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At x26 t Mobility Ii Llc
At x26 t Mobility Ii Llc Formerly Known As Cingular Wireless Ii Llc
At x26 t Mobility Ii Llc_20131212

At & t Mobility Ii Llc patents

Recent patent applications related to At & t Mobility Ii Llc. At & t Mobility Ii Llc is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: At & t Mobility Ii Llc may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with At & t Mobility Ii Llc, we're just tracking patents.

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04/27/17 new patent  Analog sorter
04/27/17 new patent  Methods, systems, devices and products for error correction in computer programs
04/27/17 new patent  Method for managing device configurations using configuration templates
04/27/17 new patent  Apparatus and methods for selecting services of mobile network operators
04/27/17 new patent  Facilitation of idle mode traffic load balancing
04/27/17 new patent  Dynamic steering of traffic across radio access networks
04/27/17 new patent  Hybrid network-based and device-based intelligent radio access control
04/27/17 new patent  Methods and apparatus to improve a network connection via a connected vehicle
04/20/17Apparatus and presenting information associated with icons on a display screen
04/20/17Vehicle system with vehicle report generation and methods for use therewith
04/20/17Real-time video delivery for connected home applications
04/20/17Dynamic video image synthesis using multiple cameras and remote control
04/20/17Method and maintaining user settings for over-the-air upgrades
04/20/17Mobile application testing engine
04/13/17Suspending voice guidance during route navigation
04/06/17Configurable segmented antenna
04/06/17Network directed cell broadcasts for emergency alert system
03/30/17Sorting system
03/30/17Geofence profile management
03/30/17Method and managing communication services using multiple subscription agreements
03/23/17Method and communicating between communication devices
03/23/17Systems and methods for dynamic aggregation of bandwidth
03/16/17Registration notification for mobile device management
03/16/17Method and image collection and analysis
03/16/17Gateways for sensor data packets in cellular networks
03/16/17User equipment categories for machine-to-machine devices operating in an internet of things network
03/16/17Low power chaining
03/16/17Interface for access management of femto cell coverage
03/16/17Selection of a radio access technology resource based on radio access technology resource historical information
03/09/17Explorable augmented reality displays
03/09/17Administration of access lists for femtocell service
03/09/17Enhancement of a cell reselection parameter in heterogeneous networks
03/09/17Selected restriction of wireless communication services
03/02/17Dynamic jitter buffer size adjustment
03/02/17Dynamic segregated secure data connection
03/02/17Methods and apparatus to interface with different service provider information technology systems supporting service ordering
03/02/17Method and managing international mobile subscriber identity
02/23/17Selection of packet data protocol context for handover from cellular network to femto cell
02/16/17Sensory density and diversity for living in place
02/16/17Policy enforced intelligent persona manager
02/16/17Systems, methods, and mobile devices for providing a user interface to facilitate access to prepaid wireless account information
02/16/17Location accuracy for proximity services
02/16/17Facilitation of determination of antenna location
02/16/17Site location determination using crowd sourced propagation delay and location data
02/09/17Method and management of communication conferencing
02/09/17Segregation of electronic personal health information
02/09/17Aggregation of mobile device data for facilitation of rule-based action
02/09/17Dynamic utilization of services by a temporary device
02/09/17Facilitation of connectivity and content management in mobile environments
02/02/17Obstacle avoidance using mobile devices
02/02/17E911 locating by nearby proxy device location
02/02/17Target tracking camera
02/02/17Systems, facilitating display and management of information for communication devices
02/02/17Dynamic usage inequity detection and/or remedy
02/02/17Method, computer-readable storage device and predictive messaging for machine-to-machine sensors
02/02/17Adjustment of transmit power parameter
01/26/17System and processing streaming media of an event captured by nearby mobile phones
01/26/17Directional location of sound sources
01/26/17Cell broadcast for smart traffic steering across radio technologies with improved radio efficiency
01/26/17Call management
01/26/17Facilitating harmonization of wireless communication service delivery
01/19/17Systems, apparatus, methods and computer-readable storage media for facilitating management of social media information for communication devices
01/12/17Potential call drop indicator
01/12/17Apparatus and systems for providing location-based services within a wireless network
01/05/17System for convergence of alarms from medical equipment
Patent Packs
01/05/17Small/medium business application delivery platform
01/05/17Devices and tagging media
01/05/17Methods and mobile station location estimation
01/05/17Digital mobile radio cellular messaging
01/05/17Apparatus and methods for distributing credentials of mobile network operators
01/05/17Macro network optimization with assistance from femto cells
01/05/17Enabling wireless connectivity for devices
12/29/16Reference based location information for a wireless network
12/22/16Method and receiving wireless communications
12/22/16Selective prioritization of voice over data
12/22/16Image-based techniques for audio content
12/15/16Providing and using a media control profile
12/15/16Remote diagnosis and cancellation of passive intermodulation
