering methods for displays with white subpixels
12/24/15Multiple display pipelines driving a divided display
12/24/15Robust end-pointing of speech signals using speaker recognition
12/24/15Methods for forming shield materials onto inductive coils
12/24/15Battery charging with reused inductor for boost
12/24/15Electronic device with adjustable wireless circuitry
12/24/15Forwarding activity-related information from source electronic devices to companion electronic devices
12/24/15Techniques and systems for supporting podcasting
12/24/15Creation and consumption of transient user profiles
12/24/15Intelligent auto-exposure bracketing
12/24/15Performing neighboring cell searches while transitioning to connected-mode
12/24/15Co-located network selection algorithm
12/24/15Wlan system with opportunistic transitioning to a low power state for power management
12/24/15Power allocation for encoded bits in ofdm systems
12/24/15Selecting a physical data channel based on application traffic pattern
12/24/15End-to-end delay adaptation with connected drx in a cellular voice call
12/17/15Methods and systems for integrally trapping a glass insert in a metal bezel
12/17/15Composite bonded leather cases
12/17/15Display with low reflectivity alignment structures
12/17/15Electronic device with heat spreading film
12/17/15Color filter structures for electronic devices with color displays
12/17/15Maintaining synchronization during vertical blanking
12/17/15Friction hinge with embedded counterbalance
12/17/15Hierarchical clock control using hysterisis and threshold management
12/17/15Always-on processor as a coprocessor
12/17/15Antenna for computer stylus
12/17/15Integrated touch screen
12/17/15Systems and methods for efficiently navigating between applications with linked content on an electronic device with a touch-sensitive display
12/17/15Devices, methods, and graphical user interfaces for providing multitouch inputs and hardware-based features using a single touch input
12/17/15Multiplier unit with speculative rounding for use with division and square-root operations
12/17/15Ledger-based resource tracking
12/17/15Method and apparatus to migrate stacks for thread execution
12/17/15Finger biometric sensor data synchronization via a cloud computing device and related methods
12/17/15Protecting software through a fake cryptographic layer
12/17/15Dynamic bloom filter operation for service discovery
12/17/15Power efficient adaptive panel pixel charge scheme
12/17/15Heel fillet capacitor with noise reduction
12/17/15Ceramic capacitors with built-in emi shield
12/17/15Fan out wafer level package using silicon bridge
12/17/15Reconfigured wide i/o memory modules and package architectures using same
12/17/15Organic light-emitting diode display with split anodes
12/17/15Antenna having flexible feed structure with components
12/17/15Electronic device with patch antenna
12/17/15Open connector
12/17/15Power adapter with retractable prongs
12/17/15Enhanced lte ul harq feedback indication for power saving and range improvement
12/17/15Systems and methods for multitasking on an electronic device with a touch-sensitive display
12/17/15Device, method and graphical user interface for location-based data collection
12/17/15Methods and systems for a wireless routing architecture and protocol
12/17/15Decoding of pcfich in lte for power saving and range improvement
12/17/15Systems and methods for establishing wireless communications between wireless circuitry and multiple base stations
12/17/15Enhanced prach scheme for power savings, range improvement and improved detection
12/17/15Adaptive c-drx management
12/10/157xxx series alloy with cu having high yield strength and improved extrudability
12/10/15Electronic device having coupler for tapping antenna signals
12/10/15Optically gated detector arrangement
12/10/15Display with structures for reducing blue edge effects
12/10/15Low-force gap-filling conductive structures
12/10/15Motion pattern classification and gesture recognition
12/10/15Mid-frame blanking
12/10/15Interfaces for a spirit level application
12/10/15Continuous reading of articles
12/10/15Movable selection indicators for region or point selection on a user interface
12/10/15Visual characteristics of user interface elements in a unified interest layer
12/10/15Recovery from programming failure in non-volatile memory
12/10/15Interface emulator using fifos
12/10/15Temporal metadata track
12/10/15Browser with video display history
12/10/15Methods and apparatuses for secure compilation
12/10/15Display driver circuitry with balanced stress
12/10/15Cable structures with multi-material extruded strain reliefs and systems and methods for making the same
12/10/15Multiband antennas formed from bezel bands with gaps
12/10/15Low profile connector
12/10/15Electronic device with hidden connector
12/10/15Magnetic insert and receptacle for connector system
12/10/15Reconfigurable multiple-output power-delivery system
12/10/15Intermodulation cancellation of third-order distortion in an fdd receiver
12/10/15Systems and methods for application-specific access to virtual private networks
12/10/15Intelligent data delivery and storage based on data characteristics
12/10/15Moving magnet for auto-focus
12/10/15Image capture device having tilt and/or perspective correction
12/10/15Instant video communication connections
12/10/15Dynamic display of video communication data
12/10/15Dynamic detection of pause and resume for video communications
12/10/15Dynamic transition from video messaging to video communication
12/10/15Enhancing quality of service for high priority services
12/10/15Performing cross-domain deregistration
12/10/15Low area over-head connectivity solutions to sip module
12/03/15Woven display
12/03/15Application of ultrasonic vibrations to molten liquidmetal during injection molding or die casting operations
12/03/15Combination vapor deposition chamber
12/03/15Press nut designs to minimize stack thickness
12/03/15Updating point of interest data using georeferenced transaction data
12/03/15Navigation peek ahead and behind
12/03/15System on a chip with always-on processor
12/03/15Moisture ingress sensors
12/03/15Wireless access point location estimation using collocated harvest data
12/03/15Deduplicating location fingerprint data
12/03/15Display having pixel circuits with adjustable storage capacitors
12/03/15Electronic device structures joined using shrinking and expanding attachment structures
12/03/15Protocol for managing a controllable power adapter accessory
12/03/15Systems and methods for displaying energy meters
12/03/15Thermally adaptive quality-of-service
12/03/15Method and appartus for distributed power assertion
12/03/15System on a chip with fast wake from sleep
12/03/15Thermal mitigation using selective task modulation
12/03/15Electronic devices with low power motion sensing and gesture recognition circuitry
12/03/15Low power scan for device wake up and unlock
12/03/15Low power scan for device wake up and unlock
12/03/15Modifying an on-screen keyboard based on asymmetric touch drift
12/03/15Message user interfaces for capture and transmittal of media and location content
12/03/15Methods and system for memory efficient image display
12/03/15Swiping functions for messaging applications
12/03/15Device, method, and graphical user interface for navigating a content hierarchy
12/03/15Auto scanning input method and apparatus
12/03/15Safari tab and private browsing ui enhancement
12/03/15Battery usage tracking user interface
12/03/15Control center refinements
12/03/15Device, method, and graphical user interface for displaying widgets
12/03/15Device, method, and user interface for integrating application-centric libraries and file browser applications
12/03/15Systems and methods for managing authority designation and event handling for hierarchical graphical user interfaces
12/03/15Method and apparatus for displaying data regarding a device's traversal through a region
12/03/15Seamlessly enabling larger ui
12/03/15User interface slider that reveals the element it affects
12/03/15Slider controlling visibility of objects in a 3d space
12/03/15Screen bounds for view debugging
12/03/15Travel time estimation and alerting
12/03/15Video frame loupe
12/03/15Device, method, and graphical user interface for a predictive keyboard
12/03/15Interactive learning tool using playground
12/03/15Adaptive user interfaces
12/03/15Programming system and language for application development
12/03/15Extensible 3d asset plug-in framework
12/03/15Combining compute tasks for a graphics processing unit
12/03/15Unified intermediate representation
12/03/15Language, function library, and compiler for graphical and non-graphical computation on a graphical processor unit
12/03/15Providing data analytics for cohorts
12/03/15Method and apparatus for inter process priority donation
12/03/15Method and apparatus for activity based execution scheduling
12/03/15Priority-based managing of window processes in a browser application
12/03/15Resource management with dynamic resource policies
12/03/15Quality of service classes
12/03/15Method and system for scheduling threads for execution
12/03/15Web browser for spoofing supported features
12/03/15Manipulating shaders with object-oriented programming
12/03/15Sharing extension points to allow an application to share content via a sharing extension
12/03/15Dynamic adjustment of mobile device based on system events
12/03/15Dynamic adjustment of mobile device based on adaptive prediction of system events
12/03/15High-performance ecc decoder
12/03/15Performance management based on resource consumption
12/03/15Activity tracing diagnostic systems and methods
12/03/15Queue debugging using stored backtrace information
12/03/15Performance testing for blocks of code
12/03/15System on a chip with always-on processor which reconfigures soc and supports memory-only communication mode
12/03/15Cache reclamation
12/03/15Encryption for solid state drives (ssds)
12/03/15I/o scheduling
12/03/15Methods for mitigating system interrupts for an electronic device
12/03/15Thermal mitigation using selective i/o throttling
12/03/15Determining location system signal quality
12/03/15Discrete source code timelines
12/03/15Dynamic text layout rules
12/03/15Concurrent display of webpage icon categories in content browser
12/03/15Application markup language
12/03/15Attachment markup and message transmission
12/03/15Device, method, and graphical user interface for a predictive keyboard
12/03/15Entropy-guided text prediction using combined word and character n-gram language models
12/03/15Predictive text input
12/03/15Text prediction using combined word n-gram and unigram language models
12/03/15Exemplar-based natural language processing
12/03/15Http live streaming dateranges
12/03/15Methods and systems for managing data
12/03/15N-gram tokenization
12/03/15Use of user feedback in a citation search index
12/03/15Most relevant application recommendation based on crowd-sourced application usage data
12/03/15Document tracking for safe save operations
12/03/15Media asset proxies
12/03/15Cloud library de-duplication
12/03/15Representing a venue
12/03/15Venue data validation
12/03/15Application suggestion features
12/03/15Enhanced b-trees with record merging
12/03/15Managing user information - background processing
12/03/15Multi-domain query completion
12/03/15Universal identifier
12/03/15Rule-based, preemptive download of digital media assets
12/03/15Machine learning based search improvement
12/03/15Unit converter with sorted list of results
12/03/15User interface for searching
12/03/15Structured suggestions
12/03/15Federated search
12/03/15Wireless content synchronization
12/03/15Synchronization system for multiple client devices
12/03/15Multi-domain search on a computing device
12/03/15Synchronized web browsing histories: processing deletions and limiting communications to server
12/03/15Device, method, and graphical user interface for extending functionality of a host application to another application
12/03/15Managing user information - data type extension
12/03/15Managing user information - source prioritization
12/03/15Wellness aggregator
12/03/15In-circuit security system and methods for controlling access to and use of sensitive data
12/03/15Proximity unlock and lock operations for electronic devices
12/03/15Method for managing security of a data processing system with configurable security restrictions
12/03/15Method and apparatus for inter process privilige transfer
12/03/15Methods for restricting resources used by an application based on a base profile and an application specific profile
12/03/15Sandboxing third party components
12/03/15Method and apparatus for handling security of an application and its extension
12/03/15Consistent extension points to allow an extension to extend functionality of an application to another application
12/03/15Mechanism for protecting integrated circuits from security attacks
12/03/15Permission request
12/03/15Context based data access control
12/03/15Restricted resource classes of an operating system
12/03/15Methods and system for implementing a secure lock screen
12/03/15Managing user information - authorization masking
12/03/15Secure storage of an electronic subscriber identity module on a wireless communication device
12/03/15Electronic device for reallocating finger biometric template nodes in a set memory space and related methods
12/03/15Electronic device for processing composite finger matching biometric data and related methods
12/03/15Controlling multiple photographic adjustments with a single control
12/03/15Credit card auto-fill
12/03/15Systems and methods for character sequence recognition with no explicit segmentation
12/03/15Object-of-interest detection and recognition with split, full-resolution image processing pipeline
12/03/15Methods and system for managing predictive models
12/03/15Methods and system for managing predictive models
12/03/15Beta testing distribution
12/03/15Calendar event completion
12/03/15Calendar application features
12/03/15Automatic event scheduling
12/03/15Intelligent appointment suggestions
12/03/15Structured suggestions
12/03/15Shared purchases
12/03/15Financial-transaction notifications
12/03/15User interface for payments
12/03/15User interface for payments
12/03/15Apparatuses and methods for operating a portable electronic device to conduct mobile payment transactions
12/03/15Apparatuses and methods for managing payment applets on a secure element to conduct mobile payment transactions
12/03/15User device enabling access to payment information in response to mechanical input detection
12/03/15User interface for payments
12/03/15Apparatuses and methods for using a random authorization number to provide enhanced security for a secure element
12/03/15Apparatuses and methods for using a primary user device to provision credentials onto a secondary user device
12/03/15User interface for payments
12/03/15Real time approval of digital store purchases for a shared content storage account
12/03/15Venue data enrichment
12/03/15Social referrals of promotional content
12/03/15Engagement with device and ad serving
12/03/15Targeting customer segments
12/03/15Protocol tracklisting for delivery of invitational content
12/03/15Family accounts for an online content storage sharing service
12/03/15Performance control for concurrent animations
12/03/15Graphics pipeline state object and model
12/03/15System and method for unified application programming interface and model
12/03/15Selective gpu throttling
12/03/15Closed loop cpu performance control
12/03/15Scene motion correction in fused image systems
12/03/15Blind defringing for color images
12/03/15Systems and methods for local tone mapping
12/03/15Dynamic font engine
12/03/15Dynamic generation of texture atlases
12/03/15Systems and methods for generating refined, high fidelity normal maps for 2d and 3d textures
12/03/15Unitary shadows
12/03/153d asset performance enhancement
12/03/15Dynamic lighting effects for textures without normal maps
12/03/15Equivalent lighting for mixed 2d and 3d scenes
