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At x26 t Intellectual Property I Lp
At x26 t Intellectual Property I Lp By Transfer Of Ownership From At x26 t Delaware Intellectual Property
At x26 t Intellectual Property I Lp F k a Beltsouth Intellectual Property Corporation
At x26 t Intellectual Property I Lp_20100128
At x26 t Intellectual Property I Lp_20131212
At x26 t Intellectual Property I Lp Via Transfer From Bellsouth Intellectual Property Corporation

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12/01/16 new patent  Facilitating dynamic establishment of virtual enterprise service platforms and on-demand service provisioning
12/01/16 new patent  Apparatus and launching electromagnetic waves
11/17/16Method and apparatus to identify outliers in social networks
11/17/16Transmission medium having a conductive material and methods for use therewith
11/17/16Transmission medium having a conductive material and methods for use therewith
11/17/16Transmission medium having a nonconductive material and methods for use therewith
11/17/16Transmission medium having multiple cores and methods for use therewith
11/17/16Transmission medium having multiple cores and methods for use therewith
11/17/16Systems and methods for remote web query and image selection exchange to video screen
11/10/16Wearable health monitoring system
11/10/16Method and generating configuration information for a communication system
11/10/16Method and presenting advertising in content having an emotional context
11/10/16Method and system for managing wireless connectivity in a communication system
11/03/16Apparatus and gaming
11/03/16Magnetic coupling use therewith
11/03/16Method and reducing noise in a communication system
11/03/16Backhaul link for distributed antenna system
11/03/16Apparatus and managing use of secure tokens
11/03/16Apparatus and secure delivery of data from a communication device
11/03/16Apparatus and providing a computer supported collaborative work environment
11/03/16Apparatus and providing media services with telepresence
10/27/16System and managing a surveillance system
10/27/16System and commercializing avatars
10/27/16Directional coupling use therewith
10/27/16Directional coupling use therewith
10/27/16Passive electrical coupling use therewith
10/27/16Passive electrical coupling use therewith
10/27/16Method and mitigating network failures
10/27/16Method and augmenting media content
10/27/16System and direct tunneling in point-to-multipoint mobile service
10/27/16System and scheduling time-shifting traffic in a mobile cellular network
10/27/16Synchronizing mobile devices and displays
10/20/16System and performing a diagnostic analysis of physiological information
10/20/16Apparatus and managing telepresence sessions
10/20/16Television channel display device and method thereof
10/13/16Method and system for providing broadcast media services in a communication system
10/13/16Method and distributing media content
10/13/16Method and selection and presentation of media content
10/13/16Method and promotional programming
10/13/16Steerable rf signal, thermal imaging, and rf scanner for targeted thermal management
10/06/16Apparatus for providing communication services and methods thereof
10/06/16Remote distributed antenna system
10/06/16Unified location & presence, communication across real and virtual worlds
10/06/16Method and system for message notification
10/06/16Method and directed advertisement
10/06/16Method and creating dynamic webpages in a media communication system
10/06/16System and providing location-dependent emergency alert services
10/06/16Method and apparatus that provides fault tolerance in a communication network
10/06/16Proximity based sub-pooling of network devices in mobile wireless networks
09/29/16Surface-wave communications and methods thereof
09/29/16Quasi-optical coupler
09/29/16Method and system for providing media services in a communication system
09/29/16System and monitoring whole home digital video recorder usage for internet protocol television
09/29/16System and tagging video content
09/29/16Messaging abstraction in a mobile device server
09/22/16Method and reducing attenuation of electromagnetic waves guided by a transmission medium
09/22/16Mobile virtual communication and entertainment service
09/22/16Sharing behavioral patterns between devices
09/22/16Method and presenting media programs
09/22/16System and delivering advertisement data to a mobile device
09/22/16Backhaul link for distributed antenna system
09/15/16Distributed spatial mode processing for spatial-mode multiplexed communication systems
09/15/16Remote distributed antenna system
09/15/16System and managing electronic interactions based on defined relationships
09/15/16System and displaying images and videos found on the internet as a result of a search engine
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09/15/16Apparatus and presenting media content
09/15/16Remote viewing of multimedia content
09/15/16System for managing media content
09/15/16Community internet protocol camera system
09/15/16Method and managing communication interfaces in a communication system
09/08/16System and processing package delivery
09/08/16Guided wave couplers and methods thereof
09/08/16Monitoring and mitigating conditions in a communication network
09/08/16Backhaul link for distributed antenna system
09/08/16Method and sensing a condition in a transmission medium of electromagnetic waves
09/08/16Method and managing communication exchanges
09/08/16Method and delivering ip multimedia subsystem services
09/08/16Method and system for a media processor
09/08/16Method and providing location information for a wireless communication device
09/01/16Methods, systems, and products for monitoring health
Patent Packs
09/01/16Server-side scheduling for media transmissions
09/01/16Method and system for media adaption
