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Applied Materials Inc
Applied Materials Inc A Delaware Corporation
Applied Materials Incorporated
Applied Materials Inc A Corporation Of The State Of Delaware U s a
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Applied Materials Inc_20100121
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Applied Materials Inc patents

Recent patent applications related to Applied Materials Inc. Applied Materials Inc is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Applied Materials Inc may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Applied Materials Inc, we're just tracking patents.

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09/30/10Mechanism for continuously varying radial position of a magnetron
11/12/09Deposition and densification process for titanium nitride barrier layers
08/17/17 new patent  Medical bodily fluid sampling device
08/17/17 new patent  In-situ temperature control during chemical mechanical polishing with a condensed gas
08/17/17 new patent  Reactor gas panel common exhaust
08/17/17 new patent  Particle generation suppresor by dc bias modulation
08/17/17 new patent  Chemical control features in wafer process equipment
08/17/17 new patent  Rotatable substrate support having radio frequency applicator
08/17/17 new patent  Fluorination during ald high-k, fluorination post high-k and use of a post fluorination anneal to engineer fluorine bonding and incorporation
08/17/17 new patent  Manufacturing of high capacity prismatic lithium-ion alloy anodes
08/17/17 new patent  Three-dimensional thin film battery
08/10/17Systems, apparatus, and methods for chemical polishing
08/10/17Process chamber for dielectric gapfill
08/10/17Non-contact sheet resistance measurement of barrier and/or seed layers prior to electroplating
08/10/17Oxide etch selectivity systems and methods
08/10/17Semiconductor processing systems having multiple plasma configurations
08/10/17Methods and systems to enhance process uniformity
08/10/17Systems and methods for internal surface conditioning in plasma processing equipment
08/10/17Method for removing native oxide and residue from a iii-v group containing surface
08/10/17Flow distribution plate for surface fluorine reduction
08/10/17Methods for selective etching of a silicon material
08/10/17Integrated layer etch system with multiple type chambers
08/10/17Process chamber for etching low k and other dielectric films
08/10/17Low temperature chuck for plasma processing systems
08/10/17Bolted wafer chuck thermal management wafer processing systems
08/10/17Thermal management wafer processing systems
08/10/17Substrate support chuck cooling for deposition chamber
08/10/17Interface engineering for high capacitance capacitor for liquid crystal display
08/10/17High-k dielectric materials utilized in display devices
08/10/17Substrate support with quadrants
08/03/17Plasma abatement of compounds containing heavy atoms
08/03/17Compact eye module layout
08/03/17Methods for igniting a plasma in a substrate processing chamber
08/03/17Rtp process for directed self-aligned patterns
08/03/17System and method in indium-gallium-arsenide channel height control for sub 7nm finfet
08/03/17Conductive wafer lift pin o-ring gripper with resistor
08/03/17High speed epitaxy system and methods
07/27/17Sputter source for semiconductor process chambers
07/27/17Ceramic showerhead with embedded conductive layers
07/27/17Ceramic slit valve doors and assemblies
07/27/17Gas splitting by time average injection into different zones by fast gas valves
07/27/17Symmetric plasma source to generate pie shaped treatment
07/27/17Dual-feed tunable plasma source
07/27/17Slit valve gate coating and methods for cleaning slit valve gates
07/27/17Methods for in-situ chamber clean in plasma etching processing chamber
07/27/17Acetylide-based silicon precursors and their use as ald/cvd precursors
07/27/17High productivity soak anneal system
07/27/17Systems and methods for detecting the existence of one or more environmental conditions within a substrate processing system
07/27/17Controlling the rf amplitude of an edge ring of a capacitively coupled plasma process device
07/27/17Wafer edge ring lifting solution
07/27/17Process and chemistry of plating of through silicon vias
07/27/17Mask-less fabrication of thin film batteries
07/27/17Sensor system for multi-zone electrostatic chuck
07/20/17Additive manufacturing with laser and plasma
07/20/17Carrier for small pad for chemical mechanical polishing
07/20/17Porous chemical mechanical polishing pads
07/20/17Method and forming porous advanced polishing pads using an additive manufacturing process
07/20/17Chamber component with protective coating suitable for protection against fluorine plasma
