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Avaya Inc patents

Recent patent applications related to Avaya Inc. Avaya Inc is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Avaya Inc may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Avaya Inc, we're just tracking patents.

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08/17/17 new patent  System and efficient software replication
08/10/17Captive portal having dynamic context-based whitelisting
08/03/17Method and a fan auto adaptive noise
08/03/17Automated mirroring and remote switch port analyzer (rspan)/ encapsulated remote switch port analyzer (erspan) functions using fabric attach (fa) signaling
08/03/17Automated mirroring and remote switch port analyzer (rspan)/ encapsulated remote switch port analyzer (erspan) functions using fabric attach (fa) signaling
07/27/17Integration of real-time and non-real-time communications
07/27/17Dynamic agent greeting based on prior call analysis
07/20/17Embedded collaboration with an application executing on a user system
07/20/17Inter domain instant messaging bridge
07/13/17Dissemination of quality of service information in a distributed environment
07/06/17Secondary validation for fraud prevention
06/29/17Dynamic interaction pacing
06/29/17System and dynamic asr based on social media
06/22/17Matching deployable resources with available tasks based on personal information obtained from wearable devices
06/22/17Selecting deployable resources based on personal information obtained from wearable devices
06/22/17Acoustic information transfer
06/22/17Authorizing deployable resources based on personal information obtained from wearable devices
06/22/17Optimal resource and channel selection
06/15/17Configuration of networks using switch device access of remote server
06/15/17Call log management for multiple communication devices using the same address of record
06/08/17Quality of service for web real-time communication networks
06/01/17Route optimization using measured congestion
05/25/17Sharing virtual business venues and feedback with social connections
05/25/17Electronic communication routing based data accuracy
05/25/17On-call sharing of social media context and content
05/25/17Establishing a social connection with a business during a conversation
05/18/17Semi-background replacement based on rough segmentation
05/18/17Accessing local information based on a browser session
05/18/17Temporary access of a user profile
05/18/17Background replacement based on attribute of remote user or endpoint
05/11/17Enhancement of audio captured by multiple microphones at unspecified positions
05/11/17Elastic wireless control plane
05/04/17Configuration of networks using client device access of remote server
05/04/17Selective traffic analysis at a communication network edge
04/27/17Source-based automatic speech recognition
04/27/17Tagging content for automatic inclusion in a future presentation
04/27/17Device, system, and optimizing active transactions of an agent
04/20/17Stateful tags
04/20/17Mitm proxy having client authentication support
04/20/17Reestablishment of session initiation protocol (sip) dialogs
04/20/17Multi-stream video switching with selective optimized composite
04/13/17Access to a wearable computing system using randomized input origins
04/06/17Processor and data storage enabling efficient data reporting
04/06/17Managing contact center metrics
04/06/17Social media integration in omni-channel customer issue resolution
04/06/17High availability take over for in-dialog communication sessions
04/06/17Outbound internal calls initiated on behalf of a group of users
03/30/17Co-resident plug-ins of third party software
03/23/17System and assessing the sensitivity of social network user populations to response time delays
03/23/17Tracking and preventing mute abuse by contact center agents
03/16/17Dynamic templates for virtualized systems
03/02/17Generation of complete communication logs
03/02/17Continuous call recording
03/02/17Agent-initiated automated co-browse
03/02/17Partial task assignment for stall routing
02/23/17System and dynamic temporary groups
02/23/17Secure policy manager
02/23/17System and free-form conference
02/23/17Webrtc call recording at the edge of an enterprise network
02/23/17Failover announcements
02/23/17System and optimized callback
02/23/17System and dynamic call traffic routing
02/23/17System and agent driven system training
02/23/17System and estimated best path prediction
02/16/17Security and retention tagging
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02/16/17Disturbance detection in video communications
02/16/17Cloud-based universal collaborative messaging system and method
02/09/17Three-dimensional generalized space
02/09/17Security surveillance via three-dimensional audio space presentation
02/09/17Management for communication ports
02/09/17Social media processing with three-dimensional audio
02/02/17System and management of reboot parameters
02/02/17Communications between contact center agent systems to facilitate agent engagement
02/02/17Call continuity management and disconnect notification
02/02/17Network-connected semi-fixed location telephone with environmental sensor, and related components, systems, and methods
02/02/17Covert transmission of an assistance request message from a wearable device
02/02/17Network-connected access point with environmental sensor, and related components, systems, and methods
01/26/17Emergency mapping system
01/26/17Device, system, and automated vehicle guidance system
01/26/17Virtual water cooler discussion sessions
Patent Packs
01/26/17Multi-device single network sign-on
01/26/17Snap-in invocation for call reconstruction