12/03/15Synchronization of independent output streams
12/03/15Electronic device with orientation-based alert adjustment
12/03/15Displays with adaptive spectral characteristics
12/03/15Electronic device display with display driver power-down circuitry
12/03/15User interface and method for directly setting display white point
12/03/15Dynamic display refresh rate based on device motion
12/03/15Method and apparatus for representing a device's traversal along a route
12/03/15Method of playing chord inversions on a virtual instrument
12/03/15Domain specific language for encoding assistant dialog
12/03/15Method for supporting dynamic grammars in wfst-based asr
12/03/15Reducing the need for manual start/end-pointing and trigger phrases
12/03/15Better resolution when referencing to concepts
12/03/15Multi-command single utterance input method
12/03/15Intelligent assistant for home automation
12/03/15Apparatus and method for improving an audio signal in the spectral domain
12/03/15Determining domain salience ranking from ambiguous words in natural speech
12/03/15Detecting a user's voice activity using dynamic probabilistic models of speech features
12/03/15Audio editing and re-recording
12/03/15Configurable voltage reduction for register file
12/03/15Mitigation of data retention drift by programming neighboring memory cells
12/03/15Readout of interfering memory cells using estimated interference to other memory cells
12/03/15Reliable readout of fuse data in an integrated circuit
12/03/15Coil constructions for improved inductive energy transfer
12/03/15Low travel switch assembly
12/03/15Thin film battery assemblies
12/03/15Devices and methods for reducing battery defects
12/03/15Thin film battery structures having sloped cell sidewalls
12/03/15Thin film battery with magnetic components
12/03/15Reuse of plug detection contacts to reduce crosstalk
12/03/15Connector system impedance matching
12/03/15Reducing the impact of an inductive energy transfer system on a touch sensing device
12/03/15Electromagnetic alignment of inductive coils
12/03/15Linear actuator
12/03/15Apparatus and method for dynamically adapting a user volume input range on an electronic device
12/03/15Slow to fast clock synchronization
12/03/15Supporting sim toolkit applications in embedded uiccs
12/03/15Method and apparatus for improving performance based on filter characteristics
12/03/15Dynamic antenna switching
12/03/15Messages with attenuating retransmit importance
12/03/15Application-level acknowledgements
12/03/15Protecting cryptographic operations using conjugacy class functions
12/03/15User authentication retry with a biometric sensing device
12/03/15Device and method for adaptive channel estimation
12/03/15Dynamic account updating
12/03/15Networking implementation using a converged high speed input/output fabric technology
12/03/15Accessory management system using environment model
12/03/15Cloud-based infrastructure for determining reachability of services provided by a server
12/03/15Client applications communicating via a user tunnel
12/03/15Selecting an interface for packet routing based on application-layer data
12/03/15Multi-stream scheduling and requests
12/03/15Sharing account data between different interfaces to a service
12/03/15Canned answers in messages
12/03/15Sending messages to multiple receiving electronic devices using a message server
12/03/15Message processing by subscriber app prior to message forwarding
12/03/15Message user interfaces for capture and transmittal of media and location content
12/03/15Message attachment management
12/03/15Dual server system for sending a large email attachment
12/03/15Live location sharing
12/03/15Message user interfaces for capture and transmittal of media and location content
12/03/15Method and system for marking email threads
12/03/15Displaying options, assigning notification, ignoring messages, and simultaneous user interface displays in a messaging application
12/03/15Sharing of activity metadata via messaging systems
12/03/15Coordination of message alert presentations across devices based on device modes
12/03/15Displaying interactive notifications on touch sensitive devices
12/03/15Management of credentials on an electronic device using an online resource
12/03/15Control settings
12/03/15Shared data within a family
12/03/15Efficient secure instant messaging
12/03/15Device and method for virtual private network connection establishment
12/03/15Region based image sharing
12/03/15Region based image sharing
12/03/15Content pods for streaming media services
12/03/15Seamless video pipeline transition between wifi and cellular connections for real-time applications on mobile devices
12/03/15Intelligent disk space manager
12/03/15Answering a call with client through a host
12/03/15Method and apparatus for initiating a high-power connection via a low-power interface
12/03/15Long-lived mptcp sessions
12/03/15System and method for transferring a call
12/03/15Using listen ranges to deliver content to electronic devices from local caching servers
12/03/15Activity continuation between electronic devices
12/03/15Activity continuation between electronic devices
12/03/15Proxied push
12/03/15Caching and syncing mechanisms for a cloud library
12/03/15Answer and hold with client and host
12/03/15User interface for phone call routing among devices
12/03/15Dynamic compression ratio selection
12/03/15System and method of improving audio time stretching using timeline
12/03/15Method and system for a single frame camera module active alignment tilt correction
12/03/15Comb drive and leaf spring camera actuator
12/03/15Optical image stabilization compensations
12/03/15Scene motion correction in fused image systems
12/03/15Highlight exposure metric and its applications
12/03/15Constant bracket high dynamic range (chdr) operations
12/03/15High dynamic range video capture control for video transmission
12/03/15Focus score improvement by noise correction
12/03/15Realtime capture exposure adjust gestures
12/03/15Systems and methods for exposure metering for timelapse video
12/03/15Scene stability detection
12/03/15Video image stabilization
12/03/15Optical image stabilization calibration
12/03/15Video rolling shutter correction for lens movement in optical image stabilization cameras
12/03/15Camera timer
12/03/15Video coding with composition and quality adaptation based on depth derivations
12/03/15System and method for assisting in computer interpretation of surfaces carrying symbols or characters
12/03/15Pixel binning in an image sensor
12/03/15Raw camera noise reduction using alignment mapping
12/03/15System and methods for time lapse video acquisition and compression
12/03/15Redundant transmission channels for real-time applications on mobile devices
12/03/15Communication channel management for real-time applications
12/03/15Packed i-frames
12/03/15Dynamic range adaptive video coding system
12/03/15Adaptive syntax grouping and compression in video data
12/03/15Efficient sao signaling
12/03/15Image compression based on device orientation and location information
12/03/15Video quality adaptation with frame rate conversion
12/03/15Preencoder assisted video encoding
12/03/15In loop chroma deblocking filter
12/03/15I-frame flashing fix in video encoding and decoding
12/03/15Media requests for trickplay
12/03/15Movie package file format
12/03/15Playback of video on demand
12/03/15Item to item transitions
12/03/15Managing connections of a user device
12/03/15Method and apparatus for improved residual echo suppression and flexible tradeoffs in near-end distortion and echo reduction
12/03/15Perceptual echo gate approach and design for improved echo control to support higher audio and conversational quality
12/03/15Intelligent dynamics processing
12/03/15Synchronization of independent output streams
12/03/15Dynamic adjustment of mobile device based on peer event data
12/03/15Dynamic transport switching in inter-device communication
12/03/15Companion application for activity cooperation
12/03/15Electronic devices with motion characterization circuitry
12/03/15Location service authorization and indication
12/03/15Determining a size of a significant user location
12/03/15Evaluating location based on multiple data sources
12/03/15Estimated time of arrival (eta) based on calibrated distance
12/03/15Determining a significant user location for providing location-based services
12/03/15Location-based services for calendar events
12/03/15Location application program interface
12/03/15Venue data framework
12/03/15Indoor location survey
12/03/15Location determination using dual statistical filters
12/03/15Unified message delivery between portable electronic devices
12/03/15Sms proxying
12/03/15Wellness aggregator
12/03/15Predefined wireless pairing
12/03/15Device and method for basic service set transition management
12/03/15Mitigating paging collisions in dual standby devices
12/03/15Electronic subscriber identity module selection
12/03/15Electronic subscriber identity module application identifier handling
12/03/15Dynamic adjustment of mobile device based on thermal conditions
12/03/15System and method for temporarily joining a wifi network
12/03/15Wireless link quality monitoring
12/03/15Device and method for idle mode power saving
12/03/15Device and method for reliable wifi data connectivity
12/03/15System and method for network selection to transfer call session
12/03/15User context aware throttling of transition attempts to connected mode
12/03/15Motion based search and measurement periodicity
12/03/15Assisting return to a first network from a second network after performance of a circuit switched fallback procedure
12/03/15Device and method for opportunistic roaming
12/03/15Client-initiated tethering for electronic devices
12/03/15Centralized beacon management service
12/03/15Systems and methods for cell selection and reselection by improving system information reading procedure
12/03/15Device and method for wifi scan optimization
12/03/15Station and method for location aware network selection
12/03/15Device-type specific preferred plmn list
12/03/15Power save for volte during silence periods
12/03/15Dynamic adjustment of mobile device based on voter feedback
12/03/15Adaptive battery life extension
12/03/15Operating-mode transitions based on advertising information
12/03/15Device and method for setting a target power
12/03/15Enhancing jitter buffer performance through radio level feedback
12/03/15Location based application feature notification
12/03/15Activation of voice over internet protocol applications based on push notifications
12/03/15Delivery of push notifications to an inactive computing device
12/03/15Real-time peer-to-peer communications in an environment that includes a restricted channel
12/03/15Seamless connectivity between hearing aid and multiple devices
12/03/15Seamless connectivity between hearing aid and multiple devices
12/03/15Controller networks for an accessory management system
12/03/15Components of an electronic device and methods for their assembly
12/03/15Wireless electronic device with magnetic shielding layer
12/03/15Method and apparatus for three dimensional printing of colored objects
11/26/15Positioning using non-line-of-sight signals
11/26/15Electronic device having array of satellite navigation system antennas
11/26/15Displays with opaque borders
11/26/15Portable computing system
11/26/15Portable computing system
11/26/15Methods and apparatuses for operating a data processing system
11/26/15Providing haptic output based on a determined orientation of an electronic device
11/26/15Reduce stylus tip wobble when coupled to capacitive sensor
11/26/15Stylus tilt and orientation estimation from touch sensor panel images
11/26/15Rc matching in a touch screen
11/26/15Coded integration of a self-capacitance array
11/26/15Concurrent signal detection for touch and hover sensing
11/26/15Glove touch detection
11/26/15Touch rejection
11/26/15Dynamic interface generation using command and user levels
11/26/15Graduated visual and manipulative translucency for windows
11/26/15Instantaneous speaking of content on touch devices
11/26/15Selection of redundant storage configuration based on available memory space
11/26/15Logical volume space sharing
11/26/15Message-based identification of an electronic device
11/26/15Assembling video content
11/26/15Displays with radio-frequency identifiers
11/26/15Beacon-triggered code redemption for mobile devices
11/26/15Wireless device networks with smoke detection capabilities
11/26/15Interposers for connecting receptacle tongues to printed circuit boards
11/26/15Interposers for connecting receptacle tongues to printed circuit boards
11/26/15Electronic devices with housing port shutters
11/26/15Connector insert assembly
11/26/15Additional ground paths for connectors having reduced pin counts
11/26/15Connector insert assembly
11/26/15Variable equalization
11/26/15Screen protection using actuated bumpers
11/26/15Electronic device having sensors and antenna monitor for controlling wireless operation
11/26/15Specialized network fileserver
11/26/15Raw scaler with chromatic aberration correction
11/26/15Video coding system with efficient processing of zooming transitions in video
11/26/15Use of pipelined hierarchical motion estimator in video coding
11/26/15Methods and devices for reverberation suppression
11/26/15Apparatus and method for determining a wireless device's location after shutdown
11/26/15Electronic subscriber identity module provisioning
11/26/15Targeted plmn search
11/26/15Dynamic and adaptive channel scanning
11/26/15Controlling radio transmission power in a multi-radio wireless communication device
11/26/15Correcting interference of non-line-of-sight signals
11/26/15Glass device housing
11/19/15Composite fiber reinforcement for stiffening shells
11/19/15Display with opaque border resistant to electrostatic discharge
11/19/15Method and apparatus for component assembly using continuous selection
11/19/15Electronic devices with cover layers mounted to displays
11/19/15Electronic device housing
11/19/15Integrated silicon-oled display and touch sensor panel
11/19/15Force detection in touch devices using piezoelectric sensors
11/19/15Simultaneous self- and mutual capacitance sensing
11/19/15Multimedia control center
11/19/15Device, method, and graphical user interface for managing concurrently open software applications
11/19/15Unified slider control for modifying multiple image properties
11/19/15Efficient enforcement of command execution order in solid state drives
11/19/15Dynamic routing of audio among multiple audio devices
11/19/15One layer metal trace strain gauge
11/19/15Devices and methods for reducing or eliminating mura artifact using dac based techniques
11/19/15Musical systems and methods
11/19/15Analyzing audio input for efficient speech and music recognition
11/19/15Integrated circuit with separate supply voltage for memory that is different from logic circuit supply voltage
11/19/15Distortion cancellation in 3-d non-volatile memory
11/19/15Backlit keyboard including reflective component
11/19/15Encapsulation layers with improved reliability
11/19/15Operating a wireless power transfer system at multiple frequencies
11/19/15Methods and apparatus to support globalplatform usage on an embedded uicc
11/19/15Region-based processing of predicted pixels
11/19/15Method for implementing a quantizer in a multimedia compression and encoding system
11/19/15Dynamically formed acoustic volume
11/19/15Microphone partial occlusion detector
11/19/15Measurement of a first rat based on metrics of a second rat
11/19/15Cell reselection based on information collected from a plurality of mobile devices
11/19/15Adaptive physical layer warm-up for lte tdd c-drx power optimization
11/19/15Multiple network mobile device connection management
11/19/15Batch processing for improved georeferencing
11/19/15Apparatus and methods for a bandwidth efficient scheduler
11/19/15Multiple backlight keyboard
11/19/15Systems and methods for coupling electrically isolated sections of an electronic device