09/01/16System for establishing communications with a mobile device server
08/25/16Apparatus for controlling three-dimensional images
08/25/16Method and presenting media content
08/25/16System and improving speech recognition accuracy using textual context
08/25/16Guided-wave transmission device with non-fundamental mode propagation and methods for use therewith
08/25/16Guided-wave transmission device with non-fundamental mode propagation and methods for use therewith
08/25/16Predictive cached buffer for communication devices
08/25/16Detection and mitigation of denial-of-service attacks in wireless communication networks
08/25/16Distributing communication of a data stream among multiple devices
08/25/16System and providing an adjunct device in a content distribution network
08/25/16Real-time, customized embedding of specific content into local webserver pages
08/25/16Apparatus and providing messaging services
08/25/16Methods, systems, and products for monitoring service usage
08/25/16Digital video recorder that enables recording at a selected resolution
08/25/16System and adaptive content rendition
08/25/16Multimodal portable communication interface for accessing video content
08/25/16Sharing mobile subscriber content in a publically viewable content distribution network
08/18/16System and customized voice response
08/18/16Real-time emotion tracking system
08/18/16Dynamic access management of wireless communication resources
08/18/16System and scalable geographic addressing framework
08/18/16Methods and apparatus to provide presence information
08/18/16System and authentication of a communication device
08/18/16Multicast-unicast protocol converter
08/18/16Methods, systems, and products for routing communications
08/18/16Method and providing video conferencing
08/18/16System and method to deliver video content
08/18/16System and troubleshooting a set top box
Social Network Patent Pack
08/18/16Method and managing personal content
08/18/16Video quality and audio quality adjustment
08/11/16Virtual reality gaming utilizing mobile gaming
08/11/16Apparatus and managing a social network
08/11/16Intelligent subscriber notification
08/11/16Ambient noise cancellation for voice communication device
08/11/16Method and system for managing service quality according to network status predictions
08/11/16Methods, systems, and products for processing communications
08/11/16Methods, systems, and computer program products for categorizing/rating content uploaded to a network for broadcasting
08/11/16Text message generation for emergency services as a backup to voice communications
Patent Packs
08/11/16Method and monitoring and adjusting multiple communication services at a venue
08/11/16Personal wireless coverage maps
08/11/16Systems and methods for retrieving customer premise equipment data
08/04/16System for managing media services
08/04/16Method and mitigating interference affecting a propagation of electromagnetic waves guided by a transmission medium
08/04/16Gesture control
08/04/16Apparatus and managing interactive television and voice communication services
08/04/16Parametric analysis of media metadata
08/04/16System and generating media bookmarks
08/04/16Transmission device with channel equalization and control and methods for use therewith
08/04/16Ecmp path tracing in an mpls enabled network
08/04/16Method and configuring ip multimedia subsystem network elements
08/04/16Apparatus and presenting an electronic programming guide
07/28/16Guided-wave transmission use therewith
07/28/16Advertising network layer reachability information specifying a quality of service for an identified network flow
07/28/16Method and sending stored advertising data from an internet protocol television end user network interface device
07/28/16System and managing sensor network uplink and downlink communications
07/21/16Methods, systems, and products for ordering items
07/21/16Dynamic modification of automated communication systems
07/21/16Method and system for content recording and indexing
07/21/16System and adapting operations of a communication device
07/21/16System for managing resources accessible to a mobile device server
07/21/16Method and initiating and maintaining sessions between endpoints
07/14/16Systems and methods for detecting and coordinating changes in lexical items
07/14/16System and collaborative language translation
07/14/16Real-time and secured picture/video upload via a content delivery network
07/14/16Methods, systems, and computer program products for recovering a password using user-selected third party authorization
07/14/16System and synthetically generated speech describing media content
07/14/16System and generating challenge utterances for speaker verification
07/14/16Hierarchical caching system for lossless network packet capture applications
Patent Packs
07/14/16Methods and systems for providing comprehensive cybersecurity protection using an open application programming interface based platform solution
07/14/16Method and content distribution over a network
07/14/16Methods and apparatus to provide extended voice over internet protocol (voip) services
07/14/16System and method to provide a unified video signal for diverse receiving platforms
07/14/16System and internet protocol television product placement data
07/14/16Network interface device for optical premises signals and networks
07/14/16Systems and methods for messaging using a broadband connection
07/14/16System and fast accurate detection of sms spam numbers via monitoring grey phone space
07/14/16Method for scanning services with a multimode communication device
07/07/16Methods, systems, and products for charging batteries
07/07/16Trial use of a collection of media files
07/07/16Guided-wave coupler, coupling module and methods for use therewith