01/26/17Enhanced session initiation protocol recording
01/26/17Server for providing enhanced services to contact center agents
01/19/17Authorization activation
01/19/17Conference reconstruction in sip networks
01/19/17Camera view control using unique nametags and gestures
01/19/17System and evaluating media segments for interestingness
01/12/17Device, system, and automated control
01/12/17Agent interaction during operation of an unmanned delivery service
01/12/17System and prevention of denial of service attacks for hosted network address translator
01/12/17Session description protocol template modifiers for flexible control of media server resources
01/05/17Reference validity checker
01/05/17Network service type and mode advertisement
01/05/17Telephony endpoint presence and instant messaging data-packet management
01/05/17Microphone monitoring and analytics
12/29/16Secure management of host connections
12/29/16System and method to provide notifications to resources
12/29/16Collective dynamics
12/29/16Device and temporal correlation of communication types
12/29/16System and managing multi-modal communication sessions
12/29/16Integrating business performance activity with personal performance activity on a wearable device
12/29/16Bitmaps for next generation contact center
12/22/16Debugging auto-attach entities (client and proxy) using connectivity fault management (cfm) and shortest path bridging mac (spbm) cloud
12/22/16Method and apparatus providing single-tier routing in a shortest path bridging (spb) network
12/22/16Providing secure networks
12/22/16Channel bandwidth optimization for dynamic network conditions
12/15/16System and call management in single window communication endpoints
12/15/16Business metric illumination control
12/15/16Call routing between enhanced and legacy systems
Social Network Patent Pack
12/15/16Video adaptation in conferencing using power or view indications
12/08/16Efficient state change support for hierarchical data models in a virtualized system
12/08/16Presentation of business and personal performance quantifiers of a user
12/08/16High performance queueless contact center
12/01/16Contact center delivery in-building homing service
12/01/16System and method to authenticate contact center agents by a reverse authentication procedure
12/01/16System and preserving call language settings for session initiation protocol diverted calls
12/01/16Far-end initiated mid-call notification via ring-ping
12/01/16Facilitation of a conference call between static and rotating participants
11/24/16Multi-channel conferencing
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11/24/16System and method to prevent polling overload for detection of presence information
11/24/16Dynamic selection of communication mode, application, and/or device using context and policy
11/17/16Mitigation of webrtc attacks using a network edge system
11/17/16Provision of inferentially derived guidance to emergency response personnel
11/17/16Navigational aid for emergency response personnel
11/10/16Pulling graphical user interface widgets for communication devices
11/10/16Automatic cloud capacity adjustment
11/10/16Pushing graphical user interface widgets for communication devices
11/10/16Routing and notification in response to a failed forked call
11/03/16Device, system, and team continuity
11/03/16Device, system, and team formation
11/03/16Instant text message conductor
11/03/16Intelligent presentation of surveillance information on a mobile device
10/27/16Adding features and services without password exposure
10/27/16Host discovery and attach
10/27/16Multi-stream video switching with selective optimized composite
10/20/16Dynamic resource list subscriptions
10/20/16Early media handling
10/20/16Synchronizing peer nodes of a multi-chassis switching cluster
10/20/16Session reconstruction using proactive redirect
10/13/16Method to optimize the user interface to manage multiple communications on a communications application
10/13/16Method to provide an optimized user interface for presentation of application service impacting errors
10/13/16Silence density models
10/06/16Enhanced communication with an application service provider based on medical telemetry collected by a user device
10/06/16System and compiling and dynamically updating a collection of frequently asked questions
10/06/16System and customization of a local application
10/06/16Splitting a call for an emergent event into multiple devices using data channels
10/06/16System and optimizing agent time
10/06/16System and method to select a resource in an enterprise
10/06/16Predictive model for abandoned calls
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09/29/16Automated coordinated co-browsing with text chat services
09/29/16Background replacement from video images captured by a plenoptic camera
09/29/16Server cluster profile definition in a distributed processing network
09/29/16Pre-login agent monitoring
09/22/16Efficient mechanism for customer feedback from a voice call
09/15/16System and managing communication sessions in an enterprise
09/15/16Extension of authorization framework
09/15/16Generating recording access permissions based on meeting properties
09/15/16Communication endpoint call log notification
09/08/16Multi-media collaboration cursor/annotation control
09/08/16Two-step authentication and activation of quad small form factor pluggable (qfsp+) transceivers
09/08/16Power over ethernet (poe) powered network adapter incorporating open vswitch (ovs) and fabric attach (fa) capabilities
09/01/16System and method to estimate end-to-end video frame delays
08/25/16Management of contact center group metrics
