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Autoliv Development Ab
Autoliv Development Ab_20100128
Autoliv Development Ab_20131212
Autoliv Development Abe

Autoliv Development Ab patents

Recent patent applications related to Autoliv Development Ab. Autoliv Development Ab is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Autoliv Development Ab may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Autoliv Development Ab, we're just tracking patents.

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08/19/10Vehicle air bag device
11/30/17Method for generating a horn actuation signal using a load cell for a steering wheel and related apparatus
11/30/17Belt webbing for safety belt device and safety belt device
11/16/17Curtain air-bag device
11/09/17Airbag housing for an airbag module
11/02/17Vehicle airbag
11/02/17Belt retractor with two-part tensioning drive wheel
10/26/17Sensor handover
10/19/17Belt buckle device for a seat belt
10/19/17Belt tongue comprising a torsion bar
09/14/17Cover element for an airbag module, and airbag module having such a cover element
09/14/17Vehicle occupant restraint device
09/14/17Height adjusting device
09/14/17Seat belt retractor
08/03/17Airbag apparatus
07/27/17Knee protection apparatus in a motor vehicle and knee air bag module for use in such a knee protection apparatus
07/13/17Side airbag device
06/29/17Belt buckle for a safety belt system
06/29/17Seat belt retractor with a velocity-controlled load limiting device
06/15/17Automobile steering wheel
06/15/17Connecting element for securing two half-shells of a belt buckle
06/08/17Airbag device
06/01/17Side curtain airbag for vehicle
05/18/17Filter for a gas generator
05/11/17Airbag device
05/11/17Side airbag device
05/04/17Air bag device
05/04/17Improvements in or relating to air-bags
03/23/17Airbag module with an airbag envelope assembly opening
03/23/17Belt buckle having a fastening device for a cable
03/16/17Gas generator
02/16/17Side airbag vehicle
02/09/17Airbag device
02/09/17A vehicle low pressure brake arrangement
02/02/17Airbag device
01/26/17Vehicular airbag device
01/26/17Seat belt device
01/19/17Vehicular airbag device
01/19/17A vehicle braking arrangement
01/19/17A vehicle control system
01/12/17Side curtain airbag for vehicle
01/12/17Vehicle low pressure brake arrangement
01/12/17Switch for a seat belt buckle
01/05/17Airbag covering and producing same
01/05/17Side airbag device
12/01/16Pyrotechnic circuit breaker
11/24/16Pyrotechnic circuit breaker
11/17/16Reversible belt tensioner
11/10/16Airbag module with a control device
11/10/16Control device for occupant protection device
11/10/16Airbag unit and motor vehicle
11/10/16Airbag module with a control device
10/27/16Steering wheel
10/20/16Side airbag device
10/06/16Vehicle radar installation structure and fascia retainer
09/29/16Curtain airbag for a vehicle and a restraining arrangement
09/22/16Airbag module with a cover bearing a manufacturer emblem
09/22/16Airbag module
09/22/16Pyrotechnic igniter
09/15/16A safety device
09/08/16Occupant protection device and program
09/01/16Attachment interface for a pyrotechnic actuator
09/01/16Force-limiting device for a safety belt system
08/18/16Method for folding up an airbag, and an airbag unit
08/11/16Belt retractor with a self-aligning sensor device sensitive to vehicle accelerations
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08/11/16Force-limiting device for a seat belt system
08/04/16Vehicle-mounted radar device
07/21/16Locking tongue
07/14/16A packaging an air-bag
07/14/16Camera module for a motor vehicle and mounting a camera module
06/09/16Belt buckle for a safety belt system
06/09/16Side airbag device for vehicles
05/26/16Breath analyser device
05/19/16Seatbelt through-anchor and seatbelt device
05/12/16Vehicle steering wheel
05/05/16Inflatable belt d-ring assembly for a vehicle
05/05/16Collision mitigation systems with adjustable trigger width
04/28/16Battery module disconnect arrangement
04/28/16Vehicle steering wheel
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04/14/16Mounting buckle transmission apparatus
03/03/16Airbag for knee airbag apparatus
02/25/16Knee airbag apparatus and folding airbag of the same
02/25/16A vehicle low pressure brake arrangement
02/18/16Airbag for knee airbag apparatus
02/11/16Steering wheel