07/20/17Resist fortification for magnetic media patterning
07/20/17Rps defect reduction by cyclic clean induced rps cooling
07/20/17Pecvd tungsten containing hardmask films and methods of making
07/20/17Hybrid carbon hardmask for lateral hardmask recess reduction
07/20/17Oxygen vacancy of igzo passivation by fluorine treatment
07/13/17Source rf power split inner coil to improve bcd and etch depth performance
07/13/17Atomic layer etching system with remote plasma source and dc electrode
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07/13/17Minimization of ring erosion during plasma processes
07/13/17Hydrogen plasma based cleaning process for etch hardware
07/13/17Co or ni and cu integration for small and large features in integrated circuits
07/06/17Materials and formulations for three-dimensional printing
07/06/17Non-metallic thermal cvd/ald gas injector and purge system
07/06/17Cooled gas feed block with baffle and nozzle for hdp-cvd
07/06/17Systems and methods for shielding features of a workpiece during electrochemical deposition
07/06/17Inductive plasma source with metallic shower head using b-field concentrator
07/06/17Methods for depositing fluorine/carbon-free conformal tungsten
07/06/17Quad chamber and platform having multiple quad chambers
07/06/17Method for fabricating nanowires for horizontal gate all around devices for semiconductor applications
07/06/17High temperature heater for processing chamber
06/29/17Additive manufacturing with laser and gas flow
06/29/17Methods and stable substrate processing with multiple rf power supplies
06/29/17Resist sensitivity and profile improvement via acid anion control during field-guided post exposure bake
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06/29/17Apparatus and reducing substrate sliding in process chambers
06/22/17Methods for treating exhaust gas in a processing system
06/22/17Methods for bonding substrates
06/22/17Flat susceptor with grooves for minimizing temperature profile across a substrate
06/22/17Anodization architecture for electro-plate adhesion
06/22/17Surface acoustic wave sensors in semiconductor processing equipment
06/22/17Uniform wafer temperature achievement in unsymmetric chamber environment
06/22/17Showerhead having a detachable gas distribution plate
06/22/17Gas diffuser having grooved hollow cathodes
06/22/17Methods and processing a substrate
06/22/17Cleaning method
06/22/17Methods for selective etching of a silicon material using hf gas without nitrogen etchants
06/22/17Oxide etch selectivity enhancement
06/22/17Methods of treating nitride films
06/22/17Methods and interactively and dynamically updating a schematic overlay
06/22/17Method and depositing cobalt in a feature
06/22/17Method to grow thin epitaxial films at low temperature
06/22/17Conformal amorphous silicon as nucleation layer for w ald process
06/22/17Multi-threshold voltage structures with a lanthanum nitride film and methods of formation thereof
06/15/17Exothermic powders for additive manufacturing
06/15/17Method of processing a substrate support assembly
06/15/17Amorphous layer extreme ultraviolet lithography blank, and manufacturing and lithography systems therefor
06/15/17Environmental control of systems for photolithography process
06/15/17Matching process controllers for improved matching of process
06/15/17In-situ film annealing with spatial atomic layer deposition
06/15/17Conformal amorphous carbon for spacer and spacer protection applications
06/15/17High speed rotary sorter
06/15/17Methods for forming structures with desired crystallinity for mram applications
06/08/17Method and surface nanoparticle measurement
06/08/17Advanced coating method and materials to prevent hdp-cvd chamber arcing
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06/08/17Forming cobalt interconnections on a substrate
06/08/17Continuous liquid level measurement detector for closed metal containers
06/08/17Extreme ultraviolet mask blank production system with thin absorber and manufacturing system therefor
06/08/17Providing dynamic content in context of particular equipment
06/08/17Method and controlling a magnetic field in a plasma chamber
06/08/17Arcing detection plasma processing
06/08/17Methods and solutions for cleaning ingaas (or iii-v) substrates
06/08/17Wafer rotation in a semiconductor chamber
06/08/17High efficiency high accuracy heater driver
06/08/17Method and clamping and declamping substrates using electrostatic chucks
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06/08/17Amalgamated cover ring
06/08/17Dielectric/metal barrier integration to prevent copper diffusion
06/08/17Multilayer passivation or etch stop tft
