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At x26 t Intellectual Property I Lp
At x26 t Intellectual Property I Lp By Transfer Of Ownership From At x26 t Delaware Intellectual Property
At x26 t Intellectual Property I Lp F k a Beltsouth Intellectual Property Corporation
At x26 t Intellectual Property I Lp_20100128
At x26 t Intellectual Property I Lp_20131212
At x26 t Intellectual Property I Lp Via Transfer From Bellsouth Intellectual Property Corporation


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At & t Intellectual Property I Lp patents

Recent patent applications related to At & t Intellectual Property I Lp. At & t Intellectual Property I Lp is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: At & t Intellectual Property I Lp may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with At & t Intellectual Property I Lp, we're just tracking patents.

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Count Application # Date At & t Intellectual Property I Lp patents (updated weekly) - BOOKMARK this page
12016011759804/28/16  new patent  Systems and methods for managing interactions between an individual and an entity
22016011926204/28/16  new patent  Subscription-based media push service
32016011934004/28/16  new patent  Media services with access control
42016011938504/28/16  new patent  Method and initiating communication sessions
52016011966604/28/16  new patent  Method and apparatus to deliver a personalized media experience
62016011967604/28/16  new patent  Method and system for distributing media content
72016011989804/28/16  new patent  Dynamic wireless multicast orthogonal frequency division multiple access architecture
82016011991304/28/16  new patent  Method and resource management in a communication system
92016011749004/28/16  new patent  Automatic activation of a service
102016011209204/21/16 Method and transmitting electromagnetic waves
112016011209304/21/16 Transmission device with impairment compensation and methods for use therewith
122016011209404/21/16 Transmission device with impairment compensation and methods for use therewith
132016011211504/21/16 Guided wave coupler, coupling module and methods for use therewith
142016011213204/21/16 Apparatus for providing communication services and methods thereof
152016011213304/21/16 Guided-wave transmission use therewith
162016011213504/21/16 Guided-wave transmission device with non-fundamental mode propagation and methods for use therewith
172016011226304/21/16 Method and responding to events affecting communications in a communication network
182016011276504/21/16 Rules-based content management
192016011302504/21/16 Machine to machine traffic management methods and systems
202016010924904/21/16 Method and providing mapping data
212016011301104/21/16 Method and providing channel sharing among white space networks
222016010521804/14/16 Method and transmitting or receiving signals in a transportation system
232016010523904/14/16 Method and arranging communication sessions in a communication system
242016010525504/14/16 Method and adjusting a mode of communication in a communication network
252016010570404/14/16 Method and transmitting media content
262016010583804/14/16 System and methods for managing a user data path
272016009876104/07/16 System for presenting marketing content in a personal television channel
282016009881704/07/16 Method and adapting media content for presentation
292016009974904/07/16 Circuit panel network and methods thereof
302016009985704/07/16 Method and system to monitor a network
312016009990604/07/16 Method and social network communication over a media network
322016010002904/07/16 Method and managing communication activities of a communication device
332016010005204/07/16 System and providing telephone call notification and management in a network environment
342016010020104/07/16 Adaptive video-server reconfiguration for self-optimizing multi-tier iptv networks
352016010020804/07/16 Apparatus and media detection and replacement
362016010021504/07/16 System and delivering interactive trigger events
372016010022204/07/16 Method and system for image alteration
382016010022504/07/16 Set-top box-based tv streaming and redirecting
392016010023104/07/16 Linking and browsing media on television
402016010029204/07/16 Location-based alerting
412016010032404/07/16 Method and apparatus that provides fault tolerance in a communication network
422016009501903/31/16 Facilitation of mobility management across various radio technologies
432016009425503/31/16 Method and receiving wireless communications
442016009458803/31/16 Method and managing calls
452016009464103/31/16 Data analytics for adaptive networks
462016009465203/31/16 System and managing media content
472016009486403/31/16 Method and multi-experience translation of media content with sensor sharing
482016009498303/31/16 Method and adjusting device persona
492016009487903/31/16 Method and distributing content in a communication network
502016008799703/24/16 Apparatus and securely managing the accessibility to content and applications
512016008813803/24/16 Method and managing communications
522016008835603/24/16 Method and system for providing communication services
532016008000003/17/16 Method and system for controlling an interleaver
