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Boeing Co. patents

Recent patent applications related to Boeing Co., listed under Boeing Co. as Agent/Assignee. Boeing Co. (BA) may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Boeing Co.. Updates: Boeing Co. RSS RSS


Ventilation conduit for an aircraft


Aircraft cabin air entrainment filtration with condensation drain


Battery module system

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Application # Date Boeing Co. patents - extended list - ARCHIVE: New2014201320122011
20140245206 08/28/14  new patent  Object visualization system
20140239125 08/28/14  new patent  Modular core structure for dual-manifest spacecraft launch
20140239124 08/28/14  new patent  Spacecraft with open sides
20140239123 08/28/14  new patent  Precision aerial delivery system
20140239121 08/28/14  new patent  Aircraft landing gear cooling system
20140238872 08/28/14  new patent  Systems and methods for separating components of a multilayer stack of electronic components
20140238595 08/28/14  new patent  Joining a thermoplastic material and a metal
20140238579 08/28/14  new patent  Structural bonded patch with tapered adhesive design
20140238234 08/28/14  new patent  Aircraft cabin air entrainment filtration with condensation drain
20140237793 08/28/14  new patent  Method and system for conforming assembly systems to contours of curved surfaces
20140239677 08/28/14  new patent  Variable thermal resistance device for vehicular seats
20140241308 08/28/14  new patent  Methods and systems for allocating resources in a wireless network
20140241394 08/28/14  new patent  Analysis of rechargeable batteries
20140242896 08/28/14  new patent  Ventilation conduit for an aircraft
20140242435 08/28/14  new patent  Rechargeable battery including battery cell separators
20140242425 08/28/14  new patent  Chassis for rechargeable battery
20140242424 08/28/14  new patent  Aircraft including mitigation system for rechargeable batteries
20140242423 08/28/14  new patent  Enclosure for rechargeable batteries
20140242420 08/28/14  new patent  Battery module system
20140241820 08/28/14  new patent  Automated inspection system
20140241790 08/28/14  new patent  System and method of forming an injection-bonded joint
20140241572 08/28/14  new patent  Identification of aircraft surface positions using camera images
20140231589 08/21/14 Gyroless three-axis sun acquisition using sun sensor and unscented kalman filter
20140232042 08/21/14 Method and apparatus for fabricating composite fasteners
20140232103 08/21/14 Bulkhead fitting
20140232383 08/21/14 Magnetic core flux sensor
20140232384 08/21/14 Magnetic core flux sensor
20140231586 08/21/14 High-wing-aircraft fuselage support structure
20140231581 08/21/14 Latching apparatus and methods
20140231402 08/21/14 Induction heating augmentation for thermal curing
20140231022 08/21/14 Elastomeric bladder system
20140230649 08/21/14 Counter-flow gas separation modules and methods
20140230430 08/21/14 Air charge system and method for an internal combustion engine
20140230228 08/21/14 Self-aligning sleeved protruding head fasteners with electromagnetic effect protection features
20140232568 08/21/14 Aircraft monitoring system
20140232584 08/21/14 Active chaff
20140236651 08/21/14 Display of process-plan execution
20140236401 08/21/14 Star tracker rate estimation with kalman filter enhancement
20140236394 08/21/14 Methods and systems for aircraft data communications over heterogeneous connectivity
20140236334 08/21/14 Manufacturing systems and methods
20140235122 08/21/14 Methods of refurbishing an adhered component and composites comprising adhered components
20140235083 08/21/14 Seal with energy-absorbing filler and method of manufacture
20140234571 08/21/14 Coupon geometries that induce failure in gauge area of composite fatigue test coupons
20140233958 08/21/14 Uni-fiber lasercom terminal design
20140233959 08/21/14 Passenger services system for an aircraft
20140234011 08/21/14 Fluid application device
20140234052 08/21/14 Hybrid fastener and method of making the same
20140234566 08/21/14 Spiral laminated structural cone and manufacturing method
20140225764 08/14/14 Display of information related to a detected radar signal
20140224932 08/14/14 Composite structural panels and aircraft fuselages
20140224782 08/14/14 Metal matrix composite used as a heating element
20140224122 08/14/14 Monolithic contactor and associated system and method for collecting carbon dioxide
20140224020 08/14/14 Hydroshock inspection system
20140223884 08/14/14 Ultra-efficient propulsor with an augmentor fan circumscribing a turbofan
20140223829 08/14/14 Mistake resistant design for wing fuel tank access door alignment features
20140223744 08/14/14 Method of fabricating a tank having integral restraining elements
20140226555 08/14/14 Systems and methods for digital processing of satellite communications data
20140226931 08/14/14 Multifunctional optical sensor unit
20140229617 08/14/14 Server-side web analytics system and method
20140229097 08/14/14 Environmental waypoint insertion
20140229094 08/14/14 Secure transmission of an aircraft trajectory
20140229039 08/14/14 Methods and apparatus to mitigate instrument landing system overflight interference
20140229038 08/14/14 Electrical load management system
20140228981 08/14/14 Oscillatory failure common-mode monitor
20140228036 08/14/14 Overlapping cells for wireless coverage
20140227479 08/14/14 Composite laminate including beta-reinforcing fibers
20140219745 08/07/14 Sleeved fastener assembly
20140218257 08/07/14 Radio frequency grounding sheet for a phased array antenna
20140218215 08/07/14 Flight deck lighting for information display
20140216642 08/07/14 Laminate compaction using magnetic force
20140216638 08/07/14 Method and system of making composite structures having gap fillers with chopped fiber material
20140216634 08/07/14 Method and apparatus for reworking structures
20140216290 08/07/14 Projectile-deployed countermeasure system
20140216070 08/07/14 Blanket for cryogenically cooling at least a portion of a workpiece