06/01/17Endpoint control of multiple substrate zones of varying thickness in chemical mechanical polishing
06/01/17Vacuum processing mounting a processing system
06/01/17Corrosion control for chamber components
06/01/173d material modification for advanced processing
06/01/17Method and post exposure processing of photoresist wafers
05/25/17Pre-coated shield using in vhf-rf pvd chambers
05/25/17Seal rings in electrochemical processors
05/25/17Particle generation suppresor by dc bias modulation
05/25/17Supercritical carbon dioxide process for low-k thin films
05/25/17Lateral plasma/radical source
05/25/17Growing graphene on substrates
05/25/17Method for modifying epitaxial growth shape
05/25/17Self-aligned shielding of silicon oxide
05/25/17Self-aligned shielding of silicon oxide
05/25/17On-board metrology (obm) design and implication in process tool
05/25/17Methods for forming low-resistance contacts through integrated process flow systems
05/25/17Semiconductor processing method and semiconductor device
05/25/17Materials for tensile stress and low contact resistance and forming
05/25/17Configurations of solid state thin film batteries
05/18/17Apparatus and forming a polishing pads by use of an additive manufacturing process
05/18/17Copolymerized high temperature bonding component
05/18/17Low vapor pressure aerosol-assisted cvd
05/18/17Inert anode electroplating processor and replenisher with anionic membranes
05/18/17Apparatus and methods for photomask backside cleaning
05/18/17Method and determining when to perform or trigger events in semi-conductor processing equipment
05/18/17Uniform low electron temperature plasma source with reduced wafer charging and independent control over radical composition
05/18/17Low vapor pressure aerosol-assisted cvd
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05/18/17Substrate support assembly with deposited surface features
05/18/17Techniques for filling a structure using selective surface modification
05/11/17Ion assisted deposition for rare-earth oxide based coatings
05/11/17Multizone control of lamps in a conical lamphead using pyrometers
05/11/17Planarized extreme ultraviolet lithography blank with absorber and manufacturing system therefor
05/11/17Extreme ultraviolet reflective element with multilayer stack and manufacturing thereof
05/11/17Wafer point by point analysis and data presentation
05/11/17Rare-earth oxide based coatings based on ion assisted deposition
05/11/17Hall effect enhanced capacitively coupled plasma source, an abatement system, and vacuum processing system
05/11/17Integrated process and structure to form iii-v channel for sub-7nm cmos devices
05/11/17Methods for selective etching of a silicon material
05/11/17Cooling base with spiral channels for esc
05/11/17Techniques for combining cmp process tracking data with 3d printed cmp consumables
05/11/17Bottom processing
05/11/17Method of igzo and zno tft fabrication with pecvd sio2 passivation
05/04/17Apparatus and forming a polishing article that has a desired zeta potential
05/04/17Nitrogen-containing ligands and their use in atomic layer deposition methods
05/04/17Method and cleaning a cvd chamber
05/04/17Methods for thin film material deposition using reactive plasma-free physical vapor deposition
05/04/17Low electron temperature etch chamber with independent control over plasma density, radical composition and ion energy for atomic precision etching
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05/04/17Generalized cylindrical cavity system for microwave rotation and impedance shifting by irises in a power-supplying waveguide
05/04/17Rps assisted rf plasma source for semiconductor processing
05/04/17Selectively lateral growth of silicon oxide thin film
05/04/17Low temp single precursor arc hard mask for multilayer patterning application
05/04/17Process of selective epitaxial growth for void free gap fill
05/04/17Flow controlled liner having spatially distributed gas passages
05/04/17Biasable rotatable electrostatic chuck
05/04/17Enhanced lift pin design to eliminate local thickness non-uniformity in teos oxide films
05/04/17Endpointing detection for chemical mechanical polishing based on spectrometry
05/04/17Combo amorphous and ltps transistors
04/27/17Applying dimensional reduction to spectral data from polishing substrates
04/27/17Deposition of conformal and gap-fill amorphous silicon thin-films
04/27/17Bottom-up gap-fill by surface poisoning treatment
04/27/17High productivity pecvd tool for wafer processing of semiconductor manufacturing
04/27/17Methods of depositing flowable films comprising sio and sin
04/27/17Optical fiber temperature sensors, temperature monitoring apparatus, and manufacturing methods