02/04/16Device for damping vibrations of an airbag or an airbag apparatus
02/04/16Belt buckle arrangement with a belt buckle pivotably mounted on a holder
01/07/16Curtain airbag
01/07/16Knee airbag
12/31/15Belt retractor with an electromotive winding aid and activating an electromotive winding aid for a belt retractor
12/24/15Inflatable curtain airbag assembly
12/24/15Safety belt retractor with a two-spring comfort function
12/17/15Improvements in or relating to air-bags
12/17/15Fmcw radar self-test
12/03/15Gas generator
11/19/15Quick-release fastener for one end of a seat belt fastened to a vehicle in a motor vehicle
11/12/15Camera module for a motor vehicle and mounting a camera module
11/12/15Imaging system for a motor vehicle and mounting an imaging system
11/12/15Camera module for a motor vehicle and pre-focusing a lens objective in a lens holder
11/05/15Airbag module with an adaptive ventilation device
11/05/15Airbag module with an adaptive ventilation device
10/22/15Airbag comprising two chambers and a gas flow channel connecting the two chambers with a valve being located in the gas flow channel
10/22/15Obturating element, gas generator provided with the latter and manufacturing same
10/22/15Belt retractor with a switchable force-limiting device
10/15/15Curtain airbag device
10/15/15Safety vehicle
10/15/15Hill start assist method and a controller for hill start assist of a vehicle
10/08/15Control device for occupant protection device
10/01/15Vehicle safety system
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09/03/15Electrical pyrotechnic switch
08/27/15Airbag module with a three-dimensionally structured vent arrangement
08/27/15Airbag module with an adaptive influencing device
08/13/15Drive arrangement for driving a vehicle safety device
08/06/15Airbag deployment auxiliary member and curtain airbag device
07/30/15Device and detecting drowsiness using eyelid movement
07/30/15Seat belt webbing guide
07/23/15Force-limiting device for a seat belt system
07/23/15Fabric for an air-bag
06/18/15Buckle seat belt
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05/21/15Airbag device
05/07/15Front airbag device
04/30/15Curtain airbag for a vehicle
04/23/15Airbag module and producing same
04/23/15Airbag unit for a motor vehicle safety device and a related packaging an airbag
04/09/15Lane marking crossing warning system
04/09/15Method for activating safety systems of a vehicle
03/26/15Drive arrangement
03/12/15Steering wheel protected against electro-static discharges
03/12/15Assembly of airbag module and steering wheel
02/26/15Airbag device
02/19/15Side airbag module for vehicle
02/19/15Hydrogen storage enclosure
02/05/15Diagnose arrangement for a vehicle pedestrian impact sensor
01/29/15Airbag module with an airbag exhibiting a vent opening closed in the folded state by an arrester strap and procedure of its manufacture
01/22/15Curtain airbag module
01/08/15Electronic unit with a pcb and two housing parts
01/01/15Seatbelt retractor
12/18/14Curtain airbag
12/04/14Self-locking belt retractor anti-rattle action on its belt-strap-sensitive control system that is effective in the winding direction of the belt shaft
11/13/14Inflator for an airbag, an airbag module and a vehicle comprising such an airbag module
11/06/14Air-bag fabrics
10/30/14Seat belt device
10/30/14Vehicle safety system
10/16/14Seatbelt device
10/09/14Device for damping vibrations
10/09/14Airbag device
09/11/14Knee airbag for vehicle and folding method thereof
08/21/14Airbag system for passenger protection
08/07/14Seat belt device
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06/26/14Structure of steering wheel for vehicle
06/12/14Belt integrated airbag
06/05/14Adaptive gas generator for airbag
04/24/14Buckle cap for a seat belt buckle and mounting same
03/20/14Driver assisting a motor vehicle
03/06/14Battery pack for a vehicle
02/20/14Device for creating gas inflating an airbag
02/13/14Seat belt retractor having an inertia sensor with a pivotal sensor housing
02/13/14Height adjuster for a fastening fitting of a safety belt system
02/06/14Curtain airbag device for vehicle
01/30/14Steering wheel
01/30/14Knee airbag module
01/23/14Fabric for use in the manufacture of an inflatable air-bag
01/23/14Knee airbag module
01/16/14Steering wheel
01/16/14Fastening device for detachably fastening an element to a component fixed to a vehicle
