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Bae Systems Information And Electronic Systems Integration Inc
Bae Systems Information And Electronic Systems Integration Inc delaware Corp
Bae Systems Information And Electronic Systems Integration Inc_20131212
Bae Systems Information And Electronic Systems Integration Inc_20100114

Bae Systems Information And Electronic Systems Integration Inc patents

Recent patent applications related to Bae Systems Information And Electronic Systems Integration Inc. Bae Systems Information And Electronic Systems Integration Inc is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Bae Systems Information And Electronic Systems Integration Inc may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Bae Systems Information And Electronic Systems Integration Inc, we're just tracking patents.

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11/23/17Multipurpose canine camera (mpcc)
11/16/17Three-dimensional thermal imaging for medical applications
11/16/17Multifunctional rangefinder with at least two modes of operation
11/16/17High resolution inspection device for casting defects using ir imaging
11/16/17Method for vision-aided navigation for unmanned vehicles
11/02/17Frequency waterfilling via implicit coordination
10/19/17Hidden markov model for jammer behavior prediction
10/19/17Monolithic quad switch for reconfigurable antennas
07/27/17Methods and apparatuses for performing object tracking using graphs
07/20/17Ultra long lifetime gallium arsenide
07/20/17Spectrum sharing system and method thereof
06/08/17Generic probabilistic approximate computational inference model for streaming data processing
05/18/17Method and system of reactive interferer detection
05/18/17Safe security proxy
04/20/17Directional broadcasting method
04/13/17Hybrid laser countermeasure line replaceable unit and upgrading therewith
04/06/17Schema and deception detection
03/23/17Kalman filtered correlation intefereomtry geolocation
03/23/17Memory protection using a tagged architecture
03/23/17Dense out of plane interconnect inside hermetically sealed modules
03/09/17Stacked modular architecture high-resolution thermal chip camera
02/09/17Sensor with ultra-narrow bandpass
02/02/17Method and destructing compromised devices
02/02/17Frequency measurement focal plane array input circuit
01/26/17On-axis mounting of an inertial measurement unit (imu) within an optical system
01/26/17Method for data searching by learning and generalizing relational concepts from a few positive examples
01/26/17Off-state isolation enhancement for feedback amplifiers
01/19/17Imaging array with improved dynamic range utilizing parasitic photodiodes within floating diffusion nodes of pixels
01/12/17Method for air-to-ground iff
12/22/16Inertially stabilized range estimation mapping
12/15/16System and identifying and tracking straight line targets and for detecting launch flashes
12/01/16Compact mechanism for inter-pupil distance adjustment of viewing systems
11/17/16Wide band antenna having a driven bowtie dipole and parasitic bowtie dipole embedded within armor panel
11/03/16Scene-based non-uniformity correction in focal plane arrays
10/20/16Rotation and pace independent mobile gait analysis
10/20/16Multi-modulus divider with power-of-2 boundary condition support
10/06/16A detection and characterization of technical emergence and associated methods
10/06/16System and increasing power emitted from a fiber laser
09/22/16Optical phased array using stacked parallel plate wave guides and fabricating arrays of stacked parallel plate waveguides
09/15/16Determining a return laser signal associated with a target in laser range finders
09/15/16Fiber coupling efficiency of diode lasers
09/15/16Process for tunnelized cyclostationary to achieve low-energy spectrum sensing
09/08/16System for uniformly illuminating target to reduce speckling
09/08/16Fast terminal entry in link 16 tactical networks
09/01/16Determining miss distance and bullet speed of a burst of bullets
09/01/16Face mounted extreme environment thermal sensor
08/11/16Apparatus for managing data queues in a network
08/11/16Flash memory device for storing sensitive information and other data
08/04/16Single cycle asynchronous domain crossing circuit for bus data
07/28/16Enhanced phase correlation for image registration
07/21/16Panoramic laser warning receiver
07/07/16Generation of flexible high power pulsed waveforms
