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Avaya Inc patents

Recent patent applications related to Avaya Inc. Avaya Inc is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Avaya Inc may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Avaya Inc, we're just tracking patents.

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12015024481208/27/15  new patent  System and binding a virtual desktop infrastructure host and media soft client together
22015023502108/20/15 Distribution of ephemeral extension to communication sessions
32015023704708/20/15 Authentication frequency and challenge type based on application usage
42015023720708/20/15 Call center customer service kiosk
52015023008608/13/15 Authentication based on geo-location history
62015022036808/06/15 Data and state threading for virtualized partition management
72015022267108/06/15 Call context conveyance
82015022129908/06/15 Speech analytics with adaptive filtering
92015021365007/30/15 Presentation of enhanced communication between remote participants using augmented and virtual reality
102015021529007/30/15 Enhancing privacy by obscuring traversal using relays around network address translator (turn) connections, and related methods, systems, and computer-readable media
112015021535107/30/15 Control of enhanced communication between remote participants using augmented and virtual reality
122015021536507/30/15 Dynamic management of collaboration sessions using real-time text analytics
132015021546307/30/15 Agent rating prediction and routing
142015021546407/30/15 Enhancing contact center calculations based on real-time speech analytics
152015021558107/30/15 Enhanced communication between remote participants using augmented and virtual reality
162015020793707/23/15 Systems and methods for multichannel routing of work items in a contact center
172015020793807/23/15 System and selecting agent in a contact center for improved call routing
182015020609207/23/15 Identification of multi-channel connections to predict estimated wait time
192015020793507/23/15 Setup application for generating custom code
202015020802907/23/15 Coordinated video-phone overlay on top of pc desktop display
212015019973207/16/15 System and providing customer service help
222015020102407/16/15 System and establishing a sip shared control channel in multiple device environments
232015020107307/16/15 Intelligent/selective coverage mechanism
242015019540407/09/15 Systems and methods of managing competing business goals of a contact center
252015019540507/09/15 Systems and methods for monitoring and prioritizing metrics with dynamic work issue reassignment
262015019541107/09/15 System and providing intelligent and automatic mute notification
272015018720307/02/15 Method and system for alerting contactees of emergency event
282015018890207/02/15 Controlling access to traversal using relays around network address translation (turn) servers using trusted single-use credentials
292015018908407/02/15 Emergency greeting override by system administrator or routing to contact center
302015017848606/25/15 Authentication frequency and challenge type based on environmental and physiological properties
312015017866006/25/15 System and automated optimization of operations in a contact center
322015018067506/25/15 Optimization of rules used for prevention of duplication and looping of multicast traffic within a multi-homed cluster of backbone edge bridges in a shortest path bridging multicast network
332015018103806/25/15 System and driving a virtual view of agents in a contact center
342015018140806/25/15 Predictive client vlan extension
352015017826006/25/15 Multi-layered presentation and mechanisms for collaborating with the same
362015018079106/25/15 Adaptive modification of class of service for supporting bandwidth over-allocation
372015018091906/25/15 Active talker activated conference pointers
382015018103906/25/15 Escalation detection and monitoring
392015017015206/18/15 System and providing actionable input based on social media
402015017023606/18/15 System and authenticating an agent
412015017214506/18/15 Impact prediction of social media interaction
422015016121606/11/15 Anti-trending
432015016335806/11/15 Natural language processing (nlp) and natural language generation (nlg) based on user context for enhanced contact center communication
442015016336106/11/15 Inbound contact center call disconnect buffer
452015015645806/04/15 Method and system for relative activity factor continuous presence video layout and associated bandwidth optimizations
462015015663006/04/15 Securing mdns in enterprise networks
472015014801905/28/15 Methods and systems to ensure that the user of a touch or keypad operated device within a moving vehicle must use two hands for device operation
482015014917205/28/15 Word cloud audio navigation
492015013830205/21/15 System and not displaying duplicate images in a video conference
502015013830205/21/15 System and not displaying duplicate images in a video conference
512015013904505/21/15 Call transfer with network spanning back-to-back user agents
522015013922405/21/15 Method to achieve the use of an external metric as the primary tie-breaker in intermediate system to intermediate system (isis) route selections
532015013940905/21/15 Contact advocate
542015013941505/21/15 Aggregated multi-topic agent desktop
552015014098105/21/15 Method and system to manage mobile data network usage for voip calls
562015014252705/21/15 Architecture for a contact center with emulator driven self control loop
