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Boeing Co. patents

Recent patent applications related to Boeing Co., listed under Boeing Co. as Agent/Assignee. Boeing Co. (BA) may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Boeing Co.. Updates: Boeing Co. RSS RSS

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Application # Date Boeing Co. patents - extended list - ARCHIVE: New2014201320122011
20150112635 04/23/15 Datum reference frame for mechanical parts
20150107775 04/23/15 Vacuum bag sealing system and method for composite parts
20150108155 04/23/15 Portable cleco type fastener dispenser
20150108233 04/23/15 Anti-icing system for aircraft
20150108271 04/23/15 Differential throttling control enhancement
20150108274 04/23/15 Decompression panel assembly and method of equalizing air pressure differential
20150108283 04/23/15 Wingtip control system
20150108333 04/23/15 Method and system for enhancing spectrometer function
20150108685 04/23/15 Self-centering sealant applicator
20150112518 04/23/15 Variable aperture phased array incorporating vehicle swarm
20150112468 04/23/15 Managing the manufacturing lifecycle of fasteners of a product
20150111058 04/23/15 Method of coating a composite material and a coated edge of a composite structure
20150109662 04/23/15 Unstable imaging resonator
20150109177 04/23/15 Multi-band antenna
20150102170 04/16/15 Self-aligning fitting assemblies and systems and methods including the same
20150102169 04/16/15 Joint assembly and method of assembling same
20150102167 04/16/15 Method and apparatus for attaching a trim to a cover of a bin assembly
20150102166 04/16/15 System and method for reducing the stopping distance of an aircraft
20150102161 04/16/15 Method for a leading edge slat on a wing of an aircraft
20150101886 04/16/15 Synthetic jet muffler
20150101738 04/16/15 Bends in composite panels
20150101478 04/16/15 Aircraft missile launcher cover
20150101452 04/16/15 Ratcheting shape memory alloy actuators and systems and methods including the same
20150101176 04/16/15 Method and apparatus for fitting a sleeve
20150102659 04/16/15 Modular equipment center lightning threat reduction architecture
20150102661 04/16/15 Modular equipment center distributed primary power architecture
20150102660 04/16/15 Modular equipment center distributed equipment packaging truss
20150106039 04/16/15 Methods and systems for estimation of propellant transfer in an ion propulsion system
20150105945 04/16/15 Control interface for leading and trailng edge devices
20150104998 04/16/15 Apparatus, system and method for aero-contouring a surface of an aerodynamically functional coating
20150104310 04/16/15 Frequency response and health tracker for a synthetic jet generator
20150103867 04/16/15 Methods and apparatus for detecting ice formation on aircraft
20150103458 04/16/15 Modular equipment center integrated truss sensors
20150103457 04/16/15 Modular equipment center solid state primary power switching network
20150103447 04/16/15 Modular equipment center distributed independent protections
20150102663 04/16/15 Remote modular equipment center architecture
20150102662 04/16/15 Modular equipment center zonal standalone power system control architecture
20150097087 04/09/15 Swing wing tip system, assembly and method with dual load path structure
20150097076 04/09/15 Aircraft wing-to-fuselage joint with active suspension and method
20150096788 04/09/15 Ecological method for constructing circuit boards
20150096293 04/09/15 Smart susceptor for a shape memory alloy (sma) actuator inductive heating system
20150096166 04/09/15 Method for preparing highly-deformable titanium and titanium-alloy one-piece fasteners
20150096118 04/09/15 Modular lavatory system
20150097399 04/09/15 Heated flight attendant jumpseats for commercial airplane applications
20150097746 04/09/15 Additive manufacturing for radio frequency hardware
20150099096 04/09/15 Pre-formed thermoplastic filler for thermoset structure
20150100291 04/09/15 Horizon night view simulation
20150100198 04/09/15 Health management of rechargeable batteries
20150099677 04/09/15 Redox couple-based mitigation of fluid-flow-driven electrochemical surface degradation
20150099444 04/09/15 Systems and methods for controlling airflow in a vehicle
20150099425 04/09/15 Automated sanding system
20150099133 04/09/15 High temperature hybridized molecular functional group adhesion barrier coating and method
20150089771 04/02/15 Airplane shade handle and sliding mechanism
20150090001 04/02/15 Gas sensing system and method
20150090005 04/02/15 Leak detection in composite structures
20150090356 04/02/15 Vortex generators
20150090390 04/02/15 Printed circuit board assembly methods
20150090392 04/02/15 Automated production and installation of patches for reworking structures
20150090527 04/02/15 Restraining system including near field rfid detection
20150096019 04/02/15 Software network behavior analysis and identification system
20150091491 04/02/15 Reluctance motor system
20150091375 04/02/15 Systems, methods, and apparatus for an emergency power generator
20150090838 04/02/15 Stowage bin systems
20150090836 04/02/15 Electromagnetic energy surface protection
20150083867 03/26/15 Leading edge variable camber system and method
20150083866 03/26/15 Apparatus and methods to operate laminar flow control doors
20150083865 03/26/15 Multiple spacecraft launch system
20150083864 03/26/15 System and method for indicating pressure in aerial refueling assembly
20150083855 03/26/15 Leading edge system and method for approach noise reduction
20150083853 03/26/15 Adaptive trailing edge actuator system and method
20150083852 03/26/15 Variable camber flap system and method
20150083850 03/26/15 System and method for optimizing performance of an aircraft
20150083851 03/26/15 Leading and trailng edge device deflections during descent of an aircraft