12/15/16Facilitation of network resource routing and resource optimization
12/15/16Consumer service cloud for implementing location-based services to control smart devices
Patent Packs
12/08/16Systems, apparatus, methods and computer-readable storage media for facilitating integrated messaging, contacts and social media for a selected entity
12/08/16Facilitation of self-adjusting network uplink noise balancing
12/08/16Handover relation identification utilizing network events
12/08/16Method and managing handovers in a wireless network based on speed group assignments
12/08/16Method and system for managing wireless access to a communication system
12/08/16Management of multiple radio access bearer sessions in a communication system
12/01/16Managing network load using device application programs
12/01/16Coordinating wireless communication network access via multiple logic capable databases
12/01/16User equipment detection of interference-sensitive devices
12/01/16Subscriber data analysis and graphical rendering
12/01/16Intra-premises content and equipment management in a femtocell network
12/01/16Ultrasonic mesh network system
11/24/16Facilitation of adaptive dejitter buffer
11/24/16Autonomous pull and display of location based service applications by a mobile device based on context of the mobile device
11/24/16Facilitation of adaptive dejitter buffer between mobile devices
11/24/16Facilitation of handover coordination based on voice activity data
11/17/16Managing multiple radio access bearers in a single handset
11/10/16System and selling items via a wireless mobile telecommunications system
11/10/16Network control of applications using application states
11/10/16System and wireless communications activity within a predetermined area and for generating messages to selected communication devices
11/10/16Ims and mms interworking
11/10/16Secure visual voicemail
11/10/16Cell broadcast for signaling resource load from radio access networks
11/03/16Mobile device roaming status subscription
11/03/16Radio repeater system for avoiding mobile device location interference
11/03/16Apparatus and managing use of secure tokens
11/03/16Employing physical location geo-spatial co-ordinate of communication device as part of internet protocol
11/03/16Systems and methods for providing renewable wireline and wireless services and goods
10/27/16Geofence profile management
10/20/16Anonymization of location datasets for travel studies
Social Network Patent Pack
10/20/16Managing access to mobile content using location-based services
10/20/16Systems, methods, and computer-readable storage devices for generating and using a radio-frequency map of an area
10/20/16Facilitation of timed fingerprint mobile device locating
10/20/16Facilitation of adaptive traffic flow management by a power-limited mobile device
10/13/16Protecting personal data
10/13/16System and broadcast station adjacency
10/13/16Methods and apparatus to provide a consumer services cloud in a communications network
10/13/16Targeting communications in a femtocell network
10/13/16Geographic redundancy determination for time based location information in a wireless radio network
10/06/16One cellular radio to support multiple phone lines and data at a location
Patent Packs
10/06/16System and predictive delivery of prioritized content
10/06/16Image-based techniques for audio content
10/06/16Method and directed advertisement
10/06/16Apparatus and media content presentation
10/06/16Emergency alert system channel assignment
10/06/16Dynamic control of cell reselection parameters
10/06/16Detection of scrambling code confusion
10/06/16Facilitation of network resources
10/06/16Systems and methods for dynamic aggregation of bandwidth
09/29/16Methods, systems, and products for charging of devices
09/29/16Access control lists and profiles to manage femto cell coverage
09/22/16Selective suppression of audio emitted from an audio source
09/22/16Push notifications for a gateway device and associated devices
09/22/16Self-organizing network switching matrix
09/15/16Detecting depression via mobile device data
09/15/16Configurable segmented antenna
09/15/16Dynamic voicemail receptionist system
09/15/16Location-based services in a femtocell network
09/08/16Facilitating location determination employing vehicle motion data
09/08/16Method and managing communication exchanges
09/08/16Access to mobile location related information
09/08/16Intelligent uplink resource release control in a mobile station
09/08/16Apparatus and method to identify user equipment performance and to optimize network performance via big data
09/01/16Management of application access
09/01/16Dynamic and selective response to cyber attack for telecommunications carrier networks
09/01/16Integrated visual voicemail communications
09/01/16Determining an accuracy of a location determination
09/01/16Non-persistent heterogeneous neighbors
08/25/16Systems, devices, or methods for accessing information employing a tumbler-style graphical user interface
08/25/16Predictive cached buffer for communication devices
Patent Packs
08/25/16Scalable message fidelity
08/25/16Enhanced self-organizing network switching matrix
08/18/16Systems for providing wireless account feature notifications to mobile communication devices
08/18/16Closed loop heterogeneous network for automatic cell planning
08/18/16Personalized vacations
08/18/16Point of sale pairing
08/18/16Communication service usage transfer
08/11/16Method and image collection and analysis
08/11/16Femtocell measurements for macro beam steering
08/11/16Assignment of hierarchical cell structures employing geolocation techniques
07/28/16Methods, devices, and computer readable storage device for touchscreen navigation
07/28/16User equipment based fast return to lte
07/21/16Method and data communication utilizing the north american terrestrial system
07/21/16Data extraction from a call