07/07/16Guided-wave transmission device with non-fundamental mode propagation and methods for use therewith
07/07/16Transmission device with mode division multiplexing and methods for use therewith
07/07/16System and windowing in full-duplex communications
07/07/16Method and system to identify a source of signal impairment
07/07/16Inter-provider network architecture
07/07/16System and regulating electronic messages
07/07/16Web based extranet architecture providing applications to non-related subscribers
07/07/16Systems and methods for multi-device wireless sim management
Social Network Patent Pack
07/07/16Method and distributing geographically restricted video data in a televsion system
07/07/16System and content transmission network selection
07/07/16Methods and systems for delivering signals from cable networks to telecommunications networks
07/07/16System and providing content over a television network
07/07/16Method and managing failed connection requests for devices in an inactive mode
06/30/16Methods, systems and products for data backup
06/30/16System and enhancing speech activity detection using facial feature detection
06/30/16Relational display of images
06/30/16Method and augmenting media services
06/30/16Method and presenting media programs
06/23/16Automated location-intelligent traffic notification service systems and methods
06/23/16System and handling missing speech data
06/23/16Transmission device with impairment compensation and methods for use therewith
06/23/16Methods and apparatus to utilize route parameter sets for exchanging routes in a communication network
06/23/16Apparatus and secure provisioning of a communication device
06/23/16System and answering a communication notification
06/23/16System and methods for enhanced multimedia in voip networks
06/23/16Method and encoding video streams
06/23/16Broadcast interactive television system
06/16/16Method and managing auto-correction in messaging
Social Network Patent Pack
06/16/16Method and staged content analysis
06/16/16Apparatus and protecting media content rights
06/16/16System and adapting automatic speech recognition pronunciation by acoustic model restructuring
06/16/16System and delivering content over a multicast network
06/16/16System and using a set-top box application to diagnose customer premises equipment
06/09/16System for presenting media programs
06/09/16Methods, systems, and computer program products for implementing intelligent agent services
06/09/16Method and processing sensor data of detected objects
06/09/16Method and associating micro-blogs with media programs
06/09/16Transmission medium and communication interfaces and methods for use therewith
06/09/16Method and configuring a communication interface
06/09/16Communicate an alert via an unmanned vehicle
06/09/16Method and system of processing image sequences
06/09/16Apparatus and providing media content
06/09/16Apparatus and automatically provisioning a femtocell
06/09/16Reconfiguring mobile services based on shared control signaling load information
06/09/16Low power chaining
06/02/16Method and improving service provider maintenance
06/02/16System and spoken caller identification in a cellular telephone headset
06/02/16System and delivering interactive trigger events
06/02/16Methods, systems and computer program products for providing a media file to a designated set-top box
06/02/16Method and high speed data services
06/02/16Method and delivering media content and backup media content using multiple networks
05/26/16Apparatus for converting wireless signals and electromagnetic waves and methods thereof
05/26/16Apparatus for powering a communication device and methods thereof
05/26/16Apparatus for controlling operations of a communication device and methods thereof
05/26/16Transmission device with mode division multiplexing and methods for use therewith
05/26/16Transmission device with channel equalization and control and methods for use therewith
05/26/16System for generating topology information and methods thereof
05/26/16Smart machine to machine behavior tracking
Social Network Patent Pack
05/26/16Updating connectivity with a communication network and methods thereof
05/19/16System and methods for adaptive equalization for optical modulation formats
05/19/16Apparatus and providing media content
05/19/16System and presenting support services
05/19/16Method and data management of third party services
05/12/16Apparatus and providing messages in a social network
05/12/16Enhanced network congestion application programming interface
05/05/16Method and managing maintenance for a service provider
05/05/16Method and managing purchase transactions
05/05/16Method and facilitating purchase transactions associated with a showroom
05/05/16Mimo based adaptive beamforming over ofdma architecture
05/05/16Method and system to capture selected network data
05/05/16Intelligent traffic routing
05/05/16Machine-to-machine (m2m) autonomous media delivery
05/05/16System and ad delivery
05/05/16Method and targeted advertising with delivery of content
05/05/16Facilitating virtual personal area networks
05/05/16Mobility management
05/05/16Telecommunications network comprising user equipment-based management and control
04/28/16Systems and methods for managing interactions between an individual and an entity
04/28/16Subscription-based media push service
04/28/16Media services with access control
04/28/16Method and initiating communication sessions
04/28/16Method and apparatus to deliver a personalized media experience
04/28/16Method and system for distributing media content
04/28/16Dynamic wireless multicast orthogonal frequency division multiple access architecture
04/28/16Method and resource management in a communication system
04/28/16Automatic activation of a service
04/21/16Method and transmitting electromagnetic waves

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