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Arizona Board Of Regents On Behalf Of Arizona State University patents

Recent patent applications related to Arizona Board Of Regents On Behalf Of Arizona State University. Arizona Board Of Regents On Behalf Of Arizona State University is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Arizona Board Of Regents On Behalf Of Arizona State University may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Arizona Board Of Regents On Behalf Of Arizona State University, we're just tracking patents.

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06/22/17 new patent  Carbon dioxide adsorbents
06/22/17 new patent  Protein-based molecular temperature switch
06/22/17 new patent  Evaluation of production performance from a hydraulically fractured well
06/22/17 new patent  Magnetic programmable bead enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay
06/22/17 new patent  Detection of high variability regions between protein sequence sets representing a binary phenotype
06/15/17System and single molecule detection
06/08/17Compositions and methods for treating mrsa infections and for sensitizing mrsa to beta-lactam antibiotics
06/08/17Fast computation of excitation pattern, auditory pattern and loudness
06/01/17Systems and methods for data driven game theoretic cyber threat mitigation
05/25/17Gold nanorod incorporated gelatin based hybrid hydrogels for cardiac tissue engineering and related methods
05/25/17Metal-organic framework composites, and methods of synthesis thereof
05/25/17Non-contact systems and methods to locate sharp tips
05/18/17Geopolymer aggregates
05/18/17Linker molecule for multiplex recognition by atomic force microscopy (afm)
05/18/17Low-cost, long-distance, high-bandwidth laser communication system for small mobile devices and spacecraft
05/11/17Noncontact monitoring of blood oxygen saturation using camera
05/11/17Acceleration-sensing electrochemical pressure sensor compositions
05/11/17Systems and methods of epitope binning and antibody profiling
05/04/17Systems and methods for non-intrusive deception detection
05/04/17System and measuring artery thickness using ultrasound imaging
05/04/17Trenched vertical power field-effect transistors with improved on-resistance and breakdown voltage
05/04/17Tridentate cyclometalated metal complexes with six-membered coordination rings
04/27/17Engineered substrates for high-throughput generation of 3d models of tumor dormancy, relapse and micrometastases for phenotype specific drug discovery and development
04/27/17Muller c-element as majority gate for self-correcting triple modular redundant logic with low-overhead modes
04/20/17Conditioned surfaces for in situ molecular array synthesis
04/20/17Accelerated isothermal amplification of dna
04/20/17System and lithographic surface texturing
04/13/17Method for functionalizing transition metal dichalcogenides
04/06/17Methods and systems for measuring tissue impedance and monitoring pvd treatment using neuro-implants with improved ultrasound powering
04/06/17Geometry based simulating fluid flow through heterogeneous porous media
04/06/17Controlliing potential-induced degradaton of photovoltaic modules
03/30/17Nucleic acid-guided ordered protein assemblies and methods
03/30/17Secure true random number generation using 1.5-t transistor flash memory
03/30/17Phototunable metal-organic framework compositions, and methods of synthesis thereof
03/16/17Targeted remodeling of prokaryotic genomes using crispr-nickases
03/16/17Thermally activated delayed fluorescent material based on 9,10-dihydro-9,9-dimethylacridine analogues for prolonging device longevity
03/09/17Injectable cell-laden biohybrid hydrogels for cardiac regeneration and related applications
03/09/17Tetradentate and octahedral metal complexes containing naphthyridinocarbazole and its analogues
03/09/17Tumor model for breast cancer cell migration studies and related methods
03/09/17Modified polymerases for replication of threose nucleic acids
03/09/17Gene expression based biomarker system for irritable bowel syndrome (ibs) diagnosis
03/09/17A three arm y-shaped bisbiotin ligand
03/09/17Chiral metal complexes as emitters for organic polarized electroluminescent devices
03/02/17Controlled stimulation delivery from neurostimulator
03/02/17Metal matrix hydrophobic nanoparticle composites and methods of synthesis
03/02/17Flexible optical biosensor for point of use multi-pathogen detection
03/02/17Functional prosthetic device training using an implicit motor control training system
02/23/17Systems and methods for non-intrusive drug impairment detection
02/23/17Live salmonella vaccine and methods to prevent fowl typhoid
02/23/17System and isotopic analysis of calcium using laser induced fluorescence
02/16/17Antibiotic susceptibility testing via plasmonic imaging and tracking
02/16/17Novel methods, bioassays, and biomarkers for hpv-related conditions
02/16/17System and detecting polyps from learned boundaries
02/09/17Digital protein sensing chip and methods for detection of low concentrations of molecules
02/09/17Integrated microarray printing and detection system for molecular binding analysis
02/09/17Systems and methods for order-of-magnitude viral cascade prediction in social networks
02/09/17System and detecting central pulmonary embolism in ct pulmonary angiography images
01/26/17Heat inactivated poxvirus improves vaccination results
