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At x26 t Intellectual Property I L p
At x26 t Intellectual Property I L p F k a Bellsouth Intellectual Property Corporation
At x26 t Intellectual Property I L p Via Transfer From Bellsouth Intellectual Property Corporation
At x26 t Intellectual Property I L p formerly Known As Sbc Knowledge Ventures L p
At x26 t Intellectual Property I L p formerly Known As At x26 t Knowledge Ventures L p
At x26 t Intellectual Property I L p formerly Sbc Knowledge Ventures L p
At x26 t Intellectual Property I L p Via Transfer From At x26 t Delaware Intellectual Property Inc
At x26 t Intellectual Property I L p Via Transfer From At x26 t Bls Intellectual Property Inc
At x26 t Intellectual Property I L p formerly Known As At x26 t Knowledge Ventures Lp
At x26 t Intellectual Property I L p Partnership Nevada
At x26 t Intellectual Property I L p Via Transfer From Ameritech Corporation
At x26 t Intellectual Property I L p_20131212
At x26 t Intellectual Property I L p A Nevada Limited Partnership
At x26 t Intellectual Property I L p F k a At x26 t Delaware Intellectual Property Inc
At x26 t Intellectual Property I L p F k a At x26 t Deleware Intellectual Property Inc
At x26 t Intellectual Property I L p_20100128
At x26 t Intellectual Property I L p formely Bellsouth Intellectual Property Inc
At x26 t Intellectual Property I L p formerly Known As Sbc Properties L p
At x26 t Intellectual Property I L p formerly Known Sbc Knowledge Ventures L p
At x26 t Intellectual Property I L p partnership Nevada
At x26 t Intellectual Property I L p_20100107
At x26 t Intellectual Property I L p_20100121
At x26 t Intellectual Property I L p via Transfer From Bellsouth Intellectual Property Corporation
At x26 t Intellectual Property I L p formerly Know As At x26 t Knowledge Ventures L p
At x26 t Intellectual Property I L p Via Transfer From Sbc Technology Resources Inc

At & t Intellectual Property I L p patents

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09/21/17 new patent  Method and enhancing driver situational awareness
09/21/17 new patent  Methods and apparatus to manage database metadata
09/21/17 new patent  Directional location of sound sources
09/21/17 new patent  Automated detection and filtering of audio advertisements
09/21/17 new patent  System and managing a surveillance system
09/21/17 new patent  Method and use with a radio distributed antenna system
09/21/17 new patent  Transmission device with impairment compensation and methods for use therewith
09/21/17 new patent  Providing and using a distributed forwarding service
09/21/17 new patent  System and managing media content
09/21/17 new patent  Apparatus and predicting an amount of network infrastructure needed based on demographics
09/21/17 new patent  Accessible and updateable service records
09/21/17 new patent  System and promoting marketable items
09/21/17 new patent  System and providing location-dependent emergency alert services
09/21/17 new patent  Facilitating virtual personal area networks
09/14/17Guided wave couplers for coupling electromagnetic waves between a waveguide surface and a surface of a wire
09/14/17Portable acoustical unit
09/14/17Per-session invocation of priority services based upon network available information
09/14/17Security network buffer device
09/14/17Location based sharing of a network access credential
09/14/17Routing service
09/14/17Acr buffering in the cloud
09/14/17Method and directed advertisement
09/14/17Methods, devices, and computer readable storage devices for providing optimized location information
09/14/17Pico-cell extension for cellular network
09/14/17Backhaul link for distributed antenna system
09/07/17Tracking approaching or hovering objects for user-interfaces
09/07/17Geocast-based file transfer
09/07/17Apparatus and interference cancellation in communication systems
09/07/17Method and system to dynamically enable sdn network learning capability in a user-defined cloud network
09/07/17Integrated adaptive anycast for content distribution
09/07/17Methods, apparatus, and articles of manufacture to provide a multicast virtual private network (mvpn)
09/07/17Using a content delivery network for security monitoring
09/07/17Mode changing of a mobile communication device and vehicle settings when the mobile communications device is in proximity to a vehicle
09/07/17Enhanced content viewing experience based on user engagement
09/07/17Multi-platform digital television
09/07/17Method and transporting deterministic traffic in a gigabit passive optical network
09/07/17Method and providing location information for a wireless communication device
09/07/17Dynamic spectrum partitioning between lte and 5g systems
09/07/17Supplementing network coverage with a fleet of autonomous drones