08/18/16System and topic based segregation in instant messaging
08/18/16Prediction of contact center interactions
08/18/16System and compatibility-based team formation
08/11/16Wearable system input device
08/11/16Prioritize contact numbers of customers in real time
08/04/16System and method to transport http over xmpp
Social Network Patent Pack
08/04/16Delivering in-home customer service via multiple channels
07/28/16Using simultaneous multi-channel for continuous and timely feedback about agent performance during a customer interaction
07/28/16System and securing a conference bridge from eavesdropping
07/21/16Data lookup and operator for excluding unwanted speech search results
07/21/16Captive portal systems, methods, and devices
07/21/16System and managing concurrent communications in a contact center
07/21/16Sip network border element session augmentation
07/21/16System and managing communication interrupts in an enterprise
07/21/16Enhanced customer journey using multichannel contact center
07/14/16System and automated determining when to review an agent response process
07/14/16System and quality monitoring and agent suitability in video communication processed in contact center
07/07/16System and managing enterprise communications
06/30/16Selective multicast
06/30/16Interactive contact center menu traversal via text stream interaction
06/23/16In-place web communications related to content of a webpage
06/23/16Automated responses to projected contact center agent fatigue and burnout
06/23/16Enhanced privacy and agent control in a co-browsing session
06/23/16Contact center administration via text stream interaction
06/23/16Skill change and routing correction
06/16/16System and managing resource selection in an enterprise
Social Network Patent Pack
06/09/16Control for content channel in web real-time communication
06/09/16Automatic contact center expansion and contraction
06/02/16System and providing customer service help
06/02/16Services versioning
05/26/16Shortest path bridging (spb) - protocol-independent multicast (pim) interactions on a backbone edge bridge (beb) acting as a multicast boundary router interfacing with a pim network
05/26/16Protocol-independent multicast (pim) snooping for a shortest path bridging multicast (spbm) network
05/26/16System and end-to-end rtcp
05/26/16Service discovery using a location database
05/26/16System and managing resources
05/26/16System and managing allocation of resources
05/26/16System and method to use predicted agent state to optimize selection strategy
05/26/16Immersive 3d sound space for searching audio
05/19/16System and method to detect and correct ip phone mismatch in a contact center
05/19/16System and keyword-based notification and delivery of content
05/19/16System and managing transmission of data between two devices
05/12/16Skill-based secure dynamic contact center agent access
05/12/16Rogue ap detection
05/05/16System and selecting an agent in an enterprise
05/05/16Augmented reality supervisor display
05/05/16Network discovery optimization using supplemental information published by devices
05/05/16System and adding an anonymous participant to a chat session
05/05/16Reclaiming leased ip addresses in wireless networks
05/05/16Contact center interactive text stream wait treatments
05/05/16System and managing resources of an enterprise
05/05/16System and agent selection in an enterprise
05/05/16Wifi device zoning using micro-location data
04/28/16System and providing social caller id and caller rating on web calls
04/21/16Method and dynamic device pairing
04/21/16System and managing communication sessions
04/21/16Services versioning
Social Network Patent Pack
04/21/16Caller authentication
04/21/16Speech analytics: conversation timing and adjustment
04/21/16System and selecting agents to improve call routing
04/14/16Contact center delivery in-building homing service
04/14/16Codec sequence detection
04/14/16Protecting privacy of a customer and an agent using face recognition in a video contact center environment
04/14/16Conference call question manager
04/07/16Agent quality and performance monitoring based on non-primary skill evaluation
04/07/16Flowing skill request vectors to workforce hiring tools
04/07/16Audio search using codec frames
04/07/16Abstract activity counter
04/07/16Agent non-primary skill improvement training method
04/07/16System and concurrent electronic conferences
03/31/16System and optimizing performance of agents in an enterprise
03/31/16Audio power based media bandwidth management
03/31/16L2 redirection in multi-chassis lag environments
03/31/16User authentication for proxy-configured clients in captive portal environments
03/31/16Segmented video codec for high resolution and high frame rate video
03/24/16Seamless movement between phone and pc with regard to applications, display, information transfer or swapping active device
03/24/16Adaptive management of a media buffer
03/17/16System and guiding agents in an enterprise over aggregated interactions
03/10/16Client-server communication evaluation and diagnostic tool
03/10/16Server for providing enhanced services to contact center agents
03/10/16System and determining conference participation
03/03/16Eye control of a text stream
03/03/16Hybrid cloud media architecture for media communications
03/03/16System and method to improve self-service experience and optimize contact center resources
02/11/16Systems and methods for influencing customer treatment in a contact center through detection and analysis of social media activity
02/04/16Systems and methods for event routing and correlation

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