11/12/15Table with electrical ports
11/12/15Navigation application with several navigation modes
11/12/15Routing applications for navigation
11/12/15Tilted mems
11/12/15Small form factor high-resolution camera
11/12/15Flipped panel displays with black column spacers
11/12/15Electrostatic discharge protection structures for liquid crystal displays
11/12/15Method for asynchronous gating of signals between clock domains
11/12/15Housing for portable electronic device with reduced border region
11/12/15Self-profiling friction pads for electronic devices
11/12/15Heat dissipation in computing device
11/12/15Systems, methods, and computer-readable media for managing collaboration on a virtual work of art
11/12/15Wide dynamic range capacitive sensing
11/12/15Systems and methods for detecting a press on a touch-sensitive surface
11/12/15Intermediate database management layer
11/12/15Cache memory for hybrid disk drives
11/12/15Identification of layout and content flow of an unstructured document
11/12/15Ordered index
11/12/15System and method for remotely initiating lost mode on a computing device
11/12/15Storage of credential service provider data in a security domain of a secure element
11/12/15System and method for audio noise processing and noise reduction
11/12/15Systems and methods for high-speed, low-profile memory packages and pinout designs
11/12/15Thermal voltage margin recovery
11/12/15Uplink control signal design for wireless system
11/12/15Spectrum enhancement and user equipment coexistence through uplink/downlink decoupling for time division duplexing and through non-continuous frame structures for frequency division duplexing
11/12/15Secure key rotation for an issuer security domain of an electronic device
11/12/15Apparatus and methods for storing electronic access clients
11/12/15Techniques for hdr/wcr video coding
11/12/15Liquid expulsion from an orifice
11/12/15Extended bluetooth communication modes
11/12/15System and method for resource block-specific control signaling
11/12/15Method for implementing specific termination cause codes in termination requests
11/12/15System for orienting discrete parts
11/12/15Light guided alignment for semi-automated seal application
11/12/15Display protection for invalid timing signals
11/05/15Implementing challenges in single-player games
11/05/15Methods for imparting compressive stress on metallic glass parts
11/05/15Methods for constructing parts with improved properties using metallic glass alloys
11/05/15Metallic glass meshes, actuators, sensors, and methods for constructing the same
11/05/15Methods for forming defect-free anodized parts
11/05/15I/o connector with integrated adjustable set screw
11/05/15Methods and apparatus for battery power and energy availability prediction
11/05/15Touch sensor panel having an index matching passivation layer
11/05/15Touch sensor with integrated signal bus extensions
11/05/15Method, device, and graphical user interface providing word recommendations for text input
11/05/15Parallel runtime execution on multiple processors
11/05/15Supporting the monitoring of a physical activity
11/05/15Systems and methods for chroma noise reduction
11/05/15Snr estimation in analog memory cells
11/05/15Actuator assisted alignment of connectible devices
11/05/15Self-locating inductive coil
11/05/15Method of controlling a communications link
11/05/15Sharing a media station
11/05/15Method and apparatus for coordinating multiple peer-to-peer networks
11/05/15Fingerprint activation of a panic mode of operation for a mobile device
11/05/15Evacuation of liquid from acoustic space
11/05/15Location monitoring feature of a mobile device for activating an application subsystem
11/05/15Positioning accuracy using 3d building models
10/29/15Personal items network, and associated methods
10/29/15Continuous moldless fabrication of amorphous alloy ingots
10/29/15Systems and methods for hanking a cable
10/29/15Amorphous alloy powder feedstock processing
10/29/15Magnetic preloading of joints
10/29/15Threaded structures joined using adhesive-filled balls
10/29/15Esd detection on a touch input device
10/29/15Display with dual-function capacitive elements
10/29/15Integrated in-plane switching
10/29/15Touch screen stack-up processing
10/29/15System and method for interacting with a displayed work space
10/29/15Device, method, and graphical user interface for copying formatting attributes
10/29/15Reducing latency for pointer chasing loads
10/29/15Memory device with internal signal processing unit
10/29/15Metadata redundancy schemes for non-volatile memories
10/29/15Selective cache way-group power down
10/29/15Gpu shared virtual memory working set management
10/29/15Methods for cache line eviction
10/29/15Mobile device having human language translation capability with positional feedback
10/29/15Method and system for ensuring sequential playback of digital media
10/29/15Intelligent gpu memory pre-fetching and gpu translation lookaside buffer management
10/29/15Luminescence shock avoidance in display devices
10/29/15Displays with overlapping light-emitting diodes and gate drivers
10/29/15Intelligent keyboard interface for virtual musical instrument
10/29/15Off-ear detector for personal listening device with active noise control
10/29/15Hearing aid compatible audio device with acoustic noise cancellation
10/29/15Request aggregation with opportunism
10/29/15Multi-layered ceramic capacitors
10/29/15Assembly of a handheld electronic device
10/29/15Electronic device antenna carrier coupled to printed circuit and housing structures
10/29/15Electronic devices with hybrid antennas
10/29/15Folding so-dimm socket
10/29/15Multiport power converter with load detection capabilities
10/29/15Encapsulated inductive charging coil
10/29/15Connector-free magnetic charger/winder
10/29/15Electronic device with near-field antenna operating through display
10/29/15Feedback scheduling to reduce feedback rates in mimo systems
10/29/15Simultaneous lte data and dsda voice
10/29/15Clamping clip for camera module focusing during assembly
10/29/15Image sensor having a uniform digital power signature
10/29/15Methods and apparatus for delivering electronic identification components over a wireless network
10/29/15Apparatus and methods for provisioning subscriber identity data in a wireless network
10/29/15Personal items network, and associated methods
10/29/15Performing handover from a second generation rat to a fourth generation rat
10/29/15Charging information for wlan network selection in 3gpp-wlan data offloading
10/29/15Plastic electronic device structures with embedded components
10/22/15Injection molding and casting of materials using a vertical injection molding system
10/22/15Inductive coil designs for the melting and movement of amorphous metals
10/22/15Coated substrate and process for cutting a coated substrate
10/22/15Methods for attaching structures using heat activated thermoset film and induction heating
10/22/15Amorphous alloy roll forming of feedstock or component part
10/22/15Methods for constructing parts using metallic glass alloys, and metallic glass alloy materials for use therewith
10/22/15Hierarchy of tools for navigation
10/22/15Providing navigation instructions while device is in locked mode
10/22/15Electronic device having components with stress visualization features
10/22/15Logo patterning methods for liquid crystal displays
10/22/15Electronic device display structures
10/22/15Active screen protection for electronic device
10/22/15Impact and contactless gesture inputs for docking stations
10/22/15Touch detection using multiple simultaneous stimulation signals
10/22/15Correction of block errors for a system having non-volatile memory
10/22/15Lba bitmap usage
10/22/15Coordinate based qos escalation
10/22/15Tactile feedback in an electronic device
10/22/15Induction coil having a conductive winding formed on a surface of a molded substrate
10/22/15Emi shielded wafer level fan-out pop package
10/22/15Electronic devices with display-integrated light sensors
10/22/15Battery pack with cells of different capacities electrically coupled in parallel
10/22/15Electronic device connector structures with antennas
10/22/15Antennas for near-field and non-near-field communications
10/22/15Active silicon optical bench
10/22/15Multi-coil induction
10/22/15Methods and systems for adaptive channel estimation/prediction filter design
10/22/15Use of a biometric image for authorization
10/22/15Color calibration and use of multi-led flash modules
10/22/15Adaptive media content scrubbing on a remote device
10/22/15Un-tethered wireless audio system
10/22/15Reminders according to used/connected/nearby device capability
10/22/15Low power wireless device discovery
10/22/15Deterministic rrc connections
10/22/15Medium access control for wireless systems
10/22/15Deterministic rrc connections
10/22/15Adaptive generation of channel state feedback (csf) based on base station csf scheduling
10/22/15Dynamic antenna tuning for multi-band multi-carrier wireless systems
10/22/15Methods and apparatus for partial interference reduction within wireless networks
10/22/15Deterministic rrc connections
10/22/15Unitary housing for electronic device
10/15/15Thermographic characterization for surface finishing process development
10/15/15Method and system for cmos based mems bump stop contact damage prevention
10/15/15Integrated photonics module for optical projection
10/15/15Scanning projectors and image capture modules for 3d mapping
10/15/15Method and apparatus for connecting debug interface to processing circuits without sideband interface
10/15/15Instruction loop buffer with tiered power savings
10/15/15Power management for touch controller
10/15/15Touch pad with force sensors and actuator feedback
10/15/15Automatic generation of online media stations customized to individual users
10/15/15Graph representation of property lookups
10/15/15Biometric image in online commerce
10/15/15Organic light-emitting diode display with compensation for transistor variations
10/15/15Reducing or eliminating board-to-board connectors
10/15/15Flexible connector receptacles
10/15/15Durable connector receptacles
10/15/15Case for an electronic device and manufacturing methods formaking a case
10/15/15Communication systems and methods
10/15/15Uplink transmission rate in a wireless communication device
10/15/15Systems and methods for rgb image processing
10/15/15Multi-channel audio system having a shared current sense element for estimating individual speaker impedances
10/15/15Multi-channel audio system having a shared current sense element for estimating individual speaker impedances using test signals
10/15/15Noise estimation in a mobile device using an external acoustic microphone signal
10/15/15Hearing aid detection
10/15/15Lte/1x dual-standby with single-chip radio
10/15/15Apparatus and methods for optimizing scheduled operations in hybrid network environments
10/15/15Display with localized backlight dimming
10/15/15Electronic device with flexible printed circuit strain gauge sensor
10/15/15Flexible printed circuit with semiconductor strain gauge
10/08/15Anodized electroplated aluminum structures
10/08/15Automatic track selection for calibration of pedometer devices
10/08/15Border masking structures for liquid crystal displays
10/08/15Highly portable media devices
10/08/15Variable friction clutch for a portable computer
10/08/15Force imaging input device and system
10/08/15Graphical user interface layout
10/08/15Sharing a graphics-processing-unit display port
10/08/15Adaptive resource management of a data processing system
10/08/15Consolidating information relating to duplicate images
10/08/15Method and system for object reconstruction
10/08/15System and method of reducing power using a display inactive indication
10/08/15Organic light emitting diode display having photodiodes
10/08/15Inductive spring system
10/08/15Rattle-free keyswitch mechanism
10/08/15Organic light-emitting diode display with varying anode pitch
10/08/15Inductive power transfer using acoustic or haptic devices
10/08/15Multiphase power conversion using skewed per-phase inductor current limits
10/08/15Beamforming for non-collaborative, space division multiple access systems
10/08/15Method for channel calibration
10/08/15Media device with enhanced data retrieval feature
10/08/15Cell measurements in unlicensed frequency bands
10/08/15Channel quality feedback for multi-carrier operation of a mobile station
10/08/15Systems and methods for providing media pools in a communications network
10/08/15Oam system for lte-u and wi-fi operation and coexistence deployment
10/08/15Passive proximity detection
10/08/15Proximity-based notifications in a mobile device
10/08/15Location-aware mobile device
10/08/15Sharing location information among devices
10/08/15Tamper prevention for electronic subscriber identity module (esim) type parameters
10/08/15Apparatus and methods for controlled switching of electronic access clients without requiring network access
10/08/15Apparatus and methods for network assisted hybrid network operation
10/08/15Circuit carrier with interior plating lines and peripheral shielding
10/08/15Adaptive plug for edge protection
10/01/15Acoustic modules
10/01/15Asymmetric chemical strengthening
10/01/15Evaporation tool
10/01/15Personal items network, and associated methods
10/01/15Proximity sensors with optical and electrical sensing capabilities
10/01/15L2 cache retention mode
10/01/15Devices and methods for a ring computing device
10/01/15Adjusting the level of acoustic and haptic output in haptic devices
10/01/15Suppressing errant motion using integrated mouse and touch information
10/01/15Split sense lines for negative pixel conpensation
10/01/15User interface for multiple display regions
10/01/15Cloud-based application resource files
10/01/15Authentication and notification heuristics
10/01/15Clock control for dma busses
10/01/15Migration of feedback data to equivalent digital assets
10/01/15Processing a fingerprint for fingerprint matching
10/01/15Display panel characterization system with flatness and light leakage measurement capabilities
10/01/15Communication using coupled devices
10/01/15Aligned video comparison tool
10/01/15Structures for shielding and mounting components in electronic devices
10/01/15Tessellated inductive power transmission system coil configurations
10/01/15Temperature management for inductive charging systems
10/01/15Metadata for ducking control
10/01/15Laser welding of transparent and opaque materials
10/01/15Tunable antenna systems
10/01/15Communicating a feedback data structure containing information identifying coding to be applied on wirelessly communicated signaling
10/01/15Apparatus and methods for flexible provision of control data in large data structures
10/01/15Channel estimation and interference cancellation for virtual mimo demodulation
10/01/15Multifunctional devices as virtual accessories
10/01/15Personal items network, and associated methods
10/01/15Establishing a connection for a video call
10/01/15Personal items network, and associated methods
10/01/15Compact audio speaker
10/01/15Beacon-based geofencing
10/01/15Multi-tiered detection of a geofence
10/01/15Cellular network assisted proximity services registration procedures and event framework for proximity requests/alerts using session initiation protocol
10/01/15Performing data communication using a first rat while performing a voice call using a second rat
10/01/15Flexible printed circuits with bend retention structures
10/01/15Methods for assembling electronic devices with adhesive
10/01/15Electronic device with cured adhesive screw boss mounting structures
09/24/15Synchronized low-energy detection technique
09/24/15Conductive test probe including conductive, conformable components
09/24/15Methods for fabricating display structures
09/24/15Quality-of-service management in power-throttled storage devices
09/24/15Double-sided touch-sensitive panel with shield and drive combined layer
09/24/15Flexible displays with strengthened pad area