572015014293305/21/15 Self-configuring dynamic contact center
582015013941605/21/15 Pseudo agent matching
592015013150105/14/15 Elastic wireless control plane
602015013166205/14/15 Multi-threaded multi-path processing
612015013309205/14/15 System and high-quality call recording in a high-availability environment
622015013432505/14/15 Deep language attribute analysis
632015013509605/14/15 System and displaying context-aware contact details
642015013509805/14/15 System and mode-neutral communications with a widget-based communications metaphor
652015013089205/14/15 Method and system for video conference snapshot presence
662015012494505/07/15 System, authenticating calls
672015012495405/07/15 Strategy pairing
682015012755805/07/15 Method for determining response channel for a contact center from historic social media postings
692015012770905/07/15 Providing reliable session initiation protocol (sip) signaling for web real-time communications (webrtc) interactive flows, and related methods, systems, and computer-readable media
702015012805805/07/15 System and predictive actions based on user communication patterns
712015012814505/07/15 System and routing work requests to minimize energy costs in a distributed computing system
722015011574104/30/15 Ac power over ethernet
732015012059104/30/15 Unified control of employee access to employer communications systems during periods of employee furlough
742015012087904/30/15 Providing origin insight for web applications via session traversal utilities for network address translation (stun) messages, and related methods, systems, and computer-readable media
752015012090404/30/15 Variable capture between applications
762015012094404/30/15 Sip anchor points to populate common communication logs
772015012125004/30/15 Providing intelligent management for web real-time communications (webrtc) interactive flows, and related methods, systems, and computer-readable media
782015012082504/30/15 Sequential segregated synchronized transcription and textual interaction spatial orientation with talk-over
792015010940304/23/15 Selective recording of high quality media in a videoconference
802015011026104/23/15 Context sensitive, cloud-based telephony
812015011152604/23/15 Method by which psaps can identify and request information from cellular devices that are near emergent events
822015011152704/23/15 Determination by psaps of caller location based on the wifi hot spots detected and reported by the caller's device(s)
832015010367404/16/15 Network loop prevention
842015010399504/16/15 System and prioritizing agent intervention into automated customer engagements
852015010399904/16/15 System and cost-based automatic call distribution with statistically predictable wait time
862015010679804/16/15 Sharing dynamic variables in a high availability environment
872015009637504/09/15 Device proximity detection
882015009844304/09/15 Mobility integration with fabric enabled network
892015009846704/09/15 Quality of service aware hybrid multicast networks
902015009856004/09/15 System and automated assignment of monitoring in a contact center
912015010094004/09/15 System and prioritizing and remediating defect risk in source code
922015009791504/09/15 Adjusting video layout
932015009181504/02/15 Method and apparatus to support visually impaired users of touchscreen based user interfaces
942015009259204/02/15 Enabling encapsulation in networks
952015009293404/02/15 System and coordinated call-back revocation
962015009293804/02/15 Method, apparatus, and system for providing ripple reduction using near term simulation for optional sequencing
972015009508104/02/15 Stackable strategies
982015009526704/02/15 Techniques to dynamically generate real time frequently asked questions from forum data
992015009542004/02/15 System and method to identify secure media streams to conference watchers in sip messaging
1002015009544904/02/15 Message transmission in networks
1012015009546704/02/15 Enabling configuration in networks
1022015009558204/02/15 Method for specifying packet address range cacheability
1032015008573303/26/15 Link-local multicast in wlan deployments
1042015008574503/26/15 Plan-assisted wireless access point configuration
1052015008587403/26/15 Provisioning sip-based remote vpn phones
1062015008878403/26/15 System and message thread management
1072015008904403/26/15 Client location discovery
1082015008904603/26/15 Providing network management based on monitoring quality of service (qos) characteristics of web real-time communications (webrtc) interactive flows, and related methods, systems, and computer-readable media
1092015008959203/26/15 Captive portal systems, methods, and devices
1102015007141503/12/15 Auto-detection of environment for mobile agent
1112015007141803/12/15 Techniques for topical customer service menu reconfiguration based on social media
1122015007142803/12/15 Managing transaction complexity in a contact center
1132015007377403/12/15 Automatic domain sentiment expansion
1142015007417003/12/15 System and managing agent schedules in a contact center
1152015007377503/12/15 Unspoken sentiment
1162015006311703/05/15 Tunnel keep-alive timeout mechanism based on quality of service (qos) value of received keep-alive messages
1172015006355603/05/15 Work assignment with bot agents
1182015006521503/05/15 System and optimizing allocation of resources in electronic games
1192015006781703/05/15 Firewall traversal driven by proximity
1202015005577202/26/15 Facilitating a contact center agent to select a contact in a contact center queue