01/19/17Membrane biofilm reactors, systems, and methods for producing organic products
01/12/17Therapeutic compounds
01/12/17Methods for assessing biospecimen integrity
01/12/17Antibody based reagents that specifically recognize neurodegenerative disease related forms of the protein tdp-43
01/12/17System and manipulating solar energy
01/05/17Low dimple coverage and low drag golf ball
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01/05/17Devices and methods for target molecule characterization
01/05/17Diagnosing pulmonary embolism by integrating patient-level diagnosis and embolus-level detection
01/05/17Systems and methods for predicting personal attributes based on public interaction data
01/05/17Zero-voltage transition in power converters with an auxiliary circuit
12/29/16Methods of rational nicotine hapten design and uses thereof
12/29/16Heat-sensing protein switches and uses thereof
12/22/16Inert crystal delivery medium for serial femtosecond crystallography
12/22/16Systems and methods for data driven malware task identification
12/15/16Modified microorganisms for chemical production
12/15/16Methods for in-plane strain measurement of a substrate
12/15/16Fast data race detection for multicore systems
12/08/16Tetradentate metal complexes containing indoloacridine and its analogues
12/08/16Tetradentate and octahedral metal complexes containing naphthyridinocarbazole and its analogues
12/01/16Wearable biomedical devices manufactured with flexible flat panel display technology
12/01/16Redox active polymer devices and methods of using and manufacturing the same
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11/24/16Therapeutic methods
11/24/16Methods for treating autism spectrum disorder and associated symptoms
11/24/16Microreactor array platform
11/24/16Systems and methods for real-time monitoring of micromilling tool wear
11/17/16Integrated high-resolution untethered flexible neural implant
11/17/16System and cortical mapping without direct cortical stimulation and with little required communication
11/17/16Carbon nanotube membrane systems and methods of synthesis
11/17/16A facilitating subterranean hydrocarbon extraction utilizing electrochemical reactions with metals
11/17/16Neuromorphic computational system(s) using resistive synaptic devices
11/10/16Device for neuroprosthetics with autonomous tunable actuators
11/03/16Method of distinguishing between different neurodegenerative diseases
10/27/16Specific, reversible, and wide-dynamic range sensor for real time detection of carbon dioxide
10/27/16Data center power consumption characterization
10/27/16Deformable origami batteries
10/20/16Methods and systems for ph treatment and extraction of leachable resources and pollutants from sludge
10/13/16Plasmonic imaging and detection of single dna molecules
10/06/16System and modulating optogenetic vagus nerve in a noninvasive, transcutaneous manner
10/06/16Methods for detecting traumatic brain injury
10/06/16Temporal logic robustness guided testing for cyber-physical systems
10/06/16Integrated tunable inductors
09/29/16Chemical reagents for attaching affinity molecules on surfaces
09/29/16Chemical reagents for attaching affinity molecules on surfaces
09/29/16Methods and devices for high-throughput manufacture of user desired 3d polymeric scaffolds
09/29/16Real-time baseline correction technique for infrared time-resolved photoluminescence
09/29/16Phosphorescent tetradentate metal complexes having modified emission spectra
09/15/16Binder compositions and synthesis
09/08/16Compliant devices for neural prosthetic devices
09/08/16Systems and devices for molecule sensing and manufacturing thereof
09/01/16Microbes with controlled adhesive properties
08/25/16Variable stiffness treadmill system
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08/25/16Path selection based acceleration of conditionals in coarse grain reconfigurable arrays (cgras)
08/18/16System and laser lysis
08/18/16Peak load shifting via thermal energy storage using a thermosyphon
08/18/16Efficient privacy-preserving ciphertext-policy attribute based encryption and broadcast encryption
08/11/16Enzymes and microorganisms for the production of 1,3-butadiene and other dienes
08/11/16Origami displays and methods for their manufacture
07/21/16High affinity synbodies for influenza
07/21/16Ceramic composite systems and method
07/14/16Regulated expression of antigen and/or regulated attentuation to enhance vaccine immunogenicity and/or safety
07/07/16Systems, apparatuses and methods for reading polymer sequence
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07/07/16Type 1 diabetes biomarkers
06/30/16Topology- and load-aware (tla) resource allocation for a medium access control (mac) protocol
06/23/16First-row transition metal hydrogenation and hydrosilylation catalysts
06/23/16Microbial electro-photosynthesis
06/23/16Nanochannel with integrated tunnel gap
06/16/16Label-free detection of small and large molecule interactions, and activities in biological systems
06/16/16Global call control flow graph for optimizing software managed manycore architectures
06/16/16Systems and methods for name-based segmented media acquisition and distribution framework on a network
06/09/16Robust, low power, reconfigurable threshold logic array
06/02/16Synbodies for detection of human norovirus