07/07/16Method for sensor orientation invariant gait analysis using gyroscopes
06/30/16Tunable-frequency pulse forming networks for high power microwave applications
06/30/16Device and making weather observations using infrared spectral radiometry
06/23/16Method for growing germanium epitaxial films
06/16/16Modified delta-sigma modulator for phase coherent frequency synthesis applications
06/16/16N-path cascode transistor output switch for a digital to analog converter
06/02/16Nanostructure having metal nanoparticles and a assembly thereof
05/19/16Superadsorbent material system for improved filtration applications
05/19/16Optimization of gimbal control loops using dynamically measured friction
05/19/16Programmable unit for metadata processing
05/19/16Systems and methods for multi-factor image recognition
05/19/16Liquid cladding for multiple clad fiber laser
05/19/16Passive infrared search and track sensor system
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05/12/16Filtered image data recovery using lookback
05/05/16Tension dependent brake actuation for cable management and deployment
05/05/16Automated code-generation for cross-language development, testing, and integration
05/05/16Topology aware manet for mobile networks
05/05/16High-power microwave beam steerable array and related methods
04/28/16Method for maintaining detection capability when a frame in a multispectral image is corrupted
04/21/16Optical correlation for detection of point source objects
04/21/16Measuring atmospheric attributes using multispectral images
04/21/16Frame registration for imaging sensors in motion
04/21/16Video image recovery from transient blockage or corruption artifacts
04/07/16High-power precision compact variable-focus fiber optic collimator
04/07/16Pump recycling integrated amplifier
04/07/16Phosphate photonic crystal fiber and converter for efficient blue generation
04/07/16Packaging for high-power microwave module
03/17/16Method and system for dismount detection in low-resolution uav imagery
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03/17/16Five-wave optical parametric oscillator with v-ring geometry
03/10/16Apparatus and self-adjusting, range finding aim point for rifle mounting optics
03/10/16Top coupled photonic chip alignment package
03/10/16Ruggedized fiber optic laser for high stress environments
03/03/16Movement compensation of firearms
02/25/16Advanced tactical line replaceable unit alignment system
02/25/16Method and system for buried land mine detection through derivative analysis of laser interferometry
02/25/16Miniaturized multi-section directional coupler using multi-layer mmic process
02/25/16Shared multi-wavelength laser resonator with gain selected output coupling
02/18/16Tracking projectile trajectory with multiple sensors
02/18/16Constrained optimization approach to compander design for ofdm papr reduction
02/11/16Airborne hyperspectral scanning system with reflective telecentric relay
02/11/16Method and system of measurement of mach and dynamic pressure using internal sensors
02/04/16High efficiency coherent imager
01/28/16Modified flying adder architecture
01/07/16Method for polishing photonic chips
01/07/16Athermal precision locking mechanism for large aperture adjustable optic mounts
12/10/15Facilitating radio communication using targeting devices
12/03/15Ultralight laser infrared countermeasure (ircm) system
12/03/15Method for reducing row and column noise in imaging systems
11/26/15Phase resolved shearography for remote sensing
11/26/15Automated track projection bias removal using frechet distance and road networks
11/26/15Method and persistent communications, interoperability and situational awareness in the aftermath of a disaster
11/12/15Medical thermal image processing for subcutaneous detection of veins, bones and the like
11/12/15Cascode power amplifier
11/12/15Skypoint for mobile hotspots
11/05/15Method and applying a mid-ir graded-index microstructure to an optical fiber tip to achieve anti-reflective properties
11/05/15System and removing and reinstalling weapon sight without changing boresight
10/29/15Zero stress fiber optic fluid connector
10/29/15Stacking connector for military applications
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10/29/15User friendly interfaces and controls for targeting systems
10/22/15Gain projection geo-location systems and methods
10/22/15Ultra fast semiconductor laser
10/15/15Companders for papr reduction in ofdm signals
