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Atmel Corporation
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Atmel Corporation patents

Recent patent applications related to Atmel Corporation. Atmel Corporation is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Atmel Corporation may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Atmel Corporation, we're just tracking patents.

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05/05/16Data transfer
07/28/16 new patent  Microcontroller with integrated interface enabling reading data randomly from serial flash memory
07/28/16 new patent  Single-wire communications using predictive host sampling window
07/28/16 new patent  Single-wire communications using iterative baud learning
07/21/16Transmitter-receiver circuit and distance measurement between a first node and a second node of a radio network
07/14/16Sense amplifier
06/23/16Distance measurement between two nodes of a radio network
06/09/16Capacitive position sensor
05/26/16Sign detection in multi-dimensional signal measurements
05/26/16Multi-protocol frame filter
05/19/16Single wire system clock signal generation
05/12/16Integrated pixel display and touch sensor
05/12/16Peripheral register parameter refreshing
05/12/16Circuit of a node and transit time measurement in a radio network
05/05/16Event driven signal converters
05/05/16Controlling power states of a device
05/05/16Touch sensor
05/05/16Adaptive acknowledgment transmissions
05/05/16Configurable clear channel assessment
04/28/16Position-sensing and force detection panel
04/07/16Method and system for determining stylus tilt in relation to a touch-sensing device
04/07/16Capacitive measurement circuit for a touch sensor drive
04/07/16Initiating multiple data transactions on a system bus
03/31/16Executing gestures with active stylus
03/17/16Fault detection
03/10/16Optimized multi-precision division
02/18/16Instrumenting switch mode power supply to measure circuit power consumption
02/18/16Low-power and low-frequency data transmission for stylus
02/11/16Charge measurement
01/28/16Active stylus with surface-modification materials
01/14/16Non-volatile floating gate memory cells
01/07/16Selecting memory cells
12/31/15Power trace port for tracing states of power domains
12/24/15Average current control for a switched power converter
12/10/15Charge compensation during touch sensing
12/03/15Connecting multiple slave devices to single master controller in bus system
10/29/15Programmable logic unit
09/24/15Method and virtualizing hardware dongle over a wireless connection
09/10/15Microcontroller input/output connector state retention in low-power modes
08/13/15Voltage reference with low sensitivty to package shift
08/06/15Method and operating a wireless pan network using an overlay protocol that enhances co-existence with a wireless lan network
07/09/15Method and coordinating a wireless pan network and a wireless lan network
07/02/15Microcontroller resource sharing
07/02/15Pulse width modulation controller architectures
06/11/15System bus transaction queue reallocation
06/04/15Intelligent current drive for bus lines
05/28/15Forming recessed structure with liquid-deposited solution
05/28/15Charge pump with reduced current consumption
05/28/15Microcontroller with integrated interface enabling reading data randomly from serial flash memory
05/21/15Calibrating temperature coefficients for integrated circuits
04/02/15Configuring power domains of a microcontroller system
03/12/15Charge measurement
03/05/15Multi-protocol serial communication interface
03/05/15Software code profiling
02/26/15Breaking code execution based on time consumption
02/19/15Smart grid appliance control
01/29/15Measuring power consumption of ciruit component operating in ultra-low power mode
01/29/15Measuring power consumption of ciruit component operating in run mode
01/22/15Passive transponder with a charging circuit
01/22/15Direct memory access controller
01/01/15Breaking program execution on events
01/01/15Tracing events in an autonomous event system
01/01/15System for debugging dma system data transfer
12/18/14Method and scanning and device detection in a communication system
11/20/14Active valley fill power factor correction
10/30/14Programmable bus signal hold time without system clock
10/23/14Self-recovering bus signal detector
09/18/14Controlling switching current regulators
09/18/14Generating keys using secure hardware
09/11/14Configurable integrated circuit enabling multiple switched mode or linear mode power control topologies
09/11/14Stored authorization status for cryptographic operations
08/28/14Charge measurement
08/14/14Average current control for a switched power converter
07/31/14Low total harmonic distortion and high power factor correction power converters
06/26/14Channel tracking in an orthogonal frequency-division multiplexing system
06/12/14Fault protection and correction of line and load faults
06/05/14Dual-mode, ac/dc power converter with power factor correction