08/31/17Method and improving non-uniform memory access
08/31/17Notification system with haptic feedback garment and methods for use therewith
08/31/17Methods and apparatus to provide a distributed firewall in a network
08/31/17Method for scanning services with a multimode communication device
08/31/17Self organizing radio access network in a software defined networking environment
08/31/17Enhanced software-defined network controller to support ad-hoc radio access networks
08/31/17Data forwarding in hybrid mesh networks
08/24/17Management of deployed drones
08/24/17Method and apparatus to identify outliers in social networks
08/24/17Methods, systems, and products for format conversion
08/24/17Agent for learning and optimization execution
08/24/17Commerce suggestions
08/24/17Automated obscurity for digital imaging
08/24/17Virtual doorbell augmentations for communications between augmented reality and virtual reality environments
08/24/17Circuit panel network and methods thereof
08/24/17Context-aware virtualized control decision support system for providing quality of experience assurance for internet protocol streaming video services
08/24/17Method and system to monitor a network
08/24/17Intelligent signaling routing for machine-to-machine communications
08/24/17Method and intercarrier communication
08/24/17Dynamic passcodes in association with a wireless access point
08/24/17Method and architecting multimedia conferencing services
08/24/17Scalable network function virtualization
08/24/17Facilitation of an internet protocol multimedia platform
08/24/17Method and processing commands directed to a media center
08/24/17Apparatus and communicating media between communication devices
Patent Packs
08/24/17System and delivering interactive trigger events
08/24/17Method for managing device configurations using configuration templates
08/24/17System and instantiation of services at a location based on a policy
08/24/17Method and providing an enhanced text messaging service
08/24/17Transmission device with channel equalization and control and methods for use therewith
08/24/17Facilitating mesh networks of connected movable objects
08/24/17Method and device for providing a mobile device with service continuity over multiple access networks
08/17/17Management of iot devices in a virtualized network
08/17/17Determining life-cycle of task flow performance for telecommunication service order
08/17/17Method and autonomous services composition
08/17/17System and intelligent language switching in automated text-to-speech systems
08/17/17System and network bandwidth management for adjusting audio quality
08/17/17Methods and apparatus to allocate bandwidth between subscribers of a communications network
08/17/17System and resource selection during group communication broadcast
08/17/17Method and virtualized network function chaining management
Patent Packs
08/17/17Systems and methods of split billing
08/17/17Methods, systems, and computer program products for categorizing/rating content uploaded to a network for broadcasting
08/17/17Method and creating dynamic webpages in a media communication system
08/17/17Method and presenting media programs
08/17/17System and method to transmit data packets via a cellular network
08/17/17Methods, systems, and products for security services
08/17/17Facilitating mobility dimensioning via dynamic configuration of a switch
08/17/17Controlling traffic transmissions to manage cellular radio resource utilization
08/10/17Methods, systems, and products for gesture-activation
08/10/17Remote control of electronic devices via mobile device
08/10/17Real-time valuation display for transaction cards
08/10/17System and creating voice profiles for specific demographics
08/10/17Methods and inducing a non-fundamental wave mode on a transmission medium
08/10/17Apparatus and methods for wireless communications
08/10/17Method and launching a wave mode that mitigates interference
08/10/17Method and coupling an antenna to a device
08/10/17System and scalable geographic addressing framework
08/10/17Apparatus and methods for maintaining service continuity when transitioning between mobile network operators
08/10/17Apparatus and automatic reconciliation of data throughput
08/10/17Automatic detection and prevention of network overload conditions using sdn
08/10/17Decentralized and distributed secure home subscriber server device
08/10/17Method and enabling a mobile endpoint device to be a hub for a conference call
08/10/17Audio and video calling through multiple terminal devices
08/10/17Method and satellite television service with alternate delivery capabilities
08/10/17Method and system for providing set-top box remote access functions in a browser extension based on advertising metadata
