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Low cost cryptographic accelerator

A low-cost cryptographic accelerator is disclosed that accelerates inner loops of a cryptographic process. The cryptographic accelerator performs operations on cryptographic data provided by a central processing unit (CPU) running a software cryptographic process to create a combined hardware and software cryptographic process, resulting in a lower cost secure communication... Atmel Corporation

Apparatus for activating an electrically or electronically controlled appliance from an energy-saving passive state

An apparatus for activating an electrically or electronically controlled appliance from an energy-saving passive state, especially a locking system for locking and/or unlocking, in particular for an access and/or authorization and/or for other services for a wireless remote control, for controlling of front doors, for motor vehicles, or the like... Atmel Corporation

Apparatus for locking and/or unlocking

An apparatus for locking and/or unlocking, in particular for an access and/or drive authorization and/or for other services in a motor vehicle in the type of a keyless entry/go functionality, for a wireless remote control or the like comprising a first device in the motor vehicle and an associated second... Atmel Corporation

Touch sensor with edge-balanced macro-feature design

In one embodiment, a touch position-sensing panel includes a sensing area. The sensing area includes a substrate and a plurality of first electrodes in a first layer. A first electrode of the plurality of first electrodes includes a first center region and a second electrode of the plurality of first... Atmel Corporation

Capacitive touch screen with noise suppression

A capacitive touch sensor wherein the touch sensitive panel has drive electrodes arranged on the lower side of a substrate and sense electrodes arranged on the upper side. The drive electrodes are shaped and dimensioned to substantially entirely cover the touch sensitive area with individual drive electrodes being separated from... Atmel Corporation

Self-setting/resetting latch

A self-setting/resetting latch circuit is disclosed that includes resistive loads for inverters used for setting and clearing the latch. In a first embodiment, the resistive loads cause the latch circuit to automatically set in response to a power supply voltage going low. In an alternate embodiment, the latch circuit is... Atmel Corporation

Low-power and low-frequency data transmission for stylus and associated signal processing

In one embodiment, an apparatus includes a timer, a signal generator, a signal activator input, and a controller. The controller includes one or more computer-readable non-transitory storage media embodying logic that is operable when executed to initiate a coupling, in response to an actuation of the signal activator input, of... Atmel Corporation

Memory emulation mechanism

In an embodiment, a method comprises: obtaining a virtual bus address; translating the virtual bus address to a physical address of a portion of NVM storing first data; determining that the first portion of NVM has been allocated previously; reading the first data from the first portion of NVM; determining... Atmel Corporation

Power mode configuration for touch sensors

In one embodiment, a system includes a touch sensor, measurement circuits, and a monitoring circuit. The measurement circuits are respectively coupled to electrodes of the touch sensor. Each measurement circuit includes a first component, a second component, and a third component. The first component of each measurement circuit is activated... Atmel Corporation

Automatic gain control for received signal strength indication

In some implementations, an automatic gain control (AGC) circuit comprises: a pre-divider circuit operable to pre-divide an input signal according to a pre-divider circuit setting and output a pre-divided signal; a pre-amplifier operable to pre-amplify the pre-divided signal and output a pre-amplified signal; a post-divider circuit operable to post-divide the... Atmel Corporation

Proximity detection

In certain embodiments, an apparatus includes a sensing element having a capacitance to a first reference voltage. The capacitance is variable as a function of a proximity of an object to the sensing element. The apparatus further includes a sample capacitor connected to the sensing element and control circuitry connected... Atmel Corporation

Variable-pitch tracking for touch sensors

In one embodiment, a touch sensor includes a touch-sensitive area, a first set of electrodes, a first set of connection pads, and a first set of tracks. The first set of tracks electrically couple the first set of connection pads of the touch sensor to the first set of electrodes... Atmel Corporation

Security extensions for non-volatile memory

The disclosed embodiments provide security extensions for memory (e.g., non-volatile memory) by means of address and data scrambling and differential data storage to minimize exposure to side channel attacks and obfuscate the stored data. The scrambling function maximizes reverse engineering costs when recovering sequences of secret keys.... Atmel Corporation

Antenna on integrated circuit package

An antenna on integrated circuit (IC) package is disclosed. In an embodiment, an IC package comprises: a substrate; a radio frequency (RF) transceiver attached to the substrate; mold compound encapsulating the substrate; a shield layer formed on the mold compound; and one or more vias extending vertically through the shield... Atmel Corporation

Inter-process signaling mechanism

The disclosed embodiments provide a mechanism to support implementation of semaphores or messaging signals between masters in a multi-master system, or between tasks in a single master system. A semaphore flag register contains one or more bits indicating whether resources are free or busy. The register is aliased to allow... Atmel Corporation