05/22/14Load-aware compensation in light-emitting-diode backlight illumination systems
05/08/14Stress relief for plastic encapsulated devices
05/08/14Charge measurement
04/03/14Microcontroller with integrated monitoring capabilities for network applications
04/03/14Microcontroller with integrated interface enabling reading data randomly from serial flash memory
03/27/14Current monitoring circuit for memory wakeup time
03/27/14Adc sequencing
03/27/14Bifurcated processor chip reset architectures
03/27/14Unique code in message for signature generation in asymmetric cryptographic device
03/27/14Delaying reset signals in a microcontroller system
03/27/14Changing power modes of a microcontroller system
03/27/14Delaying interrupts in a microcontroller system
03/27/14Configuring power domains of a microcontroller system
03/20/14Package dependent segment terminal remapping for driving liquid crystal displays
03/13/14Differential sensing for capacitive touch sensors
03/13/14Low-power modes of microcontroller operation with access to configurable input/output connectors
03/13/14Microcontroller input/output connector state retention in low-power modes
03/06/14Fully integrated voltage regulator using open loop digital control for optimum power stepping and slew rate
03/06/14Binary divarication digital-to-analog conversion
02/27/14Color correcting device driver
02/27/14Voltage scaling system
02/27/14Reference voltage circuits
02/13/14Single pin communication mechanism
01/30/14Dual regulator systems
01/30/14Reference voltage circuits in microcontroller systems
01/30/14Ultra-deep power-down mode for memory devices
01/23/14Configurable passive components
01/23/14Secure storage and signature
01/02/14Integrated circuit structures containing a strain- compensated compound semiconductor layer and methods and system related thereto
12/05/13Memory decoder circuit
12/05/13Stored public key validity registers for cryptographic devices and systems
11/21/13Operations using direct memory access
10/10/13Differential interface for inter-device communication in a battery management and protection system
10/10/13Inter-device communication in a battery management and protection system
09/26/13Adaptive programming for non-volatile memory devices
09/12/13Buffer-reference self-capacitance measurement
09/12/13Boosting memory reads
09/12/13Digital architectures for serial data stream operations
08/29/13Programmable logic unit
08/22/13Single-wire bootloader for target device with self-programming capability
06/20/13Adaptive phase-lead compensation with miller effect
06/20/13Switched-capacitor, curvature-compensated bandgap voltage reference
06/20/13Single-layer touch sensor
06/13/13Self-power for device driver
06/13/13Sense amplifier with offset current injection
06/06/13Substantially edgeless touch sensor
05/30/13Circuit for driving light emitting elements
05/16/13Analog rail-to-rail comparator with hysteresis
05/09/13Color correcting device driver
05/09/13Power conversion feedback control circuit
05/02/13Active stylus with filter having a threshold
05/02/13Power management system for active stylus
05/02/13Active stylus with filter
05/02/13Multi-electrode active stylus tip
05/02/13Dynamic reconfiguration of electrodes in an active stylus
05/02/13Active stylus with high voltage
05/02/13Active stylus with surface-modification materials
05/02/13Inductive charging for active stylus
05/02/13Executing gestures with active stylus
05/02/13Data transfer from active stylus
05/02/13Touch-sensitive system with motion filtering
05/02/13Active stylus with tactile input and output
05/02/13Communication between a master active stylus and a slave touch-sensor device
05/02/13Touch sensor with lookup table
05/02/13Locking active stylus and touch-sensor device
05/02/13Power management system for active stylus
05/02/13Scaling voltage for data communication between active stylus and touch-sensor device
05/02/13Active stylus with configurable touch sensor
05/02/13Modulating drive signal for communication between active stylus and touch-sensor device
05/02/13Capacitive and inductive sensing
05/02/13Active stylus with energy harvesting
05/02/13Active-stylus nib with rolling-ball tip
05/02/13Capacitive force sensor
05/02/13Dynamic adjustment of received signal threshold in an active stylus
05/02/13Active stylus with capacitive buttons and sliders
05/02/13Tuning algorithm for noise reduction in an active stylus
05/02/13Differential sensing in an active stylus
05/02/13Authenticating with active stylus
05/02/13Authenticating with active stylus
04/25/13Multi-channel driver equalizer
04/18/13Driving circuits for light emitting elements
04/18/13Driving circuits for light emitting elements
04/18/13High accuracy rc oscillator
04/04/13Primary side pfc driver with dimming capability
04/04/13Primary side pfc driver with dimming capability
03/21/13Low power capacitive touch detector
03/21/13Low power capacitive touch detector
