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Avago Technologies General Ip singapore Pte Ltd
Avago Technologies General Ip singapore Pte Ltd Ltd
Avago Technologies General Ip singapore Pte Ltd company Registration No 200512430d

Avago Technologies General Ip singapore Pte Ltd patents

Recent patent applications related to Avago Technologies General Ip singapore Pte Ltd. Avago Technologies General Ip singapore Pte Ltd is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Avago Technologies General Ip singapore Pte Ltd may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Avago Technologies General Ip singapore Pte Ltd, we're just tracking patents.

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04/27/17 new patent  Optical communications module having an optics system that improves link performance, and methods
04/27/17 new patent  Isolation device
04/27/17 new patent  Circuit package with trench features to provide internal shielding between electronic components
04/27/17 new patent  Circuit package with segmented external shield to provide internal shielding between electronic components
04/27/17 new patent  Module with embedded side shield structures and fabricating the same
04/27/17 new patent  Circuit package with bond wires to provide internal shielding between electronic components
04/20/17Selective initialization of storage devices for a logical volume
04/20/17Electromagnetic interference reduction by beam steering using phase variation
04/13/17Interdigitated transducers and reflectors for surface acoustic wave devices with non-uniformly spaced elements
04/13/17Low distortion single-to-differential wide-band variable gain amplifier for optical communications
04/06/17Isolation device
04/06/17Optical receiver using a photodetector with a self-aligned lens
04/06/17Space efficient formats for scatter gather lists
04/06/17Storage controller cache memory operations that forego region locking
04/06/17An isolation device
04/06/17Optocoupler with indication of light source power supply failure
04/06/17Supply voltage modular photodiode bias
03/30/17Wavelength division multiplexing and demultiplexing transistor outline (to)-can assemblies for use in optical communications, and methods
03/30/17Acoustic resonator structure having an electrode with a cantilevered portion
03/30/17Wide bandwidth muliplexer based on lc and acoustic resonator circuits for performing carrier aggregation
03/30/17Wavelength division multiplexing transistor outline (to)-can assemblies for use in optical communications and optical communications module incorporating same
03/30/17Position detector
03/30/17Magnetic absolute position sensor
03/30/17Integrated circuit arrangement for a position sensor
03/30/17Methods, devices and systems that dissipate heat and facilitate optical alignment in optical communications modules
03/30/17Very wide bandwidth composite bandpass filter with steep roll-off
03/30/17Amplifier module
03/23/17Surface acoustic wave (saw) resonator
03/23/17Systems and methods for a data processing using integrated filter circuit
03/16/17Address collision avoidance in a memory device
03/16/17I/o command id collision avoidance in a memory device
03/09/17Virtual expansion rom in a pcie environment
03/02/17Emi shielding of an optical port in an optical communications module
03/02/17Back-side-emitting vertical cavity surface emitting laser (vcsel) wafer bonded to a heat-dissipation wafer, devices and methods
03/02/17Linearizer and radio frequency power amplifier using same
03/02/17Emi shield to suppress emi leakage from one or more optical ports of an optical communications module
03/02/17Multi-level flash storage device with minimal read latency
03/02/17Semiconductor chip module
03/02/17Amplifier device comprising enhanced thermal transfer and structural features
03/02/17Vcsel incorporating a substrate having an aperture
03/02/17Surface acoustic wave (saw) resonator
03/02/17Surface acoustic wave (saw) resonator
03/02/17Surface acoustic wave (saw) resonator
03/02/17Surface acoustic wave (saw) resonator having trap-rich region
03/02/17Surface acoustic wave (saw) resonator
03/02/17Surface acoustic wave (saw) resonator
03/02/17Surface acoustic wave (saw) resonator
03/02/17Optical transmitter and adjusting signal levels
02/16/17Protection circuit for power amplifier
02/16/17Acoustic resonator device with an electrically-isolated layer of high-acoustic-impedance material interposed therein
02/02/17Bias circuit for low quiescent current amplifier
02/02/17Optical communications module equipped with a moving-pin latching/delatching system that includes an elongated delatching pull tab
02/02/17Optical measurement system incorporating ambient light component nullification
02/02/17Optoelectronic components housed in a to-can package
02/02/17Power amplifier die having multiple amplifiers
02/02/17Optical receiver signal strength indicator (rssi) circuit having a variable supply voltage filter impedance
02/02/17Systems and methods for back channel adaptation in a serial transfer