Regulators with load-insensitive compensations

Systems, methods, circuits and computer-readable mediums for regulators, e.g., low-dropout (LDO) regulators, with load-insensitive compensations are provided. An example regulator includes an amplifier operable to receive an input voltage and a feedback voltage, a follower responsive to an output voltage of the amplifier and operable to supply a regulated voltage... Atmel Corporation

Excitation voltages for touch sensors

A method including applying a first excitation voltage to an electrode of a touch sensor which charges a capacitive node associated with the electrode from a first voltage level to a second voltage level that is greater than the first voltage level. A first measurement measures a charge to change... Atmel Corporation

Touch device

In certain embodiments, an apparatus includes a display stack and a controller. The display stack includes a display and a ground layer for generating an image for the display. The ground layer includes a plurality of columns. Each column of the plurality of columns includes a plurality of nodes. The... Atmel Corporation

Active stylus with multiple sensors for receiving signals from a touch sensor

In one embodiment, a stylus includes a first sensor disposed proximate a first end of the stylus. The first sensor is adapted to receive a first receive signal via a first capacitive coupling with a touch sensor of a device. The first end of the stylus is at a tip-end... Atmel Corporation

Force sensor array

An apparatus includes a force sensor circuit and a controller. The force sensor circuit includes first, second, third, and fourth electrodes disposed on a substrate. The first and second electrodes extend through first and second cells of a row of cells. The third and fourth electrodes extend through third and... Atmel Corporation

Timing synchronization of active stylus and touch sensor

In one embodiment, a stylus includes a controller, a delay line, a coefficient line and a computer-readable non-transitory storage medium. The controller is operable to receive a synchronization signal that is transmitted from a computing device and received by the stylus. The delay line is operable to store a first... Atmel Corporation

Touch sensor compensation circuit

An apparatus includes an integrator circuit, a compensation circuit, and a sense circuit. The compensation circuit applies a positive charge and a negative charge to the integrator circuit during a first time period and a second time period respectively. The integrator circuit integrates a signal and the positive charge to... Atmel Corporation

Touch detection

An apparatus includes a driver circuit and a sensing system. The driver circuit includes an operational transconductance amplifier and a current mirror. The current mirror is coupled to the operational transconductance amplifier. The sensing system is coupled to the first current mirror. The sensing system is operable to detect a... Atmel Corporation

Increasing the dynamic range of an integrator based mutual-capacitance measurement circuit

In one embodiment, a device includes one or more processors and one or more memory units. The one or more memory units collectively store logic configured to cause the one or more processors to perform operations including obtaining a first measurement associated with a first voltage, the first voltage output... Atmel Corporation

Display controller

The disclosure describes a display controller and a method that includes monitoring a fill-level of a first in, first out (FIFO) block in the display controller, generating a regulation signal that depends on the fill-level of the FIFO block, and regulating, based on the regulation signal, access to a system... Atmel Corporation

Electronic package

The disclosed embodiments of electronic packages include electrical contact pad features present on all sides of the package that facilitate simple and low cost electrical connections to the package made through a mechanical contacting scheme. In an embodiment, an electronic package comprises: a metal leadframe having a first leadframe portion... Atmel Corporation

Touch sensor mesh designs

In one embodiment, a touch sensor includes a substrate and a mesh of conductive material formed on the substrate and configured to extend across a display. The mesh includes first lines of conductive material that are substantially parallel to each other. The first lines extend across at least a portion... Atmel Corporation

Touch sensor mesh designs

In one embodiment, an apparatus comprises a first conductive layer of a touch sensor comprising a mesh of conductive lines coupled to a substrate. The mesh comprises two periodic series of conductive lines comprising a first and second plurality of conductive lines that intersect. Additionally, a first conductive line and... Atmel Corporation

Driven shield control

In an embodiment, a circuit comprises: an analog driver operable to drive a sensor voltage on a capacitive sensor; a digital driver; a shield drive control coupled to the analog driver and the digital driver, the shield drive control operable to: during a one or more phases of a capacitive... Atmel Corporation

Message translator

Systems, methods, circuits and computer-readable mediums for a network message translator are disclosed. In an embodiment, a device includes a host processor and a translator. The host processor is configured to process messages and the translator is operable to: receive a first message from the host processor, the first message... Atmel Corporation

Message authentication with secure code verification

Systems, methods, circuits and computer-readable mediums for message authentication with secure code verification are provided. In one aspect, a system includes a client device storing a code and a security device coupled to the client device. The security device is configured to receive a property of the code generated by... Atmel Corporation

Multi-channel ram with ecc for partial writes

Systems, methods, circuits and computer-readable mediums for multi-channel RAM system with error-correcting code (ECC) protection for partial writes are provided. In one aspect, a method includes accessing a plurality of bursts of partial data units from a plurality of respective bus ports, forming a plurality of memory addresses for a... Atmel Corporation

