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At x26 t Intellectual Property I L p
At x26 t Intellectual Property I L p F k a Bellsouth Intellectual Property Corporation
At x26 t Intellectual Property I L p Via Transfer From Bellsouth Intellectual Property Corporation
At x26 t Intellectual Property I L p formerly Known As Sbc Knowledge Ventures L p
At x26 t Intellectual Property I L p formerly Known As At x26 t Knowledge Ventures L p
At x26 t Intellectual Property I L p formerly Sbc Knowledge Ventures L p
At x26 t Intellectual Property I L p Via Transfer From At x26 t Delaware Intellectual Property Inc
At x26 t Intellectual Property I L p Via Transfer From At x26 t Bls Intellectual Property Inc
At x26 t Intellectual Property I L p formerly Known As At x26 t Knowledge Ventures Lp
At x26 t Intellectual Property I L p Partnership Nevada
At x26 t Intellectual Property I L p Via Transfer From Ameritech Corporation
At x26 t Intellectual Property I L p_20131212
At x26 t Intellectual Property I L p A Nevada Limited Partnership
At x26 t Intellectual Property I L p F k a At x26 t Delaware Intellectual Property Inc
At x26 t Intellectual Property I L p F k a At x26 t Deleware Intellectual Property Inc
At x26 t Intellectual Property I L p_20100128
At x26 t Intellectual Property I L p formely Bellsouth Intellectual Property Inc
At x26 t Intellectual Property I L p formerly Known As Sbc Properties L p
At x26 t Intellectual Property I L p formerly Known Sbc Knowledge Ventures L p
At x26 t Intellectual Property I L p partnership Nevada
At x26 t Intellectual Property I L p_20100107
At x26 t Intellectual Property I L p_20100121
At x26 t Intellectual Property I L p via Transfer From Bellsouth Intellectual Property Corporation
At x26 t Intellectual Property I L p formerly Know As At x26 t Knowledge Ventures L p
At x26 t Intellectual Property I L p Via Transfer From Sbc Technology Resources Inc

At & t Intellectual Property I L p patents

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05/25/17 new patent  Method and system of coordinating a delivery by a selected delivery agent to a delivery recipient
05/25/17 new patent  Method and fulfilling purchases
05/25/17 new patent  Portable acoustical unit for voice recognition
05/25/17 new patent  Radio frequency repeater system for signal transmission through radio frequency shielding material
05/25/17 new patent  Repeater and methods for use therewith
05/25/17 new patent  Network operating system client architecture for mobile user equipment
05/25/17 new patent  Providing network address translation in a software defined networking environment
05/25/17 new patent  Facilitating content management based on profiles of members in an environment
05/25/17 new patent  Personalizing communications services using environmental data
05/25/17 new patent  Apparatus and presenting three dimensional objects with telepresence
05/25/17 new patent  Lip sync error detection and correction
05/25/17 new patent  Method and system of peer-to-peer communication
05/25/17 new patent  Latency reduction and range extension system for radio networks
05/25/17 new patent  Facilitation of mobile device geolocation
05/18/17Customized in-vehicle display information
05/18/17Event notifications for multiple services
05/18/17Method and apparatus to provide proactive customer care
05/18/17Mitigation system
05/18/17Alarm reporting
05/18/17System and synthetically generated speech describing media content
05/18/17Automatic disclosure detection
05/18/17Transmission device with impairment compensation and methods for use therewith
05/18/17Controlling registration floods in voip networks via dns
05/18/17Dynamically switching user equipment categories for adaptive mobile communications
05/18/17Master service orchestration of virtual networking functions
05/18/17Dynamic modification of automated communication systems
05/18/17Methods, systems, and products for telepresence visualizations
05/18/17System and using a set-top box application to diagnose customer premises equipment
05/18/17System and method to deliver video content
05/18/17Media content distribution
05/11/17Locational environmental control
05/11/17Method and subscriber management
05/11/17Methods, systems, and products for generating mashups
05/11/17Notification of health events
05/11/17Methods, systems, and products for recalling and retrieving documentary evidence
05/11/17Methods, systems, and products for authentication of users
05/11/17System and vendor and customer management in a supply chain
05/11/17Methods, systems, and products for security services
05/11/17Notification system for providing awareness of an interactive surface
05/11/17System and full-duplex mac timing modifications
05/11/17Remote management of software