10/08/15Method and cooling electonic components
10/01/15Apparatus for deploying stowed control surfaces of a projectile
10/01/15Faceted, germanium slotted waveguide
09/24/15System and automated mixed-signal circuit functional analysis
09/24/15Passive ranging of a target
09/24/15In-line germanium avalanche photodetector
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08/20/15Ultra long lifetime gallium arsenide
08/13/15Optical trace chemical detection for analysis of latent prints
08/13/15Data storage transfer archive repository
08/06/15Walk-off compensator with tilt function
08/06/15Walk-off compensator with tilt function
08/06/15Integrated heat exchanger and power delivery system for high powered electronic modules
08/06/15Detachable interface for high powered electronic modules
07/30/15Integrated power delivery system for printed circuit boards
06/25/15Network test system
06/18/15Method and alignment harmonization
06/18/15Method and providing on-board diagnostics
06/18/15Multi-band laser architecture
06/18/15Techniques for enhancing spurious free dynamic range performance
06/18/15Mobile infrastructure assisted ad-hoc network
06/11/15Nano-recombinant fibrinogen for fibrin sealants
05/28/15System and aligning an accessory aimpoint to an aimpoint of a device
05/28/15Multi field-of-view multi sensor electro-optical fusion-zoom camera
05/21/15Apparatus for bi-directional power switching in low voltage vehicle power distribution systems
05/21/15Coded image system and method thereof
05/07/15Seat power systems and methods
04/30/15Topology aware manet for mobile networks
04/30/15Policy managed system and method thereof
04/23/15Mobile device based gait biometrics
04/09/15Apparatus for bi-directional power switching in low voltage vehicle power distribution systems
04/09/15Method and establishing a north reference for inertial measurement units using scene correlation
03/19/15Attitude measurement between optical devices
03/12/15Embedded linear motor drive for ir camera shutter
03/05/15Method and improving gimbal stability
03/05/15Embedded linear motor drive for ir camera shutter
03/05/15Pump absorption and efficiency for fiber lasers/amplifiers
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03/05/15Method for ensuring security and privacy in a wireless cognitive network
02/26/15Dust removal technology for driver vision leverage
02/19/15Hydrostatic energy recovery system and method
02/19/15Method for ensuring security and privacy in a wireless cognitive network
02/12/15Flexible ultracapacitor cloth for feeding portable electronic devices
01/29/15Analog radio frequency memory for signal replication
01/15/15Method for making silicon-germanium absorbers for thermal sensors
01/08/15Topology aware manet for mobile networks
01/01/15Topology aware manet for mobile networks
01/01/15Topology aware manet for mobile networks
12/25/14Topology aware manet for mobile networks
10/02/14Method for implementing prompt dose mitigating capacitor
09/18/14Vibration damper for high power fiber optic transport cables
09/11/14Superadsorbent material system for improved filtration applications
09/11/14High degree of freedom array
08/28/14Sensor integrated slit for pushbroom hyperspectral system
08/21/14Stabilized uav platform with fused ir and visible imagery
08/21/14Fiber-optic connector
08/07/14Front-end signal generator for hardware in-the-loop simulation
07/24/14Method for fabricating solder columns for a column grid array package
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07/24/14Method and persistent communications, interoperability and situational awareness in the aftermath of a disaster
07/10/14Lightning protection and enhanced emi shielding for faceted domes
07/03/14Ultra wide band achromatic risley prism scanner
07/03/14Scene correlation
06/26/14Devices and methods for stacking individually tested devices to form multi-chip electronic modules
06/19/14Semiconductor ir lamp replacement providing bands iv, ii and band i protection for staring infrared countermeasures system
05/29/14Carbide-derived-carbon-based oxygen carriers
05/15/14Nanostructure having metal nanoparticles and assembly thereof
04/24/14Portable maintenance aid based preload test unit and stray voltage detector
04/17/14Geolocation using high order statistics
04/10/14System and microelectronics lamination press
04/10/14Stacking connector for military applications
04/03/14Auto correlation between camera bands