01/26/17Systems and methods for correlation based data alignment
01/26/17Semiconductor package with an enhanced thermal pad
01/19/17Systems and methods for retaining non-converged data sets for additional processing
01/19/17Via structures for thermal dissipation
01/19/17Via structures for thermal dissipation
01/05/17Loop adaptation control with pattern detection
12/29/16Systems and methods for serial data transfer margin increase
12/22/16Power amplifying apparatus
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12/22/16Systems and methods for clock recovery
12/15/16Encapsulated bulk acoustic wave (baw) resonator device
12/15/16Automatic cascaded address selection
12/15/16Encapsulated bulk acoustic wave (baw) resonator device
12/15/16Optical communications module having a crossed-beam optics system
12/08/16Integrated circuit incorporating a low power data retiming circuit
12/08/16Systems and methods for multi-storage medium data storage and recovery
12/01/16Dynamic clock chain bypass
12/01/16Circuit modeling with partitioned input ranges
12/01/16Semiconductor structure having thermal backside core
12/01/16Acoustic resonator structure having comprising a plurality of connection-side contacts
12/01/16Bulk acoustic wave resonator comprising multiple acoustic reflectors
11/24/16Low-voltage current mirror circuit and method
11/17/16Bidirectional optical transceiver module
11/17/16Moisture barrier for semiconductor structures with stress relief
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11/10/16Optical fiber strain sensor system and method
11/10/16System and providing an electron blocking layer with doping control
11/03/16Integrated circuit incorporating a compact arrangement of components
10/27/16Systems and methods for side-track aided data recovery
10/27/16Dynamic shutdown protection circuit
10/27/16Method and device for measuring alignment of an optical surface of a lens block
10/20/16Low power parallelization to multiple output bus widths
10/20/16Acoustic resonator device with at least one air-ring and frame
10/13/16I/o performance in raid storage systems that have inconsistent data
10/13/16Host bus adapter with built-in storage for local boot-up
10/13/16Directional coupler
10/06/16Pluggable optical communications module and system
10/06/16Multiplexer device with hybrid lc/acoustic filter
10/06/16Configurable light source driver device
09/29/16Data replication across host systems via storage controller
09/29/16Systems and methods for flash memory access
09/29/16Cache flushing utilizing linked lists
09/22/16Non-binary low density parity check decoder with format transforming variable node processor
09/15/16Acoustic filter device with combined passband
09/08/16Proximity-sensing device
09/08/16Systems and methods for main distribution on an integrated circuit
09/01/16Optical transceiver module having an early-disengage delatching mechanism
08/25/16Dynamic storage system configuration
08/25/16Semiconductor structure including a thermally conductive, electrically insulating layer
08/25/16Enhanced connection pathway architectures for sas systems
08/25/16Queue pair state transition speedup
08/18/16Methods and systems for improving heat dissipation, signal integrity and electromagnetic interference (emi) shielding in optical communications modules
08/18/16Devices with asymmetric sas generation support
08/18/16Semiconductor structure having thermal backside core
08/11/16Method and determining common node logical connectivity
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08/11/16Method and logical design connectivity-based automatic macro placement
08/04/16Optoelectronic assembly incorporating an optical fiber alignment structure
08/04/16Two dimensional magnetic recording head separation calculator
08/04/16Vcsel packaging and vcsel array configurations
08/04/16Printed circuit board with thermal via
08/04/16Apparatus and semiconductor structure including a multilayer package substrate
08/04/16Systems and methods for soft data based cross codeword error correction
08/04/16Elastic gear first-in-first-out buffer with frequency monitor
07/28/16Pci express device with early low power state
07/28/16Dual threshold automatic gain control system and method
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07/21/16Edge-emitting laser chip wafer layout that facilitates on-wafer testing of the lasers
07/21/16Method and visualizing timing margin on a graphical user interface
07/21/16Systems and methods for multi-track media defect detection
07/21/16Tunneled remote direct memory access (rdma) communication
07/14/16Operating system software install and boot up from a storage area network device
07/14/16Multi-node cache coherency with input output virtualization
07/14/16Light-emitting device with air ring
07/14/16Method for manufacturing electronic device by using flip-chip bonding
07/14/16Mitigation of common mode disturbances in an h-bridge driver
06/30/16Split current bulk acoustic wave (baw) resonators
06/30/16Low dynamic power check node processor for low density parity check decoder
