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Recent patent applications related to Arkray Inc. Arkray Inc is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Arkray Inc may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Arkray Inc, we're just tracking patents.

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05/18/17Examination result sheet creation apparatus, examination result sheet creation method, non-transitory computer readable medium, examination result sheet, and examination apparatus
05/04/17Blood measuring apparatus using spectroscope
05/04/17Mutant-type glucose dehydrogenase and use thereof
04/20/17Enzyme electrode
04/20/17Biosensor and manufacturing biosensor
03/16/17Method for isolating or detecting rare cell
02/16/17Measuring sensor using interdigitated array electrode, measuring apparatus and computer readable medium storing measuring program
01/05/17Nuclear medicine diagnostic imaging agent
01/05/17Nuclear medicine diagnostic imaging agent
11/24/16Method for detecting lung cancer
11/17/16Analytical tool and analytical system
10/20/16Method for forming an immune-tolerant site and attracting immunosuppressive cells
10/20/16Device and system for cell culture
10/20/16Method for producing pseudoislet
10/20/16Measurement method and measurement system
10/20/16Biological sample measurement device, biological sample measurement system, and biological sample measurement method
10/06/16Biosensor comprising electrode for measuring hematocrit value
10/06/16Biosensor comprising electrode for measuring hematocrit value
09/29/16Method for predicting amount of analyte in urine specimen
09/15/16Method for treating a blood component containing sample
09/08/16Blood test device and blood test method
08/11/16Device and immunosuppressant-free transplantation, and usage thereof
07/21/16Sample analysis method and solution therefor
07/14/16Plasma spectrochemical analysis method and plasma spectrochemical analyzer
06/30/16Enzyme electrode
06/23/16Mixing container used for reagents
06/23/16Substance measurement method and measurement device employing electrochemical biosensor
06/16/16Terahertz wave measuring device, measuring method, and measuring rig
06/09/16Analyzing device, sensor testing device, testing method and computer-readable storage medium
06/09/16Analyzing device, sensor testing device, testing method and computer-readable storage medium
05/05/16Sensor insertion method, analysis method, and sensor insertion device
05/05/16Transplant site-forming agent, transplant site-forming device, angiogenic agent and angiogenic device
05/05/16Sensor and removing interfering substance
05/05/16Sensor and removing interfering substance
04/28/16Electrochemical sensor and producing electrochemical sensor
04/07/16Primer reagent for amplifying alk fusion gene, alk fusion gene amplification reagent kit including the same, and alk fusion gene amplification method and alk fusion gene analysis method using the same
04/07/16Measuring apparatus, detection method, electrochemical sensor and measuring system
03/31/16Measurement method using oxidase
03/17/16Analysis method, analysis chip, and analysis system
03/10/16Analysis method and analysis system
03/10/16Method for recovering metal and kit for recovery of metal for use in the same
02/11/16Method for evaluating urine sample, analyzer, and analysis system
01/21/16Stilbazolium derivative and nonlinear optical material using the same
01/21/16Measurement apparatus, and operating measurement apparatus
01/14/16Buffer composition
01/07/16Oxidized protein hydrolase activity enhancing agent
12/31/15Biosensor incorporating protein-immobilized membrane and immobilizing protein in biosensor
12/31/15Measurement method, measurement apparatus, and eluent
12/10/15Polypeptide and imaging method
11/26/15Methods of degrading ages and uses thereof
11/19/15Sensor element, manufacturing sensor element, and sensor cartridge
10/15/15Sensor and measuring apparatus used for measuring biological information on user
10/01/15Method of suppressing background rise in color reagent solution, color reagent solution, reagent kit, and measuring apparatus
10/01/15Reducing power analysis method and reducing power analysis reagent
10/01/15Analysis device
09/24/15Cell culture method, cell culture member, and cell culture apparatus
09/03/15Chip for plasma generation, plasma generator, and plasma spectrometry method
09/03/15Chip for plasma generation, plasma generator, and plasma spectrometry method
09/03/15Method for recovering metal and metal recovery reagent
09/03/15Measuring apparatus and measuring method