09/24/15Channel scan logic
09/24/15Methods and systems for managing an electronic calendar
09/24/15Trailer notifications
09/24/15Palette generation using user-selected images
09/24/15Displays with intra-frame pause
09/24/15Mitigation of retention drift in charge-trap non-volatile memory
09/24/15Magnetic connection and alignment of connectible devices
09/24/15Magnetic shielding in inductive power transfer
09/24/15Scissor mechanism features for a keyboard
09/24/15Edge coated ceramic substrates for electronic device components
09/24/15Optimized esd clamp circuitry
09/24/15Pixel patterns for organic light-emitting diode display
09/24/15Electronic device with dual clutch barrel cavity antennas
09/24/15Electronic device with dual clutch barrel cavity antennas
09/24/15Electronic device with indirectly fed slot antennas
09/24/15Electronic device with slot antenna and proximity sensor
09/24/15Transmission method and related base station
09/24/15Optical data transfer utilizing lens isolation
09/24/15Pilot design for ofdm systems with four transmit antennas
09/24/15Apparatus, systems and methods for providing telephony services to multiple devices
09/24/15Selecting a radio access technology mode based on current conditions
09/24/15Methods and apparatus for managing radio measurements during discontinuous reception
09/24/15Synchronized low-energy detection technique
09/24/15Dynamic wireless circuitry configuration for carrier aggregation component carriers
09/24/15Dynamic selection of power reduction values
09/24/15Multi-layer thin-film coatings for system-in-package assemblies in portable electronic devices
09/24/15Shielding structures for system-in-package assemblies in portable electronic devices
09/24/15Disassembly fixture, apparatus, and method for an electronic device
09/17/15Layer-by-layer construction with bulk metallic glasses
09/17/15Method to reduce entrance losses to increase fan inlet flow and reduce acoustic noise
09/17/15Dual-axis scanning mirror
09/17/15Display with multilayer and embedded signal lines
09/17/15Automatic low noise frequency selection
09/17/15Panel mismatch compensation for touch enabled displays
09/17/15Electronic device having display and surrounding touch sensititve bezel for user interface and control
09/17/15Optimized presentation of multimedia content
09/17/15Generating or updating table data
09/17/15Secure factory data generation and restoration
09/17/15Managed assessment of submitted digital content
09/17/15Network-based purchase and distribution of digital media items
09/17/15System and method of tile management
09/17/15Presenting digital images with render-tiles
09/17/15Method and apparatus for producing accurate kinematics in a computing device
09/17/15Thermal module accounting for increased board/die size in a portable computer
09/17/15Mechanical structures for maintaining structural integrity in cylindrical pouch cell batteries
09/17/15Elastomeric connectors
09/17/15Wireless power utilization in a local computing environment
09/17/15Distributed gain stage for high speed high resolution pipeline analog to digital converters
09/17/15Precision half cell for sub-femto unit cap and capacitive dac architecture in sar adc
09/17/15Management of arq detection threshold in communication networks
09/17/15Adaptive uplink link adaptation
09/17/15Transmitter time adjustments for groups of receivers
09/17/15Edca operation to improve voip performance in a dense network
09/17/15System and method for estimating an ambient light condition using an image sensor
09/17/15System and method for estimating an ambient light condition using an image sensor and field-of-view compensation
09/17/15Pressure sensing earbuds and systems and methods for the use thereof
09/17/15Retroactive check-ins based on learned locations to which the user has traveled
09/17/15Cross-carrier scheduling
09/17/15Wireless transit link discovery and establishment
09/17/15Electronic devices having stress concentrators for printed circuit boards
09/10/15Insert molding of bulk amorphous alloy into open cell foam
09/10/15Map application with improved search tools
09/10/15Folded telephoto camera lens system
09/10/15Folded camera lens systems
09/10/15Computer thermal system
09/10/15Method to reduce acoustic noise induced by processor performance state changes in response to periodic application workloads
09/10/15Dynamic voltage margin recovery
09/10/15Using measurement of lateral force for a tracking input device
09/10/15Selective rejection of touch contacts in an edge region of a touch surface
09/10/15Touch sensor panel design
09/10/15Methods and apparatus for multi-phase restore
09/10/15Lifestream annotation method and system
09/10/15Field shaping channels in a substrate above a biometric sensing device
09/10/15Efficient progressive loading of media items
09/10/15Systems and methods for providing automated workout reminders
09/10/15Display pipe statistics calculation for video encoder
09/10/15Compact system with memory and pmu integration
09/10/15Floating switch assemblies and methods for making the same
09/10/15Embedded system in package
09/10/15Battery pack system
09/10/15Electronic device with dual clutch barrel cavity antennas
09/10/15Electronic device with display frame antenna
09/10/15Methods and apparatus for controlling tunable antenna systems
09/10/15Electronic device and charging device for electronic device
09/10/15Uplink transmission on unlicensed radio frequency band component carriers
09/10/15Revocation of root certificates
09/10/15Preventing artifacts due to underfill in flip chip imager assembly
09/10/15Determining activity paths from anonymous application usage data and motion activity
09/10/15Device and method for dynamic concatenated short messaging service optimization of messages with multiple encoding schemes
09/10/15Methods and apparatus for mitigating interference in agressive form factor designs
09/10/15Wireless femtocell setup methods and apparatus
09/10/15Synchronization beacon detection
09/10/15User equipment with selective neighbor cell detection
09/10/15User equipment with selective neighbor cell detection during handover
09/10/15Resolving cycle conflicts between multiple rats sharing a radio of a ue
09/10/15Using a frequency error estimate of a first radio access technology (rat) for a second rat
09/10/15Wi-fi low energy preamble
09/10/15Using access technology and location information to smartly initiate bearer independent protocol sessions
09/10/15Backward compatible l-ltf design for implementation friendly preamble
09/10/15Electronic device with accessory-based transmit power control
09/10/15Initial access channel for scalable wireless mobile communication networks
09/10/15User equipment with improved drx performance
09/10/15User equipment with improved tune-away performance during measurement
09/10/15While performing measurement for a first rat performing tune away operations for a second rat
09/10/15During warm up operations of a first rat performing tune away operations for a second rat
09/03/15Product demonstration fixture for a portable electronic device
09/03/15Solid state deposition methods, apparatuses, and products
09/03/15Map application with improved navigation tools
09/03/15Exposed glass article with enhanced stiffness for portable electronic device housing
09/03/15Three dimensional user interface session control using depth sensors
09/03/15Scrolling based on rotational movement
09/03/15User interface presentation of information in reconfigured or overlapping containers
09/03/15Split view calendar
09/03/15Application programming interfaces for scrolling operations
09/03/15Generating a dynamic user interface representing an arbitrary content provider back-end
09/03/15Devices, methods, and graphical user interfaces for navigating and editing text
09/03/15Finger biometric sensing device including series coupled error compensation and drive signal nulling circuitry and related methods
09/03/15Processing payments for an online marketplace
09/03/15Cold spray of stainless steel
09/03/15Fuel cell system to power a portable computing device
09/03/15Electronic device with shared antenna structures and balun
09/03/15Low-profile plug with cam and flexible circuit board
09/03/15Electronic device with near-field antennas
09/03/15Video encoding optimization with extended spaces
09/03/15Intelligent video quality adjustment
09/03/15Grounding circuit for alternate audio plug designs
09/03/15Adjustable wireless circuitry with antenna-based proximity detector
09/03/15Power management and distributed scheduling for uplink transmissions in wireless systems
09/03/15Hybrid arq schemes with soft combining in variable rate packet data applications
09/03/15Displays with elevated backlight efficiency
08/27/15Insert casting or tack welding of machinable metal in bulk amorphous alloy part and post machining the machinable metal insert
08/27/15Electroformed housings and methods for making the same
08/27/15Strain-based sensing of mirror position
08/27/15Electro-optic variable aperture lens
08/27/15Transparent force sensor with strain relief
08/27/15Selectively broadcasting audio and video content
08/27/15Portable electronic device with interface reconfiguration mode
08/27/15Portable multifunction device, method, and graphical user interface for managing communications received while in a locked state
08/27/15Installation of software onto a computer
08/27/15Personalized targeting of media stations
08/27/15Revisiting content history
08/27/15Authentication with secondary approver
08/27/15Capacitive sensor packaging
08/27/15Invitational content attribution
08/27/15Non-linear display brightness adjustment
08/27/15Server-side adaptive video processing
08/27/15Active noise control with compensation for acoustic leak in personal listening devices
08/27/15Non-uniform dielectric layer capacitor for vibration and acoustics improvement
08/27/15Low-travel key mechanisms using butterfly hinges
08/27/15Printed circuit board components for electronic devices
08/27/15Adjusting filter in a coupled coil system
08/27/15Impedance matching for inductive power transfer systems
08/27/15User interface and graphics composition with high dynamic range video
08/27/15Display-side adaptive video processing
08/27/15Backward-compatible video capture and distribution
08/27/15Adaptive transfer function for video encoding and decoding
08/27/15Management of invitational content during broadcasting of media streams
08/27/15Remotely controlling a hearing device
08/27/15System and method of improving voice quality in a wireless headset with untethered earbuds of a mobile device
08/27/15Network access control methods and apparatus
08/27/15System and method for throttling carrier aggregation activation
08/27/15Mitigating no-service delays for lte capable wireless devices without lte access permission
08/27/15Wireless radio access network control channel capacity management
08/27/15System and method for performing emergency calls over wifi
08/20/15Systems, methods, and computer-readable media for thermally managing electronic devices using dynamic optical components
08/20/15Beam scanning using an interference filter as a turning mirror
08/20/15Handheld computing device
08/20/15Highly portable media device
08/20/15Touch-sensitive electronic apparatus for media applications, and methods therefor
08/20/15Single-chip multi-stimulus sensor controller
08/20/15Method for presenting documents using a reading list panel
08/20/15Device, method and graphical user interface for zooming in on a touch-screen display
08/20/15Interactive menu elements in a virtual three-dimensional space
08/20/15Device, method, and graphical user interface for selection of views in a three-dimensional map based on gesture inputs
08/20/15Parallax depth rendering
08/20/15Asymmetric circuitry
08/20/15Graphene current collectors in batteries for portable electronic devices
08/20/15Using effective c-rates to determine inaccessible capacities of batteries
08/20/15Electronic device with satellite navigation system slot antennas
08/20/15Connector retention features for reduced wear
08/20/15Pre-program of clock generation circuit for faster lock coming out of reset
08/20/15Cellular network communications wireless headset and mobile device
08/20/15Microphone port with foreign material ingress protection
08/20/15Personal geofence
08/20/15Content geofencing
08/20/15Mobile device management
08/20/15Fast cell selection in a mobile wireless device
08/20/15Method and system for a wireless multi-hop relay network
08/20/15Network infrastructure identification
08/20/15Uplink behavior for a device using multiple radio access technologies
08/20/15Magnetic latch
08/20/15Electronic devices with housing-based interconnects and coupling structures
08/13/15Multimedia control center
08/13/15Anodized films with branched pore structures
08/13/15Ceiling system
08/13/15Pattern projector
08/13/15Electronic devices with environmental sensors
08/13/15Method of inspecting sapphire structures and method of forming the same
08/13/15Display with color mixing prevention structures
08/13/15Low leakage address decoder
08/13/15Method and apparatus for recovery from low power state
08/13/15Electronic devices with sidewall displays
08/13/15Frequency independent offset cancellation scheme in touch receiver channel
08/13/15Touch sensor panel design
08/13/15Thresholds for determining feedback in computing devices
08/13/15Completion time determination for vector instructions
08/13/15Completion time prediction for vector instructions
08/13/15Early loop buffer entry
08/13/15Hardware state data logger for silicon debug
08/13/15Interface calibration using configurable on-die terminations
08/13/15Global write driver for memory array structure
08/13/15Efficient buffering for a system having non-volatile memory
08/13/15Reducing latency in a peripheral component interconnect express link
08/13/15Rendering common cell formatting for adjacent cells
08/13/15Updating a template for a biometric recognition device
08/13/15Systems and methods for sending digital images
08/13/15Upper-body skeleton extraction from depth maps
08/13/15Electronic device with automatic mode switching
08/13/15Valuation of invitational content slots based on user attentiveness
08/13/15Integrated visual notification system in an accessory device
08/13/15Close-talk detector for personal listening device with adaptive active noise control
08/13/15Voltage regulation for data retention in a volatile memory
08/13/15Shimless button assembly for an electronic device
08/13/15Universal process carrier for substrates
08/13/15Clamping mechanism for processing of a substrate within a substrate carrier
08/13/15Antenna on sapphire structure
08/13/15System and method for using credentials of a first client station to authenticate a second client station
08/13/15Protocol for exchanging data between two devices
08/13/15Secure ad hoc data backup to nearby friend devices
08/13/15Automatic power-off of wireless communication device from linked device
08/13/15Methods and apparatus for improving power consumption in a wireless network
08/13/15Extension of location status event
08/13/15Dynamic antenna tuner setting for carrier aggregation scenarios
08/13/15Providing a data function in an access gateway node
08/13/15Methods for forming a sensor array package
08/13/15Novel structure achieving fine through hole pitch for integrated circuit substrates
08/13/15Multi-layered ceramic enclosure
08/06/15Temperature regulated melt crucible for cold chamber die casting
08/06/15Ceramic component casting
08/06/15Customizable shrink wrap
08/06/15Stretch release conductive adhesive
08/06/15Displays with flipped panel structures
08/06/15Touch sensitive module with integrated sensor and artwork
08/06/15Displays with intra-frame pause
08/06/15Grouping items in a folder
08/06/15Dynamic io operation timeout assignment for a solid state drive
08/06/15Digital mixed tapes
08/06/15Adaptive secondary authentication criteria based on account data
08/06/15Use of a biometric image for authorization
08/06/15Representative user journeys for content sessions
