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Avery Dennison Corporation patents

Recent patent applications related to Avery Dennison Corporation. Avery Dennison Corporation is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Avery Dennison Corporation may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Avery Dennison Corporation, we're just tracking patents.

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03/23/17Adhesive acrylate-olefin copolymers, methods for producing same and compositions utilizing same
03/09/17Shrink films and related combinations and methods
01/12/17Re-closeable carton device
01/12/17Pressure sensitive adhesives based on renewable resources, uv curing and related methods
01/12/17Articles, compositions, systems, and methods using selectively detackified adhesives
01/12/17Articles, compositions, systems, and methods using selectively detackified adhesives
12/08/16Emulsion adhesive for washable film
12/01/16Dissolvable thermal direct adhesive label and methods of assembly and use of the same
11/17/16Labels and tags for high temperature applications
11/03/16High optics machine direction oriented label facestock
11/03/16Non-silicone additives in release coating materials
11/03/16Breathable polypropylene based pressure sensitive adhesive coated sheet for blood bag application
11/03/16Opaque adhesives in wet condition for label application
11/03/16Acrylic emulsion adhesives
10/20/16Non-pvc label film for printing
10/20/16Vented tooling belt for production of structured surfaces
10/13/16Thermoformable three dimensional retroreflective article and manufacture
09/29/16Method, system and nfc security
09/15/16Dye sublimation fabric separated elements
09/08/16Adhesive articles and related methods
09/01/16Compostible films and compostible labels
08/25/16Label assembly and using the same to label articles durably yet removably
08/11/16Chlorhexidine gluconate containing solvent adhesive
08/11/16Label assemblies for adverse environments
07/07/16Inherently printable polymeric material and related methods
06/30/16Films and film laser converting
06/30/16Halogen-free barrier constructions and related methods
06/30/16Water-activated linerless adhesive articles and related methods
06/30/16Wrapping films with increased opacity
06/30/16Gas barrier coating techniques and articles produced thereof
06/23/16Thermotransfer printer comprising a single sheet feeder
06/09/16Unique heat transfer and use
06/09/16Can end label
05/26/16Tiled retroreflector with multi-stage dicing
05/12/16Labels for containers and methods of making labels
04/21/16Release liner with structured and repositionable properties
04/14/16Vinyl acetate-ethylene / acrylic polymer emulsions and products and methods relating thereto
03/24/16Paper coatings
03/17/16Methods employing raised transfers for embroidered-style products
03/03/16Fastner with reusable insert fastening element
02/25/16Label applicator belt system
02/11/16Adhesive properties
02/11/16Reconfigurable multilayer laminates and methods
02/11/16Fastener assembly
02/04/16Transparent cover dressing application system and inclusion of label strip
02/04/16Stabilization of essential oils within a hydrocolloid adhesive
01/28/16Enhanced drug delivery from adhesives
01/28/16Two-in-one translucent and colored film
01/28/16Consumer authentication systems and methods
01/28/16Adhesive articles having repositionability or slidability characteristics
01/21/16Apparatus and process for cutting adhesive labels
01/21/16Rfid tag for direct and indirect food contact
01/21/16Robust washable tags using a large area antenna conductor
01/14/16Heat transfers with minimal transfer marking on performance fabrics
01/07/16System and capacitive coupling testing
01/07/16Systems and methods for testing rfid straps
01/07/16Oscillation-based testing rfid straps
12/24/15Antimicrobial adhesives having improved properties
12/24/15Temporary outdoor graphic film
12/10/15Wireless sensor patches and methods of manufacturing
12/10/15Rfid variable aperture read chamber crossfire
12/10/15Merchandise tags incorporating a wireless communication device
12/03/15Films with enhanced scuff resistance, clarity, and conformability
11/26/15Merchandise tags incorporating a durable antenna
11/19/15Digitally printable topcoat
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11/19/15Wireless charger units for powering low-cost disposable electronic systems and related methods
10/22/15Methods and systems for monitoring medication compliance
10/08/15Low-modulus, halogen-free, odor containment barrier
10/08/15Functional micro- and/or nano-structure bearing constructions and/or methods for fabricating same
10/08/15Reusable printing medium and apparatus and method employing the same
10/08/15Hydrophilic/hydrophobic aqueous polymer emulsions and products and methods relating thereto
10/08/15Hybrid material of crosslinked microgel particles dispersed in an adhesive
10/08/15Compositions for removable labels
10/08/15Minimum retroreflectivity compliance system, method and assembly