1212015005841802/26/15 Providing data resource services within enterprise systems for resource level sharing among multiple applications, and related methods, systems, and computer-readable media
1222015005849202/26/15 Management of network impairment by communication endpoints
1232015004988502/19/15 Pairwise audio capture device selection
1242015005220802/19/15 Invocation of sequenced applications based on dynamic parameters
1252015004372602/12/15 Conditional attribute mapping in work assignment
1262015004372702/12/15 Method and system to determine and employ best contact opportunity
1272015004679002/12/15 Overlay of private data on web pages
1282015003810202/05/15 Emergency request prior insight delivery
1292015003968702/05/15 Acquiring and correlating web real-time communications (webrtc) interactive flow characteristics, and related methods, systems, and computer-readable media
1302015003974702/05/15 Communication device event captures
1312015003976002/05/15 Remotely controlling web real-time communications (webrtc) client functionality via webrtc data channels, and related methods, systems, and computer-readable media
1322015003977502/05/15 Tracking the progression of a communication session
1332015003015201/29/15 Method and system for determining customer's skill, knowledge level, and/or interest
1342015003286301/29/15 Automatic configuration of endpoint communication devices to set up a voip network
1352015002647301/22/15 Verifying privacy of web real-time communications (webrtc) media channels via corresponding webrtc data channels, and related methods, systems, and computer-readable media
1362015000999301/08/15 Method and apparatus providing single-tier routing in a shortest path bridging (spb) network
1372015000999401/08/15 Method and apparatus providing single-tier routing in a shortest path bridging (spb) network
1382015000927801/08/15 System and whiteboard collaboration
1392015000674101/01/15 Reconstruction of states on controller failover
1402015000261901/01/15 Scalable web real-time communications (webrtc) media engines, and related methods, systems, and computer-readable media
1412015000345401/01/15 Default gateway redundancy support across spb networks
1422015000360401/01/15 System and calculating context-aware estimated wait time for customers
1432015000496501/01/15 System and separation of call origination and call delivery techniques
1442015000565301/01/15 Personal electronic devices with unobtrusive ekg-based detection of heart rate and rhythm anomalies
1452015000614301/01/15 Semantic translation model training
1462015000621501/01/15 Time division calendar segmentation
1472015000621601/01/15 Dynamic event type on calendars
1482015000621801/01/15 System and composing meeting invites in accordance with business rules
1492015000646001/01/15 Cross-domain topic expansion
1502015000661001/01/15 Virtual web real-time communications (webrtc) gateways, and related methods, systems, and computer-readable media
1512015000661101/01/15 Back-to-back virtual web real-time communications (webrtc) agents, and related methods, systems, and computer-readable media
1522015000665101/01/15 System and management of im conversation history
1532015000668701/01/15 Application configuration using dns-based service discovery
1542015000674001/01/15 Shared back-to-back user agent
1552015000674401/01/15 Methods and systems for transferring calls between forked devices
1562015000687901/01/15 System, troubleshooting an ip network
1572015000694701/01/15 Dynamic redistribution of percent allocated calls during outages
1582015000727001/01/15 Virtualized host id key sharing
1592015000729801/01/15 Multi-device single network sign-on
1602015000260901/01/15 Automated field of view adjustment based on screen size
1612014037640812/25/14 Mdns support in unified access networks
1622014037670912/25/14 System and modifying parameters in a contact center
1632014037671012/25/14 Method and system for optimizing performance within a contact center
1642014037671112/25/14 Mobile monitoring for supervisors
1652014037941912/25/14 Method and system for adaptive outbound campaigns
1662014037959112/25/14 System and identification of law changes between jurisdictions
1672014037963412/25/14 Application-to-repository data mapping in data repositories, and related methods, systems, and computer-readable media
1682014037989012/25/14 System and optimizing agent login in a contact center
1692014038042312/25/14 System and dynamically awarding permissions
1702014037958712/25/14 Proximity based interactions with wallboards
1712014036918412/18/14 General user network interface (uni) multi-homing techniques for shortest path bridging (spb) networks
1722014036949112/18/14 Real-time intelligent mute interactive features
1732014037216212/18/14 System and smart contextual calendaring based meeting scheduling
1742014037290812/18/14 Systems and methods for enhanced conference session interaction
1752014037290912/18/14 Meeting roster awareness
1762014037294112/18/14 Discrete second window for additional information for users accessing an audio or multimedia conference
1772014036917712/18/14 Implementing multicast link trace connectivity fault management in an ethernet network
1782014036567612/11/14 Bandwidth-efficient archiving of real-time interactive flows, and related methods, systems, and computer-readable media
1792014035854912/04/14 System and conversational configuration of applications
1802014035887412/04/14 Compression system and method
1812014034797611/27/14 Virtual router redundancy protocol for scalable distributed default routing gateway
1822014034815811/27/14 Provisioning vpn phones