08/06/15Campaign budget controls via user configurable line specifications
08/06/15System and method for managing wireless point-of-sale transactions
08/06/15System and method for generating a rhythmic accompaniment for a musical performance
08/06/15Threshold adaptation in two-channel noise estimation and voice activity detection
08/06/15Waterproof button assembly
08/06/15Reduced-weight fuel cell plate with corrosion resistant coating
08/06/15Dual coaxial cable-to-board connector
08/06/15Shunt integrated voltage regulator
08/06/15Method and apparatus for frequency hopping coexistence in unlicensed radio frequency bands for mobile devices
08/06/15Reference subframes for synchronization and cell measurements
08/06/15Uniform communication protocols for communication between controllers and accessories
08/06/15Apparatus and methods for controlled switching of electronic access clients without requiring network access
08/06/15Backwards compatible extended image format
08/06/15Push-to-talk telecommunications system utilizing an voice-over-ip network
08/06/15Customer identification for seamless wireless-network access
08/06/15Offloading and reselection policies and rules for mobile devices
08/06/15Support for continuity of tunnel communications for mobile nodes having multiple care of addressing
08/06/15Method and apparatus for time division coexistence in unlicensed radio frequency bands for mobile devices
08/06/15Wi-fi signaling by cellular devices for coexistence in unlicensed frequency bands
08/06/15Multi-zone imaging sensor and lens array
07/30/15Display systems and methods
07/30/15System and method for laser cutting sapphire using multiple gas media
07/30/15Stain proof textured fabric
07/30/15Printed circuits with sacrificial test structures
07/30/15Operating surface characterization for integrated circuits
07/30/15Passive damping for optical image stabilization
07/30/15Touch implement with haptic feedback for simulating surface texture
07/30/15Texture capture stylus and method
07/30/15Touch pad with symbols based on mode
07/30/15Light block for transparent touch sensors
07/30/15Integrated polarizer and conductive material
07/30/15Mutual capacitance touch sensing device
07/30/15Adaptive image loading
07/30/15Non-volatile memory monitoring
07/30/15Electronic device with wrap around display
07/30/15Cross-over and bypass configurations for high-speed data transmission
07/30/15Search assistant for digital media assets
07/30/15Secure provisioning of credentials on an electronic device using elliptic curve cryptography
07/30/15Tokenizing authorizations
07/30/15Metadata rich tag for survey re-targeting
07/30/15Method and system for upgrading a previously purchased media asset
07/30/15Display panel self-refresh entry and exit
07/30/15Design and construction of non-rectangular batteries
07/30/15Peripheral electronic device housing members with gaps and dielectric coatings
07/30/15Wireless handheld electronic device
07/30/15Contact-support mechanism for increased retention force
07/30/15Connector retention features
07/30/15Dual connector having ground planes in tongues
07/30/15Family of slew-enhanced operational transconductance amplifiers
07/30/15Driver circuit for a camera voice coil motor
07/30/15Power management of a radio data transceiver
07/30/15Methods and systems for enabling feedback in wireless communication networks
07/30/15Electronic devices having electrostatic discharge paths
07/30/15Integrated circuit package
07/23/15Dynamic range control with large look-ahead
07/23/15Sensing of mirror position using fringing fields
07/23/15Clock routing techniques
07/23/15Motion-detected tap input
07/23/15User interface tools for selectively applying effects to image
07/23/15Systems and methods for an animated graphical user interface
07/23/15Application dataflow aware property and bindings
07/23/15Device configuration with multiple profiles for a single user using remote user biometrics
07/23/15Device configuration for multiple users using remote user biometrics
07/23/15Cell error tracking in applications
07/23/15Cache for patterns of instructions
07/23/15Methods and apparatus for virtual channel allocation via a high speed bus interface
07/23/15Extensible application state preservation architecture
07/23/15Technologies for inserting dynamic content into podcast episodes
07/23/15Electronic device operation using remote user biometrics
07/23/15Devices and methods for reducing or eliminating mura artifact
07/23/15Systems and methods for monitoring and controlling repetitive accesses to volatile memory
07/23/15Organic light-emitting diode display with bottom shields
07/23/15Molded plastic structures with graphene signal paths
07/23/15Robust magnetic connector
07/23/15Rechargeable battery with series-connected, asymmetric banks
07/23/15Wide common mode range sense amplifier
07/23/15Latch circuit with dual-ended write
07/23/15Multichannel wireless local area network
07/23/15Accessory identification for mobile computing devices
07/23/15Methods and apparatus for error rate estimation
07/23/15Controlling operation of a media device based upon whether a presentation device is currently being worn by a user
07/23/15Electronic device accessory
07/23/15Wlan and lte coexistence in unlicensed radio frequency bands
07/23/15System and method for low power signaling in a wireless local area network
07/16/15Methods for cutting smooth reflective surfaces
07/16/15Head-mounted display apparatus for retaining a portable electronic device with display
07/16/15High dynamic range liquid crystal display
07/16/15Display with column spacer structures
07/16/15Suspension for camera trim enabling thinner camera stack
07/16/15Method to manage current during clock frequency changes
07/16/15Trimless glass enclosure interface
07/16/15Floating point coprocessor dynamic power gating for on-die leakage reduction
07/16/15Viewing images with tilt-control on a hand-held device
07/16/15Multipoint touchscreen
07/16/15Wireless devices with touch sensors and solar cells
07/16/15Multi-touch input discrimination
07/16/15User-centric widgets and dashboards
07/16/15Information management with non-hierarchical views
07/16/15Concurrent store and load operations
07/16/15Method and apparatus for simplifying communication between a host system and a display subsystem
07/16/15Tokenized search suggestions
07/16/15File system access for one or more sandboxed applications
07/16/15Methods and systems for managing and automating user customization of a device based on observed user behavior
07/16/15Location adaptive electronic calendar system
07/16/15Continual authorization for secured functions
07/16/15Supplemental analysis module for invitational content
07/16/15Method and system for delivering advertisements to mobile terminals
07/16/15Statistical peak-current management in non-volatile memory devices
07/16/15Storage in charge-trap memory structures using additional electrically-charged regions
07/16/15Acoustic noise cancellation in multi-layer capacitors
07/16/15Display circuitry with improved transmittance and reduced coupling capacitance
07/16/15Ground contacts for reduced-length connector inserts
07/16/15Audio power amplification with reduced input power supply crest factor
07/16/15Directing data in a web browser from a portable electronic device
07/16/15Multipath tcp signaling with application specific tags
07/16/15Range-free proximity determination
07/16/15Service provider activation with subscriber identity module policy
07/09/15Integrated touch screens
07/09/15Invisible, light transmissive display system
07/09/15Camera-assisted motion estimation for application control
07/09/15Movable track pad with added functionality
07/09/15Proximity and multi-touch sensor detection and demodulation
07/09/15Embedded authentication systems in an electronic device
07/09/15Interactive image thumbnails
07/09/15Pull down navigation mode
07/09/15Continuous handwriting ui
07/09/15Speculative prefetching of data stored in flash memory
07/09/15On-board applet migration
07/09/15Logging operating system updates of a secure element of an electronic device
07/09/15Advanced programming verification schemes for memory cells
07/09/15Redundant data storage schemes for multi-die memory systems
07/09/15System and method for cognizant time-based reminders
07/09/15Image preview
07/09/15Staging electronic publications
07/09/15Locking and unlocking a mobile device using facial recognition
07/09/15Enhanced face detection using depth information
07/09/15Depth mapping with enhanced resolution
07/09/15Disabling mobile payments for lost electronic devices
07/09/15Depth mapping with enhanced resolution
07/09/15Framework for graphics animation and compositing operations
07/09/15Self-shielded components and methods for making the same
07/09/15Display circuitry with reduced metal routing resistance
07/09/15Thermally curable composite separators for batteries in portable electronic devices
07/09/15Mid-plane board-to-board connectors
07/09/15Unified high power and low power battery charger
07/09/15Magnetic camera component mounting in cameras
07/09/15Advertising management method and system
07/09/15Earphones with left/right magnetic asymmetry
07/09/15System and method for reception of cell broadcast messages
07/09/15Cell utilization estimation by a wireless device
07/02/15Cut-resistant cable structures and systems and methods for making the same
07/02/15Concealed electrical connectors
07/02/15Low-power gpu states for reducing power consumption
07/02/15Using a plurality of buffers to provide audio for synchronized playback to multiple audio devices having separate device clocks
07/02/15Interaction of sound, silent and mute modes in an electronic device
07/02/15File system management
07/02/15Browsing or searching user interfaces and other aspects
07/02/15Learning-based estimation of hand and finger pose
07/02/15Person-to-person payments using electronic devices
07/02/15Subbuffer objects
07/02/15Two-shot knuckles for coupling electrically isolated sections of an electronic device and methods for making the same
07/02/15Facilitating switching between transmitting antennas in portable electronic devices
07/02/15Antenna switching system with adaptive switching criteria
07/02/15Background task execution over a network
07/02/15Message focusing
07/02/15New diameter signaling for mobile ipv4
07/02/15Portable multifunction device, method, and graphical user interface for conference calling
07/02/15Apparatus and methods for packing and transporting raw data
07/02/15System and method for contextual digital photography mode selection
06/25/15Using woven fibers to increase tensile strength and for securing attachment mechanisms
06/25/15White appearing anodized films
06/25/15Display having backlight with narrowband collimated light sources
06/25/15Location-based operating modes
06/25/15Radio-frequency test system with tunable test antenna circuitry
06/25/15Display having backlight with narrowband collimated light sources
06/25/15Camera module with artificial muscle actuator and structure for focusing during assembly
06/25/15Digital camera with light splitter
06/25/15Electronic device display with damage-resistant polarizer
06/25/15Elastomeric shear material providing haptic response control
06/25/15Device, method, and graphical user interface for managing concurrently open software applications
06/25/15Enhancements to data-driven media management within an electronic device
06/25/15Select drag and drop operations on video thumbnails across clip boundaries
06/25/15Providing context information relating to media content that is being presented
06/25/15Ambient noise based augmentation of media playback
06/25/15Predicated vector hazard check instruction
06/25/15Finger biometric sensor including drive signal level updating and related methods
06/25/15Finger biometric sensor including drive signal level updating and related methods
06/25/15Man-machine interface for controlling access to electronic devices
06/25/15Deletion of credentials from an electronic device
06/25/15System and method for situational location relevant invocable speed reference
06/25/15Management of data storage in analog memory cells using a non-integer number of bits per cell
06/25/15Data storage management in analog memory cells using a non-integer number of bits per cell
06/25/15Magnetic assembly
06/25/15Decoder with selective iteration scheduling
06/25/15Tti bundling for downlink communication
06/25/15Customized location notification
06/25/15Registering client computing devices for online communication sessions
06/25/15Image capture using display device as light source
06/25/15Image tone adjustment using local tone curve computation
06/25/15Methods and apparatus for context based line coding
06/25/15Sports monitoring system for headphones, earbuds and/or headsets
06/25/15Three part membrane speaker
06/25/15Location accuracy prediction
06/25/15Identifying and locating users on a mobile network
06/25/15Programmable beacon payloads
06/25/15Methods and apparatus for managing data within a secure element
06/25/15Esr extension for lte tdd to fdd redirection for volte
06/25/15Volte call establishment in td and fdd lte networks
06/25/15Network reselection by a wireless communication device based on signal-to-noise ratio
06/25/15Virtual wlan interface for cellular data offloading in a wireless device
06/25/15Indoor remote triggered location scanning
06/25/15Extending use of a cellular communication capabilities in a wireless device to another device
06/25/15Radio link control duplication for carrier aggregation
06/18/15Non-capacitive or radio frequency-transparent materials with anodized metal appearance
06/18/15Electronic device with light-emitting diode array
06/18/15Display module
06/18/15Reducing power consumption in a processor
06/18/15Text correction processing
06/18/15Touch and hover sensor compensation
06/18/15On-cell touch architecture
06/18/15Motion sensitive input control
06/18/15Device, method, and graphical user interface for managing and interacting with concurrently open software applications
06/18/15Multi-mode adapter
06/18/15Remote content updates for portable media devices
06/18/15Methods and apparatuses for providing a hardware accelerated web engine
06/18/15Method and system for generating output image data
06/18/15Intelligent text-to-speech conversion
06/18/15Thermally enhanced wafer level fan-out pop package
06/18/15Electromagnetic connector for electronic device
06/18/15Connector receptacle having a shield
06/18/15System and method for user equipment initiated management of carrier aggregation
06/18/15Real-time or near real-time streaming
06/18/15Automatic video stream selection
06/18/15Earbud with membrane based acoustic mass loading
06/18/15Short message service (sms) message segmentation
06/18/15Systems and methods for carrier channel selection in carrier aggregation enabled networks
06/18/15Robust frequency scan in presence of strong adjacent systems
06/18/15Systems and methods for intelligent frequency selection in carrier aggregation enabled networks
06/18/15System and method for providing priority data of band combinations for carrier aggregation
06/18/15Computer light adjustment
06/18/15Color-matched polymer materials and method for forming the same
06/11/15Material containing vessels for melting material
06/11/15Ultrasonic bonding of a cover glass sub-assembly
06/11/15Reducing cosmetic surface interference from embedded components
06/11/15Accessory lock for computing device
06/11/15Display having polarizer with unpolarized strip
06/11/15Package with soc and integrated memory
06/11/15Touch screen border regions
06/11/15Touch pad with force sensors and actuator feedback
06/11/15Memory multi-chip package (mcp) with integral bus splitter
06/11/15Lookahead scheme for prioritized reads
06/11/15Method for extracting salient dialog usage from live data
06/11/15Provisioning and authenticating credentials on an electronic device
06/11/15Automatic animation generation
06/11/15Connector receptacle having a tongue