06/30/16Data detector with extended states
06/23/16Socketless land grid array
06/23/16Acoustic resonator having integrated lateral feature and temperature compensation feature
06/23/16Systems and methods for decoder scheduling with overlap and/or switch limiting
06/23/16Multiplexer device with first and second filtering devices connected to common port
06/16/16Pluggable optical communications module having an improved latching/delatching mechanism, and an optical communications assembly that includes the module
06/16/16Scaling performance for raid storage controllers by predictively caching data for host write requests
06/16/16Device and making photomask assembly and photodetector device having light-collecting optical microstructure
06/09/16Peripheral component interconnect express devices with efficient memory mapping
06/09/16Systems and methods for multi-dimensional equalization constraint
06/09/16Semiconductor device that accommodates thermal expansion of an encapsulant
06/09/16Wavelength division multiplexing (wdm)/demultiplexing optical transceiver module and method compatible with single mode and multimode optical fiber
06/02/16Unordered multi-path routing in a pcie express fabric environment
06/02/16Systems and methods for multi-path preamplifier fault processing
05/26/16Multicasting computer bus switch
05/19/16Methods for performing extended wafer-level packaging (ewlp) and ewlp devices made by the methods
05/05/16Conditioned launch of a single mode light source into a multimode optical fiber
05/05/16Virtual function boot in single-root and multi-root i/o virtualization environments
05/05/16Light-emitting device with hardened encapsulant islands
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05/05/16Short-circuit detection circuits, system, and method
05/05/16Packaged device including cavity package with elastic layer within molding compound
05/05/16Optical transceiver module and assembly having a latching/delatching mechanism that works with symmetric and asymmetric cage latches
05/05/16Bulk acoustic wave resonator comprising a ring
04/28/16Acoustic resonator device with structures having different apodized shapes
04/28/16Bulk acoustic resonator device including temperature compensation structure comprising low acoustic impedance layer
04/28/16Multiplexer device with multiple notch filters connected in parallel
04/28/16Transmitting and receiving digital and analog signals across an isolator using amplitude modulation
04/28/16Optical transceiver having optics with rotated optical path
04/28/16Light source driver
03/31/16Multiplexers and duplexers having active cancellation for improved isolation between transmit and receive ports
03/31/16Precision alignment of optical fiber ends along respective optical pathways in a multi-optical fiber connector module, and methods
03/24/16Capacitive coupled resonator and filter device with comb electrodes and support pillars separating piezoelectric layer
03/24/16Capacitive coupled resonator and filter device with comb electrodes and support frame separation from piezoelectric layer
03/24/16Cone shaped focusing lens
03/17/16Adaptation of gain of baseline wander signal
03/17/16Encoder alignment structure
03/17/16Optical linear measurement system and method
03/17/16Short-circuit protection circuits, system, and method
03/17/16Acoustic resonator comprising vertically extended acoustic cavity
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03/10/16Passively aligning optical fibers with respective light sources in a parallel optical communications module
03/10/16Circuit for reducing slope magnitude during increasing and decreasing voltage transitions
03/10/16Driver circuit with adaptive peaking control
03/03/16Electronic module having an oxide surface finish as a solder mask, and manufacturing electronic module using organic solderability preservative and oxide surface finish processes
03/03/16Film bulk acoustic resonators comprising backside vias
03/03/16Serializer/deserializer with independent equalization adaptation for reducing even/odd eye disparity
02/25/16Displacement current compensation circuit
02/18/16Methods and improved pattern detection
02/11/16Reducing write i/o latency using asynchronous fibre channel exchange
02/04/16Virtual drive mapping
01/28/16Pre-formed optical meander structures for use in an optical strain gauge system for measuing strain, and a method
01/28/16Sas expander based persistent connections
01/28/16Method for parsing network packets having future defined tags
01/21/16Moisture barrier for semiconductor structures with stress relief
01/21/16Low-profile optical transceiver connector receptacle
01/21/16Global shared memory switch
01/21/16Integrated network interface supporting multiple data transfer protocols
01/14/16Temperature controlled acoustic resonator comprising feedback circuit
01/07/16Integrated optoelectronic device comprising a mach-zehnder modulator and a vertical cavity surface emitting laser (vcsel)