01/09/14Airbag unit comprising a holding device for a tension element
12/19/13Pedestrian airbag arrangement
12/12/13Airbag device
11/28/13Method for manufacturing knee airbag cushion
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11/28/13Gas generator having a storage chamber for material with endothermic change of state
11/14/13Cover for airbag device, and airbag device
11/07/13Cover and airbag device
10/24/13Belt retractor with a switchable force-limiting device for a seatbelt of a motor vehicle
10/17/13Curtain airbag for a vehicle
10/03/13Safety belt retractor having a pretensioning device
09/12/13System for determining vibration characteristics of a motor vehicle
08/29/13Assembly with an instrument panel for a motor vehicle and a knee airbag
08/29/13Middle side airbag confined between arm-rest and seat
08/22/13Bracket for fastening of a curtain airbag to a vehicle part
08/22/13Anti-twist device for curtain airbag of vehicle
08/01/13Reversible seat belt tensioner
07/25/13Airbag for a vehicle
06/20/13Attachment structure for driver seat airbag device
06/13/13Side airbag
06/06/13Shockproof quick-release fastener for an end fitting of a safety belt
06/06/13Force limiting device for a motor vehicle
06/06/13Quick- release closure for a vehicle-fixed end of a seat belt in a motor vehicle
05/30/13Curtain airbag
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05/09/13Side airbag for installation into a motor vehicle, vehicle seat with such a side airbag and motor vehicle
05/09/13Airbag having a single-piece rebound strap defining two inflation stages
04/25/13Airbag for vehicle
04/18/13Airbag comprising at least a first sidewall and a second sidewall and at least one retaining strap
03/21/13Gas generator and manufacturing process thereof
03/21/13Seat belt vehicle
03/14/13Pretensioner device for a seat belt
03/14/13Packaging an airbag, airbag and a device for folding or rolling an airbag
03/07/13Seat-belt pretensioner
02/14/13Gas generator with two pyrotechnic charges
02/14/13Pretensioning device for a safety belt
02/14/13Gas generator and its manufacturing process
01/31/13Inflatable airbag and a making the same
01/24/13Safety arrangement for protecting a battery in a motor vehicle
12/20/12Object collision warning a motor vehicle
12/06/12Airbag module safety device
11/22/12Gas generator and manufacturing method thereof
10/25/12Gas generator with reactive gases
10/25/12Airbag for motor vehicles and manufacturing an airbag
10/11/12Self-locking belt retractor
10/11/12Vehicle air bag device
10/11/12Side airbag a vehicle
10/04/12Vehicle air bag device
09/27/12Steering wheel
09/06/12Safety arrangement
08/16/12Passenger front airbag
08/09/12Airbag arrangement
06/14/12Vehicle battery safety system
05/24/12Self-locking seat belt retractor
05/03/12Self-locking seat belt retractor
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05/03/12Passenger airbag module
04/26/12Method of folding an airbag, and device for folding the airbag
04/26/12Steering wheel unit
04/26/12Drive arrangement
04/19/12Vehicle seat with a side airbag device
03/29/12Improvements in or relating to a steering wheel
03/29/12Bicycle pedal mounting structure
03/29/12Seat belt retractor for the safety belt of a motor vehicle
03/29/12Fixing clamp and airbag unit
03/22/12Side airbag unit
02/16/12Belt tensioner for a belt retractor
02/16/12Airbag module having an airbag with an adaptive ventilation opening
02/16/12Vision a motor vehicle
02/02/12Curtain airbag
01/26/12Height adjustable vehicle seat with side airbag and motor vehicle with such a seat
01/12/12Fastening arrangement for an airbag module housing
01/12/12Air bag module
01/12/12Airbag with external traction element and process for production thereof
01/12/12Occupant restraint device control device
01/05/12Safety arrangement for a motor vehicle
12/29/11Attachment bracket and fastening device for fastening an airbag to a vehicle structure
12/22/11Pedal arrangement for a motor vehicle
12/22/11Rotary units, rotary mechanisms, and related applications
12/08/11Reversible belt tensioner
11/03/11Curtain airbag for a motor vehicle and bracket for fastening a curtain airbag to a motor vehicle
11/03/11Curtain airbag device
10/27/11Knee airbag
10/13/11Side airbag module
10/13/11Knee airbag and folding the same

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