542016008003503/17/16 Method and sensing a condition in a transmission medium of electromagnetic waves
552016008021403/17/16 Processing diagnostics of media services
562016008043503/17/16 Apparatus and methods for origination of voice and messaging communication in a network
572016008077703/17/16 Apparatus for adapting a presentation of media content to a requesting device
582016008079503/17/16 System for managing media content for a personal television channel
592016008081603/17/16 Managing media content for a personal television channel
602016008083903/17/16 Monitoring and mitigating conditions in a communication network
612016007271303/10/16 Load balancing and migration of transport connections
622016007279703/10/16 Mobile virtual communication and entertainment service
632016007280403/10/16 System and method to share a resource or a capability of a device
642016007316303/10/16 Interactive program manager and methods for presenting program content
652016007337103/10/16 Managing network load using device application programs
662016006479403/03/16 Guided wave couplers and methods thereof
672016006526703/03/16 Communications link discontinuity detection systems and methods
682016006569503/03/16 Apparatus and secure over the air programming of a communication device
692016006606303/03/16 Method and presenting dynamic media content
702016006620703/03/16 Method and managing access to a wireless communication network
712016006634703/03/16 Control of quality of service in overlapping basic service sets in wireless local area networks
722016005712702/25/16 Apparatus and secure authentication of a communication device
732016005717402/25/16 Method and device for managing circuit switched data calls
742016005750102/25/16 Method and providing a mobile video blog service
752016004866702/18/16 Method and device for managing authentication using an identity avatar
762016004914602/18/16 Method and apparatus to generate a speech recognition library
772016005002802/18/16 Quasi-optical coupler
782016005008602/18/16 Apparatus and interference cancellation in communication systems
792016005044802/18/16 Method and managing multiple media services
802016005046402/18/16 System for managing a configuration of a media content processor
812016005057402/18/16 Detection and mitigation of denial-of-service attacks in wireless communication networks
822016004407802/11/16 Method and delivering media content utilizing segment and packaging information
832016004413302/11/16 Server-side scheduling for media transmissions according to client device states
842016004434802/11/16 Method and managing communication sessions
852016004436502/11/16 Method and system for providing set-top box remote access functions in a browser extension
862016004436602/11/16 Method and creating dynamic webpages in a media communication system
872016004438302/11/16 System and processing commerce events
882016004462202/11/16 Synchronizing media presentation at multiple devices
892016004472102/11/16 Method and device for managing communication sessions using tunnels
902016003404402/04/16 Method and controlling multi-experience translation of media content
912016003424002/04/16 Method and presentation of media content
922016003712302/04/16 System and input sensing for internet protocol encoders
932016003718702/04/16 Sharing mobile subscriber content in a publically viewable content distribution network
942016003721602/04/16 Apparatus and providing communication services
952016003721902/04/16 Apparatus and managing voice communications
962016003722202/04/16 Recording option for advertised programs
972016003722802/04/16 Method and system for presenting electronic programming guides
982016003722902/04/16 System for fault detection in an internet protocol television communication system
992016003742302/04/16 System for managing services of wimax base stations
1002016002700101/28/16 Systems for provisioning universal integrated circuit cards
1012016002906401/28/16 Method and generating media content
1022016002843601/28/16 System and method to reduce crosstalk of digital subscriber lines
1032016002088901/21/16 Detection and mitigation of ingress interference within communication links
1042016002114501/21/16 Method and initiating communication modes
1052016002140601/21/16 Apparatus and providing media content
1062016002141001/21/16 Apparatus and displaying content
1072016001396701/14/16 Method and diagnosing faults in a hybrid internet protocol network
1082016001417401/14/16 Method and sharing media content
1092016001432401/14/16 Method and managing a camera network
1102016001437501/14/16 Apparatus and providing media services with telepresence
1112016001447501/14/16 Method and communicating emergency information
1122016000698501/07/16 Apparatus and managing telepresence sessions
1132016000705901/07/16 System and presenting information associated with a media program
1142016000717301/07/16 Method and dynamically managing user profiles and status change information
1152015037843012/31/15 Method and controlling presentation of media content
1162015037910112/31/15 Method and subscriber management
1172015038146412/31/15 System and managing publications
1182015038174112/31/15 Method and facilitating establishing and maintaining communication services
1192015038196612/31/15 Apparatus and providing three dimensional media content