Connecting electrodes to voltages

In one embodiment, an apparatus includes a first electrode, one or more processors, and one or more memory units coupled to the one or more processors. The one or more memory units collectively store logic that is configured to cause the one or more processors to control connections of the... Atmel Corporation

Controlled secure code authentication

Systems, methods, circuits and computer-readable mediums for controlled secure code authentication are provided. In one aspect, a method performed by a host device includes transmitting a request to a client device, the request including a challenge for a property of a code stored within the client device, receiving a response... Atmel Corporation

Controlled secure code authentication

Systems, methods, circuits and computer-readable mediums for controlled secure code authentication are provided. In one aspect, a non-transitory computer-readable storage medium having instructions stored thereon which, when executed by one or more processors, cause the one or more processors to perform a method including: sending a request to a client... Atmel Corporation

08/03/17 / #20170220093

Reference voltage circuits in microcontroller systems

A microcontroller system includes a higher power reference voltage circuit and a lower power reference voltage circuit configured to draw less power than the higher power reference voltage circuit when enabled. The system includes a power state logic controller configured to enable the lower power reference voltage circuit to provide... Atmel Corporation

07/20/17 / #20170205916

Pseudo driven shield

In one embodiment, a touch-sensitive device includes a controller, horizontal electrodes, and vertical electrodes. The touch-sensitive device further includes a first plurality of switches that couple the horizontal electrodes to a first plurality of sensors, a second plurality of switches that couple the vertical electrodes to a second plurality of... Atmel Corporation

07/13/17 / #20170199611

Touch sensor and associated control decreased capacitive loads

A device includes a controller coupled to a touch sensor. The touch sensor includes a first array of capacitive nodes substantially aligned with a second array of capacitive nodes in a mechanical stack. The controller is configured, when in a self-capacitive mode of operation, to send a first drive signal... Atmel Corporation

06/29/17 / #20170184642

Microcontroller including power supply monitoring

A microcontroller is operable to monitor power supply levels corresponding, respectively, to a first power supply (e.g., a main power supply) and a second power supply (e.g., a battery backup power supply). In one or more modes of operation, the same brownout detector in the microcontroller alternately monitors signals corresponding,... Atmel Corporation

06/15/17 / #20170170825

Capacitive sensing

In one embodiment, a device includes a multi-channel capacitive sensor and a control circuit. The control circuit is configured to ground a first sense capacitor and a second sense capacitor of the multi-channel capacitive sensor. The first sense capacitor and the second sense capacitor are adapted to be connected to... Atmel Corporation

06/08/17 / #20170163056

Differential interface for inter-device communication in a battery management and protection system

A multi-cell battery stack includes a microcontroller and a string of battery management and protection IC devices connected to one another in a daisy chain configuration. Each battery management and protection IC device can include a communication interface circuit that includes pairs of differential input signal lines, receivers including respective... Atmel Corporation

06/08/17 / #20170163412

Single wire system clock signal generation

This specification describes an integrated circuit comprising: a single wire interface; a clock circuit configured to detect a voltage from the single wire interface and to generate a clock signal having a frequency that is based on the detected voltage; and a digital system coupled with the single wire interface... Atmel Corporation

05/25/17 / #20170147464

Input/output parameter selection

A device comprises a detector configured to detect an event, and a selector coupled to the detector and configured to generate a signal in response to a detection of an event by the detector. The signal is operable to select a set of input/output (I/O) parameters from among first and... Atmel Corporation

05/18/17 / #20170139533

Edgeless single-layer touch sensor

A touch sensor includes a substrate and a plurality of columns of electrodes disposed on a first side of the substrate. The substrate includes a first end and a second end opposite the first end. The columns each include a sense electrode and drive electrodes. The columns include a first... Atmel Corporation

05/18/17 / #20170139851

System architecture with secure data exchange

In an embodiment, a system comprises: a first bus; a second bus; a first peripheral coupled to the first bus and the second bus, the first peripheral configured to receive a command from the first bus and to generate data in response to the first command; and a second peripheral... Atmel Corporation

05/11/17 / #20170132051

Centralized peripheral access protection

Implementations are disclosed for a centralized peripheral access controller (PAC) that is configured to protect one or more peripheral components in a system. In some implementations, the PAC stores data that can be set or cleared by software. The data corresponds to an output signal of the PAC that is... Atmel Corporation

05/04/17 / #20170123519

Communication between active stylus and touch sensor

In certain embodiments, a method includes wirelessly receiving, by an electrode of a stylus, a signal sent from a touch sensor of a computing device. The received signal includes a data bit and is based on a predefined code sequence. The method also includes producing, by the electrode of the... Atmel Corporation