10/01/15Adhesives and related methods
10/01/15Adhesives and related methods
10/01/15Printable adhesive and label assembly
10/01/15Removable adhesive label containing inherently shrinkable polymeric film
09/24/15Faceless labels and related systems and methods
09/24/15Vibration damping adhesives
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09/24/15Adhesives and related methods
09/10/15Adhesives and related methods
09/10/15Removable adhesive label containing polymeric film layer having water affinity
09/10/15Tamper evident labels
09/03/15Pressure sensitive shrink label
09/03/15Black polyimide battery label
08/27/15Particulate dispensing apparatus
08/27/15Resealable laminate for heat sealed packaging
08/20/15Systems and methods for making porous films, fibers, spheres, and other articles
08/20/15Multilayer film
08/13/15System and automated digital rfid printing and integration
08/06/15Label processor
07/09/15Pressure sensitive shrink label
07/09/15Article, compositions, systems, and methods using selectively detackified adhesives
07/02/15Silicone/acrylic hybrid adhesives
07/02/15Clear and flexible films including polyactic acid
07/02/15Films for printing
07/02/15Label application system
07/02/15Simplified reclosure tray lidding
07/02/15Overlaminate film
07/02/15Polyurethane protective film
07/02/15High reflectivity open bead method and material
06/25/15Polyester-melamine coatings and labels including the same
06/18/15Water based printable coatings
05/28/15No sew border label
05/07/15Dye sublimation fabric separated elements
04/23/15Label assembly and dispensing low-stiffness labels
04/23/15Processes for the removal of labels from materials
04/09/15Pressure sensitive adhesives based on renewable resources and related methods
03/26/15Tamper evident security labels
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03/05/15Coupling for mounting a labeling machine and adjusting a labeling machine
02/26/15Adhesive containing microparticles
01/22/15Electrochemical cell labels and accessories
01/08/15Multilayer films and methods of manufacture
01/08/15Heat activated shrink films
12/25/14Rfid system with distributed read structure
12/18/14Electrochemical cell labels and accessories
11/06/14Multilayer film
10/30/14Apparatus for dispensing pressure sensitive adhesive labels onto a substrate
10/23/14Fluid absorbent adhesive articles
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10/09/14Laminated foam insulating label
10/09/14System and label matrix stripping
10/09/14Acrylic block copolymers
09/18/14Rfid inlay incorporating a ground plane
09/18/14System, encoding of rfid inlays
09/11/14Foam compositions and articles including cyclodextrin crosslinked with polyurethane prepolymer and preparation thereof
09/11/14Differential dual functional foam tapes
08/28/14Labels, label sheet assemblies, and related methods
08/21/14Printer with integrated rfid data collector
08/14/14Pressure sensitive adhesive laminate for high performance noise and vibration damping applications
07/31/14Rfid device with elongated structure
07/31/14Portable printer and methods
07/24/14Inerted plate dryer and drying solvent based coating
07/24/14Removable polymer compositions
07/10/14Security device using a thick dipole antenna
07/10/14Dual use rfid/eas device
07/10/14Antenna for rfid device and making the same
07/10/14Silicone absorbent adhesive layer
07/03/14Mounting feature for a cable tie
07/03/14Topcoat compositions, coated substrates, and related methods
06/26/14Recycling processes and labels and adhesives and use therein
06/26/14Rfid devices configured for direct interaction
06/19/14Notched fastener stock
06/19/14Sheet assembly with aluminum based electrodes
06/12/14Rf activatable adhesives and applications thereof
06/05/14Labels subject to condensation
06/05/14Pressure sensitive adhesives prepared from maleated vegetable oils and expoxidized vegetable oils
05/29/14Infrastructure-mounted rfid tags
05/22/14Wall system
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05/22/14Nfc tags with proximity detection
05/22/14Adhesive or hydrocolloid containing vegetable oil
05/08/14Water resistant adhesive for beverage labels
05/08/14Device for dispensing plastic fasteners
05/08/14Systems, methods, and media for labeling three dimensional surfaces
04/24/14Method of assembly of articles and intermediate created thereby
04/17/14System and rfid-based remote material analysis
04/17/14Sensor with controllable thermal contact for temperature monitoring
04/10/14Distributed point of sale, electronic article surveillance, and product information system, apparatus and method
04/03/14Digital overlaminate films
03/27/14Black polyimide battery label
03/27/14Fastening tag for disposable absorbent article
03/13/14Labels compatible with recycling
03/13/14Method for preventing unauthorized diversion of nfc tags
03/06/14Adhesive articles utilizing release agents free of silicon and fluorine, and related methods
02/27/14Shrink films and related combinations and methods
