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Boeing Co. patents

Recent patent applications related to Boeing Co., listed under Boeing Co. as Agent/Assignee. Boeing Co. (BA) may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Boeing Co.. Updates: Boeing Co. RSS RSS


Holding system for elongate members


Dual door fan air modulating valve


Multi-directional elastomeric dampened ball joint assembly

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Application # Date Boeing Co. patents - extended list - ARCHIVE: New2014201320122011
20140207126 07/24/14  new patent  Bioconjugated nanoparticles
20140202239 07/24/14  new patent  Bond evaluation using piezochromic fluorescence
20140202539 07/24/14  new patent  Dual door fan air modulating valve
20140202611 07/24/14  new patent  Holding system for elongate members
20140202615 07/24/14  new patent  Apparatus and method for associating the edge of a composite object with another object
20140202630 07/24/14  new patent  Method and apparatus for reducing porosities in composite resin parts
20140202718 07/24/14  new patent  Aircraft fire suppression
20140203145 07/24/14  new patent  Variation compensating assembly
20140203477 07/24/14  new patent  Method and apparatus for fabricating composite stringers
20140204439 07/24/14  new patent  Fiber stabilization of optical path differences (opd) over a wide bandwidth frequency range for extended periods of time
20140205364 07/24/14  new patent  Multi-directional elastomeric dampened ball joint assembly
20140205793 07/24/14  new patent  Multiple-resin composite structures and methods of producing the same
20140196790 07/17/14 Antivortex device for multi-outlet liquid reservoir
20140196372 07/17/14 Apparatus for a no touch lavatory door
20140196290 07/17/14 Electromagnetic crawler assembly system
20140196289 07/17/14 Method and system for identifying fastener placement zones
20140196831 07/17/14 Systems, methods, and components for the construction and disassembly of raised panel assemblies
20140197278 07/17/14 Airplane sidewall attachment device
20140197723 07/17/14 Rotating luggage bin
20140199542 07/17/14 Graphene coated optical elements
20140199768 07/17/14 Leak detection in vacuum bags
20140199953 07/17/14 Active waveform shuttering for rotorcraft
20140200832 07/17/14 Autonomous non-destructive evaluation system for aircraft structures
20140189986 07/10/14 Composite clamp
20140190625 07/10/14 Method and apparatus for fabricating contoured laminate structures
20140190954 07/10/14 Distributed transistor-based power supply for supplying heat to a structure
20140191078 07/10/14 Airplane emergency supplemental braking system and method
20140192367 07/10/14 Laser detection and warning system
20140193618 07/10/14 Method and apparatus for accurate registration of composite laminates
20140193645 07/10/14 Hybrid coatings and associated methods of application
20140194129 07/10/14 Staggered cells for wireless coverage
20140195148 07/10/14 Augmented mobile platform localization
20140182479 07/03/14 Vacuum adhering apparatus for automated maintenance of airfoil-shaped bodies
20140182823 07/03/14 Substantially aligned boron nitride nano-element arrays
20140183261 07/03/14 Passive rfid assisted active rfid tag
20140183784 07/03/14 Fabrication of reinforced thermoplastic composite parts
20140183879 07/03/14 Anti-skid systems for vehicle tires on icy road conditions and method therefor
20140183981 07/03/14 Traverse flux induction motor with passive braking system
20140184605 07/03/14 Bowtie charts for identifying problems and solutions in a complex mechanical system
20140184786 07/03/14 Systems and methods for stand-off inspection of aircraft structures
20140184789 07/03/14 Automated water drop measurement and ice detection system
20140188312 07/03/14 Methods, systems, and apparatus for layered and multi-indexed flight management interface
20140189078 07/03/14 Locating and addressing communication devices
20140174557 06/26/14 Stagnant fuel thermal insulation system
20140174642 06/26/14 Elastomeric riblets
20140179212 06/26/14 Personal ventilation in an aircraft environment
20140165361 06/19/14 Splice joints for composite aircraft fuselages and other structures
20140166807 06/19/14 Aircraft configuration with ramp access to multiple decks
20140170601 06/19/14 Data sharing system for aircraft training
20140172152 06/19/14 Method and apparatus for customizing tool paths
20140172301 06/19/14 Using aircraft trajectory data to infer atmospheric conditions
20140172390 06/19/14 Establishing availability of a two-engine aircraft for an etops flight or an etops flight path for a two-engine aircraft
20140157588 06/12/14 High rate pulsing wing assembly line
20140158310 06/12/14 Divider curtain
20140159274 06/12/14 Compression molding method and reinforced thermoplastic parts molded thereby
20140160279 06/12/14 Multiple-scale digital image correlation pattern and measurement
20140161512 06/12/14 Bonded splice joint
20140162037 06/12/14 Durable uv blocking transparent coating
20140162533 06/12/14 Cutting tools and machining methods using cutting tools
20140163715 06/12/14 Line transfer system for airplane
20140163772 06/12/14 Aerial forest inventory system
20140163781 06/12/14 Tree metrology system
20140164555 06/12/14 Monitoring systems of a vehicle by generating and transmitting customized information messages to wireless networked computers
20140150955 06/05/14 Linear friction welding machine and associated method
20140150838 06/05/14 Device and method for generating electrical power
20140150814 06/05/14 Surface materials for decontamination with decontaminants
20140150526 06/05/14 Electrodynamic modal test impactor system and method
20140150964 06/05/14 Method and apparatus for applying film material to elongate members
20140151507 06/05/14 Split resistant composite laminate
20140154074 06/05/14 Apparatus, system, and method for pitching and twisting a blade of a rotorcraft
20140156047 06/05/14 Manufacturing process monitoring and control system
20140156109 06/05/14 Systems and methods for collaboratively controlling at least one aircraft