05/04/17 / #20170123552

Suspension of touch sensor scan based on an expected interference

In certain embodiments, a touch sensor controller suspends a scan of a touch sensitive area of a touch sensor for touch events based on an expected interference between the scan and an update of a display screen. After the first time period, touch sensor controller resumes the scan.... Atmel Corporation

05/04/17 / #20170123553

Touchscreen communication interface

An apparatus includes a display stack, a touch sensor, and a touch sensor controller. The display stack includes one or more layers. The touch sensor is disposed, at least in part, on a layer from among the one or more layers. The touch sensor controller has first and second portions.... Atmel Corporation

04/06/17 / #20170098994

Current regulator with regulated supply voltage

In an embodiment, a circuit comprises: a current regulator configured to selectively couple a first voltage supply to an energy storage device coupled to a load to regulate current through the load; and a voltage regulator configured to selectively couple a charge storage device to the load and to regulate... Atmel Corporation

03/23/17 / #20170083075

Microcontroller input/output connector state retention in low-power modes

A microcontroller is operable in a low-power mode and includes one or more I/O connectors, as well as an I/O controller operable to provide control signals for controlling a state of a particular one of the I/O connectors. The I/O controller is powered off or deactivated during the low-power mode.... Atmel Corporation

03/23/17 / #20170086097

Permitting coexistence of data transfer of interferring wireless signals

A system and method of permitting coexistence of WiFi and Bluetooth® data transfer on a single chip in UE including a transceiver includes using CTS data packets to protect Bluetooth® signals for SCO communication links; using only WiFi circuitry in the chip to determine when Bluetooth® data transfer is required... Atmel Corporation

03/02/17 / #20170060727

Breaking code execution based on time consumption

An on-chip system uses a time measurement circuit to trap code that takes longer than expected to execute by breaking code execution on excess time consumption.... Atmel Corporation

03/02/17 / #20170060787

Microcontroller architecture with access stealing

A microcontroller system is disclosed that includes an access stealing monitor coupled to a bus that is configured to receive a first access request from the bus for a first peripheral, duplicate the first access request, transform the first access request to a second access request on a second peripheral,... Atmel Corporation

02/23/17 / #20170054572

Single-wire communications using iterative baud learning

Systems and techniques for single-wire communications are described. A described technique includes detecting transitions on a single-wire bus that are produced by a host device, determining an estimated baud rate of the host device based on the transition, and communicating with the host device based on the estimated baud rate.... Atmel Corporation

02/09/17 / #20170040043

Memory system with encoding

In an embodiment, a memory system comprises a memory array having memory cells. A decoder is coupled to the memory array and configured to decode input address signals to generate memory cell selection signals. An encoder is configured to generate encoded selection signals based on the memory cell selection signals.... Atmel Corporation

02/02/17 / #20170031513

Touch sensor

In one aspect, a touch sensor includes a dielectric surface layer; drive electrodes disposed on the dielectric surface layer and arranged radially about a center, the drive electrodes defining a perimeter about the center, and a sense electrode disposed on the dielectric surface layer and arranged between two of the... Atmel Corporation

02/02/17 / #20170033919

Frequency control data synchronization

In an embodiment, a circuit includes a synchronizer configured to generate a trigger signal synchronized to a reference clock. A synthesizer is configured to synthesize a signal according to frequency control data in response to the trigger signal. A radio receiver is configured to process a carrier signal according to... Atmel Corporation

01/19/17 / #20170017593

Proactive quality of service in multi-matrix system bus

A multi-matrix bus system is disclosed that provides proactive quality of service (QoS) by propagating, as soon as possible through an arbitration node in a network transfer request path, a highest priority value coming from an upstream arbitration node or master that has a current bus request pending at the... Atmel Corporation

01/12/17 / #20170010699

Active stylus with filter

In one embodiment, a method includes receiving at a stylus a receive signal from a device. The stylus includes one or more computer-readable media embodying logic, and the device includes a touch sensor. The receive signal is received at the stylus through the touch sensor of the device and one... Atmel Corporation

01/05/17 / #20170003767

Stylus with low-power detector

In one embodiment, a stylus includes a receiver for receiving signals wirelessly transmitted by a device. The stylus can alternate, during a first period of time, power supplied to the receiver between a first power for a first duration and a second power for a second duration. The first power... Atmel Corporation

01/05/17 / #20170004097

System bus transaction queue reallocation

A bus architecture is disclosed that provides for transaction queue reallocation on the modules communicating using the bus. A module can implement a transaction request queue by virtue of digital electronic circuitry, e.g., hardware or software or a combination of both. Some bus clogging issues that affect conventional systems can... Atmel Corporation

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