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Autoliv Asp Inc
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Autoliv Asp Inc patents

Recent patent applications related to Autoliv Asp Inc. Autoliv Asp Inc is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Autoliv Asp Inc may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Autoliv Asp Inc, we're just tracking patents.

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12/14/17 new patent  Airbag cushions for eccentric steering wheels and related systems and methods
12/14/17 new patent  Frontal airbag assemblies for reducing rotational velocity of a head of an occupant
11/30/17Direct detection lidar system and method with frequency modulation (fm) transmitter and quadrature receiver
11/30/17System and continuous wave interference cancellation
11/30/17Direct detection lidar system and method with pulse amplitude modulation (am) transmitter and quadrature receiver
11/23/17Displaceable steering wheel safety systems and related methods
11/23/17Systems and methods for correcting for leakage and distortion in radar systems
11/23/17Camera shutter arrangements and camera arrangements including camera shutter arrangements
10/19/17Camera arrangements for motor vehicles
10/05/17Airbag cover weakening patterns and related systems and methods
09/28/17Automotive dead reckoning with dynamic calibration and/or dynamic weighting
09/21/17Clamping arrangement for securing an airbag to an inflator
08/31/17Airbag mounting bracket
08/31/17Airbag fabric including apertures and methods of forming the same
08/24/17Curtain airbag assembly with stiffening chamber
08/24/17Adaptive vent for knee airbag
08/03/17Apparatuses for mounting camera arrangements on motor vehicles
08/03/17Apparatus and attenuating close-range radar signals with balancing for dual-frequency difference in radar signals in an automotive radar sensor
07/13/17Multi-flap vents for inflatable chambers
07/06/17Safety restraint system with an airbag having an inflatable pelvis restraint portion and related method
06/22/17Clamping arrangement for securing an airbag to an inflator
06/22/17System and independently controlling wheel slip and vehicle acceleration
06/08/17Airbag tether release assemblies
05/25/17Grip tongue latch plate for seatbelt
05/25/17Steering wheel vibration suppressors
05/04/17Airbag cushion protectors and related methods
04/20/17Airbags including internal tethers and methods of forming the same
04/13/17Frontal airbag systems for oblique crash protection
04/06/17Frontal airbag systems for oblique crash protection
03/30/17Airbag systems with passive venting control
03/30/17Apparatus and attenuating close-range radar signals in an automotive radar sensor
03/16/17Supplemental airbags and related airbag support systems
03/16/17Frontal airbag systems for oblique crash protection
03/16/17Mechanical housing and connector
03/02/17Airbag cushion mounting and/or orientation features
03/02/17Frontal airbag systems for oblique crash protection
03/02/17Airbag cushion stabilizers
03/02/17Apparatus and detecting and correcting for blockage of an automotive radar sensor
02/23/17Side curtain airbag compression inflator bracket
02/16/17Safety restraint system with inflatable pelvis restraint device
01/26/17Led crush sensor
01/26/17Apparatus and mitigating interference in a frequency-modulated continuous-wave (fmcw) automotive radar system
01/19/17One-directional valve for multi-chamber airbags
01/12/17Seatbelt buckle intrusion protection device
01/12/17Displaceable airbag cushion safety systems and related methods
01/12/17Automotive radar system and automotive radar sensor module with breather structure
01/05/17Airbag cushion to housing retaining feature and related methods and systems
11/24/16Capacitor frame assembly
11/03/16Apparatus and detecting and correcting for blockage of an automotive radar sensor
10/27/16Frontal airbag assemblies
10/27/16Compression resistant component
10/27/16Automotive gnss real time kinematic dead reckoning receiver
10/13/16Airbag assemblies for vehicles with generous leg room
10/06/16Automotive ad hoc real time kinematics roving network
09/15/16Apparatus and mitigating multipath effects and improving absorption of an automotive radar module
08/11/16Vehicle ejection mitigation devices
07/28/16Supplemental automotive safety method and system
07/28/16Compact shielded automotive radar module and method
05/05/16Seatbelt buckling device and system
04/07/16Engineered leather for airbag, steering wheel, and seatbelt applications
03/24/16Compressed gas inflator with composite overwrap
03/24/16Automotive obd-ii device generating navigational information
03/17/16Inflatable seatbelt
03/03/16Safety restraint system with inflatable pelvis restraint device
03/03/16Folding patterns of an inflatable seat belt
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03/03/16Inflatable seat belt with a tethered gas delivery fill tube
03/03/16Frontal airbag systems and uses thereof
02/11/16Airbag inflator retainers and related methods and systems
02/11/16Double fold and roll cushions for ic
02/04/16Vehicle radar system with blind spot detection
12/10/15Base-mounted airbag inflator and related methods and systems
12/10/15Automotive lane discipline system, method, and apparatus