20150082603 03/26/15 Systems and methods for use in covering a portion of a fastener protruding from a surface
20150082605 03/26/15 Automated installation of frangible elements
20150084558 03/26/15 Electric motor phase control system
20150084561 03/26/15 Electric motor signature reduction system
20150085112 03/26/15 System and method for graphically entering views of terrain and other features for surveillance
20150088373 03/26/15 Optical communications and obstacle sensing for autonomous vehicles
20150088371 03/26/15 Brake load alleviation functions
20150088340 03/26/15 Optimized flap positioning for go-around operations
20150087299 03/26/15 Interference suppression in a satellite communication system using onboard beamforming and ground-based processing
20150087217 03/26/15 Grille for vehicle wall opening
20150086745 03/26/15 Composite textiles including spread filaments
20150086358 03/26/15 Rotorcraft rotor including primary pitch horns and secondary horns
20150086333 03/26/15 Concentric nozzles for enhanced mixing of fluids
20150086295 03/26/15 Systems and methods for use in covering a portion of a fastener protruding from a surface
20150086285 03/26/15 Automated drilling through pilot holes
20150085691 03/26/15 Communication effects in network simulations
20150076960 03/19/15 Ferrofluid motor
20150076198 03/19/15 Carbon fiber reinforced polymer cargo beam with integrated cargo stanchions and c-splices
20150075633 03/19/15 Valve and method of relieving overpressure in a fluid supply system
20150075248 03/19/15 Method and apparatus for impacting metal parts for aerospace applications
20150075240 03/19/15 Control feedback loop for real-time variable needle peen forming
20150074963 03/19/15 Manufacturing method and robotic assembly system
20150077084 03/19/15 High current event mitigation circuit
20150077290 03/19/15 Systems and methods for interference geolocation and mitigation using a phased array receiving antenna
20150078888 03/19/15 Contra-rotating open fan propulsion system
20150082431 03/19/15 Detection of infected network devices and fast-flux networks by tracking url and dns resolution changes
20150081197 03/19/15 Visual flight rules approach to airports
20150081143 03/19/15 Systems and methods for assuring the accuracy of a synthetic runway presentation
20150081142 03/19/15 On-ground braking alerts for airplanes
20150081073 03/19/15 Robotic object coating system
20150080494 03/19/15 Fiber-reinforced resin composites and methods of making the same
20150068008 03/12/15 Automated tube straightening apparatus
20150068322 03/12/15 Device and method for determining fluid streaming potential
20150068691 03/12/15 Multilayer aircraft shade material
20150069068 03/12/15 Containers for fire containment
20150069069 03/12/15 Fire-retaining containers
20150069178 03/12/15 Fuselage-mounted landing gear assembly for use with a low wing aircraft
20150070062 03/12/15 Filtered radiation hardened flip flop with reduced power consumption
20150071489 03/12/15 Isotropic feature matching
20150071754 03/12/15 Method and apparatus for supporting an aircraft structure during repair
20150072596 03/12/15 Tool support
20150074300 03/12/15 Mobile computing device and method of transmitting data therefrom
20150063932 03/05/15 System and method for forming perforations in a barrel section
20150061947 03/05/15 Integrated antenna transceiver for sensor and data transmission on rotating shafts
20150060629 03/05/15 Adjustable clamp
20150059988 03/05/15 Retractable shade and method sealing an over-wing exit in an aircraft
20150059479 03/05/15 Transducer with dry adhesive couplant
20150063965 03/05/15 Mechanism for translation/rotation in x-y directions
20150063995 03/05/15 Air diffuser systems, methods, and apparatuses
20150064299 03/05/15 Three dimensional printing of parts
20150064357 03/05/15 Tool for applying a fluid onto a surface
20150065024 03/05/15 Systems and methods for refrigerating galley compartments
20150066870 03/05/15 Correlation of maximum configuration data sets
20150067746 03/05/15 Metadata for compressed video streams
20150054394 02/26/15 Translating stowage bin and method of assembly
20150053818 02/26/15 Upper joints between outboard wing boxes and wing center sections of aircraft wing assemblies
20150053787 02/26/15 Method and apparatus for exchanging nozzles and tips for a fluid dispensing system
20150053015 02/26/15 Apparatus for non-destructive inspection of stringers
20150053014 02/26/15 Apparatus for inspecting a tube
20150052705 02/26/15 Slam latch bolt dampener
20150054674 02/26/15 Vehicle position validation
20150055129 02/26/15 Method of supporting an item in a mounting apparatus
20150055819 02/26/15 Dual coil loudspeaker system
20150058993 02/26/15 System and method for discovering optimal network attack paths
20150058929 02/26/15 System and method for trusted mobile communications
20150057915 02/26/15 Using aircraft trajectory data to infer aircraft intent
20150057902 02/26/15 Stopping energy based selection logic for taxi brake release
20150056031 02/26/15 5-axis hole transfer system and method
20150056030 02/26/15 Automated inspection system
20150047684 02/19/15 Methods for recovering waste energy from bleed air ducts
20150048553 02/19/15 Additive-manufacturing systems, apparatuses and methods
20150049386 02/19/15 Spectral balancing technique
20150050093 02/19/15 Fluid-fed vacuum cutters
20150050516 02/19/15 Apparatuses and methods for manipulating curved sheets
20150051756 02/19/15 Aircraft system control and reporting via a mobile device
20150051786 02/19/15 Systems and methods for detecting aircraft maintenance events and maintenance intervals
20150051788 02/19/15 Methods and systems for communicatively coupling vehicles and ground systems
20150051874 02/19/15 Quality factor estimation of a reverberant cavity

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