02/27/14Plastic fastener dispensing hand tool having a novel anvil design
02/27/14Retroreflector with low refractive index backing
02/27/14Pressure sensitive adhesives based on renewable resources, uv curing and related methods
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02/20/14Foil laminate intermediate and manufacturing
02/20/14Label processor
02/20/14Packaging reclosure label for high alcohol content products
02/06/14Method of manufacturing a radio frequency identification device
01/30/14Retroreflective sheet structure
01/16/14Non-pvc film and non-pvc film laminate
01/16/14Non-flowing silicone adhesive
01/09/14Authenticating label
01/09/14Closure tape with patterned adhesive
01/09/14Removable composition with polymer microspheres
10/31/13Radio frequency identification sensor assembly
10/24/13Radio frequency identification sensor assembly
09/26/13Activatable adhesive, labels, and related methods
09/26/13Conductive pattern and making
09/26/13Activatable adhesive, labels, and related methods
09/19/13Activatable adhesive, labels, and related methods
08/22/13Direction active projection
08/22/13Multilayer film for multi-purpose inkjet systems
08/08/13Low modulus shrink compliant films
08/01/13Oriented impact copolymer polypropylene film
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07/18/13Thermoform labeling
07/18/13Diaper closure system
07/11/13Resealable laminate for heat sealed packaging
07/11/13Multi-layered shrink film with polyolefin core
06/27/13Rfid digital print/encode
06/27/13Radio frequency identification sensor assembly
06/27/13Radio frequency identification sensor assembly
06/27/13Thermoform labeling
06/20/13Low noise flexible barrier films
06/06/13System and bulk rfid tag encoding
06/06/13Backplane for electrophoretic display
06/06/13Devices with selectively permeable barriers
05/30/13Linerless labels and activatable adhesives, systems, machines and methods therefor
05/30/13Activatable linerless labels and activatable adhesives, systems, machines and methods therefor
05/30/13Fastener stock and device for use in dispensing plastic fasteners therefrom
05/23/13Minimum retroreflectivity compliance system, method and assembly
05/16/13Discontinuous or variable thickness gain modification coating for projection film and making same
05/16/13Manual sonic welding machine
05/16/13Portable radio-frequency repeater
05/16/13Disruptable adhesive layer for fluid activated debonding
05/09/13Merchandise tags with removal detection for theft prevention
05/02/13Dual mode chip having radio frequency identification and electronic article surveillance capability
05/02/13Rfid-based devices and methods for initializing a sensor
05/02/13Array of rfid tags with sensing capability
05/02/13Method, system, and rfid driven bi-stable display element
05/02/13Method, system, and an indicator driven by an rfid tag for localization purposes
05/02/13Rulable multi-directional prism cluster retroreflective sheeting
05/02/13Distributed point of sale, electronic article surveillance, and product information system, apparatus and method
04/25/13Rfid-based devices and methods for interfacing with a sensor
04/25/13Retroreflective sheeting having a halftone printed front surface
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04/18/13Apparatus and process for cutting adhesive labels
04/18/13Retroreflective sheet structure
04/18/13Shrink film for label
04/11/13Temporary outdoor graphic film
04/04/13Anti-theft security device to increase marketing opportunities
04/04/13Remote controlled vent register
04/04/13Accumulator bag and carrier sheet for use in manufacturing printer cartridges and methods of making same
03/28/13Security and inventory management tag and system therefor
03/21/13Embossed thermoplastic label
03/07/13Method of manufacturing conductive structures
03/07/13Heat shrink packaging system and method
03/07/13Tamper evident container
03/07/13Surface treated film and/or laminate
03/07/13Apparatus, tracking consumer product interest
03/07/13Ordered architectures in acrylic polymers
02/28/13Adhesive acrylate-olefin copolymers, methods for producing same and compositions utilizing same
02/21/13Rfid sensor devices having drive elements
01/31/13Methods for increasing effectiveness of antimicrobial agents in polymeric films
01/24/13Resealable laminate for heat sealed packaging
01/24/13Apparatus, extending the field area of a device equipped with a high-frequency reader
01/24/13Pressure sensitive shrink label
01/24/13Apparatus and methods for testing amount of energy stored in electromechanical cell
01/10/13Removable adhesive label containing high tensile modulus polymeric film layer
12/20/12Label applicator belt system
12/13/12Vented container and manufacturing
12/13/12Porous material and producing the same
12/06/12Healthcare form assembly having a plurality of removable strips with perforated liner portion
11/29/12Label assembly and using the same to label articles durably yet removably
11/29/12Method and microreplication

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