20140219744 08/07/14 Conductive sleeved fastener assembly
20140219773 08/07/14 Internal mixing of a portion of fan exhaust flow and full core exhaust flow in aircraft turbofan engines
20140222492 08/07/14 Alpha-chain constraints for process planning
20140222487 08/07/14 Total-ordering in process planning
20140222401 08/07/14 Establishing availability of a two-engine aircraft for an etops flight or an etops flight path for a two-engine aircraft
20140222337 08/07/14 Route modeler for improving desired environmental and economic flight characteristics
20140222325 08/07/14 System and method to assess and report the health of landing gear related components
20140222171 08/07/14 Controlled application of external forces to a structure for precision leveling and securing
20140220372 08/07/14 Unitized assembly including substructure element integral with fiber metal laminate
20140219854 08/07/14 Method of consolidating/molding near net-shaped components made from powders
20140210416 07/31/14 Light-weight battery apparatus
20140210165 07/31/14 Surface sealing system
20140209746 07/31/14 Window shading assembly
20140209744 07/31/14 Box structures for carrying loads and methods of making the same
20140209468 07/31/14 Systems and methods for tin antimony plating
20140208948 07/31/14 Gas separation modules and methods for forming
20140208943 07/31/14 Method and system for reducing the flammability of fuel-tanks onboard an aircraft
20140208937 07/31/14 Miniature mckibben actuator
20140208761 07/31/14 Bi-directional ventilation systems for use with aircraft and related methods
20140208592 07/31/14 Method and apparatus for automated multi-drilling and multi-rivet machine
20140210585 07/31/14 Variable core electromagnetic device
20140210598 07/31/14 Systems and methods for rfid inspection
20140210824 07/31/14 Panoptic visualization of a three-dimensional representation of a complex system
20140215546 07/31/14 Systems and methods for video distribution
20140215318 07/31/14 Panoptic visualization of elements of a complex system using localization of a point on a physical instance of the complex system
20140215317 07/31/14 Panoptic visualization of elements of a complex system using a model viewer
20140214243 07/31/14 Formation flight control
20140214184 07/31/14 Position control for a positioning system comprising larger scale and smaller scale positioning mechanisms
20140212847 07/31/14 Pilot assessment system
20140212620 07/31/14 Conductive fiber reinforced polymer composition
20140212353 07/31/14 Augmented reactor for chemical vapor deposition of ultra-long carbon nanotubes
20140210997 07/31/14 System and method for automated crack inspection and repair
20140210986 07/31/14 Tracking-enabled multi-axis tool for limited access inspection
20140202630 07/24/14 Method and apparatus for reducing porosities in composite resin parts
20140202615 07/24/14 Apparatus and method for associating the edge of a composite object with another object
20140202611 07/24/14 Holding system for elongate members
20140202539 07/24/14 Dual door fan air modulating valve
20140202239 07/24/14 Bond evaluation using piezochromic fluorescence
20140202718 07/24/14 Aircraft fire suppression
20140203145 07/24/14 Variation compensating assembly
20140207126 07/24/14 Bioconjugated nanoparticles
20140205793 07/24/14 Multiple-resin composite structures and methods of producing the same
20140205364 07/24/14 Multi-directional elastomeric dampened ball joint assembly
20140204439 07/24/14 Fiber stabilization of optical path differences (opd) over a wide bandwidth frequency range for extended periods of time
20140203477 07/24/14 Method and apparatus for fabricating composite stringers
20140196289 07/17/14 Method and system for identifying fastener placement zones
20140196290 07/17/14 Electromagnetic crawler assembly system
20140196372 07/17/14 Apparatus for a no touch lavatory door
20140196790 07/17/14 Antivortex device for multi-outlet liquid reservoir
20140196831 07/17/14 Systems, methods, and components for the construction and disassembly of raised panel assemblies
20140197278 07/17/14 Airplane sidewall attachment device
20140197723 07/17/14 Rotating luggage bin
20140199542 07/17/14 Graphene coated optical elements
20140199768 07/17/14 Leak detection in vacuum bags
20140199953 07/17/14 Active waveform shuttering for rotorcraft
20140200832 07/17/14 Autonomous non-destructive evaluation system for aircraft structures
20140189986 07/10/14 Composite clamp
20140190625 07/10/14 Method and apparatus for fabricating contoured laminate structures
20140190954 07/10/14 Distributed transistor-based power supply for supplying heat to a structure
20140191078 07/10/14 Airplane emergency supplemental braking system and method
20140192367 07/10/14 Laser detection and warning system
20140193618 07/10/14 Method and apparatus for accurate registration of composite laminates
20140193645 07/10/14 Hybrid coatings and associated methods of application
20140194129 07/10/14 Staggered cells for wireless coverage
20140195148 07/10/14 Augmented mobile platform localization
20140182479 07/03/14 Vacuum adhering apparatus for automated maintenance of airfoil-shaped bodies
20140182823 07/03/14 Substantially aligned boron nitride nano-element arrays
20140183261 07/03/14 Passive rfid assisted active rfid tag
20140183784 07/03/14 Fabrication of reinforced thermoplastic composite parts
20140183879 07/03/14 Anti-skid systems for vehicle tires on icy road conditions and method therefor
20140183981 07/03/14 Traverse flux induction motor with passive braking system
20140184605 07/03/14 Bowtie charts for identifying problems and solutions in a complex mechanical system
20140184786 07/03/14 Systems and methods for stand-off inspection of aircraft structures
20140184789 07/03/14 Automated water drop measurement and ice detection system
20140188312 07/03/14 Methods, systems, and apparatus for layered and multi-indexed flight management interface
20140189078 07/03/14 Locating and addressing communication devices
20140174557 06/26/14 Stagnant fuel thermal insulation system

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