12/03/15Cost-effective use of one-piece woven fabric for curtain airbags
12/03/15Dual cushion airbag with independent inflation
11/12/15Radar determining range, relative velocity and bearing of an object using continuous-wave and chirp signals
10/29/15Airbag inflator mounting apparatus, methods, and systems
10/22/15Multi-chamber airbag with unidirectional vent
09/10/15Airbag systems with energy-absorbing components
09/10/15Load limiting seat belt retractor with spiral turn limiter
07/23/15Vehicle braking system with booster arrangement
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07/23/15Systems and methods for correcting for leakage and distortion in radar systems
07/16/15System and inflation gas filtration through a tortuous flow pathway
07/09/15Cost-effective use of one-piece woven fabric for curtain airbags
06/11/15Multi-chamber airbags
05/28/15Wrap around side impact airbag systems and methods
05/14/15Airbag inflation systems and methods
05/07/15Protective flap for airbags
04/16/15Non-slitted tear seam for mini-wrappers
04/16/15Multi-wrap airbags and related methods and systems
04/09/153-layer "c" shaped side airbag
02/26/15Double swage airbag inflator vessel and methods for manufacture thereof
01/22/15Airbag with slit vent
12/25/14Delayed venting in a curtain airbag
09/18/14Dispensible electrical gasket, electronic module having dispensible electrical gasket, and fabricating same
09/18/14Diagnosable slide switch
09/18/14System and inertial sensor offset compensation
09/18/14Generant grain assembly formed of multiple symmetric pieces
09/18/14Filter with integrated baffle
09/18/14Enhanced slag formation for copper-containing gas generants
09/18/14Cool burning gas generant compositions
09/18/14Progressive load limiting restraing system
09/18/14Seatbelt pretensioner
09/18/14Seatbelt pretensioner
09/18/14Airbag assemblies with heat shield deflectors
09/18/14Mounting arrangements for airbags
09/18/14Inflatable airbag assembly with an internally mounted inflator
09/18/14Airbags with sewn leak reducing panels
09/18/14Airbags with sewn leak reducing panels
09/18/14Fold over design for small overlap
09/18/14Curtain airbag assembly with a reinforced region
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09/18/14Delayed vent in airbag curtain
09/18/14Radial flow disc inflator
09/18/14Airbag with deflector
09/18/14Seatbelt anchor assembly
09/18/14Controlled pressure release for seatbelt pretensioning devices
09/18/14Reduced width linear pretensioner for motor vehicle seatbelt restraint systems
09/18/14Compressive sensor packaging techniques
09/18/14Vehicle braking system with electric brake booster
09/18/14Braking system for a vehicle
09/18/14System and maintaining operational states of vehicle remote actuators during failure conditions
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09/04/14Side airbag module assembly
08/28/14Holding covers for seat belt attachment
08/14/14Airbag with slit vent
07/17/14Multi-chamber driver airbags
06/19/14Radiation curable resin systems for composite materials and methods for use thereof
06/12/14Low noise, debris tolerant retractor inertial sensor
05/29/14Method and system for dianostic measurement of motor vehicle restraint system squib loop resistance
05/29/14Electrical harness assembly for duplex activation for motor vehicle restraint systems
02/20/14Pressure and acceleration based pedestrian impact sensor assembly for motor vehicles
01/30/14Initiator with molded esd dissipater
01/30/14Retractor mounted belt tension sensor
01/09/14Airbag with low-volume structure
12/19/13Mode detection switch assembly for self-locking dual-mode seat belt retractor
12/19/13Airbag with active vent
11/07/13Light weight two-point aviation seatbelt
10/24/13Low-profile igniter assemblies adapted for use with inflatable airbag systems
10/10/13Steering wheel with switch assembly
10/10/13Integrated airbag restraint
10/10/13Seatbelt anchor airbag
10/03/13Inertial sensor enhancement
08/29/13Airbag assemblies with strap clamps
08/08/13Hydrogen enhanced reactive gas inflator
08/01/13Linear seat belt pretensioner
08/01/13Linear seat belt pretensioner
08/01/13Apparatus for forming an underground tunnel
07/25/13Tether attachment arrangement for a vehicle airbag cushion and attaching
06/27/13Inflatable curtain airbag with an integrated pillar guide
05/23/13System and determining when to deploy a vehicle safety system
05/09/13Inflatable knee airbag assemblies with cushion fold pattern
05/09/13Airbag covers, airbag modules including such covers, and methods of making airbag covers for use with airbag modules
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05/09/13System and method to determine the operating status of an electrical system having a system controller and an actuator controller
04/11/13Clothing components and articles of clothing including fabric woven with a multi-layered region and a single-layered region, and methods of making such woven fabrics
01/31/13Gas generation via elemental carbon-based compositions
01/31/13Inflator device with fuel-rich monolithic grain and oxidant-enhanced combustion
12/06/12Carbon polymer paint steering wheel heating system
11/08/12Safety venting with passively closeabvle vents
10/11/12Initiator with molded esd dissipater