02/07/13Sensorless bldc motor control by comparing instantaneous & average bemf voltages
01/31/13Wlcsp for small, high volume die
11/29/12Sense amplifier apparatus and methods
10/25/12Calibration of temperature sensitive circuits with heater elements
10/25/12Component stacking for integrated circuit electronic package
10/04/12Mechanism for storing and extracting trace information using internal memory in micro controllers
08/09/12Microprocessor for executing byte compiled java code
07/12/12Apparatus and technique for modular electronic display control
07/12/12Method and circuit for an operating area limiter
07/12/12Routable array metal integrated circuit package fabricated using partial etching process
07/05/12Battery management and protection
06/28/12Semiconductor package
06/28/12Voltage regulator configuration
06/28/12Low-power operation for devices with circuitry for providing reference or regulated voltages
06/28/12Compensating dfll with error averaging
06/28/12Passive transponder with a charging circuit
06/28/12Battery management and protection
06/28/12Operating a transceiver
06/28/12Measuring sum of squared current
06/28/12Event system and timekeeping for battery management and protection system
06/28/12Event system and timekeeping for battery management and protection system
06/28/12Verification of configuration parameters
06/14/12Software framework and development platform for multi-sensor systems
06/07/12Charge injection mechanism for analog-to-digital converters
06/07/12Position-sensing and force detection panel
05/17/12Non-volatile memory counter
05/03/12Capacitive sensor, device and method
05/03/12Method and system for program pulse generation during programming of nonvolatile electronic devices
04/26/12Proximity detection
04/26/12Communication protocol a single wire device
04/19/12Error detecting/correcting scheme for memories
03/22/12Frequency locking oscillator
03/15/12Transmitting/receiving device and transmitting data in a radio network
03/08/12Low power sense amplifier for reading memory
02/23/12Mode switching rc network
02/23/12Touch screen element
02/16/12Ex-situ component recovery
02/16/12Receiver and the reception of a node by a receiver in a wireless network
02/09/12Secure information processing
02/02/12Routable array metal integrated circuit package fabricated using partial etching process
02/02/12Detecting inductive objects using inputs of integrated circuit device
01/05/12Integrating (slope) dac architecture
12/22/11Touch-screen panel and related methods
11/17/11Panel for position sensors
11/17/11Detecting data symbols
10/27/11Method and manufacturing low leakage mosfets and finfets
10/06/11Proximity sensor
10/06/11Wireless data transmission between a base station and a transponder via inductive coupling
09/29/11Autonomous multi-packet transfer for universal serial bus
09/22/11Capacitive position sensor
09/08/11Transmitting data between a base station and a transponder
09/08/11Fast two wire interface and protocol for transferring data
08/18/11Touch sensitive screen
08/11/11Stacked-die electronics package with planar and three-dimensional inductor elements
07/14/11Method and system to access memory
07/14/11Method and data communication between a base station and a transponder
07/07/11Method for locating a backscatter-based transponder
07/07/11Method for selecting one or more transponders
06/30/11Method and device for recognizing functional states in rfid or remote sensor systems
06/30/11Capacitive keyboard with position-dependent reduced keying ambiguity
06/30/11Method for wireless data transmission
06/16/11Microprocessor for executing byte compiled java code
06/16/11Accessing sequential data in a microcontroller
05/26/11Calibration of temperature sensitive circuits with heater elements
05/19/11Self-calibrating, wide-range temperature sensor
05/05/11Touchscreen electrode configuration
03/31/11Integrated circuit structures containing a strain-compensated compound semiconductor layer and methods and systems related thereto
03/17/11Stacked-die package including substrate-ground coupling
02/24/11Capacitive sensor
02/24/11Anisotropic touch screen element
02/24/11Apparatus and bit lines discharging and sensing
02/17/11Controlling bias current for an analog to digital converter
02/17/11Device and scanning multiple adc channels
02/17/11Touch-sensitive user interface
02/10/11Level shifter with output latch
02/03/11Parallel antennas for contactless device
02/03/11Differential sense amplifier
01/20/11Efficient display driver
01/20/11Stackable packages for three-dimensional packaging of semiconductor dice
01/06/11Multi-component electronic package
12/30/10Sense amplifier apparatus and methods
12/30/10Apparatus and methods for sense amplifiers
12/16/10Rom array with shared bit-lines
12/16/10High-density non-volatile read-only memory arrays and related methods
12/02/10Non-volatile memory charge pump for radio frequency identification (rfid) system

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