05/11/17Self-healing and dynamic optimization of vm server cluster management in multi-cloud platform
05/11/17Systems and methods for optimized route caching
05/11/17Network functions virtualization leveraging unified traffic management and real-world event planning
05/11/17Devices, systems, and methods for detecting proximity-based mobile malware propagation
05/11/17Methods, systems, and computer program products for security protocol selection in internet protocol multimedia subsystem networks
05/11/17Methods and providing network based services to non-registering endpoints
05/11/17Multicast-unicast protocol converter
05/11/17Method and apparatus to promote adoption of an automated communication channel
05/11/17Visual voice mail delivery mechanisms
05/11/17System and augmenting features of visual voice mail
05/11/17Systems and methods of split billing
05/11/17Facilitating detection, processing and display of combination of visible and near non-visible light
05/11/17Methods and apparatus to manage audiovisual recording in a connected vehicle
05/11/17Method and presenting media content
05/11/17Notification of media content of interest
05/11/17Apparatus and managing media content for mobile devices
05/11/17System and providing recommendation icons on an electronic programming guide
05/11/17System for managing a configuration of a media content processor
05/11/17Context-based computing framework for obtaining computing resource context information associated with a location
05/11/17Mobile application and device feature regulation based on profile data
05/11/17Wifi-based route management
05/11/17Securing communications of a wireless access point and a mobile device
05/11/17Wireless video download rate optimization
05/11/17Facilitation of channel selection within a wireless network
Patent Packs
05/11/17User-defined device connection management
05/11/17Cellular connection sharing
05/04/17Method and system to dynamically instantiate virtual repository for any services
05/04/17Recursive modularization of service provider components to reduce service delivery time and cost
05/04/17Predicting the reliability of large scale storage systems
05/04/17Method and providing a recommendation for learning about an interest of a user
05/04/17Supplementing segregated secure data stream using a metadata management subsystem
05/04/17Virtualized services discovery and recommendation engine
05/04/17Object based image processing
05/04/17Intelligent drone traffic management via radio access network
05/04/17Cryptographically signing an access point device broadcast message
05/04/17Methods and target architecture for enabling ip carrier peering
05/04/17Opportunistic crowd-based service platform
05/04/17System and product placement amplification
05/04/17Video motion augmentation
Patent Packs
05/04/17Method and generating media content
05/04/17Method and system for image alteration
05/04/17Apparatus and media on demand commentaries
05/04/17Communication coverage navigation
05/04/17Initiating a call to an emergency call center via a relay service
05/04/17Wireless communication device
05/04/17Facilitation of seamless security data transfer for wireless network devices
05/04/17Augmented reality visual wi-fi signal
05/04/17Device-driven intelligence and feedback for performance optimization and planning of a service network
05/04/17Radio network controller with ip mapping table
04/27/17Methods, systems, and products for detection of environmental conditions
04/27/17Unsupervised topic modeling for short texts
04/27/17System and representing media assets
04/27/17Analog sorter
04/27/17Method and procedure to find best fit medical service provider
04/27/17Method and system for adjusting user speech in a communication session
04/27/17Guided-wave transmission use therewith
04/27/17Guided-wave transmission use therewith
04/27/17Apparatus for providing communication services and methods thereof
04/27/17Apparatus for providing communication services and methods thereof
04/27/17Detection and mitigation of ingress interference within communication links
04/27/17Method and mitigating network failures
04/27/17Methods and apparatus to route traffic in a virtual private network
04/27/17Method, system, and computer readable storage device for managing message delivery based on context of recipients and message content
04/27/17Apparatus and secure delivery of data from a communication device
04/27/17Method and system to enable a virtual private network client
04/27/17Method and notifying an end user of a messaging event in a multi-user setting
04/27/17Party information for data-capable communication device
04/27/17System and interacting with home automation systems via a set-top box device