06/11/15Dynamic range control gain encoding
06/11/15Digital radio tagging using an rf tuner accessory
06/11/15Restrictions on transmissions of control plane data with carrier aggregation
06/11/15Mobile device sensor data subscribing and sharing
06/11/15Cover glass arrangement for an electronic device
06/11/15Image sensor flicker detection
06/11/15Image sensor having pixels with different integration periods
06/11/15Method and apparatus for initiating and managing chat sessions
06/11/15Pressure vent for speaker or microphone modules
06/11/15Use of an earpiece acoustic opening as a microphone port for beamforming applications
06/11/15Seamless earbud structures and methods for making the same
06/11/15Earphone having a controlled acoustic leak port
06/11/15Quality of service control in multiple hop wireless communication environments
06/11/15Peer-to-peer communications on restricted channels
06/11/15Optmized vent walls in electronic devices
06/04/15Flood coolant to through spindle coolant conversion
06/04/15Rack plating
06/04/15Shrouded fan impeller with reduced cover overlap
06/04/15Electronic devices with clips
06/04/15Magnetic attachment unit
06/04/15Method and apparatus for managing power in computer systems
06/04/15Selective input signal rejection and modification
06/04/15Multi-functional hand-held device
06/04/15Device, method, and graphical user interface for configuring restricted interaction with a user interface
06/04/15Device, method, and graphical user interface for switching between user interfaces
06/04/15Systems and methods thereof for determining a virtual momentum based on user input
06/04/15Dual orientation connector with external contacts
06/04/15Instantaneous load current monitoring
06/04/15Compact ejectable component assemblies in electronic devices
06/04/15Preventing url confusion attacks
06/04/15Graphical user interface and method for mobile device activation
06/04/15Sensor-assisted autofocus calibration
06/04/15Systems and methods for carrier aggregation deployment and organization in unlicensed bands
06/04/15Carrier aggregation using unlicensed frequency bands
06/04/15Device to device communications with carrier aggregation
06/04/15Systems and methods for cross-cell carrier aggregation for coverage balance improvement
06/04/15Uplink control in a wireless communication network
05/28/15Capacitor structures for display pixel threshold voltage compensation circuits
05/28/15Electronic devices having displays with openings
05/28/15Antenna system with antenna swapping and antenna tuning
05/28/15Reconfigurable circuit topology for both self-cap and mutual cap sensing
05/28/15Reducing touch sensor panel power consumption
05/28/15Display with threshold voltage compensation circuitry
05/28/15Modal change based on orientation of a portable multifunction device
05/28/15Non-uniform spatial resource allocation for depth mapping
05/28/15Methods to reduce bit-depth required for linearizing data
05/28/15Border masking structures for liquid crystal display
05/28/15Loudness normalization based on user feedback
05/28/15Suspension system for micro-speakers
05/28/15Device, method, and graphical user interface for manipulating user interfaces based on fingerprint sensor inputs
05/28/15Accessing a vehicle using portable devices
05/28/15Generation of intersection information by a mapping service
05/28/15Provisioning of credentials on an electronic device using passwords communicated over verified channels
05/28/15Linked user accounts
05/28/15Fence management over multiple busses
05/28/15Efficient reuse of segments in nonoverwrite storage systems
05/28/15Selective victimization in a multi-level cache hierarchy
05/28/15Delaying cache data array updates
05/28/15Combined transparent/non-transparent cache
05/28/15Device, method, and graphical user interface for forgoing generation of tactile output for a multi-contact gesture
05/28/15Pushing a graphical user interface to a remote device with display rules provided by the remote device
05/28/15Portable multifunction device, method, and graphical user interface for adjusting an insertion point marker
05/28/15Device, method, and graphical user interface for moving a cursor according to a change in an appearance of a control icon with simulated three-dimensional characteristics
05/28/15Device, method, and graphical user interface for navigating user interface hierarchies
05/28/15Capacitor structures for display pixel threshold voltage compensation circuits
05/28/15Electronic devices having displays with openings
05/28/15Antenna system with antenna swapping and antenna tuning
05/28/15Reconfigurable circuit topology for both self-cap and mutual cap sensing
05/28/15Reducing touch sensor panel power consumption
05/28/15Display with threshold voltage compensation circuitry
05/28/15Modal change based on orientation of a portable multifunction device
05/28/15Non-uniform spatial resource allocation for depth mapping
05/28/15Methods to reduce bit-depth required for linearizing data
05/28/15Border masking structures for liquid crystal display
05/28/15Loudness normalization based on user feedback
05/28/15Suspension system for micro-speakers
05/28/15Device, method, and graphical user interface for manipulating user interfaces based on fingerprint sensor inputs
05/28/15Accessing a vehicle using portable devices
05/28/15Generation of intersection information by a mapping service
05/28/15Provisioning of credentials on an electronic device using passwords communicated over verified channels
05/28/15Linked user accounts
05/28/15Fence management over multiple busses
05/28/15Efficient reuse of segments in nonoverwrite storage systems
05/28/15Selective victimization in a multi-level cache hierarchy
05/28/15Delaying cache data array updates
05/28/15Combined transparent/non-transparent cache
05/28/15Device, method, and graphical user interface for forgoing generation of tactile output for a multi-contact gesture
05/28/15Pushing a graphical user interface to a remote device with display rules provided by the remote device
05/28/15Portable multifunction device, method, and graphical user interface for adjusting an insertion point marker
05/28/15Device, method, and graphical user interface for moving a cursor according to a change in an appearance of a control icon with simulated three-dimensional characteristics
05/28/15Device, method, and graphical user interface for navigating user interface hierarchies
05/21/15Using pulsed biases to represent dc bias for charging
05/21/15Resonant-recovery power reduction techniques for pulse generation
05/21/15Unified connector for multiple interfaces
05/21/15Adjusting media display in a personal display system based on perspective
05/21/15Device and method for assigning respective portions of an aggregate intensity to a plurality of contacts
05/21/15Expanded function touch sensor implement
05/21/15Portable multi-touch input device
05/21/15Device, method, and graphical user interface for transitioning between touch input to display output relationships
05/21/15Spatially interactive computing device
05/21/15Display driving architectures
05/21/15Portable computer display structures
05/21/15Reworkable adhesive tape for joining device structures
05/21/15Frame structure for allocating radio resources in a cellular wireless network
05/21/15Non-destructive determination of volumetric crystallinity of bulk amorphous alloy
05/21/15Enrollment using synthetic fingerprint image and fingerprint sensing systems
05/21/15Modeless video and still frame capture
05/21/15Connector receptacle with side ground contacts
05/21/15Spring-loaded contacts
05/21/15Hotspot device
05/21/15Navigation system acquisition and use of cellular coverage map data
05/21/15Rendering road signs during navigation
05/21/15Schedule manager
05/21/15Systems and methods for accessing shopping center services using a portable electronic device
05/21/15Electronic receipts for nfc-based financial transactions
05/21/15Generating transaction identifiers
05/21/15Generating transaction identifiers
05/21/15Manipulating electronic backups
05/21/15Mechanism for sharing private caches in a soc
05/21/15Device, method, and graphical user interface for determining whether to scroll or select content
05/21/15Notifications and reminders based on user states
05/14/15Wobble detection via software defined phase-lock loops
05/14/15Electronic devices with component mounting structures
05/14/15Time-domain multiplexing of power and data
05/14/15Methods and apparatuses for operating a portable device based on an accelerometer
05/14/15Intelligent management for an electronic device
05/14/15Removable clip with user interface
05/14/15Electronic devices with sidewall displays
05/14/15Mirroring graphics content to an external display
05/14/15Electronic device display with polarizer windows
05/14/15Portable computing device
05/14/15Connector inserts and receptacle tongues formed using printed circuit boards
05/14/15Scalable video coding/multiplexing compatible with non-scalable decoders
05/14/15Forming white metal oxide films by oxide structure modification or subsurface cracking
05/14/15Method and system for operating a multi-function portable electronic device using voice-activation
05/14/15Dynamic configuration of wireless circuitry to mitigate inteference among components in a computing device
05/14/15Baseband caching of sim files
05/14/15Always-on audio control for mobile device
05/14/15Coordinated image manipulation
05/14/15Collaborative location-based search results
05/14/15Multi-source media aggregation
05/14/15Split register file for operands of different sizes
05/14/15Power management for touch controller
05/14/15Semi-automatic organic layout for media streams
05/14/15Select drag and drop operations on video thumbnails across clip boundaries
05/14/15Device, method, and graphical user interface for manipulating user interfaces based on fingerprint sensor inputs
05/14/15Device, method, and graphical user interface for displaying user interface objects corresponding to an application
05/14/15Bubble loupes
05/14/15Viewable frame identification
05/07/15High tolerance connection between elements
05/07/15Ambient light sensor with internal light cancellation
05/07/15Balancing voltages between battery banks
05/07/15Display with hybrid progressive-simultaneous drive pattern
05/07/15Invisible light transmission via a display assembly
05/07/15Display with peak luminance control sensitive to brightness setting
05/07/15Shortened harq timelines for low bandwidth applications
05/07/15Retrofit for current cnc machines to allow for 'shaping' style machining process
05/07/15Encapsulation of a stiffener layer in aluminum
05/07/15Methods and apparatus for radio co-existence testing and verification of wireless systems
05/07/15Methods for machining sharp internal pocket corners with rotating cutting tools
05/07/15Using biometric authentication for nfc-based payments
05/07/15Using bioauthentication in near-field-communication transactions
05/07/15Lifestyle-based social groups
05/07/15Maintaining i/o priority and i/o sorting
05/07/15Protection against word line failure in memory devices
04/30/15Musical systems and methods
04/30/15Boost converter with a pulse frequency modulation mode for operating above an audible frequency
04/30/15Thresholds for determining feedback in computing devices
04/30/15Double sided touch sensor on transparent substrate
04/30/15Moment compensated bending beam sensor for load measurement on platform supported by bending beams
04/30/15Shock mounting cover glass in consumer electronic devices
04/30/15Backlight driver chip incorporating a phase lock loop (pll) with programmable offset/delay and seamless operation
04/30/15Small form factor telephoto camera
04/30/15Illumination systems and methods for computer imagers
04/30/15Border structures for displays
04/30/15Techniques for strengthening glass covers for portable electronic devices
04/30/15Flexible electronic devices
04/30/15Circuit board modules having mechanical features
04/30/15System and method for calibrating temperatures sensor for integrated circuits
04/30/15Method and apparatus for variable accuracy inter-picture timing specification for digital video encoding with reduced requirements for division operations
04/30/15Methods for producing white appearing metal oxide films by positioning reflective particles prior to or during anodizing processes
04/30/15Pop structure with electrically insulating material between packages
04/30/15Magnetic systems for electronic devices and accessories
04/30/15Location based tracking
04/30/15Pairing a media server and a media client
04/30/15Push-based location update
04/30/15Distributed computing in a wireless communication system
04/23/15Heat stake joining
04/23/15Continuous alloy feedstock production mold
04/23/15Devices and methods for reducing power consumption and size of gate drivers
04/23/15Self adapting alert device
04/23/15Electronic device with balanced-fed satellite communications antennas
04/23/15Orthogonal frequency scan scheme in touch system
04/23/15Touch receiving channel re-use scheme with receiver signal coding
04/23/15Touch surface for simulating materials
04/23/15Haptic electromagnetic actuator
04/23/15Organic light emitting diode displays with improved driver circuitry
04/23/15Organic light emitting diode displays with improved driver circuitry
04/23/15Contact shadows in visual representations
04/23/15Interactive black and white image editing
04/23/15Method and interface for converting images to grayscale
04/23/15Camera-based orientation fix from portrait to landscape
04/23/15Device initiated card provisioning via bearer independent protocol
04/23/15Facilitating reselection by a wireless communication device to a first network from a second network after termination of a circuit switched fallback voice call
04/23/15Content aware audio ducking
04/23/15Earphone having an acoustic tuning mechanism
04/23/15Method for color balancing underwater photography
04/23/15Mobile device with applications that use a common place card to display data relating to a location
04/23/15Dynamic routing of audio among multiple audio devices
04/23/15Humanized navigation instructions for mapping applications
04/23/15Voice quality enhancement techniques, speech recognition techniques, and related systems
04/23/15Determining user engagement
04/23/15Electronic backup of applications
04/23/15Cross application framework for aggregating data relating to people, locations, and entities
04/23/15Interrupt distribution scheme
04/23/15Object matching and animation in a presentation application
04/23/15Object matching in a presentation application
04/23/15Presentation system motion blur
04/23/15Text and shape morphing in a presentation application
04/23/15Curved shadows in visual representations
04/23/15Publishing media content to virtual movie theatres
04/23/15Automatic custom sound effects for graphical elements
04/23/15Automatic configuration of displays for slide presentation
04/23/15Interactive build order interface
04/23/15Methods and devices for simplified graphical object editing
04/23/15Grain generation and blending
04/23/15Accelerated scrolling for a multifunction device
04/16/15Management of high-voltage lithium-polymer batteries in portable electronic devices
04/16/15Instantaneous ir drop measurement circuit
04/16/15Electronic device with array of antennas in housing cavity
04/16/15Active stylus
04/16/15Embedded force measurement
04/16/15Keyer tool
04/16/15System and method for displaying image data on a vectorscope
04/16/15Compositing pairs of image frames from different cameras of a mobile device to generate a video stream
04/16/15Wireless feedback system and method
04/16/15Method and ui for z depth image segmentation
04/16/15Method and apparatus for cell reselection
04/16/15Accessory control with geo-fencing
04/16/15Simplified audio navigation instructions
04/16/15Speech recognition wake-up of a handheld portable electronic device
04/16/15Content downloads and rights management using adaptive pricing with costs offset by viewing advertisements