09/27/12Pyrotechnic tether release assembly for inflatable airbags
09/27/12Pyrotechnic tether release assembly with a break-away piston for inflatable airbags
09/27/12Pyrotechnic tether release assembly for inflatable airbags
09/20/12Compressed gas inflator with composite overwrap
09/20/12Pyrotechnic inflator with composite overwrap
09/20/12Enhanced electronic assembly
09/13/12Antenna array for ultra wide band radar applications
07/05/12Sloped faced airbag cushions for mitigating neck injury
07/05/12Neck injury mitigation systems and methods
05/17/12Alkali metal perchlorate-containing gas generants
05/10/12Inflator having a mechanically coupled two-piece housing
04/12/12Inflator-based fire suppression
04/12/12Rotary weeding device
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04/12/12Gas generator
03/22/12Enhanced electronic assembly
03/01/12Adaptive energy absorption steering wheel
03/01/12Covers for inflatable knee airbag housings
03/01/12Inflatable knee airbag assemblies with articulating housings
02/23/12Mass-damper system
02/23/12Liquid cooled inflator
02/23/12Separation fastener with frangible nut
02/02/12Knee airbag assemblies and related methods
02/02/12Retainer and inflator
01/26/12Inflatable airbag assembly with an airbag housing vent panel
01/19/12Inflatable airbag assemblies with arm-manipulating side airbags
01/12/12High seal retractor pretensioner piston
01/05/12Vehicle curtain airbag
12/29/11Inflatable airbag assemblies with heat shields
12/29/11High efficiency pretensioner
12/15/11Inflatable airbag assembly having a cosmetic cover with a flexible mounting bracket
12/08/11Packaging system for retaining propulsive devices
11/10/11Inflatable airbag assemblies with anti-slip patches
09/15/11Multi-stage inflator
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09/15/11Additives for liquid-cooled inflators
07/21/11Double-sewn airbag mounting assemblies
07/07/11Inflatable airbag assembly with an inflator bracket
06/23/11Inflatable airbag assembly with an integral cover
06/23/11Inflatable airbag assemblies having non-planar inflation gas deflectors
05/26/11Free falling locking tongue
05/05/11Low-mount inflatable knee airbags having serial chambers
05/05/11Inflatable airbag assembly with an airbag housing vent panel
04/21/11Inflatable airbag cushions with deployment flaps and methods for folding
03/24/11Storage rack safety device
03/17/11Inflatable airbag assemblies with lateral and longitudinal tethers
03/10/11Mounting assemblies with wrappers for inflatable curtain airbags
03/03/11Integrated airbag closing and inflator mounting members for inflatable airbag assemblies
02/24/11Inflatable airbag assemblies with alignment apertures
02/10/11Relief valve
02/10/11Safety venting with passively closeable vents
02/03/11Combustion inhibitor coating for gas generants
01/27/11Inflatable airbag assemblies with modular components and related methods of manufacture
01/20/11Inflatable knee airbag having two chambers separated by an internal tether
12/30/10Airbag mounting assemblies with double-locking wrappers
12/30/10Enhanced electronic assembly
12/23/10Copper complexes with oxalyldihydrazide moieties
12/16/10Protection system for use with airbag inflators and initiators
12/09/10Night vision camera mount quick disconnect
10/28/10Knee airbag assemblies configured for inflator insertion and inflator-mediated coupling to an airbag housing
10/28/10Inflatable knee airbags and internal tethers produced from single panels of material
10/28/10Inflatable knee airbag assemblies with bag straps for wrapping the airbags and optimizing deployment
10/21/10Inflatable curtain airbags with expanded-volume lower portions for ejection mitigation
10/07/10Inflatable airbag cushion assemblies with modified throat portions
09/16/10Monolithic gas generant grains
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09/09/10Dual chamber airbag cushion
09/09/10Dual chamber airbag cushions with a safety vent in the front chamber
08/19/10Method and system for the dynamic calibration of stereovision cameras
07/15/10High performance tightener
05/27/10Method and radar signal processing
05/20/10Active material actuated vent valve
05/13/10Gas generating compositions having glass fibers
04/29/10Method for illuminating colors in a backlit driver airbag emblem
04/22/10Airbag with ignition distributor
04/15/10Mounting bracket for tether release mechanism
03/04/10Cushion and housing vents for inflatable cushion airbags
03/04/10Inflator for an airbag
02/25/10Airbag mounting system and method
01/21/10Liquid cooled hybrid
01/21/10Tether systems for inflatable cushions
12/31/09Folding door mounted inflatable curtain
12/24/09Seatbelt pretensioner for a vehicle
12/17/09Curtain airbag unit
12/10/09Systems and methods for airbag tether release
12/03/09Header assembly
12/03/09Filter for airbag inflator using variable expanded metal
12/03/09Textile gas guide for inflatable curtain
11/19/09Variable output using piezo valve technology
11/19/09System for tuning initial onset
10/22/09External filter for cushion damage prevention
10/15/09High peformance gas generating compositions
10/15/09Method and motor vehicle lockout
10/15/09Dynamic safety vent
10/15/09Airbag assembly and packing

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