04/27/17System and troubleshooting a set top box
Social Network Patent Pack
04/27/17Systems and methods for remote web query and image selection exchange to video screen
04/27/17Methods, systems, and products for obtaining social communities
04/27/17Method and managing advertisements using social media data
04/27/17Apparatus and managing marketing
04/27/17Method for managing device configurations using configuration templates
04/27/17Method and delivery of application services
04/27/17Reducing provider costs related to e911 service
04/27/17Detection of sms spam
04/27/17Method and identifying a user of a mobile device
04/27/17System and unified authentication in communication networks
Patent Packs
04/27/17Performance diagnosis of wireless equipment and a wireless network over out-of-band communication
04/27/17Dynamic steering of traffic across radio access networks
04/27/17System and authentication of a communication device
04/27/17Hybrid network-based and device-based intelligent radio access control
04/20/17Telemedicine application of video analysis and motion augmentation
04/20/17Test simulation for software defined networking environments
04/20/17Method and identifying users who know each other
04/20/17Sensory allegiance
04/20/17Reservations-based intelligent roadway traffic management
04/20/17Vehicle system with vehicle report generation and methods for use therewith
04/20/17Extending wireless signal coverage with drones
04/20/17Management system for gpon based services
04/20/17Dedicated software-defined networking network for performance monitoring of production software-defined networking network
04/20/17Real-time video delivery for connected home applications
04/20/17Communication device with video caller authentication and methods for use therewith
04/20/17System and distributing media content associated with an event
04/20/17Customizing wireless emergency alert messages using network analytics
04/20/17Method and maximizing network capacity of cell sites in a wireless network
04/13/17Suspending voice guidance during route navigation
04/13/17Method and expedited domain name system query resolution
04/13/17Cross-services application service, device and network content delivery management
04/13/17Initiating signaling in mobile management entity pools using workflows
04/13/17Facilitating mobile service anchor management
04/06/17Pressure-based input user devices
04/06/17Acoustical electrical switch
04/06/17Quality of service system for a service provider that provides media content via a satellite media distribution system and a terrestrial media distribution system
03/30/17Methods and apparatus to alter a vehicle operation
03/30/17Secure interaction with input devices
03/30/17System and locating bilingual web sites
03/30/17Sorting system
Patent Packs
03/30/17System and crowd-sourced data labeling
03/30/17System and windowing in full-duplex communications
03/30/17Management of forwarding tables at edge routers
03/30/17Apparatus and methods for communicating utilizing an antenna array and multiple communication paths
03/30/17Integrated wireline and wireless access using software defined networking
03/30/17Method and providing ambient social telephony
03/30/17Method and processing a call to an aggregate endpoint device
03/30/17Geofence profile management
03/30/17Personal virtual core networks
03/23/17Method and sterilizing a surface
03/23/17System and managing models for embedded speech and language processing
03/23/17Apparatus and methods for communicating utilizing an antenna array
03/23/17Guided-wave transmission device with diversity and methods for use therewith
03/23/17Receiving an emergency alert message via a broadcast data channel
03/23/17Transmission device with mode division multiplexing and methods for use therewith
03/23/17Methods, systems, and products for address translation
03/23/17System and exchanging a history of user activity information
03/23/17Determining a quality of experience metric based on uniform resource locator data
03/23/17Anonymous customer reference services enabler
03/23/17Non-cellular link integration with cellular networks
Social Network Patent Pack
03/23/17System and methods for managing a user data path
03/23/17Methods and apparatus to transmit data in a connectionless mode
03/23/17Updating connectivity with a communication network and methods thereof
03/16/17User equipment local barometric calibration
03/16/17Method and system for exploiting interactions via a virtual environment
03/16/17Methods, systems, and products for security services
03/16/17Acoustic environment recognizer for optimal speech processing
03/16/17Method and equalizing signals
03/16/17Communication adaptation
03/16/17Application deployment engine