05/26/16Systems and methods for gait rehabilitation using mechanical perturbations on the unimpaired leg to provide therapy to the impaired leg
05/26/16Oligonucleotide functionalized quantum dots
05/19/16Systems and methods for training people to a modified gait or posture
05/12/16Systems and methods for a content-adaptive photo-enhancement recommender
05/12/16Emitters based on octahedral metal complexes
05/12/16Tetradentate metal complexes with carbon group bridging ligands
05/12/16Underwater multi-hop communications network
04/28/16Microfluidic device and array disk
04/21/16Systems and methods for locating contagion sources in networks with partial timestamps
04/14/16Methods and compositions for treating brain diseases
04/07/16Controlled tunnel gap device for sequencing polymers
03/31/16Genetically modified yersinia as vaccines against yersinia species
03/10/16Systems and methods for sustainable self-cooling of central processing unit thermal hot spots using thermoelectric materials
03/03/16Premethylation of dna for high efficiency transformation of cyanobacteria
03/03/16Radiation hardening architectural extensions for a radiation hardened by design microprocessor
02/25/16Apparatus and methods for lipidic cubic phase (lcp) injection for membrane protein investigations
02/18/16Resistive cross-point architecture for robust data representation with arbitrary precision
02/11/16System and facilitating subterranean hydrocarbon extraction with electrochemical processes
02/11/16Methods for monitoring airborne contaminants and agents using atmospheric condensate
02/11/16Metal-assisted delayed fluorescent emitters containing tridentate ligands
Patent Packs
02/11/16Systems and apparatuses for a secure mobile cloud framework for mobile computing and communication
02/11/16Non-convalent patterned chemical features and use thereof in maldi-based quality control
01/28/16Systems, devices and methods for translocation control
01/28/16Proteas stabilized antibacterial peptides for s. aureus
01/28/16Bacterial identification
01/28/16Microwave-annealed indium gallium zinc oxide films and methods of making the same
01/28/16Tetradentate platinum (ii) complexes cyclometalated with functionalized phenyl carbene ligands and their analogues
01/28/16Tridentate cyclometalated metal complexes with six-membered coordination rings
01/28/16Radiation hardened digital circuit
01/21/16Peptide array quality control
01/07/16Multiscale modelling of growth and deposition processes in fluid flow
01/07/16Threshold logic gates with resistive networks
01/07/16Threshold logic element with stabilizing feedback
12/24/15Portable metabolic analyzer system
12/17/15Techniques for generating physical layouts of in silico multi mode integrated circuits
12/03/15Tetradentate cyclometalated platinum complexes containing 9,10-dihydroacridine and its analogues
11/19/15System and ion-selective, field effect transistor on flexible substrate
11/19/15Redox active polymer devices and methods of using and manufacturing the same
11/19/15Electrochemical energy storage devices comprising self-compensating polymers
11/12/15Method of producing biofuel using microalgae cultures
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10/29/15Methods and treating a cervix with ultrasound energy
10/29/15Peer-to-peer architecture for processing big data
10/01/15Power delivery system management
10/01/15Multifunctional radical quenchers
09/24/15Antibody based reagents that specifically recognize toxic oligomeric forms of tau
09/24/15Electrochemical pressure transducer
09/24/15Stereo vision measurement system and method
08/27/15System and stress sensing
08/20/15Device specific finite element models for simulating endovascular treatment
07/30/15Trans-base tunnel reader for sequencing
07/23/15Mouthpiece for accurate detection of exhaled no
06/04/15Support vector machine enhanced models for short-term wind farm generation forecasting
06/04/15Optical device based on bismuth-containing iii-v compound multilayer semiconductors
06/04/15Hearing assistive device
05/28/15System, for analysis of carbohydrates
05/28/15Ultrasound modulation of the brain for treatment of stroke, brain injury, and other neurological disorders
05/21/15Cold plate for electronics cooling
05/21/15Method for improving the accuracy of chemical identification in a recognition-tunneling junction
05/14/15Endoscope for analyte consumption rate determination with single cell resolution for in vivo applications
04/23/15Apparatus, neurostimulation by high frequency ultrasound
Social Network Patent Pack
04/09/15Controlled stimulation delivery from neurostimulator
03/19/15Biological data structure having multi-lateral, multi-scalar, and multi-dimensional relationships between molecular features and other data
02/26/15Minimally invasive stress sensors and methods
12/04/14Fractional abundance estimation from electrospray ionization time-of-flight mass spectrum
11/06/14Sequential state elements in triple-mode redundant (tmr) state machines
10/23/14High throughput selection of specific cell binding and lytic polypeptides
09/25/14Enabling comparable data access control for lightweight mobile devices in clouds
09/18/14Methods, systems, and culture medium for production of dechlorinating microorganisms
09/18/14Application of ca isotope analysis to the early detection of metastatic cancer
07/31/14Heap data management for limited local memory(llm) multi-core processors

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