08/10/17Presentation of an avatar in association with a merchant system
08/10/17Apparatus for adapting a presentation of media content to a requesting device
08/10/17System and method to create a media content summary based on viewer annotations
08/10/17Method and management of location information
08/10/17Surface-wave communications and methods thereof
Social Network Patent Pack
08/10/17Computational syndrome detectors
08/03/17Methods and apparatuses to operate a vehicle
08/03/17Navigation system and methods for use therewith
08/03/17Extending the functionality of a mobile device
08/03/17Method and abstracting internet content
08/03/17Communication system with enterprise analysis and methods for use therewith
08/03/17System for managing scheduling conflicts
08/03/17Transactional cards
08/03/17In-store field-of-view merchandising and analytics
08/03/17Surface-wave communications and methods thereof
Patent Packs
08/03/17Apparatus for powering a communication device and methods thereof
08/03/17Method and providing security using network traffic adjustments
08/03/17Informational enrichment for interactive systems
08/03/17Method and content selection based on personal profiles
08/03/17Methods, systems, and products for social alerts
08/03/17Telephone user interface providing enhanced call blocking
08/03/17Directing care calls using historical call backs, demographics and real time attributes
08/03/17Methods and apparatus to dynamically select a peered voice over internet protocol (voip) border element
08/03/17System and providing video content
08/03/17Apparatus and managing mobile device servers
08/03/17Method and system for message notification
08/03/17Method and providing directional participant based image and video sharing
08/03/17Push notifications for a gateway device and associated devices
08/03/17Generating and analyzing mobility vectors to determine subscriber behavior
08/03/17Method and monitoring and adjusting multiple communication services at a venue
08/03/17Grade of service control closed loop
08/03/17Enhancement of access points to support heterogeneous networks
07/27/17Methods, systems, and products for power management in cable assemblies
07/27/17Methods, systems, and products for tracking objects
07/27/17Method and event notification
07/27/17System and personalization in speech recognition
07/27/17Multi-device complexity broker
07/27/17Femtocell local breakout mechanisms
07/27/17Mobile device network configuration via speed determination
07/27/17Enhanced wireless home phone for an emergency call service network
07/27/17Network edge based access network discovery and selection
07/20/17Determining available storage capacity of a vehicle
07/20/17Enhancement of inter-cell interference coordination with adaptive reduced-power almost blank subframes based on neighbor cell profile data
07/20/17Rules-based content management
07/20/17System and layered delivery of media content quality
Patent Packs
07/20/17Antenna placement determination device
07/20/17Media content delivery over a wireless network
07/20/17Utilizing explicit congestion notification for network selection
07/20/17Transaction sensitive access network discovery and selection
07/20/17Dynamic power class re-registration of mobile devices
07/13/17System for calculating a social graph using a sugi
07/13/17System and matching faces
07/13/17Methods, systems, and products for discovering electronic devices
07/13/17Data routing in hybrid wireless communication networks
07/13/17System and time shifting cellular data transfers
07/13/17System and quality of service in a wireless network environment
07/06/17Apparatus and improving an artificial respirator
07/06/17Gesture control
07/06/17Partitioning of markup language documents
07/06/17System and generating media bookmarks
07/06/17System and wirelessly transacting access to a set of events and associated digital content/products
07/06/17Apparatus and managing a social network
07/06/17Method and optimizing a software defined network configuration
07/06/17Presence information based messaging
07/06/17Method and managing rehoming of user endpoint devices in a communication network
Social Network Patent Pack
07/06/17System for providing efficient delivery of media content to the masses
07/06/17Methods, systems, and products for personalized monitoring of data
07/06/17Consolidated network repository (cnr) for storing data associated with different communication network platforms
07/06/17Call alert options
07/06/17Apparatus and delivering media content
07/06/17Presentation of an avatar in a media communication system
07/06/17Methods, systems, and products for control of devices
07/06/17Video content monitoring device and methods thereof
07/06/17Systems and methods of providing modified media content