09/03/15Method for recovering metal and analyzing metal
08/27/15Plasma spectrometry method
08/20/15Molecular probe for imaging of pancreatic islet and the precursor, and use of the same
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08/20/15Method for manufacturing chip comprising microchannel and chip
08/06/15Process for analyzing sample by capillary electrophoresis method
05/14/15Measuring apparatus and measuring method
04/02/15Lancing device
03/26/15Method for processing blood sample
03/26/15Monitoring device and monitoring method
03/26/15Electronic device, controlling the same, and control program
02/12/15Liquid chromatography device, liquid chromatography analysis process, and non-transitory computer-readable medium
02/12/15Biosensor and biosensor manufacturing method
02/12/15Glucose dehydrogenase
02/12/15Analysis device, specimen sampling implement and analysis process
02/05/15Method for determining condition of oral cavity and analytical tool, apparatus, and program used for the method
11/06/14Measuring apparatus and measuring method
11/06/14Analytical device, manufacturing the same, and measuring apparatus using the same
10/30/14Method for measuring color change of oxidation-reduction indicator
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10/02/14Cell culture device, cell culture system, and cell culture method
10/02/14Measurement system
09/04/14Method for recovering metal and kit for recovery of metal for use in the same
09/04/14Method for culturing pluripotency-maintained singly dispersed cells by means of laminar flow
08/21/14Medical measurement device and measurement system
07/24/14Measurement method using oxidase
07/24/14Sample analysis method and solution to be used therein
07/10/14Terahertz wave generator and terahertz wave measurement method
07/03/14Analysis tool and manufacturing method thereof
06/26/14Reagent for measuring degree of oxidative stress and measuring degree of oxidative stress
06/19/14Probe for detection of polymorphism in egfr gene, amplification primer, and use thereof
05/29/14Method and kit for measuring cholesterol in low-density lipoproteins
03/27/14Mutation detection probe, mutation detection method, evaluating drug efficacy, and mutation detection kit
03/06/14Terahertz spectrometry device and method, and nonlinear optical crystal inspection device and method
12/05/13Channel bubble reduction device, channel bubble reduction method, and chromatography device
12/05/13Bubble reduction device, chromatography device, bubble reduction method, and bubble reduction program
12/05/13Liquid chromatography apparatus, liquid chromatography analysis method, and liquid chromatography analysis program
11/21/13Method for detecting mutations at il28b and itpa
10/31/13Method for detecting cancer cell
10/24/13Probe, and polymorphism detection method using the same
10/03/13Measuring apparatus and measuring system
10/03/13Urine shield
09/19/13Glucose dehydrogenase/cytochrome fusion protein
09/19/13Measurement method using enzyme
08/08/13Information acquisition device, measurement system, and information acquisition method
08/01/13Analysis apparatus, analysis method and analysis system
07/25/13Method for producing dry reagent, dry reagent, and analysis tool using same
07/11/13Probes for detecting paraoxonase 1 gene polymorphism (q192r) and methods of use thereof
06/27/13Lancet cartridge
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06/27/13Surgical device, performing surgery using same, and surgical device kit
06/20/13Test piece transfer apparatus
06/06/13Immunoassay analyzer and immunoassay method
05/23/13Transport apparatus, transport method, transport program, and transport system
05/16/13Electrochemical sensor
05/09/13Nucleic acid collection device and nucleic acid collection amount estimation method
05/02/13Substrate modification method
05/02/13Analytical instrument and analytical method
04/25/13Glucose dehydrogenase
04/25/13Fluorescent carbapenems
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04/25/13Protein concentration assay method analysis tool and analyzer
04/18/13Analysis device, analysis system and analysis method
04/04/13Probe, and polymorphism detection method using the same
03/28/13Glucose sensor
03/28/13Lactate sensor
03/28/13Probe, and polymorphism detection method using the same
03/28/13Method of recovering heavy metal and reagent for recovery of heavy metal for use in the same
03/21/13Sensor and removing interfering substance
03/21/13Urine analysis method, device thereof, program used in urine analysis method, and storage medium thereof