20140157194 06/05/14 User interface for presenting information about a product structure for a product
20140157417 06/05/14 Methods and systems for architecture-centric threat modeling, analysis and visualization
20140145040 05/29/14 System and method for minimizing wave drag through bilaterally asymmetric design
20140145039 05/29/14 Hinged panel operation systems and methods
20140145035 05/29/14 Aircraft bird strike prevention
20140145031 05/29/14 Vertically integrated stringers
20140145032 05/29/14 Multi-box wing spar and skin
20140145001 05/29/14 Method and apparatus for nozzle thrust vectoring
20140144740 05/29/14 Energy absorbing device
20140144002 05/29/14 Zero-moment fitting
20140145427 05/29/14 Bushings, apparatuses including bushings, and associated methods
20140145481 05/29/14 Adjustable seat assembly
20140145882 05/29/14 Geolocation systems and methods
20140150033 05/29/14 Method and apparatus for providing bi-directional data services and live television programming to mobile platforms
20140149655 05/29/14 Narrowing comparison results of associative memories
20140149436 05/29/14 System and method of reduction of irrelevant information during search
20140149334 05/29/14 Structured requirement generation and assessment
20140149074 05/29/14 Shielding effectiveness determination
20140148979 05/29/14 Navigation performance specification
20140146853 05/29/14 Device for emulating temperature of a composite structure through a thermal cure cycle
20140146323 05/29/14 Angular resolution of images using photons having non-classical states
20140141257 05/22/14 Thermal spray coated reinforced polymer composites
20140141234 05/22/14 Composite joining system and method
20140141215 05/22/14 Laminated fiber metal composite
20140141114 05/22/14 Rotational vacuum assisted resin transfer molding
20140137673 05/22/14 Adaptive magnetic coupling system
20140137537 05/22/14 Rotary switch assembly for ion propulsion system
20140141264 05/22/14 Interlayer composite substrates
20140142218 05/22/14 Sol-gel coating method and composition
20140142785 05/22/14 Autonomous mission management
20140143536 05/22/14 Wireless network security
20140143199 05/22/14 Global policy framework analyzer
20140142896 05/22/14 System and method of refining a topological indexed mesh
20140142845 05/22/14 Methods and systems for determining an anchoring location of a marine vessel
20140142840 05/22/14 Position/time synchronization of unmanned air vehicles for air refueling operations
20140142787 05/22/14 Determination of flight path for unmanned aircraft in event of in-flight contingency
20140130335 05/15/14 Structural blind fastener and method of installation
20140130910 05/15/14 Bushing assemblies, bushing assembly kits, apparatuses including bushing assemblies, and associated methods
20140131518 05/15/14 Joint for composite wings
20140132332 05/15/14 Interleaved transient filter
20140132427 05/15/14 Systems and methods for displaying in-flight navigation procedures
20140132733 05/15/14 Backfilling points in a point cloud
20140133008 05/15/14 Self-powered dimmable windows with integrated controls
20140133993 05/15/14 Apparatus and method for tuning a vibratory response of a rotor blade
20140134379 05/15/14 Sandwich-structural composite apparatus with core joining and splicing method for retention of structural and acoustic capability
20140134578 05/15/14 Tailored airline training
20140136972 05/15/14 Panoptic visualization document printing
20140124120 05/08/14 System and method of detecting a missing tow in a composite layup
20140124142 05/08/14 Vision inspection during application of composite tape
20140124622 05/08/14 Aircraft having a recessed cavity in an aft pressure bulkhead wall surface and a galley moved rearwardly into the recessed cavity increasing floor space in front of the galley
20140127473 05/08/14 System and method for minimizing wrinkles in composites
20140129025 05/08/14 Assembly task verification method
20140129055 05/08/14 Unpredictable vehicle navigation
20140129056 05/08/14 Unmanned aerial vehicle
20140129059 05/08/14 Method and apparatus for extending the operation of an unmanned aerial vehicle
20140116624 05/01/14 Pressure debulking system
20140117022 05/01/14 Composite structures having bondlines with matched electrical conductivity
20140117106 05/01/14 Thrust reversers and methods to provide reverse thrust
20140117113 05/01/14 Methods and apparatus for sealing variable area fan nozzles of jet engines
20140117150 05/01/14 Wing hinge assembly including hinged torque boxes
20140117151 05/01/14 Wing fold system
20140117155 05/01/14 Temporary clamp-on landing gear wheel safety zone fence
20140116616 05/01/14 Composite layer forming system
20140116610 05/01/14 Composite tool having vacuum integrity and method of making the same
20140116597 05/01/14 Methods and apparatus for heating a material
20140116249 05/01/14 Aircraft fuel tank flammability reduction methods and systems and air separation methods using membranes
20140116146 05/01/14 System and method for testing a composite structure using a laser ultrasound testing system
20140116144 05/01/14 Thin-film ultrasonic probe having a flexible membrane
20140115894 05/01/14 Dual function movement component for automated assembly systems
20140115869 05/01/14 Apparatus and method for remote fastener installation
20140115860 05/01/14 Multifunction legs for autonomous crawling assembly equipment
20140115850 05/01/14 Autonomous crawling assembly system
20140117156 05/01/14 Single aisle aircraft lavatory with optimized use of floor space for wheelchair accessibility
20140117157 05/01/14 Circumference splice for joining shell structures
20140122736 05/01/14 Time-locked network and nodes for exchanging secure data packets
20140122586 05/01/14 Determination of latent interactions in social networks
20140122050 05/01/14 Electrical power system stability optimization system
20140122000 05/01/14 Apparatus and a method for measuring in-plane elastic constants for a laminate
20140121863 05/01/14 Flight envelope display

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