04/16/15Data synchronization
04/16/15Memory system with shared file system
04/16/15Reduced energy consumption in a computer system through software and hardware coordinated control of multiple power supplies
04/16/15Display and selection of bidirectional text
04/16/15Navigating image presentations
04/16/15Enhanced input selection
04/16/15Three dimensional user interface effects on a display by using properties of motion
04/16/15Electronic device having light sensor with molded diffuser
04/09/15Reducing power dissipation in inductive energy transfer systems
04/09/15Proximity and multi-touch sensor detection and demodulation
04/09/15System and method for rendering dynamic three-dimensional appearing imagery on a two-dimensional user interface
04/09/15Digital camera having multiple image capture systems
04/09/15Portable computing device with a housing secured by a magnetic element and related method
04/09/15Programmable peak-current control in non-volatile memory devices
04/09/15Modulation and coding scheme (mcs) recovery based on cqi offset
04/09/15Portable electronic device control
04/09/15Electronic device with antennas isolated using phase shifter
04/09/15Methods and apparatus for access data recovery from a malfunctioning device
04/09/15Bartering content for application developers
04/09/15Recovery from programming failure in non-volatile memory
04/09/15Device, method, and graphical user interface for navigating a list of identifiers
04/09/15Modified media presentation during scrubbing
04/09/15Desktop filter
04/09/15Companion content presented along with invitational content item
04/02/15Group discount media pricing
04/02/15Adjustable fixture
04/02/15Acoustic testing of sapphire components for electronic devices
04/02/15Electronic device with calibrated compass
04/02/15Aluminum alloys with high strength and cosmetic appeal
04/02/15Keycaps with reduced thickness
04/02/15Keycaps having reduced thickness
04/02/15Curable foam shims for buttons of electronic devices
04/02/15Methods for forming white anodized films by forming branched pore structures
04/02/15Methods for forming white anodized films by metal complex infusion
04/02/15Barcode recognition using data-driven classifier
04/02/15Organic light-emitting diode displays with white subpixels
04/02/15Inductive charging interface with magnetic retention for electronic devices and accessories
04/02/15Multi-pole magnetization of a magnet
04/02/15Remote control configuration using a remote control profile
04/02/15Touch-sensitive button with two levels
04/02/15Processing order in block processing pipelines
04/02/15Memory latency tolerance in block processing pipelines
04/02/15Wavefront encoding with parallel bit stream encoding
04/02/15Wavefront order to scan order synchronization
04/02/15System and method for capturing images
04/02/15Low-profile electrical and mechanical connector
04/02/15Button retention, assembly, and water sealing
04/02/15Heat transfer structure
04/02/15Insert molded parts and methods for forming the same
04/02/15Electronic device having housing with embedded interconnects
04/02/15Control signaling optimization for lte communications
04/02/15Device-initiated codec rate change during a voice call
04/02/15Adjusting a jitter buffer based on inter arrival jitter
04/02/15Apparatus, system, and method for notifying a mobile station of an incoming circuit switched call during a packet switched session
04/02/15Device synchronization over bluetooth
04/02/15Delayed and bundled retransmissions for low bandwidth applications
04/02/15Control signaling optimization for lte communications
04/02/15Control signaling optimization for lte communications
04/02/15Wireless multicast communication
04/02/15Customized coexistence management based on user behavior
04/02/15Adaptive reception of lte in a single radio wireless device
04/02/15Method and apparatus for lte cell search using multiple receivers of a mobile device
04/02/15Parallel encoding of bypass binary symbols in cabac encoder
04/02/15Context re-mapping in cabac encoder
04/02/15Data storage and access in block processing pipelines
04/02/15Parallel hardware and software block processing pipelines
04/02/15Skip thresholding in pipelined video encoders
04/02/15Codebook subset selection
04/02/15Physical downlink control channel decoding
04/02/15Backwards compatible extended image format
04/02/15Insert molded splits in housings
04/02/15Methods for incorporating ultraviolet light absorbing compounds into anodic oxides
04/02/15Method of manufacturing a part with a high quality surface finish and complex internal geometry
04/02/15Stackable magnetically-retained connector interface
04/02/15Power adapter components, housing and methods of assembly
04/02/15Test systems with multiple nfc antennas
04/02/15Shared tertiary chain for improved lte throughput
04/02/15Method and apparatus for fast return to an lte network from a legacy network utilizing multiple receivers
04/02/15Optimization of promotional content campaigns
04/02/15Group discount media pricing
04/02/15Initiation of online payments using an electronic device identifier
04/02/15Online payments using a secure element of an electronic device
04/02/15Intelligent multi-user task planning
04/02/15Content based file chunking
04/02/15Multi-cycle delay for communication buses
04/02/15Global configuration broadcast
04/02/15Tool for tracking versions of media sections in a composite presentation
04/02/15Seamless display of video during connection switching
04/02/15Cold chamber die casting with melt crucible under vacuum environment
03/26/15Selecting audio samples based on excitation state
03/26/15Display module reworkability
03/26/15Cable structures with localized foam strain reliefs and systems and methods for making the same
03/26/15Devices and methods for reduction of display to touch crosstalk
03/26/15Scan sequence generator
03/26/15Neighbor context caching in block processing pipelines
03/26/15Neighbor context processing in block processing pipelines
03/26/15Reference frame data prefetching in block processing pipelines
03/26/15Devices and methods for indicating active frame starts
03/26/15In-stream rolling shutter compensation
03/26/15Driver circuit for electro-active polymer devices
03/26/15Electronic component embedded in ceramic material
03/26/15Electronic component embedded in ceramic material
03/26/15Metal retaining features for handheld electronic device casing
03/26/15Application dependent channel condition assessment
03/26/15Uplink and downlink semi-persistent scheduling alignment
03/26/15Transport block size and channel condition assessment based power consumption reduction for cellular communication
03/26/15Methods and systems for ofdm using code division multiplexing
03/26/15Channel sounding techniques for a wireless communication system
03/26/15Methods and apparatus for low power audio visual interface calibration
03/26/15Reducing quantization artifacts using neighbor-based weighted dithering
03/26/15Delayed chroma processing in block processing pipelines
03/26/15Systems and methods for ofdm channelization
03/26/15Antenna systems with common overhead for cdma base stations
03/26/15Power consumption optimization for cellular communication via power amplifier biasing
03/26/15Active time spent optimization and reporting
03/26/15Application-specific group listing
03/26/15Personalization of devices while packaged
03/26/15Hazard check instructions for enhanced predicate vector operations
03/26/15Vector hazard check instruction with reduced source operands
03/26/15Predicate vector pack and unpack instructions
03/26/15Predicate attribute tracker
03/26/15Early issue of null-predicated operations
03/26/15Dynamic attribute inference
03/26/15Contention prevention for sequenced power up of electronic systems
03/26/15System power management using communication bus protocols
03/26/15Notifications with input-based completion
03/19/15Cable for electrical and optical transmission
03/19/15Tray configured for packaging, packaged product assembly, and method for packaging a product
03/19/15Accessory device
03/19/15Peek mode and graphical user interface (gui) experience
03/19/15Method and apparatus for localization of haptic feedback
03/19/15Switching circuitry for touch sensitive display
03/19/15Multiple bridges single sided touch sensor
03/19/15Electronic device having a flexible printed circuit biasing structure
03/19/15Touch sensitive display with graded index layer
03/19/15Electronic device with reworkable midplate attachment structures
03/19/15Power distribution in a docking station
03/19/15Sending an identifier of a wireless local area network to enable handoff of a mobile station to the wireless local area network
03/19/15Methods and apparatus for the intelligent association of control symbols
03/19/15Joint speaker surround and gasket, and methods of manufacture thereof
03/19/15Simplified connector receptacle housings
03/19/15Methods and apparatus for adaptive receiver diversity in a wireless network
03/19/15Shortest path determination for large graphs
03/19/15Personal media devices with wireless communication
03/19/15Hierarchical data storage system
03/19/15Accessory authentication for electronic devices
03/19/15Power shutdown prediction for non-volatile storage devices
03/19/15Portable electronic device performing similar operations for different gestures
03/19/15Device, method, and graphical user interface for navigating and displaying content in context
03/19/15Unlocking a device by performing gestures on an unlock image
03/19/15Dynamic program evaluation for system adaptation
03/19/15Methods and systems for upgrade and synchronization of securely installed applications on a computing device
03/12/15Universal power adapter
03/12/15Reconfigurable compensator with large-signal stabilizing network
03/12/15Battery charger with buck-boost operation
03/12/15Test fixture for probe application
03/12/15Capacitive sensing array having electrical isolation
03/12/15Finger biometric sensor including circuitry for acquiring finger biometric data based upon finger stability and related methods
03/12/15Hybrid antenna for a personal electronic device
03/12/15Electronic device with electromagnetic shielding structures
03/12/15Systems and methods for navigating a scene using deterministic movement of an electronic device
03/12/15Transparent electronic device
03/12/15Vibration sensing system and method for categorizing portable device context and modifying device operations
03/12/15Link aggregator for an electronic display
03/12/15Arbitration method for multi-request display pipeline
03/12/15Shader program profiler
03/12/15Managing partially out-of-frame view areas
03/12/15Lens shading modulation
03/12/15Adaptive auto exposure and dynamic range compensation
03/12/15Electrostatic discharge protection in consumer electronic products
03/12/15Component assembly in pre bent state
03/12/15Docking station with audio output
03/12/15Bumper for a computing device and related assembly and method
03/12/15Flexible printed circuit cables with service loops and overbending prevention
03/12/15Electronic device with printed circuit board noise reduction using elastomeric damming and damping structures
03/12/15Power savings with preamble in wlan systems
03/12/15Systems, methods, and devices for associating a contact identifier with a broadcast source
03/12/15System and method for performing hybrid automatic repeat request (harq) in a wlan system
03/12/15Data routing acceleration
03/12/15Chroma quantization in video coding
03/12/15Chroma quantization in video coding
03/12/15Audio call screening for hosted voicemail systems
03/12/15Anc system with spl-controlled output
03/12/15Noise reduction in biometric images
03/12/15Finger biometric sensor for flagging as sufficient enrollment finger biometric data sets and related methods
03/12/15Reconstructing a biometric image
03/12/15Background enrollment and authentication of a user
03/12/15Biometric sensor stack structure
03/12/15Image tone adjustment using local tone curve computation
03/12/15Automated selection of keeper images from a burst photo captured set
03/12/15Crystalline gold alloys with improved hardness
03/12/15Plug connector having a ground band and an insert molded contact assembly
03/12/15Plug connector having low profile and flexible interconnect
03/12/15Method for detecting a polishing compound and related system and computer program product
03/12/15Immediate connection following device discovery
03/12/15Method and apparatus to mitigate interference between hardware circuitry and wireless circuitry in a wireless communication device
03/12/15Location-based device automation
03/12/15Path determination based on application usage
03/12/15Light source window paint
03/12/15Providing transit information
03/12/15Providing transit information
03/12/15Point of interest location determination based on application usage
03/12/15Use of a biometric image in online commerce
03/12/15Mediated data exchange for sandboxed applications
03/12/15Processor power and performance manager
03/12/15Device, method, and graphical user interface for performing character entry
03/12/15Device, method, and graphical user interface for manipulating user interfaces based on fingerprint sensor inputs
03/12/15Use of multi-thread hardware for efficient sampling
03/12/15Methods and apparatus for storage and execution of access control clients
03/12/15User verification for changing a setting of an electronic device
03/05/15Coherence processing employing black box duplicate tags
03/05/15Methods for shielding electronic components from moisture
03/05/15Modules for increasing useable space on circuit boards
03/05/15Accessory covers for mobile phones or other consumer electronic devices
03/05/15Armband for holding an electronic device
03/05/15Ultra fine pitch pop coreless package
03/05/15Power management for inductive charging systems
03/05/15Integrated inductive charging in protective cover
03/05/15Self adapting haptic device
03/05/15Antenna related features of a mobile phone or computing device
03/05/15Actuating user interface
03/05/15Device, method, and graphical user interface for transitioning between display states in response to a gesture
03/05/15Parameter fifo for configuring video related settings
03/05/15Operating a device to capture high dynamic range images
03/05/15Camera related features of a mobile phone or computing device
03/05/15Opaque white coating with non-conductive mirror
03/05/15Method and system for attaching flexible circuits to a mounting surface
03/05/15Systems and methods facilitating relocatability of devices between networks
03/05/15Finger biometric sensor including sliding motion and static positioning based biometric data generation and related methods
03/05/15Pull tab design for stretch release adhesive
03/05/15Protective film and related assembly and method
03/05/15Opaque color stack for electronic device
03/05/15Overpass grounding spring and integrated component protection
03/05/15Management of movement states of an electronic device
03/05/15Handoffs and handoff selection in a wireless access network
03/05/15Transmit antenna selection in a mobile wireless device
03/05/15Features and manufacturing methods for a case for a portable electronic device
03/05/15Message push notification client improvements for multi-user devices
03/05/15Concurrent inline cache optimization in accessing dynamically typed objects
03/05/15Device, method, and graphical user interface for providing feedback for changing activation states of a user interface object
03/05/15Device, method, and graphical user interface for providing tactile feedback for operations performed in a user interface
03/05/15Device, method, and graphical user interface for providing tactile feedback for operations performed in a user interface
03/05/15Device, method, and graphical user interface for facilitating user interaction with controls in a user interface
03/05/15Device, method, and graphical user interface for manipulating framed graphical objects
03/05/15Device, method, and graphical user interface for selecting object within a group of objects