03/07/13Method of sampling specimen, test method and dropping pipette and specimen sampler to be used therein
03/07/13Nucleic acid detection apparatus, method and computer readable recording medium
02/14/13Blood sugar level measuring apparatus, blood sugar level measured result display method and blood sugar level measured result display control program
02/14/13Immunoassay of carboxymethylarginine
02/14/13Method for measuring low-density lipoprotein (ldl) cholesterol and test piece for measuring ldl cholesterol
01/31/13Method for detecting a plurality of nucleotide polymorphisms at a single wavelength using a plurality of oligonucleotides modified with fluorescent dye having the same or close detection wavelength
01/17/13Device for measuring substrate concentration
01/17/13Method for measuring substrate concentration
01/17/13Method and kit for amplifying and detecting polynucleotide
01/17/13Method and kit for amplifying and detecting polynucleotide
01/10/13Spectrophotometer, spectrophotometer tool, spectrophotometric method, and recording medium
12/27/12Measuring apparatus
12/06/12Method for purifying protein and glucose dehydrogenase
11/29/12Dry reagent, dry reagent kit, reagent container, and producing dry reagent
11/15/12Measurement system, measurement method, program for implementing the method, and recording medium for the program
11/08/12Measuring apparatus, measuring system, electric power supply apparatus, and electric power supply method
11/01/12Analysis device
11/01/12Sample measuring device and sample measuring system
11/01/12Dry test strip for measuring calcium
11/01/12Method for simultaneously detecting polymorphisms of acetaldehyde dehydrogenase 2 and alcohol dehydrogenase 2
11/01/12Probe for detecting polymorphism in exon 12 of npm1 gene and use thereof
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11/01/12Dry test strip and measuring creatinine
11/01/12Specimen measurement device and specimen measurement system
11/01/12Measuring device, communication device, monitoring system and program
11/01/12Blood sugar level control system
10/25/12Analysis system, analysis method and analysis program
10/25/12Information processing apparatus and user terminal
10/11/12Measuring apparatus and sensor placement method
10/04/12Temperature controlling unit and temperature controlling method
10/04/12Method for recovering metal and kit for recovery of metal for use in the same
10/04/12Method for recovering metal, and reagent and kit for recovery of metal for use in the same
10/04/12Probe for detection of polymorphism in c-kit gene and use thereof
09/27/12Probe for detecting polymorphism in disease-related gene and use of the probe
09/27/12Analysis apparatus and analysis method
09/13/12Primer set for amplification of mthfr gene, mthfr gene amplification reagent containing the same, and use of the same
08/23/12Terahertz wave characteristic measurement method, material detection method, measurement instrument, terahertz wave characteristic measurement device and material detection device
08/23/12Probe for detecting polymorphism in egfr gene and use of the probe
08/23/12Measuring apparatus and measurement method
08/16/12Test instrument and optical measurement apparatus
08/09/12Analyzing device, sensor testing device, testing method and computer-readable storage medium
08/09/12Method for adjusting amplification efficiency of target polynucleotide
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08/09/12Liquid reagent of thyroid hormone-immobilized carrier and use thereof
08/02/12Optical crystal and terahertz wave generation device and method
08/02/12Carboxymethylarginine production inhibitor and collagen denaturation inhibitor
08/02/12Analysis device
07/19/12Analysis device, analysis program, and analysis method
06/21/12Stabilized beta cryptoxanthin-containing water and the use thereof
06/21/12Measuring measuring a physical property of a sample
06/07/12Device and manufacturing the same
05/31/12Method of sampling specimen, test method and dropping pipette and specimen sampler to be used therein
05/24/12Analysis chip and analysis apparatus
05/24/12Analysis chip and analysis apparatus
05/24/12Target sequence amplification method, polymorphism detection method, and reagents for use in the methods
05/24/12Electrochemical sensor
05/10/12Oxidized protein hydrolase activity enhancer
05/10/12Continuous analysis device and sample component control system
05/10/12Analysis device and analysis method
05/03/12Calibration method in measurement of hemoglobin a1c
05/03/12Hba1c measurement result display method, and display device
05/03/12Polymorphism detection probe, polymorphism detection method, evaluation of drug efficacy, and polymorphism detection kit