1832014034831811/27/14 Prioritize contact numbers of customers in real time
1842014034749911/27/14 Automatic glass-to-glass video and a/v sync test tool
1852014034118311/20/14 Media escalation with use of endpoint adapter
1862014034475511/20/14 Method and system for rotational list based user interface
1872014033431711/13/14 Rogue ap detection
1882014033447911/13/14 Routing technique
1892014033703411/13/14 System and analysis of power relationships and interactional dominance in a conversation based on speech patterns
1902014032772811/06/14 Method and system for mapping virtual conference rooms between 2 independent systems
1912014032773011/06/14 Optimized video snapshot
1922014032163310/30/14 Prioritization and time allocation by customer service agents
1932014032309910/30/14 Advanced presence states for collaboration applications
1942014032310010/30/14 Wireless enterprise congestion management
1952014031422610/23/14 External contact center data collection and measurement
1962014031719010/23/14 Session manager anti-looping
1972014031722710/23/14 System and network migration
1982014031725510/23/14 System and fast network discovery updating and synchronization using dynamic hashes and hash function values aggregated at multiple levels
1992014030897010/16/14 Dynamic guidance to a target conversation area with a communication device
2002014031034710/16/14 Presentation delay feedback in a web conferencing session
2012014030153810/09/14 System and highly assured delivery of an important segment of an automated call
2022014030154010/09/14 Dialog compatability
2032014030398110/09/14 Cross-lingual seeding of sentiment
2042014030402810/09/14 Execution of flow diagrams
2052014030434310/09/14 Social media provocateur detection and mitigation
2062014030436510/09/14 System and keyword-based notification and delivery of content
2072014029760110/02/14 System and deletion compactor for large static data in nosql database
2082014029776410/02/14 Automatic negative question handling
2092014028932609/25/14 System and managing conference calls
2102014026971909/18/14 In-band management using l2 addresses over b-vlan in an spbm network
2112014027010409/18/14 System and recording calls in a webrtc contact center
2122014027012709/18/14 Shared lock control
2132014027013409/18/14 Agent statistics by location
2142014027013609/18/14 Adaptive thresholding
2152014027013709/18/14 Global logging and analysis system
2162014027013809/18/14 Secret transfers in contact centers
2172014027014309/18/14 Method and system for serving customers in a contact center
2182014027014409/18/14 Public safety answering point language detection
2192014027014509/18/14 Answer based agent routing and display method
2202014027846509/18/14 Method, apparatus, and system for providing health monitoring event anticipation and response
2212014027895109/18/14 System and identifying and engaging collaboration opportunities
2222014028098709/18/14 Application programming interface enabling communication features for different communication protocols
2232014028099509/18/14 Browser-based communications enhanced with enterprise communication features
2242014028261909/18/14 Method, apparatus, and system for providing and using multi-protocol eventing
2252014028290309/18/14 Managing identity provider (idp) identifiers for web real-time communications (webrtc) interactive flows, and related methods, systems, and computer-readable media
2262014025367109/11/14 Systems and methods to duplicate audio and visual views in a conferencing system
2272014025477509/11/14 System and assisting agents of a contact center
2282014025477609/11/14 System and managing a contact center
2292014025478509/11/14 Dynamic device pairing with control session establishment
2302014025479009/11/14 System and selecting agent in a contact center for improved call routing
2312014025589509/11/14 System and training agents of a contact center
2322014025790809/11/14 Viewer pattern analysis
2332014025850109/11/14 System and automated distribution of supervisory functions in a contact center
2342014025888909/11/14 Presentation of contextual information in a co-browsing environment
2352014024793609/04/14 Systems and methods for managing reporting data on a hosted on-demand reporting system
2362014025007209/04/14 System and in-memory indexing of data
2372014025009709/04/14 Systems and methods for indexing and searching reporting data
2382014025010009/04/14 Systems and methods for indexing and searching administrative data
2392014024134008/28/14 System and software turret phone capabilities
2402014024151208/28/14 Systems and methods to support using analog tty devices with voice-only pc soft clients
2412014024423508/28/14 System and transmitting multiple text streams of a communication in different languages
2422014024426708/28/14 Integration of user orientation into a voice command system
2432014024519208/28/14 Portable and context sensitive avatar methods and systems
2442014024541808/28/14 Automatic sign in of a user at multiple endpoints
2452014023281408/21/14 System and managing a presentation
2462014023371708/21/14 Implementation of the semi-attended transfer in sip for ip-multimedia subsystem environments
2472014023737108/21/14 Presentation pacing system and method
2482014023761208/21/14 Privacy setting implementation in a co-browsing environment
2492014022649008/14/14 Method to achieve the use of an external metric as the primary tie-breaker in intermediate system to intermediate system (isis) route selections

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