07/14/16Site location determination using crowd sourced propagation delay and location data
07/14/16Exchange of access control lists to manage femto cell coverage
07/07/16Automatic sound level control
07/07/16Dynamic scrolling-ticker for initiating telecommunications services
06/30/16Method and managing viewing of media content
06/30/16Integration of emergency alert information
Social Network Patent Pack
06/30/16Facilitating estimation of mobile device presence inside a defined region
06/30/16Rejection notification to the uicc
06/30/16Ad hoc group bidding
06/23/16System and secure transmission of media content
06/23/16Integrating multimedia and voicemail
06/16/16Method and managing auto-correction in messaging
06/16/16Fraud detection via mobile device location tracking
06/16/16Network bandwidth conservation
06/09/16Method and maintaining user settings for over-the-air upgrades
06/09/16Voicemail providing voicemail to text message conversion
06/09/16Content engine for mobile communications systems
06/09/16Femto cell visitation history for location based services
06/09/16Apparatus and management of service requests in an overload environment
06/09/16System and sending and receiving messages by a user having multiple personas associated with respective telephone numbers
06/09/16Low power chaining
06/02/16Airflow baffle for commercial truck fuel efficiency improvements
06/02/16Method and improving service provider maintenance
06/02/16Management of network technology selection and display in multi-technology wireless environments
06/02/16Resource management in a wireless communications network
06/02/16Cluster-based derivation of antenna tilts in a wireless network
Social Network Patent Pack
05/26/16System for convergence of alarms from medical equipment
05/26/16Detection and blocking of cloned mobile devices
05/26/16Controlling wireless transition timers based on application and content
05/19/16Leveraging a femtocell network for premises management or monitoring
05/19/16Ad hoc communications
05/12/16Multiple language emergency alert system method
05/12/16Cloud-based device twinning
05/12/16Determining an accuracy of a location determination
05/05/16Method and managing maintenance for a service provider
05/05/16Method and managing purchase transactions
05/05/16Method and facilitating purchase transactions associated with a showroom
05/05/16Front end processor for short message service centers
05/05/16Restricting communications between subscriber machines
05/05/16Method and providing information to an application in a mobile device
05/05/16Determining a visitation profile for a user
05/05/16Architectural model for lte (long term evolution) epc (evolved packet core) deployment
04/28/16Mobility based location determination
04/28/16Facilitating location determination employing vehicle motion data
04/28/16Techniques for in-flight connectivity
04/28/16Carrier network security interface for fielded devices
04/28/16Personalizing communications services using environmental data
04/28/16On demand mobile wireless broadcast video delivery mechanism
04/28/16Facilitating mobility dimensioning via dynamic configuration of a switch
04/21/16Determining building occupancy rates from multiple datasets
04/21/16Occupancy indicator
04/21/16Inhibiting display of advertisements with age-inappropriate content
04/21/16User equipment near-field communications gating according to kinetic speed detection and cell visitation history
04/21/16Network based speed dependent load balancing
04/21/16Cell broadcast for signaling resource load from radio access networks
04/21/16Adaptive and selective bundling of downlink paging messages
Social Network Patent Pack
04/21/16Machine to machine traffic management methods and systems
04/21/16Dynamic bundling of uplink data sessions based upon network signaling conditions and application interactivity states
04/21/16Liquid purification methods and apparatus
04/14/16Sharing of network resources within a managed network
04/07/16Method and adapting media content for presentation
04/07/16Enhancement of inter-cell interference coordination with adaptive reduced-power almost blank subframes based on neighbor cell profile data
04/07/16System and alerting a list of multiple recipients of a user's request for assistance
04/07/16Location based sharing of a network access credential
04/07/16Multiple persona support for communications
04/07/16Network control of applications using application states
04/07/16Facilitation of delay error correction in timing-based location systems
03/31/16Predictive determination of actions
03/31/16Data sharing between service providers and applications
03/31/16Theme based advertising
03/31/16Method and receiving wireless communications
03/31/16Systems, methods, and computer program products for automatic mapping between parlay-x short messaging service message element xml encoding and native smpp protocol data coding scheme
03/31/16Apparatus and accessing a back-end service
03/31/16Access of virtual resources based on a contextual frame of reference
03/31/16Method and system for network assisted interference coordination and mitigation
03/24/16Battery saving with radio control based on cellular condition data
03/17/16Transmitter diversity technique for wireless communications
03/17/16Determining viewership for personalized delivery of television content
03/17/16Selection of a radio access technology resource based on radio access technology resource historical information
03/10/16Augmented reality shopping displays
03/10/16Method and providing content in a communication system
03/10/16System and method to share a resource or a capability of a device
03/10/16Managing network load using device application programs
03/03/16Enhanced location based services
03/03/16Device network technology selection and display in multi-technology wireless environments

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