1202015038220812/31/15 Method and managing wireless probe devices
1212015038221212/31/15 Method and monitoring and adjusting multiple communication services at a venue
1222015038227612/31/15 Radio network controller with ip mapping table
1232015037030712/24/15 Managing power consumption state of electronic devices responsive to predicting future demand
1242015037319112/24/15 Method and data management of third party services
1252015037320212/24/15 System for communicating with an internet protocol multimedia subsystem network
1262015037353912/24/15 System and unified authentication in communication networks
1272015037354112/24/15 Apparatus and methods for provisioning devices to utilize services of mobile network operators
1282015037355712/24/15 Surface-wave communications and methods thereof
1292015036562612/17/15 Method and apparatus using an integrated femtocell and residential gateway device
1302015035885412/10/15 Probe mechanism for discovering explicit congestion notification data
1312015035901412/10/15 Network congestion prevention and/or mitigation
1322015034823612/03/15 Method and system for video stream personalization
1332015035072712/03/15 Method and system for analysis of sensory information to estimate audience reaction
1342015033971411/26/15 Methods, systems and computer program products for tailoring advertisements to a user based on actions taken using a portable electronic device
1352015033991611/26/15 Voice enabled remote control for a set-top box
1362015034125111/26/15 Measurement of field reliability metrics
1372015034141311/26/15 Apparatus and providing media programming
1382015034159511/26/15 Audio and video calling through multiple terminal devices
1392015034168811/26/15 Sharing behavioral patterns between devices
1402015034170811/26/15 Authoring system for iptv network
1412015033410711/19/15 Apparatus and managing use of secure tokens
1422015033443211/19/15 System for provisioning media services
1432015033444711/19/15 Presentation of an avatar in a media communication system
1442015033446311/19/15 Apparatus and transmitting media content
1452015032485211/12/15 Geographic advertising using a scalable wireless geocast protocol
1462015032496011/12/15 Method and image filtering
1472015032649011/12/15 System for synchronizing information
1482015032690511/12/15 Method and managing advertising
1492015032718411/12/15 System and mapping potential internet protocol television interference
1502015031915111/05/15 Apparatus and secure delivery of data utilizing encryption key management
1512015031915211/05/15 Apparatus and managing security domains for a universal integrated circuit card
1522015031030710/29/15 Method and analyzing media content
1532015031030910/29/15 Method and organizing media content
1542015031264210/29/15 Method and system for content recording and indexing
1552015031264910/29/15 Method and augmenting media content
1562015031287410/29/15 Method and device for providing a mobile device with service continuity over multiple access networks
1572015030178810/22/15 Providing audio and alternate audio simultaneously during a shared multimedia presentation
1582015030404510/22/15 Backhaul link for distributed antenna system
1592015030469910/22/15 Apparatus and delivering media content
1602015030471510/22/15 System for managing media content for a personal television channel
1612015030472210/22/15 Method for reestablishing presentation of a paused media program
1622015030472610/22/15 System for presenting media content
1632015030472910/22/15 Method and selection and presentation of media content
1642015029599910/15/15 Apparatus and multimedia communication
1652015029623510/15/15 Method and associating micro-blogs with media programs
1662015029626410/15/15 Apparatus and managing a social network
1672015029627010/15/15 Apparatus and managing marketing
1682015028856010/08/15 Intelligent automatic network operations interface
1692015028856510/08/15 Apparatus and methods for maintaining service continuity when transitioning between mobile network operators
1702015028874010/08/15 Method and managing internet content
1712015028899410/08/15 System and metamorphic content generation
1722015028902610/08/15 System and providing interactive on-demand content
1732015028903010/08/15 Apparatus and tagging media content and managing marketing
1742015027333210/01/15 Apparatus for controlling three-dimensional images
1752015028118110/01/15 Method and system to enable a virtual private network client
1762015027122309/24/15 Method and multi-experience metadata translation of media content with metadata
1772015027153709/24/15 Systems and methods for remote web query and image selection exchange to video screen
1782015027154409/24/15 Method and system for providing set-top box remote access functions in a browser extension based on advertising metadata
1792015027156609/24/15 System and recording television content
1802015026219209/17/15 Method for acquiring services on a multiplicity of devices
1812015025434509/10/15 System for identifying media content
1822015025443709/10/15 Method and system for distributing media content
1832015025652709/10/15 Methods, systems, and computer program products for managing media content by capturing media content at a client device and storing the media content at a network accessible media repository