03/05/15Device, method, and graphical user interface for manipulating framed graphical objects
03/05/15Device, method, and graphical user interface for moving and dropping a user interface object
03/05/15Device, method, and graphical user interface for displaying additional information in response to a user contact
03/05/15Device, method, and graphical user interface for displaying content associated with a corresponding affordance
03/05/15Device, method, and graphical user interface for selecting user interface objects
03/05/15Device, method, and graphical user interface for scrolling nested regions
03/05/15Manipulating preview panels in a user interface
03/05/15Concurrent accesses of dynamically typed object data
03/05/15Size dependent type in accessing dynamically typed array objects
02/26/15Organic light-emitting diode displays with semiconducting-oxide and silicon thin-film transistors
02/26/15Display driver circuitry for liquid crystal displays with semiconducting-oxide thin-film transistors
02/26/15Gpu predication
02/26/15Electronic device having display with split driver ledges
02/26/15Liquid crystal displays with oxide-based thin-film transistors
02/26/15Displays with silicon and semiconducting oxide thin-film transistors
02/26/15Magnetic fasteners
02/26/15Selective activation of programming schemes in analog memory cell arrays
02/26/15Adaptable network service access through dynamic request routing
02/26/15Ubiquitous access to femto-connected network
02/26/15Providing a data function in an access gateway node
02/26/15Ubiquitous access to femto-connected network
02/26/15Media device with enhanced data retrieval feature
02/26/15Secure provisioning of credentials on an electronic device
02/26/15Extended multiply
02/26/15Hybrid-device storage based on environmental state
02/26/15Hint values for use with an operand cache
02/26/15Intelligent caching for an operand cache
02/26/15Operand cache design
02/26/15Device, method, and graphical user interface for moving a user interface object based on an intensity of a press input
02/26/15Scrollable in-line camera for capturing and sharing content
02/26/15Auto multi-threading in macroscalar compilers
02/26/15Digital handshake for authentication of devices
02/19/15Cable structures with insulating tape and systems and methods for making the same
02/19/15Packaging with multiple functions after opening
02/19/15Non-contact test system
02/19/15Power source for clock distribution network
02/19/15Display/touch temporal separation
02/19/15Mutual and self capacitance touch measurements in touch panel
02/19/15Touch panel electrode structure
02/19/15Active integrated touch/display
02/19/15Actuating user interface for media player
02/19/15Queuing system for register file access
02/19/15Hinged portable electronic device with display circuitry located in base
02/19/15Non-planar display backlight structures
02/19/15Adaptive photomasks and methods for using the same
02/19/15Magnetic related features of a cover for an electronic device
02/19/15Methods and systems for harq protocols
02/19/15Pilot scheme for a mimo communication system
02/19/15Method and apparatus for variable accuracy inter-picture timing specification for digital video encoding
02/19/15Electronic device including finger sensor having orientation based authentication and related methods
02/19/15Methodology and apparatus for testing conductive adhesive within antenna assembly
02/19/15Determining exit from a vehicle
02/19/15Methods and systems for rapid data acquisition over the internet
02/19/15Methods and apparatus for transmitting data streams via a heterogeneous network
02/19/15Interpolation implementation
02/19/15Overriding latency tolerance reporting values in components of computer systems
02/19/15Emergency information access on portable electronic devices
02/19/15Electronic device with injection molded display trim
02/12/15Methods for manufacturing thin walled enclosures and related system and apparatus
02/12/15Tactile switch for an electronic device
02/12/15Multi-die fine grain integrated voltage regulation
02/12/15Adaptive low-battery warnings for battery-powered electronic devices
02/12/15Three-dimensional imaging and display system
02/12/15Electronic device including blurred finger image deblurring circuitry and related methods
02/12/15Video data compression format
02/12/15Systems and methods for receiving infrared data with a camera designed to detect images based on visible light
02/12/15Mirror tilt actuation
02/12/15Electronic device with wrap around display
02/12/15Techniques for radio link problem and recovery detection in a wireless communication system
02/12/15Techniques for radio link problem and recovery detection in a wireless communication system
02/12/15Method and apparatus for flushing uplink harq buffer in c-drx mode
02/12/15Volume adjustment based on user-defined curve
02/12/15Electronic device including sub-array based deblurring of a blurred finger image and related methods
02/12/15Battery core hermetic casing
02/12/15Management of near field communications using low power modes of an electronic device
02/12/15Auto-activating smart responses based on activities from remote devices
02/12/15Method and system for user equipment location determination on a wireless transmission system
02/12/15Audio configuration based on selectable audio modes
02/12/15Low power mode for payment transactions
02/12/15Embedded encryption/secure memory management unit for peripheral interface controller
02/12/15Apparatus and method for controlling internal test controllers
02/12/15Adjusting a display size of text
02/12/15Performance metadata for media
02/12/15Portable electronic device, method, and graphical user interface for displaying structured electronic documents
02/12/15Context sensitive actions
02/12/15Context sensitive actions in response to touch input
02/12/15Sensor derived authentication for establishing peer-to-peer networks
02/05/15Image sensor with buried light shield and vertical gate
02/05/15Antenna having flexible feed structure with components
02/05/15Touch controller architecture
02/05/15Active stylus for use with touch controller architecture
02/05/15Self capacitance touch sensing
02/05/15Scan engine for touch controller architecture
02/05/15Multi-threaded gpu pipeline
02/05/15Buffers for display acceleration
02/05/15Method for dynamically calibrating rotation offset in a camera system
02/05/15Automatic configuration of the logical orientation of multiple monitors based on captured images
02/05/15Fingerprint sensor in an electronic device
02/05/15Closed-loop mimo systems and methods
02/05/15Video processing mode switching
02/05/15Suspension system for micro-speakers
02/05/15Reconstruction of missing regions of images
02/05/15Enhancing user services with indoor traffic information
02/05/15Undo system
02/05/15Type conversion using floating-point unit
02/05/15Podcast organization and usage at a computing device
02/05/15Rda checkpoint optimization
02/05/15Instruction source specification
02/05/15Pushing a user interface to a remote device
02/05/15Memory management
02/05/15Device, method, and graphical user interface for integrating recognition of handwriting gestures with a screen reader
01/29/15Superheterodyne pen stimulus signal receiver
01/29/15Touch sensor contact information
01/29/15Ambient light sensing technique
01/29/15Light source detection from synthesized objects
01/29/15Apparatus and methods for transmission of emergency call data over wireless networks
01/29/15Solid state deposition methods, apparatuses, and products
01/29/15Chemical strengthening of anti-reflective coatings (arc)
01/29/15Printed circuit board connectors
01/29/15Apparatus and method for determining a wireless device's location after shutdown
01/29/15System and method for providing telephony services over wifi for non-cellular devices
01/29/15Remote messaging for mobile communication device and accessory
01/29/15Performing wifi and cellular handover using device-specific thresholds
01/29/15Methods and apparatus for configuration of femtocells in a wireless network
01/29/15Address point data mining
01/29/15Electronic access client distribution apparatus and methods
01/29/15Device, method, and graphical user interface for mapping directions between search results
01/29/15Systems, methods, and computer-readable media for transitioning media playback between multiple electronic devices
01/29/15Securely recovering a computing device
01/29/15Power supply droop reduction using feed forward current control
01/29/15Harmonic detector of critical path monitors
01/29/15Email mailbox management with sender-specific message lists
01/29/15Touch screen device, method, and graphical user interface for moving on-screen objects without using a cursor
01/22/15Molded splitter structures and methods for making the same
01/22/15Accessory controller for electronic devices
01/22/15Dynamic port power allocation apparatus and methods
01/22/15Adaptive effective c-rate charging of batteries
01/22/15Customized content for electronic devices
01/22/15Configurable input device
01/22/15Multi-sensor chip
01/22/15Integrated touch screens
01/22/15Enqueuing kernels from kernels on gpu/cpu
01/22/15Noise compensation in a biometric sensing device
01/22/15Display with radioluminescent backlight unit
01/22/15Fast scan algorithm for higher priority service search
01/22/15Ubiquitous access to femto-connected network
01/22/15Dual network mobile device radio resource management
01/22/15Headset microphone type detect
01/22/15Orientation-based audio
01/22/15Finger biometric sensor including stacked die each having a non-rectangular shape and related methods
01/22/15Controllable signal processing in a biometric device
01/22/15Transaction flow control using credit and token management
01/22/15Synchronization methods and systems
01/22/15Content tagging using broadcast device information
01/22/15Least recently used mechanism for cache line eviction from a cache memory
01/22/15Access map-pattern match based prefetch unit for a processor
01/22/15Device, method, and graphical user interface for manipulating tables using multicontact gestures
01/22/15Device input modes with corresponding user interfaces
01/15/15System and method for generating a rhythmic accompaniment for a musical performance
01/15/15System and method for modifying musical data
01/15/15Selecting audio samples of varying velocity level
01/15/15Generating customized arpeggios in a virtual musical instrument
01/15/15System and method for determining an accent pattern for a musical performance
01/15/15Environmental seal maximizing sensor space beneath a button positioned in trim
01/15/15Compact form factor integrated circuit card and methods
01/15/15Method and apparatus for power glitch detection in integrated circuits
01/15/15Multi-function input device
01/15/15Liquid crystal display using depletion-mode transistors
01/15/15Reducing appearance of physical damage on cosmetic surfaces
01/15/15Electronic device with a reduced friction surface
01/15/15Glass enclosure
01/15/15Apparatus and methods for improved packet flow mobility
01/15/15Multiple cell measurement and data reception in a wireless communication device
01/15/15Method for obtaining location information for emergency services in wireless multimedia networks
01/15/15Pilot scheme for a mimo communication system
01/15/15Techniques for reducing communication errors in a wireless communication system
01/15/15System and method for resource block-specific control signaling
01/15/15Providing a data function in an access gateway node
01/15/15Mimo precoding enabling spatial multiplexing, power allocation and adaptive modulation and coding
01/15/15Dynamic tail shortening
01/15/15Electronic device providing downloading of enrollment finger biometric data via short-range wireless communication
01/15/15Finger biometric sensor data synchronization via a cloud computing device and related methods
01/15/15Electronic device providing biometric authentication based upon multiple biometric template types and related methods
01/15/15Trick play in digital video streaming
01/15/15Apparatus and methods for near-field communication based device configuration and managment
01/15/15Transmission power modulation to facilitate in-device coexistence between wireless communication technologies
01/15/15Cache pre-fetch merge in pending request buffer
01/15/15Memory system with improved bus timing calibration
01/15/15Digital slate
01/15/15Media-editing application with anchored timeline
01/15/15Contextual reference information on a remote device
01/15/15Device, method, and graphical user interface for scrolling a multi-section document
01/15/15Resource restriction systems and methods
01/15/15Automated device access
01/15/15Reward system for managing a digital workflow
01/08/15Magnetic connector with optical signal path
01/08/15Connector bracket
01/08/15Three dimensional user interface effects on a display
01/08/15Finger biometric sensing device including coupling capacitor and reset circuitry and related methods
01/08/15Apparatus implementing instructions that impose pipeline interdependencies
01/08/15Displays with reflective polarizers
01/08/15Method and system for allocating media access control layer resources in a wireless communication environment
01/08/15Method and system for allocating media access control layer resources in a wireless communication environment
01/08/15Method and system for allocating media access control layer resources in a wireless communication environment
01/08/15Pilot scheme for a mimo communication system
01/08/15Key management using security enclave processor
01/08/15Handling power dissipation in a multi microspeaker module
01/08/15Selective system information reading
01/08/15Optimizing a serving gateway location in a home evolved node a with local ip access
01/08/15Predicting routes using wireless networks
01/08/15Mobile electronic device with an adaptively responsive flexible display
01/08/15Uneven wear leveling in analog memory devices
01/08/15Techniques for radio link problem and recovery detection in a wireless communication system
01/08/15Techniques for zooming in and out with dynamic content
01/08/15Publishing, browsing, rating and purchasing of groups of media items
01/08/15Editing interface
01/01/15Injection compression molding of amorphous alloys
01/01/15Electron beam conditioning
01/01/15Load sharing device and i/o architecture against imparted abuse loads
01/01/15Polarity sensing circuit
01/01/15Displays with light leakage reduction structures
01/01/15Image capturing device having continuous image capture
01/01/15Liquid crystal switching barrier thermal control
01/01/15Device and method for block data transfer over wireless coexistence interface
01/01/15Systems and methods to enhance radio link performance in a multi-carrier environment
01/01/15Device and method for optimized handovers
01/01/15Complexity-aware encoding
01/01/15Lifestyle companion system
01/01/15Multi-connector assembly
01/01/15Techniques for detecting removal of a connector
01/01/15Audio transfer using the bluetooth low energy standard
01/01/15Methods and apparatus for automated communications forwarding
01/01/15Mobile device activation
01/01/15System and method for peer-to-peer communication in cellular systems
01/01/15Selective location determination
01/01/15Antenna system with receiver diversity and tunable matching circuit
01/01/15Detecting mount angle of mobile device in vehicle using motion sensors
01/01/15Methods and apparatuses to optimize updates in a file system based on birth time
01/01/15Operating a cluster of peer-to-peer devices
01/01/15Duplicate tag structure employing single-port tag ram and dual-port state ram
01/01/15Methods and apparatus for multi-source restore
01/01/15System and method for content protection based on a combination of a user pin and a device specific identifier
01/01/15Active peak power management of a high performance embedded microprocessor cluster

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