03/16/17Method and migrating active communication session between terminals
03/16/17Facilitating quality of service and security via functional classification of devices in networks
03/16/17System and dynamically adapting network delivery modes of content
03/16/17Method and system for managing multimedia accessiblity
03/16/17Transmitting a prioritized audio stream along with multimedia content
03/16/17Dynamic synchronization of media streams within a social network
03/16/17System for monetizing resources accessible to a mobile device server
03/16/17Interactive program manager and methods for presenting program content
03/16/17System and processing commerce events
03/16/17User equipment categories for machine-to-machine devices operating in an internet of things network
Social Network Patent Pack
03/16/17Low power chaining
03/16/17Time distance of arrival based mobile device location detection with disturbance scrutiny
03/09/17Transmission medium having multiple cores and methods for use therewith
03/09/17Low-impact proactive monitoring of customer access to virtualized network elements in a cloud platform
03/09/17System and restoration in a multimedia ip network
03/09/17Social networking and network connectivity
03/09/17Secure browsing via a transparent network proxy
03/09/17Methods and apparatus to identify malicious activity in a network
03/09/17Visualization for network virtualization platform
03/09/17Methods, systems, and products for suppression of alerts
03/09/17System and enhanced hot key delivery
03/09/17Selective communication of a vector graphics format version of a video content item
03/09/17Enhancement of a cell reselection parameter in heterogeneous networks
03/09/17Communication service for machine-to-machine devices
03/02/17Vehicular communications using a scalable ad hoc geographic routing protocol
03/02/17System and generating a unified menu for multiple communication channels
03/02/17System and targeted advertising
03/02/17Vehicle battery data analysis service
03/02/17Systems, computer-implemented methods, and tangible computer-readable storage media for transcription alignment
03/02/17Transmission device with mode division multiplexing and methods for use therewith
03/02/17Service impact event analyzer for cloud sdn service assurance
03/02/17Nullifying biometrics
03/02/17Dynamic segregated secure data connection
03/02/17Method and managing communication activities of a communication device
03/02/17Emergency signal for m2m devices
03/02/17Optimizing channel selection for customer care
03/02/17Methods and apparatus to interface with different service provider information technology systems supporting service ordering
03/02/17System and presenting information associated with a media program
03/02/17System for consolidating heterogeneous data centers through virtualization of services
03/02/17Remote control via local area network
Social Network Patent Pack
03/02/17Use of the commercial mobile alert system to trigger alternative receivers
03/02/17Generating and analyzing mobility vectors to determine subscriber behavior
03/02/17Method and managing international mobile subscriber identity
03/02/17Remote distributed antenna system
02/23/17Acoustic representations of environments
02/23/17Apparatus and interference cancellation in communication systems
02/23/17Apparatus and managing software applications of a mobile device server
02/23/17Control plane for sensor communication
02/23/17Method and generating quality estimators
02/23/17System and metamorphic content generation
02/23/17Method and managing presentation of media content
02/23/17Supplementing broadcast messages
02/16/17Method and presenting media content
02/16/17Insider attack resistant cloud services integrity checking
02/16/17Methods, systems, and products for language preferences
02/16/17Incremental maintenance of inverted indexes for approximate string matching
02/16/17Sensory density and diversity for living in place
02/16/17Crowd-location based transactions
02/16/17Method and image filtering
02/16/17Crowd sourced optimization of vehicle performance based on cloud based data
02/16/17Guided-wave transmission device with non-fundamental mode propagation and methods for use therewith
02/16/17Method and system for managing user location information in a communication system
02/16/17Dynamic virtual network topology discovery engine
02/16/17Network management for content broadcast
02/16/17Method and managing internet content
02/16/17Providing a basic firewall using a virtual networking function
02/16/17Pre-delivery authentication
02/16/17Multi-hop small cell auto discovery for software defined networking-enabled radio access network
02/16/17Policy enforced intelligent persona manager

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