1842015025686809/10/15 System for monetizing resources accessible to a mobile device server
1852015025688209/10/15 Multi-platform digital television
1862015025686709/10/15 Processing and distribution of video-on-demand content items
1872015024984609/03/15 Synchronization of user interactive events with on-screen events during playback of multimedia stream
1882015024508608/27/15 Set-top box-based tv streaming and redirecting
1892015023492808/20/15 Method and apparatus to identify outliers in social networks
1902015023703208/20/15 Method and authenticating a communication device
1912015023738708/20/15 Method and system for providing content
1922015023741308/20/15 Method and communicating emergency information
1932015022969108/13/15 Apparatus and managing media content
1942015023000308/13/15 Apparatus and media streaming
1952015021719208/06/15 Method and managing a gaming application
1962015022263108/06/15 System and methods for uicc-based secure communication
1972015022287208/06/15 Apparatus and distributing three dimensional media content
1982015022307808/06/15 Surface-wave communications and methods thereof
1992015021349307/30/15 System and delivering advertising content according to a selection received from subscriber equipment
2002015021357607/30/15 Apparatus for adapting a presentation of media content according to a position of a viewing apparatus
2012015021543707/30/15 Apparatus and methods for flexible communications in a network
2022015021560307/30/15 Apparatus and providing media content
2032015021561307/30/15 Apparatus and presenting media content
2042015021566007/30/15 System and method to deliver video content
2052015021567807/30/15 System and promoting marketable items
2062015020811007/23/15 Targeted online, telephone and television advertisements based on cross-service subscriber profile
2072015020823107/23/15 Over-the-air content management of wireless equipment in confined-coverage wireless networks
2082015020090807/16/15 Method and provisioning a scalable communications network
2092015020143507/16/15 Supplemental rescue resources
2102015019560907/09/15 Apparatus and providing media content
2112015019561407/09/15 Method and system for a media processor
2122015018934207/02/15 Method and generating quality estimators
2132015018068106/25/15 Apparatus and interference cancellation in communication systems
2142015018125406/25/15 Centralized broadband gateway for a wireless communication system
2152015018128706/25/15 Systems and methods for searching based on information in commercials
2162015018129706/25/15 Apparatus and media on demand commentaries
2172015018129806/25/15 Method and presenting media programs
2182015018142806/25/15 Apparatus and automatically provisioning a femtocell
2192015017278106/18/15 Method and audio communication of information
2202015017284406/18/15 Method and managing presentation of media content
2212015016075306/11/15 Tracking approaching or hovering objects for user-interfaces
2222015016308806/11/15 System and method to monitor and manage imperfect or compromised software
2232015016330706/11/15 Managing presence in communications systems
2242015016347206/11/15 Apparatus and providing media content
2252015016355606/11/15 Video quality and audio quality adjustment
2262015016356506/11/15 System and using a set-top box application to diagnose customer premises equipment
2272015016362306/11/15 Processing and display of location based messages for mobile devices
2282015016362806/11/15 Method and distributing services and data
2292015015472606/04/15 Watermarked media content in iptv or itv networks
2302015015622406/04/15 Processing messages with a device server operating in a telephone
2312015015631606/04/15 Method and selecting communication identifiers
2322015015652206/04/15 Apparatus and providing media content
2332015015652306/04/15 System and layered delivery of media content quality
2342015015652606/04/15 System and selectively receiving required satellite television channels
2352015015665606/04/15 Method and mitigating interference in a wireless communication system
2362015014661105/28/15 Collaborative scheduling of last hop cellular traffic
2372015014669705/28/15 Client-side scheduling for media transmissions according to client device states
2382015014803205/28/15 Method and managing international mobile subscriber identity
2392015014804005/28/15 Anomaly correlation mechanism for analysis of handovers in a communication network
2402015014924505/28/15 Method and determining presence
2412015014928505/28/15 Targeting media delivery to a mobile audience
2422015014959005/28/15 Server-side scheduling for media transmissions
2432015014959105/28/15 Client-side location aware network selection
2442015014959205/28/15 Server-side scheduling for media transmissions according to client device states
2452015014964305/28/15 Dynamic policy based data session migration mechanism in a communication network
2462015014965305/28/15 Method and distributing media content
2472015014977605/28/15 Apparatus and secure delivery of data from a communication device
2482015014990205/28/15 Manipulation of media content to overcome user impairments
2492015015003105/28/15 Method and system for analysis of sensory information to estimate audience reaction

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