03/20/14System and real time registration of images
03/13/14Face mounted extreme environment thermal sensor system
03/13/14Optical multiplexer/demultiplexer
03/06/14Hyperbolic metamaterials as distributed bragg mirrors for high power vcsel devices
02/20/14Method of preventing spoilage
02/20/14Reduced bandwidth transmission for multiple sensors utilized to monitor a system
02/20/14Method and providing on-board diagnostics
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02/20/14Nearly orthogonal latin hypercubes for optimization algorithms
02/20/14Experimental engineering optimization algorithm at point of performance
02/13/14Nanostructure having metal nanoparticles and a assembly thereof
02/13/14Telenostics for medical uses
02/06/14Corner cube enhanced photocathode
02/06/14Frequency agile high power microwave generator
02/06/14Visual communications system employing video imagery
02/06/14Link 16-based geolocation of hostile jammers
01/30/14Topology aware manet for mobile networks
01/30/14In-line germanium avalanche photodetector
01/23/14Trace analyte extraction using adsorptive carbide-derived nanoporous carbon powders
01/23/14Single aperture coaxial three channel optical system
01/23/14Thyristor-based, dual-polarity blocking photo-conductive semiconductor switch (pcss) for short pulse switching and methods
01/16/14Method for fabricating solder columns for a column grid array package
01/16/14Card guide and cap antenna retention system
01/16/14Method for fabricating a metal-insulator-metal capacitor
01/09/14Method of point source target detection for multispectral imaging
01/09/14Method for fabricating silicon photonic waveguides
01/09/14Generating broadband spectral power in multimode optical fibers
01/02/14Passive periodic-slot waveguide as an optical filter and phase reference
12/26/13Method and design of an rf thru-via interconnect
12/26/13Device for establishing communications interoperability at an incident site including means for recording crisis incidents
12/19/13Efficient extended shift monolithic raman fiber laser
12/12/13Single receiver gps pointing vector sensing
12/05/13Low voltage high efficiency gallium arsenide power amplifier
12/05/13Highly efficient thulium doped fiber laser
10/31/13Data adaptive analog to digital converter
10/31/13Near-field electromagnetic wave absorber
10/24/13Control interval expansion of variable time delay control structure for channel matching
10/24/13Coordinated optimization of underlay network communication for efficient use of spectrum
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10/03/13Ultra-wideband high power amplifier architecture
09/19/13Modular multi-use thermal imaging system
09/05/13Graded index metamaterial lens
09/05/13Underwater sensor arrays linearized by weight and buoyance distribution
09/05/13End-pumped alignment and temperature insensitive laser target designator and marker
08/29/13Fiber optically coupled laser rangefinder for use in a gimbal systems
08/29/13Embedded linear motor drive for ir camera shutter
08/22/13Inertial delay fuse
08/15/13Programmable transceiver circuit
08/15/13Coincident tracking turn-on for mixed voltage logic
08/01/13Non-linear calibration of night vision microbolometer
07/25/13Optical multiplexer/demultiplexer
07/18/13Active display based targeting and weapon siting system
07/18/13System and reducing trapped energetic proton or energetic electron flux at low earth orbits
07/18/13Ergonomic remote control glove
07/18/13High density composite focal plane array
06/20/13System and using a portable near ir led light source and photogrammetry for boresight harmonization of aircraft and ground vehicle components
06/20/13Walk-off compensator with tilt function
06/20/13Nonlinear optical cdsip2 crystal for use in surgical laser
06/13/13Nonlinear optical cdsip2 crystal for use in surgical laser
06/13/13Method for beam combination by seeding stimulated brillouin scattering in optical fiber
05/30/13Temperature control of a fiber laser system
05/23/13Common holographic imaging platform
05/09/13Replaceable dome assembly
04/11/13Integrated parameter monitoring in a fiber laser/amplifier
03/28/13Digitally controlled pulse width modulator utilizing real time calibration
03/14/13Vacuum compatible high-density electrical interconnect system
03/14/13Fluid cooled thermal management technique for a high-density composite focal plane array
03/14/13Deformable focal plane array

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