04/27/17Extreme ultraviolet lithography mask blank manufacturing system and operation therefor
04/27/17Substrate processing apparatus and methods
04/27/17Biasable flux optimizer / collimator for pvd sputter chamber
04/27/17Chemical infiltration into porous dielectric films
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04/27/17Variable frequency microwave (vfm) processes and applications in semiconductor thin film fabrications
04/27/17Systems and methods for low resistivity physical vapor deposition of a tungsten film
04/27/17Gapfill film modification for advanced cmp and recess flow
04/27/17Robot assemblies, substrate processing apparatus, and methods for transporting substrates in electronic device manufacturing
04/27/17Methods for reducing copper overhang in a feature of a substrate
04/20/17Corrosion resistant retaining rings
04/20/17External clamp ring for a checmical mechanical polishing carrier head
04/20/17Chamber leak and gas contaimination detection
04/20/17Chamber pressure control chemical vapor deposition systems
04/20/17Radial waveguide post-match control of microwaves
04/20/17Tunable gas delivery assembly with internal diffuser and angular injection
04/20/17Bulk sintered solid solution ceramic which exhibits fracture toughness and halogen plasma resistance
04/20/17Conformal doping in 3d si structure using conformal dopant deposition
04/20/17Substrate carrier system
04/20/17Pixelated capacitance controlled esc
04/20/17High aspect ratio 3-d flash memory device
04/13/17Polishing apparatus having optical monitoring of substrates for uniformity control and separate endpoint system
04/13/17Advanced polishing pads having compositional gradients by use of an additive manufacturing process
04/13/17Showerhead assembly with multiple fluid delivery zones
04/13/17Showerhead with reduced backside plasma ignition
04/13/17Method of fabricating a color filter array using a multilevel structure
04/13/17Rf pulse reflection reduction for processing substrates
04/13/17Ultra-high modulus and etch selectivity boron-carbon hardmask films
04/13/17Diode laser for wafer heating for epi processes
04/13/17Substrate carrier for active/passive bonding and de-bonding of a substrate
04/13/17Control systems employing deflection sensors to control clamping forces applied by electrostatic chucks, and related methods
04/13/17Structure and fabricating three-dimensional (3d) metal-insulator-metal (mim) capacitor and resistor in semi-additive plating metal wiring
04/13/17Lamp base adapter design for baseless lamps
04/06/17Overlay error correction
04/06/17Diffuser temperature control
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04/06/17Methods of etching films with reduced surface roughness
04/06/17Rf power delivery regulation for processing substrates
04/06/17Integrated process kit for a substrate processing chamber
04/06/17Reduced volume processing chamber
04/06/17Methods for pre-cleaning conductive materials on a substrate
04/06/17Drying process for high aspect ratio features
04/06/17Substrate support and baffle apparatus
04/06/17Method of modifying epitaxial growth shape on source drain area of transistor
04/06/17Methods for atomic level resolution and plasma processing control
04/06/17Substrate processing apparatus and methods
04/06/17Small thermal mass pressurized chamber
04/06/17Methodology for chamber performance matching for semiconductor equipment
04/06/17Methods for depositing dielectric barrier layers and aluminum containing etch stop layers
04/06/17Rf power delivery with approximated saw tooth wave pulsing
03/30/17Apparatus for processing of a material on a substrate and measuring optical properties of a material processed on a substrate
03/30/17Process kit shield and physical vapor deposition chamber having same
03/30/17High temperature vapor delivery system and method
03/30/17Method for microwave processing of photosensitive polyimides
03/30/17Methods and vibration damping stage
03/30/17Remote plasma and electron beam generation system for a plasma reactor
03/30/17Grooved backing plate for standing wave compensation
03/30/17Plasma reactor for processing a workpiece with an array of plasma point sources
03/30/17Methods for forming a silicon containing dielectric film using a gas mixture with ar gas dilusion
03/30/17Self-aligned multiple spacer patterning schemes for advanced nanometer technology
03/30/17Silicide phase control by confinement
03/30/17Loadlock integrated bevel etcher system
03/30/17High temperature electrostatic chuck bonding adhesive
03/30/17Selective silicon dioxide deposition using phosphonic acid self assembled monolayers as nucleation inhibitor
03/30/17Peak-based endpointing for chemical mechanical polishing

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