01/07/16Bidirectional optical communications module having an optics system that reduces optical losses and increases tolerance to optical misalignment
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12/31/15Temperature controlled acoustic resonator
12/31/15Bulk acoustic resonator comprising aluminum scandium nitride
12/31/15Low-profile optical transceiver system with top and bottom lenses
12/31/15Printed circuit board (pcb) with wrapped conductor
12/24/15Concentric stiffener providing warpage control to an electronic package
12/24/15Mounting block and a mounting assembly that incorporates the mounting block
12/24/15Parallel optical transceiver with top and bottom lenses
12/24/15High port density optical transceiver module
12/24/15Aligning optical elements of an optical transceiver system
12/17/15Two-sided-access extended wafer-level ball grid array (ewlb) package, assembly and method
12/03/15Acoustic resonator with electrical interconnect disposed in underlying dielectric
12/03/15Printed circuit board comprising co-planar surface pads and insulating dielectric
12/03/15Hybrid power amplifier having electrical and thermal conduction path
12/03/15Neutralization of parasitic capacitance using mos device
12/03/15Hybrid power amplifier comprising heterojunction bipolar transistors (hbts) and complementary metal oxide semiconductor (cmos) devices
12/03/15Acoustic resonator comprising vertically extended acoustic cavity
12/03/15Flip-flop having integrated selectable hold delay
11/26/15Flame-retardant zipper sleeve for wrapping an optical fiber cable bundle or an electrical cable bundle and a making the zipper sleeve
11/26/15Current sensing of emitter sense insulated-gate bipolar transistor (igbt)
11/26/15Electrical resonator
11/19/15Optical fiber cable assembly with low radiated emission coupling
11/12/15Encoder system with error detection and signal conditioning circuits
11/12/15Isolation device and system
11/12/15Surface mount device (smd) optical port
11/12/15Bulk acoustic wave devices with temperature-compensating niobium alloy electrodes
11/05/15Acoustic resonator device with air-ring and temperature compensating layer
10/29/15Method and system for aligning and orienting dies
10/29/15Device and controlling power amplifier
10/29/15Dynamic gesture recognition using features extracted from multiple intervals
10/29/15Depth image generation utilizing pseudoframes each comprising multiple phase images
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10/29/15Fabricating low-defect rare-earth doped piezoelectric layer
10/29/15Method and system for aligning and orienting dies
10/22/15Adapter for interfacing optical fiber connectors with one another, and a method
10/22/15Optical communications module having a floating ferrule that reduces wiggle loss
10/15/15Optical port adapted to mate with plugs of different types
10/15/15Multiplexer using multiple tuned output impedances for reduced harmonic generation
10/01/15Image processor comprising face recognition system with face recognition based on two-dimensional grid transform
10/01/15Acoustic resonator with planarization layer and fabricating the same
10/01/15Image processor with static hand pose recognition utilizing contour triangulation and flattening
10/01/15Acoustic resonator comprising acoustic redistribution layers
10/01/15Inductive-capacitive (lc) voltage controlled oscillator (vco) having tuning range controlled by a digital-to-analog converter (dac) with programmable tail current
10/01/15Acoustic resonator device including trench for providing stress relief
09/24/15Laterally coupled resonator filter having apodized shape
09/24/15Laterally coupled resonator filter having apodized shape
09/24/15Location-shifted probe pads for pre-bond testing
09/17/15Image processor comprising gesture recognition system with hand pose matching based on contour features
09/17/15Methods for performing extended wafer-level packaging (ewlp) and ewlp devices made by the methods
09/17/15Methods for performing embedded wafer-level packaging (ewlp) and ewlp devices, packages and assemblies made by the methods
09/10/15Lens device attachment to printed circuit board
09/10/15Image processor comprising gesture recognition system with static hand pose recognition based on first and second sets of features
09/10/15Image processor comprising gesture recognition system with finger detection and tracking functionality
09/03/15Tuning the piezoelectric coefficient of a doped piezoelectric material using multiple noble gases
08/27/15Optical reflective encoder systems, devices and methods
08/27/15Bulk acoustic wave resonators having doped piezoelectric material and frame elements
08/27/15Bulk acoustic wave resonator having doped piezoelectric layer
08/27/15Molded leadframe for pcb-to-pcb connection
08/27/15Magnetron sputtering device and fabricating thin film using magnetron sputtering device
08/27/15Off-axis detection for proximity or gesture sensor
08/13/15Methods, apparatuses and systems for blind mating arrays of multi-optical fiber connector modules

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