05/03/12Primer set for detecting egfr exon 21 polymorphism and application thereof
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05/03/12Mutant glucose dehydrogenase
05/03/12Electrochemical sensor, lancet, and bodily fluid measuring apparatus
05/03/12Information provision system, information provision method, program, and server device
04/26/12Measurement method using oxidase
04/26/12Chromatogram display method, data processing device, and analysis device
03/29/12Analyzing apparatus
03/01/12Analysis apparatus and analysis method
03/01/12Sensor insertion/recovery device
02/16/12Electrophoresis apparatus and control method thereof
02/16/12Analytical hemoglobin
02/09/12Analysis method, sample analysis tool, preventing back-flow of sample solution, and preventing increase in background
02/09/12Analysis apparatus
02/09/12Sample analysis tool, producing sample analysis tool, and inhibiting decrease in liquid permeability of development member
02/09/12Mount unit, sensor unit, measurement apparatus and sensor fixation method
02/02/12Method of continuously measuring substrate concentration
02/02/12User-specific data provision system, user-specific data provision method, server device, and handheld device
01/26/12Biosensor unit and biosensor system
01/26/12Method and displaying chromatogram
01/26/12Method for detecting mutation in exon 12 of jak2 gene, and nucleic acid probe and kit therefor
01/26/12Analyzing system, analyzing apparatus, container, analyzing method, program, and recording medium
01/26/12Method of detecting target, suppressing increase in background and detection apparatus
01/26/12Sample analysis apparatus and sample analysis method
01/19/12Diluent for preparing analytical sample
01/19/12Method for detecting prozone phenomenon, analysis method, device for detecting prozone phenomenon, and analysis device
01/12/12Probe for detection of polymorphism in abl gene, and use thereof
01/12/12Biosensor and biosensor manufacturing method
01/12/12Nucleic acid abundance ratio measurement device, method, and program storage medium, determination method and nucleic acid abundance ratio measurement kit
12/29/11Method for measuring plasma glucose
12/22/11Electrochemical sensor and manufacturing same
12/15/11Laser drilling device and protective member and cartidge for laser drilling device
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12/08/11Method for detecting polymorphism at nucleotide position -1639 of vkorc1 gene, and nucleic acid probe and kit therefor
12/08/11Analysis method, analysis device, program used to implement said analysis method, and storage medium and retrieval device for this program
11/10/11Method for producing nucleic acid sample and producing nucleic acid amplification product using the same
11/03/11Measuring device, measuring method, and program
10/27/11Method for stabilizing labeled antibody
10/20/11Biological information measurement device, illumination method in a biological information measurement device, and biological information measurement method
10/06/11Method for detecting controls for nucleic acid amplification and use thereof
09/08/11Analysis tool, identification apparatus, and analysis apparatus
08/25/11Code reading device and data collection system using the same
08/25/11Animal cremation system and process
08/25/11Data output method in analysis of sample, analytical device, and analytical system
08/25/11Molecular probe for imaging of pancreatic islets and use of the same
08/04/11Analyzing device and controlling same
07/28/11Analyzing device
07/28/11Analytical instrument and manufacturing same
07/21/11Analysis device provided with flow sensor, and flow sensor adjustment method
07/21/11Monitoring device and monitoring method
07/21/11Sample stirring device, liquid chromatography device using same, and sample container stand
07/14/11Molecular probe precursor for imaging of pancreatic islet, and use thereof
07/07/11Flow sensor and analysis device provided with same
06/30/11Analysis device
06/30/11Analysis device and analysis method
06/30/11Method of analyzing hemoglobin by electrophoresis
06/02/11Method of setting lancing member to lancing device, lancing device, and cam mechanism
05/19/11Method for amplifying target nucleic acid sequence, detecting mutation using the same, and reagent used for the same
05/19/11Dehydroepiandrosterone production promoter and use thereof
04/28/11Sensor cartridge and measuring device
04/07/11Molecular probe for imaging of pancreatic islets and use of the same

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