07/06/17Analyzing internet protocol television data to support peer-assisted video-on-demand content delivery
07/06/17Geographic redundancy determination for time based location information in a wireless radio network
07/06/17System for managing resources accessible to a mobile device server
07/06/17Synchronizing mobile devices and displays
06/29/17Kinetically activated diagnostics and correction
06/29/17Automatic shape adjustment of flexible display
06/29/17Gesture-based controls via bone conduction
06/29/17Network virtualization policy management system
06/29/17Kinetically activated diagnostics and correction
06/29/17Method and apparatus to create a customer care service
06/29/17Methods, systems, and products for ordering items
Social Network Patent Pack
06/29/17Method, computer-readable storage device and processing a multi-factor request
06/29/17Method, computer-readable storage device and locating an owner of an item
06/29/17System and method to digitally replace objects in images or video
06/29/17Method and processing sensor data of detected objects
06/29/17Digital video recorder options for editing content
06/29/17Method and provisioning a scalable communications network
06/29/17Insider attack resistant cloud services integrity checking
06/29/17Enhancing user experience for internet protocol multimedia core network subsystem based communication services
06/29/17Apparatus and providing messaging services
06/29/17Methods, systems, and products for telepresence visualizations
06/29/17Method and sharing media content
06/29/17System and content validation
06/29/17Systems and methods to test media devices
06/29/17User identification in cell phones based on skin contact
06/29/17Client-side scheduling for media transmissions according to client device states
06/29/17Access node architecture for 5g radio and other access networks
06/22/17Method, computer-readable storage device and utilizing companion and event information
06/22/17Detecting and using mood-condition affinities
06/22/17Bone conduction tags
06/22/17Method and providing an emergency notification for an allergic reaction
06/22/17Method and controlling an aerial drone through policy driven control rules
06/22/17Guided wave transmission device with diversity and methods for use therewith
06/22/17Apparatus and methods for transmitting wireless signals
06/22/17Guided-wave transmission device with non-fundamental mode propagation and methods for use therewith
06/22/17Method and providing a point-to-point connection over a network
06/22/17Method and providing a bulk migration tool for a network
06/22/17Emergency signal for m2m devices
06/22/17Apparatus and secure over the air programming of a communication device
06/22/17System for providing layered security
06/22/17System for distributing virtual entity behavior profiling in cloud deployments
Social Network Patent Pack
06/22/17Unified location & presence communication across real and virtual worlds
06/22/17Method, computer-readable storage device and storing privacy information
06/22/17Enhanced automated attendant system
06/22/17Method and augmenting media services
06/22/17Digital video recorder as a content delivery server
06/22/17Method and distributing content in a communication network
06/22/17Television channel display device and method thereof
06/22/17Method and providing a mobile video blog service
06/22/17Information broadcast
06/22/17Individually unique key performance indicator management
06/22/17System for managing services of wimax base stations
06/22/17Location assessment system for drones
06/22/17Method and web browsing on multihomed mobile devices
06/22/17Medicine dispensing system
06/15/17Sequential recommender system for virtualized network services
06/15/17Method and dynamic routing of user contexts
06/15/17Method and receiving nutritional information via a network
06/15/17Targeted advertising
06/15/17Methods, systems, and products for electronic purchases
06/15/17System and method to request a portion of a media content item
06/15/17Methods and apparatus to identify network topologies
06/15/17Method and creating a custom service
06/15/17Processing performance data of a content delivery network
06/15/17Collecting and using quality of experience information
06/15/17Method and initiating internet connection speed testing on a residential gateway
06/15/17Routers with network processing unit and central processing unit-based line cards
06/15/17Monitoring and controlling electronic activity using third party rule submission and validation
06/15/17Latency virtualization in a transport network using a storage area network
06/15/17Methods and apparatus to improve transmission of a field data set to a network access point via parallel communication sessions

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